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New Profile Posts

  1. Mistress Daria
    Mistress Daria
    Enjoying life and the crazy end of year chaos!
  2. MsChristina
    MsChristina John
    John, I'm confused with the new forum set up. Are all the old threads gone? If not, how do I access my old threads? You can Email me at MsChristina@MsChristina.com

    1. John
      Hi Christina - your old posts and threads should be there? It seems like everything moved over to me? If you need help, I can try and locate them for you on the forum?
      Oct 16, 2017 at 4:14 PM
  3. rom7770
  4. BigJoe
    Not really in the mood for Kung Fu classes...
  5. sfcl31282
    story about truth or dare game
  6. Skcott
    Skcott Sauur
    Hello Sauur!

    I am trying to find one of your old stories, F/F Wheels? The post seems to have been removed, I would love to read it again?
  7. MrRugman
    All ways wanting to be trampled
  8. steviedoormat
    available to Collar!!
  9. Marco
    Looks so good here :) Congratulation John :)
  10. trampled_lucy
    trampled_lucy John
    Hi there, just saying love your work, would love to chat sometime about your vids and ideas :blush:
  11. komat
    komat smothercalgary
    Hey! Have any contacts for good facesitters in Calgary?
  12. komat
    komat frankboy1940
    Are you still in contact with your facesitting friend in Calgary?
  13. HannahHunt
    Website: MistressHannahHunt.com
    Twitter: MissHannahHunt
    Instagram: MissHannahHunt
  14. Ryder239
    Ryder239 rehava
    Hey, was reading the thread on midgets. I love seeing a midget wrestled/sat on by a normal size person. I remember wrestling on TV when male midgets would wrestle females, and get sat on and pinned. I've never seen matches where an adult male sits on a male or female midget, that would be great due to the extreme size/weight difference. It is far more realistic when you see a sitter with a big size difference sitting on a small person. Any suggestions?
  15. saga
    saga Highest Arch
    How old is goddess leyla?
  16. hellgrinder
    hellgrinder maz6323
    Hi Maz! Most were shot with a Hitachi. I have used others from time to time as well depending on the store. FootBrats.com for example is another camera entirely, so I have gone through multiple brands over the years.
  17. DommeCollective
    Founded by Isabella Sinclaire, a world famous and respected dominatrix and educator, the DOMME COLLECTIVE is exactly what the name implies. We are a collection of highly skilled & incredibly intelligent dominants who have come together with one goal, to enslave & subjugate those with the willingness to explore their own deepest and darkest fantasies & bring them into reality. All Dommes/Doms, both new & experienced, are either trained or vetted by Isabella herself. Her goal is to set a very high standard for those who become part of the DOMME COLLECTIVE & insure that your safety is top priority & your experience into the world of surrender is exactly what you would expect it to beā€¦safe, sane & consensual but intuitive, kinky & creative. We also host traveling Dommes/Doms & Guest Mistresses of the highest caliber.

    You will find us at Ivy Manor Studios, a fully equipped multi room facility outfitted to please most, if not all forms of BDSM play.
  18. carpette12
    carpette12 vaan69
  19. dream90
    dream90 ExtremeSouthernQueenz
    Hey, purchased the 3 for $80 deal on your website. How can I retrieve the videos?
  20. hille444
    hille444 stevelake
    can you also make a Vido, where a small Mistress ride a VERY fat mal Pony on all fours for longer than 10 Minutes?