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1) One final bit of strapon action by Mistress Natsuki will have you hypnotized.
2) A very sexy Queen dressed in high black platform boots loves to sexually tease her slaves.
In this extra long feature, we see many great sensual domination techniques as the Queen addresses not
only her slaves, but also you the audience. In these first clips, she tells you how sexy she is and rubs her pussy in
your face. Then we have some spit teasing.
3) Next she grabs ahold of her slave's cock and jerks him off to finish.
4) These next scenes have whipping, teasing, boot worship, strapon action, and a boot-job.
Japanese Femdom members are sure to enjoy this extra long feature.

Also Now available:
1)Now Mistress Natsuki is in a black shiny police uniform with knee high platform boots. She expresses power
over her stable of slave boys. Whipping, wax torture, and face sitting are some of
her methods of domination. Then knowing how very sexy she is, Natsuki does a table dance
and laughs as her slaves masturbate to finish. You too will be jerking off to beautiful Mistress Natsuki
in these excellent clips.
2) Now in a different ouitfit, Misa decides to reward her slave with some warm liquid.
3) Cruel Queen Kamila is back for some nipple torture in the dungeon.
4) Mistress Natsuki is one of the most beautiful booted Queens in all of Japan. In these very sensual
clips she has her slave lick her very wet pussy. Then he gets his liquid reward as Mistress moans in sexual joy.
Slave has just been drafted into the Army - but this is no ordinary army. General Miyuki is in command here
wearing a sexy army outfit with platform black patent knee high boots. Boot worship and torture, facesitting, and some serious
strap-on action here. These clips give a new meaning to the term "Boot Camp".
6) Mistress Misa, one of the top Queens in Tokyo, has her way with this loser slave.
In another very long feature, we have bondage, burning, wax torture, and spitting
which are Mistress Misa's specialties. She looks oh so hot in her vinyl outfit and high platform boots.
15 clips total
7) A very cruel Queen in a sexy outfit with platform knee boots subjects her slave
to wax torture and strapon action. Then slave gets a special liquid reward. Hot Indeed !!!
8)In this very graphic video, our leather booted Mistress has fun with her weakling slave. In this extra long feature(22 clips)
you get to see it all - boot worship, spitting, kicking, bodage, saint water games, and severe humiliaition from a beautiful
Japanese Queen. Members of Japanese Femdom will love these clips.
9) In this costume play adventure, the white booted cutie is captured and tortured by
the Mean Queen and her gang. She gets fucked and cum in the mouth. The booted cutie is about to get rescued but the Queen captures her savior and has her

way with him sexually.
10) In this costume play scene, a thigh booted heroine fucks her slave with a strap-on them she uses him for her
sexual pleasure. Then in a weird turn of events, our sexy Queen is fastened to a machine that slaps her pussy.
11) Kicking and whipping, this leather booted Mistress loves to hurt her slave.
12) A Liquid reward nice and warm for this slave.
13) Two young Queens torture their slave boy with spitting and cigarettes.
13) If you like hard whipping and boot worship then these are clips you don't want to miss.
Mistress humiliates her slave outside by forcing him to lick her long black boots.
As a reward, he gets a hard whipping and cigarette torture.
14) Three very tough office Queens brutally hurt their stable of slaves. Kicking, wax torture, cold water torture
are their favorite devices of pain.
15) Fufilling a special request , a return engagement -
Two beautiful booted mini-ska police girls capture their victim on the street, handcuff him, and take him in for interrogation.
There he is subjected to a facefull from one of his captors.
16)Here we have an intense spitting scene. You'll wish you were there to lick up every
precious drop of these beautiful Mistresses spit !!

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