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Ch6. Gross

Ch6. Gross
Emily walked into the basketball court , hanging all over Mike.
Everyone stopped to stare . the spectators were there for the girls basketball game , but two local celebrities walked in so naturally the attention turned to them .
Mike scored 50 points the night before to lift the school over their rivals and Emily the sexy girl , who was cheerleading captain , successful instagram model and ruler of the school , so natrually everyone wanted see what the duo were doing at a girls basketball game .
No one really cared about girls basketball at the school .
There were about 150 people in the crowd mostly family and close friends of the players . Compared the boys games which would have an attendance of over two thousand .
Emily looked so hot today , she was wearing tight jeans that put her hot ass on full display .
Her black hair flowed down to her waist , she was wearing a white crop top that put her sexy little waist on display.
She always made sure to show off her stomach it was so flat and reminded everyone that she was perfect down to every last part of her body .
The referee ran by her as she was walking down to take her seat .
He turned his head to look at her and was so over taken by her sexiness that he forgot where he was going and ran right into a player and fell down .
The crowd erupted in laughter. Emily merely smiled at the situation and sat down in the front row.
She surveyed the court and found her target .
There she was, the third looser , Sarah .
Sarah had not been humiliated in a long time , she thought because she gave Christy the suicide tape of Kate that she would be left alone by the popular girls. But that wasn't the case at all.
The popular girls had as a cruel plan for her as they did for Kate and Heather .
Sarah's eye brows had grown back and her hair was beginning too do the same . But it was still extremely short . Sarah was mannish looking to begin with . She had broad shoulders fat arms fat legs and a little beer belly. No tits no ass, and a disgusting face riddled with acne .
Sarah was bigger than most girls so she was a pretty good basketball player. It was the only thing she was holding onto. The popular girls made sure she got bad grades . Not bad enough to fail out but bad enough so she couldn't get into college .
It was a cruel game they played with so many students . And it tortures Sarah ,who was a really smart student before .
She was ugly no man had ever looked at her they only mocked her . So the only thing she had was basketball, it was her safe haven away from the popular girls who would never bother to go to a girls basketball game .
But Emily was here today not to watch the game , but to embarrass Sarah .
Emily stood up from the stands almost immediately the refs stopped the game and everyone started at the unbieleavly hot girl.
She swaggered towards Sarah. Stood in front of her and smiled .
" on your knees!! " she said in annoyance .
The big ugly girl dropped to her knees .
" follow me and stare at my fucking ass the whole time . " Emily said arrogantly .
Sarah crawled behind Emily who walked to the center of the court so everyone could see .
" stand up !" she said to the ugly girl curling her finger.
The ugly girl slowly rose to her feet .
" strip down to your bra and panties , gross bitch . " Emily with a gleeful smile.
The ugly girl stripped out of her basketball uniform and was now in bra and panties . Tears comin to her face she new her body was gross she was extremely self conscious of her looks.
Emily laughed as she looked the ugly girl up and down . Everyone in the gym stared at the scene in silence. The women shocked about what was going on but speechless. The men were either cumming in their pants or feverishly masturbating. And the other players just praying Emily doesn't pick on them .
The home team fall to their knees and begin to worship Emily in an up and down motion , they were all members of the ugly students club that payed the popular girls 20$ a day , so naturally they knew their place .
The girls on the other team quickly followed suit and worshipped this unbelievably hot girl .
" look at this disgusting beast . She is hiteous !!!!!!!! it's an insult that someone so ugly can breathe the same air as me." She looks at the girl again and snarls " kiss my foot and apologize !" The ugly girl drops down and lightly pecks the sexy girls expensive heels .
" stand up again bitch , we are going to play a game . "
The girl slowly rises to her feet .
Emily stood majaestically a few feet away from her .
" Now Sarah where is your mother ? " Emily asked playfully feeling out the situation to see what her next move would be .
" my mother left my dad and me 2 years ago . "
Emily laughed , " awww , she probably couldn't deal with how ugly you were ..." Emily looked at the girl who was completely humiliated by that statement . Emily felt a sadistic satisfaction.
The girl was terribly ugly and that fact was excentuated by Emily's amazing beauty .
" so where's your dad" Emily asked .
" he's right there " pointed the fat girl. There sat a man with an enourmous erection wet pants . He was clearly white trash had beaten dirty clothes and was missing some teeth .
" crawl down here dad" Emily said loudly and playfully .
The old man began to crawl , as he got closer Emily got more disgusted yet amused by the site of this man .
" stop right there looser, you are the dirtyest pig I've seen ever , its no wonder you birthed such trash . " Emily said pointing at the ugly girl in her ugly underwear .
" oh my god I just realized your underwear doesn't even match.... do you even know how to be a girl.... such a failure !" Sarah's face somehow became redder than before .
Emily turned her attention back on the father .
" I notice you have an erection and your pants are all wet .....are attracted to me ???" Emily said playfully knowing the obvious answer .
" yes , you are the hotess girl I've ever seen in my life !It's intoxicating !"
" wow , that's a big word for trailer trash...obviously I am the hotess girl you've ever seen......I can't imagine there is anyone pretty that lives in a trailer . " Emily laughed.
" do think it's hot when I'm mean to your daughter ."
" yes , so hot! "
" Who do you love more Emily or your daughter . "
" you Emily !"
This brought an evil smile to Emily's face and a loom of sadness to the poor ugly girl.
" you see Sarah no one loves you , you are just to ugly , not even your own father loves you and clearly your mother doesn't ." Emily smiled at the girl who's had no pride left .
" crowd when you see the ugly beasts body what's the first word that comes to
mind !" Emily shouts awaiting response from the crowd .
" ugly!!!"
" beast"
" monster"
"Gross" .........
"That's it" Emily yelled " gross, when I see you that's the first word that comes to mind . " Emily stood in front of the girl with her perfect body eyes so bright smile wide she was so proud of herself . She was so hot , only someone as hot as her could be allowed to treat people this way , she thought .
The crowd started to chant gross! , gross !gross! , as Emily stood and looked on enjoying every moment , savouring her power over this ugly girl.
Just then the two starving Right twins crawled out , looking terribly skinny with whip marks all over their bodies . The crowd was shocked by their appearance . These girls used to attend the school and play basketball in fact . But they now looked completely different , it looks as tho they had aged 30 years in the matter of a couple of months they were in terrible
Condition , whip marks all over their back ribs poking out , dark black circles around their eyes .
The two girls each had a sliver tray in their hands . One with a permanent black marker , the other a vicious whip.
Emily was so bold that she would sometimes have students whipped on school property she had done it twice before . She had no fear for the repercussions in fact she was smiling , carefree of any consequences , she would mentally and physically torture this poor ugly girl and no one will do anything to stop her . In fact the exact opposite was true they would praise her and support her for this .
What a sad exsistence for Sarah , in any other school Emily would be expelled and thrown in jail . But the popular girl owned this school and this town so people would only encourage her and cheer her on , while Sarah was humiliated and tortured . What a wonderful world the popular girls have created for themselves .
Emily walked up to the ugly girl and smiled " hmmm what is the ugliest and grossest part of your body .... I think it's your ass.... how does someone with so many pounds have a flat disgusting ass. " emily said smiling , Emily took the marker and drew a big circle on the fat girls big but flat ass . She then went over to the father and handed him the snake tail whip.
" I'm hot , you're daughter is ugly her ass is just an embarrassment to girls like me who have perfect asses..." Emily poked out her amazing ass. She wasn't kidding her ass was truly an amazing site.
"For that reason her ass must be flogged ten times for being so ugly ... and I've chosen you to carry out this punishment ... I want you to whip your own daughter ." Emily said smiling sadisticly at Sarah the whole time.
" yes Emily whatever you want , pleasing you is all that matters! "
" that's not a good enough response , hand me the whip!!! "
Emily takes the whip out the father hands .
Then Emily the whip and proceeds to hit him with it 10 times . He began to bleed from his face and other areas .
" THAT WASNT GOOD ENOUGH. you fucking grovel at my feet and beg me for the privlage of letting you amuse me. By whipping your daughter a daughter that you had the nerve of bringing into my world. " Emily spat angrily. Her sadism was growing to new heights . She was truly enjoying whipping this man .
" I'm so so sorry Emily ! Please let me whip my daughter for your amusment , I'll whip her to death if you want me to .!!" The man said on his knees pleading with Emily .
Emily non-shaulantly handed him the whip and the man got up and started whiping his daughter.
He whipped her ten times in the ass and then started whipping her all over her body.
Emily hadn't even ordered it he just wanted to impress her .
All the while whipping his own daughter .
Whip crashed down on her .
She was begging him to stop but her own father was insulting her as he beat her . Calling her ugly , cursing her for thinking she could even look at Emily .
Emily was calmly looking on in amusement . This man truly would kill his own daughter right now just to impress her.
Emily was once again using her hotness allows her control people . She was so sprout of herself , so happy with what she was doing .
" I love being hot " she said smiling at Mike Emily finally called for a stop .
" STOP " she yelled and the man stopped immediately .
The poor girl was on the ground bleeding crying , Emily walked up to her .
" wow your seriously pathetic , talk about ugly crying... " she smiled at the girl for a minute just relishing in the feeling of superiority over Sarah"follow me bitch this isn't over yet .!"
Emily started to leave the gym not before walking towards Mike and passionately kissing him. She sucked his dick in front of everyone . She pulled his pants down and kissed his dick it's almost exploded on contact with her lucious lips , they had a perfect little puff to them . They looked perfect around his cock . Less than a minute later he shot out an unbelievable amount of cum , more than anyone had seen . Emily looked at it proudly .
" baby look at all that , cum , " she shook her perfect ass walking around the puddle. " I'm fucking divine , I have to be to make a man so much cum " she said so conifidently and arrogantly knowing that every female in the room felt inferior . And they should feel inferior because they were all dogs in comparasion to her and they knew it. That's exactly what she was thinking as she pointed to an ugly mother to lick this huge puddle of cum on the floor .
She scoffed as the woman tried to walk towards the puddle . " get on ur knees and crawl to this puddle of cum , dog,!! ...you look like an old beaten street dog that no one wants . " Emily said smiling , she was on fire today humiliating everyone in her path .
The 48 year old mother of an ugly girl who played on the basketball team crawled to the puddle .
" where's you're daughter bitch . " Emily said with her hands on her sexy hips while a women 30 years older groveled at her feet .
The woman pointed to her daughter and Emily simply laughed ,
"just another ugly dog nothing special, but I'll allow her to lick up my mans heavenly cum !"
The girl crawled next to her mother and began to lick up mikes cum.
" that's real mother daughter bonding!! " Emily said loudly laughing at the state of the patetic people .
Emily curled her finger for Sarah to follow. Sarah rushed to follow On her knees , she had already been defeated she might as well give up.
The men and women looked on in awe of Emily's hotness , arrogance and unbelievable power .
" follow us dad , there's more whipping to come! " Emily said smiling at the girl and the father .
The three walked out of the gym leaving everyone in awe.
A little while later they arrived at the tattoo shop that Tessa took Heather to get her 'ugly' tattoo.
Sarah immediately began to cry and beg when she saw where they were . She knew all to well about Heathers " ugly " tattoo and was suffering from extreme anxiety for the last week that this would be done to her to.
Now her worst fear was coming true she was at the same tattoo shop crawling behind a popular girl. Her father not far behind with a whip in his hands.
" I can't believe you're not worshiping the ground I walk on." Emily said in annoyance .
" five lashes " said Emily as she continued to walk towards the door .
The father took aim and sent 5 hard lashes down on his daughter . Who screamed in pain .
Emily only smiled as she strutted into her shop a bleeding girl crawling behind her kissing and praying to the ground that the beautiful Emily had walked on .
The shop was empty today for everyone except Tessa and Dave the tattoo artist who gave Heather her mark .
Tessa was sitting in the chair having her feet worshipped by the tattoo artist , he was massaging and kissing them with such intensity and care .
Tessa smiled and looked as they walked in laughing hysterically at the situation . " I'm glad you made it ." She said pushing the tattoo artists face with her foot . "Here she is!" Tessa said laughing at the sorry state of this ugly girl .
" let's go get in the chair " Emily said pointing her well manicured finger at the chair .
The ugly girl had no choice she didn't even beg, she accepted her fate Emily and Tessa smiling and mocking her the entire time .
When the tattoo artist was finished she looked in the mirror , the word " GROSS" was written across her face.
She immediately dropped to her knees in front of Emily and Tessa who were having what seemed like the time of their lives laughing and making jokes about Sarah .
" please let me kill myself , please please ." Asked Sarah sovernly .
Emily looked at her as if she was annoyed the girl interrupted her fun .
" hmmmm let's see, dad what do you think should your ugly, gross daughter should kill herself . " Emily stood looking at the father her hands on her hips .
" yes Emily , she should have done it years ago . It's a disgrace that she lives in the same world as you . "
This caused Emily and Tessa to loose complete control , they became so amused and so horny at the same time .
The two sexy girls starting making out with each other , it was so hot two perfect sets of lips hitting each other corressing each other perfect bodies enjoying their triumph over the girl . They both took turns kissing and licking each other's perfect pussys untill they orgasmed while the three on lookers watched intently . It was a wonderful sight an out of body experience to see these two hot girls pleasure each other . It would no doubt be the moment of their ugly pathetic lives .
When they were finished Emily turned to Sarah wearing a satisfied smile .
" no you can not kill yourself we just started playing are game with you idiot .... you are coming to the dance tomorrow. We have such a fun game to play with you Heather and MS. Antes aren't you excited??" Emily said not even waiting for a response.
She and Tessa walked out and spit in the face of Sarah's father in the process . Sexy asses shaking full body on display , as the pathetic daughter father were left on their knees to walk home in shame .
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Nice part Mike. Maybe a little bit too austere so to speak. I mean the environments are somehow "mundane": basketball court, tattoo parlour, gym. Too austere for me. I only see palaces and mansions. ))))))
Thanks for sharing the new chapter !
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Ch .7 , " The Dance "

It was the night of the dance , the popular girls were at Christy's mansion inside of her giant dressing area , trying out various outfits for the dance .
They were strutting around in sexy lingerie each attended to by a servant who were scurrying around them and bringing them down various outfits .
The girls were drinking wine enjoying the process of being hot and trying to find the perfect outfit .
Three uglies kneeled in the corner watching the hot girls in envy .
Heather with the tattoo of ugly on her forehead, wearing rags that you would see on a homeless person .
In fact Christy had a servant beat up a homeless person earlier that day and take her clothes . She then decided to dress Heather in homeless clothes .
Sarah wearing Emily's workout clothes . They fit the girl terribly. Her big awkward body was leaking out of the clothes she looked ridiculous . Not to mention " gross" tattooed on her forehead in big black lettering .
And Ms. Antes was wearing one of Tessa's skimpy bikinis on her ugly 300 pound body .
The three uglies all looked absolutely terrible.
They had never been to a dance in their lives , watching the three girls get ready like they were watching a fairy tale . The popular girls
live a fantasy life , that every girl wished to live.
They were snapped out of their fantasy when Christy snapped a picture of them all kneeling.
" smile losers , you are living the dream going to a dance with us... oh my god ... I bet you never thought this would be alllowed . " Christy looked at them with amusment as they smiled and she snapped a second photo .
" perfect !" She said laughing. My three little ugly slaves .
The popular girls drank wine from golden cups , as they perfected their outfits . They were getting a little drunk.
" servant get over here ," Christy said snapping her fingers . " we are drinking so much and our ugly friends have nothing , that's just not fair... go get 3 paper cups and fill them to the brim with toilet water and give these uglies something to drink " The hotties shared a laugh .
The water was brought out , all three girls had finally found a dress to wear . Tessa wore a tight red dress , Emily a silver dress with a silver head band and Christy decided to wear lingerie that was almost completely covered in diamonds with diamond heels . Only Christy could wear this as a formal outfit her beauty and fashion sense were amazing .
They stood around the girls smiling looking so hot . There perfectly right and fit bodies only being eccentuated by expensive outfits , expensive jewelry and the heir of cockiness and class that the popular girls seemed to exude at all times .
" here's to the three biggest losers left at the school . The humiliation you face tonight , will make you hate yourself , hate us , but everyone else will love it .And we will enjoy it . You two uglies with the tattoos on your face will be enslaved to us for life . You will never get a job your family's will disown you . You will live the rest of your lives as untouchable trash . And Mrs. Antes you are a fat lifetime loser , you will no longer be a teacher , you won't be anything of significance . You will be whatever I want you to be . So we are all going to raise or glasses to your new life , but more importantly us , the three hottest girls in the world ."
The hotties raised their wine glasses and clinked hem together while the three uglies did the same with their toilet water in paper cups . The hotties laughed as the girls drank clearly disgusted by the taste .
" drink every last drop losers and then follow us outside . " Christy said as she walked out with Emily and Tessa .
As they walked outside followed by the uglies on their knees they approached a carriage that you would normally see pulled by horses .
" here is your first humiliation losers . You will be attached to these straps like horses and you will drag us to the prom in style and don't worry I brought three whips for us in case your not going fast enough...now strap in . " the three ugly girls took there positions in front of the cart they were strapped in by one of Christy's many servants .
Just then mike walked up in a suit and tie .
The three girls became uncontrollably horny at the same time all this humiliation of uglys was making them so wet and now Mike showed up in his suit . The 18 year old hotties were all exploding with sexuality . The
They all hopped in the cart and commanded the horses to go . The three ugly girls struggled with all there might to pull the cart scraping there hands and knees on the pavement . Pain shot through their backs as they pulled the girls with all their might .
Inside the cart was a much different scene , leather cushioned couches servants ready to serve . The three girls had mikes pants down . They were all licking his cock at the same time . Kissing and caressesing his intense erection . They took turns fucking him while the other two whipped the struggling uglies . The pleasure was insane for Mike and the three girls , they were living the perfect life as far as they were concerned .
The cars on the road all stopped and watched this pectacular event , the three hottest girls whipping slaves and fucking ,having orgasams left and right . It was better than any porno they'd ever watch .
After an hour of heavy pulling the cart finally showed up at the dance . The girls beaten and bleeding all wearing ridiculous outfits two with tattoos on their forehead .
While the three girls and their man walked into the dance with such elegance , the difference was amazing .
When they walked through the doors followed by the uglies kissing and worshiping the ground the Pooukars walked on , the music stopped and everyone stopped dancing and looked at the three popular girls .
What the popular girls wore to dances would be the talk of the school and of the town for weeks to come . They were true celebrities in this town .
Christy swaggered to the stage her lingere shinning her sexy body on display . Her ass shook with every step she took , she was perfectly fit , her small waist petite frame , perfectly toned arms and legs, big perky tits , long flowing hair, arrogant smile, perfectly white teeth, and the fashion sense of a true high class socialite .
She took the microphone the two popular girls stood next to the ugly girls who all dropped to their knees in the middle of the dance floor . Everyone at the dance looked on intently .
" these three uglies before me just... take a second to take in how pathetic they are .... they have been humiliated to inhuman limits ... as for Ms. Antes she is not a student but after tonight she will no longer be a teacher either , she will be the school cow . From five o'clock in the morning until school is out . She will graze grass on school grounds... when she is done with that she will come to my mansion and she will live in my zoo with my pigs . I just couldn't figure out if she was more like a cow or a pig . So she will live her life as both ." This speech was followed by applause and cheers of admiration to Christy for humiliating this grown women.
. An 18 year old with complete control over a women dozens of years older than her , it was so hot to watch her dominance over people .
" now stand up and walk out miss antes, I'll be needing you for the ride home . Make sure to stand up straight and show everyone that sexy bikini" Christy said laughing .
The fat women stood up her rolls going everywhere , Tessa tiny bikini couldn't look worse on her . The students laughed as the former teacher walked out in shame .
" now to you ," Christy pointed to Heather . The small dirty ugly girl, with the word ugly tattooed on her face and dressed in a homeless persons clothes .
" you don't even look like a person, you look like a creature from a horror film. I cam in my panties when I found out Tessa made you get that tattoo . It is our right to humiliate you and dominate you . It's called Darwinism . The same goes for you Sarah you are ugly and I love your tattoo too. The both of you will never have a real life , you won't have jobs ,boyfriends , you'll be dirt poor you're whole life . And it makes me so fucking happy. But the truth is you are further below me than you've ever been , so low that it is too nice of me to even acknowledge you two. Even if I'm humiliating you . So from here on out you are no longer uglies in school , you are both classified as untouchables . Which means you are the equivalent of trash . No one is to talk to you or even acknowledge your precsense . In the morning before school you will stand in place of trash cans and everyone will throw their trash at you two . You will do the same at lunch , and you will be required to eat every single piece of trash . You are now gross dirty trash eaters for the rest of your school careers . " Christy laughed uncontraolably along with the rest of the school .
The two girls kneeled their crying accepting their humiliating fate .
" you can start now crawl to the trash cans . " eveyone laughed at the girls as they crawled to the trash can and jumped inside .
The three girls looked on in laughter and then went on to enjoy the dance like nothing happened . It was a wonderful night that ended with a glorious after party at Christy's mansion .
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