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11-01-2002, 6:46 PM
Here`s some of Stacy Burke trampling,and victory poses,thanks to my Friend T.J. the owner of :
Let me tell you that T.J. has it all on his site...

Trample,doms worship,vidoes,etc..To me,his site is well worth the money.
An unsolicited opinion from Daddo.
ME:cool: :rolleyes: ;) :) :o

11-02-2002, 7:10 AM
I love TJ's site. I used to have a membership, but I have moved into an area without high speed internet connection, so it makes downloading a chore. I love his site because he has more of the sensual trample which is my favorite. The kind of trample you might expect from a close female friend. I've had many like this over the years. I just love it. All of his models are fantastic. Great Site.:D