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03-07-2007, 7:55 PM
Mistress Anna was angry. Very angry. Her slave, Alex was late. Very late. She was supposed to meet her to lick her pussy and ass almost half an hour ago. Anna guessed she was off sucking cock or taking it in the ass. No man deserved to touch that gorgeous ass of hers. All of it was reserved for her, not some horny man. Mistress Anna was a tall, strong, girl, built to be a mistress. Her feet were curved and clean, arched in her high heels, and covered in a dark pantyhose that stretched up her smooth calves to half of her juicy thighs. Her thighs held her tight pussy in place which her black thong had begun to give her a mouth-watering camel-toe. Her ass was plump and round, smooth and curved, arching and jiggling as she walked, her thong tight between her large cheeks. Her stomach and hips were insulated slightly, giving her a healthy, strong look, making her only more beautiful. Her tits were massive and were secured in place in her black bra that contoured them perfectly, her nipples slightly protruding. Her arms were smooth and silky, hanging down to where he pantyhose ended. Her neck was majestic and attached to her perfectly shaped face. Her chin, elegant and smooth, her lips like slightly drawn rose-buds, coated in a dark read lip stick. Her nose was chiseled perfectly, no too big, nor too small, spacing her glittering blue eyes. Around her eyes she had used a black eyeliner to emphasize their beauty and a mascara to thicken her lashes. Above her eyes, her eyebrows were pencil-thin and angled downward giving her a dominant look. Her hair was dark red and flowed down her head to her tits, like a dark red ocean. Not a blemish, mole, or freckle could be found on her body. Mistress Anna was a pure goddess.
Alex tried to creep in silently into the bedroom, looking around to see if Mistress Anna saw her. She was almost in the room when her face bumped right into Anna’s giant tits. Alex was terrified. Her Mistress looked awfully angry. Anna had that smile that showed a sly happiness or made her look like she was fantasizing. In her eyes she had that angry look, but it changed to a more of a suspicious one.
“Mistress, I’m sorry I’m late. It won’t happen again.” Whimpered Alex, she was worried what her Mistress would do to her. Last time she disobeyed her, she was spanked hard and took it hard from her strap-on, but this time she knew it would be much worse.
“Where were you, Alex? And don’t you dare lie to me!” Snapped Mistress Anna.
“I was…” Alex was very timid while speaking, she had no idea what she had gotten herself into. “I was licking pussy, Mistress.“
“Licking pussy? Well it sure wasn’t mine…and last time I checked, that’s the only pussy you have permission to lick! Now, who’s pussy did you lick you slut?” Anna was now angry at her dirty little slave she had walked closer to her and grabbed her by her chain connected to her black leather collar and pulled her face into her tits. “Who’s fucking pussy?”
“It was Slave Kim’s, Mistress.” Mumbled Alex.
“You are one dirty little slut, you know that? I’m sick of you going off and fucking, licking, and sucking. There will be no more of that you little bitch! I’m going to teach you a lesson, and don’t think that little whore Kim will get away either! I’m going to deal with you first!” Sneered the Mistress, holding Alex’s face in her tits, spanking her ass nice and hard.
Alex was a cute little slave, having a bit of weight like Anna, but not enough to be called “fat.” Her legs were thick and smooth, covered in pantyhose identical to her Mistress’. Her pussy, tight with a small blonde bush, ready to take Anna’s tongue, fingers, or dildo. Her ass, plump and perfectly round, her tits bare and braless, hanging freely. Her neck had a black leather collar, with a chain hanging from it which was held tight in Mistress Anna’s hand. Her arms were up to defend herself, although she was helpless again Anna’s power and strength. Alex’s face was round, a perfect seat for her Mistress, her mouth and lips, perfect for licking pussy, her nose perfect for sniffing ass. Her eyes, green, wide and looking up at Anna’s face asking for sympathy like a little puppy dog, but she would get none. Her hair was blonde and wavy, dangling down to her tits like Anna’s.
Mistress began preparing her naughty slave for her punishment by binding her arms and ankles and laying her down on the big, round, bed. “I am going to teach you a lesson to never disobey me you slut!” Anna positioned herself over Alex’s face, her pussy directly above her nose and mouth. Then she dropped down, putting her full weight on Alex’s face, her nose crammed up against her soft panties and nose crammed in her pussy. From beneath Anna’s pussy, Alex moaned and squealed for air. She could hardly breathe, the only she could get was filled with the aroma of Anna’s pussy.
“You can’t breathe can you? You want air? Do you?” Taunted the Mistress who was fingering Alex’s pussy. “Do you want air, bitch?”
She moaned a muffled “Yes” through her Mistress’ panties. All Mistress Anna did was laugh and say “Too bad!” Alex tried to move but her restraints prohibited her. Her eyes were now wide open, she was squealing uncontrollably, and moving to try to escape Anna’s powerful grasp. Anna pulled her body up from her slave’s face, which was red and gasping for air. Alex had only gotten two gasps in before Anna dropped back down again.

Shall I continue?

03-08-2007, 1:08 AM
wow!!! yes really good start my friend, some really great attention to details, i like how the ladies are a little plump, brilliant. look forwards to hearing of the ass sniffing. any chance you could tell us their weight? thank you, a good story.

03-08-2007, 7:11 AM
Great story so far, all girl/girl stories are super

The full wieght forced sitting is great

Thank You
Take Care

03-08-2007, 7:14 AM
hell yes.
it's a great begninning.
she could bring kim in, tie her up and make kim watch as she punishes alex. all the while, letting kim know that alex is getting off easy compared to what's in store for kim.

03-08-2007, 3:46 PM
thanks for the great feedback guys! ill get around to the second part when i can! just check in every day or so for updates!

08-06-2008, 9:06 AM
Nice story Gilgamesh.

08-07-2008, 1:37 PM
Very nice please continue!