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Trying to delete this double entry!!

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A couple of days passed and I'd helped Jay load a broken down bike on the truck which upset my back. I called Gina's number and it went to voice mail. "Call me or stop by, please." I said, and disconnected. I was lying on the floor watching television when Gina walked in. "Sorry, Mogli, but I was working." Gina said, kicking off her tattered black sneakers, "And it was hotter than Hell in the store today. Should I wash my feet quickly?" I said 'no', and that she shouldn't worry so much. "What brought this on?" she asked. "I had to help a brother load a broke-down bike in a truck and I'm hurting." I said, looking up at her.

Gina carefully placed her sweaty bare foot on the center of my chest and asked, "Are you ready?" I could smell the pungent scent of rubber and sweat as soon as her sole touched my chest. I nodded yes. She stepped up and started digging in with toes and heels, massaging the chest muscles and up around my collar bones. I let out a sigh. "Does this feel good?" Gina asked, smiling down at me. "It sure does." I replied. She balanced on her right foot and put her left sole on my cheek, pushing my face sideways, and said, "I hope the smell's not killing you." I laughed, and said, "You really do worry too much." She switched feet and started pressing my face the other way, her toes touching my nose, and I inhaled deeply. I sighed, again, and she giggled. "When you exhaled, just now, it tickled my toes." she said. My cock twitched again in my jeans. "How long have you been getting walked on?" Gina asked. I shrugged my shoulders, and said, "Too long, I guess, but it's the only thing that helps." Gina moved away from my face and walked down the length of my torso, down my hips to my knees, and back again. "You'll tell me if I'm hurting you, right?" she asked, kneading my pectoral muscles.

Thirty minutes later, Gina stepped off, had me roll over, and started working on my back. She ground her heels into the knots and walked up and down my spine like a professional. "You're a natural at this." I said. She laughed. "How hard is it to walk around on someone? Especially knowing I'm getting paid to do it." she said, laughing. Thirty minutes on my back produced a few pops and cracks. "Okay...on your back. I'm going to crack your neck if I have to stand on your face." she said, and I felt cum oozing from my cock. She bounced on my chest. She ground her heels and toes into my chest. Finally, she moved her right foot to my face, and said, "Are you ready?" I said, "Yes." as she started pressing down on my cheek. "You're so close." I said, hoping my neck wouldn't pop easily. Suddenly, she was full weight on my cheek, one foot atop the other, and my neck went...POP. "There's that side." she said, stepping back on my chest. She repeated the move, both feet, full weight, and again my neck went...POP. "Wow!" she exclaimed, "That was tough." as she stepped on my chest. I was going to ask her to stand on my face, again, but her phone rang. "Okay...I'll run home and shower and meet you there." she said. She sat on my chest and put on her socks and sneakers. "Sorry to cut out early, Mogli, but I'm meeting a friend for dinner. Want me to stop back later?" I said, "Yes, please." and out the door she went.

I waited an hour before getting up off the floor. After a quick dinner and a coffee I sat watching the TV anticipating her return. She pulled in just after ten p.m.

More to Come...Soon.
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