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Mistress Caitlin continued, ‘First the good news. You’ve been a good boy so I’m going to allow you to release yourself under my feet’.

That was very good news. I started to undo my fly.

‘Whoa, gimp, you know what comes first. That’s right, a good flogging. I haven’t had anybody to beat up for a while so I thought we’d head over to my apartment (!) so we don’t disturb any of the café customers with the thuds of my right foot crippling your balls and your screams’.

Once again, Mistress threw her head back and had a good belly laugh. And this was the “good news”!! Fuck me, I was dead.

‘I’ll tell you the bad news after I’ve flogged the arse out of you, gimp. Get up, I’m itching to rip into your balls’.

I followed Mistress Caitlin across the road then up in the elevator to the apartment where I was the ex-owner!!

I won’t go into the details of the flogging other than to report that Mistress had devised 3 extra ball busting positions in the time she hadn’t had any sub males at her disposal. The first was called “Corner” where she had me stand in the corner of the room, legs apart, hands on head and she kicked me from behind. The second was “Nose to ground” where I knelt, legs part, buttocks in the air and face on the ground and she busted me from behind, and the third was “Turtle” where she had me lie on my back, legs apart, and she stood between my legs and kicked my balls.

I lost count of how many times she targeted my testicles but 20 would be a reasonable assessment and I was seriously wasted at the end.

‘Gee that felt good. I just can’t go for long periods without giving a male a belting. It’s not my fault, as I’ve said before, I was born a sadist and it’s simply a matter of finding a masochist like you to destroy, ae David?’

‘Yes Your Highness, it’s a privilege to be destroyed by a Woman as beautiful as you’. I sincerely meant that, she could do anything to me and I would never resist her. Mistress Catlin was simply an unstoppable force of nature and it was my destiny to be her victim.

‘Now for your wank, faggot. Lie under my feet and take your time, you’ve earned it’.

So I did drag it out, edged myself, drank in those soles then came as hard as I have ever cum in my life. It was ecstasy and, at that moment, all the sacrifices I’d made seemed worth it, believe it or not!

‘Clean up turd, then I’ll give you the bad news’.

Oh shit, I’d forgotten about that!!

‘Back under my feet. Here’s the bad news. Georgie doesn’t get turned on by ball busting like I do and she’s grown bored of flogging you every evening. She likes the foot massage though but she says your being locked up won’t interfere with that’.

Locked up!? Not again, I hated that fucking chastity tube.

‘Don’t worry, the device is different this time. It’s metallic for a start, which makes it easier to clean, and it’s called the Queen’s Keep. It comes with a Punishment Pin so the wearer can’t escape without the key which will obviously be held by Georgie. She wanted to weld it in place but I negotiated with her to have it removable so I can kick your balls down your throat when I’m back from Honkers on holidays. You’re lucky you have me looking after your interests, aren’t you gimp?’

‘Yes Mistress Caitlin’. She had to be fucking kidding. Knowing Mistress Georgia’s attitude to sub males getting their rocks off, I’d never cum again. Oh shit, this was bad.

Mistress Caitlin then lowered her voice and said, menacingly, ‘Actually, that’s not all the bad news. What’s happening tomorrow is the bad news’.

Fuck me!!
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Oh boy it just keeps getting 'better' for our poor slave.
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As I lay paralysed by my lust for the soles of Mistress Caitlin’s feet, she continued, ‘Yeah, so here’s the bad news, gimp. Georgie sensed that you were plotting an escape so we both want to prevent that, put you in a position where the only life you can lead is in the service of your Superiors. You can confess or not, it won’t make any difference’.

I still lay there under Mistress Caitlin’s feet, immobilised by my overwhelming compulsion to live my life under her feet.

‘Anyway, as you know, Georgie has been working a few nights a week as a pro Domme at The Confessional. It’s a rich source of information from other Dommes with their own specialty areas. She’s met Lucy, who works as a tattooist and piercer during the day, and Maxine, or Mistress Max as she prefers to be known, who works as a veterinary nurse during the day and as a Castratrix at The Confessional at night and on weekends. Amazing, isn’t it, that a Female can make good money, a small fortune in fact, castrating males?’

Gulp, where was this heading?

‘So tomorrow you will be locked up in the Queen’s Keep but, also, Georgie has decided you will have the word GIMP tattooed on your forehead in big, bold letters. That should pretty well limit your employment opportunities, you weak, pathetic loser’.

The usual triumphant laughter followed.

‘That will all be Lucy’s work. You will also meet Max tomorrow so she can evaluate your suitability for castration. OK, that’s enough bad news for now, let’s head back to the café. Get up, gimp’.

Evaluate my suitability for castration!? What sort of gobblygook was that? And yes, that was extremely bad news!! Surely Mistress couldn’t be serious about tattooing my forehead? And gelded, surely that was too extreme, even for them? It had come up disturbingly frequently in conversation though, I had to admit to myself. Gulp!!

We arrived back at the café and immediately ran into Miss Charlotte who was in the kitchen waiting to take out a meal to customers.

‘Wow gimp, what happened to you? You’re limping and you’re all pale, like you saw a ghost. Hi Caitie, could I have a chat to you later about how you used your feet to suck the life out of this pig? I’d really appreciate it’.

‘Sure Charlie, come out the back on your break. Follow me, gimp’. I crawled after Mistress Caitlin to the nook out the back of the café and she instructed me to kneel in the corner while she chatted on the phone to Chad. About 10 minutes later, Mistress Georgia and Miss Charlotte appeared.

Mistress Georgia spoke, ‘You’ve given gimp the news, Caitie?’

‘Yes Georgie, I think he’s looking forward to being in lockdown again so he’s not constantly thinking about pulling himself hehe’.

Yeah right, I hated the idea!

‘It’s only right that vermin like the gimp are permanently locked up and kept in denial’, Mistress Georgia opined. The vortex in which I was trapped spun ever faster!
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