View Full Version : Women insert entire FINGER into Urethra!

11-29-2008, 1:42 AM
Crazy stuff! Looks hot and painful!


11-29-2008, 3:40 AM
Absolutly HORNY!!!
I search a Video or Clip,where a Woman make this with one of her Toes!!!
Is here anybody,who can help me????

12-01-2008, 11:18 AM
Is here anybody,who knows the Name of the Movie or Clip???

01-03-2009, 4:36 AM
Don't let die this post.
Is here anyone,who knows the name from this movie???

01-03-2009, 12:26 PM
now that is entertainment

01-03-2009, 10:09 PM
Now if only their trample is as full on it would be worth joining to check out but I am sure it is not. That material was very good though.

01-06-2009, 11:36 PM
I'd love to see a lovely spiked heel forced down a Urethra!

Are there any extreme clips like that out there?

01-25-2009, 4:45 AM
Please post more from this pics or clips!!!

02-15-2009, 9:30 AM
Please more from this!!!!

03-23-2009, 11:39 AM
Don't let die this tread.

04-17-2009, 7:57 AM
Is here anyone,who have more from this clips???

05-10-2009, 1:48 PM
If anybody knows what movie this is from, please please pleas share !

Lovely stuff.

Love it when my wife fingers my peehole too !

05-12-2009, 1:59 AM
low - does she get the whole thing in? Can she fit a toe in?

05-12-2009, 4:09 AM
And can you make a picture from this,or a clip???

05-13-2009, 12:50 PM
Up to now the first phalanx of about any finger goes in without discomfort. The little finger goes in a further about until halfway the second phalanx, although this can be uncomfortable, but nothing unbearable.
My wife mostly uses the little finger, she is afraid to use bigger fingers since that has lead to some minor blood loss in the past. (a little red seamen) Nothing really alarming but it freaky non the less.

Probably a little toe would fit in without a problem, but because of the blood loss I think my wife would be rather reluctant to try.

As for the story how we started doing this, it all started about 2 years ago. We went to a wellness hotel for a weekend, to get some rest after the first 3 months of our youngest son. He was getting spoiled by his grandmother, and we where getting spoiled at the SPA. My wife had been joking for years about inserting something in my penis. When we were fooling around on our room she suddenly flipped me on my back and started playing with my peehole. It felt much better then I would have imagined. And in the heat of the moment I let her insert her finger a little ... and that felt SOOOOO good. The feeling didn't go away for at least 3 hours. Since then we do it rather often.

Now recording it, or getting pictures of it will be tricky, think my wife want's to keep this private. But You never know, I might get some pictures one day. And I am brave enough to post them yes.

06-13-2009, 8:34 AM
Time to bump this Tread!!!

06-15-2009, 1:25 PM
Update, yesterday i managed to get my wife so far that she inserted her toe in my urethra. Felt fucking great ! Hope I can get a picture of that !

06-17-2009, 2:14 PM
Update, yesterday i managed to get my wife so far that she inserted her toe in my urethra. Felt fucking great ! Hope I can get a picture of that !

Wow - I cant wait to see that. You are one lucky guy.

08-15-2009, 10:57 AM
Please more from this!!!

01-01-2010, 3:36 PM
Hell let's get this to the front page again.

A toe deffenatly fits ! We tried !

Very hot !

If anybody has any movies with peehole play please share ! Oh and those of lilu are so hot indeed !

01-02-2010, 4:39 AM
Please post some pics from this,Lowieken!!!

humiliated loser
01-07-2010, 8:08 PM
I'd love to see a lovely spiked heel forced down a Urethra!

Are there any extreme clips like that out there?

i want to try forcing different things down my pee pee hole, i want to start by forcing a high heel down it

01-08-2010, 12:01 PM
Super OUCH

12-18-2010, 8:32 AM
Time to bump this Tread!!!!

06-07-2012, 2:42 AM
Ok got something extreme - the maximum I did - please let me know how You like it

06-07-2012, 4:38 AM
I LOVE IT @urethrafun!!
Hast Du noch mehr davon???
(Have you more from this?)

06-07-2012, 7:08 AM
Das war nicht einfach jemanden zu finden der mit Freude dabei ist. Das ist auch nicht jederfraues Sache.
Momentan ist das alles - vielleicht noch zwei Bilder

06-08-2012, 5:02 AM
Kennst Du die beiden Darsteller,oder bist Du und deine Frau???
Du ahnst nicht wie gerne ich das können möchte.
Das ist ein Wunschtraum das mal zu erleben.
Und der link zu den Bildern klappt leider nicht.

06-10-2012, 3:38 AM
Also es war nicht meine Frau - Sie war gemietet. Aber voll bei der Sache, es machte Ihr furtchbar Spaß und hat viel zum gelingen beigetragen. Ich denke aber das ich sie nicht nochmal treffe. Das selbe in HD wäre nicht schlecht - bis dann

06-10-2012, 4:35 AM
Du hast ja keine ahnung,wie sehr ich dich darum Beneide,das Du sowas machen kannst,bzw drauf hast!!!
Wie schon gesagt,ist das mein absoluter Wunschtraum sowas mal zu erleben.
Gerade als Fussfetischist,kann es,glaube ich,nichts geileres geben als sich von dem Objekt seiner "Begierde" so nehmen zu lassen.
Hat mich nur gewundert das in dem Video Englisch gesprochen wird.

06-12-2012, 2:19 PM
Awesome video. Thanks