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Looking for a story


I'm new on this forum (i just created my account) but I follow this forum for years now.

A thread from Frank several times ago where he was looking for a story about a man who paid his ex-girlfriend to become her toilet.

This thread exist but the link are dead so i wonder if one of u have this story.

Thank you for your help.
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Sounds like:


Ever since I could remember, I had always had this sick and delusional idea of what it would be like to be the toilet that an attractive girl used. I convinced myself that because of their beauty, nothing nasty ever left their bodies. They were too pretty in my eyes to stink up a bathroom like I new the boys could do. This obsession hit it’s pinnacle when I conjured up the courage to find out the answer once and for all. Years of thought on this perverse way of thinking lead me to the idea of allowing myself to become an actual toilet for a pretty woman to use. I enjoyed being a submissive person and wanted a girl to humiliate me in the worst way she could think of. This way I could finally prove whether I was right or wrong about their bathroom habits and let them dehumanize me at the same time.

Sara was an ex girlfriend of mine and was drop, dead gorgeous. Just like most girls, she kept her washroom duties very private, allowing my sick mind to wonder if she was capable of doing what I questioned the most. I needed to find out and the plan would go like this. I would offer her fifty thousand dollars to have her use me as her toilet for one month. I would have a special toilet made that was just like a normal one, but with a few modifications to allow me to live in it. My face would be flush with the bottom of the bowl, allowing my view from below to become only the oval seat that was above. When the toilet was flushed, the water and waste would exit from the side instead of the bottom so I wouldn’t drown when it filled. My body would be completely immobilized and encased under the porcelain apparatus so I couldn’t move or be seen. My only source of nourishment would come from an I.V. tube because getting food from where I was going to live, would be out of the question. I finally would have my vocal cords clipped because lets face it, your toilet doesn’t talk to you when you use it. These steps would make the experience as real as possible and allow Sara to objectify me into something she just uses because it‘s there. The tough part of course would be convincing her to do this for me.

I phoned Sara up and told her I had a financial proposition for her. She was surprised to hear from me but was curious and invited me over to see what I had in mind. When I arrived, we sat down and now was the moment of truth. What was she going say when I dropped this on her? Would she even do it after hearing how demented this was? I took a deep breath and it was time to find out!! “I came over today Sara to offer you fifty thousand dollars to fulfill a dream of mine since I was a kid. You see, every time I look a beautiful girl like yourself, I just can’t imagine anything stinky or nasty coming out of them. Because of this, I have always wanted to be a toilet for a pretty woman and find out what the truth to my question really is. I never smelt a thing after you used the bathroom and I figured you’d be the best person to show me the answer. I want to be your toilet for a month Sara and nothing more. No sex or anything. I want you to view me as simply the place where you eliminate the things your body doesn’t need anymore. I want to experience the ultimate humiliation and be reduced from being human into an object that is only there to provide a use for you.” Shock was an understatement after she heard what I had in mind. “Are you fucking crazy!! This is a joke, right? Why would you think that because a girl is pretty it doesn’t smell bad when she goes to the bathroom? That is so outrageous!! Everyone poops you fucking freak. I go to the bathroom all the time. I just don’t announce it whenever I’m taking a shit so weirdoes like you can smell it. That’s the way girls are. Do you honestly think it would be fun being my toilet? I think you would change your mind in a hurry after the first time I used you and offering me that kind of money to go to the bathroom on you constantly is the icing on the cake.” I then explained in detail how I had devised a special toilet and showed her the contract I drew up. She amused herself and read what I had stipulated in the document. Laughing at what I wrote, she once again lashed out. “So, in this you wrote that you are to be my toilet for one month. I will use you like my normal toilet. You are just an object for me to use, treated as that and nothing more. Your voice will be silenced, as toilets don’t talk and if I let you out before the month has ended, I will not receive any money. I am not allowed to tell anyone about this as well. Wow, you are serious about this Mike, aren’t you? You really want to give me that kind of money so you can see if my shit stinks? Well you know what, maybe I should do this and teach you a fucking lesson in biology. It would be enjoyable to see the look on your face after the first time I cover it with my poop and the smell hits you!! I will tell you this too Mike, if you became my toilet, I would not let you out. Not for that kind of money. You won’t enjoy this like you think and you’ll have to deal with this for a very, very long time. Think of how bored you’ll be? I might say a word to you here and there, but other than that you’ll be all alone to think of how stupid you were for wanting this. If you want to be humiliated beyond belief like this Mike, I’ll do it. I could certainly use the cash. Are you sure this is what you really want? I know deep down that you must know how disgusting this will be for you. You can’t be that stupid.“ I was so excited to hear those words no matter how much she had warned me. “It is the one thing I need to try the most in my life Sara. I can’t think of a better place for me to be!!!” She shook her head. “Okay Mike, lets sign this contract of yours. Understand that you’ll be signing away all that is human about you and any dignity you might have left. You will be a toilet for me and nothing more. I will treat you just as you have asked and not feel any sympathy for you once you realize the mistake you’ve made.” We both put our signatures on the contract and the deal was done.

The next day I came over to her place and did all the plumbing needed to install my special device. Sara watched me with surprise at what I had come up with. “Wow Mike, you really have put a lot of work into this. It looks just like a normal toilet!! Are you really sure you want me to do this to you? I’ll give you one more chance to back out, otherwise you will become my toilet.” I thought for maybe one millisecond if she was right, but my desire was too strong and quickly ended that. “I’m ready Sara, lets do this.” She again shook her head in disbelief. “Okay then, but I really don’t think you understand what you’re about to get into.” With that I crawled into the apparatus and she put the locks on my new home with the I.V. hookup attached as well. I stared up at my new view. The oval outline of the toilet seat with Sara’s face peering down at me was all I could see. My arms and entire body were completely immobile. “Well toilet, how do you feel?” “Great!!” I said. She then reached down and slipped the pill into my mouth that would paralyze my vocal cords. I swallowed it and instantly felt my ability to speak diminish. “Well I guess that’s it now Mike. You are a toilet. I wish you the best for what you’re about to go through but you did want this.“ With that, she left the bathroom and returned to her life for the time being.

I lay there extremely excited with anticipation. My fantasy was about to come true. What was this going to be like? This was real, not some scenario I had conjured up in my mind. I lay there as I heard Sara on the phone and doing household chores, but that was about it. She even came into the bathroom to check her hair but completely ignored me. I guessed it was about three hours before the next time Sara came into the bathroom. She casually walked in and came into my view from below. She briskly pulled her pants down while turning and lowering her beautiful backside down towards me. What a view watching from inside the toilet bowl!!! It was dark now minus the crack of light coming from the back of the toilet. She then sat there and adjusted from side to side while I was literally inches away from her bum!! This was it!! I was going to finally see what it felt like to be a toilet!! My heart was pounding severely. There was no noticeable smell coming from her privates even being this close but seconds after that observation she began to piss all over my face. The warm stream of her urine hit me square in the nose and forced me to close my eyes. Immediately the strong smell hit me and was not what I expected from a girl’s pee. I had to breathe through my mouth with the salty liquid assaulting my taste buds. It was gross!! She finally stopped after about thirty seconds and let a few more drips escape her vaginal area. Then her legs opened and her hand patted the remaining pee from her slit. She stood up and looked down at me for the first time. My face was glistening with her urine and the wet toilet paper stuck to my mouth. “Look at you Mike. You have my piss all over you. Not so pleasant is it?” I didn’t want to give her the satisfaction of being right so I didn’t respond to her. “I still can’t believe you wanted this but it’s far too late for that now. I need that money and you’re going to experience fully what my body is capable of. If this wasn’t bad enough, just think what it’s going to be like when I shit all over your face!! I do hope you remember that although I’m slim, I eat a ton of food. Where do you think it all goes you fucking idiot? Well you’ll see soon enough!!” The smell of her piss all over my face was disgusting and I couldn’t wait for her to flush. Finally, she pressed the lever and a rush of cold water spared me more despair. Sara then pulled her pants up, washed her hands, and left me to ponder what I had gotten into.

I laid there for hours thinking about what just happened. The reality of being her toilet was far from what I’d imagined, but what did I expect? She was right. Only a fool would think that because a woman is attractive her body waste couldn’t be repulsive. It was, and she hadn’t even taken a shit yet. My god, what was I in for? I heard Sara leave the house and now the boredom kicked in. There was nothing to look forward to now except for the only human contact I would have with her next. Problem was, that encounter would mean more gross moments to deal with. This was going to be a test of the mind. I was beginning to feel like a P.O.W. in some war camp, only worse I think.

Hours passed and I lost track of time. Finally I heard Sara return. I was glad to hear her come home but that would also mean I was going to be used soon. She made herself dinner and the aroma’s of her culinary talents assaulted my senses. It smelt so good!! My stomach grumbled from the smell, even though I had a intravenous for a source of food. I then thought about this. The only food I would see for the next month would be after Sara’s body was done with it and turned it into what I was to receive. My god, this was torturous!! She came into the bathroom while she waited for dinner to be ready and once again blocked my view with her bum that I was soon thinking wasn’t so pretty after all. She peed the same as last time, and I was adjusting to the smell somewhat, but really, how can one enjoy the smell of urine? That’s what I used to think. She wiped, stood up, flushed, and didn’t even say a word to me. It’s a strange feeling to have when another person completely ignores you because to them, you are nothing but what you are, a toilet. I even tried speaking but with my vocal cords frozen, not a word came out. I had been objectified. I spent the rest of the night listening to the sounds of another person enjoying their life. Watching TV, talking on the phone to friends, and eating the delicious food that was going to make my life a living hell once it was digested. Sara pissed on me one more time before going to bed, once again completely ignoring me while she did her hair and brushed her teeth.

I tried to get some sleep during the night, but it’s very uncomfortable when you can’t move your body much. She had peed on me three times so far and I was kind of getting used to it. It wasn’t pleasant, but tolerable if you can call it that. Problem for me was the fact she hadn’t taken a shit yet and it was inevitable for that time to come. This made relaxing through the night basically impossible. I began thinking to myself about how she eats the same foods as even fat, ugly people. I know when I looked at them I knew their shits stunk, so why did I think a girl like Sara’s wouldn’t? I really was crazy and now I had no chance but to find out for real!!

The alarm went off and brought me out of my semi relaxed state. Sara came into the bathroom in her panties then sat over me again. The smell of her privates was definitely stronger after a day without showering. She began peeing on me again and I noticed the smell was even thicker, as was the liquid exiting her body. Suddenly, she farted right in my face as her pee dripped on me!! I never heard Sara fart before and this was beginning to prove to me that even the pretty ones do this. It stunk too, like fermented onions. I heard her giggle as the gas seeped out of her asshole. She then wiped and went to make some breakfast before work. About twenty minutes went by when she came back into the bathroom. She turned the shower on, then came over and sat on me again. I knew this was going to be it. She was about to take a shit. There was more light coming from the fact she was leaning forward on the seat. I could see her anus perfectly perched inches away. Then she actually spoke. “So are you ready for this Mike? You’re about to get your answer to your preposterous question. I can’t tell you how much food I’ve eaten in the last day or two. Maybe you can guess what I ate? Wouldn’t that be fun? I’ll give you a hint. Lots of fruits and veggies!! Enjoy!!!” I laid there trembling to myself. I tried to get her attention and tell her not to do this, but she had no clue. All of a sudden her anus pulsated and let another fart out, followed by the emergence of the light brown tip of her poop. The smell immediately intensified to a level I cannot comprehend. One more push from her and the excrement started to slowly fall towards my face. It began curling around my nose and mouth, forcing me with no choice but to inhale it’s rancid odor. The warm, squishy mass began to pile up on my face, completely covering it. I started to gag but I couldn’t vomit because my stomach was empty. She heard this and began to laugh. “ Pretty gross, huh? I warned you Mike. My shit stinks, as you can see. What did you expect?” She said this to me as more crap kept coming out, making my entire face invisible under her waste. She sat on the toilet for more than five minutes, forcing me to endure the sickest thing imaginable as I gagged the whole time from the intense smell. Think about how bad the washroom stinks after a person takes a shit, but imagine dealing with it from the small confines inside the bowl. You can’t. Finally she began wiping her ass, and not soon enough. She stood up and looked at me again, although I couldn’t see from having my face covered completely with her poop and the toilet paper. “You don’t look so good in there Mike. Well, this is what you truly wanted, and now you have it. This is what being my toilet is like. Not to fun after all, is it? I will also let you know that this wasn’t even a big dump for me, and they usually stink a lot more than this. This will give you an idea of what you might really be in for in the future.” She flushed finally, giving me a chance to get some fresh air and then hopped in the shower. Even though she had flushed, the smell lingered forever. All I could smell was Sara’s shit, it just wouldn’t go away. Fifteen minutes later, she finished up getting ready for work and left me once again to digest what had happened.

An hour later I still smelt her shit. I was thinking she might have left a shit streak on my face somewhere, as we all have seen that in the bottom of a toilet bowl before. What had I gotten myself into? This wasn’t even the first whole day and already I felt sick to my stomach. I knew she had no intentions of releasing me early, especially when I couldn’t even communicate with her. The words she said about this not even being a big or smelly dump, scared me to death. How bad was it going to get? Once more I had the whole day while she was at work to wonder what was in store for me next.

She arrived home later that day and I heard her rushing into the bathroom. Without hesitation, she lifted her skirt and sat on me once more. There was no warning, just an explosive release of a semi solid, foul liquid from her anus. This was sicker than this morning!! It bubbled out of her bum for the next ten minutes, splattering all over me. It was inevitable that some of this waste would seep into my mouth and it happened. Smelling this stuff is one thing, letting your taste buds try and understand the repulsiveness of what fecal matter is all about, is another. I was basically eating her shit, just like a real toilet does. I’m sure whatever this used to be, it was delicious for her going in. Not anymore. Sara sighed as her anus finally was done it’s dirty work. “Wow Mike, that was awful!! I had three tacos for lunch and that kind of food can cause problems like this, but they were sure good at the time. You see, I’m going to eat things like this from time to and this is what happens once in a while.” I was thinking she did this on purpose, knowing fully what certain foods do to her digestive system. She flushed and I continued to try and spit out the diarrhea taste my mouth was dealing with. “Looks like some got into your mouth Mike. Yuck!!! Well if you’re a toilet, this will happen. Who knows, maybe soon I’ll figure a way to keep your mouth open and I’ll pack it up completely with the contents of my bowels!! Wouldn’t that be enjoyable?” She closed the lid of the toilet and turned the light off, leaving me in complete darkness with the stench of her runny shit all around me.

She was being very sadistic at this point. This was beyond humiliation. I thought she wasn’t supposed to talk to me but I guess it didn’t matter now. At least if she did talk to me, I could somehow still feel human in some way. She went through her nightly routine again, using me a couple of times to pee, but thankfully no pooping. Before bed, she decided to be cruel once more. “Goodnight Mike. I just wanted to let you know I had a wonderful steak with blue cheese along with some potatoes and chocolate cake. It was really yummy and right now it’s probably just entering my intestines. What do you think it will look like when I’m done using it up and give it to you in the next day or two? We’ll see if you can recognize what it is when I shit it into your mouth!!” She went to bed. Her words were frightening. What if she did plan on starting to crap with my mouth open? On my face was one thing, but after getting a tiny amount of her diarrhea in my mouth the last time, I don’t know if I could handle that. What choice did I have though? If she wanted to do it, how could I stop her? Another sleepless night of horrifying thoughts was in my future.

The following morning came to quickly for me. Sara came into the washroom from her sleep and her body was stuffed with everything she had consumed. She sat and started to pee, then at the same time, a monster log flowed out her backside with effortless power. It was more firm than the other two shits so far and a lot longer. It must have been at least ten inches long!!! I also noticed it was much denser and heavier, but still smelt almost as bad as the others. She wiped and flushed without a word this time, then left for work. Maybe I was sort of getting used to things because this didn’t seem as bad as the other times.

The next few days were the same more or less. Pissed on about five times a day and one or two shits. I still couldn’t get used to the smell my pretty ex girlfriend was capable of. Her poops were worse than mine, and that’s saying a lot!!! Don’t kid yourself the next time you look at a really hot chick and think what I did, they smell just as bad as anyone else and being their toilet is no different than if it was a guy or a ugly girl.

I think Sara was getting bored with our situation because a few days later, she came in with some sort of clamp she was going to use on me. “Hi Mike. I know I haven’t spoken to you for a few days but that is how you wanted it. I was thinking of taking things to a different level now so that’s why I’ll talk to you for this moment. You know how I said I would like to see what shitting into your mouth was like, well that’s what I’m going to do from now on. This clamp I bought will keep you from closing your mouth, so anything coming out of me, will go into you. Neat, huh!!” She could see the look in my eyes without hearing a word from me, I was terrified! “Don’t be scared Mike. My toilet consumes everything I give it, and you wanted to be my toilet, so I think it’s time for that.” She reached into the bowl and fixed the apparatus to my mouth. It wasn’t uncomfortable, just the thought of what it’s use was for made me nervous. A couple of hours later she came in and routinely placed her ass above my view. Her urine gushed out of her urethra splashing my face as usual, but this time my mouth began to fill with the warm, salty liquid. I gagged and managed to spit some of it out, but if I didn’t swallow what was in there already, I might choke. Drips of her piss was fine before but an all out assault on my tongue with it’s rotten taste when I was forced to get it down was disgusting. She peed and peed until she was done then simply flushed after she pulled her pants up. Not a word or even a look at me this time. This was bad enough but the true test was still to come.

The following morning I knew I was in trouble if she kept to her routine. I watched her sit and maneuver into the familiar position when she was going to evacuate her intestines. Her anus was inches from open mouth. One tiny fart then her previously enjoyed meals that had been compacted together into a stinking mass began sliding out of her. There was no where to go. The turd found the back of my throat and started to collect, quickly filling my entire mouth with a vile substance that was unimaginable. I still couldn’t believe this gorgeous woman stunk this much!! The taste was worse than ever and it just kept coming. My mouth was full and I was struggling for air so I had no choice but to try and swallow this nasty mess. This was the pinnacle of the word disgusting. Smelling her shit was one thing but ingesting it is a totally new ball game. She finished and wiped her bum several times then peered down at me with a sadistic grin. “ What did I eat yesterday? Let’s see, corn, chicken, oatmeal, cookies, some fruits, pie, oh and some soup. How is it now Mike? Does it taste pretty good after being inside my body for that long? Can you tell what it is as you swallow my shit into your stomach? You are truly my toilet now Mike. That’s all. You are eating and drinking my waste and I can’t really look at you as human anymore. You were right about one thing, you have become just something I use everyday and I have no other use for you except to consume what my body doesn’t want. Good luck, toilet.” She left and I felt conquered. I did have a life before with friends and a good job but now my whole world revolved around Sara’s bathroom habits. The only thing I ever see is her ass, which I used to love so dearly. Now it was a lethal weapon in her arsenal of dehumanizing and degrading me worse than anyone on earth.

It seemed like weeks went bye, but I was a toilet now so I had no recollection of time. I never got used to her shit. Every time it was just a gross experience that was hard to compare to the other uses before. One night she came home drunk and being the toilet, I was the perfect place to empty her half digested stomach contents into. I can’t say which is worse, poop or vomit. They both have their endearing qualities. Having your mouth filled with puke might be a little easier to get down but whose to say. How many experts in this field are there? I was probably only one of a very few in the world to go through this sort of thing. I must say for the record, when she had her period, that was the worst. Her crap was as vile as can be plus having her vagina leak it’s stuff and mix with the shit, that was just wrong. She didn’t care though. I think she really enjoyed doing this to me. She hadn’t even said one word towards me for weeks now. The only thing she did do for me was make sure my I.V. was full and she provided some antibiotics to combat what her bacteria infested leftovers were doing to my insides. Other than that, I was her toilet.

I knew my time in this predicament was coming to an end but when? Sara gave me my answer a few days later and now I had a time frame of how long I was in there for. “Well Mike, it’s been five weeks since you decided to become my toilet. Not what you expected from such a pretty girl like me, huh? We’re all like that Mike. We have all the same bodily functions as you do. Too bad you wanted to go through this to find out. Now the money we agreed upon entered my account a couple of days ago, but I don’t think I’m going to let you out. You are where you belong now Mike. You don’t deserve to be with the real world anymore. Who in their right mind would want a shit eating freak like you in their presence? I’m keeping you from now on. I enjoy knowing you gave everything about you up to become property of mine, because that’s all you are now, or will ever be. An item for me that I use. You are going to live out the rest of your existence as my waste receptacle. I will keep your intravenous full and give you the antibiotics but in time, I don’t see how you’ll survive eating my shit constantly. You can’t exercise, and honestly you don’t look so hot, but who would if they spent as much time as you have dining on my excrement. When you are dead, I’ll simple get rid of you just the same way I get rid of the food I’ve eaten. Dispose of you then forget about you because you and my shit have a lot in common. Maybe that’s why you like it so much!!! You are one in the same!! So this is truly it Mike, you are going to be my toilet for the rest of your life and I hope you can come to peace with that.”

Well as the title says, this was a really bad mistake. I knew I would never leave here alive, knowing what she was capable of. She never really spoke to me again. I meant absolutely nothing to her now. She went along with her life and made me a part of it only in the way I had wanted. Time stood still and my mind was numb and blank from the experiences I had gone through. I don’t even know if I noticed the smell of her shit anymore. I had been completely dehumanized and all that I used to be was gone now. But remember, this was my choice, and a bad one at that. Sometimes our fantasies should stay that way, just fantasies, because reality can have consequences that we might not enjoy.

The End
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Nice story, thanks for reposting it.
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That's it !! Really a big up to you my friend!

If some people have stories like this one, could they share it on this post?

Just thhank you man
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I really love this story.
To bad there is no more detailed writing about how she uses him during her period and drops her tampons in his mouth and everything with it
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