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05-31-2008, 9:49 AM
I had hired an escort named Brenda, we agreed to her cock crushing me along with some other cbt and a serious ass spanking. I brought along some rope, a riding crop, a leather belt, a ball gag. Brenda said she would bring some of her ‘toys’ . We met in the parking lot and quickly went up to the motel room I had rented.

Brenda took the envelope with the agreed upon ‘token gift’. Brenda said “well get naked.” I stripped naked and Brenda was to remain fully clothed in her tight black mini skirt, red blouse and red stiletto heels, her jet black hair cascaded over her shoulders and across her breasts. I was semi erect and had Brenda tie my wrists behind my back, then knelt in front of the coffee table with my penis and balls atop it. Brenda stepped onto the table and pressing her right toe into the center of my penis shaft pressed down firmly, with her left heel she placed the heel tip directly over the center of my right testicle and pinning it down giggled saying “I really enjoy this, hope you will as well.”

I moaned saying “be careful” she then pressed down with all her weight making me shriek as her heel tip almost impaled my right testicle she also crushed my penis shaft almost flat as she rocked back and forth.

I almost tired to move away, but realized I would tear something if I did so, so I begged Brenda to ease up, she shot back “Fuck you! Shut the fuck up” she leaned down picking up the ball gag and placed it on me adding, “I am in charge per your agreement I am just starting and will crush your balls and do my best to pop them like overripe tomatoes.”

She twisted her heel point into my right testicle as I screamed in agony , then she lifted her heel up and put her toe point over my testicle and pressing down crushed it almost flat, twisting back and forth as precum oozed from my penis head, Brenda noticed this and said “Well you seem to be enjoying this as your cock is drooling for more, so her it comes.” She began rubbing her right toe across my penis shaft, crushing it as flat as possible and rubbing it into the table top, then she focused on my left testicle, pressing it flat also and hopping up and down on both my flattened testicle’s she giggled as she reached down grabbing my engorged penis shaft and tugging on it more than stroking the shaft, I was caught between pleasure and pain as Brenda continued this for another five minutes then stopped and stepped off my penis and testicles saying “I’m gonna tie you to this table and whip your cock good and hard and long.”

I was helped up and laid across the table with my wrists still tied behind my back. Brenda tied my ankles to the table legs spreading my legs, then also tied my knees making my crotch spread open and keeping my penis and testicles completely vulnerable to what was to soon transpire, she then tied my arms via the shoulders to the other ends of the table.

I was now completely at her mercy tied and spread eagled atop the table. Brenda took the leather belt and smiling said “Let’s get right to beating that penis shaft good and hard.” I felt the first WHAP as my penis grew rock hard in pleasure and pain, another WHAP followed as the penis shaft was hit firmly and very hard, WHAP WHAP WHAP followed one after another rin rapid succession, the initial pleasure was now giving way to some serious pain, yet my penis remained rock hard engorged with blood due to the sexual arousal and excitement. Brenda began counting.

I began worrying as she was only at 23 and I had asked her to use the belt 100 times and then the riding crop hundreds of times 200 to 300 or more as she felt. I began thinking I had made a mistake.

Brenda was giggling as she continued counting and she noticed precum was oozing from my penis head in a large quantity, she added “I guess you will be able to handle almost 500 whacks, the most I’ve ever done to a guy before is about a hundred or so, but you asked for it and I am going to ensure you get everything you wanted.

My your penis is already a deep red with some areas looking like they are getting bruised.” She was now at 79 and counting my penis was throbbing in pain but still rock hard with precum continuing to ooze from the engorged head. At 85 Brenda focused the remaining belt whacks on my penis head I screamed as it was painful, but she ignored and increased the force finishing at 100. Then picking up the riding crop said “This will allow me to evenly distribute the bruising and welts all over your penis shaft.

I winced as Brenda laid into my penis shaft like she was trying to burst it apart with the riding crop, pleasure was gone and pain was increasing, she pulled my penis away from my belly saying “I don’t want to neglect this area, don’t worry I wont hit the big vein directly, but I’ve gotta make it all the same color.”

Pleasure returned initially as she laid the riding crop into the soft untouched skin ,but after about 60 very hard whacks it disappeared, somehow I endured this beating and heard Brenda finish at 350. Brenda smiled saying
“I’ve gotta get one more toy from my car I’ll be right back don’t go anywhere.”

I felt my heart beating hard as she left the room ,finally returned with a large wooden box. Brenda smiled saying “This is my cock box.” She placed it over me atop the table and placed my penis and testicles in it and locked it in place. She opened her ‘toy’ backpack and pulled out some large massive rubber bands and place one around each of my testicles so tightly I almost could not breathe they were separated and felt like they would be cut off, then she placed another one tightly around the base of my penis shaft.

She said “Time to ruin your balls bitchboy. Hahaha you stupid foolish little man. I am now going to pop each of your testicles, but before I do that I will castrate them indivudally hahaha.”

She lifted out of her backpack a burdizzo saying “Do you want to cum one last time though?”

I nodded my head yes she giggled and standing up began unbuttoning her blouse, revelaing her red skimpy bra, which she also removed , exposing her 36C breasts and erect nipples, next she unzipped her skirt and pulled off her panties.

Then straddling me, grabbed my erect penis and slowly impaled herself on it, sliding up and down slamming down very hard on my tightened and tied balls. I could feel myself building to an orgasm as she milked my penis shaft with her tight vaginal muscles, she stiffened and climaxed, followed by myself building to an orgasm I felt my balls tighten further as the sperm began to build growing in my crotch at the base of my penis shaft as the sperm began to race to the penis base and then rush up the urethra and erupt out of bulging penis head spurting it’s load.

But instead of this occurring I felt unbelievable pain as the sperm was trapped at the base of my penis shaft and began backflowing as my testicles swelled from the trauma, Brenda kept fucking me harder and harder laughing loudly saying “Oh dear, I forgot your cock cannot finish can it.”

She then dismounted me and pulling out a straight razor as fear was in my eyes, she flicked the razor at the base of my penis shaft cutting free the rubber band.

Brenda then grasped my penis shaft and began stroking it up and down saying “I will milk you dry right now so lay back and enjoy this emptying.” I felt myself building and erupted spewing my sperm almost 8 feet in the air as Brenda milked my penis dry.

Then taking the burdizzo as I tried to scream through the ball gag she just laughed as she placed it around the base of my testicle sac saying “I think it’s better to do both at once, concentrate of that pleasure you had form cumming for the last time, well here goes no count down just….’ As she slammed the burdizzo tight as it crushed my testicles vessels I passed out and awoke with an extreme throbbing pain in my crotch.

Brenda said “Fuck, you passed out for almost 20 minutes, well lets pop those balls now okay.” She stepped up onto the cock box and pressed her high heel toes directly into the center of each of my testicles, the burdizzo was still attached as Brenda said this would prevent massive bleeding once she popped my balls.

She jumped up and down harder and harder I almost vomited as I felt pain beyond what I thought I could endure she hollered in delight one just popped and there goes the other, WOW, they sure are swelling up a lot., well better cut them off and seal the cut.

I noticed a propane torch blowing fire across a red hot metal tube as Brenda said “You see I’ll cut your balls off with this razor and sear the cut closed with this.”

I watched in horror as she sliced both testicles off then applied the red hot tube searing my skin and burning it I passed out again, when I awoke Brenda was gone I was untied and a note was left saying “best have a doctor check you out, I enjoyed adding your balls to my collection fool.”

I laid there for hours before slowly getting dressed and hobbling down to turn in the keys and drive home…..what a mistake….but at least I still have my penis shaft…

05-31-2008, 7:10 PM
OUCH! Very gruesome but very NICE!