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04-29-2006, 1:58 PM
Part 1

I was really getting nervous. But she was quite convincing. "Ok, stand straight up and keep your hands at your sides" she said. "Take off your shirt and pants, just leave on your boxer shorts and socks" she said. Hesitantly, I got undressed. "Ahhh, yes, you're physique is really great Jason, I would like to hire you" she said. I then stood straight up with my hands at my sides. Shawna then starts wrapping this plastic cling wrap around me starting at my neck and wrapping it around me all the way to my ankles. "Wow I thought, this stuff is unreal!" She had just wrapped me once from my neck to my ankles, and I couldn't move at all. Then, she starts wrapping me again with a second wrapping starting from my ankles to my neck. She started at the top of my shoulders and wrapped down me with this cling wrap to my ankles once, then back up and down a total of five times! I was like mummified in this stuff. "There, all done! How does it feel?, Do you feel securely bound up?" she said. "Words can't express it" I replied. I couldn't move an inch, my arms were pinned and wrapped at my sides totally. It was like being encased in cement, I couldn't move at all. "What's this going to be used for at the club?" I said. She didn't answer me. "Excuse me, what's this being used for?" I asked again. "Oh, weight control I think" she replied. Shawna then immediately grabs me, stands behind me and then lowers me down on my back on to her living room rug. "Do you feel helpless, Jason?" she said. "Yes, why?, this is awesome stuff, I can't move at all, but it feels so light wrapped around me. "You feel completely helpless now?" she continued. "Why are you asking me that" I said. "Great, that's what I want to hear. There's no way you're getting out of that plastic wrap" she added. "So, just hang there a few minutes, I'll be right back" she says. "What do you mean?" I said.

She walked out of the living room and I heard her apartment door open and her leave. In a few minutes I could hear her apartment door close. All of a sudden, I heard a group of footsteps coming into the living room. I strained my neck to look up and there was this Debbie and Rhonda, her friends looking down at me. I was really embarrassed. Shawna then says "Remember Jason girls?" "How could I forget him, I've been fingering myself each night thinking about this night" she replied. "I hope you don't mind but your going to have a smelly evening with us. You'll learn all about a woman's feminine odor, smothering and domination tonight, Jason" Shawna said. "Smelly evening? Smothering?" I thought. What does she mean. Was I to find out!

I felt embarrassed lying there, totally bound in this plastic wrap and with them all looking down at me with just my shorts on through this clear plastic wrap. This Debbie had a track suit on and Rhonda had on jeans and boots. Shawna then went to the kitchen and returned to the living room and proceeded to sit on my chest. "Ah, ok, you can untie me Shawna" I said. She didn't say anything, just smiled at me. She pulls out this big roll of duct tape and then says to the two others "Ok, give me a hand, lift him straight on an angle against the couch". I wondered what they were going to do. I tried to move, but couldn’t move a muscle. This plastic cling wrap stuff with all these 6 – 8 strips of duct wrapped around it too was like super strong. It kept me straight, I couldn’t even bend, and if I did I would likely just fall over like a tree onto the living room rug. All three of them got me back standing practically straight up. Rhonda stood behind me and held my shoulders so I stayed straight. "Ok, give me the duct tape" Shawna said. She then started to wrap the duct tape around my shoulders quite tightly wrapping it around me about 5 or 6 times over the plastic wrap. "Hey, I get the point, this stuff works, get me out of it, now, I'm serious" I said. "Oww, he's serious" Rhonda said. "I guess we should be afraid of him or something, huh Shawna" Debbie added. Shawna then tore the tape off and fastened the loose end down against the rest of the tape she just wrapped around my shoulders. She then proceeded to do the same thing, wrapping about 5 - 6 cycles wrapping around me again just above and below my elbows, at my wrists and hands, two more strips above and below my knees, and finally wrapping another four or five wraps with the duct tape around my ankles.

I couldn't believe the feeling. It was truly like cement. I just kept hearing her statement "I'll cut you out of this" echoing in my ears. She was right, that's the only way I could possibly ever get out of this solid encasement of plastic cling wrap and, then reinforced with 8 separate strips of duct tape wrapped around me as well. "Wow, perfect bondage" said this Debbie. "Shit, I thought, talk about in total bondage. What are they doing?" I contemplated. "Hey, ok, like ha, ha, get me out of this now! Joke's over girls" I said. "There, he's with us till morning. No escape for sure" said Rhonda. Morning!, what are they doing? I thought. I was now put back on the living room rug lying on my back. Shawna grabs the duct tape and sits on my chest and says "hold your head still, I'm going to tape your mouth over. I want you to breathe through your nose, and only your nose, understand". I noticed her tone very assertive now since these other two friends were there. She pulls off this strip of tape and proceeded to put it securely over my mouth. I moved my head quickly back and forth so she couldn't get it on, but this Debbie immediately jumps down and holds my head still. "Shawna, what are you doing here?" I said. "Are you serious about this?" I added. "Oh, I've been serious about you from the first time I saw you at the club with your bitch Donna" she replied. "Well your little game's over, so let me up, please" I replied again. She just proceeded put the tape over my mouth, "No, no take it offmpph, mmmppphh," she very securely sealed over my mouth with the tape.

Once this tape was on I said to myself "I can't breathe at all out of my mouth, only my nose, this tape is strong". I also just realized that Shawna had this obviously planned out. At this point they all were standing above me smiling down at me. Shawna says "Well jerk, you're going to discover what a woman's smell is all about. I hope you have good sense of smell, to say nothing of a good set of lungs". Get the hair dryer now. Rhonda left the room and came back with a hair dryer. They plugged it in, then Rhonda came over, turned on the hair dryer and started to run the hot air all over my cling wrapped body. As they were doing this, I couldn’t believe it, but this cling wrap stuff started to tighten around my body even more than it was already constraining me. "See, kewl, huh" Rhonda said. "That's fantastic, you can see it sealing against him" said Debbie. After running the hot hair dryer over me for about 5 minutes, the plastic cling wrap just molded to my body, encasing me really securely. I was just rigid and couldn’t bend and inch. "Did you stick to your commitment Debbie? Rhonda?" Shawna asked them. "Of course, 0 days for me" said Debbie, "2 weeks and lots of workouts for me" said Rhonda. "Wow, excellent, 2 1/2 weeks and many stinky workouts for me, same panties" said Shawna. "Oh, I guess we should let you know what that means for you, asshole" Shawna said. "It means that for these number of days we have not had a shower during this humid heat wave, and have had lots of workouts with the same smelly panties on!" she added. "Have you ever been smothered, or smelled really stinky female cunt before Jason?" Shawna said. I just stared at them in disbelief. "Do you think females can smother pretty boys? I just stared at them again, faintly trying to wiggle a bit. They all smirked and looked at each other. "Have you ever had a female sit on your face and force you to smell her and smother Jason?" asked this Rhonda. "Excellent. That's what we want to know. Well, you are going to smother under us all for our enjoyment, and smell some really stinky cunt and ass for a long time pal" Shawna said.

Part 2

"Who wants to go first?" The one named Debbie says "Oh me first, I want to sit on his face for hours" she said. "Sit on his face first Debbie" said Shawna. "Ok, like it's been days now with these stinky panties with no shower I guess a bit longer can only add to it, huh?" Debbie giggingly said. "My panties are just raunched out. Wait till I sit on his face" she added. Debbie was quite petite, probably about 5'7" and about 110lbs, long brown hair. I had no idea what was going to go on. Shawna says to Rhonda, "Sit on his knees Rhonda, I'll sit on his waist". Then the two of them sat on me. Both were facing my head. I was nervous and actually started to get erect. Shawna and Rhonda starting laughing when they noticed it through the plastic wrap and said "Whoooo, look here, he's getting excited already, let's see in about an hour and a half". I thought, "an hour and a half, what are they going to do". Shawna, then looking down at me from sitting on my waist says "If you struggle at any time your balls will be squeezed real hard, do you understand?" She took a pair of scissors and cut a hole in the plastic wrap around my crotch, reached in and pinched my balls through my shorts. The pain immediately made me jump.

Then, Debbie stands above me. I'm looking up at her and she peels off these track pants. The wave of body odor just hit my nose immediately, and invaded my nostrils. "Oww, are you raunchy smelling, girl" said Shawna. At that moment, I still couldn't figure out what she was doing. She then stood above my head, and proceeded to descend toward me and was trying to sit on my face! As she got closer to my face I could see her panties were very well worn, and her odor was so strong and pungent. "nooooopmmphhh, nooommphh" I tried screaming through this tape to get her not to sit on my face. I tried to move my head, but I immediately felt Shawna's hand grab my chin and hold my head straight up. "Hold your head still asshole! Ok Debbie, sit on his face. Pinch his balls real hard Rhonda if he struggles" Shawna angrily said. This Debbie then rapidly started to lower her smelly pantied covered ass toward my face trying to sit on my face. "mmpphh" "mpphhhhhhhhh" I was trying to yell as she knelt above my face and inched forward securing my face tightly between her thighs. She then lowered herself rapidly and sitting on my face. Her wet and smell soaked panties felt grubby on my face. I immediately tried to move my head to resist, her smell was just stifling and pungent. I couldn't believe someone could get this raunchy. I could feel her weight increasing on my face and her thighs tightening further around my face as well. She was sitting on my face frontwards with her back to the others. The smell of her pungent odor and heat of her sweaty crotch as she covered my face was making me choke a bit. I tried to struggle and move my head from side to side, with which Shawna grabs my balls and says "hold your head still and smell her, you prick". I struggled and tried wiggling under them all in this plastic wrap bound in duct tape but I was totally helpless. (Like I'm in really good shape, strong, shapely, abs, quite toned, and I could hardly move at all in this constrained, mummified position). This plastic wrap and duct tape was so strong and binding. I could feel Debbie's weight increasing on my face as she sat more firmly on my face as I kept trying to struggle, she was wiggling around positioning herself with my nose going deeper into her crotch and ass. Her panties were just wet and damp. I was panicking it was such a smothering and suffocating feeling. I was starting to gag her panties were so smelly. "Keep his nose pressed against you, Debbie. Make sure he's smelling you right, too" said this Rhonda. "Let me know if not, I'll pinch him hard" she added.

Debbie's weight on my face and her tightening of her thighs around my face was too much. When I tried breathing in, the wet material of her panties was just sucked into my nostrils and it was so difficult to breathe, it was so smothering. I couldn't move an inch, and this plastic wrap with duct tape had me securely bound like being in plaster. The weight of Shawna and this Rhonda sitting on my waist and legs tightening themselves against me everytime I tried to struggle added to a total feeling of helplessness as writhed under their combined weight. Debbie wiggled around on my face working herself up covering my face and positioning my nose into her crotch saying "Smell me, and smell me hard, sitting on your pretty face is where I should be." Her panties and crotch were unreal. I must admit I've sniffed some females panties in one of the fitness clubs I worked in before from the laundry bin, but this was like 1000 times smellier. I struggled and made muffled groans trying to get them off me, but under all three of them their weight made it helpless. When I tried to struggle, this Debbie would just tighten herself around my face and head giggling, and I could feel Shawna and Rhonda also doing the same with their knees and thighs against me. The tape Shawna put over my mouth was really effective, I had to lie there helplessly smelling Debbie's crotch and ass through my nose. Debbie was looking down at me between her legs. "Smelly down there guy? I get like that you know after a day or so, but after 2 - 3 weeks, I guess it's pretty bad" she'd say looking down at me. Gross girl. "I've touched myself at night in bed thinking about sitting on his face like this" Debbie added. I could get a faint glimpse of her every now and then looking up at her from under her crotch and ass when she opened her legs a bit, and rubbing herself against my nose and face. She kept rubbing herself against my nose with this Shawna always asking "Is he smelling your crotch right Debbie?" She would move back and forth rubbing herself against my nose, using my nose to get her off. She'd look down at me and smile saying "Wow guy, my smell is getting to me, how's it going for you down there?" Her and Rhonda were laughing as I was really erect at this time. Either Shawna or Rhonda kept flicking my erection with her fingers through the plastic wrap which kind of hurt, and telling me to stop struggling. "What do you think, Debbie?, you like?" said Shawna. "Oh yes, he's everything you said he was" she replied. If we didn’t get him tonight though, I would have caved in and had a shower" she said. "Smother him now Debbie" said Rhonda.

I remember looking up at this Debbie from between her legs, struggling for fresh air, and catching glimpses of the bottom of her bare breasts under her t-shirt as she wiggled around rubbing herself on my face. "mmpphhhhhh" I would try moaning as it was so claustophobic under her, I was starting to panic for lack of air. She moved up covering my face as the lights of the room between her legs disappeared and it became dark. I could feel her then relax her weight as she put her hands on her hips. My air was cut off totally, I tried wiggling and straining my neck to move from side to side to get a breath of fresh air, but there was nothing. She was smothering me. The feeling of suffocating under her stinky ass gave me this panicked feeling. I started to strain and wiggle against this plastic wrap, but nothing. The other two would just tighten themselves around my body holding me still. I was starting sweat profusely and my face felt so hot. I think about 30 seconds went by and I started to try and scream "eeemmmphhhh. Aaammphhhhh" to which I heard them all giggle and laugh. I was desperate for air and my lungs started to hurt. She had my face just clamped into her musty and smelly ass. I started to violently struggle trying to move my head to get any air. Just when I thought I was going to smother, she lifted her left ass cheek a bit and some precious cool air rushed onto my face. I inhaled immediately to get some air, but just ended up smelling her stinky odor as my nose and face was still plastered under her smelly ass. She would be looking down at me and would periodically close her legs together tightly and wiggle up more covering my face and laughing, making me smell her musky crotch. "Oh, Shawna, his breathing in and out against me is fantastic, I smell so much, this is a great idea". "How'd you convince him to tie him up so well?" she said. "Oh, it was really quite easy" she said. "Donna introduced me, and he's looking for contacts in the fitness field" she included. After about 30 minutes, my face was just soaked with her smelly moistness of her crotch and ass, and I could feel the smell rubbing off caking onto my face. Her panties were literally wet. She kept rubbing herself back and forth on my face, almost trying to use my nose as a dildo. Every now and then she would stop and just position herself steadily on my face pushing down trying to cut off my air. "Hard to breathe down there you jerk?" she'd say. She would sit like that for about 30 seconds, really tightening herself on my face and pushing herself hard against my nose. I had no air at all. Then, all of sudden, she would release the grip around my head and I could feel a bit of cool air leak in between her legs and rush onto my face. After about 25 seconds in this position, I would violently struggle and writhe under their combined weight to try and get some air just before she would release her grip a bit on my face. They all would laugh every time she did this, as I would be wiggling to the best of my ability under them, just struggling for air. Debbie would jerkingly release the tension of her thighs around my face, and I would inhale a quick, long breath of air, but smelly air as my nose was still pushed up against her smelly cunt, or encased and wedged up her ass crack smothering my face.

Part 3

I remember the air being so cool hitting my face after being under her smelly ass. I could feel her just release her thighs and sit up just about a 1/2 inch on my face so I could get a couple of precious quick breaths, and in about 2 seconds she'd relax herself quickly again and be sitting on my face with her full weight and my air again cut off. After about 50 minutes of this Debbie sitting on my face, she knelt up quickly and said "Hold his head still". I couldn't believe the relief of the cool air rushing in and hitting my face. I thought "Good, this is it, it's over, I can't take this smothering, and the smell making me nauseous". She then merely pulled down her panties to her knees, Shawna grabbed my chin again to steady my head, and she sat back down on my face with her bare ass. "Ahh, this is great, my sweaty ass will really create a lasting seal on face, no air at all" she said.

There was a distinct smack sound as she began to sit on my face again. Her ass was wet and greasy, she was literally sliding around on my face now. Her smell was really getting to me, it was pungent, horribly musky and strong. "eeempphphh" "aaaammphhhh" I again was moaning trying to say something and plead with them through my mouth being taped over. Her bare sweaty ass just sealed my face cutting off all air. With her bare ass being wet and greasy from the heat of the apartment, and from her ass sealing my face, she just moved up and rubbed my nose along the coarse pubic hairs of her cunt until it was positioned just at the bottom part of the slit of her cunt and just before the crack of her ass. She'd slowly move back and forth about 1 inch or so, rubbing my nose against her smelling her. I could feel my nose sliding deeper into the wet and sweaty crack of her ass every now and then. "Oh, wow, Shawna, I'm working his nose right into my smelly ass now, wait till you sit on his face, this is just xtc" Debbie said. "Good, smother him and keep him smelling you" said Rhonda. "No fresh air" Shawna added. "How's your evening guy?" I heard Shawna say, laughing after. This Debbie was now moving herself slowing back and forth on my face, rubbing my nose along from her smelly bush along to her ass, stopping only slightly as to sit on my face with more weight. I could hear Shawna saying "Shhh" to the others sometimes. They would stop talking and there would be an eerie silence, except for the sound of my strained breathing in and out coming from beneath Debbie's smelly ass. My breath was in sporadic gasps because of her rank odor and smothering posture. I think they were all getting off on the sound of me smelling her, and continuously struggling for air. Her pubic hairs were really tickling my nose as she was trying to force my nose inside her. "eeeammphhh, eemmmpahhhhhh" I tried yelling under this tape. I was getting delirious from her feminine odor. She was fairly shaved, but still had some bristly pubic hairs. I tried struggling once again, but it was hopeless. Debbie's thighs were so strong and she held my head securely. "Ha, go ahead jerk off, struggle all you like, just keep smelling my pussy" Debbie would say. I must have endured another 30 minutes smelling her while she just enjoyed herself sitting on my face. Every now and then, Shawna would flick my crotch and threaten to pinch me if I tried to move at all.

All of a sudden, she sat right up. Oh, did the cool air again feel fantastic on my face. "Mpph, Mpph," I tried to speak through the tape. I was trying to say enough, I've had enough. "Shut up dick head" Debbie said. She then turned around, took off her panties, then facing Shawna who was sitting on my waist, she started to reverse facesit me, and right away tried sitting back down on my face. I immediately moved my head again from side to side to avoid her. Rhonda or Shawna, just grabbed my balls and pinched. The pain was immediate. "Hold your head straight up you jerk", one of them said. I had to do it. Debbie then, turning her head back around looking down at me, laughed and said, "Hold your head still, and push your nose into my smelly ass. I want my smell all over your face". She then sat back down on my face, and her sweaty and greasy bum wiggled back and forth taking no time rubbing against my face and inserting my nose deep in her ass again. My nose slipped easily into the wet and greasy crack of her ass, as she positioned it with my nose pressed against her asshole. "Oh yes, it's there where I want it Shawna, his nose is in the sweet spot" Debbie said. "His nose is right against me where it belongs" she added, they all started clapping. Once again, I lay there helplessly writhing and smothering under their combined weight being brought to almost total asphixiation smelling Debbie's ass. Every now and then I'd catch glimpses of her long hair streaming down her back as I looked up from under her ass. Then I'd watch the beads of sweat start to form on her back then start running down her back to the crack of her ass, then continue along the crack of her ass until they reached my nose and my eyes, burning them as the drops entered and pooled a bit in my eyes. I tried another spurt of struggling as I didn't want to just submit to them. Just when I did this I felt two sharp pains on my nipples through the plastic. "Keep struggling and trying to move your head and I'll twist your nipples real hard asshole!" Debbie said. Sometimes she would sit up a bit, turn around looking down at me and laugh, then straighten her back, reach back with both hands spreading her ass cheeks, and then sit quickly back down again on my face. "Is it smelly down there?, you little ass sniffer" she teasingly would say. Just like when she was sitting on my face frontwards she'd manipulate my nose positioning it from deep in the crack of her ass, and then back to being rubbed against her smelly pussy. When my nose was in her ass, her asshole seemed to twitch and almost grab my nose. She had little hairs on her ass that kept going in my nose and tickling it. When I'd move my head to stop this itch, she interpreted this as me struggling, and would force her ass harder on my face again cutting of my air. "No way you're moving guy, just lie there and smother!" she'd say. My eyes were burning a lot as well at this time from the sweat of her on my face so long, with it rolling down the crack of her ass and into my eyes burning them.

"Ok, Debbie, my turn" said Shawna. I thought, "Her turn!". Debbie sat up, and the cool air hit my face again. It was so cool on my face compared to my face being pinned under her hot smelly ass, but this room was still just stiflingly hot. My face felt greasy, and the smell was still permeating my nostrils even when she sat up off my face releasing the smelly seal of her bum on my face. "Mppph, mpphhhwwe" I was desperately trying to speak through this duct tape on my mouth pleading to get them to release me. Shawna then wiggles up my on my chest approaching my face, and Rhonda moved up to Shawna's previous position on my waist, with Debbie moving to sit on my knees holding me still. It was like an assembly line. Shawna was then sitting with my chin in her crotch looking down laughing at me. I could immediately catch whiffs of her smelly crotch as she pulled off her mini skirt.

Part 4

"Now I'm going to sit on your face and introduce your nose to a new girl smell" she added. "Ok, Rhonda, I'm moving up on him now so, you move up and sit on his waist and hold his head straight and upright if he tries to struggle. Debbie, get on his legs, and if he struggles, smack him in the crotch a good one" she said. I couldn't believe it. Here I was about to start another long session with this Shawna now going to sit on my face, forcing me to endure her smothering me and her smell, and spending more time fighting for fresh air while being facesmothered. Shawna now moved up on me with my chin right against her crotch. Once again, before she was even sitting on me, I could smell her strong odor. Her panties were really well worn too, and wet and really stinky looking. Like and assembly line, Rhonda was on my waist and Debbie sitting on my legs. As Shawna got up on her knees and started to move over my face, and Rhonda reached down to grab my chin with her hands, I really gave a big effort to struggle. Here's my chance I thought, I can't just lie here and submit to them anymore. I'll try and roll over and really struggle. To my surprise, I tried to move, but nothing happened. My strength was totally gone from the heat of the apartment and being wrapped in this plaster like plastic wrap. I was exhausted being pinned here. I could tell by the expression on Shawna's face while she looked down at me that she knew what I just tried to do. "Just found out what a long session wrapped in this plastic will do huh?, you jerk" she said. "That's what we use it for at the fitness centre, to lose weight. It exhausts who's ever wrapped in it. Your strength is drained, and after awhile, you couldn't even sit up if you weren't wrapped in it. Too bad for you" she said.

And here I am, I thought, wrapped up five times over in this stuff, along with duct tape wrapped around my body in six places from shoulders to my ankles, and my mouth taped over securely. "I'm going to sit on your face for a long time, asshole! So you're best to lie there and smell me with the least effort. If you try moving your head, I'll smother you and won't be as nice as Debbie!" she added. As nice as Debbie? I thought, she was really serious about sitting on my face here. She was now above me on her knees looking down at me. "Sit on his face" Rhonda said. "Just a minute" Shawna said. She stood up, and took off her panties, sat back down on my neck again with my chin against her crotch. "What are you doing, Shawna?" Rhonda said. "Sit on his face with your smelly panties" she added. "Screw the panties. I want to sit on his face right off with my bare, raunchy ass and crotch. But you're right, these panties are 10 days old and really soiled. So, here smell them buddy!" she said. Immediately she put them in my face and was rubbing them around. "I want to make him smell them like this, then I want to start right off sitting on his face with my bare ass". The smell of her damp and wet panties was stifling, they were as damp and rank as a wet face cloth. What a contrast as the smell of her feet was still on my face, along with the major smell of Debbie's crotch and ass too. She was smiling at me while sitting on me with my head tightly held between her thighs while she rubbed her panties in my face. Abruptly, she just threw them aside, and knelt up above my face. Rhonda immediately grabbed my chin and held it still. I could see her pussy had more pubic hair than this Debbie. She quickly descended and began to sit on my face, her fleshy and rank ass and crotch making contact on my face. My nose first entered her pubic hair, it was wet and smelly, and her odor was making it hard for me to breathe.

I tried struggling "eememphhphh" "aammphheaaa" and moving my head from side to side, but this Rhonda had my head held firmly, holding it straight up, and Shawna had already lowered herself really quickly on my face. She sat on my face quite hard when coming down on me, you could hear the slapping sound of her cheeks hitting my face. "Oh, excellent!" she said. I could feel Rhonda's hand release my chin, as Shawna was immediately wiggling around on my face settling herself. "I'm going to smother you asshole, your mine" she said. I could feel her probing herself with my nose positioning it deeper into her crotch. The smell was indescribable! She was sweaty and wet, and her smell was much different from Debbie. She smelled even more, a really raunchy fishy smell and musky! It was a really strong and potent, my nose was pushed against her and I was fighting to try and create a small gap between her crotch and my nose to get some fresh air, but she just tightened herself against my face. She was just sitting on my face totally unconcerned, ever tightening herself around my head and face, inching up more and more on my face. "Geez, do I ever smell" Shawna said. "I mean I get stinky after one good workout, this has been 10 days without a shower too" she added. "Glad it's not my face under you" said Debbie. "Move up a bit more on his face Shawna" said Rhonda. "Get his nose right up your ass" she also said.

With this I could feel Shawna grinding my nose against her ass she inched up on my face, and I could feel my nose sliding and entering the beginning of the crack in her ass as she moved forward, my nose slid easily into her sweaty ass and was pushed up inside. "Here, this will help" she said. I could feel a slight relief of pressure as her ass moved a fraction off my face. Her ass seemed to get a bit wider all of a sudden as she reached back with both hands, spread her ass cheeks, then down she came on my face again sealing it totally. My nose was now pressed right against her asshole. "Breathe harder dickhead, or your balls are going to get pinched good again" she said. The muscles around her smelly asshole seemed to be moving and almost sucking my nose into it. I started trying to breathe in and out harder, but it was almost useless. She had my face just sealed under her.

My eyes were starting to really burn again, as the sweat from my face being pressed against her ass was again running into my eyes. I tried to move my face a bit to get the sweat out of my eyes. "Screw you!" Shawna said. And she started rubbing herself really hard against my nose and face. "Think his face is getting any redder now? she said. They all were laughing. "Definitely stinkier" laughed Debbie. "What time is it anyway?" asked Rhonda. "10:15pm" said Debbie. "Fantastic, pretty well 3 hours so far" she replied. "The whole night ahead of us!" Shit I thought, I'm totally overwhelmed now. She was sitting on my face in such a skilled fashion, my nose was just wedged in her smelly ass. Every now and then I mustered up a bit of strength to barely wiggle under their combined weight. Each time it would be met with all three of them just tightening their thighs around me. I was literally fighting for every whiff I was allowed of her really smelly odor. She was just smothering me. I felt like I was going insane with my air being cut off for 40 - 50 seconds or so, then the cycle would start again. Shawna was moving back and forth rubbing herself on my face and nose in a very rhythmic motion on my upturned face. I could feel her finger wiggling back and forth every now and then on the top of my nose where my eyebrows met her pubic hair as she fingered herself while sitting on my face. I could catch the odd glimpse of her looking down at me as she wiggled around on my face. "Don't look at me you jerk" she would say if she caught me looking up at her from under her ass. "Look straight up" she'd say. This would usually be followed with her jerking up covering my whole face and smothering me for 30 second spurts, the same way Debbie did. I was so weak, but in this case I had to struggle under her to gain some air. I squirmed to the best of my ability in total desperation. They'd just all laugh. As Shawna moved and wiggled around my face, it was totally wet and slippery.

I could feel the features of my face being twisted and distorted as she rubbed her ass and crotch on my face. Her movement intensified, and there was complete silence in the room, except for the sound of me gasping for air, and sniffing her crotch and ass as she made increasingly quick and sharp movements against my nose making me smell her. I could feel this Debbie on my legs touching herself vigorously. There was total silence every now and then, they didn't say anything for about 10 minutes or so. Shawna was now rubbing herself much more energetically against my nose. Her full weight was on my face. My nose was actually going in and out of her pussy. "mmmmphh" "ummulpp" I helplessly tried to scream with my muffled attempts. My nose just slid inside her, then get rubbed along her crotch to her ass crack, and then back again. It was like having butter greased on my face. Again, the room was stifling and hot, and I was struggling against nausea. Her smell was hypnotizing. How could someone get this smelly? My face was smeared with her wetness and smell. Her pubic hair was really rubbing now on my face, I was sure I had a rash from the constant rubbing from her pubic hair.

I could feel her spread her legs just slightly and reach down with both hands and pull her pussy lips apart, wiggling more up on my face guiding my nose inside her, and letting go as her lips flopped down on either side of my nose, satisfied that she had finalized her position on my face. My nose was buried and her crotch as she just tightened again around my head. After absolute silence for what seemed like eternity, Shawna loudly says "Smell me harder, Smell me harder you prick, and keep breathing in, faster. Pinch his balls Rhonda, hard" she shrieked with almost panic in her voice. Again, for about 10 more minutes there was this eerie, total silence. She continued rubbing my nose against her almost possessively with increasing intensity. All of a sudden, I could feel this Shawna almost convulsing on my face. She was shaking in short, quick motions. "Oh, shit, Oh, shit, I'm cumming, Oh my! Keep smelling me! she yelled. "Oh, shit, I can't believe it. I'm pouring out!" she said. My nose was at this instant pushed up against her crotch just slightly inside her. She immediately tightened her herself around my face even harder, and took three violent jerks against my face riding it. I could then immediately feel this warm stream of fluidy secretions trickle onto my nose and face, as her body was jerking in short, rhythmic motions. I was totally out of air but sniffed in as when she was jerking against my nose I got precious sniffs of air, but also got her fluid running down my nostrils too. The bittersweet smell of cum filled my nostrils and drizzled down my throat from my nasal passages. "Did you climax?" asked Rhonda. "Oh, shit, did I climax" replied Shawna. She just sat there continuing with short, quick jerks on my face. I could feel the secretions from her orgasm now running down onto my face, and pooling in my eyes. It was stinging my eyes, and I could taste it as it ran down my nostrils and into my throat.

Part 5 (moved the story ahead a bit, will post link for story in it's entirety)

"nnnmppph" "nnmmpohhh" "nnmmph" I tried loudly moaning through this tape to get their attention, to not leave me alone here with Rhonda. This second piece of tape really held, there was no problem at all with it and the seal was still as strong as when they put it on. "What do you want?" said Shawna. I could hardly see them looking up at them all after having my face sat on so long. My face was wet again, and the sweat and smell was burning in my eyes. "Shit, for the past 3 hours you haven't said anything and were actually behaving yourself and smelling our pussies and asses the way you should" she said. "nnpph" "nnpph" I tried saying again. "What, you want a coffee too? You're just going to get more face-smothering" said Debbie laughing. "C'mon Debbie, let's go"

They all were walking toward the door. "Just get me a soft drink" said Rhonda. The door closed and Shawna and Debbie were gone. I thought this is again not good. Rhonda immediately went running by me through the living room and down the hall. I could hear her bare feet thumping on the tiled floor as she ran down the hall. I then was listening to what sounded like her opening and shutting cupboards in the bathroom or something. She then came walking back down the hall really swiftly. She walked over to me and moved all the chairs back to the side of the room. I could hear a jingling of something she had in her hand. She reached down and put something beside my left shoulder. This plaster like plastic wrap which was now like cement prevented me from even lifting my head to look. She just moved right over top of me and sat right down moving right up on my chest facing me with my chin pushed against her bushy crotch. I knew she was going to sit on my face again. I thought I can't endure having my face under her again, although she smelled the most, I didn't think I could take another long session having her sit on my face after smelling and smothering under them all for 10 hours, and suspecting she was going to try and smother me unconscious.

"Do you like being by yourself with me, Jason?" she said. "Shawna and Debbie will be at least 1/2 and hour, so it's just you and me" she added. "You have no idea how hot you've got me tonight sitting on your face" she added. “But I’m also pissed that you screwed my orgasm up earlier when you struggled against me” she said. “You’re going to smother now though” she grinningly said to me. She then knelt up and inched up until she was sitting on my chest until I could feel her pussy hairs on my chin. "nooomph" "noommph" I tried pleading. She just smiled at me and started to kneel up moving above my face. She slowly tightened her thighs and the calves of her legs against both sides of my head as she sat down on my face frontwards with her back to my body, wiggling with quick jerky movements getting positioned with her ass on my face. I just lied there and watched her crotch and ass get closer to my face until my nose and face disappeared under her fleshy ass as she lowered herself on my face. She was quivering and shaking as her fleshy ass covered my face. The musky and strong odor of her crotch was still mind boggling. She was moist and wet because of the sauna like atmosphere of this condo. The heat just helped the odor become even stronger. "Just lie there and smell me" I could hear her say. She wiggled around working herself up on my nose. Her hairy mound was now up on my eyebrows which positioned my nose deep under her smelly and sweaty ass. I could feel her weight getting greater on my face like before as she relaxed her thigh muscles and sat more relaxingly on my face. She probably had 3/4’s of her weight on my face. She just sat there for about 10 minutes slowly moving back and forth about an inch or so rubbing my nose against her. I was just paranoid that at any moment she would sit hard on my face sealing off all air. I kept breathing in and out as hard as I could to hopefully please her. It was so hot under her ass, but there was a bit of an air pocket she purposely created so where I could be forced to smell her odor.

All of a sudden she leaned back a bit on my face so I could look up at her. I looked up at her from between her legs and she was smiling down at me. I saw her glance to my left and reach down and pick something up. She held it up close to my face so I could see it and was shaking it. It made a jingling sound as whatever was in it was rattling in this little glass jar. All of a sudden I got this terrible feeling of total panic as I was pondering what it might be, 'Smelling salts!' I thought, oh no. I knew what she was doing now, my worst fears came true. "Guess what? Smelling salts" she said looking down at me. Her smile grew bigger as she set the smelling salts down on the rug, and then leaned forward again moving up totally on my face and really pushing her weight slowly down on my face submersing it under her. I frantically tried to move my head away and from side to side, but it was totally useless. She had sealed my face under her fleshy and smelly ass too securely. "That's it, just smell and smother guy" I heard her say as I strained to get a breath, any breath. "I told you you'd smother tonight" she added. "Ready to go sleepy?, nitey, nite guy. I'm going to smother you finally, and nobody's here to help you. Don't worry, I'll revive you with these smelling salts, then when you wake up I'll sit on your face for another 2 hours". I could feel her just relax all her weight on my face, and my face became locked under her ass. She wiggled just slightly and really quickly as I sniffed in a quick breath as I knew it was probably going to be my last.

She was now sitting on my face with full weight, totally relaxed, but her thighs were tightly pressed around my face and head anchoring it straight up totally immobilized. My nose was wedged way up the crack of her ass pressed right against her asshole. "hmmmpphhhhhh, hhommmmmpppph" I started trying to scream through the tape. It did no good at all, she didn't respond at all, not even a comment. She just sat there with my face locked tight under her ass. I didn't try yelling again, as it just cost me precious air that I was holding in my lungs. Seconds went by really quickly, probably about 25 by now, I tried to move my head in desperation. "That's good, struggle jerk, the little air you've inhaled will disappear a lot quicker the more you struggle" she said. "I like the next part that's coming, you'll start twitching, then you'll start to violently writhe and jerk around, you'll get a pins and needles feeling on your forehead, it will get really hot and an intense sweaty feeling will overcome you, you'll see a couple of flashes and then blackness" she said. "Your going to smother now" she said. Just as she finished these words, I started to struggle and violently attempt to move my head. I could feel myself getting an immediate, uncontrollable erection as well. I felt like I was going blow a load without any control. I could feel my arms and legs desperately trying to move against this plastic mummification cocoon I was in, but feeling the hopelessness of it. I was jerking really quickly just like she said. About 60 seconds had gone by now. My head felt really hot, "mmmmmmp, mmppp" I couldn't help but try and scream out again now. My head felt like it was going to explode, I got those pins and needles all over my head. I was writhing violently now, and I got a couple of bright flashes, I could almost feel my energy totally drain from my body. I remember tightening all the muscles in my body at once trying to move and get any air, then consciously thinking "This is it" she's smothering me out, and I felt just blackness like someone turned out the lights in a room. It was such a claustrophobic feeling.

Next thing I felt was a sharp bite in my nose, I opened my eyes as I awoke with her sitting on my chest with the smelling salts pushed against my nose. I found my body immediately start twitching and wiggling uncontrollably, I even found myself trying to sit up a bit but couldn't bend at all because of this tight plastic wrap binding me. It was like I had no control over these body motions, it was so weird. "Welcccommmmmeee baaacck, Jason!" "Weird feeling isn't it? You'll find when you come to after being smothered, the body automatically remembers the fight it had to get air just before you smothered. The body reacts just the same way it did seconds before I smothered you. So don’t worry, that will be happening to you a lot tonight" she said. "That was totally awesome guy, wow, did I ever orgasm on you. That's pretty good, nobody has made me orgasm before, so you are definitely my face cushion from now on" she added. I just lay there and looked up at her, I felt so dizzy, the room was spinning a bit, and she came more and more into focus as I looked up at her just sitting there on my chest looking down at me. "Gee, you have me all over your face. Stinks huh?" she said. My face felt just wet. I have no idea how long I was out for. I could smell her cum on my face, and the taste was in my throat that I likely had her fluidy secretion forced down my nostrils. She likely just continued sitting on my face riding it until she came on me. I had no idea. "nnnwupp, nnnwwpp" I was trying to plead with her that I had enough, this was too much and the smothering was far too much now. She was standing over at the window paying no attention to me. She sat in a chair, lit a cigarette and just smoked it while she slowly fingered herself looking down at me. She got up and looked out the window. "Oh, kewl, they're all back now" she said.

Will post other parts later in story where 5 girls are on him and then take turns smothering him totally out.

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