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Story: Nurse Kristi
18-Dec-98 16:55:48
by Mat11
Nurse Kristi

Kristi Ober didn’t really graduate from college with a nursing degree, a fact Doctor Forbes found intriguing as he studied her resume. As he read on, he learned that in fact she didn’t graduate high school. However, as her resume indicated, she had an incredible passion to help people. Doctor Forbes (AKA Doctor Floormat) decided to set up an interview with her in order to explore her medical acumen. When she arrived she was dressed beautifully. A short skirt topped her long slender legs. On her feet she wore a beautiful pair of navy 3” inch heels. After a quick discussion Doctor Forbes discovered that not only had she no medical experience, but she had no medical knowledge at all. Needless to say, as she spoke, it became clearer and clearer that she was a dim bulb. She didn’t even know that H2O stood for water. Doctor Forbes was impressed. She was hired to work with special patients, doing a special kind of therapy. She smiled and agreed to help him. “You don’t have a problem working with male patients who may need to completely strip down, do you?” He asked. “Not at all, whatever I can do to help them and their ailments.” She replied. “I’m glad to hear that, can you start on the 30th?” “Absolutely!” She answered with a huge grin, “do you supply the nurse outfit?” She asked. “Oh, the dress code around here is business dress, you’ll need to wear exactly what you’re wearing now. We’ll give you a white medical jacket, but the dress is a little nicer here than most places. That won’t be a problem will it?” He asked. “Not at all, I have tons of clothes and shoes like these.” “Great. We’ll see you in two weeks to begin your training.”

six weeks later…

“Nurse Kristi, there is a Mr. Himes is in room B, he is a patient who is suffering from pains to both his back and chest. We’ve tried several traditional therapies to relieve him, but nothing has worked so far. What I need you to do is to have him lay flat on the floor and walk on his back for 15 minutes then turn him over and walk on his stomach and chest for 15 minutes. This will massage the muscle tissue and promote blood flow.” The doctor started getting an erection as he told her this. “With my heels on, won’t that hurt him?” She asked with a concerned voice. “You must leave your heels on, that is vital to the success of this therapy. The tips of the heels act as stimuli, if you’re doing it properly you it should be uncomfortable for him. Also, if you see his skin turning red, that’s good, that means the blood is flowing properly.” Doctor Forbes tried to contain his laughter. “I’ll go let Mr. Himes know that you’ll be in soon. Thanks Kristi.” Of course Mr. Himes was one of Doctor Forbes friends from the trampling circle. So, Mr. Himes knew and looked forward to what was coming next.

As Kristi entered the room she told Himes to take off his shirt and to lay on the floor. She tried to explain the procedure to him, but nervously stumbled a bit. Himes laid down on his stomach and Kristi place her red colored 2 ½” spiked heel on his lower back. She lifted herself up and held onto the counter to her right. The pain was intense as Kristi placed her other foot onto Himes. The heels bit into his back causing him to wince.

“Don’t worry Mr. Himes, the pain is an indication that this procedure is working.” With that she stepped back onto his lower back, the spikes sinking into his buttocks. Back and forth she walked, her heels leaving marks from his shoulders down to his butt. “It is turning a deep shade of red,” she said with a smile, “that is a good sign.” After precisely fifteen minutes, Kristi had Mr. Himes turn over onto his sore back. She then stepped up onto his stomach, and the heels disappeared. Mr. Himes was near tears, the pain was so great. He tried getting up, but Kristi pushed him back down with her right foot. “I know this is painful Mr. Himes,” she said, “but it’s for your own good.” She continued walking up and down on the man’s chest and stomach. “Please…I’ve had enough…” he gasped, trying again to pull himself up. Kristi quickly stepped off with her left foot leaving her right on his chest.

She grabbed an ace bandage and hastily unraveled it, tying Himes’ wrists together and to the handle at the bottom of the examination table. She then stuffed a roll of gauze into his mouth and stretched some tape over it. “Mr. Himes I’m sorry I had to restrain you like this, but you still have 12 minutes to go, and I’m here to make sure you get better.” She told him. Again she stepped up on him, he winced again loudly. She began walking and the heel indentations began to multiply. At several points she would stand still and grind one heel into an area that looked too pale, “your chest needs to get red,” she smiled, “we need to get that blood flowing.” Amidst the obvious agony Mr. Himes was going through, Kristi continued to do her job. After the 15 minutes were up, she stepped off Mr. Himes and untied him. She removed the gag as well, but Himes was too sore and exhausted to speak. He hunched over as he reached for his shirt. Kristi smiled and said, “I know you’re feeling very sore right now, but that’s natural. No pain no gain. The receptionist will take care of you when you’re ready. Have a great day.” With that Kristi smiled and walked out of the room.

Later that evening, as Doctor Forbes played the video tape to his friends in the trample circle (Mr. Himes didn’t show), Mr. Briedenbach said, “You know doc, my penis has been sore lately.” Some laughter erupted and Forbes replied, “schedule an appointment my good man, schedule an appointment.”

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That’s nice! Over 700 read hits and not one response! :(

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LOL! I loved it! Wonder if that could ever work for real? ;)

08-13-2003, 12:09 AM
I remember this story...I loved it then and I loved it now!!

Thanks for reposting.


08-13-2003, 2:30 AM
That’s nice! Over 700 read hits and not one response!

Don’t be disappointed Groundview.

Although I just read your story today (and therefore was not able to respond sooner) I’m sure that many, many readers like your story a lot.
On the other hand, I do agree that no responds at all on 700 viewers is extremely low (to say the least)

Please keep up your good spirit, knowing that we do appreciate your stories.


08-13-2003, 8:19 PM
Thanks guy’s for the response and filling in of the void.

Now back to the writing of my own new stuff. :)

08-13-2003, 9:10 PM
Great story, I wish there was a doctor like that around wher I live. What better way to get trampled and not worry about what the lady will say if you ask her to walk on you and the best part is your insurance will pick up the majority of the cost.

08-13-2003, 9:23 PM
hey groundview wat part of brookln u from im from queens over near myrtle ave

08-14-2003, 8:53 AM
oh i remember this story... it's been a few months since i read it over at the foottales site [it's still up ya know http://www.geocities.com/foottales ]. mmm, i would like an appointment with that nurse :p

08-16-2003, 5:43 AM
Hi greenlice,
Is foot tales still up! I'll try and see If I have a story that was not posted there! :)

Hi ckj03,
I know where Myrtle Ave. is, I sometimes use it to get to Jackie Robinson Expressway, on my way to work.

Hi lobo71,

At $350 an office visit, there are cheeper ways to get trampled!
What kind of Medical Insurance do you have that will cover that? :)

08-16-2003, 9:25 AM
my insurance is great, I only have to pay $10 for a doctor visit. So i'd be at the doctors once a week for a check up.

08-16-2003, 6:42 PM
Loved the story!!! Wish I could find a doctors office like that!!!!!!!