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New Slave Diet


My Mistress has ordered me to write this, she is hoping that it will help other Mistress with the same problem.

First a little about us, for the past 4 1/2 years I have been a fulltime slave / maid to my ex wife and her husband Master Ken.
I have always been submissive in our marriage and about 6 years ago Mistress meet Master Ken, before that Mistress had me put on a strapon dildo to satisfy her, as I had a small cock and always cum to quick for her, she always said that because I was a submissive wimp who dressed in ladies clothes and only wanted to be servant that it did not feel right as she saw me just like a dog or pig and that my sole puropse in life was to be a slave, she said she needs the love, warmth and smell of a real man in bed, but she still wanted a servant to do all the work and look after her.

It was decided that I should retire from our business and Mistress would put a manger in my place, we have property rental portfolio and it was not a real problem to sort this out, my Mistress took charge and appointed a lady manager and she answers to her mostly by phone and email.
She then got a quick divorce from me and ofcourse I signed over everything to her, then 1 month later she married Ken and we all went on her and Kens honeymoon to Spain, she had rented a Villa and I looked after them for the week, they look around to buy a Villa and they bought one brfore we left,
We moved to Spain 6 weeks later.

She made me give up smoking and was not allowed any alcohol,

I work every day about 12 or14 hours keeping all the household, gardens and cars clean and in proper condition 7 days a week. They rent me out 3 hours in the afternoon each day, 6 days a week to clean a night club that is owned by a friend that plays golf with them and I clean for her sister who live close by 2 half days each week and 4 hours for another couple.
From the money they get for my use they buy me uniforms, underware and anything that is need like canes,crops etc for my correction. Mistress told me that this money covers their golf fees and dinner outing each week.

The problem she has with me is that over the last year or so I have put on a lot of weight, I think it is middle age spread but Mistress says I look disgusting in my uniform, she got a corselet two sizes smaller for me but I struggled to fit into this, she informed me that I will be put on a strict diet and strict daily exercise and I must get down in weight until I can fit in this new corselet comfortable.

Mistress checked the weight against my height and I should be 14kg less but she set the target that I must take off 20kg over 8 weeks, she said that the extra weight loss would help me be more fit to work harder and longer hours and I would look a lot better in my uniforms.
I am now in my 5th week and I have lost 12kg.

My daily intake of food has been reduced to the following:-

Morning and night times I take vitamin pills, Mistress said now that I will not get as much food she wants to keep me health so that I can keep working the long hours without exhausting, she got me a 8 week course of vitamins that is designed for a crash diet.

I am only allowed to eat after I have washed all the dishes and cleaned the kitchen including on my hands and knees the kitchen floor, then I am allowed to eat only any leftover they have, so sometimes I may only get a few crusts of bread or some cold egg or may cold mashed up cornflakes.

I am allowed 3 raw cabbage leaves and large glass of water.
Mistress knows I really hate cabbage, but she says I must get my greens.

After I have served then dinner and wash all up including cleaning the kitchen floor tiles again

I get what ever is left over of their plates and in the cooking pans, together with their lunch leftovers and a large glass of water, by this time it is all cold and soggy.

As well as my usual house and garden work, Mistress decided that instead of me using the vacuum cleaner on the carpet floors I must swept on my hands and knees with brush and pan, not use a mop on tile floor again to be done on hands and knees, she says this will give me more exercise, I am allowed a pair of strap on knee pads. She has since informed me that after my 8 week diet that I will continue to do all the floors this way as it gets a better job done but because it takes a lot longer some days I don’t get finished for nearly 16 or 17 hours.

Mistrees have come up with a novel idea to give me more exercise, I must report to Mistress with the riding crop after dinner and beg for my extra exercise and then I am instructed to remove my panties or some time strip all off to expose my ass then bend over and touch my toes, Mistress read somewhere that touching toes exercise is the best way to tone up the stomach, which is where most of my fat is.

Each time I touch my toes I get a whack on my bare ass, then I must stand up straight again and then bend over again I get a whack, this goes on till Mistress gets tired , but usual it is about 80 to 100 times as I must count out each whack and at the end thank her for helping me with my exercise, the week before last week because I had only lost 1kg, she said that I must increase the exercise, she has asked Master Ken to take over when she get tired, I am now received up to 200 or more each night and I go away with a very sore ass. You can see in the photos where Master wrote with permanent marker Fat Pig, that night I recived 220 whacks, Mistress has informed me that if in the next week I have not lost a further 5kg she will increase this exercise to twice a day, she warned me that it could mean up to 400 or more touch toes each day.

One week ago Mistress informed me that for the next few week, I will only get food once a day as I am not losing weight quick enough, she informed me that all my food will be liquidised from the leftovers and she had read that liquidised food goes through the body quicker and increase the weight loss, she also read drinking urine is good for flushing out the system.
She said I still want you also to eat your health green cabage, but not during the day, I have thought that you may be hungary during the night, so each night you will take 3 large cabbage leafes to your room and set your alarm clock for 3am you will waken and eat the cabbage, then you will do 50 press ups at the side of the bed and then take a cold shower for 5 mintues, she said you know we have a camera in your room so we can check on the video recorder that you will carry all this out exactly.

Now after they have had dinner, I liquidised the leftover food from the day including breakfast, lunch and dinner together with a large glass of my piss and I drink this, it is really hard to drink it has a strange mixture of all different tastes, but being so hungry I know I need to do this, I am getting used to it slowly.

Last night I had my weekly weigh and I have lost a further 4kg Mistress said that I had done very good but not good enough as I had not made the 5 kg target set last week and my exercise will increase to two times each day. I was ordered to fetch the ridding crop after 20 wacks she said I want you to do it quicker and work up a sweat I started to bend over faster and she keep on wacking, it was geting hard to keep count but when it reached 200 she said that will do for a start, you will do the same after our lunch tomorow and then again tomorow night after dinner.
She told me that I had only 20 days to go and if I do my touch toes exercise twice a day that will be around 8000 times, she said I sould be fit by then if your ass can hold out, she said that I can put ice on my ass to bring the swelling down. I thanked her

I informed Mistress that I am always feeling hungry during the day, Mistress said that they had been thinking about this and as it was long fast each day they have come up with a idea to take the hunger off me during the day, she and Master Ken have decided that they will allow me to drink there urine each morning, this will put something in your stomach.

Mistress said every night before they go to bed you will place a large plastic basin that will fit in the toilet bowl under the seat to catch all and in the morning anything that is it you may consume, this should see you through the day.

Next morning, I knocked on their bedroom door with their coffee as usual and was told to enter, they where in bed watching morning TV, after serving them I asked could I get the basin from the toilet and was told that it is all yours, I went into the bathroom and saw that it was about half full of piss with two large pieces of shit and toilet roll floating in it,

I went back into the bedroom and ask Mistress how I was going to drink the urine as it had shit and toilet roll in it, she said I told you that you could have whatever is in the basin each morning are you refusing my gift she asked, I said no I am sorry, she said don’t worry I done that shit this morning it should taste nice and fresh.

Master Ken said well it must be your luck day you are getting a free extra meal, he shouted at me to get into the bathroom and get on with it,
you over weight excuse of a pig, I want the bowl licked clean I will be inspecting it in 5 minutes.

This was the hardest thing I have had to do, I was so hungry and once I get past the smell and got the first bits down I drove myself on by saying to myself this is Mistress gift, the toilet paper was also hard to get down, but I finish all, I was licking the bowl when Master Ken came in and he shouted to Mistress the fucker has done it, she came to the door and saw me on my knees in front of the toilet with bowl in hand and started to laugh and said well well you where really hungry, maybe we should put you on a full toilet diet only, they both laughed and walked away.

I hope this will help other Mistress to put there slave into better shape.

with respect

Fannyslut. the maid.
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your MISTRESS is being too kind to you MASTER should beat you more
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With the extra exercise I get whiped on average 400 whacks per day.

But once a month I get to wank I must first hump Mistress boot like a dog and then if after 15 minutes I have not cum I must wank and cum on her boots and after I have wanked on Mistress boot I must lick it up, then Master bull whips me for been a wanker and messing up Mistress boots

They tell me that there is no pleasure without pain.
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Great please tell us more, your a lucky slave.
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Very interesting .Very good idea the bassin int the toilet bowl :-)
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This is Fannysluts Mistress writing,

I am glade you like our life style.

Fannyslut has now lost 16kg and can now get into his new all in one girdle

He is now ready to go back to normal eating but I will keep him under control and weigh him every other days and if he increase he will have meals cut down etc.

I am realy getting power from controling him this way, we control his working days and his wanking, the wanking control is fun, once a week he is allowed to come to our bedroom and I wear a pair of shinny riding boots with a corset and stockings no panties, Ken is usualy there laying on the bed watching TV and I sit at the dressing table, the slave must strip off all and I cross my leg and order him to hump my boot, he stradles my boot and has to rub his cock up and down my boot like you see a randy dog do sometimes, in our bedroom is a full wall of wardrobes with mirror doors and as I sit I can see him for behind his ass moving up and down, I spend most of the time laughing and making jokes with Ken and say things like this is why I need real man like you Ken not a fucking randy dog like this
Sometimes he will cum in 5 or 6 mintues but sometime he lasts longer, but I have a rule that he has maxium 15 minutes, when he cums it is on my boot and he must quickly start licking them clean, then he thanks me and I ask Ken are you horney and Ken says that he do with a blow job, I order Fannyslut to take care of Ken, and check the time, this must be hard for him to do as he has lost all his worked up feelings.
This could maybe take half a hour or more till Kem cums, then Fannysluts gets the cane one for every minute he take to make Ken cum and on top of that one for every minute he took to come. After the he gets caned I am usual worked up and get him to use his tounge on me, again he gets caned for every minute he takes to make me cum.

But back to the diet.
I have since been thinking about this and have talked to Ken, he said that it might be better start to feed him more times during the day as he has lost over 16kg and with the weight to height loss chart for his age he needed around 15kg off, but I made the target 20kg in case he would increase later.

I still want to reinforce his lower status and add punishment and humiliation.

Ken had idea, we have a toilet at the rear near the pool of our Villa, it is not used much and if we get him to turn the water supply off to this toilet and then flush it will not fill up again, this then can be his eating bowl and he will have the humiliation of eating from the toilet.
We can let him have his meals but with a twist, he would always be a meal behind, he would get to eat his dinner from the night before at breakfast time the next day, this would be in the toilet all night and then his breakfast would be dumped in and eaten at lunch time and his lunch at dinner time all from the toilet, we could also make him take cold rice or cold porridge with some of these meals if we thought they where not enough.
also sometimes during the day if we need to go to the toilet and this one was
the most convenent one we could piss on shit on his next meal.

If this was working out and he had no heath or lack of energy problems and was keeping his weight under control, we could maybe continue to use this system, I know he would not enjoy have cold leftover meals day in day out but it would save us money each week only have to buy cheap rice and porridge and this would keep reminding him that he is our slave.

We think he should still wake up at 3am and do his press ups and cold shower as again this has the punishment effect.

Please let us have any ideas on diet or exercise, only they must be revolting and humiliation.

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Hallo Mistress, iam Mistress Macrina i have a slave too, my husband. To control his dieet, i just feed hem old cheap rice and cheap dog food. Mostly in a dogbowl on the garagefloor. Its very humiliating and cheap, he is a dog to me so he has to eat like a dog. Not in my house but in the garage.Your a great Mistress your slave is very lucky,you take good care off him. May i ask you, how your slave handel it you have a other man, iam planning to take a lover too, you know a real man, not a stupid dog. Love Mistress Macrina.
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I use dog food sometimes on him, his room is in our Villa basement it was aold store room wwhen we bought the Villa, the first few days until he got it sorted out he had to sleep on the stone floor, I then got him a old iron framed bed out of a second had shop and also a old wardrobe, there was a gold water tap and a drain , I bought a shower tray and he instaled this so he can have a cold shower when I order him, his toilet is a plastic bucket and he slops out each day, he is nor allowed to you use any toiilet in the house only his bucket.
About him couping with me and Ken, I give him the choice when I divorced him, he could saty or go with nothing and he stayed.
He worships me and waht I want he wants, he has a high respect for Ken and obeys his every comand.

I am going to make him get up each morning at 5.30 am and do a 30 minute exercise and then he will start his working day at 6am till 11 or 12 am.

Have you or any other reader any good ideas for exercises they must be humilatimg. as we can see him as we have a camera fitted in his room and it records, so we can watch later when we get up.

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Owmer of Fanyslut.

This is Fannyslust Mistress here.

I would like to thank you all for your constructive comments on
his diet, following a lot of good advise and for over the last hour we have set down, or rather Ken and I sat down Fannyslut must stand as he is not allowed to use the furniture.

Since he has loss a good amount of weight on the diet I had him on, we think it is now a good time to bring him back to normal eating routine, but we will closely monitor this and adjust as needed.

This will be his following diet plan as of today, and will continue.

He will cook 3 meals 2 for us and one for him, but all 3 will be served on our table and if we are hungry we will take part of his and if not he will get all plus any of our scraps.

We got him to turn of the water in a toilet and flush it, now it is a dry bowl. This toilet is out at the rear of the Villa near the swimming pool is rarely use anyway only if we where at the pool and need to go.

After our dinner tonight he will go with the leftovers and dump them in the toilet, this will be in the toilet overnight and after breakfast tomorrow he will eats this meal and then replace it with his breakfast and then the same at lunch and so on, he will always be one meal behind us,
If we think any of the meals are not enough for him, we will get him to add porridge or rice or maybe the potato or fruit peelings again this will be cold and I am sure soggy mess.

He will have the humiliation of eating cold leftovers out of the toilet, but he will be getting more food, as for the piss and shit we would still like on a few occasions to surprise him by going and use the toilet on top of his food, I am sure he will get a shock to find a turd and toilet paper on top of his dinner, this will keep him in check and remind him of his status.

He has been instructed from tomorrow to wake now each morning at 5.30 am and do 30 minutes exercise and then start his work,

We thought of the 100 press-ups and we got him to do this and timed him he took 9 minutes, but with a bit of whipping we could get this down.
The problem is ideas on what to make him do to fill the 30 minutes,
Ken got him to tie a short rope to his cock and balls and tie a 2 lt bottle full of coke he has to spread his legs wide and bend down a lot because of the short rope and then lift straight up and then down again, this seams good for stomach trimming, but it sure must be sore on his cock and balls I could see his eyes watering after about 70, Ken made him do 100 and we time him it took 12 minutes for the 100.

Now we need more different exercises to fill in the next 10 minutes or so

Thanks you again
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Thank you for your advise, i will take a lover, its up to him if he stay or not, i dond care.But i hope he stay, its handy to have a slave to do the dirty work. Mistress Macrina. If you like Mistress you can mail me . Boniefasje@hotmail.com
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Sometime I eat directly in the toilet bowl. When my wife call me for my feeding time, I select in the garbage can all pieces of vegetable, fruits and dishes scrap; I put this waste on something I found (usualy is an old piece of paper comes from the garbage can) and I will emptied in the toilet bowl. Depend of the time, my wife was defecated and I put my meal over. In this situation, usualy I can eat immediatly. In other situation, I must wait to my wife needs to piss or defecated. When my wife is ready, she is going to the bathroom to release his side order. Sometime she drop his cigarette butt in the toilet bowl. In this situation, usualy when my wife goes out the bathroom, If I have finish my housework, I am going in the bathroom for my meal.

I am lucky because is more easy to eat my meal in the water than a dry bowl. Usualy this diet begin the Friday night and finish the Sunday night. In the weekend, I take only one meal and usualy is Sunday.

One day maybe my wife will find a lover and maybe I will obtain more feed.
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Very good diet indeed ! However, You should avoid to let him drink old urine : Urine is not dangerous at all, when it is drunk fresh, "on tap".... But when it is left in contact with oxygen, the uric acid it contains is turned very quickly into amonia. And amonia is a very dangerous chemicals for the body !!! You will not wish to lose a useful slave, will You ?
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