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warning some violence at the start of the story. lot of beat down, punches and things of that nature. Probally update it with more scenes, fixed the tense mistakes but this what I got so far.

Liberal beat down 1- Why David Letterman really apologize
By lilguy brownguy2004@yahoo.com
Sara Palin gets her revenge

Author note- No bias here, just thought it could be a good story. Actually doing a liberal version where a liberal chick beats down a republican guy. So all in good fun.

David Letterman was at his summer House in the mountains. He was no 1 again in the late night talk shows and he was getting a lot of Buzz off the Palin Joke. He was about to write down an idea for a skit. It was a Sara Palin in Deliverance skit. He was planning to get Tina Fey to play her. He had gotten a call. He was shocked to see who was on the other end. It was Sarah Palin.

“I saw your show the other day” She said.

“Yea Sorry about that. Was actually making fun of the older daughter. I didn’t mean too much, it was just Jokes. You got to learn to take a jab you know.” David Said

“Oh I am not mad. In fact I was think of planning a little skit.” She said

“Sure, what is it?”

“May I come over your place and tell you”

“Kind of late”

“Oh come on, you New York big shots can stay up late”

“Find, come on over”

Hour Later

The Doorbell rang and he opens the door. Letterman gasps.

He had to admit she looked hot in person. Right now she had on a short skirt showing off some strong and sexy legs. Her button coat showed plenty of cleavage. She had juicy red lipstick showing off her wry smile and she also had her glasses. Her hair was nicely done.

David helped her in and pulled out a chair for her. He sat down next to her.

“You have anything to drink.” She asked

Letterman poured her some wine. Letterman sat down across for her.

“So what is your idea?”

“I want you to apologize on natural Television.”

“That wasn’t what you said you wanted to do.”

“You wouldn’t have let me in I asked” Sara said

Her voice suddenly was cold and threatening

“A REAL one this time” She added

“Listen Lady get out of here”

“So you won’t”

“No…in fact. Glad I said. You talk Absentness , in your little bumfuck town. But really, your daughter out banging Jefro the idiot boy, in that little meth capital of the world. I said what I thought. Now get out”

She got up and straightens herself. She pushed up her tits to adjust them

“Find if that how you feel” Sara said

She turns around but with a sudden burst of speed she spun her around and backhanded him. The force knocks him out of his seat. Blood dripped from his lip. She started to take off her coat showing a lacey American Flag Bra, barely holding in her huge tits. She had an athletic body unearth.

David got up and was about to grab her. Sara ducked and hit him hard in the gut. The air went out of his body as she slammed and elbow on his back He fail to the ground.

“You know, what I dislike about to smug liberal. You act all high and mighty with your little jokes and skits, act like your better. You act brave behind a microphone. But when a real fight comes along, you crumble like cowards”

Sara grabbed him by the hair.

“I wasn’t always a beauty Queen you know. I use to hang around bars in Alaska; I got into plenty of fights and started more. People respected a tough girl, who can kick ass, and be woman at the same time. Not like you wimpy sissified Liberal men” She said

She slammed his face into the refrigerator. She opens it and then started closing the door on him again and again. She laughed as he whimpered. She took of her skirt showing a G- string and a perfectly tight ass.

“I will call the cops” He said

Sara kicked him.

“There no BIG CITY lawyers, or security to help. No Audience to hide behind, to Washington Big shots to file papers to protect. She Alaska girls get things done, and skip all that nonsense. We fight our OWN battles”

She straddled him, squeezing her legs around his ribs like a vice. He screamed in pain as Sara laughed. She notice he had a hard on.

“Haahahah always happen with you liberals. Know all you guys want to fuck me. You all want a tough Red state girl, to bend you over the table and take you with a strap on. Ann Coulter right, you guys really a bunch of faggot mama boys”

She took off her Bra showing her erect nipples that stuck out 3 inches. She squeezed her breast together as his legs squeeze tighter.

“Is this wanted you want, do you want to fuck my tits, my big juicy globes, watch your jizz squirt all over my glasses. Is that want to want, doing want me to finger fuck your little asshole. You want to show me who BOSS, take of my glasses a bend me over the table. Like you could. If you want to do that I respect you. Know you want a ball breaking Republican girl to slap you around and call you dirty, a gun loving red neck that will punish you. Ride you like a Bull, and break you in. Put my spurs on don’t you (punch punch punch). Little sissy, want me to take control and treat you like the (PUNCH PUNCH PUNCH) victim you are you bitch (punch Punch punch). Cause you know as Red girls are not the wimpy Bimbos you go out with, but tough take charge, deer killing, war starting bitches (punch punch) opps there’re goes your rib…opps there goes another”

David was a Bloody messed. Sara rubbed it in her tits enjoying his pain. He was now crying like a baby.

“Oh for FUCK sakes, be a man, you’re pathetic” She said

She hit him again this time knocking him out.

He was awaken with cold water. Sara was standing over him naked. Her pussy was dripping wet. Over her pussy was a tattoo that said “Red State Ladies lover Bush”. She smiled and straddled him. He took him inside her holding him down. Her pussy was nice and tight and she rode him up and down. It was the best sex he ever had, she was making his dick do wonders.


He came.

“Don’t worry, faggot, and know how to get you hard again” She said

She shoved 4 fingers deep into his ass. He moans as she worked it in, teasing his prostate. His cock got hard inside him. She rode him faster this time, but her pussy tightens like a vice every time he felt he was about to cum. He cried out her name, then he cry for her to stop. It was too much pleasure. He begged her to stop but she kept going, bringing her self to climax after climax

“Ohhhhhhh YESSSSSSSSS” Sara said

Her pussy juices were soaking his cock and the floor.

“Quit your crying, your worst then that MATT DAMON bitch, when I raped him. Ohhh fuck…shit cumming” She said

She punches him, knocking him out again and again. He could barely move his legs now, he was spent. Sara continued to ride flexing his arms.

“This the body you get from Red meat, and farm food, not that TOFU crap you guys eat. You don’t get a body like this eating just lettuce and smoking weed.” She said

She choked him, letting the blood rush to his cock.

He screamed out as an amazing multiple climax hit his body. He came and came till he thought it wouldn’t stop. Somehow she kept his cock hard, so he came again in a couple of minutes, again in another. It repeated, till he couldn’t move a finger. He was practically crippled him.

Hour and a Half Later

She stood over him with her pussy dripping with cum.

“Lick it clean” She said

She got on his face. He was too weak and scared to fight back. He was force to clean out her pussy with her tongue. She laughed as she guided her self to her sweet spot. She moaned as she grabbed his hair and put her head back. She started to cum, her hips shook and her tits bounce.

“YEsss…keep going, taste it all. Suck it now…suck it.” She said

She smiled letting him eat her out. She poured her self some wine.

“Good stuff” She said.

She let him breath for a second.

“I don’t want you EVER to talk about me again, and you will apologize GOT IT!!!”

“Yes anything”

“Good I and my republican gal pals going to drag you to a party every now and then, along with some other liberal wimps. Your life is MIND now”

Week Later

Tina Fey was at Letterman’s door. He got a call from him to come over to work on a Sara Palin skit. A letter on the door said to come in.

Tina walked in and was shocked at what he saw.

“Sorry..She force me to trick you” Letterman said

Letterman was bent over a table naked. Sara had a strap on and was fucking him in the ass smoking a Cigar. She put it out on his ass.

“Hi..Welcome to the party” Sara laughed

The End
For now

06-19-2009, 9:35 PM
Hah great story. Here is some Palin femdom pictures that were posted on this forum around the election time.

06-21-2009, 12:22 AM
Great story, please more, Sara Palin is a wonderfull Lady.

06-23-2009, 10:26 PM
I personally have different opinions of her, but I'll leave that for the flame pit. But, I've always envisioned her as a dominatrix. I LOVE the third (last) picture. Very nice. :thumbsup2:

07-20-2009, 3:29 PM
looking for a liberal couterpart to beat up some guys on the right, any idea on who to use

07-20-2009, 4:46 PM
Liberal beat down 2- Sarah Palin attacks Tina Fey
By lilguy brownguy2004@yahoo.com
Sara Palin gets her revenge

Tina Fey gasp as she dropped her pocket book. Sarah was still naked, breast glisten with sweat. Her muscles were tone for a woman of her age, heck any age. Her breast was nice and firm and hard as diamonds.

She had an evil smirk as she continued to plunge into Letterman. Tina was too scared to run.

“Be with you in a minute” Sarah said with a wink.

This was when Tina made a run for it. She tripped down the steps. Sara pulled out and walked over to her calmly

“Those fancy city girls shoes sure aint helping you” Sarah said

She grabbed Tina by the hair. Tina clawed at her. Sarah avoided it easily

“Bad fighting technique. The first think dad tells daughter where I come from is how to be a proper lady. There second thing is how to throw a punch”

She caught Tina in the gut taking her breath away. Sarah dragged her in the house and locked the door. She picked Tina up and punched her in the face knocking her glasses off.

“The third thing is not to let your mouth write checks your ass can’t cash” Sarah said kicking her

She was on top off her stripping off her clothes. She pulled her pants off, and grabbed hold of Tina Fey panties that were pink and lacey.

“Got a nice wet pussy, are all your blue states actor types, submissive sluts”

Sarah slapped her before she could finish she took off her top, making Tina totally naked. Sarah squeezed on Tina tits making her scream.

“Can’t see why they think we look alike. Your tits don’t match mind at all, so small and soft, almost like a man’s” Sarah said

She lifted Tina up by her breast making her screamed in pain. Sarah spun her around and squeezed her breast. She started nibbled Tina neck and slipped her hand between her legs. Tina moaned as Sara worked her finger in her. Sara had 3 fingers deep inside making Tina Fey face blush red. Sara nibbled on her ear and whispered in a sultry voice.

“Tight little pussy, for such a slut” She said

“Please I won’t make Jokes again”

“You betcha you won’t, but that aint going to stop me from plowing you. Ever been raped by a soccer mom, already soaking wet. You’re ready for my toy”

She flipped Tina over a table and slammed her toy in. Tina screamed as the strap on, slammed deep into her walls. Tina hair was being pulled as Sarah worked the strap on in faster and faster. A hard slap hit her ass leaving a mark. Sarah tits bounce up and down as she let a year of frustration out on her.

Tina Fey screamed in climax. A multiple hit her body sending pussy juices flowing everywhere.

“Nasty girl” Sarah said

She slammed her deep again, hitting her G spot like a battering ram

“Aaaaaaaaa” Tina screamed

“Not so funny now am I slut!!!”

“Stop…going to cum again..Stop” Tina cried

Sarah had her cum again. She grabbed Tina by her tits and molded them as she thrusted the strapon up. The friction and power of it made Sarah have a multiple climax of her own. Both women bodies were stuck together with sweat as Sarah had the whole dildo inside Fey.

Hour Later

Tina was a bubbling messed

“Made me cum again. Lost track of how many times you came slut” Sarah said.

She pulled out and put Tina to her knees. She forces Tina to suck the dildo clean.

“Gag on it, gag. Lick it clean”

Sarah smiled as Tina blew her strapon. She slapped Tina Fey.

“Enough of that”

She looked over at Letterman.

“That how you handle a woman you gap tooth wimp” Sarah said

She pointed to the couch.

“Crawl over there” Sarah said

Tina crawled. Sarah had a seat.

“Ride my cock with your ass” Sarah said

Tina whimpered but did as told. Sarah upward, spreading Tina ass cheeks open. She fingered Tina bruise clit causing the woman to cum again. Sarah laughed as she raped her into the night.


Sarah draped Tina over her shoulder

“Expect that apologies by tomorrow. I taking Tina to my place for some fun” Sarah said