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05-16-2004, 8:40 PM
how many guys out there have experienced golden showers with their wives/girlfriends?if you have did she pee all over you or did she pee in your mouth?how many of you out there secretly wish your woman would pee in your mouth?....to the woman out there,have you thought about peeing in your boyfriend/slaves mouth?

05-16-2004, 10:02 PM
The weather bureau has predicted isolated showers down under tomorrow. Don't know what colour though.:rolleyes:

05-20-2004, 8:08 AM
Hi, submale, welcome to the board.
One of the first times I got together with my current girlfriend, I got her to squat over my face and take a piss in my mouth. Part of the way through it, however, she got really shy about it and couldn't pee anymore. Before that happened, though, I got four mouthfuls down. When/if it happens for you, be advised to drink fast, because it doesn't stop coming. That was my first experience with it, and my cock grew immediately after swallowing the first mouthful. Another time, she had me tied down on my coffee table (it's a huge coffee table!), and she left the room, pissed in a glass, came back in and made me to drink it. It tasted pretty nasty that time, and I really didn't want to finish it, but she forced me to drink every last drop. Then, one night after we came home from drinking, she put me on the floor, help a funnel over my mouth and pissed what seemed like a gallon into my mouth without stopping. There was also a time that she made me lay on the bathroom floor with my head right by the toilet while she pissed into a glass, then she held a funnel to my mouth, and just sat over me and dumped the glassful of piss into the funnel and into my mouth. She kept pouring it steadily while ordering me to drink her piss. When you hear them tell you "Drink my piss", it's an even bigger turn-on because there's more domination and it's just naturally humiliating to be told to act like a toilet. So much fun.

05-20-2004, 11:31 AM
everything you describe i find incredibly exciting....i have talked with my girlfriend some about wanting her to pee in my mouth while she sits on my face...at first she questioned it but it almost seemed like she felt she couldnt just tell me she would do it or enjoy it ...but she didnt object and when i mentioned it again she wasnt objecting....i truly dream of it and i think she will ultimately do it but i want her to be comfortable ,that is my biggest concern...i have gotten her to sit on my face...to put her pussy on my face and to lean back so i can put my tongue as far into her asshole as i can...i talk to her about how i want to worship her as she sits on my face and how i love to smell her asshole and worship it....she seems to enjoy it so im hoping we can move to the next steps...i just find the thought of actually drinking her pis as she sits on my mouth to be the most amazing thing....id love to hear her call me her toilet and tell me that my mouth is her toilet as she does it but i know that might be hard for her to do...any thoughts?

05-20-2004, 3:36 PM
I've had a few experiences with my gf.
She usually has to be a little buzzed before she'll consider pissing in my mouth. Actually, her being buzzed is probably a good thing.
When she's buzzed from drinking beer her piss actually tastes pretty good. When she's been drinking cocktail her piss has a dramatically different taste. Very strong and bitter.
I have yet to drink the entire amount of her piss for the flow is too great for me to keep up with.

05-21-2004, 1:53 AM
I actually wouldn't say that I did enjoy the experience at first....

but my ex-girlfriend had always talked to me about threesomes and one day we actually had one of her girlfriend's around and we were doing it..

They tied me up since my ex knew I was into submission and whilst her friend was riding me, my ex squatted over my face and rubbed her clitoris rapidly till she pissed all over me. I was kinda shocked and surprised but hearing her friend say "yeah piss all over his face" was quite hot and her moaning at the same time was a huge turn on.

Since then I haven't been into anything like that.. just the occasional girl sitting on my face while I lick her vagina and bum.

05-21-2004, 7:38 AM
Hi, me and my wife (she is 26) are just beginning in doing like that. Since 1 year she ist pissing sometimes a little bit in my mouth. But she a little bit shy. Usually she is asking if it is enough. Then she stands up to do the rest into the toilet. But I am woking on it. It is quite a success, that she doing a little bit. More or less a mouthful. She ist very beautiful and it ist turning me on like hell... And she is always noticing ist... I would like to her to be much more dominant, but time will tell...

05-21-2004, 8:54 AM
got beer ?????

Panty sniffer
05-21-2004, 12:38 PM
I like it when she wears satin panties
give it a try

anyone have any good facesitting watersports videos or pics

05-21-2004, 3:44 PM

I've given you answers in another thread designed to turn your girlfriend into a full-fledged face-sitter, but I want to urge you to take a more cautious attitude towards golden showers. Most women instinctively shy away from pissing on a man, particularly one whom they're fond of. The major exceptions are women who basically don't really like men, or have a subconscious hatred for the male gender as a whole. These girls are not too hard to convince to piss on a man, but they are almost impossible to build a loving relationship with. If all you really wanted was to find a woman who'd piss on you, one of these would be fine, and you'd feel all the desired sensations from being squatted on and ordered to take it and maybe even swallow it.

It sounds, however, as if you've got a woman who is more than that. For a submissive male, the ideal woman is one who will be dominant during lovemaking and more or less an equal companion the rest of the time. You might feel that getting her to piss on you would add to the joy of your relationship. Not so! Once a woman agrees to piss on you, the relationship almost inevitably changes. She begins to lose some respect for you, increasingly so each time it happens, until finally she views you with something akin to contempt. Depending on how strong your fetish is, that might be fine with you, but in your case I'd advise caution.

For my money, the ideal relationship is to have a woman you enjoy spending time with, sharing life's joys, etc., who also enjoys sitting on your face and being dominant during sex. I know several women who have become quite willing face-sitters, but I haven't found the perfect combination of dominant and companion yet. When I do, I know I'll be happy to give up the others and settle down with her.

It sounds as if you may have struck it lucky and found a woman you might want to spend your life with. If so, don't risk that for the dubious pleasure of trying to get her to piss on you. That's a wild thrill, I'll admit, but the exoticness of it wears away after a few times. The trouble is, by then she no longer thinks of you as somebody to spend her life with, but only as somebody only worth pissing on. By my estimate, you'd be sacrificing a good 85 percent of life's sweetness in return for only about 5 or 10 percent of exotic thrills (which, as I said above, gradually becomes less thrilling each time).

I found a girl who seemed to measure up to all my fantasy demands. She took to face-sitting like a duck to water, and really enjoyed being on top, giving orders, and in general domming it over me. I mistakenly thought I could turn her into a total domme without losing any essential qualities, but I was wrong. It took some doing to get her to piss on me the first time, and she even said afterwards that she felt queer about it, but I missed the warning signs. I got her to do it again and again, until the night she told me she was breaking up with me, that she couldn't see life with a toilet slave. She said she wanted a man she could respect, and once she saw me beneath her begging for her golden shower, I had lost her respect.

If this girl isn't and could never be THE girl, forget what I've said here and good luck to you. But if you think she might be that "not impossible she," aim for the happy long-term relationship, and relegate golden showers to the fantasy category. Maybe some time down the road, you may get her drunk enough to piss on you and not realize the significance of it; or maybe someday you might run across a pro who'll be glad to do it for money. But so much of the quality of one's life depends on the bedroom relationship and the genuine friendship between a man and a woman that it's not worth risking for something a lot less.

Sorry about getting so serious, but it sounds as if you might have found something special this time. If I'm wrong, my apologies and best wishes.

05-21-2004, 6:08 PM
Nosypucker - I always enjoy reading your posts as you seem quite intelligent and are often considerate in your advice to others in need! Your cntributions to this board are much appreciated.
I was just wondering, with respect to your last post, ie:

I know several women who have become quite willing face-sitters, but I haven't found the perfect combination of dominant and companion yet. When I do, I know I'll be happy to give up the others and settle down with her.

How many years have you been looking and, if I may be so bold to ask, how old are you now?


05-21-2004, 7:59 PM

Very enlightening advice,I`d agree with you completely.You`d made some incredible valid points about women losing respect for you once they are taken to that next level of dominance(Pissing on her boyfriend)

I`ve never had golden shower before, however, if my girlfriend wanted to take that dominance to that next level,It would have to be her decision.9 out of 10 times if you persuade, coax, coerced etc your girlfriend into doing something normally she would not be interested in doing. You`ll run the risk of losing her!

Majority of women in relationships can`t see themselves pissing on their boyfriends (Understandable) However, Women looking for real D/S relationships, better known as Lifestylers!! would do golden showers.


It`s all about selecting the ideal woman for what you want,I`d would not advise you proceed with asking your girlfriend to piss on you, unless she has dominant characteristic tendencies that you`d can bring out of her.

Anyway....I wish you all the best with your girlfriend.

05-21-2004, 10:39 PM
i appreciate all the points made and understand very well what you are saying...in fact,i have also thought about what you say....I have been careful to engage in her sitting on my face and my orally worshipping her without anything more than telling her that i love to worship her feet her pussy and her asshole....i have not made mention of being her slave or anything to that extreme....i have mentioned golden showers to her a few times and as i mention i think she will ultimately do it if i continue to talk about it.....i tell her how much the thought of her peeing in my mouth while sitting on my face thrills me and how exciting it is to open up to her and tell her these desires....i realize that there is a fine line in all this and do agree that if i was to try to make the relationship into a complete mistress/slave one it would ultimately possibly be too much for her.....my hope is that keeping the submissive part to the sexual realm will keep that from happening and allow us to explore all of these things..

the truth is that what excites me most of all is seeing her getting excited and her telling me she wants to sit on my face or telling me to put my tongue into her asshole or to lick her pussy....the more dominant she is while doing and saying these things the more excited i get....the idea of her actually peeing in my mouth and telling me to drink it or just knowing im doing it drives me crazy...i hope after she does pee in my mouth that she doesnt feel the way you describe..there is such a fine line between a relationship and all it entails and the sexual fetishes and desires which can consume your thoughts and actions...as i said i have mentioned to her my desire to have her pee in my mouth and i do think that she will do it..the question is how will she react and feel afterwards and going forward...

05-22-2004, 12:55 AM
I would definitely agree that when a woman pisses on you she will eventually think of you as nothing more than something to piss on without regards to your feelings. I've had one woman piss on me and she really didn't have that much respect for me at all. She enjoyed humiliating me. On the other hand, that's pretty much what the excitement is all about (for me). I feeling of being nothing more than a sub to be toyed with. I hadn't known her long. I lived in a rooming house where I had to share the bathroom with the other renters on that floor. One day she began talking to me about guys she'd shit and pissed on. I just happened to comment that I'd been curious about what it would be like to have a woman piss on me. I also discussed my foot fetish. So she decided to tie me up. She told me she was going to force me to smell her stinky feet while being restrained. The idea really appealed to me. Well once tied, she stood over me and lowered her pussy onto my face. She then said, 'open your mouth'. I did. Not realizing (even for a minute) what she had in mind. Suddenly, what seemed like a gallon, she let go a huge torrid flow of hot stale piss all in my opened mouth. The taste was awful. My face and mouth was full of piss. Curiously, though, it turned me on because she did it because she wanted to. Then she placed her ass hole over my mouth and farted hard and wet. She started grunting hard but could only fart at the time. She then stood up and placed her foot over my nose and demanded me to sniff hard. Her feet smelled as though they hadn't been washed in weeks. After about 30 minutes of forced foot sniffing, she grabbed her things and left. She told me she was going to get some friends to come back and use my mouth as their toilet. I was still tied. I managed to free myself but it took a while before I could get into the bathroom without being noticed.

05-22-2004, 2:38 AM
actually ,to my surprise golden showers have become somewhat mainstream and im surprised at how many woman i have heard discuss them and indicate that they would be interested in trying them...what makes this situation more difficult is that I am talking about not just having my girlfriend pee on me which i said has become more acceptable to open minded woman...after all it even was shown on sex and the city lol..as was a guy who was into licking womans assholes...i hope to have her pee into my mouth while i am under her in a submissive position of her sitting on my face pussy on or over my mouth.....if i thought that she wouldnt be shocked idl ove to have her tell me she was going to use my mouth as her toilet etc...that is where it all gets alittle tricky....the facesitting and perhaps even peeing is one thing...having her actually think of it as toletslavery is another..i guess what im saying is that it isnt just the act,but it is her reactio nto it and what she says and her attitide...the whole thing is tricky and there is a fine line between her being turned off and it being an incredibly thrilling scene....

05-22-2004, 2:46 PM
could you please show me some good women pissing in man mouth style pics or video clip websites and messageboard? thanks

05-22-2004, 3:15 PM

Thank you for your kind words about my contributions to this forum. I sometimes feel that I've gotten carried away with myself and given too much advice, so I've tried to contribute only when I think I can help someone.

I had normal male yearnings and had no idea I was a submissive until shortly after I turned twenty-seven. I met a beautiful, sexy girl who had just finished her junior year in college. In less than a month she conquered me totally, turned me into a practicing submissive, and moved in with me. Believe it or not, I believed all along that I was broadening HER horizons. I've told this story on this forum before (a couple of years ago), so I won't bore you with it here, except to say that I should have paid more attention at the beginning when she told me she was a psychology major. I could well have been the subject of her master's thesis!

She broke me in to everything up to and including golden showers, and could have gone a lot further if she'd cared to, but I think she was too personally meticulous to enjoy anything beyond that. She never tried to cause me pain or use any instruments (whips, ropes, CBT stuff, etc.), so my fantasy world is limited by her inventions. The night she moved out (without prior notice) she made me go through my entire repertoire of submissive acts, then left me there kneeling and weeping and unsuccessfully begging her to stay.

I did learn during that period that there was no other sensation in life that compared to an attractive woman sitting on my face, responding passionately to my worship. I knew then that this would be the basis of my sexual enjoyment for the rest of my life. I've never found anything to match it, and I'm sure I never will.

I'm now in my mid-to-late thirties, and I've refined my own techniques during the intervening years. I try to pick out women with dominant tendencies, get to know them sexually, and then introduce them to face-sitting and ass worship without driving them away. I've averaged two or three a year, and I now have a list of more than a dozen that I know I can take out and get my face sat on. I have what I consider a pretty good life: a job that I enjoy that brings me in contact with many attractive women, an apartment of my own (although I prefer to use the lady's place, because it can be awkward when they want more than I'm willing to give), a nice car, and enough money to satisfy my impulses.
If my letter made it sound as if I'm actively seeking marriage, it was an error. As I said, if I found a woman who met all my requirements for a lifelong companion, I wouldn't run away, but I keep thinking that I'd like to meet her "later." My ultimate dream is the woman I've described -- a dominant in the bedroom and an exciting companion the rest of the time -- but I've got it too good right now to be eager for a change. There are a few women who seem as if they might fit the matrix, but each time I finish a session with one of them, the thought of another one makes me feel that I'm not ready to settle down.

But what I do know is that once you've groveled before a woman and begged her to piss on you, you've lost your chance for that dominant companionship relationship that must be at the base of what I consider the ultimate perfect life.

Sorry to go on so long, but you did ask. Thanks again for your compliments.

05-23-2004, 6:22 AM
Interesting discussion-I wonder what Claulei(excuse the spelling) thinks?

05-23-2004, 11:17 PM
Nosypucker, thanks for your reply. Yes, I remember your tale of the psychology major. I wonder who SHE ended up with?

Well it sounds like you are not wanting for much. It's nice to live your life on your own terms.


05-24-2004, 12:17 AM
i would actually love to get my girlfriend to ultimately pee in my mouth while i lie under a toiletbox...i think those boxes are so incredibly exciting to look at .....im hoping over time she might be willing

05-26-2004, 11:31 AM
I don't think we would be bored with that story. I missed it the first time. Please tell us again. I would love to hear about her.

05-29-2004, 9:55 AM
My wife pees in my mouth regularly as part of foreplay. Some weekends she will tease me by peeing in my mouth every time she has to piss all day, teasing me to incredible levels of excitement!

Take care,


05-31-2004, 6:34 AM
i am hoping to get to the point where my girlfriends pees in my mouth casually..the thought drives me wild..