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the female democratic supremacy party part 15

Meanwhile back at the ploughing championships Jolanta was so excited. The sun was out on a lovely summer morning. And she was going to be driving males along with a whip. She was also going to be punishing males for lack of effort. She knew she was a sadist and loved inflicting pain. The new order was perfect for her.
Jolanta looked fantastic in her black halter top. Black leather jacket a short black skirt, black hold up stockings , and gorgeous black leather knee boots with a pointy toe and 4 ins spike heel. The boots were gleaming, polished to a mirror like shine by a male slave. It had taken the slave most of the night to get Jolantas boots that shiny and she still slapped his face hissing.
I want them polished better next time idiot.
Jolanta could hardly contain her excitement as she hugged the other plough mistresses. There was Ling the beautiful Chinese girl, she was dressed very similar to Jolanta but her top and skirt were also leather. Barbara Muller Sammy Winfield Nichola wheeler and Kelly Windsor made up the other plough mistresses. All were dressed similarly and looking forward to working the males at their command.
Sarah Proudman, Michelle Moone , and Claire Malvern were all seated in comfy well padded chairs with a good view of the field to be ploughed They were being served a sumptuous barbeque. Beef steaks ribs and a fine salad. The serving males had been put on reduced rations for 3 days so that cooking and serving such fine food would be driving them mad.
Claire Malvern was served her plate and before the serving male could scuttle off on his knees she slapped his face and hissed.
wait whilst I try this rib, She then selected a rib and ran her tongue over it, teasing,
Nice sauce,
she then took a bite out of the meat and said,
MMM this is delicious, deliberately savouring the mouth full.
The Male Ian who had been a successful business man before the revolution was so hungry she was driving him mad. Claire made him watch her for several minutes before dismissing him . Laughing as he scuttled off.
The ploughs had been lines up and the ladies trod on slaves backs to get up to the comfy seats on the ploughs. Jolanta took her time deliberately digging in her spike heels to the males back causing him to moan and move slightly, much to Jolantas amusement.
Jolanta beckoned over SGT Abbots who was on duty at the event and said,
This weakling moved when I stood on him, a month on toilet duty should concentrate his mind.
The male was horrified. They all dreaded toilet duty. He knew she had deliberately dug her heels into him the evil bitch.
Sgt Abbots was only too happy to oblige saying,
How dare he you could have fallen off. Would you like the squad and I to give him a bit of a working over with our boots first to teach him a lesson.
This meant kicks and Jabs with spike heels and Jolanta loved the idea.
Once Jolanta was sat in her comfy seat she held her left hand up, this was the signal that the ladies should take the lounging whips from the holder along side their seats. Jolanta did the same and enjoyed the feel of the long platted longing whip in her gloved hand.
Such a beautiful feel to the padded handle and such perfect balance. And so cruel she smiled.
Sarah proudman signalled the start with a starting pistol.
As soon as the gun went off Jolanta drew the whip back and lashed it down on Sean Norths back. Sean was a well built tall muscular male who had played Rugby league before the revolution. He was strong and Jolanta had singled him out. Get the big ones working first to start the momentum.
Sean let out a strangled scream and the plough lurched forward, Jolanta giggled to herself and lashed his back another twice just to imprint on his mind to keep pulling. She then dished it out to the other males.
The ploughs were really hard to pull and the plough Mistresses were whipping away to maintain momentum. Ling loved it and had a permanent grin on her gorgeous face as she whipped her males to maximum effort.
The males were forced to heave their guts out as the ploughs were so hard to pull. In no time at all the were sweating profusely., being driven mad by the cracks of the whips along their backs.
The tables of ladies watching from the decking were loving the spectacle before them, There were 20 tables of the most important women in the country all beautify dressed eating and drinking wine and cheering the plough Mistresses on.
Sarah Proudman was dressed in a short red dress. Neutral coloured stockings and beautiful red spike heeled shoes with a sling back on her feet. The temperature was already rising and they had only been ploughing 10 minutes.
The ten minutes seemed like hours to the plough slaves who were working their guts out for their cruel mistresses.
Jolantas plough was in the lead , followed by Lings, Barbara Muller the blonde Swiss sadist was just overtaking Nichola Wheeler Frantically whipping her plough slaves to more effort , whilst shouting , faster you idle lazy shits , move
The local mayorsess ' Pauline Wilson. was laughing away pointing to her friends saying,
Oh my god look at Barbara she really knows how to dish it out, Ha Ha.
Priya patel a beautiful woman of Indian decent laughed,
I wouldn’t like to be one of her Plough slaves and laughed out loud.
At 25 minutes the males were in agony as Michele Moone used the microphone to inform the ladies it was time to vote.
The ladies laughed and got key pads and voted 1 to 5. Sammy Winfield was in last place, She was only 18 a real stunner, with long blonde hair and it was her first Ploughing competition.
The votes were in and Sammys slaves were voted as being the laziest so Sarah on the half hour fired the starting gun and the slaves slumped in their chains at their ploughs. The result was announced and Sammys slaves were distraught.
The other slaves were given pitchers of water to drink. Kelly deliberately dribbled her spit into the pitchers as she handed them to her slaves giggling as she did so just to torment them more.
The plough males from Sammys team were marched out and a frame was placed right in front of the decking so the ladies could get a good view. Each male was secured in the frame so that they could not move.
Jolanta stepped down from her plough and approached the males with a wicked looking single tail whip.
Jolanta had a malevolent smile on her gorgeous high check boned face as she announced.
Right for being lazy I'm going to give you 10 lashes each. I warn you I am not going to be lenient at all.
She was stood right in front of the tethered males laughing at them. , They had worked so hard, the males could not believe it this gorgeous woman with her strong athletic body. Her toned amazing legs and beautiful face, was going to be so cruel to them ,
Jolanta strutted off around the back of the males took up her stance behind the first male, The ladies on the decking had all stood up and started to chant.
Whip him Whip him
as Jolanta drew back her strong toned arm and Hiss lash she whipped him. The male let out an almost animal bellow of pain and did a movement like a little dance in his bonds. The ladies watching let out a cheer and laughed at his antics. After 5 lashes Jolanta approached the male from behind and looked at the evil welts on his back 2 were bleeding much to her pleasure.
Jolanta said, evilly into his ear
Half way, still another 5 to go Ha Ha and just to let you know Im loving it.
The male was truly broken begging and pleading for mercy. Much to the ladies amusement.
Oh dear , Finding it hard to take are we slave. Mocked Jolanta ,
When he had received his full 10 lashes Jolanta grinned at No 2 and giggled
Your next.
At this no 2 promptly evacuated his bladder which brought a cheer from the crowd
When all the males had been suitably punished. Jolanta sent a male off to fetch a bucket. Containing a liquid with a green tinge to it. Jolanta announced to the ladies
I have prepared a special drink for these losers. My own special personal water mixed with water I have bathed my feet in and soaked my very sweaty stockings in I hope they enjoy it.
The ladies all laughed and cheered as Jolanta got a pitcher and approached the first male saying,
Nice drink of refreshing water for you.
The males throat was parched from his efforts and from his screams of pain and had no choice but to accept the evil brew offered, Drinking it down much to Jolantas amusement.
When the slaves were refreshed they were chained behind the plough again. Kelly felt sorry for Sammy as her slaves had let her down so she suggested a handicap.
Basically The Plough Mistresses chose two of each others plough slaves and kicked them in the thights giving a dead leg. Sammys slaves were left out making them more competitive.
The starting gun went off again and the ploughs trundled forward.
Sarah proudman took a sip of chilled champagne and drove the toe of her red stiletoes into his side, ordering,
My feet are hot get that tongue working.
The male eased off her shoes and looked at the damp nylon feet in front of him. Sarah deliberately waggled her toes to generate some smell for him to contemplate as he gulped put out his tongue and laved it up her sole from heel to toes. In the heat the foot had perspired noticeably and he took in the tastes as he forced himself to run his tongue over the mesh of her stocking sole.
Sarah was loving it. She just loved the feel of a tongue on her feet. A tongue forced to seek out perspiration and remove it.
Make sure you do a good job between my toes or I will have you whipped without mercy

She delighted in saying.
The slave forcing himself on to new efforts licking and gently sucking out the perspiration from between her toes.
This was what she had achieved , she was relaxing as a male served her feet. She loved it.
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Great update! Thanks.
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Thanks neal,
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Excellent, as always.
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Thanks OneAuthor Its great to get positive feedback
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good story nice one
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Thank you doom11. Your feed back is much appreciated
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Another fantastic chapter Morris! I love nothing more than reading stories about cruel girls working slaves/prisoners to exhaustion purely for the ladies own entertainment. It's especially great if it's a hot day and the slaves can also witness the ladies relaxing in the shade while they are being worked out in the hot sun and whipped for slacking off. I'm actually quite lucky myself because I've kind of managed to work this type of scenario into real life as the gym I go to directly looks out over a swimming pool with lots of sunloungers where I can watch really hot girls lying down and relaxing while I'm working out so all it takes is an over active imagination like I have and I can pretend that the girls are forcing me to run on the treadmill for their own entertainment and if I stop then I'll get whipped so not only is it great motivation to keep on running and get a really good workout I also get to fulfill one of my fantasies, so it's a win win situation. But anyway please continue with the next chapter.
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Thank you toiletman80. That sounds great , ladies on loungers as you work out. I have only had one experience like that. I lost a bet to a girl at university and had to clean her car and her friends car for them. It was a hot day and they sunbathed as I cleaned there cars in a shady spot. They loved it and laughed at me as I worked away. The best bit was when the stunning red head Helen wandered over and checked her car.
she said, The wheels are still a bit dirty. Fetch us cold drinks and do them again.
She then laughed and re joined her blond friend Sally sunbathing as the laughed together.
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One more fantastic chapter. Thank you. Can't wait for more!
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Thank you cothtath. I much appreciate your feed back
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Wonderfull chapter! As you know, cruel Ladies and female overseers and working slaves under the lash..mmmmmmhhhhh.... thank you very much!
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Thank you shoeps. I'm glad you enjoyed it
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