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12-04-2012, 8:33 PM
Please Shrink Me

How long have you been begging and pleading with me to do this? You sent me dozens of emails and when I didn't respond to those you wrote me letters and when I still ignored you tracked down my phone number and filled my voicemail box with your desperate pleas. So you sincerely want to be shrunken and you want me to do it? Do you realize what that means? Do you even understand the consequences of such a thing? There's no turning back, once your tiny you will belong to me, you will be my property. Many of my little slaves find that once they have been shrunk down to just centimeters tall they are quite terrified. it's quite unnerving to be so small and helpless and at the mercy of a sometimes temperamental, often sadistic giantess. Of course when things go well it can also be extremely satisfying. Being used as a tiny sexual slave, forced to use yourself to fuck my beautiful giant pussy, made to service my delicious asshole and being given the task of pleasuring all the erogenous zones of my enormous body, I'm guessing this is what you're hoping will be your fate once I shrink you? You want to touch me? you want to be inside me? You desperately want to satisfy me? Alright then my willing and obedient admirer, I will shrink you. I'm going to take my time doing it though because I want you to really feel it. And when I finally have you where I want you you and I are going to have some fun. I can't promise that it's the kind off fun that you're hoping for...but since your willing to take that chance I can only assume that no matter what becomes of you, you will accept your fate. I'd hate to have to chase you.