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02-17-2003, 9:43 AM
(In the interests of actually moving the story along, and getting it out there, I may try to write shorter segments. We'll see how it goes. Thanks for the kind encouraging words so far after Parts 1 and 2)

I kept up my kissing of the sole of my Master's bare black foot and Keesha Lawrence returned. Without being told, I placed my hands behind my back and Keesha bound them behind me. I was a prisoner. Then she tied my ankles together, so I would not be able to walk. I kept up my kissing, though at this point, Master shucked off the shoe from her other foot and presented it to my slaving face. So I let go of the first foot (which she then rested on my shoulder) and held the second foot, and resumed my kissing.
It was right after that I saw the flash. And another and another, accompanied by gales of laughter. Keesha was taking pictures of us. I was a dead man now, always open to blackmail and proof of my transgression. My parents could find out! Any prospective employer could find out! She really did own me now.

"Make sure those go in his permanent file," my Master ordered with a chuckle. "Now, Keesha, take off your belt, and introduce it to Mr. Cole's backside!"
"With pleasure, Ms. Lambert," she said with relish. I heard the uncoupling of a belt buckle. I then felt her hands grab my shirt, from the back, and something with a blade cut my shirt away, exposing my back as she moved the shredded garment off to the left and right sides. She must have grabbed some scissors or a utility knife when she had got the rope.

"Slave, you're going to start paying for all the suffering your race and your sex have brought on my race and my sex. As your ancestors beat my ancestors, we are going to beat you. We are going to make you a real slave, with no thought other than how to please me, or Keesha, or any sister. You are going to know pain, and we are going to enjoy inflicting it on you. You are going to know humiliation, and we are going to have orgasms while we humiliate you. You are going to be taught your place in life, and you will thank me for the privilege. Right, whitey? Right?"
"Yes Master."
"Now don't you miss a beat while Keesha warms you up. Beat him, Keesha!"
"With all my heart," she answered. Though it was awkward for her to hit my back with my hands tied behind my back, she still hit me where she could, including my arms. I still had slacks on, covering my butt, but she still let the belt fly on my rear end as well. I remained on my knees, which were getting VERY sore, and kept kissing the sole of my Master's foot.
So there I was, a white male on his knees, tied up, worshipping the naked sole of a forty year old black woman while a younger black woman beat me from behind.
My Master sighed. "I just love it when whitey gets his come-uppance. Slave, I want you to thank Keesha for every stroke and ask for another."
Shades of the fraternity initiation scene in "Animal House.
Keesha was hitting me harder now, as she got warmed up. So now I had to follow each blow with, "Thank you Ma'am, may I have another?" All while kissing my Master's lovely demanding feet.
At last Keesha's arm tired. Ms. Lambert's or should I say my Master's legs got tired of being elevated. She had more work to do, that did not involve me. She put her shoes back on.
"Slave, thank me for taking you as my slave. Kiss my shoes ten times each." Then she pushed herself away in her chair on wheels. She traveled about 5 feet away or so. I moved toward her, and fell on my chest.
"Grovel to me, boy," she growled. I inched toward her waiting feet on my stomach. It hurt. I reached her and kissed her shoes as ordered, thanking her.
"Now thank Keesha. And ask her to get us a real whip for the next time."
Keesha was now standing in a far corner of the office, smiling broadly. She let the belt dangle from her left hand. I slowly groveled over to her, as she taunted me, saying, "Crawl to me, white boy! Crawl like the piece of crap you are! Crawl to your betters!"
When I reached her, she bent down and held the belt before my face. "Kiss this belt that made you suffer," she ordered. "Kiss it and say thank you for giving me the beating I so richly deserve."
"Thank you belt for giving me the beating I so richly deserve," I obeyed, kissing the belt once or twice. Then she began to put it back on. Before me were her pumps.
"Now kiss my feet ten times each and ask for the whip next time!"
I kissed her shoes, clad in nice brown pumps with medium high heels, and begged, "Thank you for the honor of kissing your shoes and for being beaten by you with your belt. Please use a whip to beat me next time."
After finishing the appointed task, she put one of her feet right on top of my prostrate head and pressed down. My face was pushed into the floor.
She said, "I am so glad you are going to be a student at Caledonia College. There is so much you are going to learn here that you never imagined when you applied for admission!"
Shortly after this I was freed and had to go on my way. I completed the rest of my registration process in other rooms and buildings on campus. She was right, I was going to get a real education. It was only the beginning!

02-17-2003, 11:33 AM
Hi Aramis

You have a good idea going here, but please donít skimp on the detail. Detail brings the reader along for the ride. You have to find an even balance!

Just a thought! :rasta:

02-17-2003, 10:06 PM
Thanks for your reply, Groundview. Detail is nice, I enjoy it too, and I thought I was including adequate detail in the latest installment. But I know that I had said I might cut some stuff, in order to expedite the series actually finishing, and detail may suffer. I agree that as for the woman's feet in this story, after the first installment I just left it up to the reader's imagination. Some readers like skinny feet, others like fleshy feet, some like their African American women on the lighter side, some on the darker side. When I am silent on such details it is so that the reader can fantasize what they like. But I am not arguing with your suggestion, I see that I have sacrificed some detail in the interest of dialogue and action. Detail does take more time to write, and time is one reason writers do not finish their tales.
Let me say again that I appreciate all those who send in their thanks or words of encouragement or suggestions. It is heartening to know that the work is read, enjoyed, and worthy of reply! As one of the board contributors has said, let's not leave stories unfinished; I am guilty of leaving stories unfinished (like "Reparations for Slavery" in the old Daddo board) and am trying to not let this happen this time. But inspiration, the muse, does not sit on one's shoulder for that long of a time, so some of us have to write soon or quickly, or it will be gone!
I was thinking of making this story last all four years. What do you guys think of that? Or should I condense it, so I can actually finish it, and conclude with Mr. Cole being his Master's slave for life??
Humbly yours,

02-18-2003, 4:03 PM
Hi Aramis! :bananawav

Your story could last a semester, and then your guy could get a scholarship to Columbia! :thumbsup: