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12-08-2006, 3:37 PM
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Forced to Sniff and Lick Kittys Sweaty Bare Feet
720x480 screen size-1300kb resolution Featuring Goddess Whiskey and Princess Kitty - One of Whiskeys best friends named Kitty has amazingly stinky feet. Kitty is a super hot petite freshman in college and just 18 years old. After Lillith introduced Whiskey to the footslut, She could not wait to bring Kitty over to meet him. They come in and there is a big smile on his face as footslut gets a look at this cutie Kitty, but not for long. Whiskey pulls the footslut off the couch, and makes him sit on the floor while her and Kitty take over the couch. Kitty starts bragging about how bad her feet stink after shes been walking around her campus all day. Footslut notices her feet moving towards him and he pushes them away saying "keep those things away from me". Kitty says "I hear you are into stinky feet and thats why we are here" as she starts to kick off her shoes. The smell is already hitting him as her shoes come off and he quickly throws them away from him. He starts to move away as she raises her cute stinky foot near his face. Whiskey then grabs him and pulls him closer so that Kitty can put her toes right up to his nose. Whiskey tells him to breathe in and get a good whiff. He turns his head away refusing to sniff her feet while Whiskey holds him. Whiskey knows how to deal with this and grabs the roll of duct tape and rips off a piece while Kitty helps restrain him with her leg across his chest. Whiskey applies the tape to his mouth so that he must breathe through his nose. She then grabs him by his hair so that he cant fight as much. "Let me hear you breathe" Whiskey tells him as Kitty yells "SMELL IT!" He is grossed out and starts to fight more so Whiskey puts his head in a sleeper hold while Kitty cups all of her toes around his nose raunching his senses with her ripe smelly bare feet. You can actually see the funk on the heels of Kittys paws. Kitty rubs her feet all over his face and under his nose for a while as Whiskeys hold him still. Whiskey thinks he should lick and clean her stinky feet with his tongue and Kitty agrees. Whiskey removes the tape from his mouth so that he can lick them. Now footslut really resists, struggles and actually frees himself from her grip and runs out of the room. Whiskey chases him down and grabs him by the ear pulling him back to the couch and proceeds to bind his hands behind his back. They then tell him to lick them. He is hesitating to lick so they make him stick out his tongue. Kitty drags her feet from her heels to her toes on his tongue making him clean all the stinky funk off. Whiskey holds his head uncomfortably tight. He tells her to let go of him as he promises to lick her feet and not run away. Kitty makes him lick her feet until both of them are satisfied that he has cleaned them totally of the nasty smell. Another Awesome Clip!!! Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Pics from my store http://clips4sale.com/2288

Bound & Forced To Sniff and Tongue bathe 4 sweaty hosed feet - 20 Minutes
720x480 screen size-1300kb resolution Featuring Goddess Whiskey and Princess Kitty - Footslut was quite resistant with his first encounter with Kitty's smelly bare feet. Goddess Whiskey has a great idea to punish him. Both Whiskey and Kitty love to party and dance as most girls do. They go out to the local fetish club on eighties night and dance their sexy asses off in their fetish gear,lingerie and high heels. You know what that means? Girls partying and dancing all night can really work up a real good sweat and that it exactly what footslut is going to experience. The scene opens with him bound very tightly at his ankles, knees, wrists as well as having his torso bound. There is absolutely no chance for him to get away from them. His mouth is covered with duct tape so he must breathe and smell through his nose and his eyes are blindfolded because he is not worthy of seeing them in their sexy outfits. Up first is petite princess Kitty. She sits in the chair above him with a crop in hand. She is ready to raunch this nasty boys poor nose. He can't get away but he can certainly struggle by turning his head away and trying to avoid kitty sstinky hosed feet. Goddess Whiskey sits near his head and squeezes his face tightly between her strong legs. Now he can't resist in any way!!!! They each take turns on the chair making him suffer with his nose firmly smothered in their stinky soles and toes. They are really verbal and taunt him non stop about their dirsty sweaty feet as they smear his face completely with their stinking hosed feet. Kitty suggests to Whiskey that they make him give them foot baths after they make him sniff. Kitty asks him" are you going to give us a footbath later?" Footslut is unable to comprehend as he has been forcfully intoxicated by their sweaty feet. He mumbles "NO !" through the tape covering his mouth. Wrong move footslut!......Whiskey suggests to make him clean their nasty sweaty feet with his tongue. Now slaveboy hears this and quickly tries to make amends by mumbling "Yes..I will give you footbaths". But Its too late Goddess Whiskey and Princess Kitty switch places and Kitty removes her hose and presents her bare sweaty feet to his tongue as soon as the tape is removed from his mouth. Whiskey again squeezes his head between her knees to keep him still. Stick out your tongue! they command and he does what he is told and so begins the cleaning. Need I say more? They make sure his tongue cleans every part of their feet and especially between their toes. There are actors and there are real dominant girls. These two girls are REALLY dominant and thoroughly enjoy subjugating him. Watch closely and you may just see Kitty touching herself as she is really turned on!!!!!!!!!:clap:

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Great stuff...never saw this clipstore before, thanks

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Thank you very much!! The best site in the web!!

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thanks for your comments. This is good because its totally real. Nothing like bitchy girls with stinky feet in your face. be sure to bookmark it!!!
As the new girls have many many cute friends.:lildog: