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As they say... the men in grey suits run everything. Or is it the Illuminati? But even to be a front man one needs a certain statesman-like flair, not just je ne sais quoi.
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I'm scared
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Originally Posted by trail View Post
I'm scared
Interesting times ahead - well, for around 6 months or so untill he gets impeached.
take care & enjoy life
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I like Trump and his way to make U.S. incredibly amazing and richer
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Wait and see, wait and see. Judge him on his actual performance. I know that is difficult for you wretched liberals who predicted the criminal Hillary would win big. So much for what you know.
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Originally Posted by brett View Post
Trump might not make it to next week with the death grip you have on his nutsack. And could you please hold your breath until Hilary gets indicted.
lmfao did you cry liberal tears when Hillary lost ?

TRUMP 2016-2024
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