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10-16-2013, 7:56 AM

Part 10

Kyle's Dilemma

Kyle watched the brown boy move toward the new toilet. Regina held his leash tight keeping him from reaching the box containing the sled.
Both Women looked at Kyle who was shaking, his fists closed so tight his knuckles were white.
Kyle's teary eyes darted back & forth between the women.
'Well?' Michelle said to him even as Sanjay tried to reach the toilet.
'Someone's seems eager to serve' Regina said still watching Kyle.
Kyle's mouth opened but no words came out.
'Please' he managed to say with begging eyes as a tear ran down his pale cheek.
Regina let Sanjay's leash free & the brown boy quickly lay on the sled. Michelle looked at Kyle giving Kyle a chance to say he would do it.
Kyle watched as Regina fitted the Slaves hard cock into the tube. She looked back at Kyle & shook her head after seeing him not offering himself up to service his Mistress Michelle. Regina moved the sled, sending Sanjay's head into the throne. Regina set the stop locking the sled in place & stood looking once again at Kyle.

'No please...............Michelle pleaseeeeeeeee' Kyle cried out as Michelle handed Kyle's leash to Regina.
'Come Slave' Regina said tugging on Kyle's leash as he watched Michelle step up onto the box then lifting the toilet lid exposing the bright red thickly padded toilet seat.
Kyle went to his knees still pleading with Michelle...........'I'll try....please Michelle' he begged.
'Take him' Michelle told Regina.
Crying, he got to his feet & like a lost lamb he didn't fight as Regina led him from the bathroom.
'I have a special job for you at the Spa Slave' Regina told the sobbing Kyle as she led him out.
'Pye' Regina called.
Pyewacket came running in from outside along with Storm.
Storm went to her bed & lay down. Her eyes watching to see if any more little treats came out of hiding.

************************************************** **************

Regina led Kyle to the rear of the jeep & told him to get in. Kyle saw the sled in back of the drivers seat.
'Lay down' Regina told him.
Like a lost lamb being led to the slaughter Kyle lay upon the sled. His eyes closed tight he felt Regina cuffing his hands to the sled before pushing him under the drivers seat.
Kyle felt the thick rubber seal around him as his head was forced thru the tight opening. He opened his eyes to darkness, the rubber seal around his neck allowed him to swallow even as it fit snugly to his neck.
Bright light flooded his face as Regina removed the drivers seat cutout exposing Kyle's face. Kyle blinked, trying to clear the tears that filled his eyes to see Regina smiling down at him.
Kyle tried to swallow, his mouth dry as sandpaper.
'Open your mouth Slave' Regina told him, her face inches above him. Kyle opened his mouth & watched the thick white rope of spit hanging from Regina's lips fall onto his dry tongue.
'Swallow' Regina told him as she worked up another wet treat for the parched Slave.
Kyle swallowed, his eyes pleading.
Scared, he drew in a deep breath as he watched Regina step up into the jeep. He looked up at Regina's naked ass as it hovered over his face, the light dimming as the spreading cheeks opened as they came down to settle over his nose & mouth.
Regina started the jeep while Pye lay curled in the next seat purring softly.
Regina adjusted herself until she felt Kyle's mouth against her cunni. Reaching down between her open thighs she tapped two fingers on Kyle's head telling him to get busy licking & sucking. Regina lifted one cheek, smiling as she heard Kyle draw in a deep breath before she settled back down onto his face.
Regina pulled out onto the road, she wasn't in any hurry to get back to the Spa. The visiting group of Japanese Ladies weren't due for another hour or so.

************************************************** ********************