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12-25-2003, 8:11 PM
This is a true experience from India. I have a average loking wife with sexy and soft feet. The feet was of size 7 and the soles were creamy looking without wrinkles. After my marriage , I used to worship my wife's feet every day by licking her feet from top to bottim . I used to lick her soles more. Sucking her toes was a daily affair and I used to kiss her toes as i was going to work every day standing on the stair case. The stair case used to be as a > and i used to stand on the steps and she used to be towering over me and her foot used to be right over my face. However i have never worshipped her dirty feet as she was paranoid over my health.

When my parents used to travel leaving us alone . I used to sleep on the couch with both her feet in my face and me licking her feet while watching TV. A few times i even kissed her sandalled feet , her house slippers. Once she even watched as I was licking her sandals.

Even if she knew I had a foot fetish , she did not knopw that i also was watching other feet and lusted for others feet.

Things were peaceful for a while , when she was visted by 2 of her cousins. My wifes name is S. One of her cousin is called K and onw was called M.

It so happened that K and I never got off to a good start , while I was cool with M.

By the way I was M&K Brother in law.

When they had come to my house for a 4 day visit to chennai, my life changed after that.

I was climbing up the stairs, when I saw the cousins sandals and shoes. Since I was a foot freak i also liked to smell the shoes.

I welcomed the ladies to the house and started to climb the stairs to smell the shoes.

I have to mention that the sisters are no lookers , but they have outstanding feet. K had bony feet while M had more rounded and fleshy feet and her feet were long.

I started to smell k's shoes for a few minutes not noticing who was behind me. I was taken back when i saw K looking at me smelling her shoe.

She quitely went back without telling anyone. I returned back to the room and switched on the TV. There was a gossip of the ladies talking and after 15 - 20 minutes , my wife S, K and M came out.

My wife asked if I had smelt K shoe. I could not lie and said yes. Immediately K started smiling as her husband was also a foot freak. She asked S if she could use me for a while, else K told S that she will tell all her relatives to which we had to accept.

I had no choice ( I also wanted it) but to lie down in front of K. M was hesitant as she was much younger to me and did not like an elder man to touch her feet. M was not married by the way.

K wanted me to wash her feet first . I took a bowl of water and started washing her feet in earnest. She did not attempt to do anything and was watching me.

After i dried her feet she asked me sleeep on the floor face up. She sat on the couch and brought both her feet to my face and asked me to lick her feet.

I started with her heels and slowly started to tongue thesole of her feet. She removed her right foor keeping the left on my face and placed it comfortable on my fore head. This was so arousing that my wife who was sitting on an adjacent couch came and put her feet on my chest and slightly pressing my chest. Form then on K and S started placeing thier feet on my mouth and asked me to lick them. When M was seeing this she did not know what to do and told us that she will be back in 10 mts

More to come

12-25-2003, 9:10 PM
M came back after 15 mts . I presume she wanted to go for a walk to think about the foot worship happening at my home. As soon as the bell rang my wife went to open the door. K who was elder to M commended M to come into the house wearing Sandals. Wearing sandals in the house is taboo in Indian homes. M was non plussed and came wearing sandals and came near me where I was lying down.

K vacated the seat on the couch and asked M to sit there. M copmlied and i was ordered to go belly upand my face was inches away from M's Sandalled feet. The feet were not dirty . K ordered me to lick M's feet and sandals. which i did hungrily. I started to lick the sandals of M There was a glowing expression on M's face as i my tongoe was working magic on her feet. M Then took over and asked me to raise my face and thenm placed the sole of her sandal on my face. The sandal was slightly gritty and i started to lick the sandal thorougly running my tongue thro both the sandals. M also asked me to wash her feet and i did the same as I did to K. After throughly rinsing her feet , M used my face to rub the sole of her feet to clean the small pecks. The water started to turn a little greyish and her feet became spotlessly clean.

When i rose to throw the water out M stopped me and asked me to drink the water . I was surprised as I had not done this before and S was also looking keenly at what I was doing. When K saw I was hesitating she walked upto me and slapped me in the face . I was taken aback and started drinking the water. To my amazement the water was sweet.

MY wife was surprised at this. K immediately pushed me down and placed her feet on my face and asked me to suck her toes again. M now bold also placed her feet on my face and i was intermittenly licking both feet.

S, my wife loking from far was seeing 2 goddesses being worshipped. She saw 2 queens in thier regality that she slowly walked forward and lying on top of me started kissing the 2 goddesses feet. She placed small kisses on M's feet and K's feet. K Being accustomed to this worship raised her feet slightly and placed her sole on my wife's mouth.

My wife kissed her sole and slowly brought out her tongue and touched K's sole. and slowly started to lick them. M not to be left alone wanted S to kiss her feet.

K pushed my wifes face with her sole towards M feet and S started Kissing the sole of M . K placed her left fot on my mouth and held S head with the right to ensure that S did not move. After 10 mts S got up and thanked M and K for allowing them to kiss thier feet.

Meanwhile M and K wanted only me and started to push thier feet more vigorously.

K who was weighing around 100 pounds stood on me and pushed her slender foot into my mouth . Slowly the foot started to go inside and the toes started to touch my base of the throat. M slowly started to apply pressure on my throat and i was in breathless ecstacy.

K started to rotate her feet in my mouth and slowly removedf after 10 minutes. M promptly relaced her and shoved her feet into my mouth while K was dryong her wet feet in the hair.

Meanwhile my cock was bursting with semen and i was not able to masturbate.

This had taken more than 2 hours and i was asked to get up since it was dinner time.

K ordered me to keep M sandals outside which i promptly carried in my mouth one after one another. I was pleased to see k expression and as an reward K promptly pressed the tops of her toes on my mouth.

S,k and M sat for dinner. Since they did not want to share a table with a foot freak I was asked to go beneath the table and adminster kisses on thier feet.

THe dinner went out peacefully and soon after K asked S to pour A bowl of milk.

12-25-2003, 9:22 PM
K and M were tired and they wanted to sleep. I was asked to vacate my bed and the 2 queens slept on my bed. K requested S to sleep separately as she wanted me al to herself.

I slept at the foot of the bed with M's feet on my face and k's feet on my stomach.

With my gentle caresses they started to sleep soundly and thier warm feet on my face and stomach i also slept.

@I woke up in the morning and found K amd m missing. S also did not know they where they had gone.

I was surprised to find that they had come back after an hour and they had come back with thier mother whose name was P.

K had not told P about my foot fetish. But she wanted me to put me at her feet if not fully at least for a few minutes. K called me aseide and told me to greet her mother properly. As is wont in Hindu Custom touching the feet of the elders is common. I immediately started to bow to touch her mothers feet when K gave me a slight push . I lost my foothold and fell flat on P's Feet.

P who was around 40 had soft , mature feet. My lips made contact with her toes and P Pulled me up npt knowing what was happening.

The ladies went to the bed room and K came out smiling. I then knew something was up.

12-25-2003, 11:42 PM
Thank you for sharing. True stories are always nice to read.


Ste Letto
12-29-2003, 12:59 AM
Very nice.
Very arousing.
Very enjoyable.:)

12-29-2003, 2:57 PM
P had to travel standing up for most of the journey and had not had an oppurtunity to rest her feet. So her feet apparently was paining and she requested her daughters K and M to press her feet. K told P that she would get that organised and asked me to go inside the room.

I went inside and sat at the foot of the bed with P's feet in my face and slowly started to massage her feet. P objected to me touching her feet as i was her son in law , which was promptly rebuked by S my wife. P quitened down and allowed me to massage her feet. P's feet was unusally large and of a smooth white complexion. with a few wrinkles. I had a burning desire to kiss those feet as ths soles were slightly rough but were very smooth for a 40 year old.

K in the meanwhile got a glass of milk for her mother. P drank the milk and fell asleep within a few minutes as the milk was drugged with a couple of sleeping pills.

K verifed her mother was asleep and put a chair behind me , put her feet on my head and pushed my face to her mothers feet. M also slept next to her mother and asked me to massage her feet , while licking P's feet.

I did not need any more persuasion and lowered my face on to P's feet. I was in heaven as i was surrounded by equisite feet around me. I slowly started to tongue P's feet up and down her soles . First i cleaned the left sole , starting at the heel and over the arches and behind the toes.

I started to massage M's feet with my left hand taking carenot to press her feet hard.

M rose and went out leaving me to pay attention to her mothers feet. K still had her feet on my head.

I slowly took P's big toe and started sucking her feet like a lollypop. Then I strated to suck each toe one after the other.

K placed her foot under my chin and raised my face and pushed my face to the top of P's feet.

I started to lick the top of P's feet. I started long swipes with my tongue going all the way upto her ankles . I placed my tongue on each toe and kicked all along the feet.

K was mesmerised at what she saw and was happy the way i was serviceing her mother that as a reward , she let me suck on her toes for a few minutes and asked me to continue with her mother's feet.

I nibbled at all the toes and bit out any protruding nails, by trimming her nails.

Then I did the same with her right foot. This went for another 30 minutes.

K asked me if i was tired and I said no.

P stil slept soundly. K told enough and asked me to leave the room. I gave a final kiss of gratitude to P and walked out.

It was dinner time.

For dinner S, K and M had thier regular food, while I was poured a pint of milk into a large bowl whihc was place in front of K and M. Both put thier feet in i started to lap at the milk hungrily licking at the feet often. Soon the milk started to dry up and i was soon left with thier wet milky feet. First I dried K's feet and her soles and then M's feet and soles.

Still there was some wetness of the feet left and so s poured some water over the feet and wsahed thier feet.

K and M dried thier feet on my hair ordering me to drink the precious water used for washing thier feet.

More to come if there are some responses to this incredibly true story

12-29-2003, 6:11 PM
attaching a picture of k's feet. One which i worshipped the most