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Fantastic!! I fear the slave's balls will soon be gone.
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Miss Charlotte studied Mistress Maxine balancing on my face then spoke, ‘Say, do you mind if I stand on his face, Maxine? I’m kind of new to all this and I’m keen to try it all’.

‘Of course Charlie. Kick him over close to the wall so you can use lean against it to balance yourself’.

So I then had a few pairs of feet kick me over to the wall before Miss Charlotte stepped onto my face. Mistress Max was petite but Miss Charlotte was solid and the pressure on my face was extreme, verging on unbearable. I stayed quiet though; there was a lot at stake!

‘Ooh, this is a power trip, I really like face standing, Georgie and Maxine. I’m definitely coming down to The Confessional for more training’.

Mistress Georgie spoke, ‘OK Maxine, we’ve got to go. We’re taking the gimp over to Lucy’s to fit his chastity tube and mark him as our property. Hop off, Charlie, and let the gimp pay his respects to Maxine’.

Miss Charlotte stepped off my face and Mistress Georgia spoke,

‘Kneel before Maxine and express your gratitude for teaching you manners, scum’.

So I knelt before Mistress Max and bowed my head, seeing her feet for the first time up close. They were breathtakingly beautiful, perfection, porcelain skin with immaculate red nails. I was astonished by their beauty.

My reverie was interrupted as Mistress Max spoke, ‘Yes, my feet have that effect on all you foot freaks, gimp. It’s amazing the power they give me. Kiss my feet then I have one last gift before you leave’.

I passionately kissed her feet and humbled myself before this stunning but formidable Asian Goddess.

‘Get back on your knees, gimp. What does Caitie say to them before she’s about to bust one of these loser kicking bags? Oh, that’s right, it’s Assume the Position, isn’t it? You heard me gimp, ASSUME THE POSITION’.

So I did and looked up at Mistress Max. She couldn’t have weighed more than 6 stone and was slightly built. This was unlikely to hurt too much, I hoped!

Her right leg was a blur as she kicked me in the balls. It was probably one of the hardest groin strikes which had ever been delivered into my scrotum and there was no chance of staying upright. I jack-knifed to the floor and curled up in the foetal position, unable to take a breath. I was winded from the power of the kick

‘See what I mean, fuckwit? That’s years of Kung Fu training delivered directly into your ball sac. Don’t ever make the mistake of underestimating me, gimp.’

Trust me, that was never going to happen after today!!

I couldn’t respond and was dragged to my knees by the leash by Mistress Georgia and dragged across the carpark to the SUV.

Mistress Max came to the back door and called out, ‘Oh, by the way, how do you want me to do him, Georgie? There’s the scalpel, the burdizzo and the elastrator.’

‘Why don’t you come to the café after work someday soon and we can discuss it? I think the gimp owes you a nice, long foot massage after all the kindness you showed him today’. There was much guffawing and laughter as I was dragged into the boot of the SUV and the duct tape and cuffs were re-applied.

‘Congratulations, gimp, you passed the examination. You must be very proud of yourself’. Honestly, would this humiliation never end? I’d been deemed suitable to be gelded by a beautiful but lethal Asian Executrix and I was meant to be proud of that??

‘She’s dangerous that one, ae Charlie?’, I heard Mistress Georgia say to Miss Charlotte before the boot was closed and we drove off.
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Mistress Georgia is making Mistress Caitlin look like Little Bo Peep. And I am continuing to enjoy this epic saga. :-)
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The next part of the journey was about 20 minutes as I was buffeted about in the back of the SUV. My testes and right kidney were screaming at me but at least my balls were still attached and I gave thanks for that because Mistress Max would remove them in a heartbeat, given the chance, I felt sure!

We pulled up and the boot popped open. This time the blindfold and duct tape were removed and I was, once again, dragged from the boot of the SUV by the leash with my hands still cuffed.

We were in a parking area this time in front of a series of shopfronts, and I spotted one labelled “Tattoos and Piercing” about 20 yards away. I was dragged along the footpath by the leash before entering the tattoo parlour. There was a small waiting room and I was forced to my knees and knelt in between Mistress Georgia and Miss Charlotte, with Mistress Georgia keeping me on a tight rein with the leash.

There were three other people waiting, a bulky 40ish bikie type guy dressed in full leathers with tatts on his neck and the backs of his hands, and a young couple who were cooing to each other. I guessed that the bikie was there to get more ink and the young couple to get symbols of their love for each other.

The bikie grinned and spoke to Georgia,

‘’Who’s the mutt?’

‘He’s my gimp, I own a café and he’s the café gimp’.

‘Haw haw, we have a gimp too at our clubhouse. We keep him in a cage dressed in rubber until the brothers want to use him. Our gimp serves food and drink and gets regular beatings. What about yours?’

‘Much the same really, he works as a dish pig and we all use him as a kicking bag to relieve stress’.

‘Haw haw, our gimp sucks cock to relieve our stresses. Is your gimp any good at cock sucking?’

At this stage, the young couple stood up and left the premises. I didn’t blame them, this conversation was way over the top for a public place.

Mistress Georgia replied, ‘No, he doesn’t suck cock … yet. I’m pretty sure he’s straight, though it’s never been discussed. He did work as a pansy maid for one of my friend’s boyfriends at one stage. Caitie, my friend, made the gimp slave for her then-boyfriend, Adam, but I don’t know if Adam used him in that way.’

‘Why don’t you send him over to the clubhouse sometime? I’m sure a few of my bikie brothers would be happy to act as instructors for your gimp. Here, pass me your phone, I’ll put my number in for you’.

At this point in time, I wished the Earth would open up and swallow me. I had absolutely no interest whatsoever in being used in any way by a bikie gang!

Suddenly, the door to the inner sanctum of the tattoo parlour opened and a young Woman stood there.

‘Hi Georgie, come in’.

‘Thanks Lucy. You remember Charlie?’

Lucy was a wild thing, purple spiked hair, a nose ring, thick plugs in her earlobes, a right-sided full arm tattoo, psychedelic clothing and Doc Martens boots. She was height and weight appropriate and 25-30ish I guessed, around the same age group as my other tormentors (except Madame Sonya).

We entered the treatment room and Mistress Georgia spoke, ‘This is Lady Lucinda, gimp; introduce yourself in the correct manner’.

So I leant forward from my kneeling position and kissed her Doc Martens then said, ’It’s an honour to meet you Lady Lucinda. My name is gimp.’

‘Hilarious. I’ve heard all about you, fuckwit. Today is the first day of the rest of your life. And, believe me, you’ll never forget me for however long that might be; every time you look in the mirror and see GIMP on your forehead, every time you sit down to pee, every time you get horny and the metal tube bites at your dick, you will remember what Lady Lucinda took away from you. Although, it’s not as big a sacrifice as you’ll make to my friend and colleague, Mistress Max’.

There was uproarious laughter and high fives all around.

‘OK Ladies, let’s get on with it’.
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YES! Can't wait for more!!!
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It was time for me to be fitted with the chastity tube and Lady Lucinda addressed me, ‘OK gimp, take off your trousers and underpants and climb onto my examination table’.

I was uncuffed and lay on my back on a metal table covered by a sheet, naked from the waist down. To say that I felt uncomfortable in the presence of these three young Vixens would have been a massive understatement! But, what choice did I have?

‘Hands above your head, gimp, and don’t move, or else’.

Lady Lucinda had the same merciless style and overwhelmingly dominant characteristics as the others. And, for a sub male like me, it ate away at my very core, that desire to subjugate myself to a dominant Female. Why was I born this way? It was too late now to contemplate whimsical matters such as that!!

My genitals were fondled and inspected by Lady Lucinda which, surprisingly, evoked no response, partially due to “stage fright” and partially because there were no feet in my face. I was a foot freak, after all! She then spoke,

‘Bad news girls, his penis is too small and his testicles are too shrivelled to hold a Queen’s Keep in place, even with a Punishment Pin. I’ll have to order a smaller one which will take a few weeks to arrive. I think we’ll need to pierce the head of his dick with a Prince Albert to keep it all securely in place, but I’ll figure it out properly on the day. It doesn’t matter how I do it, you just want the tube to be inescapable, that’s right, isn’t it Georgie?’

‘Correct. That’s annoying but nothing that I wouldn’t expect from a weak, pathetic loser like this foot freak.’

Please walls, swallow me up!!

‘Well, can we proceed to the tatt then please Lucy?’

‘Sure can. Now, you want this on his forehead and LARGE, right?’

‘Correct again.’

‘OK, let’s do this thing’.

It only took Lady Lucinda about 10 minutes to complete her work. I’d never had a tattoo before and it was moderately painful and a little disconcerting feeling the vibration of the device on my forehead but, compared with what I’d been subjected to by these Women, it was definitely at the lower end of the range of suffering!!

‘All done Georgie. How do you like it?”

Mistress Georgia clapped her hands and squealed as she said, ‘It’s perfect Lucy, just perfect, and the tatt is so fucking obvious the gimp will never be able to recover any ego, ever again’.

Miss Charlotte chimed in, ‘Wow, now I’ve seen everything. What a fucking loser he is to submit to that. I’m starting to get why you love Female Domination so much, Georgie, it really is a power trip. Say, seeing as how the gimp isn’t in a chastity tube for now, could I practice ballbusting on him?’

‘That’s a great idea, Charlie. Let’s leave Lucy so she can get back to work. Hey, I’ve had an epiphany. Let’s go to The Confessional for ballbusting practice. The dungeon is on the way back to work with only a minor diversion’.

As we left the tattoo parlour Lucy said, ‘Leave that Cling wrap over the tatt for a few hours and make the gimp rest up until tomorrow so the ink doesn’t run. OK Ladies, have fun at The Confessional’.

The boot of the SUV was once again popped open and I clambered in, this time with only the collar and leash in place. I guess they figured I wasn’t going to try to escape with the word GIMP tattooed on my forehead in 2 inch high letters!

I bounced about in the boot for 30 or so minutes and then the car halted. The boot popped open and I was roughly dragged from the vehicle and forced to my knees. Oh shit, we were outside The Confessional.

Mistress Georgia spoke, ‘Crawl behind us gimp. You’re about to be used as a test animal, a kicking dummy for the purpose of teaching Charlie how to cripple beta-male scum such as yourself. Here Charlie, you take the leash and lead the gimp down the stairs into the dungeon’.

She sounded deadly serious and my anxiety levels were red-lining as I followed at the heels of the young and beautiful Miss Charlotte. Surely she couldn’t be as cruel as the others?
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Those last two updates were great. And I am guessing that Charlotte can indeed be as cruel as the others. :-)
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Thumbs up

Wow.... face standing, ballbusting, all favorites of mine. they are so violent and so sexy.... I like it so much! What will happen next? Will the mistress become more violent?

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I was dragged down the steps of the confessional then led to a corner where I was instructed to kneel and “stay” with a pointed finger.

‘So this is the famous Confessional’, said Miss Charlotte.

‘Infamous, would be more like it’, replied Mistress Georgia.

‘Wow, it’s awesome, and all the gear is amazing. Oh no, that Perspex toilet in the corner with the hole in the side, surely you don’t … ‘

‘Yes we do, Charlie, the gift we give the slaves is called a “golden shower”. The gimp once spent a whole night in there half-drowning the in piss of Caitie, Sonya and me. It was a great night, wasn’t it gimp?’

‘I was extremely privileged to have my mouth used as your urinal, Mistress Georgia’. It was, yet again, a time to display great humility and not to give them any additional ammunition with which to fuck me over!

‘Hey, this is new’, said Mistress Georgia. ‘These metal bars running from the ceiling to the floor around the toilet cubicle have created an area like a prison cell. Maxine requested it be built so she can keep her eunuchs under observation for a day or two after she’s gelded them in case there are any complications like bleeding or infection. She doesn’t exactly want them heading off to EDs, for obvious reasons’.

‘Wow, that’s really impressive. Any of the Mistresses working here could use it to imprison their slaves too, couldn’t they Georgie?’

‘Yes Charlie, exactly, we share the facilities’.

‘Say, who builds something like the prison cell? You wouldn’t want the general public to be too inquisitive about this place, I’m guessing’.

‘That’s right Charlie. Between the Dommes who work here we have builders, plumbers, doctors, lawyers and even judges under our control. So all these things are done in-house, so to speak. For example, a slave of Maxine’s who’s a carpenter built the jail cell. They work for us for free, of course; they are slaves after all hehe’.

‘Wow, I’m going to love this lifestyle. You can fuck these sub males over to your heart’s content yet they still crawl back for more, and you can even put them to work for you. Wow, just wow!’

‘Spot on again, Charlie. Maxine commissioned the cell to be built in case she encounters a complication with one of her gelding procedures. We have a kink friendly medico who she can call 24/7. As a matter of fact, he’s one of my regular clients and he’s so far under my spell that we know we can trust him to be discrete. He would be anyway due to his natural submissiveness but also I have some very interesting videos in my iPhone of him dressed in a nappy which he wouldn’t want to see on YouTube hehe. He knows I wouldn’t hesitate to blackmail him’.

‘Oh, this is all so fascinating, I wish I’d known about it earlier’.

‘It’s OK Charlie, you’re only 21. I’m 33 and by the time you’re my age you’ll be living a life of luxury thanks to all the fools out there waiting to be exploited, like the gimp kneeling over there. How do you think I could afford to buy a café at my age? Fucking these idiots over is sort of insurance for the future’.

I must admit I had found the conversation fascinating. It hadn’t really crossed my mind how a dungeon functioned because, when you’re occupying one as a slave, all you’re thinking about is survival!! But it was effectively a collective and all the Mistresses working there shared the spoils in a sense. Just as I had been passed around between them.

‘OK girl, it’s time to learn about ballbusting. Firstly, remember that not every sub male is as susceptible to being broken by having their balls kicked down their throat as the gimp. Some require other methods which I’ll teach you about in due course. This one, though, has a raging foot fetish and you could dominate and control him, to an extent, just using your feet, but you would never break him, and I mean really break him like he is now, without stripping out his manhood with a relentless attack on what he values most, his balls’.

‘I see. Obviously, from what you’re saying Georgie, and from the attitude of the other Girls, it doesn’t matter how much damage we do to the ball sac of a beta-male?’

‘Precisely. Like, in gimp’s case, he’s going to be gelded anyway so what difference does it make as long as you get what you want along the way? Oh, I know Maxine talks about the quality of the trophy after she emasculates them but once you have a collection, like I do and she does, it really doesn’t matter what the testicles look like in a jar’.

I could feel all the blood draining from my face as I knelt in the corner of the room listening to this conversation, partly about me, and partly about the inhumane treatment that had been meted out to my fellow beta-males at the hands of these deadly Femme Fatales.

But I felt even worse when they turned and faced me. Gulp, I was going down …
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Excellent chapter - can't believe this is about to hit the 100 chapter mark!
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nice one looking forward to the next
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PART 100

‘OK, let’s make a start Charlie. Kicking balls is kind of natural for a Female, so let’s see what you’ve got. Gimp, Assume the Position’.

I knelt there helplessly before Miss Charlotte wondering the same thing, what she had, wondering how cruel she was. Once again, she didn’t look too intimidating, 5 foot 8 inches, young, reddish hair below her shoulders in a ponytail, pale skin, tank top, jeans and ballet flats.

Then she lashed out with her right foot and caught my left testicle, the more damaged one, against my pelvis. It was wasn’t that hard a kick but it was accurate and hurt like hell. I grimaced involuntarily but didn’t fall or groan.

‘Nice kick Charlie, you’re a natural. Slip off your shoes though, it’s more satisfying feeling the balls crushed by your bare feet. By the way, there was nothing wrong with the power of that kick, it would have brought most males down, but the gimp has been specially trained to soak it up, haven’t you boy?’

‘Yes Mistress Georgia’.

‘List our Ballbusting Rules for Charlie, turd’.

‘I must count each kick and thank the Mistress for the kick, I am not allowed to groan or fall after I’ve been kicked, and I must stay in Position after a sentence has been carried out until I’m summoned or dismissed by the Mistress, Mistress Georgia and Miss Charlotte’.

‘OK, so what’s a sentence?’

‘It’s like a court sentencing a criminal to 10 years jail, say, but we sentence them to ball kicks. Ten kicks would be a typical sentence for misdemeanours like leaving a speck on your toilet after the gimp licked it clean, for example’.

‘You’ve got to be bullshitting me. You make him lick toilets? And 10 kicks for leaving a speck on a toilet? What a fucking dipshit and he doesn’t get a say, of course, does he? So what’s the penalty for breaking a Rule, Georgie?’

‘Usually resuming the count’.

‘What, even after 9 kicks?’

‘Yep, if he groans or falls on the ninth kick we simply return to zero and start again. You can see why the gimp is trained to absorb punishment. Anyway, proceed Charlie. Sentence the gimp yourself and tell him why you are going to flog him’.

‘With pleasure, Georgie. Say gimp, do you remember how rude and dismissive you were when I asked you a simple question which was, “Say gimp, how did you get yourself in this pickle?” when we were at work one day?’

‘Yes Miss Charlotte, I didn’t mean to be rude, I’m sorry, it was all a bit overwhelming at the time’.

‘That’s pathetic and so are you, gimp. As a consequence of your being rude to me, I’m sentencing you to 10 kicks in the balls. If you break any of the Ballbusting Rules, I will resume the count. Do I make myself clear, loser?’

Shit, another one on my case!!

‘Yes Miss Charlotte, you’re clear’.

‘Good. Assume the Position’.

It was a heartless, gut-wrenching and brutal beating that Miss Charlotte subjected me to. Mistress Georgia was right, she was a natural. She had learned well from her tutors and there was not a trace of compassion or sympathy as she dissected my ball sac. She had even made me squeal a little on her third kick because the kick caused some severe, sharp, unexpected pain. She was merciless and re-started the count. Luckily for me the endorphins kicked in after that and I survived to the end of the sentence without further mishap.

‘Damn that felt good, Georgie. I could do it all over again, though it is tiring, isn’t it?’

‘Surprisingly, yes it is. Now, gimp, I think you owe Charlie a nice, big THANK YOU for being gracious enough to deign to give you a beating’.

So I prostrated myself at Miss Charlotte’s feet and showered them with kisses, thanking her profusely for her kindness in teaching low life scum like me to respect their Superiors. When I was ordered to cease I knelt before her and said, ‘Thank you Mistress Charlotte, you are magnificent’.

‘Hey Georgie, he just called me MISTRESS. How did that happen, how come I’m Mistress to him now?’

‘None of us quite know the answer to that Charlie but we think the floggings release endorphins and otherwise fuck up the chemicals in their brain. Trust me, after you’ve given a sub male a decent beating, he will forevermore treat you differently, more reverently and respectfully’.

‘I liked it, say it again gimp’.

‘Thank you Mistress Charlotte, you are magnificent’.

‘Hehe, I love it’.

‘OK Charlie, let’s get back to the café so we can show off Lucy’s handiwork to the other staff’.

Oh fuck no, I wasn’t looking forward to being the butt of everyone’s jokes at the café as they inspected my GIMP tattoo!
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Good stuff! Wow 100 chapters. Amazing.
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100 parts of awesome, and counting! This story is tremendous. Thanks for continuing to write it.
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PART 101

After Mistress Charlotte decided she’d had enough of practicing kicking my balls down my throat at The Confessional, I was once again manhandled into the boot of the SUV and bumped about on the way back to the café. Upon arrival, I was led by the leash, on my knees, into my nook and ordered to lie on my back on my bunk, whereupon Mistress Georgia removed the Cling wrap from my GIMP tattoo.

‘Lie there on your back, gimp, I want all the staff to enjoy your new moniker’.

So I lay there as several staff filed in, one by one, as they could on their breaks, and had to grind my way through the humiliation of being branded a GIMP, and endure all the various responses which ranged from shock to hilarity. It wasn’t a pleasant time!

The next ten days or so passed by with no major developments. After work, Mistress Charlotte would now join Mistress Georgia for a foot massage and for ballbusting practice.

Under the watchful eye of Mistress Georgia, Mistress Charlotte had developed into a very effective testicle demolisher and the combination of her youth and suppleness, and her complete indifference to the agony and damage she was causing, made her a ruthless exponent of this particular method of breaking males. She was simply a natural as Mistress Georgia had commented after her first ball kick at The Confessional.

Mistress Charlotte would taunt me at work as I’d be washing dishes, for example, where she would sidle up to me and whisper in my ear, ‘Who kicked you in the balls last, dickhead?’, then giggle as she sashayed away to go about her business.

It was late afternoon when Mistress Georgia approached me. ‘Good news gimp, Maxine is coming over for a coffee and that foot rub you owe her’.

I nodded in acknowledgement waiting apprehensively for the usual bad news to accompany the good news, but nothing was forthcoming. Excellent, I thought to myself, the bad news has been devastatingly bad lately!!

After the café closed, there was a knock on the back door and Mistress Max was ushered in.

As soon as I saw her I dropped to my knees and placed kisses on her feet and the high-heeled pumps she was wearing. She was dressed in designer jeans and a glamorous T-shirt, and looked quite different out of her surgical scrubs, sophisticated, poised, very beautiful, very Asian, but still with that aura of menace that surrounded her.

‘Good boy gimp, I like humility in the lower born males and acceptance of your place in the Cosmos at the feet of your Superiors’.

‘Yes Mistress Max, it’s an honour to worship your Goddess feet’. I meant it, but it was also the best protection against sudden mood changes which would result in painful punishments for me!

I knew what was required of me so I grabbed the massage cream and sat at Mistress Max’s feet as she sipped coffee with the others.

I awaited her instructions in a respectful manner when she slipped off her pumps and extended her right foot towards my face saying simply, ‘Proceed’.

Once again, I was gobsmacked at the sheer perfection of her feet, the porcelain skin, the immaculate nail polish, the symmetry of her toes. I was so taken aback I hesitated slightly and looked up at her face wondering if Mistress Max was of this world or a Deity from another galaxy.

She simply smiled at me and said whimsically, ‘I told you to proceed, gimp. Don’t worry, you’ll be having a lot to do with my feet going forward’.

‘Yes Mistress Max, sorry Goddess Max, thank you for the privilege of massaging your beautiful feet’.

‘A word of warning to the wise, gimp; not all the contact you have with my feet will be as pleasurable as it is right now’. That comment brought titters all round, and I bowed my head in submission to a very beautiful and very dangerous Castratrix.

Mistress Max then addressed Mistress Georgia and Mistress Charlotte, ‘Now, how familiar are you with the various forms of castration, girls?’

Fuck me, this couldn’t possibly be for real … or could it?
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