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08-30-2003, 5:58 AM
I hate to date myself, but I was rummaging around in the closet the other day and found my stack of "In Step" magazines. Does anyone else remember these and is the magazine still being published. I have looked a little on the web but have not found it.

08-30-2003, 6:06 AM
God old age is setting in...Please forget this post as I can not delete it!!!

09-14-2003, 7:09 PM
Well, I can't resist a reply. In step is longer published.
I know I guy who was a freind of the chap who published
it. I'll save ya along sad story of what happened to him
which lead to its death. I was a day 1 subscriber to that
mag. Guess I'm up there with ya in terms of age :-)

09-15-2003, 9:45 PM
Would it be possible to tell us the story which lead to the demise of the magazine??? I am 44 yrs old and also started buying the magazine because it was the only publication which catered to this fetish. I was very dissapointed when the magazine was discontinued. I even called the magazine and spoke to the owner whose name I believe was Steve and he said that someone else was going to take over which I guess never happened.

09-16-2003, 2:29 PM
C'mon you guys... They only went under a couple of years ago !! Don R. said that The Dragon Lady (was that her name?) was going to take over the magazine. The mag went from monthly to quarterly. I think only one issue was printed after that. It just dissapeared.
I have heard there used to be a magazine called "Trample" but it was hard to find. Are there any current trample magazines??

09-19-2003, 6:49 PM
I use to subscribe to "InStep" magazine...and I use to buy all those underground newspapers like "Fetish Times" and "Dominant Mystique" as well as other domination magazines. I was lucky to find a picture or two of trampling in some of them. I spent a small fortune on these things as many of you probably have.

I also had several issues of the "Trample" magazine and recently sold them to a local magazine shop for a buck or two just to get them out of my garage. I also had some old, silent 8mm trample films from a couple in Utah (I think) called ECK. They use to advertise in the magazines and did custom pictures. Trying to find material was a full time job back then.

The internet was the death knell for most of these publications...they were expensive and hard to find. The younger folks need to know that fetish material was not readily available to us older folks so learn to keep things in perspective when you find yourself whining about content.

Todays internet is a bargain when one considers the quantity and quality of fetish material that was unimaginable only a decade ago.