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This is my favorite story.. It helped to start my fetish back in 1994 it was in Leg Tease Magazine....I am copying it from the mag so it takes awhile as i am a two finger typer...lol...it is by someone whom called themself Footslave...so thank you to him!!!
A foot slave forever part 1 by Footslave
My first introduction to the female foot occurred when I was about 11. My parents were off on a “second honeymoon” and I was staying at my Aunt’s house for a three-day weekend. She had two girls who were close to my age. Patty was two years older, blonde and very attractive; Janice was a year younger, dark haired and very aggressive. They didn’t have a guest room and I was given the choice of sleeping downstairs on the couch or in the girl’s room. The girls shared one bed in one room. I chose the girl’s room because I knew I’d be up at the crack of dawn if I stayed on the couch. It was Friday night but Uncle John always rose early and started working, even on Saturday. It’s amazing to think now that nothing unusual was made of the fact that I would be sleeping in the girl’s room. Those were different days!
Everything was fine and “normal” from when my parents dropped me off just before supper until bedtime. I played paper dolls with Janice and Patty. I know that sounds like sissy play, and I suppose it was, but, that’s what they wanted to do. There wasn’t anyone else to play with, and they did let me use the boy dolls. Finally, we put on pajamas and went to bed about eleven. The girls slept at one end of the bed and I slept at the other, at their feet.
About three in the morning, I woke up. I had a dream that was scary and exciting. I dreamt I was a doormat at school. All the students were girls. I could see them getting off the bus and milling around, chatting about boys and classes and music, and so on. They kept getting closer and closer. I could almost see panties up a couple of skirts from my vantage point on the ground. Their legs looked great! Some were bare some had white stockings on. Some wore sneakers and some wore low heels. Then the bell rang and they began coming towards me; they were going to step right on me! I started screaming, “no, no, you’ll crush me,” and the excitement woke me up. I jerked back and opened my eyes. My dick was as hard as a rock! I was still in bed with Patty and Janice and I saw Janice’s bare foot on my pillow, right where my face had been. I must have been sleeping with her foot in my face. The thought seemed gross but attractive, too. As I looked at her foot, I could see that it was moist on the bottom. I must have drooled on her foot or, maybe, I kissed her foot in my sleep. My cock got even harder! I said to myself, “well, no matter; I’ve got to get back to sleep!” and I laid back down on the pillow, facing her pretty foot. I couldn’t close my eyes. I moved closer to her foot, trying to smell it. What had her foot tasted like? I asked myself. Well, she’s asleep and she’ll never know! I moved to her foot and gently kissed the bottom. It felt warm and wonderful. It was like being in some dream.
Just then, I heard a voice. It was Janice. “Keep kissing; I like it when you kiss my foot,” she said. She sat up and leaned back against the headboard. She kicked the cover off both of her feet. “Go on, do it or I’ll tell my mum what you were doing,” and she giggled. “Wonder what everyone would say if they heard that I caught you kissing my foot; I didn’t realize that you wanted to be my slave!”
“Please Janice, don’t tell; I don’t want to be your slave, I was just fooling around; don’t tell, I’ll do what you say!” I said. I pulled my body up to the end of the bed and curled in a groveling position. I took her foot in my hands and raised it to my lips. I couldn’t believe this was happening! I bent my head, and pressed my lips to her instep, and kissed her foot. I didn’t want to be her slave, did I?
It was a whole different feeling kissing her foot while she sat there and watched me. It wasn’t secret and she could direct her foot across my kissing lips in anyway she wanted. She saw me and laughed. The humiliation was intense! This was all happening way too fast! “He’s kissing your foot!” Patty said. “Yeah, and he better kiss the other one too” said Janice, as she brought her other foot to my face. I obeyed and released the first foot and took hold of the second. I again bent my head to her service and kissed her foot. I would never live this down! Who would these girls tell? This began to seem like a nightmare and I wanted it to stop right away! I wished I could wake up and breathe a sigh of relief, but, instead, I had my lips pressed to Janice’s foot. My dick was throbbing.
Patty looked right at me as I gently put Janice’s foot back down on the bed. “ You better kiss my feet, too, or I’ll tell everyone I know! I’ll tell them, not only that you kissed Janice’s feet, but that you liked it!” She laughed and put both of her feet in my lap.
Before I could raise Patty’s foot to my face, Janice pushed me hard with the foot I had just kissed. “Get down on the floor so I’ll be more comfortable; slaves are supposed to be on the floor,” she laughed again.
I slid to my knees at the foot of the bed. “I am not a slave!” I protested. I probably sounded whiny. I felt sort of foolish saying I wasn’t a slave, after kissing Janice’s foot and dropping to my knees before the two girls. If I wasn’t a slave, then what was I doing? Patty scooted forward, so that her feet hung off the edge, right in my face and repeated her command. “Kiss my feet slave; don’t stop kissing until I say so!” “I’m not your slave and I don’t have to kiss your feet; just leave me alone; go back to sleep and leave me alone!” I cried.
Janice slid forward and sat on the edge of the bed, with her feet on the floor. Patty slid forward, also, and put her feet on the floor. Both girls sat on the edge of the bed, looking down at me on my knees. Janice spoke, “tomorrow morning, I’m telling my dad and mom that you woke me up last night and when I looked you were wide awake and sniffing and kissing my crotch.” I gasped. “That’s not true; I haven’t been anywhere near your crotch; they won’t believe you!” I protested. “They’ll believe it, alright, because we’ll both say it,” said Patty. She gave me a little kick with her foot. “I’ll tell all my friends and your friends too” and she snickered. “I’ll tell them that you kissed my feet and that you loved it.” I could do nothing to escape now; I was already caught in their web. If I refused to obey them, they still had plenty to tell all of their friends, my friends, our families, the world! They could even make stuff up. I know I’d look guilty as hell if they mentioned kissing Janice’s feet because I did do that and I was more embarrassed than I’d ever been in my life. Anyone would know that I had done something and if something, probably everything. If I obeyed, I couldn’t make it any worse and maybe they’d take pity on me. I was wrong!
Patty extended her foot towards me and repeated her command, “kiss my foot slave; and, before you do, say, I’m your slave Mistresses Patty and Janice; say it slave!”
I almost choked on the tears that began trickling down my cheeks. I couldn’t believe this was happening, but, there was nothing I could do to save myself. I whispered, “I’m your slave Mistress Patty; I’m your slave Mistress Janice” and I began kissing Patty’s feet. She wouldn’t let me touch her instep. She held her foot up to my mouth and I had to kiss the bottoms of her feet. I kissed the bottom of each foot while she and Janice stared at me. I wondered what they were thinking. I hoped they would let me stop and that they wouldn’t tell anyone.
Patty pushed her foot hard in my face and pushed me away while both girls giggled. Their feet were on the floor, and I knelt, looking at them. Patty said, “take your pajamas off. I want to see your body while you kiss my feet.” I pleaded with her, “please don’t make me take my clothes off Patty, please!” Janice put her foot on my shoulder and said, “you’d better do what we say or Mistress patty will tell; besides, slaves are supposed to do whatever their owners tell them to do.”
I knew she was right. I unbuttoned my pajama shirt and pulled it off, while Janice brushed my face with the bottom of her foot. I reached down and unbuttoned my pajama bottoms and pulled them off, too. My little dick was standing straight up when, I thought, it would shrivel at this embarrassment, but it didn’t. It was in ecstasy!

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Janice began touching the tip of my dick with her foot and it made me moan. Some fluid oozed from the tip. “Oooh, what’s that” she asked while wiping it from my penis with her big toe.
Patty said, “it’s called pre-cum; make him lick it off.”
Janice didn’t raise her foot. Instead, she ordered me down. “Get your face down there and lick that crap off my toes; do it NOW boy - I mean slave!” I went back a little on my knees and bowed down before them. I licked the pre-cum off of Janice’s big toe, and while I did this, I could feel more fluid oozing from my dick.
Patty, sitting like royalty, commanded her new slave, “kiss our feet slave and tell us that you will be our slave forever!”
Oh god, I thought, they mean to keep it up, not just for tonight, but forever! I did as she ordered saying, “I will be your slave forever Mistress Patty and Mistress Janice.” I lay prostate on the floor, first kissing one of Patty’s feet, and then, one of Janice’s, then Patty’s other foot, and then, Janice’s. I kissed back and fourth while they watched.
I smothered their feet with kisses. The girls brushed my face back and fourth with their feet and I kissed and kissed and kissed. It was the end of my life as a human being, but just the beginning of my life at their feet.
Finally they grew tired and crawled back into bed. Patty told me to “sleep on the floor and put my slipper over your nose.” I reached for her smelly slipper and curled up with it over my nose. They both giggled and Janice said, “this is gonna be great; we can use him anyway we want; he’s really our slave!” I knew she was right.
I lay awake, thinking about what I had just done, for quite a while. I had kissed their feet and told them I would be their slave. My lips tasted of feet. My face smelled like feet. I wondered how this had happened. Why was her foot on my pillow? Had Janice planned this? Had she been wiping her foot on my face before I woke up? Janice was an aggressive schemer, and I could easily imagine her planning this whole thing. I was never to know for sure how it had started, however; I just knew it had, and that I was in trouble.
The next morning, I woke as someone was rubbing my face. It felt pleasant, but when I opened my eyes, I saw Patty standing over me rubbing her foot on my face. She laughed and said, “wake up slave; it’s time to greet your masters!”
I jerked away and rolled over on my stomach. I looked up and saw Patty and Janice standing above me, snickering. I was still naked under the blanket they had thrown on the floor for me. Janice kicked the blanket off me and ordered, “kiss our feet and tell us what you are.”
I remembered everything about the night and knew they meant to keep me in my place. I knew I had no choice but to obey them or they would tell on me. I crawled to Janice’s feet and said, “I am your slave Mistress Janice,” and I bowed down and kissed each of her feet. I then crawled to Patty, and again said, “I am your slave Mistress Patty,” and kissed her feet. They laughed and left the room, saying, “see you down stairs slave.”
I sat up slowly, with the taste of their feet on my lips, and got myself dressed. I went to the bathroom and brushed my teeth and washed my mouth thoroughly. Maybe if I could wash the taste of their feet away, I’d be free again. I was hesitant to go downstairs because I was afraid they would do something to embarrass me in front of their parents.
They didn’t. Both kept giving me sly grins but neither one said anything. During breakfast, Janice rubbed her foot on my leg but not for long. After breakfast they went off to play with friends. Patty said, “I’ll want to see you later Larry; maybe we can play together,” before she left. I breathed a sigh of relief and wished this weekend was over. It was Saturday morning and my parents weren’t going to be picking me up until Monday afternoon.
I spent the morning watching cartoons on TV. I was afraid to go outside since that’s where both the girls were. I intended to avoid them all day if I could; all the rest of the weekend if I could; but I couldn’t.
At lunch, both girls showed up and we all sat at the kitchen table eating soup and sandwiches. Mrs. B. told the girls, “don’t forget to wax and polish your shoes for church tomorrow girls.” Janice gave me an evil smile and Patty said, “Larry said he’d polish our shoes for us mom; he wants to thank us for letting him stay in our room, don’t you Larry,” and she turned to me, smiled, and mouthed the word “slave.”
I had to do what she wanted and I stammered to Mrs. B., “that’s right Mrs. B., I’ll polish the girls shoes for them if it’s alright with you.”
She said it was and, after lunch gave me the rags, wax, and polish and told patty and Janice to get their shoes. I sat in a corner on the kitchen floor as both girls tossed a couple of pairs of shoes at me. Patty’s patent leather low heels and white and brown saddle shoes and Janice’s patent leathers and a pair of black penny loafers. “We’re not sure which ones to wear tomorrow so I hope you don’t mind doing all of them?” Janice gently asked while, again, mouthing the word “slave.” With her mom watching.
I agreed that I’d be happy to wax and polish all of her shoes, if she wanted. I looked at the girls and both again mouthed the word “slave” at the same time.
They ran outside to play while I sat there and cleaned, waxed, and polished their shoes. The bottoms of Patty’s saddle shoes were real muddy, but I used a scraper and cleaned it all off. Their shoes shined like new when I was finished. My hands were blackened from the polish and, hard as I tried, it all wouldn’t wash off. Mrs. B. told me I should go outside and play with the girls and that I couldn’t spend all day “cooped up in the house” so I went out hoping I could hide somewhere and they wouldn’t find me. I had no such luck!

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loved the story I hope you can keep typing away.

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I shure hope this is not the actual end of this story...
Please continue it,, IT RULES !:worship:

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I liked it. I hope the girls get really agressive... Maybe even make the slave pop a load.

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thank you for the comments there is quite a bit to go involving various femdom stuff enjoy....

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A SUPERB STORY!!!! :D keep it up!!!!

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i love this story....is there any more to it?

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Great, excellent, perfect, cool, very very good... words ot enough to explain this story ist very good please continue

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Once again, we see another great beginning to a story. Please continue as quickly as you can. This sounds like another great one in the works to me.

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Hi all...thanks for the patience I have just been on holiday for a week but am back and will have more of this story up tomorrow hopefully....thanks....

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This was one of the best stories ever on this forum..i wish the writer would continue..
Wishful thinking??

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Someone from these forums didnt write it, It was in a magazing and he typed it out for us.

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Ohh..i see..that is too bad...
It is a nice story never the less.

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yeah surely it's great!

can't wait for the next part