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Old 08-18-2017, 10:31 AM
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SV0040 Killpussy Foot Domination Don't Piss Her Off

Available now: http://www.clips4sale.com/108094/18073662

Killpussy has been patiently sat on her bed waiting for her partner to come home, all she wants is a nice foot rub and massage after her long day. He arrives home shortly after but has also had a long day at work and isnít in the mood to provide any sort of comfort for her aching feet. Big mistake!

Killpussy stands towering over him and lets him know in no uncertain terms that sheís sick of hearing his excuses and she puts him in a headlock, and woman-handles him onto the bed wrapping her long powerful legs around him and placing her hands over his mouth.

Killpussy subdues him easily, and one way or another she is going to get her feet rubbed even if itís by force and involving using them to smother him with. He is punished in a variety of feet and hand smothers and chokes, the message is sent in no uncertain terms that when Killpussy asks for a footrub she will get it without any excuses!

Killpussy wears pink lace lingerie with black panties, sheer black stockings and stilettos. The stilettos come off partway through.
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File Type: jpg SV0040_still4.jpg (719.7 KB, 20 views)
File Type: jpg SV0040_still3.jpg (926.1 KB, 18 views)
File Type: jpg SV0040_still8.jpg (870.5 KB, 21 views)
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Old 08-22-2017, 9:50 AM
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SV0041 Anastaxia & PussyWillow - Smother Sensation

Available now: http://www.clips4sale.com/108094/18073676

In our latest Smother Sensation match beautiful blondes are featured as Anastaxia takes PussyWillow. This is a rare sight as the tall powerful PussyWillow is Anastaxiaís victim, from the start as Anastaxia stretches her out PussyWillow is in rare submissive form.

Their bodies are entwined as Anastaxia entrances the camera and PussyWillow in a seduction of smothering, Anastaxiaís powerful legs are wrapped around her prey as she squeezes, smothers and grapevineís PussyWillow. Her hands steal her victimís breath as she is powerless to resist the seduction.

Anastaxia is clearly enjoying herself as she groans in ecstasy as she takes PussyWillow, multiple neck bites sap the willpower from PussyWillow as she is sacrificed to Anastaxiaís desires.

This is a one-sided sensual smothering masterpiece featuring two stunning blondes.

Anastaxia wears black lingerie with black Waitrose sleek 15 denier fully encased pantyhose/tights.

PussyWillow wears black lingerie with tan sheer-to-waist fully encased pantyhose/tights.
Attached Images
File Type: jpg SV0041_still5.jpg (601.4 KB, 11 views)
File Type: jpg SV0041_still6.jpg (495.6 KB, 9 views)
File Type: jpg SV0041_still7.jpg (476.9 KB, 12 views)
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Old 08-25-2017, 10:13 AM
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SV0042 Scorpion Facesit sensation

Available Now: http://www.clips4sale.com/108094/18073688

Like a lithe feline predator, Scorpion prowls into the bedroom whilst her unsuspecting male prey is asleep on the bed. She immediately pounces on top of him and smothers him with her hands as she sits astride his chest before front facesit smothering him.

He struggles but to no avail there is no escape from a Scorpion facesit. She pinches his nose with one hand while simultaneously smothering him with the other before sinking his head into an extended reverse facesit and smother.

She locks her legs around his head in a triangle but this is only a means to an end to drive his nose and mouth deeper into her, his muffled moans are audible. She wakes him up only to steal his breath away again as one last long reverse facesit seals his fate.

Scorpion wears a black lace one piece lingerie with scarlet painted toenails.
Attached Images
File Type: jpg SV0042_still2.jpg (625.7 KB, 16 views)
File Type: jpg SV0042_still5.jpg (678.3 KB, 23 views)
File Type: jpg SV0042_still7.jpg (656.0 KB, 37 views)
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Old 09-01-2017, 10:49 AM
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SV0043 Sahara Knite and Killpussy in Bedroom Smother

Available now: http://www.clips4sale.com/108094/18246160

The super sexy Sahara Knite makes her Smother Vixens debut as she is smother dominated by Killpussy.

The two ladies are lying on the bed when Killpussy goes into full vamp mode licking Saharaís face, and kissing her on the mouth. Sahara says her shoulders are tense and Killpussy offers to rub them for her.

The two ladies sit up with Sahara sat between Killpussyís legs. Killpussy massages her shoulders and kisses her neck before placing her hand over Saharaís mouth and wrapping her legs around her waist trapping her. Killpussy wants her and is going to take her.

She manoeuvres Sahara to the bed and bites her neck while she struggles to escape. The prolonged throat bite only stops when her struggling ceases. Killpussy wraps her legs around Saharaís waist and plants a hand over her mouth.

Sahara is completely in Killpussyís clutches, and more hand smothers, scissors and kissing are inflicted upon her as finally she drifts out of consciousness for the last time.

This one is erotically charged you donít want to miss this clip!

Killpussy wears black lingerie and black pantyhose and red nail varnish.

Sahara Knite wears white lingerie and nude pantyhose and red nail varnish.
Attached Images
File Type: jpg SV0043_still4.jpg (575.8 KB, 9 views)
File Type: jpg SV0043_still7.jpg (606.3 KB, 15 views)
File Type: jpg SV0043_still2.jpg (678.6 KB, 13 views)
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Old 09-05-2017, 10:04 AM
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SV0044 Laken & Scorpion - Smother Match - including pre-interview

Available Now: http://www.clips4sale.com/108094/18246172

Laken returns to Smother Vixens to take on Scorpion in a smother wrestling match. Laken is one of our most popular guest performers, and itís easy to see why as she looks super sexy as she prepares to take on our very own Scorpion.

The two wrestlers lock up and whilst initially Laken has the upper hand, Scorpion reverses using her foot to trap Lakenís arm and inflicts the first handsmother of the match.

Laken escapes and now Scorpion finds herself on the receiving end of a handsmother. These two wrestlers are a mass of arms and legs as their bodies are constantly intertwined in close body to body contact.

Scorpion takes Lakenís back, trapping her arm as she catches her in a body scissors, so she cannot escape the handsmother, but escape it she does and both wrestlers are back on their knees. Scorpion forces Laken down to the mats on her front, and climbs onto her back smothering the raven haired hottie, again Laken escapes frustrating Scorpionís attempts to smother her out.

She scissors Scorpionís leg to gain a brief respite and to catch her breath. Laken manages to trap Scorpionís arms by her sides as she gains full mount and is able to inflict a hand smother of her own.

But Scorpion is a veteran of this match type having taken on some of the best in in the business. The two ladies trade smothers until inevitably Scorpion takes Lakenís back and traps her in a rear naked choke hand smother combo which has Lakenís back arched in pain until she concedes the match by way of knockout.

For more Laken see SV0021 & SV0025

Scorpion wears a leopard print bikini.

Laken wears a black thong bikini.
Attached Images
File Type: jpg SV0044_still5.jpg (610.7 KB, 3 views)
File Type: jpg SV0044_still3.jpg (672.7 KB, 7 views)
File Type: jpg SV0044_still7.jpg (673.4 KB, 8 views)
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Old 09-08-2017, 10:31 AM
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3.SV0045 Killpussy Dominates Mistress Samantha

Available now: http://www.clips4sale.com/108094/18246196

Two powerhouses of the female wrestling world collide in this facesitting smother match-up between Killpussy and Mistress Samantha. These are two strong proud competitors neither of which are used to losing but today one will end up flat on her back and facesat into oblivion. The only real question is will it be the Smother Vixen Queen Killpussy or the visiting Mistress Samantha?

Killpussy strikes first trapping Mistress Samantha in a grapevine before moving up and smothering her using a prolonged reverse facesit. Mistress Samantha groans but are they of indignation or of pleasure who can tell. Killpussy lets her up and takes her back wrapping her strong thighs around her and punishing Mistress Samantha with a handsmother.

Trapped in a side bodyscissors the air being squeezed out of her Mistress Samantha uses a breast claw to try to escape but Killpussy grabs her head and wraps her strong arms around it and squeezes.

Mistress Samantha powers out but Killpussy manages to gain top position and kisses her neck which distracts Mistress Samantha long enough for Killpussy to smother her in a prolonged front facesit posing sexily whilst her victim can only kick her legs futilely. Growing bored Killpussy now traps her in a side headscissors.

Mistress Samantha is being dominated as Killpussy sits on her face again, suddenly she powers out obviously enough of being the blonde amazonís plaything and delivers a facesit of her own.

Mistress Samantha obviously enjoys delivering the punishment but makes the same mistake as Killpussy in being overconfident. Killpussy punishes this mistake by not taking any chances this time, and sits on Mistress Samanthaís face until she is knocked out.

For more Mistress Samantha see SV0002 & SV0020

Killpussy wears white lace lingerie with pink painted toenails.

Mistress Samantha wears black sheer lingerie with red painted toenails.
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File Type: jpg SV0045_still5.jpg (612.3 KB, 25 views)
File Type: jpg SV0045_still6.jpg (579.2 KB, 11 views)
File Type: jpg SV0045_still7.jpg (632.0 KB, 12 views)
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Old 09-12-2017, 10:08 AM
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SV0046 Inferno takes Liz Rainbow

Available now: http://www.clips4sale.com/108094/18246236

Sexy Spanish siren Liz Rainbow makes her Smother Vixens debut in a scene pairing her with fiery redhead Inferno. Two girlfriends are sat on the bed but itís getting late and Liz Rainbow has to go but Inferno has other ideas.

She kisses her which Liz Rainbow obviously enjoys whilst removing her dress, the two ladies move down to the bed kissing passionately which Inferno utilises to remove Lizís pantyhose before starting to remove her own blouse.

As Inferno removes her skirt Liz makes a move to leave and Inferno tells her that she wonít be going anyway and pounces on her forcing her to the bed. Grapevining her legs she kisses the sultry Liz before removing her own pantyhose.

With the pantyhose off Inferno positions herself behind Liz and kisses her neck, back and shoulders whilst her hands and feet caress Lizís body. The seduction continues until Inferno wanting Liz to stay the night wraps her legs around her lithe body and knocks her out with a handsmother.

This clip is super-sexy and is different from any other release so far, its builds slowly and softly before a sudden smothering finish.

For more Inferno see SV0017 & SV0026

Liz Rainbow wears a cyan strappy dress, red lingerie, nude pantyhose and patterned high heels with red pedicure..

Inferno wears a white blouse, black leather skirt, black lingerie, black sheer pantyhose and navy blue high heels with blood red pedicure.

Both ladies remove clothing throughout the scene and both end in just their lingerie.
Attached Images
File Type: jpg SV0046_still6.jpg (491.3 KB, 5 views)
File Type: jpg SV0046_still3.jpg (504.5 KB, 6 views)
File Type: jpg SV0046_still8.jpg (501.7 KB, 6 views)
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Old 09-15-2017, 10:53 AM
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SV0047 Sexy Smother Domination Killpussy takes Scorpion

Available now: http://www.clips4sale.com/108094/18246244

Is the proud, usually dominant Scorpion developing an irrational fear of being smothered by Killpussy? Thatís the question you will be asking yourself after watching this clip. From the start of this scene where Scorpion sits on the bed she is afraid of the smothering prowess of Killpussy.

No messing around Killpussy wraps her legs around Scorpion and immediately places her hand over her mouth. Scorpionís eyes tell the story here as she is powerless in Killpussyís clutches.

This is a handsmother lovers dream as Killpussy continually tortures Scorpion, there are occasional reprieves as Killpussy kisses her neck but apart from those brief respites itís full force handsmother punishment.

There is no escape and no offense, Scorpion is dominated from start to finish until she lays unconscious on the bed.

Killpussy wears black lingerie with pink pedicure.

Scorpion wears sky blue lace lingerie with scarlet pedicure.
Attached Images
File Type: jpg SV0047_still5.jpg (717.2 KB, 2 views)
File Type: jpg SV0047_still6.jpg (588.6 KB, 4 views)
File Type: jpg SV0047_still7.jpg (640.7 KB, 3 views)
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Old 09-19-2017, 10:06 AM
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SV0048 Smother and suffer with Scorpion

Available now: http://www.clips4sale.com/108094/18246266

Scorpion is ready for action and completely dominates in this clip, she climbs onto his back, and twisting her body around his rolls him over. Hand smothering him and shutting him up while telling him to be quiet her brutality is shown for the first time.

After smothering him with her stomach, she punishes him in ruthless headscissors. While his gurgling only entertains Scorpion as you can see the fire in her eyes.

Next a brutal cobra clutch combined with a hand smother is delivered and she wraps her hands around his throat choking him. Scorpion is taking no prisoners today, she is here to take care of business and business is good. After making him truly suffer with smothering, scissors, grapevines and another cobra clutch, Scorpion decides it's time to play a little game.

She hand smothers him and starts to count slowly to see how long he can last in her twisted ruthless game. On the first he can only manage a count of 39. Scorpion demands he do much better than that and tells him to take a deep breath as she hand smothers him and starts to count again.

After toying with him she notices an incriminating bulge in his boxer shorts and immediately gives it a hard slap, and punishes him with a severe reverse facesit.

Scorpion knows no limit to her sadistic smother game and will only stop IF she grows bored of him.

Scorpion wears a leopard print bra with black underwear and sheer black pantyhose.
Attached Images
File Type: jpg SV0048_still5.jpg (438.4 KB, 5 views)
File Type: jpg SV0048_still6.jpg (489.6 KB, 6 views)
File Type: jpg SV0048_still7.jpg (489.4 KB, 6 views)
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Old 09-22-2017, 10:26 AM
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SV0049 Tahlia Killpussy Hand & Breast smother

Available now: http://www.clips4sale.com/108094/18246286

In SV0037 Killpussy smother dominated Mistress Tahlia, well you know what they say payback is a bitch. An unusually submissive Killpussy is forced down to the mats by her Australian rival and placed into a rear naked choke. Mistress Tahlia rolls her onto her back spreads her legs and places her hands over her mouth, never has Killpussy look so vulnerable.

As Killpussy covers her exposed pierced nipple Mistress Tahlia catches her in a first for Smother Vixens as she smothers Killpussy in her armpit, forcing the blonde amazonís eyes wide. She plants her statuesque frame over Killpussy and delivers a reverse facesit.

The punishment continues with breast smothers, more facesits until a final handsmother leaves Killpussy KOíd on the canvas.

Revenge has been served and the Australian dominatrix has defeated the New Zealand dominatrix this time, with the scores tied at 1-1 will there be a decider?

Mistress Tahlia wears black underwear.

Killpussy wears red lace teddy lingerie with pink pedicure.

*Please note there are multiple wardrobe malfunctions from Killpussy in this video.
Attached Images
File Type: jpg SV0049_still5.jpg (488.5 KB, 4 views)
File Type: jpg SV0049_still6.jpg (529.0 KB, 7 views)
File Type: jpg SV0049_still7.jpg (555.9 KB, 6 views)
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SV0050 Smother - Scorpion teaches Jade

Available now: http://www.clips4sale.com/108094/18246300

Scorpion is teaching Jade some stretching exercises on the mats. Following one of the exercises Jade develops a cramp in her neck. Scorpion lys down next to Jade and blows softly on her neck helping to alleviate the discomfort. There is always a sexual chemistry between these two and Scorpion licks Jadeís injured neck, before biting it as their legs are intertwined.

Scorpion mounts Jade and showers her lips and mouth with delicate kisses. Small gasps and moans of pleasure escape from Jade. The change is almost unnoticeable at first, but it becomes more obvious when Scorpion clamps her mouth onto Jadeís neck starving the beauty of oxygen. Jade feebly tries to roll over to crawl away but Scorpion is on her back.

Itís all downhill from there for the beautiful Jade as Scorpion sensually smother dominates her with more neck bites, hand smothers, scissors and chokes. Jadeís eyes roll in her head as she is constantly deprived of air.

A final neck bite seals her fate and Jade is left KOíd on the mat.

Scorpion wears black bra and thong underneath sheer black pantyhose (Platino Cleancut 15) body encasement with only her midsection, hands, neck and head exposed.

Jade wears nude bra and thong underneath tan pantyhose (Platino Cleancut 15) body encasement with only her midsection, hands, neck and head exposed.

For more videos featuring Jade see SV0013 and SV0023.
Attached Images
File Type: jpg SV0050_still5.jpg (516.8 KB, 0 views)
File Type: jpg SV0050_still6.jpg (455.9 KB, 0 views)
File Type: jpg SV0050_still7.jpg (582.8 KB, 0 views)
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