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Peter had been dating Cheryl for a week now, and it was the first time she had invited him into her apartment. He arrived dressed in a blue golf shirt and beige trousers, which he thought made him look extermly handsome for he figured to be a full day and night of sexual conquest. She had told him it was to be a lunch and then dinner at her place and to be ready for some "Unique Fun Time". She came to the door in an outfit that made he swollow hard. She was wearing cutoff sweat pants with a pink trim along the leg part and waist band ( her legs were long and slender and oh so smooth, that they belly-hooed her 5'8" frame). Her top was of soft white cotton tank top with no strap on the shoulders ( and did not hide her 44d's). On her feet were a pair of new jogging sneakers and to complete the look she wore long knee high white knit socks. Her long red hair was pulled back in a pony tail that ran down to just above her waist, and she wore a N.Y. Yankee baseball cap pulled down to hide the most beautiful hazel eyes he had ever seen. " On Time, I like that in a man" She smiled at him gestureing for him to come inside. As he entered he looked around, the apartment was spotless, like a Felix Unger had been there to clean up. She had very few pictures about so he could not tell much about. She had been kind of closed mouth about herself, except about her consulting jobs, but even then she was a little vague about what she "consulted" about, all he knew that one of the things she said she would tell him about was what her consulting jobs were. " Please have a seat on the sofa" She was still smileing and what a wonderful smile it was. He sat down on the sofa, a very large one made of blue crushed velor. " Would you like a little wine or some beer? " she offered. " A beer would be fine" he said, and she went into the kitchen to get it. As she left the room he noticed a large bag sitting next to the sofa, for such a clean place it seemed out of place. She came back with two 24 oz. beears and two large beer mugs. " I like to get a buzz quickly " she told him, the smile not leaving her face. She poured the two beers and handed him one. " Uh...thank you" he said. He had not taken her as a beer person, or for that matter not a woman who would dress that way either, at least not to have a meal with a man. His eyes drifted back to the bag, and he was about to ask her about it when she spoke up " I guess by now your a little courious about that bag over there aren't Peter ?" he just nodded. She took his hand and help him to his feet and led him over toward it. " In that bag are some of the items I use in my...consulting" His eyes showed that his interest was peaked and her smile grew large " But before I show you wahts in there I have to show you something else... something physical I use on my...consulting" With that said she sweeped her leg behind his knee and pushed backwards on the floor. The suddeness of her move and the force of his body and head hitting her plush carpet stunned him and all the air rushed out of his body. She was extermly quick and had in in a schoolgirl pin before he could recover. " Oh Peter, I thought you were smarter then that TSK, TSK" she taunted " To fall for such a trick, TSK, TSK " She place her hands on his wrist to make sure he was pinned to her carpet firmly. He tried to knock her off by bucking his body, but this only made her laugh and tighten her grasp on his wrist. " UH, you have fight in you, good, I'd hate to conquer a wimp" CONQUER What did she mean. " You see my consulting is to show woman how to train their man to be an obident slave" His eyes flew open, OBIDENT ? SLAVE ? " WH.....What are you talking ab...." She shifted her weight so her crotch was now on his mouth " I love using a pussy gag, isn't fun? " she giggled. He could not utter a sound, she was pressing down so hard,and her thighs ( oh so soft and smooth and sexy feeling on his cheeks) held his head tight in place. " Yes I am what you can call, I guess, a MAN TAMER" now it was a full laugh coming from her, an evil type of one, one of conquest. " I needed someone to try out a few new ideas on, and you, you lucky little pooh , have been the one I chose. She next manuvered his hands toward the side of his head and place her knees on them. She pressed them down hard so as to cause him both pain and discomfort. She knew if she kept her knees on his palms for any length of time she would cut off the cirultion and render them useless for an hour or so, a thought that pleased her very much. And that is just what she did, she sat in that position for a full hour, taunting and teaseing him mercislessly, knowing a verbal assult was an excellent weapon. She finally pulled puklled the bag over and looked inside " Your just about ready to see the contents" she giggled. She stood up over him glaring down on him with a satisfied smirk on her face. He took several deapth breathes trying to get her crotch smell ( It was like she had not cleaned her virginia for a week) out of his nose, He began to sit up " Cheryl why did you..." Her hands slapped his ears stunning him again, when he took another breath, they reached back and yanked the shirt over his head and off. She could see in his eyes instant fear. She grabbed his head throw her legs around in a sissor hold and drop herself on the carpet his head now a prisoner of her thights. She squeezed hard and he gasped for air. " Oh you complament me on how shaply and beautiful my legs were, what about now?" He did not know how to answer as she squeezed tighter. How could something so smooth and soft, be so deadly. She squeezed even tighter " Aren't they a wonderful weapon, Pooh?" He started to get the feeling back in his hands and tried to pull her legs apart, but she rolled herself back and forth on the plush carpet, and he stopped fearing she would break his neck. " That right my little pooh, don't resist me, let me be in total control" and she was. " Now pooh, remove your pants, underwear, shoes and socks" He tried to say something but an extra squeeze and he did what she told him to. Now he lay on her floor naked and with her in control of his fate. She reached over into the bag " Now put your hands behind you" and He did it. " First item" and she took a pair a fur trimed handcuffs from the bag an secured them to his wrist. She released her leg lock fro around his neck, took hold of his ear and made him stand up. She lead him to a kitchen chair and had him sit down. She took his cuffed hands and placed them behind the chair. Next she took several restraints from the bag and secured him to the chair so there was not a part of the body he could move. " There my little pooh" she said " I thought I would start this with some of the old stuff I use to let you understand what I am capable of doing" She gave him a pat on the head and went off toward her bathroom. she came back in to the kitchen carrying a few items of clothing. " Now, as I said, I want to try some new methods out to see if they work" She picked out a pair of blue bikini panties and held them in front of him " I put some personel items in the bottom of my laundry hamper to let them, shall we say FURMENT" Her laugh seem intirly evil now. " So say AH " and she pulled his hair making him open his mouth and stuffed the panty in it. The vial acidy taste fulled his mouth and fought not chock. Next she picked up a white sweat sock, placed it under his nose, " Have a good whiff" he wanted to pull his head back, but her hand held it so he had to smell it. With a giggle now she tied oit around his mouth to hold the panty in place. Now it was not just the taste that burned it was a horrid smell. Lastly she picked up a pair of pajama bottoms, a very femine pink color, fleece type. " I wore these for a month straight with washing them, and I must say PEW, they stink to high heaven" With that evil giggle, she place them over his head and the legs around his neck tieing them in a knot. The smells were now overpowering him, never before had he had such an acidy aroma flowing thru his nose. Cheryl meanwhile took a length of rope from her bag and tied his knees together a thight as she could, mking sure his penis and ball sack was free from the bondage and sat down to enjoy her beer and watch him succome to her new gagging method. It was working better then she thought it would, for allthough he hated the stentch of the unwashed garments, the thought of these items comong directly from her body and being placed were he could taste and smell it was to exciting for him and his arousement began to show. He wanted to fight it, not show her he could easily fall prey to the bitter-sweet smells of female attire, but it was a losing battle. He could not see it but the smile on her face now was one of victory, and she began to plan which new " MAN/TAMER" manuver she was going to use next.

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awesome cant wait to hear more

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Great story as always bbq!!!!

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Another great story. Glad to see you are continuing with the stories.
This one is a great start. Looking forward to reading what her
next humiliation will be. Hope she brings in some of the women
she is training. Please keep it going! !:p :theband:


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absolutely fantastic bbq This sounds like it could become the best yet I'm delighted to see you back and am really excited about the next installment of this one Thankyou

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Nice bbq. Great story. I love it. I hope there is more to come.
John :)

07-16-2004, 5:03 PM
Cheryl came out of her bedroom carry two soft & very plush stuff animals, a rabbit and a puppy. She laid them along side Peter and leaned over to wispher in his ear " Know what I am going to do now? " she purred in his ear " I'm going to give you a lap dance ! " She gave a little giggle and gave his cock a couple of strokes to increase it's hardness. She then crossed her legs over his and sat faceing him, she placed her hand on his cock and stroked it again. " Don't you like to go to those JUICE BARS and have naked woman ride your manhood, my little POOH ? " Her voice being warm and sexy. She manuvered his cock between her ass cheeks and locked the soft sweat cut-off around it locking it in place. She reached over and picked up her two favorite stuff toys and began to rub them against his exposed nipples. Instant success. His hard-on grow rapidly. His head was spinning now, the over powering sour, but exciteing smell of stall female sweat and stains plus the soft feel of the fur on his nipples, not to mention his stiff organ locked in place by female flesh was getting more then he could take. " Is little Pooh getting excited because of little ol' me?" she purred in a fake southern accent. She leaned over and gentle placed her lips on his neck and sucked. He wanted to give her a big thrusht up her ass, but his bound and restrained body could not move. Again she smiled, and grinded her ass a little more, putting more strain on his bulge and continued to play with his nipples with the stuffed rabbit and puppy. She again whispered in his ear " Doesn't this feel good, don't you want me to continue?" and she slid her lips back on his neck. " His mind brought back the image of her beautiful face and hi-lited those full red rose lips of hers, as her lips sucked and sucked his neck. Now her ass was tight and growing tighter, giving his cock both arousement and pain. She wisphered in his ear again. " Do my two little friends, BUNNY-BOP & PUPPY-UMS make you feel....(he-he) funny? " she ran the two toys in circles on his nipples. Now he was moaning, and his neck was showing a strain, but this new method of BLUE-BALL/ TEASE & DENIAL was working better then she believed it would. She tight her ass as tight as she could. He was now whimppering like a little puppy " OH Pooh dear, you sound like my Puppy-ums" That sexy childlike voice she was useing both further excited him and sent a shiver of fear down his bacside. She placed her lips back on his neck and this time bit as hard as she could while sucking at the same time. He almost went nuts. He felt nothing but passion built up in himself with no sign of release, and she was going on with this new torment, and she loved it ! She was attacking him at three sensuios spots at once and not letting him explode. She released her lip-lock on the neck and moved to another spot and did the same thing. The moans and whimper from him grew louder, and when they did she grind her hips harder, making him think she would tear his cock off. Now her stuffed animals were going in faster circuls. His gagged and 'jammy encased mouth finally let out a muffed scream of sexual frustration and he passed out. Cheryl stood up smile her victory smile " My little friends" she said to her stuffed animals " Thank you, and now you can travel with me on my TAMING trips" She lifted his head up " OH MY LITTLE POOH, I wanted you to last a little longer, But." She shook her head " Have to move to the next item"

07-19-2004, 7:40 AM
Peter came to at the feel of something brushy against his shoulders. He felt a hand untie the pajama bottoms from around his neck, and lifting them from his head. He blinked at the lighted room. Cheryl was stand in front of him, She had change her outfit from the Tank top and sweat cut-offs to a terry cloth robe that came down to just below her hips, and a pait of fuzzy slippers. She must have taken a shower because her long red hair was still damp, and draped over her left shoulder, and she was still combing it out. " Well my little POOH, I see your back in the world" Her sweet smile was scareing him, for he knew it was hiding what her next torment would be. She leaned forward and right away he could see she was totally naked under the robe. Her soft white mounds lay inched from his gaged mouth and she let them show case for him. She placed her hand under his chin and lifted his head so he was looking into those beautiful hazel eyes " I am so glad you came over early, I woulsd have been bored if you came on time" That voice, so sweet and innocent, yet her mind was working on controling his mind and body " I'd have gotten nervous and antsy and maybe would not have set thing up for you...entertainment" She gave a light giggle and took the restraints off his feet. Next she removed the items hold him tight to the chair, leaving just the fur lined handcuffs and the rope holding his knes togther. She next took off the sock gag and removed the panty from his mouth. The clean smell of air sent a burn thru his nostrels and his face showed it, and again she gave a girlish giggle. " Cheryl, what the fu...." She locked her hand over his mouth and nose. At first the scent of perfumed soap going up his nose felt refreashing, then it dawned on him, SHE WAS HAND SMOTHERING HIM!!!! " Oh please POOH, don't talk back, or I may have to do something REALLY NASTY to you." Her hand pressed hard on his nose and mouth, and he was forced to nod yes to her demand. She lighten her grip slightly. " I'll explain everything later MY LITTLE POOH" and took her hand off his mouth and pinched his cheek loike he was a little eight year boy, only very hard. " I have something special for you" he voice had a lyrical sound to it like she was singing a song. She again sat on his lap, only this time a warm tender flesh press hard on his cock stating another hard-on. She reached over and picked up a lambskined lined DOG COLLAR " Cheryl PLEASE NO...." he started to protest, But one look at her hard Hzel eyes told him he better be quiet. She secured the collar around his neck and hooked to a doggy leash. " Thats a good little POOH " she said ( she loved to use a term of endearment on her subject, it made them uncomfortable and belittled them at the same time). She stood up, gave a tag on the leash forceing him to stand. She turned and started walking toward her kitchen tugging on the leash. With his knees still bound, Peter had to take tiny steps and try to keep pace with her. His eyes locked on to her ass, half exposed under the short robe, it bounced and rolled with each step she took, a true vision of a mans desire, if he were not bound and forced to follow it. None the least it coused his arousement to grow, and he realized her motion was being done on purpose, to effect his manhood and cause further discomfort to him. She lead him to the sink. " I hate to tell you this, BUT..." The glint in her eyes told him she was enjoying this way to much " Your breath stinks, WHOOO, does it stink" She cringled up that beuatiful face, and wiggled her button nose like it had smelled a sewer. " Her POOH, this will help!!!" She took a bottle of mouth wash and poured a little into his mouth. " Now I want you to wash it around for a few seconds until I tell You to spit it out, Oh and don't swollow or...." she left the rest unfinsihed. The mouth stung his tongue, but it help get rid of the bitter and acidy taste and smell of the unwashed female garments that she had used on him earlier. He waited for her command to spit, but she had turned her attention to a clipboard on the counter and was busy wtriting something down. Thrity seconds turned into a minute---a minute turned into two--then three. He was begining to feel a little sick, holding the mediciney taste liquid in his mouth for so long. A slight dizziness began to float in his head. His breathing became rapid and he cuold feel his hard on reducing itself. It now was over five minutes and his throat began to burn, and he was goarning in discomfort. Cheryl turned, smiled at him, gently ran her fingers down his cheek, " Ok, you can spit it out" she laughed and he did with great relief. He took a deep breath. " Now rinse like a GOOD POOH" she command in her light cheerful voice and turned the faceut on and forced his under the running water. She turned his head upward so that the water ran straight into his mouth, and up his nose. He thought he was going to drown the way she let the water flow into him and again she let it go on for over five minutes. She shut the water off and gave him another sweet smile " There you smell better now POOH." And she planted a very soft, and sexy kiss on his lips and she held it. He began to tremble at the touch of such soft, tender and sexy lips, and he let the arousement rush thru him. She forced her tongue, very slow, into his mouth, and slowly ever so slowly down his throat. The excitement raced thru him as she let her creamy soft thigh touch his hard on, the throbbing strated, he tryied to work his hard on between her thighs, hopeing she would respond and let him out of his boundage, but she kept twisting herself so that first her right then left thigh touched his bulge, only making it harder. She pullede her tongue out of his mouth " Oh my DEAR POOH, are you getting a ...Nasty' she giggled " well I can't have that now can I" and she gave one extermly hard pull on the leash, snapping his head backwards. He almost fell over but she gave another hard tug pulling him forward. " NASTY, NASTY POOH " She chided him in a fake angry voice, like a new mother changing a babies diaper, " Now you mustn't have such thought, should you" An almost evil smile crossed her face. She tugged on the leash force him to his knees. The rope around his thights and knees cutting into him. " Now I want you to stay there and think about how bad you have just been." And she rubbed his head like he was a pet dog,and moved over to the table to prepare her lunch.

07-19-2004, 9:25 AM
Cheryl made herself a nice CESAER SALAD for lunch. After she laid the food on her table she took hold of Peter's leash and lead him to the table too. It hurt his kness, and legs to try and cross the tiled floor with the ropes securly hold his knees in place togrther. She made him kneel next to her chair If you make a sound I'll go to my dirty clothes hamper and get some more foul smelling panties and socks for you tongue" she told him as she began going over the papers attached to her clipboard. She seemed to absent mindly rub one of the fuzzy slippers against his ball sack. Instant stimulation, his hard on was back in full force and now, due to the fact he was unable to release his pent up sexual excitment, it began to hurt. She twirled her foot first in a circle on his sack, then up and down, touching his stiffened organ. He tried not to say a word but little moans came out of his throats. He wasn't sure but there seemed to be a smile of contentment growing on her face over the discomfort and pain she was causeing. She uncroseed her legs the crossed the other leg over so now her other foot was now rubbing against him. His moans were growing louder, as the fuzzy materal on the slipper continued it's quest to make him scream in sexual frustration. Finally he let out a loud " OHHHHHHHHHHHH" Cheryl stopped, stared at him, " That not be a good POOH now is it" Her face shoed a mock sorrow " I can't concentrate if you make that guttery sound" She gave him a flase faced look of disgust " DOES MOMMIES LITTLE POOH NEED A PACIFER, LIKE A GOOD LITTLE POOH...." Her mocking voice sent another shiver down his spine. " OPEN UP POOH...OPEN YOU MOUTH" He did what she told him to do and opened his mouth. She shook off her right slipper and placed her all five of her toes in his mouth, " Now suck you pacifer POOH dear" her voice mocking a mothers voice to her child. He let his tongue and lips suck on her toes. He was suprised at the taste that he encountered. She had used a bath powder on her whole body after her shower and the smell was so sweet, so feminine,that at first he relished the change in his mouth. But soon he had the caking sensation of the powder on his tongue. It was bitter sweet, the powder smelled of freash cut flowers, but the heaviness of the powder wore on his tongue. She wiggled her tongues in his mouth catching his tongue between her toes often. When she did she squeezed a little adding more discomfort to his stuation. After about a half hour she switched feet, going thru the same roution as before. ( It must of tickled her feet several times because he could have swore that she giggled for no other reason then it tickeld her). She kept her other foot in his mouth for another half hour, then she sat up straight. " OH MY GOODNESS" she said " I HAVE BEEN SUCH A BAD HOSTESS, HAVEN'T I ???" She slide both her feet back into her slippers and looked down at him with a mischievious little smile. He looked at her with total bewilderment in his eyes. " I promised you lunch and I ate all the salad" She fake sorrow voice was back " I am so sorry my little POOH" She again crossed her legs. He had no trouble seeing she was a natural red head by her pubic hairs. " Why of course, my little POOH" he cringed at her use of that name now, he knew it was a name she used to belittle him " I know what you want to ....EAT !!!!!" She didn't give him a chance to answer. She grabbed his head and pushed it between her legs, then wrapped her left leg around it and hooked her foot behind her right knee, holding his head in place was droving his face into her womanhood. " LICK IT POOH, LICK IT FOR IT'S JUICES" she command in such sweet voice, that under normal circumstances would have melted him, but now meant "DO AS I COMMAND" . As soon as his face came into contact with her whole he thrust his tongue to explore the inside of the woman. She tighten her her leg, pushing his face closer to her hairs. " Go ahead my POOH " she began to pant " Show your MOMMY you love her" His tongue explored futher into his new mistress, exciting her as he went deeper. " Yes POOH, I am your MOMMY, now and you must do what MOMMY tells youuuuuuuu" He hit a sweet spot, " Oh that was good, Give MOMMY another" and her leg tighten even more. He had to satisfy her or he was afraid she may use the sour smelling and tasting clothing on him again. His tongue now circled inside her, his lips caressing her red pubic hairs. He HIT THE EXACT SPOT " POOOOOOOOOHHHH" she moaned. He thought she was going to break his neck, her leg tighten so hard, he had no air coming in but he had to continue or else she might.......Then she exploded " UGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH" He thought she was going to squeeze him to death...then she relaxed her hold, as he flet her warm and sticky fluid gush onto his tongue and down his throat. She sat quite for a few minutes, then released him from her leg lock. She sighed very loudly stood up and walked toward the sink, got a washcloth and wiped herself with warm soapy water. When she was done she came over and very gently wiped off his face. " Didn't I give you a nice lunch my little POOH ?" she asked. Still trying to get his breath back he just nodded. Through the whole thing he found his hard-on had grown, and it was now causing his body to ache and she knew it. She picked up his leash gave a slight tug and began to walk into her den with Peter in tow. He could not lose his hard-on looking at her tush moving the way it was under the short robe. It was a sight that would drive any man to distraction, but here she was using it as a weapon of conquest. She lead him to her computer, and rolled her computer chair firward. On it was a MINK THROW BLANKET " I need your help while I check my message and prepare a dinner menu for tonight." He looked up at her with a quizzical look on his face " Oh I am sorry " she said " I forgot to tell you I have some other guest coming over to discuss...." For the first time her look was evil " YOU!!!!" He began to open his mouth but she pinched his nose shut " NO, NO , NO " her smile was soft again " We'll discuss it when they get here" He swollowed and she let go of his nose. " Now, You made me very hot, so I can't put any underwear on for a while " He waited knowing he was not going to like what she had in mind, " And that throw is a very expensive ' gift' " she laughed and he knew it was not a gift but something she had forced some man to buy her " That I don't want to get, what you gentlemen call SKID marks on it" His eyes grew open wide, no she didn't mean... she yanked hard on his leash, leading him to the front of the chair. She then took another length of rope and hooked his handcuffs to the rope tied to his knees, forceing his body to bend backwards. She placed his head on the MINK THROW. It felt so good on his neck, soft ,warm, and so secure, but he never had a chance to enjoy it fully. She palce her ass down on his nose and began to type before he had a chance to get a gulp of air. She perpusly bounce with each letter she hit on her keyboard, just to let him know where he was. " You know" she said " You can make sure there are no SKID MARKS...." He stuck his tongue out and began rimming the soft, creamy flesh of her ass. " Uh, POOH BABY, that feels good, keep it up" and she rotated her hips to get full enjoyment of his trapped nose and tongue. Her breathing grew into pants, but she continued to typed " I know you want to.....UhHHHH POOH THAT WAS A GOOD SPOT FIND IT AGAIN...tell how sweet my ass feels and how great the fur........YESSSSSS POOOOOOOOHHHH YESSSSS... on your neck...MY DEAAAAAARRRRRR POOOOOOHHHHHHH, KEEP IT UPPPPPP" Her hips were now grinding down on him, helpless to her whims " MAKE MOMMMMMMMMYYYYYYY PROUDDDDD....OHHHHHHHH..." His air was getting short, but it didn't matter to her, for he now knew all she wanted was to cum on his face again. " GOOOOO DEEEEEEEEEEPERRRRRRR POOOOHHHH" As her excitment grew her typeing stop " IIIIIII want a good STORRRRRRRYYYY, for our guest TONIGGGGHTTTTT..." His chest felt her Juicey liquid first, it was still warm and sticky but, it was something he had never experianced before, HE LIKED THE FEEL ON HIS CHEST... the last thing he heard before the female enforced darkness caught him was her saying " You, BADDDDDDDDD POOH, I CAN'TTTT USE MYYYYYYYYYYY COMPUTER. I'LL HAVE TO CALLLLLLLL THEMMMMMMMM ................"

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keep it up mate as great as ever Looking forward to her friends arriving, and their hot sweaty ass#s Thank-you

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Great writing, style and content as allways:bananavic Ibeboo

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He must of been out for quite a long time. He was in her bedroom and he did not remeber how she got him there ( thought he had a pain in his armpit and heels, that inducted she DRAGGED him in there) And she was standing in front of a full length mirror adjusting her low cut blue knit dress ( It hugged every curve on her body, as well as exposeing they creamy white mounds of her breast), her ass wiggleing so seducively that he knew he was getting aroused again, and he could not help himself. The blue fuzzy knitted materal came down to mid-thigh region which showed off her very shaply skull crushing thighs, she was wearing a clear flesh colored pantuhose, and from that wiggle was not wearing anything underneath the dress ( it was so skin tight that he also could tell she did not have a bra on) and his cock grew harder. She stopped her adjusting and picked a lipstick and began to apply it to her lips, it was an apple red shade that really hi-lighted those full lusiuos lips of this redhair minx. He caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror and jolted up right. First, wear she had biten him on the neck before were two hickeys. They were not only very large, but formed a perfect V on his neck, and outside of a long turtleneck sweater, there was no way of hiding the deep and dark bite marks of his captour. He could also see she had changed his restraints from handcuffs and ropes to prison cuffs. A set of hands cuffs were on his wrist and a shackles like chain was on his ankles and both were contected by a chain. All he was missing was the prison orange jumpsuit. He looked up in the mirror and saw she was now appling a blue eyeshadow that match the blue knit dress, over all she was a sexy looking redhaired firebrand. " Hello POOH, " she said cheerfully " Glad to see you came to" He looked in the mirror and she was smiling at him. " Saves me the decsion on how to revive you" She shrugged her shoulders as she giggled. " We have a few more things to do before my guest arrive, and BOY, are you going to be surprised at who they are." Again her shoulders shrugged, and her girlish giggle, though scareing him a little now, was still a stimulate of arouseing excitement to him. She turned and walked toward him. He noticed that she was barefeeted, her toenails paint red to match her lipstick. For a tall woamn her feet were small, but well shaped ( He had only seen two woman with better shaped feet, a picture of a fetish model who calls herself "DEVANA and his Attorney/Agent Regina Palmer) and her toes, oh her toes. Each one were just the right size, at least to him, for her feet. His gaze was so locked on her feet that he had not noticed that she was now sitting on a chair in front of him. " YOO-HOO, POOHY DEAR" she said almost in a song. He shook his head and lifted his eyes up to meet her smiling HAZEL eyes. " Do you like them, they are rather....special..don't you think" she said wiggleing her toes at him. " I do take pride in my apperance...my face... my breast..my ass... You know things men see when they first look at me" Her voice was so calm and soothing, almost hypnotic " But they rarely see my feet or toes unless I were open toed shoes " She rubbed her right foot against his growing bulge, and he sollowed hard at it's gentle but strong touch. " And you don't know how sweet it is to me to see your reaction to them" She rubbed the sole of her foot across his cock, and he took a deep breath. " If you want I can let you worship them, after all I let you worshop my ass and pussy didn't I" That Huskyand sultry voice she used only made him squirm under her foot, his balls now hurting as they throbed. She lifted her left foot onto his cock and now both her feet were massaging his throbing organ. " Oh my liitle POOH, has another nasty" He could not believe her giggle could be so husky sounding. " I think you want to worship my tootsies, uh POOH" His breath was comeing in pants as she seducivly ran her foot over his hard-on " Tell which foot you want to suck on first" She ran her tongue slowly over her lips, and he felt not only throbbing blueball pain, but a burn racing thru his thighs. " You want to have some of my toes sitting on your tongue, right POOH" He forced himself to nod yes, as his whole body trembled under the soft feel of the soles of her pantyhosed feet. " Oh my... Your throbbing so hard.. I don't want you to make a mess on my rug or floor....I guess I better chose which foot..." She held her tongue out of her mouth, pointing at him, and ran it in a circle as she pretended to be in deep thought. " HERE YOU GO POOH...." She said placeing her right foot on his lips " Suck on my toes..." Her voice firm and commanding yet not threating. He did what she told him to and took all five of her toes in his mouth. She then placed her left foot on his chest and began to let it play with his nipples. This motion caused him to suck in, and her toes almost slide down his throat, causing him to cjock a little. " OH my aren't we an excited little POOH" she giggled " Slow down, I want you around for my guest..." But her foot continued it soft feminine touch on his harden nipples. He used his tongue to push her toes back toward his teeth. She giggled and then pressed her heel hard agaist his chest " NO TICKLEING............" His eyes raised them self to meet her gaze, they were smiling but had a hint of meanness to them and he took to task of running his tongue just over her toes. " Much, much better" she sighed. She let him do her right foot for a good fifteen minutes then switched feet. She keep this up for over two hours. He had massaged and kissed womens feet before, but always as a prelude to a full night of just plain sex. But Cheryl, was showing him something different, something that he was finding a lot more exciting and fearful, that a beautiful woman could use her feet as a means of TORMENTING A MALE VICTIM.. Cheryl's face showed her over all enjoyment of the discomfort she was heaping on him. Finally she stopped. "POOH, You are turning out to be a good choice." He looked at her puzzled...Her laugh was louded and forceful " Did you think we meet by accident at that coffee shoppe last week? HA HA HA HA HA" Her laugh was a mocking one " We had you picked out for several weeks ..." He asked " Wh...what are you talking about ? " Her smile turned to a smirk " You little foolish POOH... We need something from you because our MAN/TAMER business is growing... and since you are an indepentent photo-journlist, with no ties to any company,who will miss you if you disappear for a year or so..." He was frighten, A YEAR..WHO WOULD MISS..... " And you have a good amount of money to keep me in a " Cheryl's smirk turned into a grin " The style we are going to use for our business HEH-HEH" He was dumbfounded. He had thought he had picked her up at the coffee shoppe, thought he had found such a knock-out, that he would make everyone at the AWARDS dinners jealous...But she...they... who... " Oh look, I really wanted our guest to tell, but I'll leave the rest to tehm to tell you...In the mean while" She put on a pair of mules with thick hi-heels and stood up. She walked over to her dresser draw and took something out and walked back toward him. She took hold of his ear and made him stand up. " Here get your body in this!!" she command. It was some sort of sack made of sheep's wool. He started to say something but she interupted " DON'T SAY A WORD" For the first time the look on her face told him she would hurt him if he didn't listen to her. " Put your feet in here NOW" The sudden hardness in his voice scared him and he did what she told him to. Once his feet were in the bag, Cheryl pulled it up to his chin and used th pull cords to tighten it just under his throat. " There that's better my little POOH" Now he feared her pet name for him. She reached behide her and picked up a ball gag she had laid on the chair she had occuipied before and fasten it to his now dry and cotteny mouth. " We'll go into the kitchen and wait for our vistors " Her voice again was in a cheerful sounding manner. " Oh and POOH, I don't want to see any stains working their way thru the wool, after all is....." she gave a short laugh "...FEMINIE SOFT" She took hold of the cord and started to move toward her kitchen, forceing Peter to hop behind her... at this moment he felt beyond embarrassement and humilation.......

07-21-2004, 12:31 PM
Peter's knees and legs began to ache. Cheryl had made him stand trussed up in the lamb's wool bag for he didn't know how long, and she kept brushing her body against him. Knowing the blue knit fuzzy dress was skin tight and she only had panty hose under, made the hard -on he had again developed worse. Though his hands were free if he wanted to use them, her threat of doing damage to him if he "stained" her bag in any manner forced him to hold back what he should due natrually. This time she bent over letting her well formed ass lock around the bulge in the soft fabric, and lock her cheeks she did. He realized right away that she was going to force him to cum into the sack, so she could punish him. He fought every instinct he had, bit hard on the ball gag in his mouth and prayed he could hold it in despite the pain cring out for relief in his balls. Cheryl was humming, tauntly as her ass swayed back and forth against his ass locked man weapon. Tears filled his eyes, he maoned thru his gag, but she just kept going, standing up every so often to let her ass cheeks tighten even more on his throbbing cock. The pain, the excitment, the throbbing, He became light-headed, His nose inhaled a lovely aroma of perfume coming from her neck, a flowery type, one that he had smelled before but where.... He was close, he could not help himself, he was going to explode...suddenly Cheryl stopped and went to the sink. She picked up a wash cloth wet it and began to wash his face off. Ballball pain ravished his body, but the warm feel of the wash colth against the sweat that was pouring down his face felt wonderful, and, for the moment, he breathed a sigh of relief thru the gag. The doorbell rang, and Cheryl gave him a wicked smile " Our guest" her voice oh so sultry. She throw the washcolth on the counter and walked to the door, making sure her hips rotared enough for her "guest of honor" to view with great passion...He heard voice, laughter and giggleing, he could have swearan someone called him "... OUR NEW EXPERIMENT...". After a few minutes Cherly led her two guest into the kitchen. His eyes grow overly wide, the two woman were DEVANA, a now billonairous Fetish model, the woman who now was a mogel of fashion publishing by owning or taking control of over twenty fashion magazines ( including, by rumor, six female domination publications world wide) and his own Attorney/Agent Regina Palmer, who was now know as one of the great Contractual attorneys in the U.S. " Hello Peter dear." Regina said, a huge smile on her face. She was about two inches smaller then Cheryl, with very dark hair, usally pulled back in a bun as now and wearing a grey business suit and closed toed shoes with a one inch heel. She was very shapley with extremly long legs ( that she called her number one weapon in negotions with the "old boy network") that seemed to go on forever. Her waist was very small very fit the rest of her body to a tee. Her black eyes were always hiden behind glasses, but they could not hide that there was a superior, beautiful woman behind them. " Wonderful to see you again" and she placed a wet sexy kiss on his cheek. She stepped back " You remember DEVANA, don't you?" his eyes focused on the vision, or so he had called in the article he did on her two years ago. He could only stare at her. Here was a woman who stood 6'1" weight in around 160 lbs, a Baltic beauty with natural blonde hair ( during their shoot she had shown him her blonde pubic hair) that she drapped over her right shoulder, haunting blue eyes, legs that were so slim and long , that he wrote " could only reach up to heaven.". She was wearing a full length chinacilla fur coat. She opened it to revel her outfit underneath, a silver satin blouse over a black wool skirt, and long hi-heeled, thight high black boot, laced all the way up. It was the outfit she wore the day he photographed and help raise her to superstar model status. She had taken off one of her calf skin gloves to revel her finger nails. They were at least three inches long ( natural nails to boot) and mancured to their fianced, with a very bright pink coating. She lifted her hand to his face and ran a nailed finger slowly and gently down his face. " How is my little POOH BEAR". It hit quickly. He had ordered and gotten an orginal Winnie-The-Pooh Bear for her during thier shoot, and she had squealed in delight, like a five-year-old when he gave it to her. " Why do you think I gave you that pet-name?" said Cheryl. " Oh My you look like you are afraid of me. My little POOH BEAR" Cheryl and Regina could not hold in their laughter, as Peter's face burnt red with embarrassment. You had to listen to hear the Her Baltic accent, but when you did,and Peter knew it, It was a true turn on. "Tsk, Don't let my girlfriends bother you" She said " I really missed you POOH Bear, didn't you want to see me again? : she asked . " Peter" Regina said, " DEV, really has been after me to get you to visit her, BUT, you keep putting me off, sooooo...." Regina had been his best friend since they went to high school, though they never truely dated each other, they were, so he thought, as close as a man and woman could be without be romantically involved. " As a matter of fact she wants to help convince you to join us in our new endevor" Regina's laugh was never loud or distracting but soft and feminine, and for the first time he realized, controling. " Oh my POOH-BEAR do you want DEV to give you a hug?" His mouth was dry, as he stood helplessy encased before three controling woman, the ball gag now feeling like it was stuck on his tongue. " Cheryl, how has the new mthods worked on him" Regina said. " Better theN I hoped hoped for" Cheryl answered, " He has succombed to every new item I tried on him, right down ti this bag, and he has not even tried to answer back" There was a winning smile on her face as she spoke. " Oh my wonderful Pooh Bear" said Devana, cupping his chin in her gloved hand, " Can I reward him for such goot behavior" she asked letting her accent slip a little. " Yes go ahead, I see no reason why not!!!" Cheryl responded. Devana unbottoned her blouse to expose her breast. Though small, they were well shaped and firm, But the most striking feature was how large her nipples were, they were larger then Cheryl or Regina's combined. She removed the gag from his mouth, place her finger on his lips " SSHHH" she said and buried his head into her babied powder smelling breast . " Taste them my dear, feel them. know how soft they are..." she gave a low moan, as his face was pushed on to the tanned but oh so soft flesh. " POOH, put your tongue on my nipples, I WANT YOUR TONGUE TO TASTE MY NIPPLES" she panted. He did was he was told and let his tongue play with her nipples. Her body movement told him he found a sweet spot on her. " Go on, MAKE Me excited my POOH...I want to feel like a woman" She released his head and took hold of her large fur coat. She brought it up so ti was wrapped totally around his head. Now he had no light and very little air, but he continued to like her nipples. As she became more excited, she drove his head down further on her nipples, holding her super feminine fur around his face. Now it was hot and the sweet smelling aroma of her breast was now combined with her female scented sweat. " No air...No air.." was running thru his mind, " God she is not going to let me go.." Devana's chinchilla clad arms were now crushing his neck " DON'T STOOOOOOOOOP, DONNNNNN'T STOOOOOOPPPPPP......" He could hear Cheryl's and Regina's laughter, but he felt soooooooo weak, he could not stand on his feet muck longer, air, he needed air. Reginia and Cheryl were supporting him in standing... He did not know if he passed out or just made a short trip to la-la land. Devana again ran her finger down his cheek as she gave him a warm smile of satisfaction... " OKAY, time to get down to brass tacks" Regina said

07-25-2004, 9:40 AM
Cheryl led him to a chair at the table, sat him down and tied him to the chair. " Now Peter, I have some contracts for you to sign" Regina said, " and we will all be in..business together" she smiled. He looked at the dark eyed woman with a quizzical look " Oh yes I forgot to mention, The three of us have formed our own corpration. Of course we haven't named ot yet, but," she looked at the other two " we have our fingers in a lot of , shall I say PIES" He tried to speak thru the gag but only muffled sounds came out. Regina placed her fingers on his thigh, and rubbed. The soft materal of the Lmab's wool coused him to again get excited, and looking at three beautiful and forceful women only heighten his excitement, and Regina was one who took advantage of it. " You see Peter, we want you as our sole contracted photo-journalist. You would do excluisive photos and stories for Devana's magazines and other publications..." It was rumored that Devana had a series of Femdom books, mags, videos and websites that were worth over $100 million dollars "... and for Cheryl's fitness centers and boutiques..." He had wondered were The redhead had gotten the money to pay for such a beuatiful apartment... " And we also need your newly bulit home for our headquaters for our new business "ARRANGEMENT"... " He knew what she was going to say, Cheryl had more or less told him " MAN TAMING." She flexed the fingers sitting on his thigh, causing him to sit up straightand inhale deeply. It had been Regina wh set up his "date" with Cheryl. She had made sure she played it in such a way that he would be lured to her place and set up for this meeting. " You are going to be our HISTORIAN, both with pictures and words" Regina continued. " You are going to document our success and prepare samples to show our clients, both old and new." She removed her glasses so she could stare into his eyes. " You will showcase our employees, detail thier triumphs and photograph what can be done to men who forget to treat a woman like a woman" He figgeted in his chair as her fingers continued top careess his thigh. " You are going to give me your power of attorney, so I can make exclusive deals when I see fit, and let me put the maoney paid to you in a 95 to 5 split" He shook his head no. Regina dig her nails into his thigh and he let out a yelp. " I think he needs some more...conviceing..." She smiled at Devana, " Is your bodyguard downstairs?" Devana nodded yes, " Let me get her? " said Cheryl, and she stood and pick-up her cell phone. " Peter, dear," said Regina, her dark eyes sparkling in excitment., " You should of said yes right away, NOW, well, you'll be glad to say yes in a little while" There was a knock on the door and Cheryl answered it. He heard he say " In the Kitchen.." And he began to shake with fear.

07-27-2004, 11:49 AM
oh BBQ u truly are a master with the english language fantastic as ever and i cant wait to "see" yhe body-guard Please be quick tho, the edge of my seat can take this amount of continued strain!! Thank you for a great piece of writing yet again

07-28-2004, 6:45 AM
He was so busy looking toward the living room he failed to notice Devana get up and stand behind him. " Peter, my dear, dear boy" He turned his attention back to the Regina, hert fingers again squeezeing his thighs " One more thing before...we adjourn to the den, we also want you to model, how shall i say it,oh yes, " A smile slowly crossing her face "OUR METHODS OF 'PERSUASIONS' for our clients" A quizzal look crossed Peter's face. He could hear the sound of hi-heels walking toward the kitchen. Devana wrapped her long chinchilla coat around the sides of his head, letting the femininely soft materal rub against his cheeks and ears. It sent a thrill racing thru his body, and along with Regina's fingers caressing his thighs and the soft wool of the bag he was encased in, was almost too much. A bulge began to saw in the bag, he let out a low groan thru his ball gag. The sight and sound of his discomfort only caused the two woman to increase their massageing of him, much to their delight. " Vhy Peter " Said Devana, hi-lighting her accent for show " Are you getting a little naughty seed growing.." Regina laugh at the word 'naughty' "..... " Maybe ve could turn it into an oak tree, uh REGGIE" Regina nodded and place one hand on his acheing and throbing cock. " Well maybe an elm tree" she laughed. He closed his eyes, as he knew that Reginia, as Cheryl had done, would bring him to the brink of fullment and then stop, causing him to burn in his loins. He began to tremble in the bag.Regina's fingers were true and firm, stroking him and increaseing his growth. " I have made so very good deals for you over the past three years, " she said in a sexy husky voice, " But htis one is going to be the best....Hi there" she stopped her stroking and stood up. Devana stopped to but keeped his head locked in her fur coat. He opened his eyes. There before him stood one of the biggest women he had ever seen in his life. " Helena, this is Peter" Cheryl said to the amazon standing before him. She was at least 6'5" and well over 200 lbs. Her shoulders were broad and looking at her neck, you could tell she was a workout fiend. Her breast would be discribed as average. The feature of her body, though that caught your eye was how her body tapired down to a very narrow waist, one that you wanted to wrap your arms around. She was not beautiful like the other three ladies in the room, but none the less was extermly pretty. She had soft brown eyes, over hi cheek bones ( which were naturly rosey). Her pug nose was slightrly up turned, and her blonde hair was cut very short, not coming close to her ears. She was wearing a pink, strapless tank top, that huged her smallish breast very tightly, a pair of bright red capri pants, and a pair of mules with at least three inck wooden heels. She walked around around him, inspecting him closely. He could see thru her red capri pants. They were pulled so thight against her ass, you could see the white panties with the red florial design. He need no hand for a stimulate this time, her panty encase ass was first class. Devana tighten her grip on his head, making sure he felt the allure of her chinchilla coat. " So this is the guy who is going to take our pictures uh" said Helena, " What do you call him?" " His name is Peter Hiller" said Regina. " But his slave name is POOH" Laughed Cheryl. " POOH, I like that" Helena said bring her face close to his. " Cheryl told me a little about you, POOH dear." An evil smile appearing on her face, " She told me she tried a few new wrinkles on you and they worked fine. In fact they worked so well we are going to use them in some of our taming sessions" She stuck out her tongue and ran it across his nose,again Devana tightened her hold on his head. " Why BOSS" she said to Devana, " I taste fear coming from him" This time she ran her tongue over his forehead and eyes. " Fear of being tamed by us", Her voice so firm and hard, yet a tone of sexuality to it. " I Vant you to show him you specialty, Helena dear" said Devana in her accented voice. Regina leaned over and spoke directly into his ear, " And you are going to love it....POO..." she burst out laughing. Fear was begining to creep back into him, but Devana's rubbing of the fur on the side of his head offset much of it at this second. " Well why wait" said Cheryl smileing ear to ear, " I want to see the new techniques Helena has been working on". She untied the restraints holding Peter to the chair, and Devana placed her fur hiden hands under his chin and lifted him to a standing position. " Helena, if you would be so kind as to take MR. POOH to my work out room" said Cheryl. Helena stood before him, towering over him. She placed her hands around his waist and housted him over her shoulder. This was humilating for him, being carried like a sack of pototes over a womans shoulder. " What this ? " Helena asked. " Oh does he still have his naughty? " replied Regina. " I'll take care of that" Laughed Helena, and bounce him up and down on her shoulder. The sudden jolts to his mid-section cause the air to rush out of him, and he lost his hard on quickly, but not the blue-ball pain. " If you will follow me ladies" said Cheryl, and Regina and Devana followed her, then came Helena with Peter drapped over her shoulder, making sure he bounced for added discomfort.

07-28-2004, 9:20 AM
As they walked thru Cheryl's apartment, she pointed out how this use to be a factory, that was converted to an apartment complex. She made sure she got the largest place in the complex " When they converted it I put in a bid for a ten room place, so I could make the largest room a workout area with some extra special equipment" she laughed at her little joke. She lead them to a large double door, She open flicked on a light and ushered the group in ( Peter's chest and stomache were hurting from be bounced around on Helena's shoulder). " Put him over there DEAR" Cheryl said to Helena, Pointing to an area on the floor " And then you can go and get ready" Helena leaned over slightly and heaved, Peter very hard, onto a wrestling mat. He landed with a loud 'THUD' causing the other three ladies to go " UH". He saw a flash of light go off,shook his head to clear it after the hard landing. Helena's hard wooden heel landed with a smack on his stomache, causing all the air left in him to escape and again he saw a flash of light. " Well POOH, in a few minutes, I will try some new..." MANUVERS".. on you" And she ground her heel deeper into his stomache to emphize her statement. " Great hold it, that's going to be an excellent one for our portfillo" Came a voice from the corner of the room, a voice that sounded very familar. His watery eyes searched the area the voice came from. Then he saw her, KELLY, his personel associate, she was taking photos of him, trussed up like a peice of meat hanging up in a butcher shop. " Hi, Peter" she sang out " bet your sprised to see me" Kelly was all of 5'1" heavy set young girl of 22 years of age. She had worked part time for him while she was in high school, and full time after she graduated. She had attended college at night and had gotten a degree in PHOTO-JOURNALISM like himself. She continued to work for him until she had enough money to go into business for herself. He stared at that baby face of hers. This blue-eyed chubby cheeked pretty lady with auburn hair, had such an outgoing personality that one would never supect that under that angelic face, beat the heart of true dommina. Her ass and breast were both large and well shaped. But it was her legs that always caiught a man's eye. She always wore skirts or dresses to hi-light this feature of hers. They were short, but exquisivly shape, right down to her thin ankles. He had never hit on her, as pretty and sweet as she was because he had always thought of her as a little sister. Helena lifted her head toward Kelly, " Add a little more pressure please deary" Kelly said. Helena responded driving the wooden heel deep into his chest, a scream of pain was muffled by the gag in his mouth. " GOT IT" shouted Kelly and Helena lifted her foot off his chest. Devana spoke up " Go get ready, dear we will find something to enterain us while your gone" Helena nodded and went off to a left to the room to "get ready". Kelly left her tripod camera and picked up another and stood over her boss and began to snap pictures of his trussed up body. " Told you " said Regina " You are to be our poster model for this venture." His face turned deep red with embarrassment and humilation. Here he was tied up in a bag,gagged, at the feet of his female associate, who was relishing his helpness, and taking pictures to boot. " We decided that we need two photo-journalist for this job" Cheryl said from somewhere near him, he had trouble seeing due to the flashbulbs going off in his face. " And when you sign the contract to work exclusivly for us, well, I guess it would be time for Kelly to go out on her own" Kelly lowered the camera, and gave Peter such a sweet smile, the one she used when she wanted to get her own way. " You know Peter, Oh excuse me, POOH !!!, I have been working for you for close to seven years and you never, ever made a pass at me." She fained a look of sorrow " I know I'm on tha plump side, but I am attractive, right" He nodded his head yes. He wanted to tell her he never thought of her in a sexual manner, that he felt he had to protect her. " Well, don't you know that it made me feel small that you never told me you wanted me !" Again the look on her face was the one she used to melt a man's heart. " Since I am going independent now, and you will no longer be my Boss, I was thinking...." She ran her tongue over her upper lip, in an extermly senual manner , showing him what was on her mind. " Kelly you did such a good job with the pictures for my boutique, why don't you give yourself a bonus" Laughed Cheryl, " Yea" chimed in Regina " Why not become his boss, after all, you are the one who will have control of him when he signs the contracts" Devana came over to the two of them " I bet you have very pretty feet, why don't you show them to him" Kelly nodded and shook off her flat heeled shoes. Devana was right. Kelly's feet were small and very feminie looking with her toenails painted a light red color. " Vhy don't you give him a good view, my dear" Kelly's face lit up. She laid the sole of her stocking clad foot over his nose. " Now Rub my little one" Devanna said. And Kelly rubbed her foot on his face. The shoes she wore must of been new, because the smell was something he had not smelled before, new leather. She ran the foor over his face, There was another smell, the smell of sweat from her foot haveing been in her shoe for sometime. " Do you like Peter" Her voice was low and sexy sounding " Do you loke the smell of my stockinged foot on you nose" She ran it up and down and all over his face. She then placed it squarely on his nose, lifted her camera and took several pictures, moving her foot to different positions on his face. " Uh, ladies" Kelly finally said" There something I've been wanting to do, but if I do it, I can't take any pictures?" She keeped her foot on his nose, letting the aroma of sweat and new leather flow up it. " What do you have in mind?" asked Regina and Kelly wisphered in her ear. Regina laughed " Well between the three of us I think we can get some good shots." Kelly removed her foot from his face, handed the camera over to Regina and stepped back. He was now looking up at her. She was wearing the outfit he liked best, a white peasants dress, with a red flower design. It had ruffled sleeves that were tight on her upper arms ( it showed she had muscles, something he had not noticed before), and not strap over the shoulder. The skirt was flaired and came just below her knees. Looking up he could see she was wearing a full pair of tidy whitie panties. " I want you to get a feel of what you have been missing Pete...Oh I am sorry again...POOH DEAR.." She looked over at Cheryl " I had the ball gag made special,Kelly, It rotates in his mouth" Cheryl said with a sly smile. That sweet smile of Kelly's beamed bright as she grabed the bottom of her dress, lifted it and planted herself on Peter's face, full wieght. He tried to fight against her, but she had herself planted so firmly it was no use. " Why don't you want me Peter, why" she cried as she wiggled her hips. " I'm very good in bed" she wiggled some more. " I would have kept you satisfied" Her voice was becoming harsh " But no you had to have Fast woman, didn't you" Her voice was changing from that little girl he thought he knew to an angry young woman.
" Now you are going to see what you missed" She began to jump up and down on his face. " Tell me POOH" The sound of her using his new slave name was frighting " How does a plump woman smell, does it smell bad under her skirts" The sound of laughter from the other three started to drift into his ears. " Uh, I bet it does smell terrible in there" and she hooked her skirt around his head and under her knees locking his head in place between her delious thighs. " Too bad you can't tell me about the smell, I'd like to know how it compares to say, Cheryl's smell" He could the others laughter get louder. " I'm starting to get all sweaty. Uh, I bet it makes it really stink under there now." Devana was holwing with laughter now, the three passing the camera around getting shot after shot. " Don't forget to make the gag roll" said Cheryl in between her laughs. Kelly did just that, and suddenly she felt a thrill run thru her. The rolling ball gag was rubbing her pussy into excitement. She stopped bouncing and began thrusting on his face, sweat beads forming on her face. " Get a good picture of her face" Shouted Devana, And Regina took it. " CHERYL, THISSSSSS IS MARVOL........OOHHHHHHH " Kelly started to say. " YES, THIS ROLLER GAG WORKS SO GOOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDD.... " Her thighs tighten the skirt around his head, no air was getting in, he had only the stench of her sweaty, damp womanhood racing toward fulliment in his nose and and he was getting light headed. " I WANT HIM TO FELL MY WETNESSSSSS....OH GODDDDDDDDD..." She was rocking all ver his face, and the white panties were becomeing soaked by her fluid now beginning to leak thru. " I WANT HIM TO KNOWWWWWW....I AM HIS NEWWWWW BOSSSSS.......YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS " The exposion came. And it came in a flood, rushing up his nose, and over the rolling gag into his mouth, almost chocking him to death. When she was done, she went limp adding dead weight to skirt encased face, smothering him to the fullist. After a few seconds she slumped back on his chest, and lifted her skirt off his face. It was colored a whiteish-grey from her female fluilds. " I guess I can mark the rolling gag as a success" said Cheryl

07-28-2004, 11:22 AM
Kelly stood up and gave Peter her little girl smile again, "Thank you " she said in an exhausted voice, and let her stocking foot brush aganist the side of his head. " It was wonderful" and her smile showed how much she enjoyed his discomfortable honor of her was. Cherly now stood over him, he blinked his eyes, and they flew open, with the exception of kelly, the other three were wearing only their underwear. Cheryl had on a full panty, purple colored and a very tight bra to match. She had no stockings on, but her legs looked smoothed and creamy. He turned his head and show Devana, she was wearing a white corset with matching garter belt , stocking and panty. Regina had shed her business suit and was wearing the same outfit as Devana except her's was in black. " Kelly made us hot" Cheryl said answering his the question in his eyes. She grab his eyes and forced him up on his knees then to a standing position. She unhooked the bags lace from around his neck and told him to step out, He did as he was told. Next she removed the shackles from hsi wrists, ankles and waist. He breath a slight sigh of relief get the metal restainant removed from his body. Cheryl cupped his chin in her hands., " NO SOUND" she demanded and he stood still. Next she removed the rolling ball-gag from his mouth ( he wanted to excercise his jaw, but thought better of it). She handed the gag to Kelly " A trophy for you" she said. His body was trembleing from what these women had already put him thru, but he knew they had something else in mind. " You have help me so much in picking out new ways to torment our subjects to be tamed, but we are not done yet" Cheryl wisphered in his ear. The doors opened and Helena stepped back in the room. His mouth dropped open, She was wearing a bright blue velvet body suit over shear silk pantyhose. Though she was barefooted he still had to look up at her. A cold feeling went thru him. He was totally naked and exposed. His face was to red to discribe, he shifted his hands to try and civer the hard-on that was forming due to the extereme sexy look of this amazon. Kelly reached under her dress and removed her panty and handed to Peter. " Here, put these on before you embarrasse me." she said sounding disgusted by his hard-on. " Do as she told you " said Devana in an even more demanding tone. He did as they told him. The panty was still warm and moist,covered in Kelly's on female liquid and he could tell her scent. It only added to his misery, that he stood in front of a gaint of a woman, but was also forced to wear the panties of some one he thought was his best friend. " Now we can start." shouted Helena, and she hooked his arm and flipped him back down on the mat. He was stunned, but was able to get to his feet, rather quickly. That did not last long. Her next move was a quick kick to his knee. He dropped back to the mat again. He tried to get back up very quick, but the barefoot amazon landed a knee to his head. He was dazed, and did not know exactly where Helena was. She was behind him. She hooked his arm behind him, lifted him up, and let him scream in pain-- " YOUR BREAKING MY ARM---" But she continue to hold him up for what seemed to him forever. Then she threw him back down on the mat. He laid there in pain, afraid to stand, trying to think how to defend himself. Her barefoot kicked out and nailed him hard in the ribs, He wondered as he rolled on the mat, how a barefoot could hurt him so much. He had little chance to think of an answer. Helena grab him by the hair lifeted him to his feet, and locked her arm around his neck and squeezed. Kelly's flash bulb went off his eyes, but that only added to his spinning head. Air he needed air, she was chocking him, trying to make him pass out. He fought as hard as he could. He reached back, grabed a hand full of hair and pulled. She let out a yell and let go. He bent over to try and suck air in, but he had only angered this woman, now she was determined to crush into total submission. Again Kelly snapped a picture of him double over sucking wind, blinding him momentarly. Helena's knee meet his head full on. It snapped back, stunning him. He staggered, but did not fall. She grabbed him and put a bear hug on him. Normally he would have enjoyed the soft feel of a woman's velvet covered breast, and stomache, but Helena was trying to break his back. He had seen enough wrestling on TV to try and use a bell clapper move on her.He gave a quick slap on her ears, and she let go. All kinds of pain were shooting thru his body right now. From what Cheryl, had done to him earlier, from what Devana and Regina had done to him in the kitchen, from what Kelly had done to him fifteen minutes ago to what Helena was doing right now. He had very little strength left in his body, and Helena was sapping it out of him rapidly. " YOU LITTLE SON OF BITCH---WANT TO FIGHT DIRTY DO YOU" She throw her body at him catching him mid-section in a spear lifting him up and driving him to the mat. All the air went out of him. Helena stood up and smiled down at his now quivering body. " Kelly" she said " I'M going to give a special shot for the camera" She gave one good stomp on his chest, that made him sit upright. She hooked her legs around his neck and fell to the mat. His face was now stuck faceing the velvet of her ass. Helena wiggled and squirmed about, hold a strong and firm grip with her skull crushing thighs around his neck. His hands tryied to pull the tree trunks off his neck, but only encouraged this woman to tighten her python grip around it. By doing this she forced his face to push deeper into the velvet softness of her ass.

07-28-2004, 11:40 AM
Kelly stood up and gave Peter her little girl smile again, "Thank you " she said in an exhausted voice, and let her stocking foot brush aganist the side of his head. " It was wonderful" and her smile showed how much she enjoyed his discomfortable honor of her was. Cherly now stood over him, he blinked his eyes, and they flew open, with the exception of kelly, the other three were wearing only their underwear. Cheryl had on a full panty, purple colored and a very tight bra to match. She had no stockings on, but her legs looked smoothed and creamy. He turned his head and show Devana, she was wearing a white corset with matching garter belt , stocking and panty. Regina had shed her business suit and was wearing the same outfit as Devana except her's was in black. " Kelly made us hot" Cheryl said answering his the question in his eyes. She grab his ears and forced him up on his knees then to a standing position. She unhooked the bags lace from around his neck and told him to step out, He did as he was told. Next she removed the shackles from hsi wrists, ankles and waist. He breath a slight sigh of relief get the metal restainant removed from his body. Cheryl cupped his chin in her hands., " NO SOUND" she demanded and he stood still. Next she removed the rolling ball-gag from his mouth ( he wanted to excercise his jaw, but thought better of it). She handed the gag to Kelly " A trophy for you" she said. His body was trembleing from what these women had already put him thru, but he knew they had something else in mind. " You have help me so much in picking out new ways to torment our subjects to be tamed, but we are not done yet" Cheryl wisphered in his ear. The doors opened and Helena stepped back in the room. His mouth dropped open, She was wearing a bright blue velvet body suit over shear silk pantyhose. Though she was barefooted he still had to look up at her. A cold feeling went thru him. He was totally naked and exposed. His face was to red to discribe, he shifted his hands to try and civer the hard-on that was forming due to the extereme sexy look of this amazon. Kelly reached under her dress and removed her panty and handed to Peter. " Here, put these on before you embarrasse me." she said sounding disgusted by his hard-on. " Do as she told you " said Devana in an even more demanding tone. He did as they told him. The panty was still warm and moist,covered in Kelly's on female liquid and he could tell her scent. It only added to his misery, that he stood in front of a gaint of a woman, but was also forced to wear the panties of some one he thought was his best friend. " Now we can start." shouted Helena, and she hooked his arm and flipped him back down on the mat. He was stunned, but was able to get to his feet, rather quickly. That did not last long. Her next move was a quick kick to his knee. He dropped back to the mat again. He tried to get back up very quick, but the barefoot amazon landed a knee to his head. He was dazed, and did not know exactly where Helena was. She was behind him. She hooked his arm behind him, lifted him up, and let him scream in pain-- " YOUR BREAKING MY ARM---" But she continue to hold him up for what seemed to him forever. Then she threw him back down on the mat. He laid there in pain, afraid to stand, trying to think how to defend himself. Her barefoot kicked out and nailed him hard in the ribs, He wondered as he rolled on the mat, how a barefoot could hurt him so much. He had little chance to think of an answer. Helena grab him by the hair lifeted him to his feet, and locked her arm around his neck and squeezed. Kelly's flash bulb went off his eyes, but that only added to his spinning head. Air he needed air, she was chocking him, trying to make him pass out. He fought as hard as he could. He reached back, grabed a hand full of hair and pulled. She let out a yell and let go. He bent over to try and suck air in, but he had only angered this woman, now she was determined to crush into total submission. Again Kelly snapped a picture of him double over sucking wind, blinding him momentarly. Helena's knee meet his head full on. It snapped back, stunning him. He staggered, but did not fall. She grabbed him and put a bear hug on him. Normally he would have enjoyed the soft feel of a woman's velvet covered breast, and stomache, but Helena was trying to break his back. He had seen enough wrestling on TV to try and use a bell clapper move on her.He gave a quick slap on her ears, and she let go. All kinds of pain were shooting thru his body right now. From what Cheryl, had done to him earlier, from what Devana and Regina had done to him in the kitchen, from what Kelly had done to him fifteen minutes ago to what Helena was doing right now. He had very little strength left in his body, and Helena was sapping it out of him rapidly. " YOU LITTLE SON OF BITCH---WANT TO FIGHT DIRTY DO YOU" She throw her body at him catching him mid-section in a spear lifting him up and driving him to the mat. All the air went out of him. Helena stood up and smiled down at his now quivering body. " Kelly" she said " I'M going to give a special shot for the camera" She gave one good stomp on his chest, that made him sit upright. She hooked her legs around his neck and fell to the mat. His face was now stuck faceing the velvet of her ass. Helena wiggled and squirmed about, hold a strong and firm grip with her skull crushing thighs around his neck. His hands tryied to pull the tree trunks off his neck, but only encouraged this woman to tighten her python grip around it. By doing this she forced his face to push deeper into the velvet softness of her ass. He fought and fought but it was a losing battle. " Oh great, more pressure" Kelly yelled snapping away for more pictures. " Make him bulge in my panty, PLEASEEEEEE!!!!" he heard her say.
Helena reached her hand over and forced his deepper into her ass. " Feel the POWER, feel part of the world of feminine control over you" she said. He tried to cry out that he gave up, but his pleas were buried in this amazons ass. " He heard Devana's voice " What is you saying POOH ?" Helena tighten her thighs even more. " We can't hear you?" she laughed. He was losing the battle to stay alert, his hands let go of her all power legs. Helena released his face from her ass, but keeped his locked between her thighs. " You were asked a question, whats your answer" He gulpped a big breath of air. " I give up" She forced his head back up her ass. " WHAT?" she said and pulled his head back out. " Uncle" he yelled. Again she tighten her butt on his face. " Wrong gender!!!!" she demanded. She pulled his head back out " AUNTIE---AUNTIE---AUNTIE " he yelled. " OH MUCH BETTER" said Helena, and released him. He laid there a few minutes ready to cry from humilation. He heard a whire, open his eyes. Kelly was taking filming everything now with a video camera. The tears were in his eyes. Helena stepped over and placed her foot on his chest and struck a victory pose over him. " Tell us Helena" He heard Kelly say, " What is it like to defeat a mear male in a battle of the sexes" He could not not hold it any longer a Helena answer the question, he was crying like a little baby.

07-29-2004, 9:10 AM
Kelly bent over and gave his cock a little squeeze, " My panty is still wet, POOH, tell our clients what it is like to be wearing wet, smelly female underwear" He voice had a girlish glee to it. She raised the camcorder up to view his tear filled face. " Tsk, " she said , " stop crying like a little baby, and tell the ladies watch this what it feels like." The harshness in her gilrish tone made him swollow hard he was finally able to answer " HUMILIATING". " How Much" Asked Kelly. " Very, very much" he said in a low voice. " What was that I could not hear you" retorted Kelly, he hesatated, and Helena landed a godd kick to his ribs with her bare foot. Even with no shoes on the blow hurt. It hurt so much, he let out a yelp. " Uh, good puppy sounds, that was grear, do it again" Kelly asked Helena, and the giant woman smashed her foot into his ribs again, this time lifting him off the ground. His yelp was louder, and showed more pain. " NOW ANSWER MY QUESTION !!!" Kelly's voice was begining to show that she enjoyed the power she now had over her boss. " Please Kelly, don't make me answer you. I thought we were good friends" Kelly gave him a sweet almost understanding smile. " Yeah, I guess your right, we are such good friends" She lowered her camera a second, looked at the other woman standing around them, " But I am having such a good time, That you are not just my friend , but my complete and willing slave". She flipped the camcorder to Cheryl, who continued recording what was going on. Kelly bounded over to Peter, abd shoved her whole foot in his mouth, " If you are not going to answer, I guess I wash your mouth out with TOES" Every one, except Peter, roared with laughter. Cheryl would add that to the new MAN TAMER GUIDE she was putting together. Kelly pushed her foot deeper down his throat, causing him to gag and make gurggling sounds. " From now on when I ask you something, you answer me right away." YHis eyes told her he understood. " Now POOH" she said drawing her foot back to his lips, " suck on my toes" He did as she instructed him to. He made sure he gave each toe of her foot the treatment she wanted. His tongue carressed each indivdual toe. He heard the low satisfied moans of KELLY, which helped him know she was quite happy with his tongue. " This film is going to excellent, to sell our new products to those ladies who want to cut thier men down to size" said Cheryl. Kelly took her foot out of Peters mouth and ran it over his tear stained face, " Oh we have so much to do over the next few days, Peter my love, " Her sweet smile back, " And after you sign those papers, you and I can get started on our new life, you know ME MISTRESS, YOU SLAVE!" Her laugh sent a shiver of fear thought out his body.

07-31-2004, 8:35 AM
By now he realized that he was being tamed for use by Kelly, and he felt helpless. " Okay now", said Cheryl, " time to move on. POOH stand up and take off Kelly's panty and you better be quick." He did as the redhead comanded, the pantys were off lieing on the wrestling mat along side him. Helena handed him something. " Here put this on NOW" his head snapped back at the tone of her voice and quickly put on a pair of virgin white leotards, the kind a ballet dancer wears. " Oh, don't he look cuties" laughed Kelly, Helena just nodded with a huge smile on her face. Devena, dressed in her white corest,garter belt, panty and stockings stepped to one side of him. Regina, in the same type of outfit, only in Black, stood on the other side. Cherly handed the camcorder over to Kelly, " Your a lot better at this then I am" she said. " When ever your ready ladies." Kelly said surpressing a giggle. " Devana darted her tongue into Peter's ear, in a slow methodical move. Regina used her tongu to slowly lick his cheek. " It's starting Kelly, get a good shot of it." Cheryl said. Peter knew what she meant, his cock was growing, and he felt the burn of none release searing thru his body. The two woman continued running their tongues, over his face and in and around his ears, they felt his body quivering under them, as they pressed their own warm bodies thight agaisnt his. Devana moved her tongue to his lips, forceing it's way thru them, onto his tongue, holding it down while her own worked it's way to the back of his throat. Regina brought her tongue down on his nipples, gentley twirling them on the tip of her tongue. He felt his bulge grow, but felt restricted in the skintight leotards, in fact his cock was trapped growing rapidly, put being pulled at painfully by the soft, silk like materal. Now both women used their hands on his bulge, and his throbing increased, painfully . again. " WHOO, look at that baby grow," Said Kelly, zooming in on it. " Does it feel uncomfortable POOH?" asked Helena,The huge smile on her face looking very evil. His breath increased.He was almost panting. " Let's do it DE !" said Regina, And both ladies placed their lips on his bulge. He thought he was going to collaspe right in front of them, His eyes rolled back in his head, he needed to release, but were they going to let them. Oh how gentle their lips felt, their tongues pressing on the materal traping his cock, the throb grow, and so did the pain, he was maoning now, " Please, MISTRESSES" he heard himself say " PLEASE" He was begging, and he could hear the laughter of Kelly and Cheryl. " Almost there " Said Cheryl, her face close to the action. Now he was panting like a dog, The two women stopped grab his arms so he would not collaspe. And it exploded, all the effects of the blue balling, rushed out, hot, wet and sticky, and it just keeped on going, The five women were amazed at how much had built up in him, but it was so much fun watching him release the pent up pressure. When it ended he was limp. Helena stepped behind him to hold him now, Devean and Regina moving back to inspect their handy work. Kelly zoomed her camera in. There on the virgin white color was one of the largest cum stains any of them had ever seen. As his head cleared, Peter could see what was going on, he had been embarrassed and humilated in another way, women control his sexual juice flow. " That is sure one big stain, and he has gone soft to boot" Regina said. He had turned red on and off since this had started, but right now, the sexual attack, the long cum, the out show of his cum, and how quick he lost his hardness, the little taunts from Cheryl and Kelly. Being held up by Helena. He felt the tears welding in his eyes, if he only had the stregth to hold them back.

08-01-2004, 3:43 AM
great sutff BBQ this is turning into a great story Cant wait to see how his training is ging to progress Kelly sounds like a real handful, i bet that large ass of hers can do some damage.... Thanks man

08-01-2004, 9:19 AM
Kelly was now taking pictures with his custom made camera with a "super fine" zoom lens, focusing on the cum stained white leotards. He was gaging back his sobs of humilation, and holding back, as best he could his tears. " Whats that I smell" said Helena. " Probably his fear," laughed Cherly, walkijng around him, enjoying what she had started earlier, before the other's arrived. " No, I know that smell, he has it, but I smell something else, something,like, OH, IT'S HIS SWEATY CUM, PHEWWW" Her nose wrinkled. " Devana stepped forward, took a wiff, " She's right, he smells like a rain soaked dog, UGH" and she too made a face of disgust. Cheryl now stood in front of him, a sly smile on her face. " Guess he needs to be cleaned up before we go any further in his...." she glanced over at Kelly who was all smiles and a look on her face like a little girl at Christmas time, " TAMING,Ah, POOH". Her fingers were very gentle on his cheek, and he gave a slight shiver, This going back and forth from gentle femal, to deadly fem had just about broken him, and he knew their was not much left in his tank to resist. " Any one want to voulenter to clean him up" She said. His eyes went from lady to lady,strain when he tried to see Helena behind him. " I will !! " It was Regina. " I want to take more of a...part in this" and she began to strip, seductivly in front of him. Slow and delibarate she removed her corset first, leting her breast slide out of the materal, stepping close to his face for him to get a good look. Helana was still holding him in a full nelson and forced his head down to look at her well form and oh so tanned mounds. " I always saw the way you looked at them," she purred " when you and I were together in my office. Now you can get them real close to you". She next unhooked her garter belt, flung her black pumps off, and slowly, oh so very slowly, began getting out of her black satin panty. It hurt, it felt sticky and extermly wet, but his hard on was back, no all the way, but it was back. Kelly was still taking pictures, but now cheryl had picked up the camcorder and had joined in. Both women zoom in on then his pained and humilated face. When her panty was off, Regina stuffed in Peter's mouth, " A little taste of me you never had" and give him a gentle kiss on the cheek. The panty was warm and tasted very much like a woman,right down to the scent. She slide the garter belt off as slow as she could, laying it around his neck. Finally she took of the shear black stockings ala MRS. ROBINSON in " THE GRADUATE" sitting down, her every movement so seducetive, so sexy, so feminine. When they were off, she ran them up and down his cheeks, " Do they feel good, POOH" her voice so sexally husky. Cheryl point to a door in the far corner of the room and Helena forced him to walk in that direction. He could barely move, his balls hurt so bad. Inside the glass door was a shower stall, with barely enough room for one person. " Helena, let him go" said Devana. When she release him Deavna order hin to place his hands in front of him. When he did she slapped a pair of handcuffs on him. Cheryl step into the stall, droped a hook from the ceiling and Devana attached Peter's cuffs to the hook. He was hung up with his toes just about touching the shower floor. Rgeina turned the water on, first cold then hot, and adjusted it to a temperture she liked. Before she slide the glass door shut, He heard Kelly asking Cheryl to take some camcorder shoots thru the space between the shower door and ceiling as Kelly giggled " I am to short", Cheryl got a step stool and began recording an item she had on her list as "NEW TREATMENT". The warm water felt good against his sexually torment body, the tense these women had placed on it was melting under the cleanizing strength of it. He breathed a sigh of relief. It was a tight fit in the stall, but there was some room for movement. Regina began to soap herself up, using a very soft washcloth, she was running it all over her body,letting it touch every sensual part of her body, moaning in his face as she did it. Dispite water running down his body and his acheing manhood, watching this magnificant form of a woman, washing herself, stimulating her sexual organs,her face showing sexual glee, he started to get a hard on. He could not get those images of her sitting across the table when he was in her office, images of her in silk or satin blouse, open to just above her navel, pulled tight around her breast, the way her skirts pulled at her ass, and how her long legs moved in those skirts. his hard was more solid now then when she and Devana, had played with just a few minutes ago. She suddenly let a long low moan and quivered all over. She had receached climax, right in front of him. He was amazed at how excited he got from watching active orgaism. " Oh poor POOH...." she said " Here i clean myself and forgot about you". She soaped up her breast, stomache area and thights and pressed her self up agaisnt him. " I am your human washcloth, POOH" she rub her self all over him, turn him from side to side, letting him feel the heat from her body all over. " Oh, I thought POOH, had gotten rid of that nasty little thing before" She said taking his hard on in her soapy hand. Now he began to quiver under her velvet like touch,he never knew soap could give such an exciting feel. " Your not going to let that nasty, grow any more Are you?" Her voice was deep and sultry, another thing that was exciting. " Oh, that panty hose must be soaked, here let me take it out" She took the soaked materal from his mouth, and gave him a long, slow smoldering soft kiss. He was rock hard solid now and the blue ball pain was back full force. She let the water cascade off both them, till all the soap had been washed off her, or onto him. She lifted the washcloth up, and began soaping it again, " I know a fast way to...releave you of that nasty..." Her laugh was pure evil, fear was back hitting the pit of his stomache. She jammed the soaped up washcloth into his mouth. The harsh taste of the soap quickly ran down his throat. " Poor, poor POOH" she said as she slid the shower door open, stepped out and TURNED OFF THE HOT WATER ! " I heard all men need a clod shower now and then " She laughed, and closed the shower door. He twisted and turned trying to protect himself from the now painful flow of water. He tried to beg thru the wash cloth for them to let him out, but all he heard was laughter from outside. After a while his hard on faded, his skin hurt from the water flow, and his humilation had grown to the breaking point, he finally sagged, the cuffs straining at his arms. He didn't hold back, now, he was crying and only the sound of the shower drowned it out, except for Cheryl, who was still filming from her stool. " We almost have him" she said to Kelly.

08-04-2004, 10:18 AM
A hand reached in and shut off the shower. His low sobs could now be heard. Helena stepped into the shower stall and unhooked him. As she led him out Kelly placed a large beach towel over his shoulders. Helena then led him to a massage bench, took the towel off his shoulders, laid it on the bench, then forced Peter to lay down on it on his back. Next she used rope to secure his hands over his head and attached it to the legs of the bench. She did the same with his feet, making sure he was well stretched out and tightly tied down. He lay on the bench, shivering from his forced cold shower. Though they had not used any really painful tortures on him, his body stilled ached all over. He looked around the room, only he, Helena and Kelly were there, the others having left to perpare only God knows what for him. Helena hovered over his face. " You have been real good, POOH" She kinded of snarled " I had a lot of fun with you, and I am looking forward to some more" She leaned down gave him a HARD kiss, force her tongue deep into his mouth. He tried to pull his head away, but she had too tight a grip on his face. She pulled her tongue out of his mouth and ran it down his cheeks and across his throat. " I love the taste of fear in a man, espceially when he is totally defeated" Her laugh was strong and fearful, this woamn truly enjoyed, not onlydestroying a man, but breaking him to pieces. " Now Kelly has to do something...SPECIAL to you" She stopped laughing but the smile was to be feared, it showed as being a far superior being to any man. Kelly stepped forward " Well having you so clean right now, we have to make sure you don't stink." He looked at her with a question mark on his face. " She's going to shave ALL YOUR BODY HAIR OFF...." His face showed panic, he wanted to say something, but Helena's hand suddenly covered his mouth " Don't make me hurt you POOH, you wouldn't like that would you" He shook his head no. " Kelly had a straight razor in one hand and shaving cream in the other. " Okay, Helena where should I start." Helena gave him the once over " Start on the LEGS." was her answer. " Kelly covered both his legs in the foam from the can and began shaving his legs. The razor was sharp, he wanted to catiuon Kelly, but Helena hand pressed down harder on his mouth. He felt every stroke of the blade on his skin. He feared for cuts, it felt that sharp, but Kelly continued, having no problem cutting the hairs off his legs. " this is too easy " she said to Helena. " Just wait" Helena smiled at her, " Just wait". When she was down, Kelly where next, and Helena told her to do his chest. Again the sharp straight razor blade glided over his skin, taking off his chest hairs and not leaving a nick. " Now the under ARMS" The look of controled evil was on Helena's face. Kelly strated right in shaveing his pits. By now the razor was beinging to lose it s sharpness, and pulled the hairs in his armpits. His cries were muffled by the huge female hand on his mouth. " Whats the matter POOH, a little tug on your pit hairs hurt, the big strong hombre" Helena Taunted. Kellys stroke were quick at first but one "TSK" from Helena and she slowed, " Make him know that you intend to make him a hairless wonder" she giggled. His under arms not only stung from the removeal of hairs, but burned. He wanted Kelly to stop but knew she would not. When she was done, she smiled at the woman who was better then a foot taller then her. " OH, I see," giggled Kelly, " You had me save the best for last !! " He felt the warmth of Kelly's hand as she administored the shaving cream on his pubic hairs. Fear creeped thru him " What if she slips" kept running thru his mind. " Do you want to hear his pleas" Helana asked. With a huge grin, Kelly shook her head yes. Helena removed her hand. " Kelly, please I beg you, DON'T" He cried, " What if something goes wrong ? Please I am asking you as a friend don't do it !!!" Kelly's usally cheerful face turned dark. " " AS A FRIEND !!! AS A FRIEND !!! Is that what you said you piece of masculian bullshit" He had never heard that tone come from her. " I wanted you to notice me for years, I dressed so you would notice. Was I too fat for you. Other men never thought I was to fat. But you, you treated me like a little sister'," Her eyes were dark and had a purpose" You would take other woman to dinner and your place... Me it was a BURGER KING and then a peck on the cheek and ' Good night Kel'... Well things are going to be differnt now. thanks to Helena and the others, I am independent and you...well you will find out" Her first stroke was fast, almost slice him. " From now on I am going to be the leader in our relationship.." her second stroke was even quicker, He was afraid her anger was boiling over and she would BOBBIT him "...You will be my slave..my lover.." again the stroke was hard, he thought he felt blood " it was just water from the blade " Maybe I should have dried shaved him all over, Uh Helena" Helena just smiled enjoying watching Peter squirm under Kelly's razor strokes. " I wanted to learn from you become your partner, but all you could think of me was as a little sister, not to your taste" Her hand was warm as she finshed the painful strokes which did not cut off the pubic hairs but more or less tore them off. He burned and ached all over now, Kelly finishing her shaving and laughing at his new appearance. " He looks ridulice with no body hair" Said Kelly, not holding back on her laughter, a laughter that only added to his humilation. " I have one more thing to do and we are finished" She seemed to be returning to her s=cheerful self. She lifted a bottle " This is a new fagrance, Cheryl had made just for her boutiques ' Ode D'Domma' and it smells great" and she sprayed the PERFUME all over his body. Heelna shoved the washcolth back into his mouth. TOTAL PANIC set in. Kelly had one plan for him now and he knew what it was FEMINIZATION......

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08-11-2004, 9:15 AM
Peter lay on the table, the taste of the soap from the washcloth gag dripping distastefully down his throat. He closed his eyes hopeing to wake up and find out he was dreaming. But all the aches and pains seeping thru his body, told him this was no dream, but a live nightmare. He heard a noise and open his eyes to see Cheryl coming back into the room pushing a clothes rack, fulled with FEMALE CLOTHING. He tried to pull out of the restraints but knew he had been fasten tightly by Helena, who he figured was a master at bondage. Cheryl was wearing a plush maroon colored robe that came down to her knees, on her feet she wore a pair of mules with a feather strap over her ankles. She pulled the rack to within a foot of him, stopped smiled down at him, and walked over to Helena ( she purposely swayed her hips back and forth to let him know how feminine she really was. She wisphered something in Helena's ear. The amazon smiled and nodded and left the room. Cheryl turned back toward him and ( swaying her hips in that sexy manuver) came over to him. She ran her hand over his now hairless body, letting the soft plush robe materal touch his nipples. He tried to again fight his manly urge, but it was no use, he became hard almost instantly from both her touch and the soft feminine robe. " Nice shaveing job, Kelly..." Cheryl said turning toward Peter's former assistant. "... everything is so smooth, so wonderfully smooth. We won't have any trouble get the finest and shearest clothing on him, NOW !!" She signaled Kelly over to her " Tell me my dear Kelly, is there anything you can think of to show our little POOH, before we... Make him over!!" Kelly gave a shy smile, like a little girl asked out on a first date, and nodded yes, with a little girlish giggle. " GOOD, I THINK OUR POOH NEEDS SOME...INSPARATION FOR THE NEXT SET OF TREATMENTS" Cheryl gave a low throaty laugh as she turned back toward Peter. She rested both elbows on his chest ( she made sure she pressed them hard into his strenium to cause discomfort), cupped her long slender fingers under his chin and lifted his face up toward her, and brought her face inches from him. He could not see Kelly, but could hear the rustle of her dress. " POOH, What is that look in your eyes? It is fear or is it saddness over what we have planned for you." Cheryls voice was so sultry sounding, so much so that dispite her digging her elbows into his chest, he was still getting excited. " All we are doing is testing out new methods of TAMING and at the same time getting you ready for your new MISTRESS--" Cheryl leaned directly into his ear " MISTRESS KELLY...." She gave a small giggle "... and then have you, how shall I put it...JOIN OUR TEAM !!!". She stuck her tongue into his ear and moved it around ever so slowly. He trembled with sexual excitement, and Cheryl loved it. Helena must of come back into the room, because he heard a loud GASP, and her voice saying " OH YES, MY DEAR..." Cherly looked up, with a sly smile on her face, and nodded toward Helena. The giant lady came over and locked her stong fingers around Peter's head. " Show time " said Cheryl opening her robe. Peter swollowed hard, she was totally nude under the robe. His eyes wondered down to her pubic area. Her red pubic hair had been shaven in a landing strip around her female area. He blinked and his eyes caught a glimpse of Kelly, She was standing without a shred of clothing, no shoes, no stockings, no nothing. He fixed his eyes on the same pubic area. She had shaven all her hair off... His eyes kept going back and forth on the two women... Cheryls breast were tan and firm with the nipples small and pointed up, the robe hid her ass, but he could imagian what it looked, from watching the way she walked. Kelly's breast were large, then then Cheryl's or Helena's, but were not saggy or over sized, they seemed to fit her slighty pudgy frame. She turned a little, almost on que so he could see a large, firm ass, that to his surprise had no dimples in it, but was smooth and seemed extra soft. Helena turned his head ( He heard his neck crack, she turned it so hard) so he could get a better look at the two females. Kelly stepped forward and place her lips on one of Cheryl's nipples and began to suck on it,while placeing one of her hands on Cherly's pussy and began to masage it...Cheryl let out a low, sexy moan, and place both her hands on Kellys ass and began rubbing, soon Peter could hear both woman groaning with the beginning of pleasure. His eyes widened as the two of them embraced each other, heads and hands moving in rythum with each other. Kelly lifted her head, and Cheryl brought her mouth to her. " Watch close" wisphered Helena, as Kelly and Cheryl's tongues met. He stared in disbielf as they took turns let the others tongue go down their throats, slow, and oh so sexually. He could feel his hard on grow to full power, but laid theur helpless to release it's pent up energy. But still, both womans tongues were engaged in exciting each other, he could see the sex sweat forming on each of them, and he now could hear Helena's increased breathing as she too, looked on in extreme excitement, her fingers crushing his jawbone now. Dispite the pain her fingers were causing he gaze was fixed on the woman he had been dating and the woman who had worked for him. Kelly removed her tongue first, and used all over Cheryl's upper body, making her head move back and forth and side to side with gleeful sounds exiting her mouth. Peter soon lost sight of Kellys head as she begin working her way down Cheryl's body, the sound of joy slow coming from Cheryl now. " LOOK what your going to miss out on..." Helena's voice was in short pants now her excitment growing with every one elses. By now Kelly was on her knees, and Cheryl had wrapped the robe around her head and was pushing it into her cunt as hard as she could, Her noise wer loud now, none stop sounds of pleasure. " DO IT KELLY...DO IT MY SWEET...OH FINISH MY LOVEEEEEEE..........." Pter was mesmerized by the throws of passion Cheryl was in, her body quivering from the touch of the smaller womans tongue. He didn't know how long it lasted, but after a while he saw Cherlys head drop and a long happy sigh filled the room " OH, KELLY...What a shame..." Cheryl was panting "...That you wasted so much time on that sack of manure on the table over there." Peter at first felt fury, then humilation, he was in no position to get even. " Now it your turn" Cheryl said to Kelly. And she led over to a chair and sat her down. Cheryl began to run her fingers over Kelly's body. Kelly who was already in an over excited state, began moaning and groaning with the first touch. Cheryl was doing everything in a gentle manner to the young girl seated in front of her. She intended to build Kelly's excitment slowly, while makeing Peter suffer more. Helena, released both hands from his jaw, and placed her left hand on the crown of Peter's head, with such strength that he still coulsd not move it. Her body movement and a very low moan, let him know where her right hand had gone, she was going to let her self enjoy the scene while he was to be denied. Cherly was now letting HER tongue work its way down Kelly's body, as Kelly's tongue had done to her. He could see Kelly's face growing brighter with pleasure as Cheryl "worked her way south". Soon he could Cheryl's head resting on the clean shaven female area, Kelly's hands resting easly on the back of Cheryl's head. He knew where Cheryl's tongue was, He could tell by the sex sweat growing on Kelly's forehead " CHERYL...CHERYL... SHOW POOH WHAT HE HAS MISSED FOR THESE PASTTT.........AHHHHHHHH......" Now it was Kellys turn to tremble with the excitement and joy of sexual release. Behind him Peter could now hear Helena's groan, she was almost to climax also, her body swaying with her finger induced excitement. First Kelly let out her joy scream of satisfaction, before she went limp in the chair. Soon Helena let out a large but controled moan of joy as she finished her own ride to a climax, and drooped head first over Peter. Helena's hand still gripped his head, and now her added weight just added another pain to his body. It was all quite for a few minutes, all Peter could hear was the heavy sexually relaxed breathing of his three tormentors. Helena regained herself first and stood up " NEXT TIME I DEMAND TO JOIN IN..." Kelly seemed afraid at this "request" from this giant of a woman, but Cheryl gave a sweet smile and said " Of course my dear, Next time..." she helped Kelly to her feet " We are going to get cleaned up a little, can you...ENTERTAIN, OUR LITTLE POOH, for a while." Helena nodded, but had a look of disstain on her face
from not joining in to make it a threesome. After the other left, Helena stared down on Peter. " I need my finger cleaned, open up" she said removing the washcloth from his mouth. He wanted to say something, plead with her, beg her to please stop, but her cum stained finger was in his mouth before he could get anything out. " NOW SUCK IT AND MAKE SURE IT'S CLEAN.... AND NO FACES.." It asted horrible, and her fingernails were scrapping the roof of his mouth, but he did what she commanded and sucked on her middle finger for what seemed hours...!!!

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great bbq just great Cant wait for Kelly's return - her large ass sounds heavenly Thanks

08-11-2004, 5:20 PM
Great story so far bbq! Can't wait till the next part! Thanks =)

08-14-2004, 10:09 AM
" Get him on his feet" Peter heard Cheryl, tell Helena. Helena gave one final shove of her cum stained finger down his throat forcing him to almost vomit form the force of the jab. Her smile was so satisfied at what she down, that he was afraid she would leave her finger there. " NOW HELENA" Cheryl's voice was firm and he thought he felt Helena trumble. " Sorry got carried away a little", She claimed. She untied him and led him to a chair nexrt to a makeup table and sat him down, and left the room, as though she was angry at Cheryl for ordering her around. " Now then.." Cheryl said after a deep sigh, " What do you want him to look like?" she said to Kelly. Peter slow glanced at the two woman in fornt of him, both were wearing the type of smocks that hairdressers and makeup artist wear. Except they had nothing on underneath, no underwear, no stockings, just six inch black pumps. " Oh maybe a ..... LIVING DOLL" said Kelly, giggling. Cheryl giggled too, making him think of two high school gilrs looking at a picture of a nude man for the first time. Cheryl step behind him and place a nylon DOO rag over his hair. Then she pick-up a white powderey subtanct and applied it to his face. Kelly stood behind her saying things like, " Allittle more over here" or " Just below his mouth". Each time Cheryl would lean over the table, making sure he saw, when she bent over, that her naked ass was in full view. Kelly also bent over, and for the first time, he realised hhat a nice ass this plump young woman had--why he ignored a woman with such a large but greatly firm ass was a mystrey to him. Maybe he did think of her as his little sister. But now he would have to think of her as his MISTERESS . After she was done with the white makeup, Cheryl turned to Kelly, " What shade of lipstick.." Peter looked at Kelly, panic in his eyes. " A deep rose color, I think..." mocking indesecion. " Perfect" laughed Cheryl, and began to apply the lipstick. When she was done she asked Kelly about eyeshadow and shade and such, apply Kelly's reqiuest each time. After they were done with his face Cheryl asked Kelly what wig she wished to use on him. " Kelly was laughing hard as she handed Cheryl a SHIRLEY TEMPLE WIG, complete with long girlish blond curls. Cheryl put it on his head, with both woman laughing out of control, " I think he might need a little more ROGUE on his cheeks" said kelly. " Cheryl nodded and put more of the reddish color on his cheeks. " JUST RIGHT" Kelly finally said. The two women order him to stand up. They gave him a pure white panty and panty hose to put on. He did what they told, sollowing back a large sob of fear and humilation. Next they put a training bra on him that he thought was going to cut him in two, it was so thight. The two women were clearly have a good time as next they made him put on not one but THREE PETTICOATS. The humilation factor was increaseing in his physicie, he no longer felt like a man, but an... OBJECT OF FEMALE PLEASURE. " You do the fingernails and I will do the toenails" Cheryl said, as the two women added a clear polish to his ten nails. They inspected what thwy had done to him and nodded toeach other. Cheryl took a dress off the rack, it looked like it was made for a very big ten year old, virgin white, with red hearts and a large flaired skirt, they forced him to put it on--his face red under the white makeup. " The saddle shoes I think " said Cheryl, putting a very tight pair of shoes on his feet. " Perfect he looks just like her" said Kelly. Peter's eyes drifted down to a porclien doll sitting on the makeup table, he was afraid now to bring his eyes up to the mirror over the table, but slowly he did, and he almost cried---THEY HAD MADE HIM UP TO LOOK LIKE THAT LITTLE GIRLISH PORCLIEN DOLL--- " Oh he is so cute looking.." Kelly giggled " I could just eat him up" Cheryl laugh " Let him DO THE EATING". How much more humilation could these women heep on him, he was afraid he might find out .....!!!

08-18-2004, 7:50 AM
Helena re-entered the room, she was now dressed in leather outfit, with zippers all over it. Her long leather boots laced up to her knees. Her face broke into a wick grin at the sight of Peter dressed like a little doll. " Looks kind of cute doesn't he" she said. Cheryl and Kelly were still laughing and could only nod. " HHHH..." Cheryl was having trouble getting the words out " He's ready for Devana and Regina" she finally said " We'll go get ready and be right in" . Helena step up to him, the wick grin growing, and placed a blue velvet collar, with a small cameo, around his neck, " Something to go with..." she ran her finger down his cheek " you new outfit". The she lifted the cameo slightly up and a small hook fell out. Helena then attached a dog leash to the hook, gave a hard tug ( almost sending him to the floor) and lead him out of the room and into Cheryl's den. Regina was sitting behind a desk, she had changed her clothes back to a business attire, a black pinstriped jacket and matching skirt, shear, flesh colored hose black pumps with three inch heels and a silk blouse, open down to her breast. She had put back on her horn-rimmed glass and her hair was back in a bun. She still looked stunning. Along side her Devanna sat, still in her white corset and matching stockings and panty, with her chinchilla coat draped around her shoulders, a true vision of VENUS before him. " Peter, before you sign these papers I need to ask you a few question". Regina spoke up , "and I need straight answer or eles you will be punished, UNDERSTAND" he voice was matter-of-factly. " I SAID DO YOU UNDERSTAND!!!!" A hard tug on the leash by Helena, and he said "YES". Regina nodded and stood up picking up some papers off the desk. " His eyes shifted back and forth from Regina to Devanna, who hwad a strange sort of smile on her face. Then he saw Devana's hand. In it she was holding a wooden spoon, twirling it in her fingers. Regina saw where Peter's eyes were focused, " Assume the position for ythe questions" she said in a sultry voice. Helena gave another tug on the leash and lead him to Devana. Devanna took the leash from Helena and forced him to lay across her thighs. They were so silky and smooth and soft and warm, a position which would have most men envious of him, except he was over her knee for another reason, TO BE PUNISHED FOR A WRONG ANSWER ? WHAT KIND OF QUESTION WAS REGINA GOING TO ASK?? " Now then...." Regina positioned herself just a stride from his head "...POOH..." He heard a chuckle coming from Devanna " ... What is you ATM PIN NUMBER" He lifted his head " WHAT????" Devana's hand was swift and the spoon smacked his panty clad ass, WHACK!!! " OW" he screamed, and again Devana's hand brought the spoon down on him, " NO SCREAMING, OR ELSE..." Devana said bring thew spoon down hard a thrid time. He let out a low sob, and Devana again smacked his ass, " I want a verbal answer" and hit him again. " Yes I understand.." She brought the spoon down as hard as she could, WHOOSH--SMACK " HOW DO YOU ADDRESS ME AND THE OTHERS!!!!" her voice cold and hard. He answered weakly, fighting back the pain and humilation " YES, MISTRESS DEVANA, I UNDERSTAND !!!" Devana ran her hand along the area of the panty she had been striking. " That's better.." She slid the panty and pantyhose down to his knees "... don't want to ruin your 'LITTLE GIRLY DRAWS' do we" He was trembleing on her legs and she was enjoying every second of it. She reached her free hand under him and stroked his cock slowly, causeing him to get a soft hard-on. She next slid his cock between her thighs, they were so creamy feeling with the whate nylon stockings and soft fleshy thighs pressing against his manhood " Now answer the question" Devana cooed rather sweetly and he gave Regina his ATM pin number. " Are there any more we should know about?" Regina asked. He was slow in answering her and Devana hit him five times, hard. The pain would have normally caused him to go soft, but the sweet feel of her wonderful thighs, keeped his cock fairly hard, in fact it was a painful hard on since it was a mix of pleasure and pain---and he HATED PAIN. " YES. YES, " he sobbed and gave her two more Pin numbers. " Now what is the combination to your safe at home?" He looked up at Regina, and realized too late it was a mistake. He didn't know how many blows Devana landed but it was more then twenty. " WHEN -YOU- ARE- ASKED- A -QUESTION-, ANSWER -IT --RIGHT AWAY-OTHERWISE-I-WILL-SMACK-THE-FLESH-OFF-YOUR-ASS !!!" Devana said harshly, making it seem each blow was harder then the previous one. With a loud sob, Peter gave Regina the combination to the safe in his house. " Now give me your security number for your on-line stock tradeing" Regina continued. He gave her the information she wanted, this time Devana rewarded him, sort of, by thighting her thighs around his cock and gentleing squeezeing it between thoses firm muscles, his breath quicken with this motion. " Good, good " said Regina, " Finally, I want you to tell me of any bank accounts that I don't have listen for you on the coropartion papers" He tried to think as fast as he could, but it was too late-- Devena's blows were fast and hard and he was losing count as to how many were landing on his now reddened ass, " TELL HER. TELL HER" Devana yelled out with each blow. Peter was getting them as fast as he could, but not fast enough for a crazed Devana. " That all of them, I SWEAR, I SWEAR" He finally cried out. Devana stopped and grined up at Regina, " Do you believe him?" she asked. Regina grinned back at her and nodded " Yea, I am quite sure about that." Devana ran the spoon over his red ass, very slowly, " Oh I hoped he had a few more, I like hearing his sobbing, just like the little girl he is dressed-up as." She now ran her free hand over his ass, " Such a beautiful unmarked thing, it wouldbe a shame to have to scar it with say a corp or whip, that is if you lied to us or deceived us about anything" Regina lift his sobbing face to hers " I am going to check around and, as Devana has said if you lied or...", with tears in his eyes he found a way to speak " I also have money in off shore accounts in..." Peter gave the informtion to Regina, feeling the hand and spoon of Devana just giveing his ass a touch while her thighs squeezed his cock, fear and pleasure, fear and pleasure, that was what they were using on him, as well as humilation. He wondered if it would ever end.....

08-27-2004, 10:45 AM
He was stiill laying across Devana's lap, sobbing softly, his ass burning, his cock throbing hard between the wonderful feeling silky softness of her thighs. Devana thgithen her thighs every so often forceing his erection to grow harder, just when he thought he was ready to releaize, she came smashing down with the spoon with all her might, and his hard-on soften at the pain. Regina finally came back in. " All set" she said smiling, " Everything he owns is now ours" She looked down into his eyes, " Welcome to our world, POOH" Regina looked at Devana, "All we need now is for him to sign the deed and contracts" Peter could hear Kelly, standing near by, breathing hard " And we are done". Devana took the end of the leash and shoved him on the floor. He landed with a loud THUD, hurting his shoulder. As he landed Devana gave a hard tug on the leash almost snapping his neck, His head was swimming. Pain, humilation, degration welding up within him. Devana tugged on the leash again, " On your Knees" she commanded. He had trouble getting up, but one swift kick in his side from the boot of Helena ( She had changed to a needle pointed cowgirl boot with a silver tip) and he was able to stuggle to his knees. " Sign it POOH dear" It was Kelly talking, she had changed to a blue velvet strapless gown ( She looked like she was going to a PROM instead of tormenting him), that hugged her tight. It hi-lited her breast and ass, making them look like so desirable that he wanted to hug her right there, but knew if he tried she andf the others would find a suitable punishment, so he just stared at her. "Sign it POOH, or I will personally hurt you" Kelly voice was firm and hard, and he now feared what this woman was capable of doing to him. He picked up the pen on the table and signed all the documents Regina put in front of him. " Thats better My LITTLE POOH" laughed Kelly. Regina picked up the papers " I'll go file these and we will be able to move into his..." She looked down on himshook her head and gave a little laugh"...Our house tommorrow. Cheryl, already left to get the ...equipment ready to bring in" Devana nodded. Regina turned and left, he heard the dorr slam as she did. " You look so cute dressed as a cupie doll... Kelly you did a real good job on him" said Devana. Kelly blushed and for a moment looked like that little girl who used to work for Peter. Devana stood up and whispered into Helena's ear, Helena nodded and left the room. Devana now stood over Peter, her white corrsett out fit looking ever so sexy on her, ecspecailly with the Chinchilla coat drapped over her shoulders. " You are now the proud property of one KELLY LANGSTON, know to you from now on as MISTRESS KELLY.... " Devena again smiled at Kelly " ...And if you do not obey her or disrespect her her in any way..." Her face turned hard " ...We will deal with you in the harshist of ways...DO YOU UNDERSTAND..." Peter just nodded, his stomache now in a knot... the young lady he had trained to be a photo-journalist... the young woma who was to follow in his fot steps... The girl he thought of as his little sister was now his MASTER!!!!. Kelly walked to stand next to Devana." Thank my MISTRESS..." she said to her and then looked at him "When we move into your.." she laughed at what she just said "...Into OUR new headquaters, you will only live to serve me and my friends. You no longer have a choice in your life. All that was yours is now ours. All your awards belong to us. As I document how we tame the male, you will be there only to worship what we do..." She cupped her hand under his chin and lifted his face up toward her's "...And you are now MY ASSISTANT..." He swollowed hard but was able to say "YES, MISTRESS..." Kelly looked over at Kelly, " PERFECT" she said. Helena reentered the room carrying a large box and laid it on the table. " This is for our newist MISTRESS" Devana said. Kelly opened the box, IT WAS A FULL LENGTH WHITE SABLE FUR COAT! " All my STAFF have furs" Devana said " It's to remind the male how feminie we are." Kelly tried the coat on, A perfect fit. She stood there rubbing the collar of the coat against her cheek " OHHHHH, Thank you MISTRESS DEVANA, MISTRESS HELENA..." Devana nodded toward Helena " Get the car ready" and Helena left. " I want our offical photgrapher to look pretty" She said. Kelly gave her a slow long kiss on the lips, and Peter could see tongue movement between the two. Devena reached under the coat and massaged Kelly's huge breast, while Kelly's hands settled on Devana's white panty. He knew Kelly would punish him, but he could not help get a hard on at this fantastic sight. " You are a delious little girl" Devana said when they parted lips. " Do you want to ..." Kelly's eyes gave her the answer " Good, we can do it in front of him, let MR POOH, know what he is missing" Her laugh sounded mean " I'll be over on Tuesday...Oh what type..." Kelly answered before Devana could finish her sentence " King size four poster brass bed, with a feather matteress" Devana smiled " Good. POOH can be hooked up at the foot and...shall I say..enjoy the show...Till tuesday, mon ami" and Devana left. Kelly now turned toward Peter " We have a lot..or I should say you have a lot of work to do before tuesday" Kelly's smile, thought still a little girlish now had a cruel tinge to it. " You need to set up a photo lab for me and make sure everything is clean for Devana's visit. As well as keeping me satisfied" A look came over her face--- she took hold of his ear open her new fur coat and shoved her face into her armpit " I want you to lick the sweat off so it won't stain my new coat" She pressed his face into her pit, the sweat smelled and tasted salty and damp, but the feeling satin lined fur on the back of his neck and her soft velvet covered breast on his chin, was thrilling. He did as he was told and licked the sweat off first her left then right armpit....As he did this Kelly began planning what she wanted to do to him for failing to notice that she was a woman and not just his "FLUNKY"... But first she was going to enjoy this new humilation she was heeping on him.....


08-27-2004, 11:18 AM
the end?? as in the......end??!! forever? finito?? surely not?? please, say it isn't so.......
Wonderful as ever bbq (loved the touch at the end, of the arm pit licking wicked and sooo humiliating)
Look forward to whatever u may do next
Thanking you for Your continuous and always excellent written work Thanks mate

08-27-2004, 12:04 PM
Well BENTLEY, I am thinking of doing a series of stories on Devana and the rest ( I think I would call the T.A.M.I. series, standing for "TAMING A MAN INC.") Hows that sound ?

08-27-2004, 7:30 PM
I'll fully support your efforts. All of your stories are fantstic and anything you produce would be wonderful.


08-28-2004, 3:56 AM
sounds like a masterplan bbq I'd like to read more of Kelly, i bet she can be a real bitch despite looking so sweet Thanks

08-28-2004, 9:44 AM
Originally posted by Bently
oh BBQ u truly are a master with the english language fantastic as ever and i cant wait to "see" yhe body-guard Please be quick tho, the edge of my seat can take this amount of continued strain!! Thank you for a great piece of writing yet again

BENTLY, some times the innocent looking ones are the most dangerous as you have no idea what is really in thier minds :confused: !!!

04-01-2005, 8:23 AM
Will be gone for awhile so I thought I bring a few of my old stories forward so you would remember me till I get back !! Be back with a new story soon !!