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Lindsey - Part 13

This story will become part of the Femina Island's Story........
It will continue If there is reader interest.............

Lindsey - Part 13

It was 5AM when I awoke. I thought I heard something. Leaving the bedroom & walking into my kitchen I saw where the noise was coming from. It was Walter. Somehow the towel I had draped over the top of the aquarium had partially slipped down into the tank & there was my little naked Walter trying to climb up it to escape. I reached in & using a finger I flicked his little body off the towel. He fell screaming.
I removed the towel scowling down at him.
This time I draped the long towel over the top leaving the ends free & lifting the Aquarium ran them underneath, pinning it down but still leaving a corner free for air.
There was no way for it to slip down inside again. I knew he couldn't climb up the glass. He was there till I plucked him out.

Looking back toward my bedroom I saw Micah had woken & was standing in the doorway. He just smiled shaking his head & walked off & into the bathroom.
I could hear Micah in the bathroom as I put a pot of coffee on to brew. Hearing the toilet flush I realized I had to pee & dashed off to be with Micah. He was just about to turn the shower on as I sat on the potty.
'Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww' I sighed feeling the relief as my hot morning pee gushed into the potty. Micah was watching me. He later told me how he loved the way I looked first thing in the morning. My long dark brown hair all wild & hanging around my face. Bedhead was never so beautiful he once told me.

Looking at him watching me I reached out for the toilet paper, my fingers ready, hovering over the roll when I looked back at him & opened my other hand to reveal the silver bell. I rang it, watching him. In a very loving but still commanding tone I said....'Slave...Your Mistress needs to be cleaned properly'
I set the bell back on the vanity & watched him come & kneel between my legs. His cock was hard as he knelt & I knew that my calling him my Slave had been part of the reason. It gave me a little shiver & I knew it did the same to him.
I loved having a Slave as much as he loved being mine.

I reached around & flushed the toilet & moved forward on the seat. Micah kissed & licked my tummy like he always did before cleaning me but my hands on his head, my fingers locked in his long hair, brought his tongue where it was most needed.
God it feels so good being licked like this, especially when I hear him slurping, knowing it is my salty warm girl wine he's sucking & swallowing.
Micah continued licking me long after every stray drop was gone. When his tongue began flicking over my clit I held him even tighter to me.
His mouth opened around my cunny, he knew all the signs. His moans matched my own as I came into his mouth. He licked me tenderly now & when I freed his head he looked up at me with adoring eyes. His wet face coated with my juices. Taking my hands he helped me up. Turning on the shower he helped me as I stepped in. The warm spray felt so good.
I never thought a Woman could cum like this. I know I had never done it before. Actually sending pulses of cum shooting from me. It started at the Resort & continues to this day. I hope it never stops.
I had Micah open his mouth more than once before he swallowed because I couldn't believe it at first. He always tells me how delicious my cream is. He says the same thing about my warm Wine & everything he licks from my body.

I reached down taking his hard cock in my hand. I wanted to taste him, devour him. I turned him till he was leaning against the tiled wall & then kissed him, our tongues together. I kissed down his chest, the way he's done to me so many times before. I was hungry for him & not lingering long I licked lower until my mouth covered the head of his engorged cock.
It was so warm & throbbed in my mouth. I moved my mouth down, my tongue under the shaft caressing him. I could hear his moans & I loved knowing that it was me causing it.
I moved my mouth down...up, letting my teeth lightly graze him. Feeling him beginning to thrust & moan even louder as I moved my mouth engulfing the head. Feeling it grow in my mouth I sucked while my fingers stroked the shaft. Micah cried out as he reached orgasm.
Pulse after pulse flooded my mouth.

I slowly moved my mouth away. I looked up at my man & swallowed. Licking my lips I swallowed again. I stroked him, squeezed him till a pearly bead oozed from the tip. I licked it away & took him back in my mouth, sucking him, cleaning him.

We showered together, washing between kisses. Hugging, he whispered in my ear. Asking me if I was going to the office this morning.
I looked at him wondering where this was leading.
'Can you take the day off?....maybe two' he asked.
'Yes........But why?' I asked.
'When I spoke to Dixie she asked me if you had used Walter......you know?'
He couldn't say it but I knew what Dixie was asking. I had to admit I had thought about it. I remembered how excited & wet I had become when verbally tormenting little Walter, telling him about spending the rest of his life as a toilet Slave, going into great detail what his life would be like. He would cry & beg & I had to admit it made me horny as Hell.
I had thought about it more than once on mornings alone in my bathroom. Micah was not a part of this routine. A least not with me while at the Resort or ever since he came here to be with me.
I knew I didn't know much about him, his past.........There was so much he hadn't told me but little by little he would open up but it was so hard not knowing. I still wondered about Dixie. Micah & Dixie.
I knew I shouldn't go there. He was with me now. He chose to come to me. It would be a mistake to probe into it. Maybe there wasn't any Micah & Dixie the way I was fixating on. Either way he would tell me if he wanted to.

We toweled off & before we left the steamy bathroom Micah had another surprise for me. He opened my large linen closet taking out a square wooden box & laid it down next to the toilet. The bright red toilet seat on top & the half circle cutout in the lower front of the box told me what it was.
'I made this a few weeks ago while you were at work & hid it out back under a tarp' he told me.
It was simple, nothing like the ones I'd seen at the Resort. Looking down thru the seat I saw a leather strap that was fastened to both sides. Its wider circular piece hung down in the middle right under the hole where the Slaves.....Walter's, head would rest. I would be sitting right on his face.

************************************************** *********************

In my bedroom I put on a short white terrycloth robe & sitting on my bed I called the office.
I had plenty of unused Vacation time. There wasn't anything important pending at the office so I took three days off.
When I walked into the livingroom I could smell coffee brewing. Micah, in just a pair of shorts was standing by the Aquarium & holding a vial of the potion.
Little Walter was pressed against the glass, watching. He wasn't pounding on the glass any longer. He just looked up as I removed the towel.

************************************************** ***********************

I reached in & picked little Walter from his prison. He was being quiet. His glances at Micah were hateful as if I had chosen Micah over him. In his eyes I probably did. It had always been Micah.
I sat on my couch while Micah moved the coffee table away. I held Walter in my hand while Micah spread a large bath towel out on the rug.
I could feel Walter's beady eyes on me & when I tightened my hand around him he began to cry out but even then when I loosened my grip I saw his little cock was hard.
I held the vile out to Micah & he removed the cap. He pressed it against the pad of my finger leaving a syrupy dollop there. I held it against Walter's tiny face until I could feel him sucking on it. I could feel something too.
It has an effect on you too Micah had told me when I used the potion to shrink him down. On anyone who touches it he had told me.
Maybe that's why I was getting wet thinking about what I was going to do to Walter, feeling a warm & naughty pleasure.

Micah just looked at me, nodded & left for the kitchen. I laid Walter down on the towel & even as I did I could see the change beginning.
Micah had left & dog collar & long leather leash on the couch earlier knowing they would be needed.
I could hear Micah in the kitchen, bacon sizzling, eggs & toast to follow.
Walter's body twisted as his arms & legs began to bulge as they moved. It was like something alive was crawling around under his skin.
In minutes he was stretched out on the towel, body pulsing & them all movement stopped but the slow rise & fall of his chest.
I straddled him & slipped the collar around his neck leaving the leash for later. Micah stood by & taking my hand led me to the kitchen.
'He'll be out for a little bit & even when he comes around he won't be able to move much more than batting his eyes.

Micah had fixed a wonderful breakfast. He seated me at the diningroom table & poured my coffee.
He knew my morning bathroom routine. I wondered why he'd made this new chair instead of using the oral chair I enjoyed using with him while I watched movies or just tried to read. He just smiled & licked his lips.

We cleaned up, loading the dishwasher & when I looked back at the livingroom I saw Micah standing with Walther's hands in his as he began dragging the helpless Walter into my bathroom.
I was standing at the sink, listening. Micah was laying Walter on the cold tiles & working to get his head into the chair. I could then hear the ratcheting of hand cuffs as Micah cuffed him to the boxes sides.
'Could I do it?'
I thought about all the names Walter had called me, the threats & even now as I saw Micah leaving the bathroom I could hear Walter.
He was coming around. I could hear the handcuff's banging against the potty chair as he weakly tried freeing himself. His body may be weak but he was screaming now, calling me a bitch & other names. I felt Micah's hands on my shoulders & his wet lips on my neck.
Walter was crying now, begging to be set free promising not to tell anyone what I had done to him.
'He probably doesn't know where he is right now' Micah said between kisses.
'He can't really see anything but the dark insides...........Plus the lid is down'


The crying had stopped & he was cursing me again. Telling me he was going to kill me with his bare hands once he got free.
Micah's kisses trailed down to the small of my back sending goose bumbs down my spine. He was sitting on the kitchen floor now, his warm hands caressing my ass cheeks as his lips planted kisses from one to the other.
I had had three cups of coffee with my breakfast & I could fell them beginning to do their job.
Micah's tongue was dipping into the top of my crack & slowly licking down. his hands had me spread & his tongue was rimming me, softening
it up for me... and Walter. I was feeling very naughty.
Cunni juices were gathering on my inner thighs. Micah's tongue was only making those inner urges come faster. When his hands began caressing my tummy I sighed thinking he was offering his mouth, wanting to drink from me. I felt a warm shiver realizing he was rimming me as he caressed my tummy.
I pushed back gently & Micah rose up as he held me.
'Silly boy' I said to him. 'Rubbing my tummy when you knew I didn't have any more Wine so soon'
'Did you forget?' I added while looking for a clue, searching his eyes.
He just smiled.

I guess I had blocked out Walter's ranting under Micah's loving kisses but the string of profanities coming from my bathroom & his cuffed hands banging on the outside of the box were getting me madder than Hell.

Micah handed me a small baggie with four pills inside. He explained what they were for. Saying that every Slave at the Resort was given them. I wondered why Micah had them.......Had he served in this way himself in the past? Maybe with Dixie?
Walter was crying again. My wicked smile caught us both by surprise.

Leaving Micah in the kitchen I stormed into my bathroom & stomped a bare foot into Walter's crotch. I kicked him in the balls making him scream even louder.
His screams became tears once again. I knelt by the chair & lifted the lid. I rested an arm on the warm soft toilet seat & looked down at Walter, his face was red, a mess, wet with tears.
'Please' he begged.
'You know where you are Walter?' I asked.
His eyes darted around & I knew he didn't have a clue. I saw that Micah had laid a large piece of plastic sheeting under the chair.
Walter's head rested on the leather piece, raising his face almost even with the bottom of the seat.

'Your lying with your head in a special Toilet Chair' I told him.
His face scrunched up. Confused at first & then his eyes went wide.
'BITCH' he screamed at me. He tried to spit several times but his mouth was dry. Standing up I stomped his nuts again.
'Open your mouth' I told him after kneeling back down.
I pinched his nose & when his mouth flew open I dropped in the pills.
'Swallow' I told him.
He shook his head, his lips closed. I pinched his nose again telling him I'd crush his nuts with my feet.
His mouth opened. His eyes went wide when he saw the long white string of spit dangling from my lips.
'Swallow' I told him again after dropping in several more ropes of spit. He was crying, but he gagged it down.
I was getting wet watching what I was doing to him.

'Walter....I promise I'll let you go if you do this for me.....for all the grief you caused me....If not......Well, remember what I told you before?
'You'll let me go?....you promise?'
He was bawling like a baby with every word. I could see the desperate hope in his eyes & it was making me wet thinking about what I was going to do to him.
'Yes Walter...I promise'
Soon he would be out of my life forever when I gave him to Dixie. I will be keeping my promise I thought..........of letting him go........With Dixie.

I stood over the seat giving him a look at my ass as I slowly sat. Wiggling my ass into the hole I felt his face, his tears on my ass cheeks.
I squeezed my cheeks feeling his face, his nose.
'Lick me Walter...lick my all over'
His tongue licked my cunni giving me chills. I didn't have to pee.
'My ass Walter............Worship it...lick my Rose...kiss it.........suckle it'
I moved on the seat feeling his face streaking my ass with his tears.
'His face was between my cheeks. I leaned forward spreading them even more. The long warm hiss felt so good coming out. Walter began twisting his legs, crying, gagging.
'Lick it..........taste it Walter' I told him.
His tongue licked as I let another warm spray onto his tongue. He was crying, begging.
'Suck my Rose Slave'............NOW!
I felt his lips, his mouth & his tears as he sucked.
'Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh' his cries became muffled. I could hear....wet sounds...his crying.....And something else as I felt myself opening.
My relief lasted only seconds as I felt more pressure.
I looked down between my thighs watching his throat....his Adam's Apple. I felt such a rush seeing it bob, bob again as he gagged.
I saw his throat as it moved.
He was swallowing....swallowing ME!
His lips pressed against me again.
'Good Slave' I whispered as I watched his throat, feeling myself opening, his long silent scream as I felt myself empty. I was breathing like I had just run a marathon......I was loving it, making a Slave service me in such a degrading way. My fingers were covered with white girl cum. I wasn't even aware I was doing it until I came.

The first of many feedings for Walter I thought as I relaxed my Rose feeling relived as it closed.
Watching Walter's throat I dipped my fingers into my cunni bringing them out covered with more thick girl cum.

His face was a mass of tears. It was sticking out of his mouth like a fat chocolate bar. He gagged, but little by little it sunk until he had eaten it all.
I cleaned my self with toilet paper & left the bathroom.

Micah was standing outside the door holding the leash & I fell into his arms. I had enjoyed it......torturing Walter that way. I was full of energy, I could feel it.
'Give me a few minutes he told me, then you can shower--ok?'
Before I let Micah go I rubbed my cum covered fingers across his lips. I watched as he sucked them & smiled.

************************************************** ******************

The crying continued as he pleaded with Micah asking if he could leave now.
'She promised me...she promised me' he was screaming as Micah led him out back to my secluded back yard.
I watched them go out back. Micah with the leash wrapped around his wrist leading him. Seconds later I heard the garden hose.
I jumped into the shower & just stood under the hot spray thinking about what it must of been like for Walter. Thinking about the life he would lead once I gave him to Dixie.
I had no other choice. I could never just let him go...there was no other way...He would never leave me alone.
I leaned against the shower wall & closed my eyes. My fingers danced over my clit & cunni as I watched Walter's throat moving behind my closed eyelids. A movie I could watch & relive any time I liked.
I smiled, I couldn't help it as I coated my fingers with my cum & the warm water from the shower. It was a rush like no other.

************************************************** ***************

A pair of loose running shorts & a light top, sneakers & ankle socks. My long hair in a ponytail & I was out my front door as I headed down the winding road that would take me on a route I loved to run on weekend mornings. I usually showered after my run but I had to burn off this energy somehow & running was one way. I could always shower later.............Unless..........Micah did love to give tongue baths.
Just that thought had my heart rate rising despite my run.

Micah said he'd see to Walter & to just enjoy myself, not to worry.
I kept playing everything back in my mind. The pills...Had Micah ever taken them? Why did he have them?
He had been at the Resort long before I had gone there.
Dixie? ... Dixie & Micah?...And what about these other Islands in the Caribbean? It was a long way from The Resort in the Pacific.
Micah made it sound like they were the Islands that had been in the news months ago. He did say Dixie came from there, traveled back & forth didn't he?
There was so much I didn't know.
Standing outside my front door I bent over with my hands on my knees catching my breath. My skin was wet & shiny with sweat. It was another warm day here in the northwest but nowhere near as it was at the Resort.

Walking inside I kicked off my sneakers & peeled off my ankle socks, hoping from foot to foot trying to peel them from my hot sweaty feet.
Walter, back to his small size was back in the fish tank. He was laying in a corner clutching his knees to his chest.

The toilet stool was next to the couch & Micah was lying with his head inside. Curious, I tiptoed quietly & peeked down thru the seat.
I could smell Lysol & see the towel he was using to freshen the inside of the box.
He still hadn't seem me. I stepped back feeling very naughty.

When I saw the door above the hole in the front of the box I smiled. I hadn't noticed it down around Walter's neck in the bathroom.
It would just slide down to seal the Slave's head inside. The half circle that would come down around the Slave's neck was thickly padded.

Quietly & quickly I stripped out of my running shorts. I had to move fast. I pushed the door down & Dropped my ass onto the seat.
'WhattThe F...' came from inside the box.
A moment of quiet as I had to hold a hand over my mouth to keep from laughing.
'Veee-ry Funny Lindsey' came Micah warm breath against my sweaty ass cheeks.
Still trying not to laugh & I went into character.
'Who's Lindsey SLAVE!' I said in my sternest voice.
'Mistress Lindsey' came back his subdued reply.
'I'm all sweaty Slave & I need to pee' I said looking down between my thighs.
'Yes Mistress' he said.
I let out a small gasp when he began licking my sweaty cunni. I could feel him sniffing my ass & I was dripping sweat & cunni juice into his mouth he had just cupped around my peeslit. Looking down I could see the tent in his shorts...I smiled.
'Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm' He was gulping it down. There was so much. I felt like it would never stop. It was still dribbling out of me when I came into his mouth.
I was panting as he licked my cunni, all around my sweat coated crotch & deep between my pink lips.

'My ass is itchy with sweat Slave'
He kissed each cheek, licked them before he began licking between them. I was bent forward, not to open myself up more but to rest my elbows on my knees so I didn't slip off the chair onto the rug. I felt weak with what he was doing to me.
Micah licked, rimming my Rose, sucking it into his mouth, working his tongue inside. His tongue moving in & around my now gaping Rose as he licked & sucked. I could hear him swallow knowing it wasn't all sweat from my run he was sucking out.

I was going to cum again. I had given up on trying to hold it back, delay it somehow like I had foolishly tried to do back at the Resort & even here at home after Micah showed up on my doorstep. I just gave in, let it go, riding the wave of pleasure knowing I could have it anytime I desired.

I rose up off the seat but I didn't raise the door around Micah's neck right away. I looked down. His face was soaked.
'I suppose I should let you out....I can't see how you'll be able to lick the rest of me while in this box Slave' I told him still feeling the desire to play the Mistress.
'My feet Slave...their hot & sweaty' I told him as I watched his cock jump under his shorts. Seeing the wet spot atop the tent had me tingling as I clenched my bare toes thinking about his wet mouth licking & sucking them until the gleamed like jewels.
'Yes Mistress' he said as I raised the door up off his neck.

************************************************** ****************************
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walters a lucky man
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I adore Lindsey!
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