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I think these 2 quotes are very important to the relationship between Nicola and Chris:

“I love you with all my heart Nicola and as my goddess, I would worship you to the ends of the earth. Its just there are others who covet your attentions and would do anything to get between us. I guess I am jealous in the same way I was yesterday and I would fight for you with all my might.”

I showed Nicola the ring I had bought and was now wearing, “You are and will always be my one and only. It is only you I can fully submit to.”

“Maybe I went too far today Chris. I needed to understand how I would feel as you worshipped these women under my control. I wanted to test the limits of your devotion to my dominant side but couldn’t see that by forcing you to worship someone else I would be breaking the heart of the man I love..."

Nicola recognizes the true power she has over Chris, and his love for her is so great, he cannot bear to serve another woman...remember, he is Nicola's property. He belongs to her, only her. And she sees that as total love on his part.
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so amazing, i sttill love Nicola character, even if she turned quite evil at time, but it add to the story., now, i can't wait to see how he will announce that he will quit his job to Beth, and her reaction to this... this should be amazing
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Originally Posted by LuvsHerHeels View Post
I think these 2 quotes are very important to the relationship between Nicola and Chris:

“I love you with all my heart Nicola and as my goddess, I would worship you to the ends of the earth. Its just there are others who covet your attentions and would do anything to get between us. I guess I am jealous in the same way I was yesterday and I would fight for you with all my might.”

I showed Nicola the ring I had bought and was now wearing, “You are and will always be my one and only. It is only you I can fully submit to.”

“Maybe I went too far today Chris. I needed to understand how I would feel as you worshipped these women under my control. I wanted to test the limits of your devotion to my dominant side but couldn’t see that by forcing you to worship someone else I would be breaking the heart of the man I love..."

Nicola recognizes the true power she has over Chris, and his love for her is so great, he cannot bear to serve another woman...remember, he is Nicola's property. He belongs to her, only her. And she sees that as total love on his part.
Hi LuvsHerHeels

First of all, thanks for your thoughts and comments!

You are homing in on some important stuff here - Nicola realises that Chris wants to submit to her and that he wants to be owned by her but she is conflicted by the power of her dominant side. Other women as you say are trying to pull Chris towards them so they can own him whilst for now they are not aware of Nicola.

She will need to learn to control her nasty side, keep her love and control of Chris a secret and also try somehow to get him away from the other dominants.

Well at least now he has that opportunity with the interview - lets hope he gets a break with that!

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Originally Posted by sfcl31282 View Post
so amazing, i sttill love Nicola character, even if she turned quite evil at time, but it add to the story., now, i can't wait to see how he will announce that he will quit his job to Beth, and her reaction to this... this should be amazing
Hi sfcl,

Thanks for your comment - really appreciate your support! Us Authors need to stick together!

The two sides of Nicola do give the reader much more to think about, as they do Beth. It is difficult to fully love or hate either - they also keep you guessing.

I am sure Beth will go crazy when she finds out - if Chris and get in and out alive he can say that's a good days work!

Also an angry Beth is always a lot of fun ;-)

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Just to let everyone know - Chapter 31 – 'The Day Everything Changed' will be up for the weekend. It will certainly give you much to think about!
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Chapter 31 – The Day Everything Changed

Nicola was the first to awake on Monday morning, it was still very early and the sun was barely up. She had a lot of mixed emotions given the events of the day before and more importantly the day yet to come.

As she rubbed her eyes and looked into the corner of the room, she could see Henrietta staring longingly back at her. Her eyes were bright red where she had been crying most of the night but still full of hunger and love for her goddess. She watched her for a couple of minutes, Henrietta was desperate for any form of acceptance or attention. Nicola smiled to herself thinking about how much power she had over this woman.

Eventually she took pity on her and moved the duvet to one side exposing her bare feet at the bottom of the bed. Henrietta’s eyes widened to saucers as she waited for a signal she could approach. Nicola started wiggling her toes and rubbing her soles together teasing the poor girl. When Nicola could see she was fit to burst with desperation she clicked her fingers and pointed to her feet.

Henrietta shot across the room quicker than a greyhound and immersed all her love and attentions onto Nicola’s feet, rubbing, kissing and licking them without pause. They were still particularly pungent from the day before, which just made the whole task that much more pleasurable for the waitress.

Nicola then turned her attentions to me putting her arm around me and drawing me into her chest. I turned over and embraced Nicola from the side with my leg across her waist. I stirred and looked up to see her staring at me. “Thank you Nicola.” I said.

“For what?” Nicola replied.

“For believing in me enough to know what I said was true last night.” I said.

Nicola just smiled and squeezed me tightly to her breast. When I heard the slurping noises coming from below I sat up slightly and looked down to see Henrietta worshipping Nicola’s feet. I lay back down and smiled.

“Want me to order her to do your feet Chris?” Nicola asked.

“I am not sure I would feel too comfortable with that my love.” I said.

Nicola chuckled and said, “Ever the submissive, but that’s just the way I want you.”

I smiled back and kissed her breast.

“Perhaps you should worship her feet while she worships mine then?” Nicola suggested with a twinkle in her eye.

I gave her a look of shock and disappointment feeling the prior days trials bouncing around my mind.

“Or you can just fuck my brains out here and now.” Nicola added with a smile.

“Now that I can do.” I smiled and I leapt on top of Nicola and made mad passionate love to her whilst Henrietta sniffed, licked and kissed her feet.


When I had finished my shower I got dressed for work (fortunately I had left clothes at Nicola’s prior for just such an occasion) and went through into the lounge. Nicola was sat at the table and Henrietta was sat underneath her eating scraps off a plate.

Henrietta had made me breakfast as well, which I was quite surprised about given she tried to almost kill me last night, so I sat down and started tucking into my eggs and bacon. As I picked up on some polite conversation with Nicola, it being too early and pre-coffee for anything sophisticated I felt a tickle on my foot and jumped back.

Looking under the table Henrietta had kissed my foot, which felt all kinds of weird. I didn’t like it. That said I am sure it was well meaning so let it slide. Henrietta then spoke in a soft, apologetic tone, “I am sorry master. I let you both down badly yesterday and I just wanted to say it would never ever happen again. I swear with all my heart.”

“Master?” I responded startled. “There is only one superior being in this relationship and that is Nicola. Please just call me Chris. Oh and I don’t need any special treatment Henrietta but I am happy to eat your breakfast as you have already prepared it.” I felt really uncomfortable with the label ‘Master’ as it seemed to go against all my principals, which I guess just proves Nicola right that I am natural submissive.

Henrietta smiled back at me, noting my respectful reply. “I am glad you are enjoying the breakfast I made for you Chris. I would be happy to make you one any day you want as long as my goddess approves.”

I then looked at Nicola who was smiling at me. I smiled back.

“Henrietta has offered to be my permanent domestic servant, cleaning up, preparing food when you are not around and running errands as I need them. She will still keep her waitress job as she insists on paying me for the privilege to work for me. I figured, as you don’t want to be doing all the grunt work for me and would rather stick with the saucier side of my dominant nature that could work out quite well. What so you think Chris?” Nicola asked matter of fact.

“So it would be a strictly non-sexual relationship then Nicola?” I asked.

“Most definitely Chris, this is about slavery not love. I may let her lick and sniff my feet from time to time as a reward but that’s as far as it goes.” Nicola replied with an earnest look.

“And how about my role as your slave? Won’t that get complicated?” I asked feeling a little isolated by the proposal.

“Oh don’t you worry about that I am going to focus my dominant attentions on you all the time. It will just be more sexual, pleasure and punishment focused whilst for her it will be almost all domestic.” Nicola said.

Nicola then looked very serious and added, “Anyway my love I am still discovering who I am with my dominant side and I want to protect you from that until I know I can control it.”

“I don’t need any protection my love.” I replied feeling my pride was a little hurt.

“Then do it for me please Chris. Henrietta can take the brunt of my sharpest and nastiest outbursts. She is more prepared for that than you are. You are so important to me; I don’t want to destroy what we have. I am not sure I could live with myself if I did.” Nicola said.

I looked at Henrietta under the table who was looking back at me longingly and with hope in her eyes.

“Why don’t we give it a trial and then see how we all feel about it after a few weeks?” I suggested.

“Perfect idea!” Nicola responded then added, “I presume that’s ok with you foot bitch?”

Henrietta licked Nicola’s bare feet on the top to signal her joy at the agreement.

Just then I heard my mobile phone issue a text bleep so got up to grab it from my jacket pocket. It was from Allegra.

“Hey Nicola, I just got a text from Allegra at Leading Edge Associates, the woman who interviewed me.” I said.

“Well what does it say Chris?” Nicola asked.

“It says I am going to get an offer today and that she looks forward to working with me in the near future if I accept.” I said.

“Which role is it for?” Nicola questioned.

“It doesn’t say. But this changes everything don’t you see? We can resign and get the fuck away from Beth and all those crazy bitches like immediately.” I exclaimed.

“Don’t you think you should wait for a contract or something?” Nicola suggested.

“Given where I am with Beth right now I think the sooner I am out the better. She wouldn’t text me that news unless it was concrete. That would be unprofessional. I am going to tell Beth I am leaving today, that’s it I have decided. Even if there are issues we can sort them out together. You are too important to me Nicola to stick around that office and Beth any longer.” I said reaching out and holding her hand across the table.

“Well let me give it some more thought before I jump on that train with you. I am still a little nervous about giving up my pay packet until I have a fall back. I don’t want to get in arrears and lose my apartment. But the danger of continuing to work there without you does make your suggestion quite appealing.” Nicola said thoughtfully.

Henrietta then said from under the table, “If I may add goddess. I would be happy to work extra shifts to help pay your rent and provide for you in any way I can if that would please you?”

“Well that is most thoughtful of you foot bitch. I will consider your offer in line with the other things I need to take on board.” Nicola smiled.

Nicola then got up and went to the side cupboard and withdrew a key. She then ordered Henrietta to approach her, which she did on her knees. “This is your key foot bitch. You will need it to let yourself in to clean and run my errands. You must always knock though in case I am at home with my loved one and don’t wish to be surprised. Understand?”

Henrietta nodded and kissed Nicola’s feet again shortly before Nicola turned and went to take her shower ready for work. Not long afterwards we were all set to leave and exited together.

Henrietta gave me a smile and then gently touched my hand, “Thank you Chris.” Before she turned to kiss Nicola’s feet one last time and headed off to work. Nicola and myself walked in the opposite direction to the office.


As we walked to work holding hands we started bouncing around some of the issues and options we needed to finalise on before we arrived.

“We need to have a clear plan before we get there, Nicola. If you are leaving as well we can both go in together and give it to Beth both barrels. However if you are going to stay you must not be seen with me like this under any circumstances. It would be dangerous for you if they knew we were in a relationship, especially Beth.” I posited.

Nicola took some time to reflect on my points for a while before she then responded, “If the Leading Edge role doesn’t pan out Chris, are you sure we can still make this work if I leave?”

“I am sure we can. We can sell one of our apartments and move into the other together. I will take any job if I have to on an interim basis until we get sorted. I have some savings left though not much with our shopping trip.” I teased.

“Well I can take that stuff back if I have to and I could also sell some records if we needed quick cash. My collection is worth quite a lot of money now.” Nicola offered

I smiled and squeezed her hand. “I would be much happier if you left with me Nicola. At least then I know you would be safe.”

Nicola then stopped and pulled me to a halt with her hand. She then stood in front of me and kissed me gently on the lips and brushed my cheek, “Then it’s decided my love. I will leave with you today.”

I gave Nicola a big cuddle and lifted her off the ground in my elation. She hugged me back.

After we had made our decision we picked up the pace and quickly made our way to the office. We arrived a little after 8am.


I was surprised that Beth hadn’t fired a nasty text at me given I wasn’t in the office for 8 sharp but it never came. When we entered the office it looked like we were the first there, it was only as we approached Beth’s office that we could see the light was on and hear there were voices coming from inside.

After conferring with Nicola we decided to speak to Beth together and get it out of the way before anyone else arrived. We could then maybe get the hell out of dodge soon after. As such we approached the door and I knocked.

The voices inside carried on for about another five minutes before the door opened. As we went to walk in Yuki came rushing out in a stream of tears looking utterly distraught. I was tempted to ask her if she was ok but she ran past so quickly I never had the chance. I looked at Nicola who just said, “Let’s just go in and get this done. I am feeling sick with worry now.”

As we entered the office Beth was in her customary position at her desk with her shoes up on top. She looked calm and relaxed dressed in a black designer dress with red trim on the armless shoulders and bottom where it met her knees. She had a pair of the red designer shoes I had bought her on with some red pantyhose contrasting again the black. She looked both smart and formidable. Her aura and confidence was flooding through the atmosphere and creating a claustrophobic and daunting feeling in the room.

She was looking directly at us as we entered, her eyes narrowed and introspecting like she was still in deep thought and was picking us apart. Once we were in the centre of the room Nicola and myself stopped and I addressed Beth, “We would like to discuss something important with you Beth. Unfortunately it cannot wait.”

“Well if it isn’t the happy couple.” Beth said sarcastically. Continuing with, “And you are presuming to call me Beth, you must be full of confidence and self-assuredness to make such a bold opening statement whilst facing me.”

Beth was already playing power games, which caused me to stutter. Beth smirked seeing she already had me reeling and it was only when Nicola stepped in we continued. “It’s to do with our roles here Beth.”

“Ahh, now the little traitorous bitch speaks. Having gone behind my back and stolen my slave you have the nerve to come in my office and request my attention?” Beth hissed.

Nicola was now also thrown off course. Beth was making this very difficult sensing what we were up to and what we were about to say. I took over from Nicola, “We have come to tell you we are resigning with immediate effect Beth. There is nothing you can say to change our minds; we are fully committed to this decision. We just ask that you let us go and don’t try to stop us.”

Beth started laughing, which confused us both. She then said building to a scream, “Young love, so blind, so optimistic, SO FUCKING STUPID!”

Beth then picked up some papers from her desk and threw them on the floor beneath us. We both looked down at them not quite knowing what was happening. “Well fucking read them then you idiots!” Beth snarled.

I bent down and picked up several of the papers and started to put them back in order. When I got to a headed letter with red writing on I started to read through it. As I went through the details I started referencing the other documents. I was completely mortified with what I was reading.

Nicola seeing the look on my face said, “What’s wrong Chris?”

I looked at Beth and said, “This is a bunch of horseshit. There is no way you can make this stick.”

Nicola very concerned now repeated her question, “Chris please tell me what is happening.”

Beth started laughing again looking at my face sink in the realisation that what she had was watertight and damning. “It’s a legal declaration that the company will begin proceedings against you for embezzlement, fraud and bringing the business into disrepute.” I replied as the words hollowed me out.

“What? That can’t be true Chris. I have never done anything wrong like that in my life.” Nicola’s voice was quivering with the seriousness of the accusations.

“There are bank statements here showing the transfer of funds as well as details of an offshore bank account opened in your name. There are also citations linking your accounts with laundering of dirty money. It looks bad Nicola.” I said barely able to look her in the eyes.

“Well it’s all fucking lies Chris!” Nicola screamed clamouring for the documents to validate what I had said.

“I know.” I said with a heavy heart realising that Beth had Nicola completely over a barrel.

Beth then uncrossed her feet and then re-crossed them the other way on the desk, “You see being me has a number of upsides. My power and reach extends well beyond the walls of this two-bit business. I have significant influence in both the finance and legal sectors here in London and if I need something to happen then it does. My finance team has assured me that all the transactions are fully auditable and traceable to Nicola to a sufficient legal standard. Similarly I have had a legal team put that folder together in preparation for a prosecution order. They have both assured me that the charges will stick with 100% certainty.”

Nicola and myself were staring blankly at Beth in shock. Nicola now had tears rolling down her cheeks fearful of what Beth’s wrath could do to her life.

“15 years is the conservative estimate Nicola. Think you can wait that long Chris?” Beth then laughed again.

I wanted to kill Beth but knew I stood no chance and that it would only make matters worse. “What does this mean then Beth?”

“Well for a start it means STOP FUCKING CALLING ME BETH!” she screamed.

“What does it mean please goddess?” I repeated feeling the next fifteen minutes would be as painful as any in my life before and probably to come.

“It means whatever the fuck I want it to mean bitches!” Beth smirked.

“Now go and get my breakfast slave. You are fucking 30 minutes late already and I am not discussing this further until I have had my coffee.” Beth ordered.

I looked at Nicola who nodded back at me. I stated to lead Nicola by the hand with me and Beth called out, “Just you slave. Myself and Nicola have things to discuss.”

“Just go Chris.” Nicola said solemnly.

I ran as quickly as I could to the French patisserie in an effort to return and support Nicola. I was panting heavily out of breath when I got back. As I walked in I stopped in shock, I started to feel sick. As I looked across the room Beth had her stockinged feet resting on Nicola’s face who was down below her chair. Nicola was rubbing the areas of Beth’s feet that were overhanging her face.

“We had a little talk while you were gone slave. Nicola begged to be my personal slave in exchange for putting the prosecution order on ice, which after some thought and begging of course I agreed to. You see I had a vacant position, as my last slave was an ungrateful disrespectful fucker who I needed to replace. I promised my new bitch that with enough love, devotion and suffering under me I would eventually grow weary of her and set her free. How long that will be exactly we will just have to wait and see.” Beth then chuckled to herself before looking down at Nicola.

“Pretty stinky under there isn’t it foot bitch? Well don’t worry in a couple more days when I have really got some serious stink in them today will seem like a walk through a rose garden. You will soon grow accustomed to them even if you hate feet at the moment. In fact my old slave used to shoot his load doing exactly what you are doing. Funny eh?” Beth cooed.

I dropped the breakfast on Beth’s desk and got on my knees and kissed her feet, which were sat upon Nicola’s face. They did indeed smell pretty bad.

“Get the fuck away from me you miserable wanker. I don’t want you anywhere near me. That honour is for my slave and my slave alone. Now fuck off!” Beth then kicked me hard in the chest sending me across the floor winding me.

After a few minutes recovering I got back to my knees and pleaded, “Please goddess, take me as your slave. Let Nicola go. I will do anything you want.”

“Oh that ship has sailed long ago wimp. I have a nice shiny new slave now and I am not about to trade her in for a fucking disgusting piece of shit like you!” Beth shouted.

“Adding to that, this slave is duty bound so I can be much nastier, more brutal and a lot less tolerant with her than with you. You were a fucking coward, I am sure she will have a lot more resolve than you and even if she doesn’t tough fucking luck for her!” Beth then laughed like an evil queen parodying Nicola’s predicament.

“And what of me Beth?” I said.

“Ah yes, you. I wondered when you would get round to asking me that. It didn’t take long for you to doom your little bitch here to a life under my feet and then return to thoughts of your own miserable existence did it?”

Beth then leant down and pressed her feet firmly into Nicola’s face before saying, “Your lover seems to have lost interest in your plight slave, he obviously agrees with me that you belong under my feet. He is now more worried about himself now.”

“Actually I am not, I have another job now and plan to use all the money I earn on that to bring you down and free Nicola by any means necessary.” I challenged.

“Another job eh? You have been busy.” Beth said sarcastically then looking down at Nicola continued with, “Did you hear that slave? Your lover is going to leave you here alone with me; he is like a rat on a sinking ship. You really do need to choose your men more wisely in future.”

“You know what. Fuck you Beth. I love Nicola and she is perfect, kind and beautiful. You are an ugly horrible sadistic bitch. I will find some way to get around this nasty spiders web you have spun and then I will bring you down. I am going to start by joining one of your competitors. When I have helped them beat you in enough bids you will lose your job and that will be the beginning of the end for you.” I shouted.

Beth was angry now and pressing down hard on Nicola’s face making her scream in pain, “You are going to do all that? Do you really think you have anything like the resources to challenge me? And this job you talk about, sounds quite grand tell me a little about it.”

Before I could answer there was a voice behind me, “It’s more of a pipe dream really. In fact I am not even convinced that leaving here at all is in his best interests. You see that role just might not actually come off.”

As I turned I could see Allegra standing in the doorway smiling. My jaw dropped and my heart sank. What the fuck was going on?

“Ah yes you haven’t met our new co-team leader yet have you wimp? This is Allegra, Allegra Griffin-Watson, one of the best and smartest talents in the business. She has decided to join our team here seeing the potential we are developing and the enormous opportunities ahead. She did have an opportunity in her new team going but unfortunately it got filled earlier this morning.” Beth smiled seeing my confidence wilt and dissolve.

“So you were telling me about this great new job you got and how you were going to bring me down wimp. Please carry on.” Beth smirked and giggled, as did Allegra.

“Well I will just find another job, even better than that one. I will find a way somehow, I don’t care what it costs.” I shouted.

“Ok enough games, I am getting bored with your hollow threats now wimp. On your knees and listen carefully to what I say.” Beth ordered.

I stood there defiantly while Beth looked at me and then she nodded over my shoulder. Within a few seconds Allegra had kicked my legs from the reverse sending me down onto my knees. She then walked up to the side of me and sat on my shoulder to pin me in position. I could sense by her strength that she was another fighter of some description though I didn’t yet know what so decided to stay put at least for now.

Allegra then cuffed me across the head and said, “Listen to Beth carefully slave or I may have to stamp on your neck.”

“Thank you Allegra, it’s so nice to see a woman who knows how to put a slave in their place.” Beth said. She then pressed her feet down heard onto Nicola’s face making her whimper as if to demonstrate the fact.

Beth then addressed me, “Do you care about the welfare of your dirty little whore here wimp?”

“I care about Nicola more than words can say. I would do anything for her.” I proclaimed.

“Well that’s very good to hear wimp because if you want to minimise her pain and suffering under me in the months ahead you will quickly learn to do exactly what I say. If you really fuck me off I will send her arse straight to prison and you can spend the next 15 years speaking to each other through 6 inches of glass. Do you understand what I am saying?” Beth said imperiously.

The full realisation of our predicament was now upon me. Not only did she have Nicola completely under her control but by virtue of my love for Nicola she had me as well. Any chance of escaping to find a way out for Nicola had been snuffed out in her collusion with Allegra. My shoulders slumped and my head dropped.

“What do you ask of me goddess?” I asked with a pathetic beaten voice.

“That’s better. Now the fun can begin.” Beth smiled. “Another opportunity came up over the weekend. You see we will have three teams across the group following our recent successes and the third team leader will need a slave to assist with her duties.”

“And who is the third team leader goddess?” I asked after a long silent pause.

“Why Aurelia of course. You two were made for each other!” Beth laughed and Allegra joined in.


Allegra and Beth couldn’t stop laughing at the predicament that Beth had put me in. Aurelia was a first rate fucking power hungry psychopath with little to no regard for human life, let alone pain and suffering. I was fucked and Beth knew it.

After Beth had settled down she addressed me again though this time in a serious and grave tone, “I told you before slave that you had no idea how important my protection and authority over you was. Well now you are going to find out first hand. When I informed Aurelia that you were to be her personal slave she spent close to twenty minutes interrogating me about what rules, limits and conditions she would need to conform to. I simply told her that your treatment was totally at her discretion, the only rules that would apply should be the one’s she creates. I am not going to tell you the next part of the conversation because I don’t want to concern you and anyway it would spoil the surprise. Suffice to say that girl is rather unsettled to say the least.” Beth chuckled to herself.

“I also advised her that I figured you would try and escape her control if she pushed you too hard too quickly. I suggested that if she were to go down an accelerated extreme route then she should either chain you up or cage you in her own home. She seemed to like that suggestion. Of course if you do try and succeed to escape and cause me a fuss then my slave here will go straight to prison.”

“Oh and one more thing. I have decided to retain Grace in my team as part of the re-organisation. Aurelia was really, and I mean really fucked off about that so she is in a pretty shitty mood, which I expect to last most of the month. I tell you this as I expect you will take the brunt of that over the coming days so be prepared.”

I was literally terrified at this point. I think if the ground had swallowed me up and put me to rest it would have been a blessing. An unrestrained Aurelia with a license to do whatever she wanted to me was just about the worst thing I could imagine. Beth was right I was thinking of escape but the danger that would put Nicola in was just not acceptable to me. My fear turned to outright panic and I threw myself back on my knees in front of Beth pleading for mercy.

“I am so sorry goddess. I now realise how stupid I have been not to appreciate your grace and protection. Please give me a chance to show you I can be better. I promise to do and be so much more for you. I thought you used to care about me goddess, please don’t cast me out and into Aurelia’s control. She will kill me or worse.”

“Slave, What happened to ‘I fucking hate you bitch?’” Asked Beth coyly.

“I was crazy mad goddess. I lost control. I didn’t know what I was saying. It was all bullshit.” I responded.

“So are you saying you love me more than this pathetic whore on the floor under my feet? You did after all tell me that you loved me right?” Beth questioned.

Nicola was shouting under her feet with anger. She had me in a perfect catch twenty-two; I needed to be careful here not to tip the balance against Nicola and me either way.

“Look I love Nicola and you goddess. I don’t want to be drawn into comparisons but you have never shown me any love back.” I said.

“I told you before you know nothing of love and once again you show me how completely fucking ignorant you are. Love is not the one-dimensional bullshit you make it out to be with kisses and cuddles. Love is about sacrifices. It is when someone gives themselves to you fully in whatever way their love manifests.” Beth screamed. She had a tear in her eye.

“You are right goddess I don’t know shit about love, but then no-one has ever taken the time to teach me. Why couldn’t you help me see?” I asked.

Nicola was crying under Beth’s feet now, but I needed to try and turn Beth around to save us both if I had the chance.

“I gave you every chance slave. In fact I gave you more chances than I have ever given anyone but you fucked up. Now you get to live in the shadow on my darkness. And as for your stupid whore here, she will be made to pay every single day for taking you away from me.” Beth was now using a dark and forbidding tone.

“But no-one has taken me away from you. I am right here and I want to come back goddess. Just give me the chance.” I pleaded.

“You are so foolish slave. You listen but you hear and understand nothing of the words. I can’t stand to look at you anymore, you need to go before I unleash my wrath upon you.” Beth warned.

“But you said I was your property and that you wouldn’t let me go. Why are you now casting me out and giving me to Aurelia?” I asked.

“Don’t make the mistake of thinking you are free of me slave. You will always be bound to me. I just…” Beth started to get flustered and lost for words. This was the first time I had seen her like this and it created an awkward silence.

Finally composing herself she added, “Now get the fuck out of my office! Me and my crop have a date with your whore.”

Allegra led me to the door and pushed me outside, “I suggest you go and see Aurelia as soon as possible. Don’t want to make a bad impression on your first day slave bitch!”. She then pushed the door to and went back inside. Before the door closed I heard a loud whoosh followed by a crack. Nicola then let out an almighty scream, which felt like a dagger in my heart.


At 11am we were all assembled for a team briefing led by Beth. I had gone to meet Aurelia but she was busy and said she would see me after. I didn’t know if being busy was true or she was just playing me. Her mind games would be something I would need to learn to cope with, somehow.

Beth emerged from her office just in time to make the start. Nicola was crawling behind her with a collar around her neck on a leash. Nicola’s face looked distraught like she had been suffering and crying badly in equal measure. Allegra was walking with Beth talking and laughing like nothing had happened. As they approached the noise in the room increased as people started talking.

Looking around I could see some new and unfamiliar faces. I wondered what was going to be said.

“Thank you for coming today everyone. Well almost everyone.” Beth chuckled and so did her audience. “As you know we have only been formed as a group for a very short time but already we have made a massive impact on the company and it’s reputation. Following the highly prestigious Strathbourne account win we have already made significant inroads into three or four other leads. When I met with Steph and then the board last week they asked me a number of probing questions about my ambition for this team. I sold our potential very strongly and they were both enormously impressed and also incredibly supportive. That very same day we had the team budget doubled but at the same time so were our revenue targets.” Beth smiled whilst the crowd listened silently.

“I then immediately set in motion a series of actions to bring the finest talent into the team to ensure we could meet those targets but also so we could grow as a team and as individuals. As from today we will be organised into three teams.”

“The first team will be led by Aurelia and will be focused on the initial leads through to first point engagement. They will also oversee pipeline governance and progress reporting to the board. Joining that team will be Julia, Laura and Sophia all new junior consultants from various high profile companies. Please welcome them all and congratulate Aurelia on her promotion.”

There was a warm round of applause as the ladies emerged. It was only then I saw Sophia step out of the shadows, the same woman from the boutique coat shop. She looked straight at me and gave me a sinister smile followed by a cheeky wink. It was at that moment I realised how Beth already knew about Nicola and me when we entered this morning. That fucking bitch!

Julia and Laura were both recent 22-year-old graduates who had been fast-tracked in other high profile consultancies. It really was a coup for Beth to attract this level of junior talent, as we could not compete with the wages they were getting before.

Julia was a tall 5’ 9” with long brown hair with blonde streaks. She had dark brown eyes with thick model like eyebrows and a small pinched nose. She had a medium build and looked like she kept fit maybe did aerobics or running. Her body was toned but not overly muscular. Today she was wearing a simple white blouse; black trousers with black pop socks and black flat shoes UK size 7. She was very pretty and also knew it. She looked quite pompous and aloof.

Laura was also aloof and pretty. In fact you could say they were both quite conceited and unapproachable given my first impressions. As I was in their team I could expect to be treated pretty fucking poorly I thought.

Laura was slightly shorter than Julia at 5’ 8” and was a keep fit fanatic with short blonde curly hair and contrasting dark eyebrows with hazel green eyes. Her small turned up nose gave her attractiveness a cute quality. Her body was both muscular and very toned without an ounce of fat on her. She had an amazing body and liked to flaunt it with a short mini skirt in grey, skin tight black roll-neck that accentuated her ample breasts, light brown stockings and grey pumps with a 2-inch heel.

Neither Laura or Julia were typical Beth type recruitments as they were both younger and seemingly more balanced and less gladiatorial. At least that was how it looked initially.

When the applause finally died down, Aurelia stood up to say a few words, “I just want to take this opportunity to thank Beth for believing in me. I know from their backgrounds that we have a fantastic team of juniors assembled here and can wait to get started. Oh and I also have my own personal little bitch who I can’t wait to get started on!” She then stroked my head like a dog and giggled, as did most of the team with the exception of the new recruits who looked somewhat confused.

Beth then picked up again, “Thank you Aurelia, I know you guys will do a fantastic job. Well now onto the second team this will be focused on international opportunities and has Karine, Mireille & Nadine managing the pipeline. Nadine joins us from our Russian division and has done a brilliant job over there so we have great hopes of a major impact on East European growth under her guidance. Karine and Mireille are already leading lights on West European penetration familiar to you all.”

“I now have the great pleasure to introduce Allegra to you all who will be leading the team. She is literally a superstar of our industry here in London and brings a wealth of leadership, management experience and technical knowledge, which we can all benefit from. Please give them all a warm round of applause.

Once again there was an eruption of applause as I looked over at Nadine to assess my first impressions. She was very tall 5’ 10” almost 6 foot in heels and had a bold strong athletic build not too dissimilar to the Deneuve twins. Like them she had a very serious looking ‘don’t fuck with me’ face, which was angular with hard features. Nadine had thick short brown hair and cold blue eyes that wouldn’t look out of place on an assassin. She was definitely one to avoid if she was to get into Beth’s little clique of bitches. Today she was wearing a black short length skirt and jacket combination with a sky blue woman’s dress shirt underneath. She had long bare legs and two-inch heels. Her feet like Allegra’s looked to be topping two figures in size but didn’t look out of place with her tall body. Though she looked mean and cold she was also exceptionally attractive, a real man-killer.

As the applause died down Allegra got up to speak, “Beth is quite right I am a superstar and you may think that sounds conceited but let me tell you something. When I met Beth and we talked about the ambitions, objectives and talent of this team I made it my one goal to be a part of it. Beth is both an incredible business leader and an even more incredible woman. I have no problem working under her and I couldn’t say that for anyone else in London. I will do all in my power to live up to and exceed her expectations as well as your expectations on me as a team. I am very fortunate to be working with Karine, Mireille and Nadine who I have met and competed with numerous times in the past. They are a formidable outfit and I take great pride in offering my leadership to support them in any way I can.”

Another round of applause ensued before Beth took the floor again, “Finally there is my team. I am very happy to announce that Grace, Seraphina & Porsche will remain with me to focus on the UK pipeline including the Strathbourne Account extensions. They were all incredibly important to that win and I am sure will help us develop our UK business significantly over the coming year. My team is full of incredible talent and though I cannot really teach them much about business development I will put all my focus and resources into helping them and all of you in any way I can. Any questions?”

There was one last warm round of applause to recognise Beth’s team, which eventually wound down to silence. After a few moments Seraphina asked, “What about Nicola and Yuki?”

Beth’s face went from proud and excited to disappointed and forlorn, “Ah yes well that is the tricky part. Though as a team we have recently gone from strength to strength I have some difficult news to share with you all. Yuki had been sharing business secrets with Leading Edge Associates in an effort for them to gain a competitive advantage over us in our recent bids. It was Allegra who brought this to my attention when she decided to join our team. Regretfully Nicola’s is a similar story, for whatever reason she has tried and succeeded in defrauding the company and managing to embezzle funds into private accounts. It is only because I have a number of friends in the finance sector this was made known to me.”

Beth paused and there was a strong underlying murmur in the room, “Now I need to make one thing absolutely fucking clear. I will not under any circumstances tolerate disloyalty and deceit in this team. We are all here to support each other and achieve great things together. If someone decides to go against us then I will make it my personal responsibility to teach that person a lesson they will never forget.”

“Yuki and Nicola have shown themselves to be traitors, there is no other word for it. I could have easily had them both arrested and taken away but that would have been deferring my responsibility to you my team and them. As such I have given them both a second chance. Yuki and Nicola from this moment have been demoted to PA’s and their contracts adjusted accordingly. In reality they will be treated with the contempt and derision of a slave until they have learnt their lesson.”

“They are not to be treated as peers until they have earned that privilege back. Allegra and myself will be using them as our assistants to ensure they get constant daily reminders of how important our love and respect for each other is to a winning team mentality. This will not be pleasant for them but trust me it will be effective and offers them hope and a way out rather than prison. Please remember that when you see their treatment. They both have the choice to take prison at any time for rehabilitation if they so desire.”

“So slave Nicola will work under me and slave Yuki will work under Allegra.” Beth concluded.

There was silence for a few moments before Grace said, “They fucking deserve all they get bitches. I can’t believe after what we have been through as a team that they would try and screw us like that. Are we allowed to help with their conditioning like we did with him?” Grace then pointed at me.

“Thank you Grace, yes it is deeply regretful it has come to this and I feel the same as you. As for helping with their conditioning I am happy for you all to support that though I suspect the new joiners may need to adjust first. Please just discuss and agree with Allegra and myself first.” Beth said.

Before she could continue Nadine responded, “Perhaps the juniors will be uncomfortable but I have no problem helping to teach them a lesson. Where I come from there would have been little to no mercy.” Her voice sounded as cold as she looked.

Also as if cajoled Sophia and Laura said, “Excuse my language but fuck the bullshit that us juniors can’t handle the heavy stuff. We are bang up for any arse kicking that’s required. Trust us when we say we will be first in the queue!”

Aurelia gave a look towards them like a proud mother. I looked at them with a massive amount of regret wondering what I was going to be in for with these haughty bitches.

There was then a significant increase in discussion within the team as the team started to exchange thoughts on the two new slaves, Nicola and Yuki. I just wanted to grab Nicola by the hand and run out of there as quick as I could. But that was now a remote dream. I felt so far away from Nicola, it was as if I had never known her.

“Ok now then everyone, there are a couple more things. Firstly, I have arranged some drinks, food and games for this evening down in the gym area for us where we can get to know each other better and do some team bonding. You will all have ample opportunity to impress Allegra, Aurelia and me with your conditioning skills to wind down after a busy day. What better use could we have for our traitorous slaves?” Beth smiled.

She then added, “Secondly I have booked a horse riding event this Sunday, which everyone is invited to. It is a special treat to celebrate the massive Strathbourne win and though it is short notice I hope you can all make it. No need to bring anything other than yourselves, we have made provision for everything for you on the day. That’s it everyone, thank you and let’s go make some sales!”

I wandered nearer to the front temporarily to catch sight of Nicola who was looking back at me her eyes bearing a deep pain and sadness. I mouthed the words ‘I love you’ which gave her a brief smile. Beth then yanked at her collar and started dragging her back into the office. Nicola’s head dropped as she turned to go back in.

At that same time I got a tap on my shoulder. As I turned around I got a massive smack around the face, which sent me backwards into an office partition. I managed to steady myself against it. Aurelia was standing before me with Sophia, Laura and Julia standing by laughing at what she had just done.

“Wake up slave we have work to do. Stop fucking daydreaming!” Aurelia snarled.

“Fuck that was a belter Aurelia. Can I have a go?” Laura said with a big grin on her face and hope in her eyes.

“Of course Laura, that’s what he is for.” Aurelia smiled.

I then received a second slap on the same cheek as before. My face was now burning as I turned away. “Wow that felt fucking awesome!” Laura exclaimed.

“Well I don’t want to be left out.” Insisted Julia. Aurelia smiled approvingly again.

Julia then swung her body and put all her full weight into a smack that sent me to the floor. Initially she looked a little ashamed of what she had done before noticing the attention it was picking up and adding, “I am going to fucking love working here!”

I remained on the floor in an effort to put an end to the beating. Aurelia then looked at Sophia and said, “And you?”

Sophia walked over to me and placed her shoe on my head and gently pushed it down before saying, “I have other plans for this one, later when we have more time.”

Aurelia then led the women away saying, “Beth has chosen her prodigies exceptionally well. I can see this team is going to be a world of fun! I am just glad to be a part of it.” The women then all laughed heartily in unison.

As they left Aurelia looked back and said, “My office for our first team meeting in 10 minutes slave, 10 lashes for every minute you are late.”

As they disappeared I took a deep sigh. Already I could hear Beth’s words echo in my mind about her protection and authority being important to my welfare. I knew I faced some grave days ahead and would need all my resolve to get through them.
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wow...great chapter.
what a turn of events.
can Nicola ever get out of the situation cruel Beth put her in?
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How can he ever submit to Nicola again, are they both lost
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Originally Posted by LuvsHerHeels View Post
wow...great chapter.
what a turn of events.
can Nicola ever get out of the situation cruel Beth put her in?
Very good question LuvsHerHeels and the key undercurrent as we enter the midsection of the story. Nicola and Chris are now in a world of trouble - what can they do to get back to each other?
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Originally Posted by doom11 View Post
How can he ever submit to Nicola again, are they both lost
Hi Doom11

Where there is love there is hope...that said where there are MenHaters there is also cruelty, vengeance, and destruction. Let's hope Chris and Nicola can navigate that minefield some how.

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Chapter 32 – The End of the Longest Day

I arrived 5 minutes early for Aurelia’s first team meeting and all the women looked pissed off I had not earned any punishment for being late, particularly Aurelia herself.

As I entered she shouted, “On your fucking knees slave!” and all the women laughed.

I dropped to my knees and crawled in towards them. Aurelia’s new office was pretty much the same as Beth’s except smaller. The three junior consultants were sat around the small meeting table whilst Aurelia was behind her desk. I could see the small desk and chair from Beth’s room set to one side realising that is where I would be working.

Once I arrived at my small desk I retrieved my pad and pen and then started to crawl back towards the meeting table. Aurelia arose to join Sophia, Laura and Julia at the table and on seeing me with the pad asked, “What the fuck do you think you are doing slave?”

I hated these enigmatic questions, as Aurelia knew I could have no clue as to what she was referring to. I flushed red with embarrassment as I sat silently waiting for her to elucidate. Laura was fidgeting excitedly enjoying my clear discomfort. Sophia remained cool and composed like she had seen it a thousand times before. Julia was deep in thought processing what was going on.

Aurelia, the queen of mind games, having me trapped decided to toy with me further as a show of strength in front of her team. “Well, are you going to answer me slave?”

“I was going to take the minutes and actions for your team meeting goddess.” I replied and forced a smile in an attempt to appease Aurelia.

“You are far too fucking stupid to be taking that role slave. I was thinking that a footstool would be a better function for you. I know you would like that as well wouldn’t you foot bitch?” Aurelia teased.

My face went a darker shade of red as it lit up in shame. I couldn’t and didn’t want to answer the question so decided to stay quiet and crawled closer to the table to occupy my position beneath them.

Sophia then asked, “What do you mean he would like being a foot stool Aurelia?”

I sneered at her out of sight of Aurelia, as she knew damn well why Aurelia had said that. She just wanted to continue my public humiliation. She smirked back victoriously as if to cement her win. Aurelia was very pleased Sophia had asked as it was giving rise to her continued empowerment and attention. Aurelia was ever the centre of attention and loved it.

“Well I am glad you asked Sophia. You see this pathetic doormat has a penchant for evil smelling feet. Myself and Grace once got our socks so vile that we were sure he would be repulsed, if not sick when we dominated him with them.” Aurelia said.

“Wow that’s fucking nasty. What happened then?” Julia asked her face blushing slightly.

“Well he actually started playing with himself and sniffing them like some pathetic desperate dog. Grace and myself were utterly repulsed and started pulling them away from him but he was completely smitten. He leapt forward and grabbed our feet and started smelling them like his life depended on it. We started really laying into him verbally at this point as he was acting like a sub-human but it did not dissuade him. He keep huffing incessantly on our rank feet and masturbating until he exploded right then and there in front of us.” Aurelia completed her story.

I was really fucking pissed off. She had intentionally left out all the mind-fucking shit, threats and beatings from her story just to make me look like a total loser. I know I lowered myself badly that day but it wasn’t anything like she said. Aurelia could see the resentment in my eyes and smiled back at me knowingly.

Sophia then said, “That doesn’t surprise me in the slightest. Look at him. He looks completely pathetic crawling around like a dog doing everything he is told to. No self-respecting person would do that shit. Not that I am complaining, having a worthless slave who we can abuse, humiliate and punish will be a perfect tonic for the hard work and long hours at work. As for getting off sniffing rank feet that is fucking plain nasty but I must confess rather amusing as well. I would just love to see that sometime, maybe even do it to him myself?”

Sophia then gave me a wicked vindictive smile to signal her intensions.

Aurelia then responded, “Oh I would be disappointed if you didn’t Sophia. You see though he is weak and easily controllable he does sometimes resist and that’s when it is the most fun because you can punish him. When you first see him suffer it will stir feelings inside you that you didn’t know were there. Good, bad or otherwise you will learn a lot about yourself.” A glint appeared in her eye that was quite sinister.

“The harder you push him the more likely he is to resist. Finding those limits is great fun. I have been twisting his tiny, easy to manipulate mind to start loving the things he used to detest just to fuck with him. Not only is it enormously empowering but it helps me develop life skills to ensure I can control whoever I need; to do whatever I want; whenever I so wish.”

Laura interrupted, “Wow we really lucked out getting you as our leader Aurelia. I can’t wait to learn some of that mind fucking stuff, that must be so powerful?”

Aurelia was full of pride hearing this, “Indeed it is Laura, more than you yet know. But the power it brings is a drug and you need to be strong and disciplined to control it and harness it so that you can use it to exert your will on the world.”

‘Disciplined’ I thought. This psycho bitch is a complete nut case, when has she ever shown control in metering out pain and suffering to me? I just hoped that having been given the responsibility to lead these three women it would calm Aurelia down.

“Well I don’t know if he will adore my feet. I use the gym almost every day and I can tell you that my feet stink so bad afterwards even I can’t stand to be in the same room as them.” Laura said.

“Well I am sure I can give you a run for your money.” Sophia said with a competitive look in her eye.

“When can we make a start on all this Aurelia?” Julia asked.

“Well ladies I can’t wait either as the leadership, empowerment and strength of character aspects of your personal development are also my favourite skills to teach. That said we have much to get through today and are already late starting so I will have to ask you to be patient a little while longer.” Aurelia said and there was an audible groan from the three juniors.

Aurelia then sat down at the table ready to start, “Ok foot stool get in place we are ready to begin.” She then clicked her fingers and the women laughed.

As I moved closer to the table all the women reached out their legs to put their feet on my body. Julia and Laura were further back so propped their feet on my lower back. Aurelia placed hers on my upper back and Sophia placed hers strategically across my shoulders so her shoes were dangling under my nose and face.

The women then continued to do full introductions and background summaries on themselves. I notice Sophia skirted around her job as a coat shop sales assistant in favour of other office posts which brought a smile to my face. I couldn’t be sure if she was qualified at all for this role.

Aurelia then carried on by demonstrating the lead identification and management software together with the current business processes. She presented what was in the current pipeline and agreed actions with each of the juniors so they would have some direction and priority on their initial workload. I could see Sophia was struggling a little to keep up and smiled to myself again. This time she caught me and kicked me in the face firmly with her foot like it was an accident.

I winced with the pain and wobbled but managed to stay upright. Aurelia when dug her heel in my back and said, “Keep still slave or I will punish you.”

Sophia then smiled as if to show how she could always get the upper hand. As the team continued to discuss and agree their actions Sophia arched her foot and popped her black stiletto shoe off the heel. She had light skin coloured nylons on her feet that seemed to be well soiled on the sole with continued reuse. Sophia then dangled the shoe on her toes and swung it back and forth under my nose to ensure there was a regular waft of foot odour drifting into my face. Her feet really smelled bad, now I knew what she meant by giving Laura a run for her money. I tried to turn my head a little to escape the awful smell but she followed my face to ensure the open shoe and nylon sole tracked my movements. She then brushed her nylon sole on the side of my face and I felt the warmth and wetness of her foot.

As I turned to look at her I could see she was looking straight at me giggling quietly to herself. I turned away feeling fucked off, she was loving it.

Not long afterwards the team meeting was at an end and Sophia quickly popped her shoe back onto her foot to avoid any attention but still kept her legs on my shoulders. When they eventually removed their legs I was thankful of the rest, as their feet were getting heavy on my body.

Aurelia then said, “Ok we have a little under fifteen minutes left. Any questions before we crack on?”

“Can we go back to the slave topic for a moment please Aurelia?” Asked Julia.

Aurelia smiled realising how novel this was for the three young women and recalling her first experiences with slaves in the BDSM world she now occupied. It was pure excitement back then filled with sexual energy and endless curiosity. She was just as impatient back then wanting to know and do everything as soon as possible, which had in turn led to her making mistakes. Learning from those mistakes was what made her the woman she is today.

“Of course Julia as long as you promise to give me some great effort in your work this afternoon.” Aurelia said.

“Absolutely. I will be working though lunch.” Julia said. This was then quickly endorsed by Sophia and Laura.

“Well in that case what do you want to know ladies?” Aurelia smiled.

“So when can we start to try stuff out on him?” Julia asked

“Whenever you want as long as it doesn’t impinge on your productivity.” Aurelia said.

“What even right now?” Julia quickly followed up.

“Well I will need my slave for a little while but afterwards I will be happy to send him to you. You may however want me to be present initially just in case he gets a little testy.” Aurelia smiled.

“So could he be violent or anything?” Julia asked concerned.

“Oh no definitely not. Firstly he is almost complete docile and as you have seen high submissive. He also knows any bullshit and I will come down on him so bad he wont be able to walk for a month. Right slave?” Aurelia said beaming.

“Yes goddess. I will be a good slave.” I said to reinforce her authority.

“So what can we do to it?” Laura said referring to me more like an animal.

“Whatever you want. Beth used to be a little protective over him when he served her insisting we didn’t do any permanent damage but I am much more relaxed about that now he serves me. In fact I intend to test his pain and suffering to their very limits.” Aurelia said sending a shiver down my spine.

“Whatever we want?” Sophia reinforced almost as if to test the validity once more.

“Well let’s not kill our slave Sophia. We won’t have much fun with him if he is dead will we?” Aurelia laughed. Sophia didn’t bat an eyelid.

Julia still testing the waters and less experienced, but very enthusiastic asked, “Can you give us some examples please Aurelia?”

“Well I told you before he likes feet but I lied a little on how much. Why don’t you experiment with his limits on sniffing, cleaning, trampling, gagging and general worship? Make sure you throw in plenty of verbal humiliation and degradation like spitting in his face to spice it up and self-empower.” Aurelia said

Sophia, Julia and Laura all listened intently so Aurelia went on.

“For those a little more adventurous you may want to experiment with inflicting pain on him. Kicking, punching and slapping are all fair game though before you proceed to using a crop or suchlike you will need some training with me. As I said we don’t want to kill him.” She then smiled.

Sophia’s face was going red with excitement a bit like Grace’s used to when she first started dominating me. “Can we do other more extreme stuff to him?”

Aurelia paused and looked at Sophia as it to try and gauge what she might be thinking. Julia and Laura looked at Sophia wondering what she was referring to. Deciding not to push it too far Aurelia just said, “Look anything is fair game as I said. Just build up slowly and test his limits and if in doubt ask me or have me attend. It is difficult in the heat of the moment to control situations as I know all too well so it is better to plan ahead and know your own limits before starting.”

Sophia smiled back at Aurelia thanking her for the answer then looked at me narrowed her eyes and sneered. She then mouthed at me; “You’re fucked” to which I was both shocked and concerned. She then giggled seeing how much she had unsettled me.

“Ok anything else then ladies?” Aurelia asked. When they shook their heads and returned silence she added, “Ok then please crack on. Thank you for your time.”

Sophia, Laura and Julia then left and I was alone with Aurelia in her office.


“Just me and you now slave. Crawl over there and close the door, I want us to have some privacy for a while.” Aurelia ordered.

I crawled over and closed the door then returned to kneel at Aurelia’s desk. Much the same as Beth would she propped her shoe up on the desk holding them out towards my face. Aurelia was dressed very smart today for her big promotion announcement. She had a dark green dress on with matching patent green flats. Around her neck was a short white neck scarf made of a light see through fabric. She had light brown shiny nylons on, which complimented the patent shoes perfectly.

I couldn’t help but think how sexy she looked dressed up like this with her thick brown hair and deep brown eyes. It wasn’t long however before I reminded myself what a fucking crazy bitch she was and dropped my eyes to the floor.

As if reading my mind Aurelia said, “Yes I am fucking gorgeous slave but that’s not what I want that puny mind of yours to be focused on right now. Last Friday on the way back from my club I said a few things to you in the heat of the moment about Beth that you will need to forget. Am I making myself clear?”

“You mean the part when you said you would be queen and Beth would be licking your feet like a slave?” I said petulantly.

Aurelia’s anger took all of half a second to go through the roof. She raised her leg and kicked me square in the chin knocking me to the floor. I was still feeling dazed and confused when she then stood above me and stepped on my face and pressed down hard with her foot.

“Don’t play games with me slave. I may put on the calm, considerate and professional leader in front of my juniors but me and you both know that I can become your worst fucking nightmare in a fraction of second if I lose it with you. There is no Beth to save you from me now. In fact if I was you I would be absolutely shitting my pants right about now at the thought that you are all alone in the world with only my mercy offering any hope of a future at all.”

She pressed down even harder on my face to emphasise her message and I yelped. “I am sorry goddess. I didn’t mean it to come out that way.”

“Oh I think you did slave. You are testing me to see if my inner bitch is still there or whether things have changed. Well let me tell you. My inner bitch is just as fucking nasty, vicious and terrifying, as she has always been and every day you will be walking a fine line between my wrath and my leniency. Just remember I fucking love hurting you and I only need the merest of excuses before I will release my rage on you.”

I genuinely feared for my life at this point. Aurelia was just plain scary and she loved every aspect of who she was. She clearly had no remorse and pity for me, I was simply a lump of flesh, which she could mould, shape or destroy depending on her whim. Serving Aurelia would be a whole different ball game to serving Beth or playing with Nicola.

“I am really very sorry goddess. I promise to be more obedient, devoted and loyal in every way from now on. Please forgive me.” I pleaded.

“Well as today is my first day as team leader and I am feeling particularly happy and generous I will let that final indiscretion slide. But trust me when I say there will not be a second chance. EVER!” Aurelia threatened as I breathed a huge sigh of relief before panic set in at the thought that was my last chance.

“Now I know from Beth that you have been seeing Nicola behind our backs. Though I could tolerate your loyalty to Beth as a temporary inconvenience on your journey to being mine, I will not under any circumstances allow you to spend any time with that whore Nicola whilst serving under me.”

“Every minute of every day will now be devoted to pleasing me. You will be living in my house with Grace and myself and serving me as my slave both in and out of work. That way I will know that you are not sneaking off or plotting any treachery behind my back.”

“Now remove my shoes and kiss my stinking feet then thank me for blessing your miserable life by allowing you to skulk in the shadows of my darkness.” Aurelia commanded with a huge satisfied sneer on her face.

I removed her shoes and kissed her soles repeatedly; for once they were not disgusting though they did smell pretty bad. I then said, “Please have mercy on me as your slave goddess. I will try every day to rise to your expectations of me and thank you for allowing me to serve you as your slave.”

“You will do more than TRY slave!” Aurelia said then kicked me away. “Get busy with my agenda and email. We will review your daily tasks in thirty minutes.”


It was now getting on for six o’ clock and the team were starting to filter downstairs to the gym ready for food, drinks and games. Somehow I had managed to avoid any further confrontations with Aurelia having pulled out all the stops working my arse off for her. She even let me off my visit to the juniors saying that her tasks were more important and that they could wait for the party to have their fun.

On seeing the others shuffling past her office Aurelia instructed me to pack my stuff away ready to join her for the evenings festivities. I quickly put my laptop and stationary away in my bag then placed it in the corner of her office before returning back to her side.

“Ok slave you are going to carry me down to the party like the queen I am. I want to arrive in style.” Aurelia directed.

Aurelia then put her shoe on my shoulder and pushed me forwards so I went from kneeling to my hands and knees. She then mounted my back and wrapped her legs around my torso before slapping me hard on the backside.

“Come on pony boy carry your queen to her reception.” Aurelia shouted then laughed hysterically.

Being one of the shorter women I was ok carrying her weight until we got to the top of the stairs. I was rather hoping she would get off at this point but instead she just dug her heels into my thighs and said, “Descend fool.”

I very slowly and carefully descended the stairs hanging onto the rail. Her weight was much more pronounced with each step and the impact on my knees was really painful. I was moaning noticeably with each one.

“Shut your noise pony boy. Don’t be such a pathetic wimp.” Aurelia then produced her crop and brushed my face with it. “Do you need some extra encouragement?”

On feeling her crop I got renewed strength and managed the remaining stairs without any further sound though it still really hurt my knees. When I reached the bottom I got a hard thwack on my bottom from the crop and yelled out in pain.

“That’s for wasting my time with your pathetic moaning pony boy. I shouldn’t have to spend energy threatening you when you have the ability to do it in the first place. Next time I will just beat you if you stop.” Aurelia seethed.

I nodded my head and started heading into the gym. We were the last to arrive and everyone laughed and clapped seeing Aurelia arrive on my back. Aurelia was very pleased with herself pulling a face like royalty as she dismounted me.

Aurelia then said, “Get me a red wine slave. Here is yours, don’t say I don’t treat you well.” She then spat in my face, chuckled to herself and walked away to join Beth and Allegra at the other end of the gym.

I crawled over to the table where the drinks and food were placed and when out of Aurelia’s sight wiped the spit off my face on the tablecloth. I then poured her a glass of red wine and started to ferry it to her. As I crawled forward one of the women stood in my way to prevent my movement. I looked up and saw Grace eying me from above.

“So footboy, how lucky are you?” Grace said sarcastically. I smiled back as best I could.

“Just think as well as cleaning and cooking for us as our domestic slave you will be able to sniff my rank feet every night while I pleasure myself at your suffering. How fucking awesome is that?” Grace said with wickedness in her eyes.

I dropped my head feeling sick at the thought. Grace then placed her shoe under my chin and lifted my head to face her again. “I didn’t quite catch your answer slave.”

“Thank you goddess. It will be a great honour for me.” I said wanting to avoid a beating at the hands of Aurelia later.

“Indeed it will. Now go and get me a white wine, now!” Grace ordered.

I returned quickly back to the table and retrieved a glass of white wine for Grace then shuffled back to her careful not to spill any of the drink. I offered the drink up to her and she snatched it away without looking at me. Anticipating my job was done I started to crawl towards Aurelia.

As I approached I could see Beth sat on top of Nicola’s back and Allegra on Yuki’s back. Both Nicola and Yuki looked in a terrible state like they had been tortured all day. Yuki was solemn, her face had multiple bruises on it and she was wincing in pain as Allegra shuffled on her back. It seemed she must have been beaten all over. Nicola still had the staining of dried tears on her face; she looked so sad it was upsetting me badly. She was also struggling to support Beth’s weight given her strong physique in comparison. Nicola gave me the faintest glance and then turned away like looking at me would lead to a punishment. That hurt me even more. I then recalled that Aurelia had extended the same threat to me so decided not to try and speak with Nicola just yet. She had been through enough today.

When I arrived I sat on my knees and offered the wine to Aurelia, she quickly snatched it out of my hands then slapped my face hard knocking me to the floor, “You took your fucking time slave! When I ask for something I expect it immediately not half an hour later.”

Rubbing my face I slowly got back to my knees and could see Beth and Allegra looking at me smirking. Beth then addressed me, “Enjoying your new position slave? I think you have found your perfect goddess in Aurelia I don’t know why I didn’t place you under her sooner.”

Aurelia then spoke up, “He will learn servitude the hard way under me Beth. I wont take any of his bullshit. I think maybe you were too soft on him.”

Beth was a little put out by this comment as though Aurelia was challenging her status as the supreme dominant. She looked back at Aurelia with a look that said ‘careful’ then smiled not wanting to make a scene.

Beth then responded, “Maybe you are right Aurelia. I look forward to seeing what you mean by hard servitude.” Beth was goading Aurelia to be extra brutal with me, which just pissed me off even more.

Beth then bent down and placed the top of her hand under my mouth, “Kiss the hand that beats your whore slave and thank me for the privilege.” Allegra and Aurelia both laughed at Beth’s cruelty.

I wanted to rip Beth’s hand off of her arm at that point but knew with so many bitches around that would have been suicidal. After biting my lip I eased myself forward and place the slightest of kisses on her hand and said, “Thank you goddess,” through my gritted teeth.

Beth laughed and then slapped Nicola hard around the face enough to imbalance her. “Drop me and I will give you 20 in front of everyone whore.” Beth maintained eye contact with me the whole time watching my reaction. I didn’t give her the satisfaction of any response.

Annoyed at my lack of reaction Beth then got up off Nicola’s back and went around the other side of her. She then kicked Nicola square in the stomach knocking the wind out of her. Nicola collapsed onto her front groaning in pain as she tried to recuperate. My face turned red with anger as I looked into Beth’s eyes, she was still staring at me all the time waiting for me to crack.

Beth then stepped onto the back of Nicola’s neck and pressed her to the floor choking her. “Count them.” Came Beth’s order.

She then produced her crop and started whipping Nicola on the lower back still watching me. Each lash caused Nicola to scream in pain catching the attention of those in the room. As the lashes continued Nicola’s screams got louder and more desperate as she counted. By the time Beth got to 8 my whole body was rigid with anger and vengeance. I was so angry inside my eyes started to well up and a tear escaped.

Beth smiled, stopped and stepped towards me. She then bent down and captured the tear with her finger and kissed it with her lips. “That tells me everything I wanted to know slave.”

Beth then ordered Nicola back to her hands and knees then sat on her sore back, shuffling purposely to agitate the pain. Aurelia order me to do the same and sat down. As the three slaves supported their goddesses Beth, Aurelia and Allegra swapped management points and drank their wine as though it was the most natural setting in the world.

After around twenty minutes Grace stood up and beckoned the room to her attention, “Ok everyone. Let the games begin!”

This broke Beth, Allegra and Aurelia’s conversation and they turned to look at Grace, as did the rest of the room.

“The first game is called squeak piggy squeak. I need three volunteers and our three slaves please.” Grace continued.

Beth, Allegra and Aurelia got off their slaves and kicked them to signal they should move over to Grace. Almost everyone else’s hand went up to volunteer except Karine and Nadine who were looking rather nonplussed.

“Ok Seraphina, Julia and Laura. Your hands went up first. Please join me in the centre here.” Grace added. Those not selected groaned.

As Yuki, Nicola and myself started crawling into the centre of the room, I whispered under my breath, “I will get us out of this my love. I promise.” Without looking at Nicola to avoid being detected.

Nicola replied, “I am not sure how much I can take of this Chris. Please be quick.”

We then kept quite as we approached Grace.

Grace then explained, “Ok here is how this works ladies. Our piggies will be eating food from your delicate toes until one of the them squeaks. The squeak can only be triggered by your feet, no crops allowed.” Grace giggled.

“If and when your piggy squeaks they will be declared the loser and have to pay a forfeit. The forfeit will be the choice of the winner who will be allowed to inflict it on them personally or nominate a proxy. Is everyone clear on the rules?”

Seraphina, Julia and Laura went and got some food on plates whilst the slaves were instructed to position chairs in front of them. When the ladies returned they took their chairs and waiting for Grace to start the game. I looked across to Nicola briefly who was looking exhausted and resigned. I knew I could not let her face the forfeit so decided to lose on purpose being as subtle as I could.

Luckily Laura was allocated to me. She was arguably the hardest of the three as Julia was still pretty green when it came to domination and almost seemed a little uncomfortable with it. Seraphina was more of a tease than a brutaliser. Each of the ladies removed their shoes and nylons before squishing their toes into an array of potato salad, coleslaw and mixed dips.

Seraphina as expected started hovering the food around Nicola’s mouth and laughing as she tried to lick the food. Julia was more or less feeding Yuki who was grateful for something to eat whilst she looked left and right to the others for clues for what to do. Laura was as bitchy as I hoped she would be.

“Right you fucking wanker get this in your pathetic trap!” Sneered Laura as she scooped up the food and forced it in my mouth. She then clasped the edge of the chair and hooked one foot around my head before forcing her feeding foot deeper and deeper into my throat. I was chocking within seconds but decided to hold out a little so it didn’t look obvious I was throwing the game. I gagged on the foot for near twenty seconds before I could see Seraphina foot slapping Yuki hard across the face and Julia start to gag Nicola. I left it just a few more seconds and then screamed out pretending to retch and then dropping to the floor.

I must have put on a good performance as no one contested Laura’s win and I was declared the loser. Grace then asked Laura, “Congratulations Laura, you are making a great impression on your first day. What is your chosen forfeit for your slave?”

“I think I will just kick the shit out of him for being such a wimp.” Laura said looking determined and ruthless.

Allegra then said, “I think you must be in the wrong team Laura. Right, Mireille, Karine and Nadine?” The women all returned nods of approval with Mireille and Karine managing giggles as well.

Laura looked rather proud at this feedback and asked Grace if she could begin.
“Of course Laura, winners privilege. Just don’t kill him.”

Laura then stepped over to me and kicked me hard in the chest sending me four feet onto my back. I was both surprised and hurt by her power in equal measure. Clearly her fitness regime extended beyond yoga and aerobics.

“Come on you pathetic coward, get up. You are getting your arse whipped in front of everyone and showing yourself up.” Laura provoked.

Still feeling bruised I started rising to my knees. I was hardly up when Laura span around and brought a roundhouse kick flat into my side chest high. I screamed in pain as I buckled and bent over.

“This is too fucking easy. Fight back you ridiculous excuse for a man or I will make you even more sorry.” Laura shouted.

Allegra shouted out, “This girl has got some serious skills. Put him down Laura”. Mireille, Karine and Nadine smiled approvingly.

Still holding my side I placed my other hand on the floor and pushed myself back onto my knees. As Laura came at me a third time and swung out a kick I threw my arm up and blocked her inbound foot. The power sent a shudder through my body though I remained upright. Laura smiled and repeated the same kick twice more kicking my blocking arm hard and testing my balance. She was toying with me. As I dropped my head and raised my arm ready for the next kick, Laura stepped to the side then raised her arms forward for balance before delivering a kick firmly into my face. I went down barely conscious. Laura then stood above me with her arms out to the side flexed before placing her foot on my upturned face.

“Look up and marvel at the gloriously powerful princess who has just kicked your arse slave. You are where you belong, as am I. Now kiss the filthy underside of my sole in recognition of your defeat and my supremacy!” Laura declared.

As I kissed her sole everyone cheered and clapped except for Nicola and Yuki who remained motionless, thankful they were spared.

After no more than ten minutes two additional chairs were added to the three already set and Grace continued her role as mistress of ceremonies, “Ok everyone we are now ready for game number two.”

“For this game I need two volunteers as well as our three glorious leaders.” Grace then looked over at Beth, Allegra and Aurelia who all smiled at the introduction.

“The two volunteers will need to have stinky feet for this game or it will not work.” Immediately on saying this Sophia and Mireille’s hands shot up. Grace looked rather disappointed as I suspect she was hoping she might have a chance to participate in this game.

As Aurelia arrived she gave Grace a gentle kiss on the lips and said, “Flattery will get you everywhere my love.” Grace looked a little flustered by the attention and I think she was a little turned on before composing herself to continue.

“Ok first we need to blindfold the slaves.” Grace explained as they were placed on us. “Ok ladies please take a random seat of the five and remove your shoes. You may choose bare feet or nylons but the stinkier the better.” No one removed their nylons.

“Now this little game is called ‘Whose scent is that anyway?’” Grace giggled at her own joke. “Each slave will sniff the foot of each goddess and get two points for each correct owner. If they get don’t correctly guess their own goddess they will lose ten points. The loser is the slave with the least points and will face a forfeit under the goddess or nominated proxy.”

Yuki was first to go as Nicola and myself listened to her sniffing and subsequent guesses. Grace was taking note of the answers but not confirming one way or the other whether they were correct or not. Every now and then I could hear a giggle or murmur from the crowd to which Grace asked for silence.

I knew I would have had this in the bag easily given I was familiar with Beth, Aurelia, Seraphina and as of today Sophia’s foot odour already. The trouble was I couldn’t let Nicola lose and face more punishment. I figured by the law of averages Nicola and Yuki would guess a couple right so I just had to only get one right and then be sure to guess Aurelia wrong.

When Yuki had finished Nicola was led forward to repeat the task. After a few sniffs there was a thud and then a little kafuffle as if someone had tried to put Nicola off. I listened intent for clues but couldn’t pick up any details. After all of her guesses she was led back to kneel beside me and I was led forward.

Someone, who I guess was Grace, grabbed my hair and dragged my head forward to what I suspected was the first foot. As I took a deep inhalation I immediately recognised Beth’s scent, it was strongly perfumed from her days exertions.

“Mireille?” I guessed. Then I could have sworn I heard a hiss like Beth was really angry, which made me laugh inside. I didn’t show any emotion as I was led to the second foot.

Sniffing the second foot I was able to trace the scent back to Sophia when she had stepped on my face earlier. It was particularly potent and I wrinkled up my nose. “Aurelia?” I said.

The next foot was a scent I wasn’t familiar with so guessed this was Allegra. It was also a strong scent and not altogether unpleasant. Needing to log one correct guess to avoid being caught losing on purpose I said “Allegra?”

The next foot was Mireille who I purposely guessed as Sophia to log another incorrect answer.

I then knew the final goddess must be Aurelia. As I placed my head forward and sniffed deeply on her foot I felt a twinge in between my legs as her altogether familiar scent entered my body. It still had a powerful effect on me and I had to work hard to avoid making that visible. Biting my lip to regain my focus I said, “Beth?”

I then got a hard kick on my nose from Aurelia who was clearly pissed I had got her scent wrong. My nose started to bleed a little and I place my finger up to my nose to stem the flow. After a few moments and pinching the blood stopped and I was led back to the others.

There was then some further discussion before we had our blindfolds removed. The bright light dazzled me briefly before I was able to refocus on the seated ladies. Both Beth and Aurelia were red with anger staring at me. I was starting to regret purposely trying to lose this one.

Grace then stepped in to announce the results. “Ok in first place is bitch Yuki who guessed three right including Allegra scoring 6 points. In second place with 1 point is whore Nicola who though guessing three correctly managed to miss Beth’s scent. That means our loser with -4 points with only one correct answer and guessing Aurelia incorrectly is footboy.”

All eyes were on me as I dropped my head to try and display dismay at my loss. Grace then turned to Aurelia and said, “As it’s goddess you may chose the forfeit and who will deliver it.”

I looked up to gauge her reaction so I could prepare. Aurelia looked across at Beth who was looking at her as if to say ‘nominate me and I will kill the fucker’ but Aurelia was far too angry to relinquish her punishment opportunity to another. She then said, “I will give the fucker 20 lashes as he sniffs my foot between each one. Maybe that will teach him not to forget next time.”

Beth’s eyes flashed with rage. She so wanted to punish me for this clear embarrassment I had delivered to her publically but was powerless to intervene. She then looked back at me to gauge my reaction. I just bowed my head not wanting to make matters worse as I knew it would impact Nicola.

I then had to sit on knees in front of Aurelia taking 20 strokes whilst on each I took a deep sniff of her foot. The scent was as intoxicating as ever and had I not been in so much pain I am sure I would have had a huge erection. Aurelia was working hard not to completely lose it in front of everyone as the whipping started to excite her. I could see it in her face as her eyes widened and face blushed. I knew that look all too well.

After my lashings I was a wreck. My knees still hurting from the pony ride, by body bruised from Laura’s beating and now my shoulders stinging from Aurelia’s crop. When finally it finished I dropped down to the floor and curled up. I was sure Beth would come over to berate me but she never did. I was given 30 minutes to recover whilst the ladies refreshed their drinks and ate the buffet.

Grace then stood up once more and gathered everyone’s attention, “Ok ladies we have one final game to play this evening. For this I will need our remaining members who have not yet played. That’s Porsche, Nadine and Karine. Will you please join me?”

Grace went on, “This game is called, ‘Guess my weight’. Each goddess will trample the slaves until they guess your weight correctly in kilograms. I will time how long this takes and add the total up for each at the end. If the slave screams or complains they will automatically incur a 3-minute penalty to add to their time. The loser is the slave with the highest overall time and will face a forfeit served by the goddess who took the longest to guess or a proxy of their choice”

Beth got up and whispered something to Grace who then flicked a quick look at me before saying, “Ok we will start with footboy on this one. Lead the other two slaves out so they can’t hear the guesses.” Allegra offered to remove the other slaves and shortly afterwards they left and I was told to lie on the floor. I realised that as the first to go I couldn’t be sure of what time to set to lose to Nicola and also knew I had little actual control on this one as I didn’t know their weights.

Karine stepped onto my chest first. As usual she sported a look somewhere between contempt and boredom as she stood there. She would much rather have been kicking my head in like Laura though would have done a lot more damage. I knew I needed to guess her quickly.

As I span through the weights it took me around 20 seconds to get the correct answer then Porsche jumped on my chest. The weight of carrying Porsche immediately after Karine made me groan and I was served my first penalty. I tried to eke out Porsche’s correct weight guess as long as I could as I thought when I lost she was the one I wanted to meter out my forfeit. I managed to get to 1 minute 15 seconds before I got it right.

As Porsche stepped off Nadine was already waiting, looking down at me with her cold blue eyes. She had not an ounce of pity in her eyes as she chose to step onto my face with her UK size 11 feet. Her 6-foot frame and athletic build immediately sent me into agony as I screamed with pain and received a penalty. Nadine just giggled at my suffering and bent her knees to accentuate the downward force a little more. I screamed again and threw my body, which caused her to lose balance and step off.

I had tears in my eyes racked with pain as she stepped on again; I just managed to turn my head to the side to reduce some of the impact. I started guessing weights as rapidly as I could but the pain was clouding my judgement. After 50 seconds or so I screamed out again and she lost balance and stepped off. After nearly a minute and a half of suffering close to hell I finally managed to get her weight correct. Feeling exhausted, dizzy and still badly wounded I was led out.

Allegra stood above Yuki and myself while Nicola was led in. I started counting after she entered hoping she would return before my combined time. To my great relief she returned close to two minutes and I knew I had lost to her again. I smiled to myself feeling I had at least protected my love from all this shit.

When Allegra led in Yuki, I had a few seconds alone with Nicola for the first time since this morning. I quickly reached across and kissed her on the cheek before announcing, “Aurelia is making me live with her and Grace to avoid being able to see you. I am so sorry Nicola.”

Nicola started to cry causing me to panic. “Nicola please stop crying before Allegra gets back. I love you so much I just didn’t want you to think I was avoiding you. I will try all I can to reach you somehow I just don’t know how yet. I will put an end to this somehow even if I have to kill every last fucking one of them.”

Nicola looked back at me and wiped her eyes, she then kissed my lips gently but said nothing. She then hung her head waiting for Allegra.

Allegra returned moments later and said, “I hope you two were good bitches while I was away? If I thought you were kissing or something I might have to enjoy it.”

I looked at Allegra confused by her statement. She smiled back at me and said, “It’s no skin off my nose if you two slags want to canoodle for a while. It’s Beth and Aurelia who get pissed with all that shit though I don’t know exactly why. I mean look at you two pathetic wretches. If it were me I would put you out of your misery but they seem to enjoy prolonging the agony.”

I sensed this was a trap as Allegra was very close to Beth so decided to just wait patiently instead. Allegra kicked me firmly once and motioned to Nicola as if to provoke me to try something but again I resisted. After what felt like close to five minutes we were called back in.

On entering I could see Yuki collapsed on the floor crying and holding her chest and head. She had clearly had a torrid time under the weight of Porsche, Nadine and Karine. My suspicions were confirmed when Grace announced Yuki had relented several times under all three goddesses and incurred numerous penalties. I felt sorry for Yuki who previously I had always seen as so proud before I remembered the time she had pissed in my mouth and made me clean the toilet which made me feel less sorry for her.

Grace then wrapped up by saying, “So Yuki is our loser and looking at the times for each goddess I can confirm that Nadine is the winner.”

Beth looked really pissed off and I guess whatever her plan was it backfired. I had another inner chuckle but didn’t show any emotion.

Nadine stepped forward and said, “So what do you want me to do? I need a piss before I start kicking someone’s arse again today.”

Grace then answered, “Well why don’t you combine the two Nadine?” and giggled.

Nadine was initially confused by Grace’s suggestion before she put the comment together in her mind. “What you want me to piss on her?”

Allegra then added, “Well we don’t want a nasty mess on the carpet. I think in her mouth would be a better idea.”

Nadine then replied, “That’s fucking disgusting. I wouldn’t do that to a dog.”

Allegra then responded, “She’s not a dog. She’s a traitor remember? What happened to ‘little or no mercy where I come from’?”

Nadine’s face changed from one of disgust to one of utter contempt. It was quite fearful to watch and I was glad not to be on the end of this. Yuki however was getting exactly what she deserved as far as I was concerned having made me drink her piss twice.

Nadine then walked over to Yuki and grabbed her hair very forcefully. “Open your mouth and tip your head back you revolting piece of shit. Traitors should learn to keep there mouths shut, as you didn’t I am going to piss in it like Allegra and Grace suggested. Just so you know I have more contempt for you doing this than I have ever had for anyone before in my life.”

Yuki continue to cry and she was pulled up to her knees, tipped her head back and opened her mouth. Nadine reached down with her other hand and hoisted her knickers down around her ankles. Given her height she then stepped over Yuki and was able to position her pussy right above Yuki’s face.

Julia then flushed red and said, “Oh my god, Nadine’s really going to piss in her mouth Laura.”

Laura then responded coolly, “Of course she is, the bitch is a traitor, it’s what she deserves.”

Sophia’s eyes widened as her mind started to open to the infinite possibilities her new job was presenting to her. The rest of the ladies gathered around closely to oversee Yuki’s total humiliation under Nadine.

Nadine stood motionless over Yuki as she waited for the urine flow to commence. When it did it went into Yuki’s eyes and nose briefly before Nadine was able to focus it into her mouth. Yuki spluttered initially before Nadine said, “Drink it all you depraved piss drinking whore. If I get one drop on me I will drag you into the toilet and shit in your mouth.”

As Nadine’s flow started to increase with the wine she had drunk Yuki struggled to keep up. She was desperately trying to gulp but the awful taste and volume entering her was too much. She started choking again and took another gulp but the piss flow was more than she could handle. Eventually she coughed and threw her head forward to breath and regain her composure.

Nadine continued pissing in Yuki’s face as she screamed, “You stupid fucking bitch! Now I have piss on my nice shoes. Yuki tried to consume more of the hot nasty tasting piss but only managed another gulp or two before the ordeal was over.”

Yuki’s face was covered in urine. Nadine turned to me and kicking off her shoes towards me said, “You fucker. Lick the piss off my shoes. I want them spotless by the time I come back.”

Beth then threw Nicola to the floor and added, “And you can lick the piss stains off the carpet whore!”

Nadine then dragged Yuki off towards the toilets as we all shuddered to imagine what she was about to go through.

After Nicola and myself had got through the disgusting task of cleaning piss from Nadine’s shoes and the carpet, Grace declared the games complete. Beth then said a few words to thank the team for coming saying the hard work begins in the morning. Yuki and Nadine were still missing.

Beth then came over and said to Nicola in earshot, “Ok whore, you can fuck off now but I expect to see you by 8 in the morning with my coffee and French pastry. Don’t think of not turning up else I will call the police and share my embezzlement findings with them. Now get out of my sight before I decide to beat you again just because it amuses me.”

Nicola quickly crawled to the exit and left. She didn’t look at me and I couldn’t blame her. I had put up with this for a while now and though I hated very second of it I had become a little hardened. She had gone from heaven to hell in one day.

I stayed and served drinks and food to the ladies for another hour or so before Aurelia arrived to tell me we were leaving. During that time Nadine had dragged Yuki back by her hair and then into a backroom behind the gym where she was throw in and the door locked by Allegra. I don’t recall seeing anyone looking so sick as Yuki did that night after Nadine had finished with her.

As I walked home with Grace and Aurelia I thought about running but then realised the problems that would cause Nicola as well as the pain Aurelia would inflict on me when I eventually had to come crawling back. They walked about ten strides ahead of me holding hands and talking adoringly to each other. I looked up at the stars and thought to myself who else on this fucking planet can be going through the shit myself and Nicola are? I then dispensed with the question remembering how god-awful some humans can be.


We arrived back at Aurelia’s house about 11 o’clock. I was surprised how large it was, she must have come into some serious money to live in this place given she was only formerly a junior I thought. It was a large white detached house across three floors (basement, ground and first) with a black regency style door. Aurelia opened up and we walked in.

Grace then took the collar they had me locked in on Friday from the coat rack, which said, ‘Aurelia and Grace’s Foot Whore’ and clasped it around my neck.

“When you are in our house foot whore you will always wear this collar understood?” Grace said with authority. I nodded and they disappeared into the living room.

“Follow us slave you can remove our shoes whilst we sit down.” Grace ordered.

I got down onto my hands and knees anticipating that if I walked in I would get a beating. I then crawled into the living room. Looking around I continued to be surprised; she had a 70-inch flat screen TV, with some high quality audio-visual tech mounted underneath. The sofas were pink leather and sat around a large pink fluffy rug. There was also original art on the wall, which looked quite dark and threatening with faces of anguish and pain. Aurelia also had a record player and vinyl collection down the other end of the room to the TV.

“Impressive it’s it slave?” Aurelia cooed seeing me look around. “There is more to me than meets the eye right?”

I nodded and they both laughed. Grace and Aurelia had sat down on two chairs next to each other leaving the large sofa free. I would love to have jumped on that and gone to sleep at this point but I suspected that was not in their plans.

“Ok enough envying my possessions footboy. Get your fucking arse over here and worship Grace’s feet!” Shouted Aurelia. That shocked me back to attending them and I crawled over to Grace.

“Thank you Aurelia. I was pretty pissed tonight as everyone else got to have fun except me. I won’t be volunteering to be host again in a hurry. Well at least we got to bring our slave back tonight so I don’t miss out altogether.” Said Grace.

As I arrived before them I knelt in between the two chairs facing Grace. Aurelia put her shoes either side of my shoulders using me as a footrest. Grace initially put her shoes on my lap.

Grace then leaned into my face and said, “Tell me how happy you are to now be our 24 hour slave, footwipe. We have come a long way from the days when I used to play with you in the cubicle eh?”

I was struggling to find the words to respond to this given the shitty day I had had; the distance this was putting between me and Nicola as well as the fact I was now going to spend all my time with two volatile psycho bitches. With all this rattling around in my head I drew a blank and stayed silent.

“I asked you a fucking question footwipe, and I expect an answer now!” Grace shouted. Aurelia was behind me at this point so I couldn’t see her face but when she kicked the side of my face I could tell she was also getting angry.

“I am a little frightened.” I said timidly and the two women burst out laughing. They carried on laughing for close to a minute until they almost had tears in their eyes. “Aww I almost feel sorry for the pathetic little creature. Having two nasty vicious bitches like us on him 24-7.” Grace said before she then stopped and looked at Aurelia with an evil glint in her eye.

“You know why we brought you here don’t you footwipe?” Grace said in a calm menacing tone. Aurelia’s feet started fidgeting on my shoulders like she could tell what was coming. I shook my head.

“Well let me fill you in. At work we only get to do very basic domination shit to you but here in our luxury house we can do all sorts of nasty, painful stuff. As the house is sound insulated and detached even your loudest screams will be mere whimpers to passers-by. We plan to stretch the very fabric of pain, suffering and humiliation in this house. Our twisted minds have concocted some of the most evil frightening debasements ever conceived and you will be the sole beneficiary. Shall I go on?” Grace asked.

I was physically shaking now and my eyes were welling up at the prospect. Grace looked aroused and maniacal as she continued, “You suffering will be legendary. We will take you to the most extreme limits of human endurance and let you hover on the very precipice of life and death. There will be no safe-words, no mercy and absolutely no let up. Your life will end within these four walls. Rest assured of it.”

I placed my face in my hands and started sobbing uncontrollably. Beth had deserted me to these two evil queens and now they planned to torture and kill me. Not only would I never see Nicola again but also I would end my days in agony and pain.

As I knelt there with my hands over my face crying, Grace and Aurelia started laughing again. When I didn’t come up for several minutes Grace got impatient and kicked me, “Get up you fucking coward!” She ordered.

I slowly got up with tears still running down my face, petrified of what was going to happen next. As I looked into Grace’s remorseless eyes she smiled back at me, “You are so weak and miserable. You have only been in this house ten minutes and already you are a snivelling mess. You are so easy to break it is almost not worth the trouble. How are you going to cope with the months and years ahead?”

“Sorry goddess?” I stammered.

Grace then went on, “We are not really as bad as we make out. In fact we can be quite nice when we want to. All that shit we did to you at the offsite and the club was just a front. Aurelia and myself are actually more into straight and lesbian sex in our personal lives. We were rather hoping you might join us in bed and suck our sweet pussies, fuck us hard and maybe give us some nice gentle foot rubs after to help us relax.”

I looked at Grace who was watching my reaction and smiling gently. I started to relax a little and stopped crying. After I processed her words I asked her, “Really Grace, you mean you are not going to hurt me badly after all?”

“Of course we are going to hurt you badly, you ignorant, stupid little cunt. We are men-hating bitches who get off on sexual sadism for Christ sakes. What do you think this is, a holiday camp? How fucking gullible are you?” They then both started laughing again as I dropped my head feeling like a total fool.

“But we wont actually kill you slave, Well not unless you give us good reason to. Like forgetting to put milk in my morning coffee or something!” They then both laughed again.

“Anyway enough of all these games, my pussy is all wet from fucking with this pea brain of yours and I demand some satisfaction. Take my shoes off and sniff my toes deep and hard until your brain clouds slave.” Grace commanded. Aurelia dug her heels in my back to reinforce the order.

I removed Grace’s shoes exposing her grey nylons. Immediately there was the unmistakable aroma of her bad foot odour wafting up into my face. “I bet you missed that stink eh slave? A whole weekend without it.” Grace said.

I then lifted her foot to my face and placed my nose between her toes and took a deep sniff. The smell made me baulk taking it in so deeply and in close proximity before it started to enrapture me like before. “That’s it slave keep sniffing and submitting to my intoxicating scent. You know you haven’t the will to resist.”

As I sniffed I closed my eyes to focus on the full impact of her smell. My cock started throbbing and I embraced her foot to my nose. Grace then spread her legs and started rubbing her pussy. The sight of Grace masturbating started to excite Aurelia who got up and kicked her shoes to the side. Aurelia then removed her knickers and stood on the arms of Grace’s chair one foot either side so her pussy was directly in her face. “Kiss me while you fuck yourself Grace. I want to feel close to you while he submits to your power.”

Grace started caressing Aurelia’s bottom bringing her pussy forward towards her awaiting tongue. She then unleashed a barrage of licks and sucks upon her as her own sexual arousal heighted with my attentions to her feet and her own self-touching. The two women started moaning and groaning with pleasure, which was making me feel even more excited. I couldn’t help myself and started touching myself discretely as I sniffed Grace’s toes. Within a few minutes I exploded in my pants just a few seconds before Grace and then finally Aurelia screamed to signal they had reached their own fulfilment. The two women collapsed into an embrace on the chair and kissed each other sweetly and lovingly.

After a few more minutes Grace said, “I told you we could be nice. Now fuck off and make us some hot chocolate slave. We will be in bed waiting for it.”

I searched for the kitchen while they held hands and disappeared up the stairs. The kitchen had an amazing array of tech, granite worktops, high-end French cookware and more. There was no expense spared putting this together I thought.

I found the milk and prepared two hot chocolate drinks. I then placed a couple of oatmeal cookies on the side of the saucer, placed them on a tray with a napkin and took them up. There were five bedrooms upstairs so it took me a couple of tries to find them. Grace and Aurelia were in the master bedroom lying together on a large four-poster bed complete with pink silk sheets and large fluffy pillows. In the corner was a small black wardrobe just like as in Beth’s bedroom. In fact the whole layout was remarkably similar I thought.

They didn’t acknowledge me when I arrived so I made my way around to each bedside table and set down the hot chocolate, cookies and napkins. I then returned back to the doorway and knelt down waiting.

Aurelia then said, “You really are working hard to avoid a thrashing aren’t you slave?”

“I hope I can always continue to please you and keep you happy goddess.” I answered.

“Well supposing making me happy means you have to suffer slave?” Aurelia asked.

I dropped my head trapped by the question and she chuckled. “Well I am too tired to beat you tonight I just want to curl up with my love here and go to sleep. You can sit on the floor and massage our feet to help send us off then you can go find a bed and get some sleep yourself. Don’t do or try any shit though or nasty Aurelia will come out to play in the morning!”

As I knelt there rubbing their feet while they drifted off into blissful peace I reflected back on what had been the worst day of my life. This morning seemed an eternity away as Nicola and myself made our way into the offices full of bravado and hope. Beth then tore our dreams to shreds and replaced them with the certainty of a nightmare from which we had no escape.

As I looked at Grace and Aurelia now sleeping serenely I hoped I could maintain some level of balance and normality whilst living here with these two women. At least tonight they had shown they were capable of something aside of sadistic cruelty even if they fucked with my mind instead.

As I crept away from their room I heard Aurelia give a gentle moan of satisfaction in her sleep. I then found a bed for myself and collapsed exhausted with the pains inflicted on my body.

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Everything certainly has changed, and for Chris and Nicola it isn't for the better. And even Yuki has been demoted to "depraved cunt". It seems these slaves will be having an extremely difficult time. Nicola, as a natural dominant, is really being put out as Beth's slave. Of course, Beth manipulated the whole scheme to have it look like Nicola embezzled money and committed fraud so that could make life horrible for Nicola and Chris. Beth is quite the impressive uber-bitch, isn't she?

Speaking of manipulations, bringing Allegra on board as well as the shop-girl Sophia shows the extent of Beth's reach and how she has been plotting this for quite some time.

The fact that Chris has to serve under Aurelia and also Sophia is certainly a difficult prospect for him. I suppose we shall see what Laura and Julia will be like toward him, but I can't imagine it will be anything fun for him.

The slave games were quite entertaining, and what Nadine did to Yuki at the end was certainly extreme. The last scene at Aurelia's house shows that she has money and perhaps power that belies her position at the company, and should certainly concern Chris while he is her live-in slave. The mind-fucking by Grace (with assistance from Aurelia) was spectacular and unsettled Chris a lot. At least he got an orgasm for his troubles and was left to sleep in a bed to allow a bit of recovery.

Looking forward to what happens next! :-)
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Hi OneAuthor,
Thanks for the great comments!

I did almost wet myself laughing reading the Yuki demotion playback - another instance where our senses of humour overlap!

It's going to be especially tough for Nicola as you say because she is a natural dominant - how will she cope with Beth's torments? Once Beth gets her claws into you - there are very few outs so Nicola will have to be particularly astute to survive this.

Beth's network as you rightly point out is always wider and deeper than we perhaps give her credit for. She is rarely a loud mouth and is always better served doing her work out of sight to the others.

Then you mention poor Chris - he really seems to have lost the coin toss with having to serve Aurelia and Beth appears to love every second of passing his sentence down. I think Chris is going to have to plot and connive even better than Nicola to make it out from under her control alive. Also, 3 new recruits bring untold threats.

It seems also that living with Chris and Grace will be anything but a holiday camp and the torture won't be all physical - they seem to have a penchant for mind fucking which will be sending Chris in circles.

Let's hope there are some silver linings in those clouds up ahead.
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For followers of the story, I need to explain that it now starts to splinter into multiple perspectives. Initially there is some overlap as Nicola recounts what happened from her own view and we start to see what happened in the gaps where Chris was not there.

The story will then continue in that vein including guest perspectives along the way.
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Chapter 33 – The trials of Nicola Delmont

I had ordered Henrietta under the table after she had made Chris and myself breakfast. I needed to put this stupid little bitch in her place once and for all before things got out of hand and started polluting my relationship again. I thought letting her stew a little was in order first and Chris was only just in the shower so I had time. Eventually I kicked the bitch to signal I was ready to talk.

“Yes my goddess, can I help you with anything?” Henreitta said.

“Listen to me carefully bitch. If you want to stay in my presence then you are going to have to realise that it will be on my terms. Chris and I are partners and that will not change, if you try and get in the way of that ever again I will destroy you then cast you aside. Am I clear?” I said.

“Yes goddess perfectly. I know I was wrong to do what I did yesterday but it was only my love for you that drove me. I will respect your partnership with Chris and never try anything like that ever again. Please know that I still love you dearly and just want to be any part of your life goddess.” Henrietta pleaded

I gave her plea some consideration as I thought about the day ahead. As I looked around the room I could see how disorganised my life had become. Time with Chris, endless squash practice and tournaments as well as all the usual stuff like shopping were leaving me little to no time for domestic stuff. That gave me an idea.

“You know what slave this apartment looks like a dump. What do you think about that?” I said looking to gauge her response.

There was a pause while Henrietta looked around the room before she replied, “Dear mistress, perhaps I could clean your apartment for you while you are at work today? It would make me very happy to do that for you.”

A big smile appeared on my face. I threw a piece of bacon onto the floor under the table and picked it up with my toes. I then crossed my legs so my foot was just a few inches away from Henrietta’s face. I could almost hear her mouth watering. I chuckled to myself feeling the power I had over this wretch.

“Well I suppose I could give you a trial run as my domestic slave. But then I am not sure what you have done to earn that privilege.” I teased.

“Oh please goddess give me just one chance and I will show you how willing and able I can be as your domestic slave. I will cook and clean for you as well as run any errands you need me to.” Begged Henrietta

I then felt a little kiss on the foot I had planted on the floor. I responded, “Very well I will discuss it with Chris.” I then wiggled my toes that had been ensnaring the bacon to signal Henrietta could eat it. Not a second later I felt her tongue wrap around my toes freeing the food. She then sucked my toes to remove any residue and then placed gentle kisses on my sole. It felt divine.


Later at the office…

I was frozen to the spot standing in front of Beth’s desk. The thought of spending a minimum of fifteen years in prison was rippling through my mind like a razor blade carving up sane thoughts and leaving a residue of anarchy and chaos in my brain. That amount of time was pretty much all my youth. I looked at Chris who was as white as a sheet trying to find a way out for me. But this bitch was nastier than me and to my chagrin smarter than us both. Any response to this would be more a slow burn than a knee jerk reaction.

The fear within me led to tears, which only served to delight Beth even more. It wasn’t long before she sent Chris out for food so she could have me alone. Almost immediately the door closed behind Chris, Beth stood up and walked towards me, she eyed me up and down briefly to assess my despair and anxiety of which there was much.

She then slapped me hard across the face and I dropped to the floor. My cheek was burning and another flow of tears started to well up. She was so fucking strong. Seconds later she grabbed my hair and yanked me back to my feet.

“I didn’t give you permission to sit down bitch.” Beth screamed and slapped me again. It hurt even more this time and I collapsed onto my knees.

“Please Beth stop. Enough.” I pleaded.

“You fucking whore! How dare you presume to instruct me. You have tried to take everything from me and had it not have been for my influence, friends and network you may have succeeded. Well now you are totally screwed. To say your days ahead will be tough will not even come close to describe how god-awful your life is going to be. I am so full of hate and vitriol for you that my thirst for vengeance will take an eternity to burn out.” Beth scowled.

Beth then kicked me between my legs and I screamed in pain dropping onto my side. I then felt Beth’s shoe hit the side of my face as she started to press down hard on my head.

“It will never be enough whore. NEVER!” Beth was laughing venomously as she ground her shoe into my face.

Wracked with pain I tried in vain to escape her foot but it was no use. She was far too strong and agile for my defenceless face and weak arms.

“You should get used to this place whore. Under my feet is where you will skulk. In fact the rank stench of my sweaty feet will be the one comfort I will grant you amongst the endless pain and suffering you will have to endure. I am sure it wont be long before you are begging for that prison sentence.” Beth then started laughing.

A few moments later she removed her shoe from my face and went to sit back down on her chair placing her shoes back on the desk.

“Get back on your fucking knees whore or I will rip your hair out doing it myself.” Beth shouted.

Hearing this threat I started to get back to my knees as quickly as I could. The last thing I wanted was more pain at this point. When I was upright once more I looked at Beth who was still shooting evil looks back at me with her narrowed eyes. Beth then spoke again, “Sign this you fucking useless piece of shit!”

She then threw a stapled document across the table. As I glanced at it I could see it was a contract of employment. On the third page I could see a summary of the details. The role was a personal assistant role to the team leader; the salary was half what I was on today and the hours and vacation days were both the respective maximum and minimum decreed by law. Just underneath there was a responsibilities summary, which just stated that the role would do whatever the team leader required. I looked up at Beth and asked, “Why do you want me to sign this Beth?”

“Oh for fuck sake whore, surely you are not that stupid. This is your new role.” Beth smirked.

“But this is Chris’ job. What does that mean for him Beth?” I asked

“Just shut the fuck up and sign the contract bitch or I will lose my temper and you don’t want that. Also from now on you will call me goddess. Any transgression will lead to immediate painful punishment. Clear?” Beth sneered.

My head dropped realising I was trapped. I picked up the pen and signed the last page where Beth had already signed her name sealing my fate. “Yes goddess.” I said.

Beth snatched the document away then said, “Not fucking good enough. Say it louder and with passion and love. You are my lowly slave and it’s your job to worship me as the goddess I am. My job is to treat you like shit, humiliate and degrade you and of course make your life hell.” Beth smiled satisfied.

I sighed, as I hated being called a slave. I am a fucking dominant you bitch I thought to myself. You should be kissing my feet not the other way around. I started picturing myself whipping her face with a crop and stamping on her face as she cried. I was standing above her laughing. I was brought crashing back to earth when Beth kicked my face with her shoe and said, “Well whore?”

“Yes goddess. It is clear. Thank you.” I responded in a clear confident voice.

Beth was put out by my self-assured response and sought to put me down again. “Lick the fucking shit off my shoes whore! Then dry your spit off by wiping your face against them.”

I was disgusted at the thought and looking at her shoes didn’t make it any better. She should fucking be licking my shoes! I reached forward and put the thought of what I was going to do out of my head and started to lick gently on her sole. It tasted foul. After a couple of minutes Beth lost patience, “Fucking hell you are absolutely useless whore. I will be here all week at this rate. Stick your tongue out as far as you can, now.”

As I stuck my tongue out Beth started aggressively wiping the sole of her shoe up and down. It bloody hurt like sandpaper and I winced. After a couple more minutes she leant forward and dragged me to the floor beneath her.

“Well if you can’t be a good shoe cleaner you sure as hell will make an excellent foot stool. And don’t think I am letting you off lightly we will be practicing shoe cleaning every day until you are perfect.” Beth scowled.

She then slipped off her shoes and placed her stockinged feet on my face. “Now take time to draw in that wonderful scent. I want you to learn the scent of your goddess, whore. I know at the moment you must hate this so much but that just makes me enjoy it more. Trust me in time you will crave this smell, you will beg to be allowed to sniff my sweaty stinking toes and you will learn to worship and love me.”

Just then I heard the door open from under Beth’s feet. Chris had returned.


When Chris was forced out of Beth’s office I was once again with Beth only this time Allegra remained. Beth was livid. She clearly had more feelings for Chris than I had understood before. I was both angry and sad with what he said but felt he was just trying to protect me and keep me safe.

“That fucking presumptuous little cunt! Arrgh.” Beth then picked up her crop and lashed it across my back. I screamed with the pain. I had never been hit with a crop before and baulked at just how brutal it was. It was fine when I used it on others but I had no desire for it myself.

“You should have got rid of him altogether Beth. I don’t know why you let him stay.” Allegra said.

“Stay out of it Allegra. I know what I am doing. Don’t question me.” Beth ordered as she pulled the crop across my back again. I screamed once more.

“As you wish Beth.” Allegra replied aggrieved at the put down.

After another two lashings from the crop Beth threw it into the corner and I curled up trying to alleviate some of the throbbing pain running down my spine.

“Let’s discuss the team meeting Allegra. I want to run through the teams and arrangements one last time.” Beth requested.

Allegra and Beth then took seats at the meeting table, Beth still in her nylon feet. They started talking as I lay there. Moments later Beth called out, “Whore. Crawl over her and sniff our feet while we talk. Make yourself useful!”

As I crawled over Allegra slipped off her shoes ready to welcome me. As I got near she hooked her foot around my neck and dragged me under the table before slamming her feet on my chest pinning me face up on my back. She was an incredibly powerful woman maybe even stronger than Beth. Things were getting worse by the minute.

Just seconds later four damp, sweaty, stinky stockinged feet descended onto my face and assaulted my senses. I groaned at how utterly revolting this was but was obliged to consume their foot odour as they were giving me no access to fresh air. I remained under their feet for at least thirty minutes before they finally got up ready for the team meeting. I felt sick with the smell still coating my face.

Beth then went across the room and brought back a collar and leash. She then attached this onto me and kicked me hard in the ribs. I bent over and yelled with the pain.

“You know I am getting sick of your fucking whining whore. If you are going to cry then I am going to give you something to cry about.” Beth screamed.

She then stepped onto my chest beckoning Allegra to join her. The two talk strong women then trampled my body into the ground while I cried and wailed. All I could hear were their laughs as they stepped on my body and face relentlessly. Just when I thought I would pass out with the pain they jumped down and dragged me outside ready for the meeting. I crawled behind them distraught.


After the team meeting…

As I was dragged back into Beth’s office after the team meeting I was still full of anger at the pack of lies she had told the team to turn them against me. All of me wanted to shout ‘Liar!’ and tell them she was complete bitch but the thought of prison wasn’t yet something I could come to terms with. At least Chris has told me he loves me that would be something I could hang onto until I could see him again.

Once inside Beth summoned me to her side then propped her nylon feet on my shoulder in front of my face. She knew I hated the smell of her feet and was determined to abuse me with them at every available opportunity.

“Right listen whore I am going to explain your daily tasks.” She said wiggling her toes under my nose to release her scent.

“In the morning you will be here at 8 with my coffee and breakfast which I will grant you the honour of purchasing each day. If you are one minute late I will punish you. In fact I just may punish you anyway depending on my mood.” Beth drifted slightly picturing the scene.

She then went on, “We will then go through my agenda and any pressing emails or notifications. I will give you orders on planning; meetings etc and you will follow them to the letter. I will then either amuse myself by abusing you or if I am busy I will set you work. Your work will consist of presentations, analysis and any preparation for my important meetings. Now I know you are not as bright as my former slave so you will have to work much harder to please me. If you deliver me any sub-standard work I will punish you. At the end of each day you will serve me here in a final goddess time slot before I allow you to leave. If you really fuck me off I will take you home with me and abuse you all night.” Beth then stuck her big toe up my nose toying with me and giggled to herself at my look of disgust.

I shivered at the thought of having to prolong my time with Beth beyond the working day. Fucking bitch!

“Overall you are going to have to work a minor miracle every day not to be punished. And in the event you do have a perfect day I will punish you for being such a smart arse bitch.” Beth summarised and started laughing at her own wicked humour.

After a few moments Beth said, “Give my feet a good sniffing whore and I will allow you one question. Fuck it up and I will crop you instead.”

With little choice I took several large sniffs of Beth’s feet. The smell wasn’t improving and my stomach started to churn at how sick it was making me feet. Somewhat satisfied Beth then said, “Ok you may ask me a question whore.”

I had been carefully thinking of what to ask with my one question to take my mind off the stink of Beth’s feet and was ready when prompted.

“When can I see Chris?” I asked.

I think I must have the same knack of asking Beth the one question in the world she didn’t want to hear just like Chris. Though he talked about Beth’s rages I had never seen one personally, she was always the picture of professionalism with the team except when she was humiliating Chris. Well I had certainly ticked the Beth rage box this time.

Beth’s face went bright red and her eye widened like saucers, he pupils fully dilated. Her upturned mouth snarled and her nostrils flared almost like a vicious animal. I was both scared and regretting my question. I knew this could go any way most of which would end with me suffering badly.

“What!” Beth screamed. “How fucking dare you mention that name again in my presence! Can’t you see that he has deserted you? He doesn’t give a fuck about you, you stupid little whore. He only cares for himself and saving his own hide. Right about now he is probably neck deep in pain with Aurelia. I have given her instructions that she is to own him 24-7 to snuff out any hope that you will be able to spend time with him. So fucking forget him and focus on me. I am the one thing that is separating you from 15 years in prison so you better start getting more appreciative or else!”

“But…” I started to say.

“No fucking buts you desperate whore. He loves me not you. Can’t you get that through your thick skull bitch? But he can’t have me. I will deny him until he is absolutely begging me, then and only then will I consider his worth to me.” Beth screamed.

She had tears in her eyes and seemed deluded. Did she really think Chris loved her? What made her think that? Did Chris still have feelings for her he wasn’t telling me about? She was seriously fucking mad, either way.

Curiosity eventually got the better of me and I asked, “What makes you think he loves you Be..er Goddess?”

He lip was quivering with complete resentment at the challenge. She pulled her feet off my shoulders and placed a double-footed kick straight into my face knocking me to the floor and unconscious.

When I came to Beth was sat on top of me pinning my arms at the side looking into my face.

“You think you are so high and mighty don’t you bitch? Well I will enjoy wiping that pathetic smile off your face and replacing it with endless rivers of tears. I will make him watch as I destroy you piece by piece. I will use you to make him suffer and show him how shallow and worthless your affections are for him. You will learn to hate him in time and worship me no matter how remote that seems right now. Then when your love for me is all that consumes you I will cast you aside to spend the rest of your days alone and pitiful.” Beth snarled.

She then spat in my face several times which I could not wipe away as I was restrained. She then said, “Now I have had enough of your obnoxious mouth and ugly face. Put it to better use under my arse whore.”

Soon after Beth lowered her arse onto my face and pushed down creating a tight vacuum such that I couldn’t breathe. She sat there until I was truly desperate for air before giving me literally seconds to recover. The second breath took even longer to arrive. I thought I would pass out.

As she arose this time she said, “The next breath will have to be earned whore. Get that filthy lying tongue of yours out and clean my arse. Only when I feel you have done a good enough job will I grant you air.”

Beth then pulled her knickers crotch to one side exposing her bare backside then she sat back down on my face, wiggling until her hole was directly above my mouth. I had no intention of kissing her fucking arse. What a depraved, disgusting bitch.

As the seconds went by my breath became shorter and shorter. Again panic was setting in and I started to wiggle. Beth said, “If you want to breathe whore get your tongue in my arse.”

I managed to hold out for another 15 seconds before sheer desperation to breathe made me stick my tongue into her arse. I felt sick to my stomach but knew my life was literally ebbing away.

“Yes that’s it whore. Submit that lying tongue to my beautiful arsehole. Learn the taste in the same way you are learning my foot scent. You need to realise in this relationship that all tasks will only ever have one outcome – they one I fucking want!” Beth shouted.

She then lifted very briefly to allow me another gasp of air before dropping down again. “I want it deeper this time whore. I want to feel it go all the way in or you wont be breathing. Suck out all that nastiness, its what you fucking deserve!”

I hung on as long as I could but in the same way as before eventually I had to relent and debase myself to her will. My mind was fracturing already with her twisted abuse, I wasn’t sure how long I could last if today was any indication of what was to come. After forcing me to tongue her arse a further five times, my body went limp as I gave up any further resistance.

She eventually got up and said, “It’s no fun anymore. I preferred it when you hated it more and resisted me. Willingly sticking your tongue up another woman’s arse is just plain pathetic. You should feel ashamed you useless whore. Now fuck off and get cleaned up ready for tonight shit breath. You will embarrass me if you come along smelling like that.”

I crawled out of the room with tears in my eyes. Were there no depths this bitch was not prepared to stoop to just to fuck with me?


After the work’s party…
As I walked home from Beth’s nightmare after work party I couldn’t stop crying. Partly feeling sorry for myself in all that I had been through today and the rest due to how Chris had suffered to protect me. I so hoped he could find a way out this for us but how he was going to do that with Aurelia hovering over him all the time I wasn’t sure. Perhaps it was really down to me. I needed to find a way for us. I started imaging killing Beth. If only I could be sure to get away with it.

I thought about texting him but decided against it. I couldn’t be sure Grace or Aurelia wouldn’t intercept the message and tell Beth.

By the time I got back to my apartment it was 10pm. As I unlocked the door and entered I was caught off guard when Henrietta scampered over and kissed my shoes.

“I am so happy to see you goddess. I didn’t think you were coming back. Look I have cleaned everything for you and tidied up. I have also prepared some food for you which I can reheat if you want it.” Henrietta said.

I walked past her and collapsed on the sofa without speaking. I then beckoned her over with my finger. She crawled towards me and was by my side in seconds. I ran my fingers through her hair and brushed her cheeks. She looked up at me lovingly. I bent down and kissed her lips gently, which really shocked her. Henrietta didn’t quite know how to react.

“Calm down slave. This is about me not you. Ok?” I insisted and Henrietta nodded to confirm. I then brought her close to me and embraced her as she knelt by my side whilst I explored my own state of mind.

My inner dominant had been caged all day and moreover I had been subordinated by a super bitch who made me look like a pussy. I so wanted to unleash on Henrietta right now but feared I wouldn’t be able to control myself given my current state of mind. I knew she could take a lot, and certainly a lot more than Chris but I didn’t want to put the poor girl in hospital.

I continued to stroke her hair as the urge to dominate her started to pick away at me. I needed to make her suffer to expunge the shit that Beth had done to me today. I couldn’t let Beth destroy that part of me. It was the one thing that could get me through this. It’s where my inner strength resided.

“Slave. I feel like being very wicked to you tonight.” I said in a low sinister tone.

Henrietta look up at me and responded, “I would like that goddess.”

“Are you sure you can handle it bitch? I am going to be very nasty to you and once I start there will be no stopping.” I warned.

“It would make me very happy to suffer for you goddess.” Henrietta replied looking like she was getting very aroused.

“Good slave. I am going to give you a safe-word for your own protection. I need to understand your limits as I am not sure I have any anymore.” I said devoid of emotion. Henrietta listened.

“Your suffering will be very important to me now bitch. You will make your goddess very happy the more you can take. You safe-word is ‘Mercy’”

Henrietta crawled to the side of the sofa and retrieved my crop. She then came back bowed her head and offered it to me. “Please let me make you happy goddess.”

I took the crop and sat back on the sofa. I could feel my face change as the contempt and dominant within started to take control. I kicked Henrietta in the chest pushing her back across the room. “Take my shoes off and sniff my stinking feet bitch.” I ordered.

Henrietta’s face went bright red, which warmed my authority still further. As she approached to lift my foot I slapped her face with it and said, “Hurry up bitch, I haven’t got all night.” She sped up and quickly removed both my shoes setting them down by the side of the sofa.

Henrietta then lifted my black stockinged foot and took a deep sniff between my toes. She closed her eyes and groaned with pleasure, her left hand started to slide down towards her pussy. I kicked it away saying, “Don’t presume bitch. You can only touch yourself if I allow it.”

Henrietta replied, “I am sorry goddess. It’s just they smell so sweet and beautiful.”

“What you mean is they are nasty and sweaty with a foul stench to them. But to a miserable pathetic bitch like you it’s perfume. Give them as big a sniff as you can muster.” I ordered.

Henrietta lovingly caressed my foot and brought it back up to her nose then prepared herself with a large exhalation. She then straightened her back and took an almighty inward sniff that made her head go dizzy. “Oh my goodness my wonderful goddess that is so divine. Thank you.”

Given the awful day I had endured under Beth I wanted to push Henrietta hard. She needed to endure what I had to and anyway I was curious whether it would repulse her like it did me or if a true submissive would enjoy it.

“You can thank me by licking my arsehole slave.” I said and got up from the chair and lowered my pink lace knickers. I watched her as I did this to gauge her reaction. She looked incredibly excited, I am sure she even licked her lips. Either way, her lips were quivering and her eyes were wide with anticipation.

When I was satisfied she wanted it enough I turned around and presented my bottom to her face. I then parted my cheeks with my hands and said, “Ok slave present your worthless tongue to my regal arsehole. I want slow gentle licks to begin with.”

I waited for a few seconds in anticipation and then felt her warm wet tongue embrace my hole lovingly. She made long gentle strokes with her tongue up and down my crack slowing around my hole. As she did this I could hear her moaning very loudly. She was in ecstasy. I knew it must smell terrible in there as I had sweated so much today with my exertions but that didn’t seem to dissuade Henrietta one jot. I wasn’t sure whether I actually wanted her tongue right up my hole but needed to know if she would do it and had to feed my own curiosity as to what it would feel like.

After several minutes of crack licking I gave Henrietta the order, “Ok whore stick that eager tongue of yours in my hole.”

Henrietta then said, “Thank you my wonderful goddess. I am so happy you have chosen to bless me with such a reward. I only hope I prove to be worthy of such attentions.”

I smiled as she stroked my power ego and I felt a rush flood through my body. The dominant in me was resurfacing with vigour and strength revitalising my depleted soul. My mind wondered as I imagined making Beth do this, which made me flush even more. I then felt Henrietta’s warm moist tongue enter my hole. I was a little shocked initially as my back straightened and anus clenched forcing her tongue out. A few seconds later I could sense her tongue enter me again. I was ready for it this time so relaxed and bent forward slightly to encourage it in.

A strong erotic shiver went through my body and I groaned involuntarily. It felt fucking fantastic I thought. Sensing my pleasure Henrietta clasped my thighs tentatively to assess whether she was allowed. I grasped her wrists firmly and pulled them forward and bent over so her face was forced further into my crack.

“Get your fucking tongue in as far as it will go bitch. I want you to submit to me completely.” I snarled.

Henrietta didn’t need forcing she was in raptures of sexual arousal. Her arms went limp as I pulled hard on her wrists and she buried her face inside me. I felt her tongue go deep into me. I screamed out with the enormous sexual energy coursing through my body. Henrietta thrust her tongue in and out of my arse complete subordinating herself to me. Her submission only served to enhance my dominant urges. I let go of her wrists, which dropped by my side and I reached behind me to grab Henrietta’s head. Once I had firmly clasped my hands around it I pulled it with all my strength into my arse and bent forward to maximise the penetration.

Henrietta pushed her tongue out as far as she could and screamed with the pleasure of her own submission into my arse. I held her face in my arse for as long as she could take it, as there was no air to support her. As I felt her body go limp I pulled her out and pushed her to the floor.

She was drained and weakened from her difficult servitude. Now I had her exactly where I wanted her. I placed my foot on her face and started to grind it into the carpet, “You fucking selfish whore. I wanted more and you failed me. Now you will have to be punished.”

Henrietta whimpered somewhere between sexual excitement and exhaustion, “I am so sorry goddess, please met me try again. I will be better I promise.”

“Too fucking late whore.” I screamed as I raised the crop high above my head and brought it down hard onto her back. Initially she managed to stifle her screams but as the lashes became more frequent and more intense she started to buckle and relent. I ground my foot harder into her face as I brought the crop down again and again across her back. I was now entering a cloud of euphoria as I surrounded myself with the pleasure of making her suffer. Henrietta was entering a veil of true terror and agony but was allowing herself to surrender unconditionally.

She started screaming as the punishment continued, I was now oblivious to her suffering and completely absorbed in my own sadistic satisfaction. It was only when her tears moistened the underside of my sole that my mind became distracted and in noticing Henrietta again I heard her pleas of “Mercy”.

I stopped and looked at her. Her face was bight red and sobbing but not a patch on her back, which was now scorched and patched with blood. I didn’t even register one ounce of pity for her, in fact I ground my foot harder into her face to show my displeasure at her submission.

“I am sorry goddess. I know I failed you. I so tried. I will learn. Please just give me another chance.” Henrietta pleaded.

“Get the fuck into the bathroom and clean yourself up slut. I don’t want to see your face until then.” I ordered and lifted my foot off her face.

Henrietta scampered into the bathroom stumbling several times as her body wilted with the pain. She was gone around ten minutes before she returned to kneel by my side as I sat on the sofa. The faint smell of soap and antiseptic drifted up from her body.

“Strip you fucking bitch.” I said in a nasty condescending voice. Henrietta took her clothes off and knelt back down beside me. I took the crop and glanced the tip around her firm C cup breasts teasing the nipple. She shivered both in fear of further punishment but also in arousal. I looked deep into her eyes to intimidate her as she bowed her head to acknowledge my power over her. This woman had suffered unbelievably for me and was now apologising for failing me.

I got up and grabbed her hair with my clenched fist and started to drag her towards the bedroom. She was terrified but continued to relent to my wishes. When we were in the bedroom I threw her down to the floor and undressed, throwing my knickers down onto her face with a look of disgust.

I then dispensed with the duvet and lay on the bed naked. “Come here Henrietta.” I said.

She didn’t move initially partly confused with me using her name and partly uncertain of what I wanted. Soon after she was looking at me from the side of the bed. Her eyes were lost in sadness, desire but more than both of those, love.

“Come kiss me Henrietta.” I said moving my hand down the length of my torso onto my pussy.

“I don’t think I deserve that goddess. I failed you. I think I deserve to be punished.” Henrietta said.

“I have given you an order. I won’t ask you again.” I replied.

She then crawled up onto the bed and started to gently kiss my soaking wet excited pussy. I was in raptures within minutes fuelled from my prior endeavours. As I screamed out in uncontrollable waves of pleasure with the intensity of my orgasmic release, Henrietta started crying. I took her cheek in my hand and pulled her up to face me. Our bodies then interlocked so our lips, breasts and thighs were in a tight embrace.

“You have suffered for me exquisitely tonight Henrietta. Now sleep with me and hold me in your embrace. Show me how much you truly love your goddess.” I said softly.

I then kissed her lips delicately and closed my eyes to sleep. As I started drifting off I could feel the weight of her stare and the drip of her tears onto my arm.”
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