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The Librarian – Part Four



Dennis felt squashed, his head hurt, and he felt kind of dizzy, from getting his face sat on by three women at the same time, yet he was their seat. He was obliged to follow Ursula and Heather upstairs to Ursula’s room. During the brief trip upstairs, and despite his ravaged body, he couldn’t help but stare at the smooth legs and swaying butts of the girls on the steps above him. The past few days had been the most exciting of his life. He had long envied the chairs, couch cushions, and other objects women and girls readily sit on—wishing those objects were his body—particularly his face they lowered their butts to. And now he was being viewed as just such an object. Now he had experience the sites and sensations a lowly seat would feel when sat on by sexy women. He had viewed the rounded, descending butts of four women—varying in ages from Ursula and Heather, nineteen year old college coeds, to their mothers, Greta and Kelly, women he estimated to be in their early forties, yet women who had retained their tight butts and slender waists from younger days.

He heard Kelly call up to them before they reached the top of the stairs. “Don’t hurt him too much.” At that very moment, Dennis had an impulse to retreat, to call the whole thing off. He could get seriously injured. But his sexual fetish overrode his rational mind. After Greta had brought him home and sat on his face “to teach him a lesson” were her words, he was hooked on being used as a seat for them. He wondered what Ursula and her friend Heather had in mind as they led him to her room.

Ursula’s room was typical of a young woman her age, pink walls plastered with photo’s of various celebrities. Her bed looked soft and frilly. Against one wall was a desk with a computer. Dennis stood still, waiting for instructions from one of them.

“I need to check my e-mail,” Ursula said to Heather. She hastened to the desk and sat down on a leather chair next to the desk. She turned it on and it hummed to life. She began to read her e-mail and then suddenly said,” Oh… Something’s missing.”

“His face,” said Heather, staring at Dennis with a mischievous smile.

“Yes,” said Ursula, “His face.” She got up from the chair and stood next to it, waiting for Dennis to position his head on the chair so she could sit on his face. He obeyed her like a trained dog, placing his head on the chair and looking upwards, directly under her skirt, up her tanned thighs to where they met with her buttocks, hugged with the V of panty material, a young female butt he had now grown accustomed to viewing up close. He loved looking under a woman’s skirt. He loved the low angle view beneath Ursula’s skirt, the black inner lining of it forming a parameter around her butt and thighs. It was one of the privileges of being a face seat. But this view didn’t last long. Ursula sat on his face. She had unconsciously pulled her skirt into her butt and thighs as she sat. Through the fabric of her skirt he felt her butt connect with his face and her weight as she settled down atop it. She sat like that a few moments, and then, as if remembering it was a man’s face under her butt, arose slightly and swished the skirt backwards, allowing him a full view of her panty clad butt descend, again, to it’s fleshy target. The flesh of her buttocks and her earthy smelling panties crushed heavily upon his face.

“Let’s see what I have,” said Ursula. “Spam,” she said, irritated. “Spam… Spam… More Spam… Oh, here’s something from that girl… um… what’s her name… Tessa.”

“Oh, yeah… I know her,” said Heather. “… stuck up as hell… cheerleader and all that crap… What does she want?” Dennis was aware that Heather was now standing very close to the computer. “Oh… She wants to know if I’m going to the track meet on Saturday to watch her boyfriend compete… like I give a damn.” Dennis heard the blinking sound of someone coming online. “That’s her now,” said Ursula.

“You should ask Tessa if she’ll sit on her boyfriends’ face,” quipped Heather and laughed. “She’s always wearing black spandex slacks to show off her ass.”

“Should I ask her?” said Ursula, giggling.

“Do it,” said Heather.

Dennis heard the sound of keyboard pecking.

Heather read her reply out loud. “Oh, I would never do that.” She laughed.

Ursula spoke the words as she typed them. “Why not? A man’s face makes a great seat.” They laughed as they were apparently reading her reply. “I’d hurt him,” laughed Ursula. Dennis felt Ursula’s butt shift a little to the side. “Move over,” said Heather. “So I can sit down.” Ursula slid her butt a little to the side, one butt cheek on half of his face. “We can share his face,” she suggested. Dennis gazed upwards as Heather carefully aimed her own butt to his face. She sat down on the half of it left open by Ursula. He felt the smothering pain of their combined weight concentrated on his face. They both sat on him as they chatted some more with Tessa. His nose was mashed into Ursula’s butt, while the other part of his face was being occupied by Heather’s butt.

He hungered for air, and his face hurt from young-womanly weight concentrated on such a small area. But the girls continued to chat with Tessa as if he weren’t actually underneath them. Ursula spoke out loud what she was typing. “A man’s face is very portable and handy,” she said, giggling. “You can take it anywhere you want and sit on it.”

Heather read her reply out loud. “Are you crazy!” They began to laugh uncontrollably.

“Oh… Darn,” said Ursula. “She signed off.

“We’ve got to get her to sit on our face seat,” said Heather. “Somehow.”

“She would never do it,” said Heather. “She’s a tease… She’s got a nice butt and loves to show it off with black spandex slacks, but she’d never stick her butt in a man’s face to sit on him.”

Ursula thought a few moments. “She might, under the right circumstances.”

“What are you talking about?” said Heather

Ursula explained, “She might sit her butt on his face… if… she didn’t know he was there.”

“He’d have to be invisible,” said Heather. Her eyes widened. “Are you thinking what I’m thinking?”

Dennis listened with intense curiosity, but the girls had been sitting on his face far too long by then. He groaned into their butts, a vain attempt to get them to stand up.

“That hypnotist you dated,” said Heather. “He taught you how, didn’t he.” Heather decided to take pity on Dennis. She lifted one hot, smothering globe of her butt off his face, allowing him to look up at her with one eye, and to suck in small amounts of air.

Heather looked down at him and grinned. “Tessa is going to sit on your face, Mr. Seat, and she won’t even know she’s doing it.”

“Not if I get her in a trance,” said Ursula, “and she doesn’t think that his face is the place she’s sitting on.” She arose from his face, and the two girls stood above him, laughing.

“Wonderful!” exclaimed Heather. “All the guys think she has the sexiest ass—the stuck up bitch—and I think we should put her butt to good use… get her to plop it right on his face.”

Dennis heard Greta’s voice from downstairs. “What are you girls doing up there?”

“Just talking, mom,” Ursula hollered back. “We’ve been on the computer and talking.”

“And what were you sitting on?” asked Greta, “while you were talking and on the computer?”

“Guess,” Ursula hollered back. She and her friend giggled.

“Maybe you’d better come back down,” said Greta.

“Why?” asked Ursula.

“Kelly and I want to talk to your… um… seat.”

Ursula and Heather each grabbed one of his arms and pulled him up off the computer chair. “Let’s go,” said Ursula.

The girls led him downstairs, as he was wobbly on his feet.

“You don’t look too good,” said Kelly. “Maybe we shouldn’t be doing this… I mean… look at him… He looks…”

“Crushed,” added Greta.

“Yeah,” said Ursula, giggling. “Heather and I each sat on half his face.”

Kelly reached over and gently wiggled his nose. “Did they break your nose?” she asked.

“I don’t think so,” said Dennis.

Greta interjected, “Oh, it wouldn’t matter to him if they did… He’s so obsessed with this… desire… to be used as a seat.”

“Hmm,” said Kelly. “Well, then… maybe we should just sit on you some more.”

“Yes,” Greta agreed. “I guess you’ll find out… eventually… that you’re not made of wood…like that little library stool I sat on.” She pointed to the leather hassock where he’d been sat on before.

“You want me to…?”

“Get your head down there,” said Greta.

Dennis positioned his head on the leather hassock, wondering who was going to sit down on his face first. He gazed upwards in anticipation at the two sexily built middle aged women.

“Be my guest,” said Greta.

Kelly, looking down at him, said, “I don’t know what you get out of a hundred thirty pound woman sitting on your face… but… oh, well…” She turned her back to him, her knees bent, and she lowered her rounded butt to his face. He loved the feel of her buttocks through the blue fabric of her skirt, twin mounds of female flesh, crushing onto his face. She allowed her whole weight to settle down on him, forcing his head into the hassock. “I love your new furniture,” she said, crossing nylon thighs. “You know… I’ve often wanted to sit on a man’s face like this… but I… never… thought I’d find a man who’s let me do it to him.”

“We like sitting on him, too,” said her daughter.

“You know what,” said Ursula. “We should get a picture of Kelly sitting on his face.”

“Oh, dear me, no!” said Kelly. “I don’t want anyone else to see me sitting on his face!” She got up off his face. Ursula had a digital camera in her hand. “Oh… Come on, Kelly,” Ursula pleaded. “We won’t show it to anyone.”

“Maybe we should,” said Greta. “He should see how silly he looks with a woman sitting on his face.”

“Hmmm,” Kelly considered. “Do you promise you won’t show the photo to anyone else?”

“Promise,” Ursula assured her.

“Well… I guess…,” Kelly finally agreed. “Do you want me to sit on him as we have been doing… like he’s part of the hassock?”

“Yeah,” said Ursula, clicking buttons on her camera, readying it for pictures. “Just sit on him as if he’s a normal thing for a woman to sit on.”

“Okay,” said Kelly. She began to sit down, and Dennis viewed her rounded butt as it loomed closer to his face and then connected with it. He, again, felt the crevice between her butt cheeks through the blue dress, and the back of his head pushed into the hassock as she settled her whole weight on his face.

“Like this?” she asked.

“Cross you legs, Kelly,” said Ursula. “Make yourself comfortable on him.”

Kelly crossed nylon thighs, opening up a slice of vision for one of his eyes to see the thigh that was crossed over the other to where it met the bend of her knee.

“Great!” exclaimed Ursula, “a human face seat.” Dennis heard the click of the camera and a flash of light.

“Did you get it?’ asked Kelly.

Ursula and Heather peered into the camera. “Oh, cool!” said Heather. “Mom… You look so relaxed while you’re sitting on his face.”

“Let me see,” said Kelly, as she arose from her human seat. Ursula and Heather held the camera so that Kelly, Greta, and Heather could see the picture she’d just taken. Ursula and Heather giggled. “Show it to him,” said Greta. Dennis kept his head on the hassock as Ursula leaned down and stuck the camera in his face. He stared at the picture. He could barely make out his face. Kelly had her butt so spread out on top of his face, it looked like she was sitting on a hassock with arms and legs protruding from it. The picture showed Kelly smiling, her legs crossed, as she sat on his face. She didn’t appear to be disturbed at all… as if it were a natural thing to sit on a man’s face.

“Well?” Greta asked him. “What do you think? This is what you look like as a human seat.”

It seemed that Greta was expecting some kind of embarrassment from him. She was so wrong. The picture of Kelly sitting on him excited him even more.

“Now me,” said Ursula, handing the camera to her mother. Greta took the camera and Ursula flipped the back of her skirt over his head and sat down on his face. He lay crushed under her butt, with her legs crossed, as her mother took a picture.

“Now that one is going to look kind of risqué,” said Kelly. “Ursula… sitting on his face with her skirt over his head.”

“This is how I sit on things,” said Ursula. “Let me see the picture.” She kept her butt planted on his face as Greta showed her the photo. “I have beautiful legs, don’t you think.” Ursula said in her usual narcissistic way. “Nice butt, too,” she added. She got up from his face and stuck the camera up close to him. “You can’t see my butt when I’m sitting on your face. Don’t you think I have lovely legs and a nice butt.” It was a rhetorical question. She was already convinced that she did.

“Yes,” said Dennis. “… Very sexy…um… nice.”

“Oh, who cares what you think,” said Ursula. “You’re just a dumb seat.” She sat back down on his face.

“I have an idea,” said Heather. “Let’s get a picture of us all sitting on him.”

“Great,” said Ursula. “Let’s put him on the couch and we can all sit on him. I’ll set the timer on the camera. I want to get into the picture too.” She got up off his face and told him to get on the couch. Dennis did so, while Ursula fetched a tripod from a closet. She placed the camera on the tripod, carefully aiming it at the couch where he lay.

“I’ll sit here,” said Greta, as she sat down on his outstretched legs.

“I’ll sit here,” said Kelly, plopping down harshly atop his crotch and part of his chest. His male member crushed down under her butt and weight.

“Now I’ll sit on his chest,” said Heather. She, too, sat down heavily on his chest and crossed her toned and tanned thighs. Dennis now had three butts spread out across his body. Their combined weight on top of him was both pleasurable and painful. The only part of him left for anyone to sit was his face, which he knew Ursula would soon occupy. She pushed a button on the camera and rushed over to the couch. With a flurry of skirt and butt, sat down on his face and crossed her legs. Dennis lay crushed as the four women sat across his body. Ursula sat on his face until the camera clicked.

“This is going to be so cool!” she said. She got up off his face while the other three remained seated on him. Ursula looked at the viewing screen on her camera. “Look, Heather,” she stood next to the couch where his head was and showed Heather the picture. Heather laughed and looked down at Dennis.

“You sure look crushed under us,” she told him. Ursula then showed Kelly and her mother the photo.

“He looks almost flat,” said Kelly.

Greta, after viewing the photo, said, “Yes… it looks like the normal place for him to be… under our butts.” The women all got up from him. Ursula showed him the photo. All he could see in the photo was his feet sticking out from under Greta’s butt, followed by Kelly, her splendid butt with legs crossed, sitting on his crotch area. Next in the picture was Heather sitting high on his chest, then Ursula, with her ass smothering his face. He was barely noticeable as a human being, four women occupying his body as they had.

“You may go now,” said Greta.

As Dennis went to go outside, he heard Heather ask Ursula, “Are you going to do it… You know… with Tessa?”

To be continued…

matt n
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Great story couchman I keep checking back daily to see if there is an update. Cant wait to hear about the other girl sitting on his face. Maybe they can get her to sit on his face nude.

Keep up the good work

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I'm liking it so far. I am not much into the furniture part of facesitting more into women using this for pleasure but I like it and especially the older women gotta love that!

Matt, I to would like to see them nude on his face but its not our story

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Your stories inspire me to produce more couch clips hehe. Thanks again for creating and sharing yet another incredible series! :bananavic

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Absolutely great story.
Looking forward to the hypnosis part :thumbsup2::pbbbbblt:


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really good story


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Greatness, continued...

I can give never ending praise to your stories. Thanks.

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Keep going....no more words !

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Human furniture and unknown sitting are my FAVORITE. and I see you haven't forgot the amazingness that was giggles :D