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07-21-2006, 1:24 PM
Hi All,

A couple months back I finally made it to the Minneapolis area and had
the time to meet with a great long time freind, Mistress Sharina. It
had been a long time since I seen her last given all the chaos thats
been going on in my life. Anyhow, Sharina provided a great stress releiver
in the form of a terribly pain filled trample and ball kicking session. She
also introduced me to her new Mistress-in-training (I didn't get any pics
of her) and introduced her to trample for the first time. Of course, under
Sharina's tutelage, she did just fine. Anyhow, it was great to talk with
Sharina after a long absence (or best as I could when she was jumping
on me). So with this said, here's a few of the many pics we snaped that
night during our time together. Thanks Shar!


PS, Have to shout a big thanks to Slave Mike for letting bend your
ear after the Mistress let me go--thanks bud in case your reading this!!

07-21-2006, 1:26 PM
sheeeeit!sure does look like a good way of relieving stress to me!cheers trampleguy!

07-21-2006, 6:29 PM
The pictures are DYNAMITE, I love those open toe sandals and her feet are so delicious looking, you looked like you were on cloud 9, Thankyou again for sharing your experiances and Have a Wonderful Evening.

07-21-2006, 7:02 PM
:worship: :worship: :worship:

07-21-2006, 7:05 PM
Wow! Great pics! Thanks for posting.


07-21-2006, 8:06 PM
Terrific pics.
She has beautiful feet and delicious toes...luv the shoes too.

The Penguin
07-21-2006, 9:41 PM
nice very nice wish i was you

07-21-2006, 10:55 PM
Awesome! i envy you! i should have been there under Her divine feet!

07-22-2006, 1:33 PM
its one of the best trample sessions I've ever seen :

I'm a very fan of you, thx for contribution


07-22-2006, 2:45 PM
Hi All,

Here's a few more pics from our session. CAG00, yes I was on cloud 9
and I just wish I were younger so I could take all that she can give.
Sharina never seams to run out of energy! Tomi, thanks for your kind
words and to a thanks to those who repsonded.


07-22-2006, 5:37 PM
mm, that's niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice! mistress sharina rules!!! can i pleease be her royal red carpet and the footstool before her throne? (i WISH!)

beeeeeeeeautiful lady!! i say that with confidence, because if the rest of her is even half as gorgeous as she is from the ankle down, she's gotta be drop-dead gorgeous.

many thanks for these awesome pix!!


07-22-2006, 7:03 PM
Mistress Sharina is one of the sexiest trample Goddesses around!


07-22-2006, 9:12 PM
Her legs & feet are as hot as they get!!! :worship: :worship: :worship: Oh, & great taste in shoes.:dance: By chance do you have a few more of the hand trample pics? I love that shit:thumbsup2:

07-22-2006, 10:17 PM
Great sexy looking sandals (both pairs), nice feet & excellents pics of spikes pressing down on hands & arms.

Thanks for sharing them with us.

07-23-2006, 3:51 AM
Wounderful pictures, thanks very much for sharing...I bet you had a "impresive" time there....

07-23-2006, 10:56 AM
WOW...... I have never seen a bad pic that has Mistress Sharina in it. Being trampled by Her would be such a privilage. :-) She is so pretty with very pretty feet also. Her choice of shoes is very good too!
DktrFroid, check out Her website, i think it is MistressSharina.com you will see lots of gorgeous pics.


slave mike
07-23-2006, 12:06 PM
Hey Trample Guy,

It was my pleasure to sit outside and sip a cold one with you after your scene with Mistress Sharina. I know you have had a lot going on lately, so I was glad to lend you an ear. You're a good pal, and I wish you the best always.

I know how much you enjoyed this scene with Mistress Sharina, as I could hear your SCREAMS downstairs in the slave quarters!!:D

Hey, when are you going to be working in the area? Let me know, and you and I can hang out. In fact, maybe we can take Mistress Sharina out for dinner. Oh, and wait until you see some of the new shoes She has bought recently!! I was fortunate enough to go shoe shopping with Her a couple times in the past couple weeks, and She has picked out some very nice and sexy strappy heels!!!!!!!!! Ahhhhhhhh...it's HEAVEN living in Mistress' dungeon!!!!!!

I'm off to Dallas tomorrow on business but will return late Tuesday night, so I won't be on the boards for a couple days. Mistress Sharina is giving me a ride to the airport, so hopefully I'll be able to kiss Her lovely toes goodbye before leaving!!!!!

Take care, buddy, and THANKS a million for sharing the great pics!!

slave mike

07-23-2006, 2:15 PM
Hi all,

Finally back from the UK and have to say what an excellent country and even more
so, a great bunch of people ! Iíve been to Europe over 40 times but this was my first
trip to England. I must say everyone was more than generous with helping me around
and patients in dealing with this Yank and the next time I visit, Iíll try and do a better
job of driving on the proper side of the road! Anyhow, hereís a few pics of her BZ heels,
courtesy of Mistress Sharina.


Dktr: Well, I donít use the word ďdivineĒ lightly. Yes, I can tell you that Sharina is
indeed a most beautiful Mistress and on top of that has a great personality as well as
sense of humor. What more could one ask for!! I would think if you found yourself
in MN. you could be one of her rugs, like me. Thanks for the reply as its always an
honor to hear from you.

footlicker, bfrug, solejam: Hey, thanks for replying and the kind words. As I mentioned
to Dktr, Mistress Sharina is a gorgeous woman and its even a wonder sheís willing to be
seen with the likes of me ;-)

Christopher, not sure if I have any more hand trample. I just have this list of pics and
I donít usually see them until their posted. If thereís no more in this batch, hang on
and Iíll dig some up as I know I have many of that topic.

Throwrug: I couldnít agree more! Itís a pure pleasure to be under her huge collection
of heels and let me tell ya, its rivals many shoe store. Whenever I see the stash, I feel
just like a kid in a candy store when she says ďwhich heels would you like todayĒ. I
even have the pleasure to be in one of her galleries, but can you guess which one?

Slave Mike: Well, by the time you read this you will have returned from your buisness
trip of which I hope went well for you!! I remember the ďstuffĒ you were talking about
so I hope all is good. Iím scheduled to be working in MN all of Aug except for the
first week so I think we could tip a cold one or two. I still have 1 more trample voucher
to cask in with Sharina. Perhaps after a signature brutal trampling, we can do the dinner
thing as Iíll be on expenses. Iíll email either Sharina or you to coordinate the dates.
<big grimacing smile> Yeah, I hope you get the chance to plant a few kisses on
mistress soles before your off! That reminds me of when Sharina and I went to San Fran.
on the way to see the Vinyl Queen and see kept putting her feet in my face while I was
driving. What a predicament!! Anyhow, I look forward to seeing the news (she always
has new heels) that you guys picked out. Thank heavens we have the same preferrence
for Mistressís heels! PS, sorry about the screams! I think thatís when Shar was
piercing me with the needle heels or maybe it was trampled by her BZs.

07-23-2006, 2:45 PM
hey trampleguy, i love the pics man, always great to see you getting put to good use. someday i hope to maybe meet sharina, i think that would be amazing. that or you should really try to talk her into coming to one of the parties. either way, hope to see you soon. take care.


07-23-2006, 3:13 PM
Amazing Pictures Trampleguy!
Thanks so much for your effort providing them and a million thanks more for finding such an astonishing Trample-Mistress!!!!
I pray for you to have all your difficulties surpassed...
Love to you and to Goddess Sharina!

P.S.: Does Sharina ever think of travelling to Greece? I would be more than happy to be her greek guide to our splendid places her in Athens.

07-23-2006, 3:37 PM
Drop me an email mate would love to catch up with all your news and troubles and just to see how you are going.

07-23-2006, 4:34 PM
wow, really beautiful feet :)

07-24-2006, 1:17 AM
Many thanks! Great shoes!


07-26-2006, 6:50 AM
fantastic pics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Shrina is really goddess :D

07-26-2006, 6:57 AM
I believe, Mistress Sharina has got he most beautiful feet in the world.

07-26-2006, 11:04 AM
Hi all,

Hereís a few more pics as I go through and clean up my hard-drive. Weather looks great outside despite the hi temps, so I think Iíll take off and hit the bike trails. BTW, I see out the window that the turkeys have had their cltch of young and are taking them out. Kinda cute tasty little buggers!


trfan: Hey, thanks for the reply. Well, Iím not sure you need to see Sharina given your love but I would recommend meeting her. I can always ask her again if she would be interested in attending those trample parites, but Iím thinking that sheís not game on road-tripping it down south, but as I said, I can always ask again.

miltos: Thanks for the great words and yes, I agree that Iím lucky to find such a Mistress as Sharina. I pretty sure Sharina loves to travel but I do not think there are any plans for Greece. Thanks for your well wishes as I adjust to the change in my life.

Stryder: Hey mate! I sent ya a long private email to your ozmail account. Let me know if you do not get it as I have about 5 addresses for you.

karaya, ar756, tomi, and toyboy: Yes, I agree with you all. Shar has excellent taste in footwear (at least to my liking) and she is blessed all the good genetics to have such wonderful and talented tootsies! Thanks all for responding.

Trampme: Glad you liked the pics! You can see Sharina as anyone can. She takes clients and her website provides the contact

07-26-2006, 11:34 AM
Her feet really are incredible...lovely to worship.
and I luv the way she digs those heels into her slave.
seems as if its very natural to her and she seems so at ease doing it.
thanks for the great pics.

07-26-2006, 2:34 PM
Got it mate will respond in kind later today dont want to say too much here. Oh and the pics are awesome as per usual I would love to meet Sharina.

slave mike
07-26-2006, 6:18 PM
Hey Trampleguy,

Yes, all is well with me. So, sounds like August would be a good time for us to get together, and i am sure we can arrange a dinner with Mistress Sharina. i am sure you will LOVE the new shoes She has bought since your last scene!!!

As for my business trip, i did not get the chance to kiss Mistress Sharina's feet goodbye. However, upon my return last night, Mistress Sharina and i and a friend of Ours/ours went out for dinner and a cocktail. Our/our friend drove, and upon Our/our return to the dungeon, Mistress Sharina stuck Her lovely feet in my face!! Needless to say, i couldn't sleep a wink last night...i tossed and turned all night thinking about being at Her feet once again!!

Mistress Sharina and i shared a few e-mails today while i was at work. She mentioned a week ago that She had a pair of socks for me that She wore while taking a walk around one of Minneapolis' many lakes. It was a HOT day, so She has been tormenting me about how smelly and dirty the socks are!! So, in one of Her e-mails to me today, She suggested i stop by Her home after work to pick up the socks. Well, She didn't need to twist my arm too hard!!!!!

After getting off work i first stopped by the local florist to pick up a dozen roses, then went to Her home. We/we chatted in Her kitchen for a few minutes before She finally asked me..."So, are you feeling a little desperate?" "Yes, Mistress." "Well, the socks are in my tennis shoes, which are sitting in the living room. Go get 'em!."

Needless to say i RAN to the living room and immediately found the socks!! Man, did they smell GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Adding this latest pair to my collection brings me to a total of 12 pairs of Her socks!!!! WOO-HOO!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, i digress as usual! Glad to hear you are doing well, buddy. i look forward to seeing you next month! You're a great friend and always have some terrific pics to share. And, i will say that Mistress Sharina thinks the world of you!

Take care, buddy, and we'll see you soon.

slave mike

07-26-2006, 6:51 PM
Mitch great to see made your way under Sharina once again Bro!! This Lady knows how to make us rug boys salivate for real! You lucky dog! Please tell Ms Sharina that the pics were amazing!


07-27-2006, 5:31 AM
Hi Again,

Well, here's a few more with the divine Mistress Sharina!


LuvsHerHeels: Yes, beautiful feet and a natural grace! According
to her Mistress-in-training, who tried hi-heel trampling on me for
the first time had mentioned to Sharina that she made it look so
easy as she was having a bit of difficulty mainting balance and she
also mentioned something about her arches getting sore after a little
trampling. She founds barefoot trampling much more easy as well as

Styrder: Hey Mate, glad you received the email OK. I hope I didn't
over-burden you with the events going on in my life! Take your time
replying. Otherwise, I'll continue the rest of this conversation via
private mail. I'm glad you like the pics and if ya come over to Wisconsin,
I think I could arrange a meeting.

Mr Slave Mike: Dude, glad to hear that everything worked out well for
you on the buisness trip! Sorry to hear about the lack of Shar toes but
I'll have to talk with ya about hoarding those socks!! LOL. I'll be in touch
with ya sometime next week to start sortng out schedules! I just hope
I can take more of Shar's new heels this time as opposed to last time ;-)

AYF: Dittos with your love and thanks for replying! Gotta run.

07-27-2006, 6:09 AM
Add me to the list of appreciative fans !!
Great pictures and she looks fantastic !!
My chest hurts just looking at them !
Thanks !

slave mike
07-27-2006, 5:37 PM
Hey Trampleguy,

Sorry to be hoarding all of Mistress Sharina's socks! You know, I was with Her a couple months ago when She bought some white, ankle-high socks to wear with Her tennis shoes when She goes for walks around Lake Calhoun. Shortly thereafter, She gave me a worn pair to borrow. At that point I struck a deal...I asked Her if I could keep the socks, in exchange for buying Her some new ones. She told me I could, as long as I found the exact same socks. Well, I did find the exact same ones, and bought Her 9 pairs of them!!! I have gotten three back so far, making my total sock collection 12.

Anyway, here's what I'm willing to do for you, since you are such a good buddy and I know you are one of Mistress Sharina's favorites...if you would like a pair of Mistress Sharina's worn socks, I will ask if She will reserve a pair for you. Trust me when I tell you they are TERRIFIC!!!!!!!! As you know, Mistress Sharina does not typically have much of a foot odor...but after walking around Lake Calhoun a time or two, with tennis shoes on, these socks are to DIE FOR!!!!!!!!!!!

So buddy, let me know if you're interested, and I'll put the request in to Mistress Sharina. And trust me when I say you are the ONLY one I would do this for!!:thumbsup2:

Take care, buddy. Let me know about the socks, and I look forward to hearing from you next week so we can plan for a get-together in August. Like I told you the last time you were here...you are always welcome to hang out at Dungeon Femme Fatale. Just beware...sometimes I could swear that all of Mistress Sharina's shoes call out my name in the middle of the night!!!:hornydevil:

slave mike

07-27-2006, 7:49 PM
Mitch, Thankyou again for the SPECTACULAR PICTURES, her feet are to die for and what incredibly sexy sandals, you are one lucky guy, Have a Great Night and Thankyou.

08-01-2006, 2:07 PM
Thanks mitch lovely pics as usual, love to see more of those sexy silver sharp sandals, piercing your shaft and blood oozing out ....thanx for everything

08-02-2006, 1:46 PM
Hi All,

Another week nearly come and gone. For me, it went by pretty
quick. Finally got some R&R up at the lake and it feel much better
now. So with that, here's a few more pics of my session with the
terrific Sharina!


tsail, you've been added to the list--lol. There's usually no part of
me left undamaged after seeing her. Glad you like the pics and thanks
for replying.

Slave Mike, my soul <or shoudl I say sole> brother! Your the greatest.
Yes, please package me up a pair of finely scented Sharina socks! I feel
so very honored your willing to sare. Heck, I'd myself would feel bad if I
had to beg and grovel at Mistress feet for such divine treats--lol. OK, I'm
just kidding in case Shar is reading this or you tip her off! Hey, next time
your on a walk with her, see if you can capture some shots of her feet
in public <with her permission of course>. Otherwise I'll be contacting you
very soon. Cheer!

CAG00: Thanks mate for the kind words. i'm gald you like the pics and
shoes as well. We have very simular tastes in footwear.

Trampme: Thanks. I try and take as much as I can but there are others
out there who can take more than me. Hopefully some day, ball piercing
become a favorite activity of many woman!

nikspimps: Hey freind, thanks for replying. Yeah, its the same ol content
i usually post out there that you mention, but I love it! Gald your enjoying
the pics. BTW, how's the trampling out by you. Last I recall, you were
getting some action from a very beautiful woman?

08-02-2006, 2:19 PM
her feet are amazing!!! Any face shots of her anywhere? Thank you so much for posting this! Wow

08-02-2006, 3:20 PM
OMG Mitch! Always the best sessions! Mistress Shar is fantastic, and her HH slides are supreme/devine:worship:

Working up to SVF-V are you?

I sure wish I could make that vid with you....just imagine two cock heads pinned to Ms.Chrisitna's crushing board at the same time....hehehehe

I think it would be the HOTTEST CC vid ever:bugeyes: :bugeyes: :bugeyes:

08-02-2006, 11:17 PM
hi mitch, nice to write again, those are magnificent cc pics, i those those sexy sandals very much, all the magic is about the sharpness and the pain they inflict. yes yes i had fun with few girls this summer, it was a great expereince of my life, sadly cudnt capture on camera but the moments were very exciting, cc for first time in life, i actually bought some nice sandals for her and thought they wont cause much pain, but i was totally wrong those were very nasty....ouch hurt the cock very much....i am posting the pics of those sandals

08-02-2006, 11:25 PM
These are those nasty sandals :think:

Highest Arch
08-02-2006, 11:38 PM
great pics trampleguy.
i like them.....
sharina is a goddess

08-03-2006, 6:34 AM
thanks for the pics again.
Sharina's feet and toes are magnificent.
and her shoes are so sexy.
and she sure knows how to use those heels on her slave.

08-03-2006, 11:08 PM
Hi Again,

Well, here's a few more with the divine Mistress Sharina!


LuvsHerHeels: Yes, beautiful feet and a natural grace! According
to her Mistress-in-training, who tried hi-heel trampling on me for
the first time had mentioned to Sharina that she made it look so
easy as she was having a bit of difficulty mainting balance and she
also mentioned something about her arches getting sore after a little
trampling. She founds barefoot trampling much more easy as well as

Styrder: Hey Mate, glad you received the email OK. I hope I didn't
over-burden you with the events going on in my life! Take your time
replying. Otherwise, I'll continue the rest of this conversation via
private mail. I'm glad you like the pics and if ya come over to Wisconsin,
I think I could arrange a meeting.

Mr Slave Mike: Dude, glad to hear that everything worked out well for
you on the buisness trip! Sorry to hear about the lack of Shar toes but
I'll have to talk with ya about hoarding those socks!! LOL. I'll be in touch
with ya sometime next week to start sortng out schedules! I just hope
I can take more of Shar's new heels this time as opposed to last time ;-)

AYF: Dittos with your love and thanks for replying! Gotta run.Be autifull!!!:worship:

slave mike
08-04-2006, 2:41 PM
Hey Mitch,

It will be my pleasure to save you a pair of Mistress Sharina's socks! After all, we are soul brothers. Or, is it SOLE brothers? :rofl:

Funny you should mention taking a walk around the lake...Mistress Sharina and i are going to be doing a scene next week where We/we take a walk around one of Minneapolis' beautiful lakes...all the while Her feet getting HOT and SWEATY in Her tennis shoes and socks!! Then, when We/we have finished Our/our walk, and while still out in public around the lake, She is going to allow me to peel off Her shoes and socks and worship Her lovely, hot, sweaty feet!!!!!:lildog:

i was just thinking the other day how great it would be to get some pictures of the scene. i am going to mention it to Her.

By the way, She just stopped by the dungeon to drop a few things off and allowed me to kiss Her lovely toes goodbye!! What a GREAT way to start the weekend!!!

Hey, take care buddy, and i look forward to hanging out with you soon! Thanks again for sharing the photos of your last scene with Mistress Sharina. As usual, they are AWESOME!!!!!

Your pal,
slave mike

08-05-2006, 7:23 PM
I can't believe this, I used to live in Prior Lake and I never heard of her! :(

slave albert
08-06-2006, 5:39 PM
What Absolutely Gorgeous Feet in such SEXY Foot wear! A True GODDESS and deserving of all Worship and Adoration. BTW... What a lucky slave to be under those Perfect Feet!

08-07-2006, 10:11 PM
I just got two of your videos form Clips4sale, I am VERY satisfied. I LOVE the ballbusting in the black patent heels, I hope you do more because I can't find enough of that. You should post videos of the sessions with Sharina too, those pics are incredible!!

08-13-2006, 5:30 PM
Hi All,

Finally back in MN for a bit and with a little to read MD as well
as post a few pics. I was laying on the floor taking a short
breather as I had desperatly needed one and for some reason
found Mistress Sharina's toes peeking from behind the shoe
sole really appealing so I snapped a few.


juesto1: I have a few of Sharina's face but will have to hunt
around for them. I know the pics of her on her website just
do not do her justice. Glad you like the pics.

scottdenell: I must concurr abot Mistress heels. As for SVF4,
well, I'm not sure exactly when I'll be back in LA but would love
to try that CC and it would be a pleasure to have ya beside me
taking the pain!

nikspimps: Hi mate, glad you like the pics and its good to hear
that you also enjoyed a cock crush. Those are some great looking
sandles you got there. I know what you mean about some heels
looking innocent but really turn out to be painful. Isn't that the
best surprise! So you finally expereince CC for the first time huh?
Love to hear more about it! I can tell ya from expereince that once
you have your first CC under your belt, your hooked for life.

Luvsherheels: Hi there and I'm glad you liked the pics enough to
comment. I totally agree with your assessment of Sharina's heels
and toes and she is one of the most talented Mistress I've had
the pleasure of being with as well as under.

Slave Mike: My freind, my freind--I could write volumes here but
I'll spare ya that as I'll be seeing this week. We can talk more then
in between my inhaling of Mistress's socks!! ;-) See ya soon!

tripster2005: Wow, I cannot beleive you never hear of her! Where
have you been hiding? She does lots of public appearances/demonstartions
as had ads everywhere. Nonetheless, if you ever in erea, be sure to
contact her.

Slave Albert: Thanks dude for the wonderful comments. I cannot argue
the beauty of her tootsies and I am blessed to have known her for a
decade, and that translates into a lot of trample!

blkpatent: Well, I'm glad you liked those clips but I'm more of an amerture
at ballbusting. But I'm working on it. I've been meaning to ask Sharina
about capturing things on film. I'll have to see what she says. Thanks

08-13-2006, 5:36 PM
:clap: :worship:

08-14-2006, 5:44 PM
Hi All,

I ran across these while cleaning up the hard drive. I'm
not sure if I posted these eailer, so just in case, here are
some pics of Sharina captured sometime from an earlier
get together--aahh, the memories ;-)


08-16-2006, 2:38 AM
thanks mate lovelyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy stuff, your superb as always.
get as u told sometimes the surprise is too much for those innocent looking sandals, yes man the first experience was awesome and now truly hooked for life, it seems i want more n more sessions with any ending:) ouch the pain and aftermath are amazing things .... WOWWW, BEAUTY and PAIN are some amazing chemistry combinations in LIFE

08-16-2006, 4:18 AM
Mitch you lucky dog Bro!! Sharina's sexy as ever and she still works you over with very little mercy! I think these pictures are smoking! I love the different pairs of shoes she uses. I am wondering if you are still planning on getting the head and/or the shaft of your manhood pierced? I hope so because I would love to see that!! ;)


08-16-2006, 9:13 PM
Mitch, Thankyou for those incredible pictures, I love her feet and shoes and I also loved the overhead view of her stepping on your manhood, they were GREAT and Have a Great Evening.

08-23-2006, 6:23 PM
Hi Again,

Here's a few mor from the hidden corners of my laptop I ran across.
Anyhow, I'm not sure if I posted these in the past or not.

Enjoy as I did,

nikspimps, Well buddy, you took the words right out of my mouth and
I couldn't agree with you more :^) I wish ya many years of cock crush!
I look forward to hearing about your newly found love.

AYF: <laughing> well, I also love the peircing feeling and here's a few
pics for you only made possible Sharina. So when will we see such
play from you <weg>?? Thanks for the reply mate and BTW, I always
look forward to seeing your excellent work !

CAG00: Ya know, I also love the overhead shots and always beg Shar
to capture that type of pic so I know what she see's. Gald you liked
the pics.

08-24-2006, 6:47 AM
Magnificent looking feet, toes and sandals...especially those metal heels she used to pierce you.
Thanks for the pics.

08-24-2006, 8:04 PM
Here's a few more......


LuvsHerHeels: Glad you liked the pics! Thanks for your comments.

08-24-2006, 8:41 PM
damned juicy stuff, man!! mistress sharina's so incredibly hot! and i especially love the pix where she's crushing your manroot & the twins. niiiiiiiiiiiiiiice!!!

thanks for posting all these sexy, squirm-inducing pix!


08-25-2006, 10:47 AM
Hello Mitch,

this is really hot stuff. You are still one of my idols. Keep on crushing.



08-31-2006, 11:46 AM
Hi All,

I just happen to have a little time to post to the board, so again, here's the continuation of some pics of the great Mistress Sharina I found on my hard drive, so please forgive me if I posted these earlier.


dktr: Hey mate, always glad to hear from ya. Glad you like the pics and I can ad that I'm always impressed by the degree of abuse (or shoudl I say pleasure) that you go thru with your gals also. Thanks for your kind words.

Heely: Your making me blush with such loafty words and now I feel so humble. I'll toss your own words back ya also, your one of my idols and some of the pics you've shared over the years have inspired me to try the same thing. I always look forward to see you pics as well. Thanks for replying.

08-31-2006, 1:23 PM
:worship: :worship: :worship:

09-01-2006, 7:43 AM
Hi All,

Here's the last of the pics I can post to this thread, so I guess its time to let it pass. Thanks to those who responded as well as those to took the time to look at the pics.


09-09-2006, 5:48 PM
Been on vacation and now must say
WOW! trampleguy
THANKS for all your great contributions to this thread.

09-12-2006, 1:00 AM
thanks bro, lovely going....love those sandals v much in which u have pointed stuff in the sole, how u made it bro or those sandals come that way only....how was the expereince pl share

09-12-2006, 8:57 AM
The beautiful feet of one of my favorite Goddesses.


09-12-2006, 10:35 AM
As a barefoot fan, I am glad to hear that Sharina prefers bare foot also :)
Truly a goddess.

Trampleguy, many thanks from Turkey for all your great contributions. I wish you will post more barefoot photos of sexiest Goddess I've ever known. :worship: