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03-15-2005, 7:16 AM
hi my dear friends, does anybody know where i can find some cuckold humiliation stories, thank you very much in advance

03-15-2005, 7:38 AM
Try yahoo/groups, plenty of different groups there dealing in cuckold and the like.

03-15-2005, 7:43 AM
thank you very much Miss Clinton

lil petey
03-17-2005, 2:44 PM
Humiliating lil petey Part 1
It started a few months ago.

On arriving home from work one Friday evening, I saw my wife of 12 years Kat coming down
the stairs in a new short black dress, her long brown hair framing her beautiful face. The dress
showed off a nice amount of cleavage, flat stomach and her long shapely legs. Her figure was in
peak condition at 35, the same age as me.

"Are we going out Honey?" I asked.

"We are not, but I am Petey," she replied. "Come and sit down for a moment, I need to talk to you."

"What is it Honey?" I asked her, as we sat. She crossed her long lovely legs
in front of me and began swinging her high heel clad foot slowly and studying my face.
She finally spoke, “You adore me don’t you darling?” Of course I do, you know I do.”
You especially like to worship my legs, ass, pussy, and high heels right? You love to have
Me dig my heels deep into your flesh while telling you about my imaginary lovers.

“Yes dear, I like all of that very much”.

Then strip down naked and crawl over here and lie at my feet while I talk to you. She was very adept at dominating me and controlling me.

I happily and hurriedly complied. When I was prone at her lovely feet and legs, she slowly and deliberately placed her left heel into my nipple and her right heel into my balls. She very sensuously began to grind these points of death into my nipples and balls until I started squirming from the pain.

“Are you happy now honey, does it feel good”? Actually it was hurting like hell and she knew it.

“Y-y-yesssss dear”. She was bent over at the waist now looking down at me and smiling. She began to twist and grind her heels into my nipple and nut sack harder as her smile waned.

Her face was now smile less. Her eyes piercing into mine. “Take it for me, take the pain you fucking wimp! You discussed me. I want you to know your place before I tell you what you should know.” Now I was getting scared and tore up physically.

"I have been fucking Tim," she said simply.

"I don't believe it!" I exclaimed. "Tom Williams?" She smiled and slammed her heels four inched deep into my tender flesh.

“Feel the pain, take it for me you little fucking boy wimp”.

I should explain here that I hold a senior post in a well-respected Law Firm
in town, and Tom is one of my Legal Assistants. He is 22 years old and black.

"I just can't believe you would sleep with anyone else," I stammered. "But
him? He is arrogant and aggressive."

"You forgot dominant alpha male," she informed me. "He is also tall, muscular and very good looking."

"OK," I conceded. "But what can he offer you that I can't?"

"A fat 10" cock for a start," she replied somewhat cruelly. "Look Petey, I know you won't want to
hear this, but I love being with him. Also the sex is absolutely fantastic, no-one has ever made me
feel the way he does."

"When did it start?" I enquired.

"Just after the company get-together a month ago," she told me, and I immediately remembered
they had been pretty friendly at the function. "We have gotten very close since then, and I think I
will have to leave."

"NO!" I shouted quickly and desperately. "You mean everything to me Kat, I couldn't bear to live without you."

"I thought you would say that," she responded. "But there could be a problem
to that. Tom thinks you are a pathetic wimp, and that you deserve to be humiliated. I am not
sure you could agree to his conditions for my staying with you."

"I think I could agree to just about anything to keep you," I told her, my
mouth dry and all the color drained from my cheeks.

"Well I am having dinner with Tom tonight," she said. "We will come back afterwards, and he
can talk to you."

She left shortly after, and I spent what seemed like a very long evening in
trepidation and dread. At about 11 I heard the front door open, and shortly after Kat appeared,
closely followed by Tom.

"So," he began when he saw me. "You now know that I am fucking your wife, you useless little
wimp!" I glanced at my wife, who had a strange smug look on her face. She seemed to be
changing before my eyes.

"Fix a nightcap for me and your lovely wife," he ordered. "Then we will all sit down and I will
tell you how it is. You had better pour yourself a very large one." I poured the drinks and we sat,
them on the sofa and me on the armchair opposite.

"Right wimp," Tom went on, after sipping his drink. "If you want Kat to stay with you, this is
how it has to be. First, in future Kat will be fucked only by me. In fact to ensure that, you will
have to wear a cock cage permanently. You will get occasional relief, but that will be at my
discretion." I looked at Kat, and saw she was smiling broadly.

"Second," he continued. "Every time I have fucked your wife, you will lick my cum from her
pussy. You will also be required to get my cum sometimes by sucking me off.
Oh and of course you will have to perform other duties as ordered by Kat or me."

"Better agree to what Tom says petey," Kat told me, as she saw my stunned
expression. "He is the real man here, and what he says goes. If you don't agree, I go too."

" I really don't have any choice, do I?" I said miserably.

"No you don't sissy boy," Tom laughed. "Now I suggest you come over here and
get your first taste of black man cum. don't get up, just crawl over here."

Humiliatingly, I crawled over to him and got between his legs, with my wife
giggling. At his instruction I took out his massive cock and put it in my mouth.

"Now you keep sucking wimp," he told me. "Until you have emptied my balls."

"I wasn't sure I would enjoy you humiliating him," Kat said. "But watching
this is really turning me on! I want to join in!" So she walked up behind me and kicked me hard in my balls. The pain was intense. I gasped and started to fall over. Tom grabbed me by the hair and pulled my face back onto his monster black cock. My wife laughed at my dilemma and stepped to my side and drove her high-heeled spike into my ribs, which caused me to again nearly slip off of Tom’s big dick. She kept on spearing me in my side with her sharp heel and telling me what a little sissy cock sucker I am. She finally got on my back and was riding me like a horse. She was kicking me with both heels in my ribs now, and pulling my hair and my head back and forth like she was holding onto the reigns and driving hard for the finish line. She was forcing my mouth all the way down on his massive shaft so that my nose would burry into his pubic hair just before she yanked my head back again and again. She was also verbally mocking me non-stop. My eyes were watering and I was gagging every time she would push my head down on her lovers long black shaft.

"I told you I would make a faggot of him didn't I?" Tom laughed, as I sucked on his now stiff dick.

"Yes, and he really looks like one," my wife laughed. "How pathetic he is, on his knees with his
head bobbing up and down on your beautiful big black cock! And he’s giving me a nice horsy ride while he’s sucking you off." She was laughing at me while she pulled my hair, kicked my ribs, and bounced up and down on my back.

part 2 to follow

lil petey
03-17-2005, 2:48 PM
They both stopped moving and talking and I could hear them kissing passionately while she leaned forward pushing my mouth down to his pubic hair in a forced deep throat position. She was still sitting on my back as they kissed and I nearly choked to death as I couldn’t move back now because of her weight pushing my head forward. Finally they broke away.

"Get ready to swallow faggot," Tom ordered. "There is a big load coming your way!"

"Yeah, fill his sissy mouth baby," Kat said excitedly as she pulled back hard on my hair. The pain made my head tilt upward and my eyes flooded from the sudden pain. "Make him drink it all!"

Seconds later a gush of warm cum flooded my mouth. I swallowed quickly and caught it all, but
hated the taste and gagged furiously afterwards, with Tom and my wife laughing out loud.

"Good boy," Tom said, after he made me put his limp cock away. "Now get some more drinks."

In between pouring drinks, I had to spend the next hour watching them chatting happily and
kissing and cuddling, while I was ignored completely. They made me strip naked and lay on the floor. Kat stood on me with her sharp heels digging into me and swayed and danced on me as she continued kissing Tom. My nipples and groin were getting the worst of it. She would stop on my chest at times and I could breathe because of her weight and the pain of her heels. Finally Tom spoke to me.

"Do you want to know how much your wife loves my cock wimp?" he asked me.

"Not really," I replied sullenly and barely audible.

"It wasn't a request faggot," he snapped. "We are all going upstairs."

"No please," I begged. "Don't make me watch!"

"Don't be silly Petey," my wife chided. "Tom wants to show you how he has taken me away from
you, and I want you to see a real man in action."

We all went upstairs, and in the bedroom Tom ordered me to undress my wife.
With my hands shaking, I unzipped and removed her dress, unhooked her bra and slipped off
her panties. Her pussy already looked rather wet in anticipation. Kat kicked me with her shoes,
then lay on the bed and spread her legs.

"Come and get my pussy ready for Tom," she told me. "Make sure I am very
wet, you know how big his cock can get."

I moved towards her and when I got to the edge of the bed she stopped me by putting her heels into my nipples and said, “how bad do you want to get your wife’s pussy ready for her big black stud?”

My right nipple was already tore up from her brutal abuse and cruelty from earlier in the evening. She said, come on wimp show me how bad you want to taste my pussy. She kept digging her heels into my nipples and twisting them back and forth so the sharp pointed heels were cutting holes into my nipples. She was looking into my eyes and daring me to force her powerful legs to allow my access to her temple. She made me push towards her, but my sore nipples were no match for her powerful thighs. She was my Goddess and was making it obvious to all in the room that she was willing to exploit her power over me. Her long strong legs and high heels always turned my mind to mush when she used them to force me to service her pussy. When she was satisfied that I had endured enough pain, she thrust out one last hard kick with both heels into my nipples and simply said, “eat me”.

I knelt between her legs and lapped her pussy, while her lover stood by gently stroking his
growing erection. After a time he pushed me away and prepared to mount her. Positioning his cock at the entrance to her cunt, he said, “guide my big dick into your lovely wife’s beautiful white pussy. I did as I was told and he was up to his balls inside her with one powerful thrust. My hand got temporarily trapped between them. I had to wait until he began pumping in and out of her to get my hand out of that fuck trap it was in.

"Oh yes!" Kat cried. "I always love this part. Fuck me good baby, show him how it is done!"

I sat miserably in the chair as Tom began to fuck my wife expertly. Very soon she was making
more noise than I had heard from her in all our married life. It was a mixture of loud sobs, gasps
and cries and pleas for more. In the impressive time he made it all last, her legs were either spread
on the bed, in the air or wrapped round his powerful back. Just as Kat's cries reached their
crescendo, Tom groaned loudly and filled Kat with his load, as her wild Orgasm erupted.
Afterward, they kissed passionately for a while, then lay still as they calmed down. Tom then got
up and told me to do my duty.

"Come on clean up boy," Kat said happily. "Lick out your unfaithful wife's pussy!"

After that she ordered me to suck Tom's cock clean, and I got another taste of her juices. Tom then
told me to kiss my wife goodnight, as he would be staying to fuck her again. I bent over to give
her a kiss. She kicked me hard with the heel of her shoe. “Not on the mouth you cock sucker, on my lower lips! And while your at it, make it a good by kiss because your lil petey will never see it again.”

"That's another thing," observed Tim, as I kissed Kat's pussy. "I think we should both call him
lil petey from now on, he is not man enough to have a proper name."

"I fully agree with that," laughed Kat. "lil petey the wimp it is." I left the bedroom and heard their humiliating laughter as I closed the door. I decided to sleep on the sofa downstairs, as I had no wish to hear them from the spare bedroom next door.

Next morning I awoke to the sound of bedsprings being pounded once again, along with the
slightly muffled cries of my wife. I went to the kitchen and made some coffee, and they followed
a little while later. When they entered the kitchen I saw that he was dressed while she was
wearing a short nightie and high heel sandals.

"Coffee and toast for two wimp," Tom ordered proprietarily. "And be quick about it."

I put the toast and coffee down, and before sitting down Kat stood by the table and lifted her

"On your knees cuckold," she instructed. "I have your breakfast down there!" I knelt and held the
backs of her luscious thighs, as I lapped up the latest dose of cum her lover had forced into her

Shortly after, Kat showed her lover to the door and passionately kissed him goodbye. She then
dressed and went shopping, while I cleared up the breakfast things and did some chores.

Kat returned later that morning. After putting the groceries away, she called me into the kitchen.
When I arrived, I saw she had something in her hand. She made me lay naked at her feet. She stood on me in her high heels again to address me. My skin hurt everywhere by now.

"Look," she said. "I have your cock cage here. I am sure it will fit, it was the smallest one they
had!" She laughed as I dropped my pants and underwear.

"There," she said, after she had fitted and locked the device. "Do you know, ending your sex life
has really turned me on. Come into the lounge and give me a nice licking."

In the lounge she raised her dress and removed her panties. Sitting in the chair she spread her legs
and told me to kneel. She placed her high heels into my shoulders and said, “you may eat me now”.

"Be gentle now," she instructed. "My pussy took a real pounding last night."

As I began to lap, I heard her pick up the phone and dial as my head was under her dress.

"Hi baby," she said. "The lil peteywimp is all locked up. No more erections and no more release until you say so. What was that? Oh dear, poor wimp. Ha ha ha! Anyway, I will let you have the key when
I see you tonight, bye." I wondered desperately when I would next see my cock, as I tried to finish Kat off. She was digging her heels sharply into my shoulders to make my job as difficult as possible. It was just the beginning of my new humiliating torment under my wife’s heels.

03-18-2005, 4:50 AM
Good story,I enjoyed it.The little elements about her talking on the phone while using her husband were excellent.

03-19-2005, 12:15 AM
thank you very much for your beautiful story

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Try the forums at Scandalouswomen.com

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Try darkwanderer.net
one of my favourite sites lots of excellent stories and links

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great link gusset, thanks a lot

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lil petey,

It was such an excellent story that you posted. May I please know whether you wrote it or you found it somewhere?

Thank you

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My stories here all have a cuckold element that you might want to check out:




03-28-2012, 11:32 AM
thank you. Those are nice stories

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Indeed,,, a nice link... thanks..

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