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I couldn’t quite get my head around what she meant so I just kind of looked at Mistress quizzically. She repeated herself;

‘It’s time’.

Time for what I thought?

‘Remove the key to your chastity tube from my anklet and release yourself, turd. Be careful, very careful you don’t fondle me unnecessarily’.

Forewarned is forearmed so I simply replied, ‘Yes Mistress’.

I felt elated. Perhaps Mistress Caitlin realised that it was too much to ask a male to endure 2 months of chastity. Perhaps I was to be allowed to go under her feet and wank. Please God, let that be the case. Hope springs eternal!? I carefully and respectfully unclicked the chastity key from Mistress’ anklet, unlocked the padlock and removed the tube. It was a genuine relief to be free after 4 weeks!

‘It’s time’, Mistress repeated for the third time.

I felt she was cuing me to respond so I said, ‘What is it time for, Your Holiness?’, in my most respectful tone. Questioning Mistress Caitlin was fraught with hazard.

‘What do you think, faggot?’

‘Time for me to be permitted to have an orgasm under your Goddess feet, Mistress?’

Mistress threw her head back and laughed that oh-so-familiar triumphant laugh.

‘I knew you’d say that, dickhead. No amount of flogging of the male balls will make them understand that there’s more to life than just an ejaculation. No, idiot, you still have one month to go for that, it’s time for me to resume the punishment of your testicles’.

A bolt of lightning ran through me. Oh no, please no, the floggings in The Confessional all ran through my mind and I just couldn’t bear more suffering like that. Surely 2 months of chastity was enough for any male to endure, I shouldn’t be made to choke on my balls as well!! And I was more than fully aware that it had taken me 4 weeks to recover from the last beating.

But, was there ever a way out of these situations? The answer, of course, was a resounding NO!!

Mistress was studying my reaction and sensed my reluctance when she spoke, ‘So, it looks like we have some resistance to the idea of having your balls punished by your Goddess, doesn’t it moron?’

There was just no-where to hide, no rock to crawl under, no hole to run into. Mistress was going to kick me into that dark, desolate place she’d made me explore previously. There was no way out of this and I had to face up to being assaulted again by this stunning, but ruthless and cruel, Executrix.

As ever, my only protection was complete humility so I took the hint and said,

‘Please, Your Highness, I beg you to kick me in the balls, I beg you to hurt me, please Mistress Caitlin, don’t hold anything back, I beg you to make me suffer for you’.

Mistress Caitlin’s sadistic urges were always magnified when I capitulated to her and she positively beamed as she answered,

‘Your wish is granted, fuck tard’.
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Ha! I should have known that's what the sadistic Mistress Caitlin meant. :-)
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Mistress Caitlin stood up, grasped my chin with her right hand and continued,

‘Look at me. Now listen up fuckwit, your survival depends on it’.

Whew, Mistress Caitlin was in one of her destructive moods. I knew from bitter past experience this would not end well for me! I was terrified.

‘In the future, scheduled floggings will take place in the laundry which will be renamed The Torture Room. Am I clear so far, turd?’ (The laundry was a small room in my apartment near the front door).

‘Yes Mistress Caitlin’.

‘When I point or gesture to the laundry, or say the words “Torture Room”, you will automatically crawl in there and Assume the Position. Still clear?’

‘Yes Your Highness, you’re clear’.

‘If I choose to kick you in the balls elsewhere, for example, at a shopping centre carpark or at Madame’s place, I will issue the usual order to Assume the Position. Am I crystal clear, slut?’

‘’Yes Your Holiness, you’re crystal clear.’

‘Good, good, I’m glad we’re clear on this. It’s been a long, frustrating 4 weeks for me not having a sub male to bust up. I hate denying myself pleasure. Why, for fucks sake, should a Woman with my gifts have to do that? Here’s the thing; we all kind of agreed that your sac needed time to heal after the devastation we wreaked on your balls in The Confessional due to that cunt Adam’s infidelity. That’s why you’ve been spared until now. But it’s game on again, kicking dummy’.

Fuck me!? Kicking dummy! A long 4 weeks for her? Geez, I’d never been 4 weeks without an orgasm in my whole life before this; you should try that for frustration!!

I’d almost forgotten Adam was the cause of all the grief I’d suffered and for the ongoing restriction of my sexual release. I agreed with Mistress, Adam was a cunt!! Mistress raised her hand and pointed to The Torture Room with her index finger. Gulp, this was going to be bad, bad, bad.

I crawled into The Torture Room and Assumed the Position. Mistress kept me dangling for about 10 minutes, her usual tactic to magnify the fear, before she appeared at the door.

Seeing her move into her kicking stance was like watching a cat move, a big, dangerous cat like a tiger. She had grace of movement and you could sense her athleticism and power. She was lithe and glided into place, standing around one yard in front of me. She kicked the insides of my thighs, hard, like she had done so many times before, mainly for effect, and said, ’I demand full access to your balls scum, you know that’.

‘Yes Goddess Caitlin’. I stared up at her beautiful face and could tell she was aching to do this to me by the savage and determined look in her eyes.

The first kick caught me by surprise due to its ferocity, then the second kick arrived in my sac soon after, sending pain radiating into my kidneys. The agony washed across my face as I steadfastly remained in place conscious of her first ballbusting rule (Rule No 1: ’You are not permitted to groan or fall after I kick you in the balls. The penalty is re-starting of the count’).

The third kick was very distressing and I couldn’t help contorting my face in pain,

‘It fucking hurts, doesn’t it shit-for-brains? It always amazes me how all you sub males react to my kicks after you’ve had a few weeks break from being busted up by me. It’s like you forget how destructive I am, how much heartache I can cause with my deadly right hook. You’re disabled now too, so I can take my time fucking you over, dickhead’.

Like I was going anywhere!?

The fourth kick penetrated my scrotum and I was in trouble. I didn’t know how long I could hang on for without falling.

‘Hoho, that one flushed your right testicle for a change loser; looks like something’s re-arranged in your scrotum since my last flogging cause that angle normally catches your left ball hehe’.

Mistress Caitlin, ballbuster and sadist, in her element, her natural environment, with a sub male offering up his balls for her to mangle.

I was really struggling and I still didn’t know how many groin strikes she’d planned!!

‘Chin up. I’m taking you down, you weak, pathetic loser’.
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Love seeing new chapters well written
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Ouch! I can only imagine how badly that would hurt. Better him than me, of course. :-)
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The fifth kick was so hard it physically moved me a back a few inches and a wave of nausea washed through me.

‘Oh, by the way, I’ve sentenced you to 10 kicks, dimwit. So there’s 5 to go, unless you make a noise, of course. Please trashcan, feel free to tip over’. Mistress Caitlin at her brutal best!

The sixth kick was a corker and somehow caught both testes against the pelvis and the nausea worsened. I hoped I didn’t throw up; God knows what she’d do to me if I desecrated her Torture Room with a vomit!!

‘What’s wrong with you, fuckwit? Didn’t you remember the carnage I wreak on my kicking property? It never fails to amaze me that you sub males aren’t mentally prepared for my onslaught on your balls. It must be like what’s said about childbirth … a pain soon forgotten. Had you suppressed the memories of how agonising ballbusting is, fool? Trust me, you won’t forget today in a hurry’.

Mistress threw her head back and laughed her triumphant laugh, the one where she knew she was in full control and some poor bastard would be the victim of her sadistic cravings. Today, that lower life form was me!!

Her seventh kick just kind of drained me; I didn’t know how I would survive this blitz, this raping of my ball sac. I had, by now, lost all hope of getting through this assault on my senses and testes.

Mistress put everything she had into the eighth kick and I felt the fillings in my teeth rattle due to its violent incursion deep into my pelvis making me feel like I was about to cough my balls up at her feet. A little wind was expelled from my chest and I moved my hands from behind my back and placed them on the front of my thighs to try to cope with the invasion of my soul by Mistress’ kicking foot. I did not, however, fall in a formal sense.

Mistress sidled up to me, grabbed my chin, spat in my face then unleashed a gruesome palm strike across the left side of my face. She spoke,

‘You disappoint me, faggot. That was my best groin strike but you didn’t really fall. But maybe we have to re-examine my Rules. For example, does a little gush of air from your lungs constitute a groan, and does placing your hands on your thighs constitute a fall? Food for thought, ae moron?’

She stepped back and immediately launched another devastating groin strike, her ninth. I don’t know whether it was endorphin release or serendipity, but I survived it. I was in a world of pain caused by that beautiful right foot and yet all I wanted to do was worship and slobber over Mistress’ kicking foot. The irony!

One to go!!? My God, this was just so important that I managed to get through this last kick in the nuts because there was no way I could go through another 9-10 testicle damaging ballbusts like I’d just survived.

Mistress was at her menacing best as she grabbed my chin again,

‘You’re a real smart-alec, aren’t you, cunt? Just like Adam, trying to deprive me of pleasure. Those last few kicks would have brought down a rogue elephant, but not you, you fucking scum-sucking menace to society. That’s OK, we‘ll see how you like my tenth kick. It will be murderous and cause shocking damage. But, here’s the thing. I want you to beg for it, make me believe that you really want to satisfy my bloodthirsty cravings to utterly destroy another human being, that being you today, loser. Beg, scum’.

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Oh yes please. Please continue.
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She's such a potty-mouth. But of course we love Mistress Caitlin anyway. :-)
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I thought he was the potty mouth?
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Fuck me! Mistress Caitlin was really turned on by her first session of ballbusting for one whole month, obviously much longer than she was used to. I looked into her beautiful face and saw how enraged and excited she was and knew instinctively it was no time to hold back;

‘I adore you Mistress Caitlin and I really want you to make me suffer to prove my devotion to you. I beg you to inflict grievous bodily harm on my scrotum, I beg you to punish my testicles with your lethal kicking foot. Please Mistress, I beg you to carve up my ball sac.’

‘Hmm, you do seem sincere, turd and that pleases me. Have a look at my right foot and describe what you see to me’.

‘I see the foot of the Supreme Being on the planet, a perfect structure of incomparable beauty, one of the wonders of the world, I see divinity on Earth invested in a Goddess, you, Mistress Caitlin. I see beauty so great that I am willing to sacrifice anything and everything to stay in you service and under that beautiful foot, Your Holiness’.

‘Good boy, that was a decent suck-up. I now give you permission to kiss that foot before it penetrates your ball sac and takes you through the fires of hell. That foot that you lust after so badly will shortly be used by me, your Mistress, Owner and Keyholder, to drain away your humanity with a gut-wrenching ball kick. Get to it, bitch!’

I embraced the opportunity with great enthusiasm as I bent forward and showered her right foot with kisses, caressing her toes with my lips, the sides of her feet and the tops with religious fervour.

‘Very good, cumstain, you’re an obsequious little toe sucker, now roll on your back’.

I rolled over and Mistress’ right foot descended onto my face as she issued a one word order, ‘Lick’.

So I did, I ran my tongue along her sole over and over again and I was in heaven, even allowing for the deep ache emanating from my testicles. I kissed and licked Mistress’ instep, around the edges of her heel and across the ball of her foot, and again around the outer parts of her sole. I could live my life here 24/7, I mused. God, this was an experience like no other, no wonder Mistress had me at her mercy. I knew it would come to an end, however, and I heard the words I’d been dreading, ‘Assume the Position’.

I obeyed promptly and waited. Mistress held my chin and spoke, ‘That foot that turns you on so much and gives you a reason for living is now going to send you to purgatory, cocksucker’. Mistress slapped me hard, again, then continued,

‘Close your eyes … breathe in … breathe out … are you ready, scum?’

I nodded, resigned to my fate.

Mistress waited, perhaps another full minute, and I was beside myself with terror and couldn’t help twitching.

‘Stop twitching, fuckwit, I want you fully relaxed’.

So I did and, seconds later, Mistress delivered her tenth kick. She put all she had into it but it struck the inside of my left thigh first before ricocheting into my balls so the total force was somewhat dissipated. It still hurt like Hades but I didn’t break her 1st Ballbusting Rule so I wouldn’t have to endure the count starting again. At least, that’s what I thought!

Mistress again held my chin. ‘Look at me David. You will regret that act of defiance’.

What act of defiance, for fuck’s sake? I had obeyed her orders and Rules to the letter.

Mistress turned around and left the room, returning soon after with a blindfold which she placed on me then said, simply, ‘Stay’.

Geez, now I was really shitting myself. What could I have done differently apart from breaking her Rule by falling? This didn’t make sense. I had no idea what was coming next as I knelt there blindfolded for the next 10 minutes.

Then it happened. There was a detonation and an explosion in my ball sac. I convulsed forward and, as I fell, I knew that I’d been mule kicked by Mistress, presumably as a form of retribution for whatever perceived wrong I’d committed.

As I’d found previously, there is no way of staying upright when the cruel heel of Mistress’ kicking foot traps the testicles against the pelvis with that mule kick.

I could hardly breathe as she placed her right foot on my face and spoke, ‘You will be under my feet in 10 seconds or there will be consequences’.

I was immobilised for all practical intents and purposes but, that survival gene kicked in, and I commando crawled out and lay face up in front of Mistress’ chair.

As those warm, soft soles descended onto my face, the menace was evident again as she said, ‘That was 11 seconds, scumbag. We’ll get back to the penalties on that later’.

Mistress Caitlin was back at her indefatigable, brutal best!!
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Potty mouth has multiple meanings, of course. Mistress Caitlin has a potty mouth because she hurls abusive words at David. David has one when his mouth is used as a toilet.

And this latest part was wonderful, as usual. :-)
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As I lay under her feet, Mistress Caitlin fiddled with her phone, then she spoke,

‘There, that’s done. I’ve let Georgie and Mum know your balls are available for busting up again and they both seem quite keen to take advantage of that. You could be in for some rough treatment in the coming month hehe. Nothing you don’t deserve though, you weak, pathetic, loser’.

That triumphant laugh of Mistress’ filled the room and I was still struggling in my own, personal world of pain Mistress Caitlin had put me in when she again spoke,

‘Ooh, that’s made me all wet and horny, chopping up your ball sac, turd. Remove my panties with your teeth then get your tongue in my pussy’.

I complied hastily in spite of my own distress, for reasons which are obvious by now, and Mistress was right, her panties were sopping with her love juices from her sadistic treatment of my testicles. She orgasmed easily and came several times before the, by now common, aftermath, ‘Lie on your back, faggot’.

Mistress Climbed down from her chair and sat on my face, ‘Make a seal’, then pissed her warm, salty urine down my throat.

She sat there wriggling as I cleaned her up and then said, ‘One more, get stuck into it, boy.

She orgasmed hard on my face then slumped forward, exhausted.

‘That was good David, I feel much better. A few orgasms will do that, not that you’d know, and it always relaxes me dishing out discipline to the balls of beta-male kicking bags. Get yourself locked up again, fag, and place the key back on my anklet’.

‘Yes Mistress’.

‘Your next orgasm is still weeks away, don’t forget that shit-for-brains’.

Like, how could I forget that? It was the only thing I could think of and thoughts of my next release occupied every fibre of my being!

As had happened before, the next few weeks were unremarkable. Yes, I was busted up by all three of my Keyholders pretty regularly so my balls were permanently sore but nothing like the previous massacre in The Confessional and, yes, I was Madame’s pansy maid and Mistress Georgia’s foot masseur and, yes, I slept every night at Mistress Caitlin’s feet so my balls were relentlessly filling up, but it was all manageable. And I was three-quarters through my period of confinement with only 2 weeks to go before the 24th of May. Hooray!!

One morning, on her way to work, Mistress Caitlin addressed me;

‘Mum’s coming over for dinner tonight, fag. I want you to cook something nice. She likes fish so let’s make it salmon and salad, and get a nice bottle of champagne’.

‘Yes Your Highness, it will be an honour for me to serve Madame and you’.

‘Good boy, we have something to tell you’.

Uh, oh, why did that scare the shit right out of me?
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Why did that scare the shit right out of David? Because Mistress Caitlin is diabolical, cruel, and sadistic...just the way a good Mistress she should be! :-)
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Yes but the slave risks serious injury, I do not think this is right
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Aww don't let the negative comments get you down. Great fantasy
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