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face4wife2sit 07-23-2008 8:05 PM

Letters to Elise - Letter 1
From Velvet:

Hello Ms Elise, my name is Madam Velvet and I have been a practicing Mistress in Europe for fifteen years under a different name. I have a Doctorate degree in Psychology and a have been a student of unusual sex practices for twenty-seven years. After studying human sexual behavior and in particular male sexual behavior for more than a decade, I decided to become a Professional Mistress so I could marry my Psychological studies with my ever-growing fascination with male submissive sexuality. By doing this, I combined my career with my hobby, much in the same way that you have done.

One of my theories has been that by removing the perversion from his fantasy and replacing it with sexual eroticism, I could deliver a pervert from his potentially harmful desires. I agree with you that most submissive desires within men are not perverted but stem from a natural and normal desire to love and be loved by the female gender. However, there are some off springs to these normal and healthy desires that do become perverted and thus potentially harmful. Blood sports and SCAT play would be two such perversions within a D&S relationship. Loving discipline and mild humiliation play are perfectly acceptable and even understandable but taken to extremes they become perverted and dangerous to the man that hungers after the fulfillment of these desires.

As an educated Mistress I have been able to experiment with different methods with a varying degree of success. What a wonderful profession being a Pro Mistress has been for me. I have been able to experiment on willing subjects while they pay me handsomely at the same time. I enjoy dominating men and some of my clients have become very special to me. I have grown to be a Female Supremacist and a Female Dominant as all these years of receiving such willful submission from so many men has fed my own hunger to dominate. Yet, I have been able to have fun and still concentrate on my work in this virgin field. It takes one to understand one and only a slightly perverted woman can truly understand a full blown perverted man. Only a woman who can stay grounded in reality while she engages in the bizarre can lead a man safely into the forbidden depths of his nature. I say with the utmost admiration and respect that I would assume that this is why you are so successful at what you do. Like me, you can stay grounded in reality while you pursue your own dominant desires as you delve into your client's sometimes bizarre fantasies. This allows us to allow them to let go for we become their security and their guide.

I could give you so many examples of my work and I will include my address and phone number at the end of this letter. Please feel free to contact me if you should ever want to discuss my theories and research. I have more questions than answers after all of these years but what I have learned has been absolutely fascinating. For now, I will give you one example about my theory on curing perversion.

One of my male clients had a very strong desire to become a woman's toilet slave. He wanted to engage in SCAT play with me. Now unlike in the States, this is a common offering from European Mistresses. Many European Mistresses will engage in SCAT play with a paying client. Health risks and consequences be damned. If a man will pay most European Doms will play. Now any educated Mistress knows this activity is not safe for her client but this desire was so strong within this man that if I turned him down, he would only go elsewhere to gain fulfillment. He was a perfect client for me to experiment with my theory.

The challenge was how does a woman take such a degrading and somewhat disgusting activity and make it exotic and pleasurable? How does a woman remove the perversion from SCAT play and replace it with something positive that will leave the man desiring the pleasurable instead of the harmful? How does a woman go about curing a man from this perversion?

After many years of working on such answers to such complicated questions from experimenting and analyzing other men, I was able to design a strategy for this particular client. After a lengthy and exhausting interview process, I was able to surmise what it was that he desired and what triggered his submission. Like you, I have become quite astute when it comes to analyzing submissive men. This is a skill that only comes from years and years of practice.

In his case, I would need the assistance of two other women. I enrolled the help of two women that work for me on a part time basis in my studio. Both are young and stunning. They are true Goddesses and men pay them handsomely for the right to bow down and worship them. Gretchen is a voluptuous red-head and Angela is a gorgeous blonde with a figure right out of mythology. For the record, I am a rather stunning and mature brunette, if I may be so vain. Sometimes we Doms have an overly exaggerated opinion on our looks and sex appeal due to having so many men worshiping us and constantly reminding us how gorgeous and how divine we are. But that is one of the perks that goes with our profession.

My client agreed to pay the outrageous fee it would take for three women to fulfill his fantasy and I scheduled his session. For his protection, Gretchen and I went on a 24 hour fast followed by a series of cleansing enemas and followed by a week long vegetarian diet. I went over with my girls the scenario I had prepared and we chose the appropriate outfits and needed equipment. One piece of equipment that I borrowed from a friend who is also a Pro Mistress was a Compulsory Flush Apparatus. This is a device that forces a man to swallow the contents within his mouth by forcing a bowl of water to be rapidly and powerfully sent down his throat sweeping all contents within the mouth with it. It happens so fast that it prevents gagging.

When the day arrived for this particular client's appointment, we were totally prepared. All three of us women wore the identical costume only in different colors and in different material for psychological reasons. The outfits consisted of a corset with garters, long opera gloves, a thong, fishnet stockings and high heel shoes. My outfit (corset, thong and gloves) was black leather, Gretchen's was red rubber and Angela's was white lace. My outfit represented power and dominance, Gretchen's represented fetish, and Angela's represented femininity and sexuality.

The goal was to get this client who had such an overpowering and strong desire to be used as a woman's toilet to choose worshipping a female over his fetish. The goal was to replace the mental pleasure his fetish provided him with the mental pleasure of worshiping a Goddess. The goal was to get him to choose Angela and what she would offer over Gretchen and what she offered.

I have found that men with the SCAT or human toilet desire usually have an ass fetish. They are extremely turned on by the female ass, its shape, appearance and softness. To a submissive man, the female ass also represents power to him. Not only does the submissive man crave to kiss and orally worship the feminine bottom but he also desires to be crushed by it. He desires to be held captive and helpless through the act of face sitting so that he is conquerored and at the mercy of his female captor. To some men face sitting and forced rimming is enough to satisfy this submissive desire. However, other men want more from this activity. They want to go from worshipping the female bottom to being a captive to the female bottom to being totally broken and humiliated by the female bottom. To these men, the next natural step after rimming the female ass and her hole is to willingly receive the brown shower that it administers. To some men, a brown shower over the genitals suffices but to a man with a strong ass fetish combined with a strong submissive nature, nothing short of orally receiving the feces will satisfy. Many men may have this fantasy but those that ignore the healthy dangers and engage in it are stepping over into the perverted. This client was such a pervert.

He arrived and I greeted him alone decked out in my leather outfit. I placed him in bondage and I proceeded to dominate him like he was accustomed to during our sessions. I also did plenty of teasing and denial play to get him on the edge and to fill him with passion and lust. I allowed him to worship my ass by demanding that he plant soft kisses all around my ass cheeks. During this activity, his human toilet desire came over him and he began to beg for me to use him as my toilet. After some additional teasing, I released him from his bonds and lead him to my water sports room, which is where I had my Queening stool and my open bottom toilet.

I fastened him face up on the floor and inserted his head beneath the Queening stool. I removed my thong and took my place on my throne and allowed him to tongue and worship my ass. He was so turned on and he had an incredible amount of energy and enthusiasm as he tongued my ass. I must say that he was excellent at it and it was very pleasurable. Once I felt he was ready, I moved him to under my special toilet. There I administered to him a brown shower directly into his mouth and he eagerly ingested it all. He had an erection the entire time.

When he was done, he was a little queasy which is a common effect after this activity. He cleaned up his face and he re-joined me out in my playroom, where Gretchen and Angela awaited. He could not believe his eyes at the sight of these two Goddesses. I allowed the girls to play with him and tease him but then it came time for my experiment.

Angela walked over to the bed and pulled her breasts out of her corset. She was absolutely stunning. Gretchen caressed his body and ordered him to kiss her beautifully shaped ass. He dove into Gretchen's cheeks and planted soft kisses with his usual enthusiasm. She had him do this for around ten minutes until I gave the word for him to stop. At my nod, Gretchen then made the proclamation that she had to have a bowel movement. I then had her turn his head toward Angela who was fondling herself as she lay seductively on the bed. I then gave him a choice. He could join Gretchen in the toilet room for another brown shower at the ass of this Goddess or he could join Angela for female body worship, including sucking on her breasts. I gave him one minute to decide.

I could tell he was torn but he surprised and pleased me by choosing Angela. We restrained him to the edge of the bed so that he was only a foot or so from Angela and she proceeded to tease him by playing with her body in a very erotic manner. Then she invited him to join her and she asked me to release him. I sent over Gretchen and she unhooked him but on cue, instead of allowing him to touch Angela, she dragged him into the toilet room forcefully. He was stunned and perplexed as Gretchen fastened him to the floor and forced his head beneath the open bottom toilet. My theory was confirmed when he begged to be released. He said that he didn't want another brown shower.

Now keep in mind that Gretchen is gorgeous with a perfectly round and inviting ass. I know had he not been so close to worshiping the Goddess of a woman Angela, he would have been totally aroused and excited about what Gretchen was doing to him. However, due to having already received a brown shower from me and due to his desire to worship the feminine Angela, he now was a bit repulsed at the thought of another brown shower. That could have been the end of the experiment right there but I wanted to cure him of this desire once and for all.

Therefore, Gretchen forced the CFA (Compulsory Flush Apparatus) tube in his throat and she took her seat upon the toilet. She administered a brown shower (and a large one at that) directly into his mouth. I stood near by and I observed him gagging which he did not do at all when I administered my brown shower to him. I gave Gretchen the signal and she used the CFA to force him to swallow so he would not gag. She did this each time he got a mouth full as he would not swallow on his own. I noticed that he had totally lost his erection.

When she was done, we released him and had him shower and clean himself up. Gretchen and Angela left us alone and I had a counseling session with him to record his thoughts about the session. I had a number of follow up sessions with him and he confessed that his desire to be a human toilet was still there but that he doubted if he would ever follow through with an actual SCAT session again. The fantasy still excites him but the thought of actually doing it now repulses him. I told him that it is Ok to have the fantasy but that it is a positive sign that he now realizes that some fantasies should stay fantasies only. The desire is not the problem but the desire acted upon is what can cause harm.

I hated to subject him to such a risky activity but it was for his own good. Had it not been for us compassionate and caring women who had taken as many precautions as we could, he would have continued to see other Pro Mistresses to engage in this risky activity and eventually he would have been burned. This session was extreme and cruel but if it ended his obsession and perversion, it will be the most beneficial D&S session of his life. Plus he will always have the intense memories to aid the fantasy while hopefully his desire has been partially replaced with a renewed desire to worship women. He learned that the beauty of the female and is more powerful than these strong and unusual urges. In the long run, he will be a better man for it.

Ms Elise, I would love to correspond with you and gain your insight into my research. I think we have quite a bit in common. I don't expect you to endorse or approve of my methods (not publicly anyway) but I would love to share notes with you, Educator to Educator and Mistress to Mistress.

Sauur 07-27-2008 1:59 PM

WOW! Great story I love the unique take.

toilet4u 04-19-2012 9:22 PM

what is your fone number and address?

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