View Full Version : Xtreme CBT - Using an Elastrator

11-15-2006, 7:38 PM
Ever heard of an "Elastrator"? If you have or haven't, you should take a look at these samples from a video made by Xtremecbt.com.

An elastrator is used to castrate farm animals, so Mika Tan decided to try it out on her slave.

Elastrator photo 1 (www.xtremecbt.com/samples/mikatan1/xtremecbt1.jpg)
Elastrator photo 2 (www.xtremecbt.com/samples/mikatan1/xtremecbt2.jpg)
Elastrator photo 3 (www.xtremecbt.com/samples/mikatan1/xtremecbt3.jpg)

Elastrator WMV video sample (www.xtremecbt.com/samples/mikatan1/xtremecbtvid1.wmv)