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My Stepsister

I was sitting on the patio with the latest couple who wanted to contract for my services. We had wine and cheese with fruit and were conducting a deeper inquiry of how things would work in the process, when they wanted to know, how I got started in this line of work. Normally I made something up depending on who it was asking and how well I knew them. They both had such sincere looks and I really liked them. I could see the anxious desire to start but the uneasiness as this would be their first time. Maybe the wine caused it but I started giving them the back ground.

I remember when my Dad remarried. My life changed into something I would have fantasized for, maybe would want to live out, but finally had to accept on Rhonda’s terms and her Mother’s. I will never forget the day I came home and found Rhonda and her mother Rachel looking at my computer with one of my favorite web sites, MDFF up. They also found my picture and movie clip folders on the hard drive. Of course I was mad and started yelling, “What the hell are you guys doing on my computer?”

They looked up with big smiles on their faces. “Is that anyway for a slave to speak to his Mistress’s?” Rachel said. Fortunately my father traveled for business a lot and I would have a couple days to deal with this. I left the room and went to the family room, wondering how I would deal with this. When they came out, both in tight shorts with bare legs and feet, I tried my best not to look. I had been able to steal looks of their feet and asses and not get caught. They both sat across from me on the couch and then put their legs up on the coffee table so I could see the soles of both their feet.
Rachel, my stepmom was 34; she had Rhonda at 16 and was still very attractive. She had been an Executive Assistant to the CEO at another company and met my father at a presentation. Her tall fit frame, long legs and perfect size 9 feet, didn’t show any bad skin or callouses on her soles. Her toes were long and straight and always perfectly manicured and her soles looked so soft and clean with her perfect arch. I had often jacked off with the image of her feet on my face. I had several pictures of her feet and legs from trips and around the house; I was still hoping they didn’t find those on my computer.

Rhonda was a little shorter and had a good body and her size 8 feet showed more barefoot walking, but they were still attractive. She had always had an air of contempt for me, I think mostly because we were much better off financially then her and her mother had been, before moving in with us. While around my father they both acted like I was their best friend but when he left on trips, they went back to ignoring or objectifying me.
Rhonda spoke first, “Mark, you should have told me you like that stuff, I would love to make you a rug to put my feet on, walk all over and sit on top of”. Rachel went next, “Mark, this is very serious and we need to determine how to deal with it. I don’t think your father has any idea of your perversion. I know you just turned 18 in March and Rhonda will turn 18 next week, but your trust fund, set up by your father requires you to finish university and maintain good moral character until you are 25. I think you are at great risk of losing everything if he found out what kind of person you really are.”

Listening to them I knew Rachel had all the power over this situation and didn’t want to upset her or risk my future. I was surprised when Rhonda said she wouldn’t mind walking all over me. I remember how hard I got as I sat quietly looking at them, then at their feet, then at their faces. I remember when I walked in my room Rachel said, “Slave that is no way to speak to your Mistress’s”, then wondered if that is what this conversation was all about.

I looked at both of them and said, “Rachel, Rhonda, I don’t know what to say, yes I think I have a fetish for feet, being trampled, face sitting, bondage all the things you saw on my drive and websites. I haven’t done any of it, but the fantasy of being a slave or submissive to a strong woman is something I think about almost every day.”
Rhonda responded, “Do you see me and my mom as strong women you would be a slave for?”

I couldn’t believe it; it was about me being their slave. How would we hide it if I did what they wanted, what would they want to do to me or make me do? My cock was throbbing I know they must have seen it.
Rachel started again, “Mark, we can see your cock pressing up against your pants so we can tell you are turned on by my daughter’s question. Also, we have no blood relationship; in fact it would be legal for you to be married anywhere. There is no reason now that you are of legal age for me to enjoy you anyway I want.

But this is a big decision, one you have to ask us to do for you. In fact, we will need you to write us a letter, explaining all of your deviant desires and asking us to help you understand and deal with it. How you want us to keep it from your father till you are better. How it is nothing we asked you for but you asked us for help.

I guess you need to decide now, we have taken your hard drive and unless you beg us to help you with your problem, we will give this to your father’s IT director at work, telling him there is a virus, maybe from the internet and to give it to your father to bring home when it’s fixed.

We will give you a few minutes to think about it. When we come back in if you are on the floor in front of the couch, we know you want to be our slave to use as we wish. If you aren’t there then for your sake, we need to get you help and let your father know, so you can get into therapy right away, maybe institutionalized for a year. This will probably put your trust in jeopardy till you are much older.”

I looked at the soles of their feet as they both got up and walked out to the kitchen. As they walked away I loved how nice their asses looked, firm and tight. They want me to be their sub, their slave. Isn’t this what I always dreamed of? I have to finish high school in the next couple months and take the summer off. Both Rhonda and I had been accepted at the University upstate. Finish College, get my MBA, year off, then my trust fund and I can live any lifestyle I want worry free.

I was surprised how much more I was attracted to Rhonda’s mom. I knew Rhonda would love humiliating me though. If I don’t, how hard would my father take it? Would he think I’m a pervert and put me in therapy derailing my plans? I stood up looking at the place in front of the couch. My stomach was tight, my heart was beating fast, and my throat had gone dry. I walked over and lay where they wanted me. I could hear them in the kitchen talking with a giggle or two as I waited for their return.

Rachel called out, “we are coming back out”. I could hear them walking in as they approached. Finally, Rachel came into view, standing above my head, looking down into my eyes as she towered over me with a glass of wine and a big smile. My eyes shifted and there was Rhonda with a glass of wine standing with a foot on each side of my leg by my thigh. Suddenly I felt the pressure of Rhonda’s foot press down on my hard cock. She moved her foot back and forth till she had my cock covered completely, her bare heel resting over my balls.

I shuddered on the floor a little as I looked back up at Rachel, still hovering over me, her eyes now looking through me. I saw her right foot move then lift up. She slowly lowered it down above my face, till I felt the soft skin of her sole press down on my face. Her foot on my face made my cock press up into Rhonda’s foot. Rhonda said, "I think you turn him on Mom". I heard their wine glasses clink as Rachel said, “Welcome to slavery Mark, we will enjoy you more than you can imagine”.

I looked back into the eyes of the couple, realizing I had rambled on and almost forgot they were there

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Great start!

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very nice seems like it can turn into a very well writen story

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Very nice, well writen story. continue...

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Love all the comments and encouragement, makes it worth while!

Part 2
The couple were so enthralled with what I shared they wanted me to continue. They were in their late 30’s and successful, but their sex life had gone out the door. They went to a therapist for counseling and she suggested they spice up their life. Try some kinky activities, share what you feel, act out making the other pay for your unhappiness. Of course the therapist gave the referral to Rhonda and now I was here to prepare them for their first fantasy together. I continued to tell them how it started.

The next day Rachel told me to stay home and write the letter. Rhonda went to school and Rachel had me sit down at her laptop to begin the letter, it felt like I was writing a suicide note I was leaving.
Rhonda left for school saying, she wanted me on the floor under her desk when she got home from school. While I really did fantasize about all of this, I didn’t like being blackmailed and forced into submission, versus giving it freely.
Rachel went about her own activities as I sat at the dining room table writing. She had on a tight knit top, her nipples were easily profiled, bare midriff and tight short shorts, still with bare legs and feet. I think she made a point of walking by every few minutes to make sure I saw her. She came in after 30 minutes and told me to go get undressed; I was to be naked in front of her the rest of the day. She sat down and started reading my letter as I went to my bedroom.
I was taking my clothes off and I felt the same anxiety as the night before. My heart, breathing and whole body felt like it would explode. I had dreamed of being naked with her, I did lust for her, the Mother I’d Love to Fuck, now I was shaking like a little kid before kissing his first girl in grade school.
I walked back out to the dining room, feeling embarrassed, my cock already showing arousal. Rachel told me to stand beside her to review her highlighted notes. She remained seated but her hand wrapped around my cock and I was rock hard instantly. I felt my body shudder as she just squeezed it harder, I could tell she enjoyed my lack of experience.
Rachel began, “This is good Mark, but now you need to explain your fantasy is also about Rhonda and me. It is good to expose your fetish and the things you want done to you. Put in your letter you ran around the house naked in front of me and what happened, how you wanted me to use and enjoy you. Then, you heard Rhonda; you want to go up to her bedroom, lay under her desk, waiting for her to come in and see you naked. What will she do to you? This isn’t just about your fetish, but how you make my daughter and me the women who fulfill your perverted fantasy.
Mark, unlike Rhonda, I want you as a sexual slave. I will let you enjoy my feet and other fantasies you have, if you perform for me the way I want”.
She moved her thumb over my pee hole, already leaking precum, and pressed her thumb against it rubbing it in small circles. My knees started to buckle, but she didn’t stop. She kept going and my knees were almost ready to collapse, she knew exactly when to release my cock. She stood up next to me, her hand went around the back of my neck and then she went about giving me a long slow wet kiss, our tongues were dancing.
“Mark, get this letter done, I want to have you soon. I have already got some rope out to tie you spread out on my bed. The first thing we will start with is you learning to cum when I say you can. Of course we have time for 3 or 4 mistakes before Rhonda has you for the afternoon. I will go to the airport to pick your father, so you two can have some alone time too”.
She walked away and I stood there naked in our dining room absorbing everything that had just happened. I couldn’t remember ever being so horny or wanting anything so bad this early in the morning. I started reworking the letter, adding the things about Rhonda and Rachel and my fetish with them enabling it. I was writing and Rachel’s words were still in my head. Tied down on her bed helpless, naked for her to teach me when I could cum on command. My cock was like a flagpole thinking of Rachel and their bedroom, 3 or 4 mistakes, how would she do that to me, then used and put under Rhonda’s desk for her to humiliate, obviously under her feet.
I hadn’t seen Rachel for over 30 minutes and I was about done with the rewrite. I think if this was a confession for murder I would spend the rest of my life in prison. I didn’t hold back anything. She walked up behind me out of nowhere and slipped a sleeping mask over my eyes. Keep this on slave till I take it off. She helped me get up out of the chair, then I heard the printer going, she was printing out my letter. Then I felt her wrap something around my wrists and ankles. It was soft, maybe cuffs; I felt my wrists clipped behind my back without warning. Then she took hold of my cock and told me to follow.
She just pulled my cock and I tried to follow best I could. She warned me stairs, and to step up. Walking up stairs blindfolded was almost easier. Down the hall and into my father’s bedroom till we stopped. The clip came off my wrists and I moved my arms around. She helped me sit and lay back on the bed, I felt pillows propping up my head. Then I could tell she was tying my wrists and ankles to the bed. Each time the restraining became more exciting, till the left leg was tied and spread tight enough so I couldn’t move much, with just a little wiggle room.
I could feel her getting on the bed. I know my cock was bouncing from being tied up and blindfolded. Then I felt the sole of her foot brush against my face, as she pulled the sleeping mask off my eyes with her toes. She was leaning back on a back rest cushion and then she moved her right foot to my chest and extended her left foot so her sole was inches from my face. I had never really gotten to see it this close before.
I can’t describe how it felt. Everything I wanted but afraid at the same time. She picked up the pages of my letter and began to read them. Occasionally she would press the ball of her foot against my face. She didn’t read out loud, however she would comment, “nice touch, good, I like this”. My head was up enough that I could see she was wearing a shear top that let her breast be seen and the same with the lace panties, allowing a full view of her mound.
“You have never tasted a woman’s juices before have you slave”? I shook my head no. “You know I have wanted to have you since I dated your father, I remember you were almost 17. I thought what a good looking young man, handsome, very fit. How big of a cock does he have, I would ask myself”.
Her hand wrapped around my cock and started stroking; she had lotion or oil on it already.
“Such a very nice cock, big and fat, for me to enjoy for a long time, don’t you agree slave”?
I nodded yes, wondering does she do this with my father, or is this just about me. She was stroking up and down then she scooted up and placed her beautiful soft foot on my face and I didn’t last more than another 90 seconds.
“This won’t do slave. I didn’t tell you to cum and clearly you can’t enjoy my foot on your face and restrain yourself”. She moved and sat on my stomach facing me. The hand with all my spunk came at me and she smeared it all over my face. Feeling her sitting on me and wiping it over my face, that was such a conflict of pleasure and humiliation.
“Now slave, lick my fingers and suck them clean so we can try again”. She shoved them into my mouth and I really had no control. I hated tasting myself on her hands and I could feel the stuff drying on my face. “I know young men with not much experience have a hard time controlling themselves. Today’s lesson slave is about controlling yourself so I can enjoy my desires, not yours”.
She reached back and grabbed my balls in her hand. She started rolling them which was painful and then she positioned them in her hand and started squeezing. I cried out, I could see her smile as she just sat on my stomach, continuing to roll and squeeze them. I finally pleaded no more, I can’t take it, but she just stayed on top of me and rode me like it was nothing to her. When she finally stopped I was a wreck with her weight growing heavier on my stomach all the time.
“Now we can try again slave, only if you cum without permission again, I might crush one of your testicles. Are we clear”? I quickly shouted out yes Ma’am, I won’t do again, please, I can’t take it.
She moved back to the old position, her feet inches from my face and leaning back in her support and stroking my cock again with the lubricant. She pointed at the clock and gave me the mark that I could not cum before it reached on the clock.
Of course I started trying to think of math, sports, I had already cum once and wasn’t used to cuming a second time. She knew every spot on my cock to stimulate, right underneath the head on the bottom, around the helmet. I was down to the last five minutes when she scooted forward and put both her feet side by side on my face, my nose between her arches. I couldn’t see the clock now. I was already trying to hold back my next ejaculation.
I waited, till I thought it was five minutes, now Ma’am and she said not yet. She kept working my cock and I was sure I couldn’t last as long as I needed. “Just think of what I did to your balls, but this time it will be much worse slave if you cum without permission”. I was shaking and aching so out of control. It had to have been five minutes, it was lasting too long. I could smell her sexy soft feet with each inhale. I could open my eyes and just see between her toes, how hot it felt having her feet on my face. I screamed out I can’t hold it anymore, please, I can’t hold it, my mind was going wild. Then her hand left my cock and I just collapsed releasing the tension of my body, laying more relaxed, tied spread out and her feet still on my face.
“Shoot your load for me slave”, I heard the words and I was still on the edge and my cock spurted out a second load, not from her stroking but from her command. I arched up and felt it shoot out again then another shudder again, not as hard as the first on but still strong.
“Lucky you, you learn fast, I guess I won’t have to torture your balls or make you try a 3rd time as you were able to learn on the second. Very good Mark, nice progress”, she got off the bed and pulled the pillows out from under my head so I was down flat now, then she pulled her top and panties off and got back up sitting on my chest, I could see every detail of her pussy inches away.
She sat on my chest almost to my chin. I was looking, my eyes darting from her face to her pussy. She had her hands down and was spreading her labia and letting me see everything. “You haven’t seen one of these up close have you”? I was lying there, looking, why had it looked so good online and now I felt apprehensive. Yes I dreamed of this, but now that I saw it, did I really want it on my face, my mouth?
She slid up my chest and pressed her opening onto my chin and started moving her hips against it. “Young men don’t normally have much experience with this. I showered this morning so it shouldn’t smell too bad, but I am so wet from teasing you, I want you to taste and swallow everything that comes out”. Then she lifted up and off my chin, positioning herself on my face and moving around over it. “Stick your tongue out and inside”, she pulled on my hair as she spoke. “Yes, not so much, be gentle, yes there, focus there”, she was teaching me how to eat her pussy. My arms and legs were getting sore; I didn’t know how long I had been tied. I felt her tense, then the taste in my mouth changed, she was getting heavier and more weight was pressing down on my face. I was trying to breathe but it was harder, I felt her moving up and down but not leaving a gap like before so I could breathe.
Rachel got off my face and out of bed, undoing my left wrist. “Undo yourself, go wipe your face and body off and get under my daughters desk, I’ll come in to bind you to the legs of her table”. I looked at the clock and where had the day gone, Rhonda would be home from school soon.
Rachel took a quick shower and was dressed and I had already cleaned up and was under the desk. I thought I should wait for Rachel, but saw there were ropes with clips for the cuffs I was wearing so I clipped my ankles and one wrist and waited for Rachel to come and do the last one.
She walked in and knelt down clipping my last wrist to the leg of the table, then sat at the desk and was writing something down. She was wearing sandaled heels that showed most of her feet. While she didn’t put them on me, it did feel good to be close to them and look at them next to me.
I will never forget when she got up and left the room without speaking a word to me. I heard the door close and the car start as she drove away. How frightening it felt to me, being spread eagle under a desk, alone in the house, waiting for my stepsister to come and put her feet on me. While I did have sexual feeling for her mom, I really never had any for Rhonda other than to check out her feet and ass.

I looked up at the couple, their eyes seem glazed over. “We want to experience what you went through, please tell us we can feel that way too”, the wife shared. The husband said to his wife, “I want to be the one to make you happy; however you want it to be”. She leaned over and kissed his cheek, “you will slave”, I heard her say. “No, don’t stop now, what happened with Rhonda got home”? The wife asked. I think we need to take a short break.

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Please keep going, this is getting better and better!

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This sounds like this is going to be an awesome story!

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Oh yes, this can be one of the best stories i've read in a while...thank you, Pdxrug!!

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Part 3

I came back from the bathroom, I saw them sitting together and the wine had been refilled. They were talking and excited about my past. She was clearly the more attractive one, he was average and I’m sure when they fell in love it was wonderful. Time has a way of wearing down a relationship, just not the sex, but the conversation, sharing things and keeping the excitement of the relationship alive. Jamie their therapist had contracted Rhonda and me to give them a taste of an alternative relationship. I was going to be the younger lover to the wife. He was going to have to watch and be what she wanted. If this didn’t work, they were going to separate, per her desires. I came back and sat down next to the wife. It was time for me to start setting the stage.

I leaned over and kissed the wife on the mouth and she quickly responded and elevated the level of the kiss with me. She knew her husband was watching and I wondered how it made her feel. I started thinking of how Rhonda made me feel that day. Now the husband was the odd man down and I could see it on his face. The wife started, “darling why don’t you sit on the ground at my feet, while Mark tells us about Rhonda coming home from school, then she pointed her finger to the ground “. Her husband realized the change of tone, the pathetic look on his face of disappointment struck me. He had agreed to this and promised he would do what she asked to save the marriage. He slowly got down and sat on the concrete next to his wife’s feet in flip flops. She kept her crossed leg close to his chest to make his humiliation in front of me more embarrassing.

I began telling them what happened when Rhonda got home.

I was lying under the desk, arms and legs tied off to the desk and completely naked. I remembered Rhonda saying exactly where she wanted me when she left for school. I was replaying the time with her mom today. She acted like it was an everyday occurrence what she did with me. Rachel wasn’t the least bit nervous about it or hesitant to do it.

I snapped out of my trance when I heard the door open to Rhonda’s room and she walked in, clearly she saw me under her desk naked, she didn’t say a word or act surprised at all. She undressed and I saw her naked, as she looked in her closet. Finally she took out a short black summer skirt and a matching halter top. I noticed she didn’t put panties back on. She came over and sat down, she kept one foot on the carpet, crossed her leg and then let her other foot hover over my face. I was now seeing her foot up close. It wasn’t as soft and nice and her Mom’s but it was still a turn on, especially being down under her chair. She started typing and of course I couldn’t tell what she was doing. All of a sudden I heard another voice on the computer.

“Well, when do we get to see your stepbrother the slave”? Then another and another and another female voice chimed in, all of them chatting, I assumed it was a video chat room. She then hit a key on her computer and the same voices were all excited. “Awesome, I can’t believe it, look how big his cock is, another said make him lick your foot clean”. I realized they must be able to see me, did she have cameras around the room, did I know them or who were these girls and are they from my school. Rhonda got her foot closer over my face, “lick it slave”, she commanded, we need to keep my customers entertained.

I must have been red with embarrassment, but she started hitting my face with the sole of her foot and I finally stuck my tongue out and she slid her bare sole across my tongue over and over. “Cool, I can’t believe it, gross, oh god he really is a slave”, again hearing several of their comments, clearly they were watching me.

Rhonda spoke out, “Ok girls, I’ve shown you this is real so $100 each in my PayPal account and you can watch the use of Mark for two weeks. For coming over to use him in person, I will allow visits over the next two weeks. You can bid to use him for 3 hours and the starting asking bid is $250 put in my PayPal account today. Also, no discounts for his former girlfriends watching, but now you know what a pervert he was for your feet”.

I couldn’t believe some of the girls I dated were online watching me lick my stepsister’s foot. I heard her confirm the deposits for watching online and then one girl did $250 another $275 then a voice I thought I recognized said $300. There was a long pause as I continued to lick Rhonda’s sole, then she changed feet so the other hovered over my face as I licked and she slide it across.

“OK girls, one of the two slots are gone would anyone like the second slot for $300”? A reply from another voice asked, “We can do anything we want with him, sex, beat him, abuse him, whatever we want”? Rhonda replied, “Yes but no obvious marks that can’t be hidden under his clothes. I can stay while you use him or be outside my room till you are done”. “Mark, this is Stacy, I had a crush on you but you wouldn’t give me the time of day, now I’m going to buy the other spot for $300 and you can be sure I will get every penny out of you for ignoring me”. OH SHIT, I remembered Stacy and how she would hang on but I was never into her. I’m being auctioned off and rented out like a prostitute and Rhonda is my pimp. I’m fucked, I told myself. Everyone in school is going to know. I still have two months left.

Finally Rhonda said all the accounts are paid, so time to give you the show you all said you wanted. Rhonda leaned down and unclipped my wrist and told me to get out from the table. I undid the other clips and crawled out from under the desk. I could see her computer screen as I got up and there were 4 cams besides the one on her computer that was displaying.

There I was naked and being shown on the cams from the different angles. Still not sure how many and who it was watching me and Rhonda. She put my wrists behind my back and clipped the cuffs together again, then moved me over in front of her wall, it was then I saw a cam covering the room.

“Now girls, I kid you not, look at this piece of cock I’m stroking for you. How many of you, ever seen one this big? Watch how it moves as I rub my fingers up and down, how all the veins are popping out. For the two lucky high bidders you can make his cock your personal sex toy, step on it, as I will show you in a minute. Maybe beat it for not loving you the way you wanted, let me slap it hard for you Stacy. Look it is so hard it just comes right back. I will provide condemns if anyone wants to ride my big slave’s cock”.

All the time I was standing there, she was talking into a computer, the cams, and we could hear some feedback from the girls, but I was being treated like a piece of meat. Rhonda was demonstrating me like I was on the home shopping network, buy a slave segment. “Well before I show you how much fun he is to walk on, I know trying to get our boyfriends to give us oral sex is almost impossible. Slaves have no choice, and by the way girls I haven’t showered since this morning and I know I’m not fresh anymore”, Rhonda the saleswoman said.

She went over to her chair and before sitting down, pulled up her skirt, sat on the edge of the seat, spread her legs wide and motioned with her finger for me to come to her. I went over, hands still clipped behind my back and knelt in front of her, it was obvious what I had to do. I felt her hand come and grab my hair, as she pulled my face into her pussy. It didn’t stink, but she was right it wasn’t fresh either. She held my face on her pussy and I was using my tongue the way her mom and told me earlier. I could tell she was enjoying it and forgetting to talk to the computer cams. She then wrapped a leg over my shoulder and her heel was in my back as she let go of my hair and leaned back. I think this must have lasted 15 minutes, I could hear a hoot and holler, “You go girl”, “yeah make him yours”, even Stacy said, “I can’t wait to get him now”.

She finally regained her composure; it was clear she had enjoyed my oral service and needed to regain control over the show. Rhonda unclipped my cuffs and pointed for me to lay down by the wall. “Now everyone, to conclude our first web show, the part most of you couldn’t believe. I am going to stand and walk on my sexy Step Brother. On his head and face, his neck and throat, chest and stomach and especially on his cock and balls. I’m 5’7” and 130lbs so I doubt I can really hurt him. But this is what he dreams of. I will be sending you his favorite web sites tonight, so you know what he wants you to do to him, I will send a few pictures out of the trampling, a little doctored to protect the innocent, and a video of him with a sexy woman sitting on his face smothering him”.

She walked toward me, I could see her face, then the first foot hit my belly then the second right next to it. She was standing full weight on my belly and I let out a huge gasp of air and was having a hard time getting air back in my lungs. She started bouncing a little, then stepping in place; she had a hand on the wall for balance. I thought this was hot online watching it, but now that she was on me, it hurt and every step hurt more.

She moved a foot up to my neck, I was very afraid now, but she kept moving around, then her foot was on my throat as she put her other foot on my face. Her weight choked my air off and I had to hold my breath, how long would she stand there, please let me get a breath.

She was moving back and forth, back to my belly her other foot to my face again, over and over, each time she moved her foot there was brief relief, but then she would step down and the weight would transfer and damn it hurt.

Next she turned and start back down only her foot landed on top of my cock this time, she twisted the ball back and forth on it like she was putting out a cigarette. Her toes were scrunching looking for my balls and then she found them, I cried out in pain and everyone watching made sounds and comments I couldn’t recognize anymore.

She turned and walked back up towards my head, this time both feet on the side of my face, standing full weight, I thought my head would explode. Finally, after 20 minutes she got off then did a victory pose with one foot on my face, the whole time she told me I better keep smiling or it will get worse.

She finally walked back and sat down in front of her computer, I saw the faces of all the girls who had been watching, but I couldn’t recognize most of them. She was talking about posting more on the website, but said she would edit and send out some pictures to their smart phones. Finally she signed off and said, “My Mom texted and they are on their way back from the airport. Go shower and get dressed and you better not act like anything happened or Mom and I will really let your Father know what a predator you are trying to abuse Mom and me. Get out of here slave and be ready for tomorrow afternoons show”.

I was looking at the wife and then down at the husband, I took her hand and said let me undress you. It was easy for me to get her out of her clothes while the husband looked up from the ground. We were both naked and sat back down. I think he needs to worship you for the Goddess you are; he doesn’t deserve to be the dirt under your feet. I saw her take him by the hair and pull his face into her pussy. He started with her without complaint. She then took his hand and pulled it over our legs putting his hand on my cock. Which he started rubbing. The wife whispered in my ear softly, “I love this so much, thank you Mark for letting me know this side of myself”. We started kissing again while he licked her and stroked me.

After a couple minutes she asked what happened when you went back to school? I got my phone out, to show her the pictures my stepsister sent years ago, she was surprised when she saw them. The first couple days, it was just the girls who had signed up. Of course everyone started gossiping about it and the pictures not showing Rhonda’s face, just her feet and legs trampling me got out everywhere.

The girls would tease me about it, in conversations I would hear if Mark doesn’t like it, he can suck my toes, or I’ll stand on his head. Rhonda made a lot of money off the web shows, renting me out to the girls and thank god it was just two weeks before graduation, when the counselor found out about it. She didn’t report me, but said she would need to work on this with me before I left for University.

Eventually, Rachel and Rhonda and the counselor worked out a deal, so Rhonda could still make money off me all summer, Rachel enjoyed me as her sex slave, my Father just worked and never suspected a thing and the counselor got to treat me, less for my sake and more for her own gratification. If you know what I mean, she also got a free subscription to the web site. The wife said, “Of course I do Mark, I would have done the same thing to enjoy you for the summer”, I heard her orgasm, her husband hard at work between her thighs, I shot my load all over his hand and arm, he didn’t say a word, but had taken the first step into being her cuckold.

05-27-2012, 1:57 PM
The pictures Rhonda took trampling, going out to the web members and later the school

05-28-2012, 12:17 PM
i loved this part!

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nice story, good work there.

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Great Story so far! Thank You!

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Excellent story!

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Great Stories!

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Good story!

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that's really good! you have to continue!!!!

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Excellent story!

How have you been doing pal...long time no hear?

I'm close to retirement and I plan to enjoy life after I leave the workforce.


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Great read

06-02-2012, 7:39 PM
Yes, amazing story. We need more stories like this on the board. Totally loved it. Hope to hear more stories from you and the pictures were nice as well.

06-03-2012, 12:59 PM
Part 4

When I returned to visit the married couple 3 days later, only the wife was there. While I started suspecting they changed their minds about the cuckold fantasy, maybe it was more to do with their follow up session with Jamie, the therapist. I was surprised how it unfolded.

The wife said after I left 3 days ago, her and her husband had the best sex, the best in several years. Her husband also got up early the following morning, brought her coffee and croissants in bed and started picking up in the bedroom and around the house which he never did. She also felt new feelings towards him. Maybe he was being submissive or maybe he was being considerate and showing the desire to keep things alive and fresh in their relationship.

The wife started about their follow up session with Jamie, “We both went in very positive and of course I raved about how well you led us both into our activity plan. My husband said you were good and made it easy for him to perform outside his comfort zone. We both wanted to know more about, your fetish, you know the feet, trample, bondage and I guess plan old slavery. I shared also about my wanting to explore being intimate with another woman. She said I could have your sister Rhonda come over and learn from her, both sexually and including kink and using a submissive”.

I listened and smiled, I knew Jamie would have pushed more on some areas and I was thinking Rhonda does love the money, but she still carries the same contempt for me when this all started. I didn’t see how she wouldn’t want me to be humiliated.

The wife went on, “Jamie said some men, including you she said, love the image and feeling of a woman’s foot. She had my husband get undressed and lay on the floor and then had me remove my shoes and have an exercise with feet. First she had me put my foot on his throat. I pressed firmly down to where he was having problems breathing. I was scared of course Mark, I haven’t hurt my husband before and he doesn’t care about feet so it was, well weird. Jamie told me to watch his face and his expressions. To feel him swallow and try to breath, feel it on the sole of my foot. I did Mark, I felt power over him and he just laid there and took it, at the end I think he like me doing it, it was so exciting”.

“It’s called power exchange, it is addictive if you feel submissive and if you look at art and life, when someone puts their foot on another, it denotes, being conquered, defeated, their prisoner to do with as they please”. I told her. Then I went on, “If you are like me, you are focused on feet and being under them, I’m sure it’s different for everyone. Maybe your husband saw your expression, how it made you excited and it sounds like you didn’t stop choking him, you enjoyed him down there as much as he enjoyed looking up at you towering over him”.

She replied, “Yes, exactly Mark, it was a new connection. She also had me put my bare foot over his heart; I could feel it pounding, I could feel him breathing heavier and then I saw his cock growing in front of Jamie, which I think embarrassed him some. Then she told me to put my foot on his stomach. I did that, then she said stomp his stomach several times, get him feeling your foot pushing into his belly, deeper with each stomp. It took me a little while to get the hang of lifting my foot and pushing it down hard on him, but after a couple minutes I did it and he was breathing hard. I kept my foot pressed down on his belly and each breath he took would raise my foot up then down. My foot was the cause and I was enjoying him recover while I kept it on him. You were right Mark, it wasn’t my foot on him, it was the power I had over him. My foot was just the tool. But I have to admit I did enjoy him under my foot. Mark do you like my feet, are they the kind you would want on your naked body”?

I looked at her with her glowing face and smile and said let me see them and patted my lap. She raised them both up and I slid off her flip flops, giving both feet a soft massage. They did feel soft and warm, not dried out at all. I smiled at her, then lifted her foot a little and lowered my face some and gave each foot a few dry kisses while letting them press against my face. Then put them back down on my lap. “Any man would love these soles anywhere on their body”.

“I should have asked where your husband is”. “He is with Rhonda, she is treating him like she treats you and he left a couple hours ago and will be back tomorrow. Rhonda said I can keep you for the night”. Ah, no one told me, I didn’t even bring a change of clothes. “Mark, Rhonda said you are my slave till my husband returns, I believe slaves don’t wear clothes around their Mistress. She told me, her mother Rachel, taught you how to bath and prepare a woman for an evening of worship. Come on; let’s get you out of those things so I can lust for your body, which I own for maybe 12 hours”. I took her hand and followed her back to her bedroom.

We went into the master bedroom, it was more like a small apartment, she sat in a chair and told me to stand in front of her. “Undress Mark, slowly, I want to watch you expose yourself”. I pulled my shoes off, then unbuttoned my shirt slowly. When it fell, she wiggled her finger for me to come over, she undid my belt. I don’t know if all guys respond like I do, but when a woman undoes my belt and starts to open my pants, I am rock hard very quickly. It was no different with her. She pulled my pants and underwear down to my knees and wrapped her hand around my cock, squeezing and stroking alternatively. “Is this what happened with the girls who won the bids and used you”?

After she teased my cock to the verge of ejaculation, she said, “Draw my bath slave. I understand you do an excellent job of shaving a woman’s legs in the bath. Rachel taught you from what Rhonda shared on our call yesterday. I want you to shave my legs and then we can shower together”.

It was a huge bathtub, enough for 3 people maybe. She walked in naked with her hair up; she had a nice body and breast. I got in first as Rachel had taught me. I sat up straight with my legs spread apart. She stepped over and sat down on the edge of the tub. She put one of her feet on my cock and balls and then the other over the top of my cock sticking out so both her feet covered my cock. It was throbbing and pressing up into her feet. She smiled at me as she just kept them in place.

She started, “Mark, I have never been with another man since I’ve been married. Jamie said I can think of this as not cheating, as you are really part of my therapy and marriage counseling. My husband knows I am with you as he is with Rhonda. I think too, knowing you are really a slave for my enjoyment is different than if you were a lover. Unless I am wrong, based on how your cock is moving under my soles you are turned on. Do I remind you of Rachel, how she took you at 18 and trained you. Or am I just one of many clients since then, you have to please, for the money we are paying Jamie?”

I didn’t know if she came by this demeanor normally or if she had been coached. She was clearly making me want to please her more. She was hitting all my buttons. She was also exploring new ground for herself and it was so fresh and enjoyable, being her first. She finally slid down into the tub and placed her left foot on my chest. She leaned back with a cushion under her head and closed her eyes. I sponged water over her leg, then took the shaving cream and rubbed her leg above the ankle to above her knee. The razor designed for women’s legs glided over her legs. She would open her eyes and look into mine. Finally I sponged her leg clean; she pulled her knee in and ran her hands over the freshly shaved skin. She smiled. Her right foot came up and found a place on my lower chest to begin. I began to shave the new leg, very much becoming in intoxicate by her.

“Mark, I could be spoiled by this. Do you believe men are naturally beneath women in the order of the world? I also got a link to Rhonda’s web site and got to see what Stacy and the other girl did to you when they came over. Do you still become emotionally attached to the women who own you? How did it feel for them to love you and beat you and trample you? You don’t have to answer. You hated it and you loved it. It was so clear in your eyes. The best part was the private scenes with Rachel, before Rhonda cropped out her mother’s face. Do you think Rhonda would ever sell you to me?

I finished her other leg and she got out. I got out behind her and started drying her off. I patted every part of her body with the towel as she acted like this was an everyday occurrence for her now. She sat at her vanity and handed me her brush. I let her hair down and started brushing her hair as she watched me, her eyes looking in the mirror. She got up and went back to the bed and sat down, “Mark do I need to tie you down or can I just tell you how I want you?” I looked at her and lay down on the bed, spreading my arms and legs out wide like I would be tied. “Good boy, let’s see how my husband is doing”. She turned on her computer and TV and we were looking at Rhonda’s dungeon. She was in her boots and leather outfit with a large black dildo strap-on.

The wife got up on the bed and straddled my face. My tongue went to work as she started describing what was happening. “She is putting my husband in a pillory. She just took the belt out of his pants and doubled it over, making him kiss it”. I felt her moving on my face, I know her husband orally worshiped her, I wondered if she ever sat on a man’s face before. “She is walking around behind him. She is going to beat his ass”. She turned up the volume so I could hear the leather belt crack loudly on his ass and I knew his thighs. She was moving faster and pressing harder now, she was turned on watching her husband being beaten by Rhonda. He was screaming and begging for mercy, I remembered how vicious she could be with a belt. The wife orgasmed hard and she just stayed in place on my face. She wasn’t moving anymore, just dead weight on my face. I could still hear her husband and the belt and his crying now.

She moved back and settled on top of my hard cock. “She is walking around in front, grabbing his head by the hair and making him swallow that huge dildo she is wearing”. I could hear him starting to gag and choke, Rhonda loved making a man suffer. The wife was riding me slowly up and down, her hands on my chest, watching the screen so intently. “He is crying and sobbing as she choked him on that cock. I don’t know if I could do that to him, but your cock is big enough, we can do that to him with your cock, cum inside me Mark, cum in me hard”. I let loose because of she made me feel so hot. It was a big load. She moaned and started riding me faster then slowed and she just sat on my cock fully inside her.

She got off and used her towel to clean up. She put me down on the floor at the foot of her bed and swung her legs around and put her feet on me, turning my face with her foot on top to watch the screen. I could see Rhonda walking behind, getting ready to take his ass with the big strap-on. Rhonda switched camera views so the husbands face was centered with Rhonda standing behind his ass. She put her hands on his hips and you could see his face contort as she worked the dildo into is ass. The wife’s toes curled around my face as I continued to watch. Rhonda was fucking his ass with no mercy and he was in pain and exhausted. Tears were running from his eyes. The wife was watching then said, “I can’t believe he does all this to keep us together. I never knew how much he loved me, how far he would go to keep me. Mark do you see how much he is taking from that bitch step sister of yours. Would you believe what he will do to make me happy? Mark, I want to keep him and hopefully he can be more like you, my husband and my slave. Do you think he will do that?”

I lay on the floor, her soft feet pressed on my face and throat. I knew if he would take what Rhonda did to abuse him; his wife would never ask that much of him. She found the love she wanted and I didn’t think she would ask him to be a 24/7 slave, but be the kind of husband who would do anything to keep his wife happy and interested in a relationship for life.

06-04-2012, 6:38 AM
Love the story keep up up the great work :)

06-05-2012, 12:50 AM
Great Stoty so far, thumps up!

06-05-2012, 12:58 PM
part 4 was awesome...luv the detailed description...please continue.

07-06-2012, 10:13 AM
Thanks for the great responses, I start working on another chapter to this. Glad you folks are enjoying it.

07-07-2012, 12:48 PM
Part 6

When Rhonda and I went to University, my Father bought a 3 bedroom house for us, rather than stay in dorms or join sorority/fraternity houses. Rachel my step mom had a lot to do with it I’m sure. Rhonda took the master bedroom, the next largest room was the guest bedroom, Rachel’s room mostly and then the smallest room was mine.

We were both starting our senior year at University and from the point Rhonda and Rachel found the websites and pictures of my fetish, I had been Rhonda’s bitch and Rachel’s boy toy. Originally, I was going on my own education path, but Rhonda basically forced me to take the same classes as her and she took full advantage of my work and doing her assignments.

I was done with the married couple and was back at the house, already naked and laying on the floor in front of the couch. Rachel was driving up from my Father’s and Rhonda was going to have dinner with her by the University. Then come to the house. I was left instructions to be in their favorite spot when they got home. I stared up at the ceiling starting to fade as I waited for them. It was flashing in my mind how I shared my history with the married couple on how it all began. I started thinking about how things went at the beginning of summer that year after high school graduation.

Rachel continued to train me as a sex toy. How to use my tongue, control my release, how to pleasure her the way she liked. She seemed to enjoy working her feet and sitting on me into our times together, but she was clearly a sexual woman with desires that didn’t include pleasing the man. I did love being with her, especially once I started to learn what she wanted and she didn’t have to inflict pain on me to control my ejaculations. I accepted that my attraction to her, being older and more mature, was something I very much enjoyed.

Rhonda continued to do the online webcam sessions to her growing subscribers and allowed interactive suggestions from the audience, which continued to push my limits. I actually started to accept her as a Dominant and while I would never feel for her like her mother, I did find myself, very willing to be her slave, without the emotional attachment she never allowed. I was her object if I was anything. The best part was when the school counselor called after the 4th of July and said it was time for Rhonda to bring me over to her place. We both knew when she found out about Rhonda using me and was able to watch what Rhonda was doing to me on the webcasts, we had no choice but to pay her price.

The counselor was 40, 5’8” and attractive with long legs and was divorced. She lived in a neighborhood not too far from the high school and no one really knew much about her outside life. She had us come in and she wearing spandex shorts and a halter top like she was working out. I immediately noticed though her beautiful bare feet. Big like Rachel’s and almost perfect toes. She asked us to follow her down into her basement which turned out to be a dungeon with all the furnishings, trappings and restraints anyone could imagine.

She watched us as our eyes went wide. She said, “You are both adults now, you knew you had to pay for my allowing you to graduate and not tell your Father. You will address me as Mistress from now on, both of you naked, now!”

I could feel the grin on my face as I lay on the floor, with my eyes closed remembering this like it was yesterday. I enjoyed watching Rhonda get naked and be under the control of another, especially another woman. As we both stood there naked, Mistress pointed to Rhonda and then to the floor in front of her chair. There was a long silence and Rhonda who thought I was the going to be the object of her interest was stunned.

Rhonda finally moved and lay on her back as Mistress turned to me and said “in the fridge is a bottle of chardonnay, bring me a glass Mark”. When I poured the glass and turned to bring it to Mistress, I felt my cock bounce as I saw Rhonda’s face covered by one bare foot and her pussy by the other. Mistress sitting in her chair with her legs spread as I brought the glass of wine and handed it to her. “I see it excites you to see your step sister in your spot”. Of course I was and while I did think of Rhonda as my Dominatrix, I loved seeing her under the feet of a woman from school I had seen walking the halls and with students, use Rhonda like this.

“Go ahead Mark, put your foot on her breast, squish them for me and make her moan for me”. I looked down at Rhonda. Her face pressed to the side, the foot covering her whole face. Her breathing was heavy as I stood next to her in front of Mistress. I raised my foot up and my bare heel went down on her near nipple and the ball of my foot over the other. I pressed lightly till I felt it was right then started pressing my weight down and grinding her breast back and forth under my foot. Mistress reached forward and took my cock in her hand and softly said “harder, make her suffer Mark”. I was almost feeling out of body, I was making her hurt under my foot, crushing her breasts, I could hear her moaning and groaning as Mistress just held on to my cock and sipped her wine, telling me what a good job I was doing.

After about 10 minutes of tormenting Rhonda squishing her breast and Mistress rubbing her pussy with her other foot, she released my cock which was leaking precum, and said “help her get up and let’s get her on the bondage table Mark”. As I helped Rhonda get up, the outline of toes was on her face, I tried not to smile, but Rhonda saw it and gave me a look that sent shivers down my spine. Rhonda got up on the wide padded table and lay down on her back. I was guided to bind her ankles together and wrists to the side of the table. Mistress walked over with her empty glass of wine asking for a refill, while she brought a pair of nipple clamps with a chain and started to put them on Rhonda. My cock was sticking out like a flagpole as I was so excited seeing Rhonda getting some of her own medicine.

Mistress handed me the bottle of lube and had me cover my cock and the soles of Rhonda’s feet. Then she guided me so my cock went between the tied feet, between the arches till the soles of Rhonda’s feet pressed on my body, a real turn on, and my cock gliding in and out between her two feet. “Don’t you dare cum till I tell you Mark”, she said. She leaned over Rhonda; let her long blond hair fall over her body. She stopped and made out with Rhonda for a few minutes. As I kept my cock all the way in between her feet, I loved how the soles pressed on my things and lower belly, making sure I didn’t get over excited. She checked the clamps to make sure they were set firmly, pulled her spandex off and was naked, then climbed up on the table and reverse face sat Rhonda and was watching me pumping on her feet.

Mistress showed no mercy to Rhonda whose face was smothered full weight under the 40 year old school counselor. If Rhonda’s tongue and mouth weren’t performing well enough, she pulled on the chain, her red nipples stretched until she screamed inside of Mistress and then let the chain go till Rhonda didn’t please her orally, and repeatedly pulled her nipples, the clamps never pulled off and her nipples would be very painful when the clamps came off. Even though her ankles were tied, her feet squeezed on my cock between her arches as the nipple torture was performed on her for poor oral performance. It felt so good; I could watch the withering pain of Rhonda without having to look into her eyes. I told Mistress I couldn’t last much longer and she said to just press forward and keep my cock sticking out between her feet. She continued to smother Rhonda, it must have lasted 20 minutes, the muffled screams into Mistress Pussy, Rhonda’s body tensed as the pain racked her, sweat was coming off her now and I was starting to worry.

I had fallen into such a deep trance remembering this encounter I didn’t hear Rachel and Rhonda come in as the pain from Rachel’s sharp heel pressed down on my forehead. I awoke startled, looking up at her standing over my head, her shapely calf attached to the heel covering my face as she twisted the heel back and forth. You must be having a great dream to be that hard Mark, you better have been dreaming of me enjoying you tonight as she removed the sole of her shoe and walked to the kitchen.

I woke up more, trying to stretch from lying on the carpeted floor all this time, when both came back in with wine and sat down on the couch. Rachel put one bare foot on my lower stomach, crossed her legs and with the other foot hanging over my cock, would tap it and watch it bounce. Rhonda wasted no time putting her two bare feet on my face. Over time she had perfected covering my face, mouth and nose so it was very hard to breathe, and she could keep them in that position for a long time, I knew she like it, as she could feel my breathing grow so strained with my hot breath exhaling on her soles.

They continued talking and ignoring me, almost like the first time they made me their rug together. I laid still, my cock hard and always close to the edge from the constant teasing from the ball of Rachel’s foot tapping on top of my cock. As my breathing got harder, I started slipping back quietly, remembering what would happen to Rhonda next, a small grin formed under the feet of Rhonda as I drifted back to that day.

lovin ass
07-07-2012, 2:23 PM
like the new addition, great stuff :)

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Great new addition!

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Great part, thank you.

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Good stuff bud keep it up loving your story :)

07-09-2012, 2:11 PM
Part 7

My mind returned to seeing Rhonda smothered, getting harsh nipple torture and my cock sticking out between her arches as the soles of her feet pressed against my lower belly.

Mistress started looking at me and said, “I really am enjoying your step sister, I think she would make a wonderful sex slave for me, before you both leave in two months. I love seeing how hard your cock is too Mark. Now that she let her subscriber group know what web sites you were looking at, I know you loved female on female trampling. Would you like to watch me trample your step sister in front of you?”

I could feel my cock bounce between the soles of Rhonda’s feet as I looked down at her body, her face covered by Mistress siting relaxed on top of it. The chain and clamps still on her abused nipples. I had never thought about this every happening. She didn’t really wait for a response. “Untie her from the table, and bind her spread eagle on the floor where she was. And to be fair, I’ll have to bind you to the St Andrews cross while you watch”.

Mistress lifted up off Rhonda’s face, it was wet and smeared as well as very red. Rhonda was still breathing hard as she must have spent over 35 minutes under Mistress’ pussy. Mistress still had a very hot body, even though she was 40. She told me to fetch a wet towel over in the corner by the sink, and wipe off her mound and thighs. I returned with the wet towel I had run warm water on, knelt in front of her and used the towel to wipe clean under her ass and mound, then down the insides of her thighs till she wasn’t showing any mess at all. Rhonda had turned her head to watch me on my knees cleaning her.

“Mark, you can stand next to me while I take the clamps off her, or if you want to feel the soles of my feet, you can lie down next to the table and I will stand on you while I remove them.” I was already afraid of any more eye contact from Rhonda, after I crushed her breast under my foot. I laid down on the floor next to the bondage table looking up at her, as she looked down at me with her hair hanging down almost covering her breast. She stepped up on my chest with her left foot; I can still remember how good her sole felt on my skin then the weight as she stepped up with the other foot landing right on top of my cock and balls. She balanced on my body as she smiled down at me and then lifted her head up to Rhonda, still bound on the table.

Neither Rhonda nor I had experience with nipple clamps; I could hear Mistress whispering to her, “This is going to be painful”. I could see her arm move then I heard Rhonda, groaning loudly in pain, almost crying like a baby, Mistress shifted her weight on me back and forth as I could see her smiling at Rhonda’s pain from the first clamp coming off. Each time Mistress shifted her weight to my chest, she would lift her foot repositioning my cock and balls so she could grind them better. I knew I was much better off then Rhonda who was still suffering from the first clamp being removed.

It look liked Mistress started rubbing the nipple but I couldn’t see for sure. But then I saw her take the chain and start pulling. I knew the clamps were on the nipples very tight and when I saw her jerk her hand pulling off the last clamp, Rhonda began screaming!

Rhonda was experiencing pain I could only imagine; her screams and sobbing were unbelievable. Mistress stood next to her watching Rhonda, tied tight to the table, unable to touch herself, she was smiling watching her. While I was feeling so much empathy for Rhonda and how cruel this woman was to her, Mistress’ foot stroked my hard cock just right with the sole of her foot and I shot a load all over my stomach and part of her foot. “Mark, I told you not to cum without permission, what am I going to do with you?”

I heard Mistress in a loud voice call out, “Slut”, and at the other end of the basement I saw a storage cabinet door open up and out comes a man wearing a hood crawling on his hands and knees. As he got closer I could see he also had a cock cage on and then a butt plug with horse hair coming out like a tail. We didn’t know he was with us all this time, I guess in a cage or closet. As he crawled up to my feet, he stopped, Mistress told him, “Mark made a mess, clean it up slut!”

I was scared now, I didn’t want a man touching me, and Mistress continued to stand on me keeping her foot over my cock. The guy moved in and I felt his tongue, start licking my stomach, I’m sure swallowing my spent load of spunk. He licked and slurped and I could feel him working the sides of Mistress’ foot. Finally, I didn’t feel him licking anymore, Mistress shifted her weight back on my chest, and I saw her lift her foot up, so her slut could lick the bottom of her foot, covered in the cold sticky sperm left from my explosion. I was disgusted watching, thinking how bad it would be taste my own cum.

Rhonda had finally regained her composure and wasn’t crying or sobbing anymore. Mistress stepped down off me, I heard her tell the slut to heel, like a dog, as she walked over to her chair, handing him the empty wine glass, he knew to go fill. I got up and now could look at Rhonda naked tied to the table and started to untie her ankles and then her wrists. All the while she just gave me one of her contemptuous looks. I held out a hand to help her up and provide some balance so she could be taken over to Mistress’ Chair.

Rhonda didn’t like any of this, but she lay down and the Velcro straps were already in place to attach to her wrists and ankles spread out. Mistress nodded approval and pointed over the St Andrews Cross. I walked over and stood waiting. Mistress put a foot on Rhonda’s belly and just stepped on her to come over. She quickly strapped my wrists above my head and down at my ankles; I was spread like an X. Her slut came back with a glass of chardonnay. She walked over to her toy table and came back with a thin wooden cane. She swished it through the air, so I could take in the fear of being struck by it.

“Mark, I told you not to cum without permission didn’t I?” She was using the cane to hold up my cock and run it along the underneath and over my balls. I nodded yes Ma’am. “You understand you have to be punished severely for disobeying me?” she said. “Please Ma’am, I tried not to cum, but lost it, I will be better, please.” I begged. Swissssh, Whaaaaack, she stuck the front of my thighs and the pain shot through me like a knife. I yelped very loud and then I could see the smile on Rhonda’s face as she watched waiting to be a human floor for Mistress. Mistress looked at me, her eyes gazing right through my mind and fear I had now. “20 lashes Mark will be sufficient for your first mistake”. I wanted to faint, the thought of 20 more strikes with that cane like the first one; I was going to lose it.

“Slut, you will drain him of all his seed. He needs to cum three times in your cuckold mouth”. The slut moved in front of my cock on hands and knees and he swallowed my cock without hesitation. I guess I was a homophobe because I was disgusted with a man sucking on me. I closed my eyes unable to get away from him, then I heard the Swiiiiisssssh, Whaaaaaaaack, I braced for the hit but the thud wasn’t on my body. I opened my eyes and Mistress was giving the 20 lashes with the cane on her slut’s ass.

“Count Mark, he is getting the 20 strikes of the cane not you”. I counted 1, then 2 and 3; the slut was in horrible pain as he was beaten without mercy by Mistress. I couldn’t believe it but I was hard as a rock in his mouth and as I counted 14, I shot a load in his mouth. He just jerked with each strike of the cane and I could hear him try to not cough out my cock, but he was suffering and sucking and damn, I was still hard as Mistress saw me shoot into his mouth. At the 20th lash, I could see tears coming down his hood and he was gurgling and choking a little as he kept sucking on my cock despite everything happening.

My cock was sore and I was feeling drained but I still had to cum two more times. Now I couldn’t help but watch as Mistress stepped up and down Rhonda’s body. She clearly had experience and balance trampling; I looked down at her cuckold slut and wondered how many times she had trampled him. Mistress began, “I know you are wondering Mark, but he was a student like you, who started out like you and Rhonda. He would get his trust fund at 21; we were married on his 19th birthday. We signed a prenuptial saying I would get his trust fund as a marital asset. We were divorced on his 22nd birthday and he is penniless. I was 30 then and told him, he could stay but on my terms only. You see the life he has chosen to live with me, well really in the basement; performing the most vile and disgusting acts I can think of him to doing.

I saw her feet cover the side of Rhonda’s face as she stood full weight on her head. I shot a small load into his mouth again, turned on watching her trample Rhonda. I didn’t think I could get another load out. My cock was getting raw, the slut was nonstop sucking and I was trying to figure out how old slut was now. Mistress stepped off Rhonda and moved beside her head. Her foot went across Rhonda’s throat as she looked at me. “Mark I’m going to choke her out with my foot unless you cum a 3rd time as part of your punishment.” I heard Rhonda plead, “Mark please cum, don’t let her kill me!” I saw Mistress step up full weight resting her other foot on Rhonda’s face, keeping her foot pressing down choking Rhonda.

I didn’t mind Rhonda getting her payback, but this was twice I feared for her. I closed my eyes trying to focus and think about something that would make me cum. I started thinking of Rachel, who had been self-centered, but still was a very erotic woman who I enjoyed sex with. It was like I could feel that foot on her throat as if it was mine. I was watching Rhonda choked, would she pass out, would she die?

I kept thinking of Rachael, I need to cum, I need to stop this. “Mark, if you don’t wake up, I will choke you to death”, I heard Rhonda standing over me with her foot on my throat saying, Mom wants you in the bedroom now, get your ass in there or I will choke you out.”

I didn’t realize how deep in thought I was, remembering that day and how being choked by a foot and thinking of Rachel for a reason to cum, had transcending the past to the present. I looked up and said “I’m awake, sorry; I’ll get back to her right away”. She kept her foot on my throat, looking down at me, “What were you thinking about that kept you from waking up?” She stepped up full weight on my throat and stepped off walking away as I turned to crawl back to Rachel in the guest room, I imagined naked waiting for me to show her how well I was trained in her sexual satisfaction.

07-10-2012, 4:26 AM
Love the new addition left me wanting more lol. So question have you been considering continuing "The Sidekick" or is that the way you wanted to end it?

07-10-2012, 7:13 AM
Yes, good question.

I think I will write more with "the sidekick", just not sure when.

I like to write but sometimes wait for some inspiration where to go next and I didn't get it last time I looked at it. I like the story and characters. Diane is a great character, but did want to repeat some things I've already done.

Sure it will happen, eventually.

I have thought about dontinuing "Relationship Changes" too.

The Story idea for "Stepsister" just started to flow and has been easier to get going.

Thank you for asking.