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Originally Posted by trampleguy View Post
Hi all,

I heard that VQ posted to this tread so I thought I'd
check it out it. First-off, thanks VQ for a wonderful session and
now I'll always think of Ash Wednesday a little different now ;-)

As VQ mentioned in her post, we played around with some heel
insertions and I can tell you I seen the entire metal part of her
heel dissapear completly in me a few times. Just looking at some
of the pics makes me fell a bit uneasy. Following the heel insertions
she gave me a double heel piercing in the balls with some ball
crushing. That really made the blood flow. That lead to the grand
fianlly of her stomping out a lit cig. on my chest.

I did manage to capture 50 or so pics but they are to large to post
so what I'll do is shrink them down and post a few here for the masses
until I get the authorization to post more from VQ, so sorry to be a bit
of a pic teaser.


Peeptoe, yes, its me with Jessica and thanks for the kind words
reguarding that clip. I'm glad you enjoyed it as much as I did enduring
Jessicas heels.
Hey ya Trampleguy, you know if you get permission from VQ that we would be in your debt forever. To see a deep insertion would indeed be incredible !!!
"The only thing that comes between me and the floor is a great pair of sexy high heels !"
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My turn

Hi All, I'd like to describe my experience couple of weeks ago when I finally was introduced into the living action of having my urethra fucked by my Mistress heels.
First of all She has choosen her newest scarpin with very thin heels.. its heel tips was brand new and were sharpen - She had just used that shoes once the day before inserting me. She was very sexy as you can see it in first picture. I was terrified with the idea and She didn't care at all.. She is kindly cruel...

At the very beginning the insertion was not working well, not getting into pee hole easily and it was hurting me a lot. I asked for lubricant and She allowed me to use that.. She tried with lub and was able to introduce a little bit. So She forced until be able to insert slowly the heel all way down. I was feeling like the heel was ripping out my urethra... I know this channel is very thin and to open his way down into the penis, the heel causes a extreme and esquisite kind of pain hard to support (as you may have observed on a previous fed from Thierry, where the guy is full tensioned as mistress inserts the heel in).

As soon as my mistress took the heel out, blood came out... not too much.. I was concerned and did let her know.. but She didn't care too much and She said "sorry, but I still have to insert the other shoe heel, so be quiet"... I was scared, but I had no choice and She lubricated a little bit more and inserted the other heel slowly and all way down.. we took some pics and this time She move her feet up and down, what hurted even more. She ordered me to masturbate myself, but I couldn't take it much longer.. At the end, when She took the heel out, my pee hole bleed a lot and I became completely lost.. what should I do? She was so calm and totally indifferent. And ordered me to cum... as usual I obeyed and without the heel in I was able to come.. God that hurted.. blood, lub and cum all mixed toether getting out of my penis.. feeling like a knife was ripping out my penis from inside. Then She told me that would be good to me to pee, because urine works like a cleaner.. after an hour or so when I finally pee, it hurted like hell. I had to bite a towel when peeing to not scream out!

conclusion: I used tissue paper as a diper for 4 days until my penis stop bleeding whenever after peeing. It seems now things are working better, no more blood coming out and peeing without hurt.. but I'm still affraid of this fantasy may have caused problems to my favourite toy.. I recommend you to read Trampleguy's thread below.. She warned us about bleeding risk, but unfortunatelly I didn't pay proper attention in time.


My mistress has already heel trampled my nipples full weight, She has burned me, trampled my penis head with her heel tips and lots of other terribly painful stuffs.. but this was by far the craziest thing we've ever done and I must tell you the true: I'm not considering repeat this kind of play anymore (unless She demands - of course.... This is very sexy and I still have a crush on this fetish, but we must respect our limits..
Be aware of the risks involved and be very careful when playing like this.
Here comes the pics:

PS.: I also can't wait for VQ and Trampleguy session vids and pics!!!
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File Type: jpg 2a.JPG (232.8 KB, 890 views)
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File Type: jpg 4a.JPG (238.8 KB, 691 views)
File Type: jpg 5a.JPG (193.7 KB, 758 views)
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what is this on You penis? Is it spearm? Greetings!!
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Hi Megai
Your kan Help my for urethra Heels clips or Video?

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owch that look like it must hurt real bad.... whoa!!!
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The penetration pics are hot. Your Mistress really nailed you and that picture of her is hot, too. If I were kneeling before those legs I would have offered my cock for her heel fucking pleasure too, so I understand why you did it.

A couple of safety issues should have been addressed before you proceeded.

The idea that your Mistress can just jam the heels of whatever shoes she's wearing down your cock and you have to take it, is just a hot fantasy for the trample stories section. I've done insertions and I know how careful you must be.

The urethral tube should not be subject to dirt, germs and bacteria. The heels should be extremely smooth, preferably metal, and disinfected (90% Isopropyl alcohol at least). They should not be shoes Mistress wears on the street. Best if they are new, or reserved for this activity.

The heel tips have a flare to them. Look at the picture where your Mistress is crossing her legs. That flare needs to be filed smooth or it will scrape the walls of the urethra. There is another type of heel that has a metal tip, integral with the shaft. That needs no filing and is much easier to sanitize.

Work with your Mistress. Help to guide the heel into your penis. If it goes the wrong way, you can't use force. The damage you cause could plague you the rest of your life and is not worth the one hot session. There should be NO blood. Blood means you've damaged the urethra. Not a good thing. Minor scrapes will heal. Your Mistress was right, pissing through it will help clean it and clear the passageway. If you bleed again, drink lots of water or coffee all day and piss like a racehorse. It burns, but it will prevent adhesions.

Finally, go on the internet and search "sounds", metal bars used for penis insertion. There are some gay sites where this practice is listed and all the safety considerations are discussed. I don't have a URL, but you'll find it, there are more than one.

Our fantasy game here is essentially self-destructive, giving our bodies over to uncaring women who stomp, kick, sit on, stand on and penetrate us for their amusement with no regard for the damage they cause us. We thrill to the abuse. In reality, we must protect ourselves because we want to continue to play, to flirt with danger and survive. Permanent damage to your penis could take you out of the game, and where's the thrill in that?
"The future of mankind is a boot stamping on a human face. Forever." -- George Orwell, 1984

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Ya know . . .
Megai -- Notwithstanding everything I just said about safety, I went back and re-read your story, like it was fiction, and you got me boy, you got me good. That was one hot "fuck me in my cock with your high heels" story.

"The future of mankind is a boot stamping on a human face. Forever." -- George Orwell, 1984

As long as I have a dick, you've got a place to stand,
As long as I have a face, you have a place to sit down
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it is a mix of precum and lubricating oil.

your comments are very important not only to me, but for every reader of this thread that soon or later will try to make this fetish fantasy come true.
Without any previous acknowledge on insetion you may avoid unnecessary higienic risks or injuries, like we did trying to insert without lubricant help..

I appreciated your post, in special safety and cleaning recommendations as well telling us to work gently with our Mistresses when inserting to ensure we'll be able to keep playing forever. I'll really carry on your recommendations to next sessions.

I've talked to my Mistress after all and she agreed we went too far. Her heels are definetely non-appropriated. Even being very thin heels, there is a plastic tip and it was not proper roudend for this venture, as you well observed.
I shared with her your notes and she also believes a proper heel would be more safe. She expects me now to bring her a nice pair of high heel shoes with this kind of heel!!!... I belive I'll have a second insert session soon...

I've seen some Mistress Jessica's and Mistress Christina's heels in videos/pics related to this and you are absolute right: all of them use metal pointed tips integrated to extremely thin metal heels.

About sounds, you may look at DomKarin website ( http://www.domkarin.com ) she has amazing videos playing with sounds and she plays safe urethral insertions on her slaves.. very exciting too.. the sounds seems to go even further than heels!!!

I'm glad you all liked my post... cruelty and pain move our fetish on... but next time I'll pay special attention to safety issues.
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molto bello peccato che io abbia delle foto ma non riesco a mandarle
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Megai, Thankyou so very much for those SENSATIONAL PICTURES, they were really INCREDIBLE and your Mistress has the most gorgeous legs and I loved her shoes, Thankyou for the safety tips, I have never tried this but would love to find a Woman who would like to try this, Have a Great Day and Thanks again, would you have any more pictures???? Chow
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maybe something from DomKarin...

insertion somewhere about 3rd minute:
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Originally Posted by megai View Post
Hi All, I'd like to describe my experience couple of weeks ago when I finally was introduced into the living action of having my urethra fucked by my Mistress heels.
congratulations of such a fantastic insertion!! I' m really envy ))

can you send more pics of your Mistress? I love her legs and heels

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I have been following this thred very closely as like others i would like to try but!!!!!!
I have a pair of shoes with the screw on steel heel how can i make this the right size or make it a needle heel? do i just dig out a file from the tool kit and get sharpening??
thanks sk
need to make a cup of T now
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She pushed the 5 inch heel tip was right into my ball sac after pic 1 squashing/concertining my cock! I've taken the 'prince albert' out since these pics( don't get one, they cause problems)

Last edited by Donkey; 11-02-2007 at 4:35 PM.
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Hi All,

Here's a few of the pics I snapped with VQ as I described a rfew eplies
back in this thread. Let me know what you think about the pics
in terms of them being porportional. When I re-sized them, they looked
a little funny to me. If anyone can pass along any tips or tricks to resizing
photos or how to post the full size pic, please let me know how to do that
and I'll repost them. I still have many more to post.

BTW, anyone doing this type of play should go easy---please!

And be sure to thank VQ for allowing me to share these pics, some of
which are off this threads topic--perhaps I'll have to start a new thread.


PAH69: thanks about the prince albert advice. I was wondering about

megai: thanks for sharing the pics and the story behind them. Like the
others said, your mistress's heels and legs are stunning. I've been hunting
around for that type of heel to try as I've only experienced the metal
heel. Damn, I can almost feel it thou! Also, for what its worth, but when
I started doing this, I insisted on metal heels as at the time both Jessica
and Ms. Christina, and Mistress Sharina had not done this before so I
thought it was the safest way to introduce them to it without causing me
permanant damage. Now that they are more experienced and know what
to do, I feel I can trust them by trying other types of heels, and the same is true with VQ.
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