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I want to be in those videos!

Does anyone know how to go about starring in one of the many great foot fetish videos we see everywhere. Do you have to 'know someone in the biz'? Otherwise how can one can get in on this. Yes I am a guy and would love to serve as 'foot fodder'.

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Contact some of the producers & be prepared to open your wallet.
take care & enjoy life
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Ahh. So that's how it is. In my naive mind I was thinking there may be some way to get in on it without paying $$$ all the time.

Has anyone here worked with any producers and what was your experience like?

Thanks for sharing.
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Not so naive. Contact the producer. Some of them are looking for good floormats, and many of them will not charge you. Don't expect to get paid. Only the girls get paid. You might also have to present ID and sign a consent form.
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Usually you will have to buy yourself an airline ticket to wherever. But many producers will allow you to perform free of charge, particularly if you are versatile in what kind of role you are prepared to pay. Like if you would take a ball kicking in addition to being trampled, you would be in good shape.

It can also be kinda difficult to contact a producer. You need internet stalking skills (or know somebody who does). Often if you go to the "disclaimer" portion of a website they include an address, and WHOIS sometimes works.

I have always fancied the Eastern European sites, but just don't have the money and the guts to do it!

Let me know (via PM) if you need a hand locating a particular producer.
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If you want to be a film slave, there's plenty of studios that will take you. Most won;t pay you however unless you are experienced. You'll have the most luck by being open to shoot many different fetishes and not just to get your rocks off doing what you're into. I would say these are the tiers of what will get you "in the door": tier 1 huge demand and will almost get you in with any studio. Tier 2, somewhat needed but not guaranteed work, tier 3, you will most probably have to pay to be in a shoot for these.

Tier 1 Fetishes:
- Strap on
- Ballbusting
- hard flogging/whipping
- Forced Bi
- Slapping / Spitting
- Heavy Bondage
- Piss toilet fetish

Tier 2 -
- Heel trampling
- Milking/ Ruined orgasms
- Breath play
- Medical Play / Needles
- Sounding /CBT
- Dirty feet worship
- Beatdowns

Tier 3 -
- facesitting
- barefoot trampling
- hard Foot gagging
- Heels/ boot worship
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