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Chapter 34 – The Trials of Yuki Nakama

Yuki had got a text late on Sunday afternoon to be at work for 7am on Monday to meet with Beth. She was full of trepidation knowing she had been playing a dangerous game in an effort to reap enormous financial rewards, but the text gave no indication that was the issue. In fact Beth had signed it, ‘love Beth xxx’”

Yuki was a little early when she arrived so took some time to set up her laptop in her partitioned office and grab a machine coffee. As she sat there processing emails from late Friday and over the weekend she heard footsteps approaching. As she turned Beth was standing in the partition space Yuki had entered by.

“Drop by my office in 10 minutes Yuki, I just need time to set up.” Beth said and disappeared before Yuki could respond. Beth didn’t seem out of sorts; in fact she seemed to be very typical professional Beth like.

Yuki approached Beth’s office a little more relaxed sensing she wasn’t onto her backhanded antics. The light was on and the door was open so Yuki walked in. As she did she caught a tall woman with long brown straight hair pulled back in a ponytail and deep, sparkling green eyes set behind glasses sat at Beth’s meeting table. The woman was watching Yuki intently as she took the middle ground in the room

“Take a seat Yuki.” Beth called from behind her desk, apparently still distracted by something on her laptop. Yuki turned and went to sit by the woman who was still staring at her.

Yuki smiled and bowed slightly to the woman as she took the seat next to her. “Hello my name is Yuki. I don’t think I know you?” Yuki asked delicately.

“No you probably don’t.” Was the only thing the woman said, continuing to stare at Yuki.

The woman was strong and assertive and was unsettling Yuki who started to shuffle on her heels, bouncing her legs up and down under the table. The woman sat next to Yuki glanced at her fidgeting and then back to her face before smiling knowingly. Yuki gave another nervous smile back and bowed her head to look down at the table to avoid further eye contact.

Beth then got up from her desk and made her way over to the table before taking a slight detour to walk passed the door. She stopped briefly, locked the door and then tossed the key back towards her desk nonchalantly. Beth then took the seat on the other side of Yuki so the two women now flanked her in the middle.

Beth then led off, “Your hard work and dedication have not escaped my attention Yuki.”

Yuki smiled with increased nervousness having seen the door locked. “Thank you Beth.” She replied.

“I was especially impressed with the work you did with Leading Edge Associates. I am not even sure you actually shared that with me or the team yet right?” Beth said with a strong air of irony in her voice.

Yuki’s face dropped and went red. Leading Edge Associates was the firm she had been helping win business over her own teams. A confident inside, Patrice Sayers, had offered her significant financial incentives for giving them advance sight of Beth’s pitches as well as details on the team, their targets and analysis data on them. Yuki was now shaking in fear of repercussions having seen how Beth could react when angered.

Yuki decided to push in case it was coincidence, “I am not sure what you are talking about Beth. They are our competitors.”

“Oh I think you do Yuki.” Beth sneered. She then let the silence engulf Yuki for a full two minutes whilst her and the assertive women stared at her.

“I will ask you again Yuki. What extra curricular work have you been busy on for Leading Edge Associates?” Beth asked with an air of finality.

Yuki was visibly shaking now racking her mind for a good answer. After twenty seconds or so she said, “Ah yes, now I recall. Leading Edge were bidding on the Strathbourne account so I was using my contacts to see if I could get some advantage over them for us.”

“Really?” Beth said. “Do you know the only thing I hate more than a liar Yuki?”

Yuki stammered and spluttered, “Er no Beth.”

“A fucking traitor!” Beth screamed into her face.

Yuki threw her head into her hands and started crying.

“Oh no you don’t bitch. Your tears won’t save you this time.” Beth said as she stood up. She then grabbed Yuki’s hair and yanked her to her feet. Yuki screamed with the pain. Beth then held Yuki’s crying face up so the assertive woman could see her.

“You haven’t met Allegra Griffin-Watson have you bitch? She was team leader of the consultancy arm where Patrice Sayers worked. The same Patrice Sayers who was caught, sacked and is now facing criminal prosecution as of Friday last week. Allegra is now joining us as co-leader of the team with me.” Beth said inches from Yuki’s face.

“I am so sorry Beth. I made a mistake. Please I will make up for it. I can work for free for a while or something.” Yuki pleaded.

“As well as insider dealing I also found out that you have been whoring yourself around London with a bunch of high flying execs. I wonder what your proud family would think to that given how you disgraced them before. London was supposed to be your chance to set things straight right? I would be surprised if they ever speak to you again after your behaviour.” Beth snarled as she threw Yuki down to the floor.

Yuki started scrambling towards the door briefly in panic before realising it was locked. As she then turned Beth was standing right over her. Yuki not knowing what to do clasped Beth’s ankle and begged, “Please Beth have mercy on me. I fucked up. I know I did now. Just let me go and I will leave and never come back.”

“How’s this for mercy bitch!” Beth screamed and kicked Yuki hard in the stomach. Yuki had done a little mixed martial arts training herself but wasn’t anything like as strong or agile as Beth. She rolled up in pain all the air knocked out of her lungs.

Allegra then got up and stepped over to Yuki and kicked her in the stomach even harder than Beth. “Ooof.” Yuki winced barely able to breath, “Please.”

The two women then proceeded to unleash a volley of kicks into Yuki’s chest, back and stomach for almost three minutes pulverising her body like it was piece of meat being prepared for cooking. Initially Yuki was screaming in pain but as the kicks kept coming her body went limp as it started to capitulate and break down. Yuki was losing consciousness with the pain.

Sensing this Beth stopped and placed her shoe on Yuki’s face, “Don’t go to sleep on me yet bitch I haven’t finished with you. Now get on your fucking knees.”

Beth took her seat seeing Yuki was beaten and malleable waiting for her to get to her knees. Allegra and Beth recovered their breath from the beating they had served on her body.

When Yuki was finally on her knees again Beth said, “We could do the same with you as Leading Edge Associates did with Patrice but I think prison is too good for a worthless slut like you. You would probably enjoy the endless abuse in there too much. I could also consider sending you home to face your family with their full knowledge of how depraved and disrespectful you are but again that is simply too fucking easy. No I think the best sentence we can make you serve is one right here under Allegra as her slave. Though the other options will remain viable in case you decide to try and escape.”

Yuki started crying again as the strength to do so returned to her body. Yuki’s mind was hollow and fuzzy racked with pain. Beth’s words barely held any comprehension she was finding it so difficult to concentrate.

“If you keep crying slut I will start kicking that face of yours to give you something to be upset about. You are really starting to piss me off now with your self-pity. Traitors deserve nothing but the very worst in retribution.” Beth seethed.

Allegra then slapped Yuki’s face hard leaving a bright red mark and a sting that made her head ring. “Listen slut!” She said.

Beth then continued, “So slut, you are in luck. Allegra has a position open as of this morning for a slave and we were thinking you would fit the role perfectly. There is just one issue. You need to pass the interview to qualify.” Beth smirked.

Allegra then got up and pulled Yuki’s hair so their faces met. “The interview is simple slut. You have to survive a whole minute with me without passing out. Easy eh?”

Yuki started trying to crawl away again but Allegra was far too quick. She kicked Yuki hard in the crotch compressing her pussy and she dropped to the floor screaming again. Allegra then sat down next to Yuki and placed her torso in a scissor lock before starting to compress her body with her legs.

Yuki started trying to push Allegra’s legs apart to ease the pressure and pain but she was terrifyingly strong. Yuki started whimpering like an animal and Allegra laughed. “You fucking pussy bitch. This is just a bit of fun. You wait until I really get going on you slut!” Allegra then continued to crush Yuki slowly relishing in her slow but certain demise.

As Yuki started to give up Allegra’s annoyance peaked. “Come on you fucking weakling, give me a fight! I demand you try or I will make this fifty times worse for you.” Allegra then leaned forward taking Yuki’s nipple in between her fingers before pinching if hard and twisting it. Yuki’s arm shot up to push Allegra’s hand away.

Yuki then started punching and pinching at Allegra’s legs as hard as she could. Allegra was formidable in her resolve and just laughed at Yuki’s efforts. “That’s more like it slut.”

Allegra then grabbed Yuki’s wrists and twisted them hard in opposable directions wrenching her arms against their natural position Yuki screamed as Beth smiled at her suffering. Allegra then removed her legs from around Yuki’s torso and kicked off her shoes. She then stretched out her legs and placed her size 10 feet around Yuki’s throat. She then pulled Yuki’s arms towards her as she strangled her with her large long feet.

Yuki was struggling to breath now as her screams dampened back down to moans. “How long has she got Beth?” Allegra asked her friend.

“Oh I think another 20 seconds of so but don’t end the show on my account.” Beth responded.

Allegra then keeping one foot on Yuki’s throat manoeuvred the other to cover her face whilst clasping Yuki’s nose between her toes. “Gotcha slut. Now the last thing you will remember as you give way to the blackness is the rotten stench of my feet! Night, Night.”

After one or two stifled breaths and a whole lot of force into her neck, Yuki’s body then went limp.

When Yuki regained consciousness Allegra and Beth were sat down above her, Allegra still wearing her nylon feet.

“I am afraid you failed the interview slut.” Allegra said. “Tough fucking luck for you as now I can only offer you the position below it. Your new role will officially be ‘depraved cunt, who is willing to suffer relentlessly’” The two women started laughing uncontrollably as Yuki’s tears streamed down her face.

Beth then looked at her watch before saying, “I am sorry Allegra but I am expecting a couple more miserable traitors any moment now. I will need my office back please.”

Allegra got up and then leaned into Yuki’s face to say, “See you soon slut.” Afterwards she took the key from Beth and then unlocked and opened the door before leaving. Beth took her seat back at her desk looking like nothing had happened. For a few minutes she seemed busy working on her laptop before she looked up at Yuki and screamed, “Now get the fuck out of my office slut. Your goddess awaits!”

Yuki ran out crying. She was distraught.


After the team meeting had finished Allegra ordered Yuki meet her in the gym after 15 minutes. Yuki was feeling hungry but knew this was not enough time to go out for food so just grabbed a drink from the machine and sat alone in her thoughts, nursing her wounded body.

The fifteen minutes passed by in what seemed like seconds and Yuki felt sick at what she was going to have to face in the days and weeks ahead. Beth had told the whole team now of her traitorous actions and now they were all baying for her blood. Somehow she was going to have to find a way to escape all this without Beth informing the police. If Yuki were arrested she would either be deported back to Japan to face her family or locked up in the UK, neither was an option she could cope with.

As she started walking down the stairs she could hear a number of grunts, thuds and moans. This got more and more audible as she descended at which point she could see Allegra and her team sparring on an open area within the gym. They had a mixed array of martial arts suits on with pads on their heads, chest and lower legs. On their hands were punching gloves with their feet left bare.

Yuki stopped still on the stairs hoping she had not been seen. As she watched Karine and Mireille going at each other hammer and tong she took a big gulp anticipating a whole world of pain if she joined in. Silently she started to creep back up the stairs before a voice called out, “Take another step up those stairs and I will come and break your legs myself slut.”

Yuki paused again not moving. “Get your fucking cowardly arse down here immediately or else!” Yuki now knew it was Allegra shouting orders at her.

Every part of her body and mind was screaming to run back up the stairs but she knew that would only magnify the suffering infinitely when she was caught. Her body was still too sore to make a proper run for it so she decided to descend.

When she was at the bottom of the stairs Allegra, Karine, Mireille and Nadine had stopped and were all staring at her. Their faces had angry, malicious intent written all over them. Not only were these women brutal and powerful, but no-one in their right mind would want to fuck with them. Now they were also vindicated in their anger by Yuki’s deceit and she knew it.

“Get on your knees and crawl over here you useless fucking piece of shit!” Allegra shouted. The others remained motionless, staring with hate in their eyes.

Yuki was trembling as she slowly started crawling towards them. When she arrived and knelt down to look up she felt she had entered the land of the giants. With a minimum height of 5’ 10” each of the four women looked built to fight with their imposing and majestic statures.

Karine spoke first, “How utterly pitiful she looks. You used to be so proud, now look at you. Desperate, humble and shit fucking scared.” Allegra, Karine and Mireille started laughing.

Allegra then added, “Well she should be scared, who wouldn’t be looking as us hard arses. Let alone kneeling down before us awaiting your fate. Fuck that would even give me a heart flutter.” The women laughed again with the exception of Nadine who was stone faced.

“So guys. What do you think we should do with her? Nadine you haven’t said much perhaps you have a suggestion?” Allegra asked.

“Put the bitch out of her misery.” Nadine replied meaning every word of her threat. Yuki tensed up as those cold words resonated in her head.

“Well it is her first day as our slave. Perhaps we could stop short of killing her just yet and have a little fun first no?” Allegra suggested.

“She should sniff our feet.” Mireille suggested with a glint in her eye.

“You are becoming obsessed with making slaves sniff your feet Mireille. Surely we could do something a little more inventive?” Karine countered.

“Well it makes me feel good Karine. What do you suggest then?” Mireille responded feeling put out.

“Well I figure by the time we have finished our sparring session we will all be caked in sweat and stinking right?” Karine said.

“Damn fucking right there, this gym is like a sauna, don’t they have air con down here?” Allegra said.

“Well how about a nice tongue bath in all our nasty places?” Karine proposed.

“Fucking hell sis, that’s like twice as perverted as mine was.” Mireille said, her competitive spirit not wanting to give up just yet.

“Perfect, just what she deserves.” Allegra responded.

Mireille sensing she was going to lose this one tried to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat by adding, “Well she can lick my fucking feet then.” Karine rolled her eyes as Mireille chuckled.

“I am not having that revolting trash anywhere near me.” Nadine said coldly.

Allegra groaned a little under her breath and said, “Well then you can soften her up to the idea. Slut get your pads on Nadine is going to kick the shit out of you as a little incentive to do a good job on our tongue baths. Enjoy!”

Nadine stepped forward and placed her foot on Yuki’s shoulder to keep her pinned down on her knees. “Sluts like you belong on their knees. Look up and marvel at my magnificence before I destroy that pathetic docile body of yours.”

Yuki looked up at Nadine who was staring venomously down towards her. She then cracked with panic and fearing for her life grabbed Nadine’s foot and started kissing the top of it, “Please don’t hurt me Nadine. I am still so hurt from Allegra punishing me earlier this morning. I am no match for you such a mighty warrior.” She then kissed her feet again to signify her position below Nadine.

Nadine pulled her foot away and shouted, “Get those whore lips off my beautiful feet bitch. You don’t deserve such a privilege.” Having stepped back Nadine span around and kicked Yuki full in the face. Yuki’s limp body unprepared for the attack flew a full five feet back off the mat onto the hard floor surrounding. She was barely cognizant of where she was or what had just happened though her neck and head were pounding from the force of the blow.

Nadine just turned around and walked to the centre of the mat ready for her opponent. Allegra walked up to Yuki and threw a bunch of pads down are her almost lifeless body, “I suggest you pad up slut, you are going to need them. If you are not on the mats ready in 3 minutes I will come and crush you into the floor right here where you lay. Get fucking moving!”

Yuki went into a self-preservation panic trying to assemble and put the pads on. She needed several attempts at most of them as her hands were shaking so much. Within a minute or so she was ready and crawling back towards her fate.

On returning she turned to Allegra and bowed down to her feet, “Please save me goddess, I am no match for her, I am sure she will kill me. I will do anything you ask.”

Allegra looked down at her resolute and remorselessly, “First of all it’s good to hear you address me correctly, make sure you keep that up. Secondly I know you will do anything I ask because if you don’t I will punish you and finally of course you are no match for her. In fact you are no match for any of us, but that’s not the point. We are just having a laugh at your expense traitor.” Allegra then placed her foot on Yuki’s side and pushed her onto the mat towards Nadine.

Yuki got to her knees and started crying, she clasped her hands in front of her as if to prey and said, “Please Nadine, don’t hurt me.”

“I don’t do sympathy bitch.” Nadine said before sending a kick into Yuki’s stomach crippling her over into the foetal position.

Yuki wasn’t moving. After all her pleading led to nothing she felt that curling up and hoping was as good as any defence strategy. Nadine was becoming impatient.

Having waited for close to a minute Nadine knew Yuki would not return to face her directly so she strode over to her and kicked her hard into the chest pad twice, then once into the head. Yuki though protected from the assault still felt the full impact and her body moved 3 feet across the mat. She continued sobbing remaining motionless.

“This is fucking ridiculous Allegra. I need a more worthy opponent.” Nadine insisted.

Allegra strode onto the mat and dragged Yuki off to the side by her head guard. She then bent down and removed the pads saying, “You have fucking embarrassed me slut and for that you are going to pay dearly! Now watch what true fighting majesty looks like bitch. For now your role is team bench.”

At that Karine and Mireille sat down on top of Yuki, her pads now removed as Allegra entered the mat to fight Nadine. “Ok Nadine, I will fight you. Am I worthy enough for you?”

Nadine lost her composure slightly at the intimidation from Allegra but was resolute to stay calm and not look scared. “I am sure you will be more than a worthy adversary Allegra.”

Allegra smiled and bowed keeping her eyes on her opponent. Nadine returned the compliment. Allegra used all of her height and reach advantage to keep Nadine at a distance while she picked her off with fast decisive kicks and punches. Each time Nadine tried to advance to make use of her slightly superior strength she was met with a barrage of resistance. Allegra was very fast and supple for such a tall women which made Nadine’s task all the more difficult. Eventually Nadine did manage to land one or two kicks inside on Allegra but was kicked hard on the counter as she backed away. The fight lasted a full 5 minutes and was hard and punishing on both women. Though it was a fairly even content Allegra always held the upper hand and Nadine bowed to her superior skills once they had finished. It was actually difficult to tell whether Nadine was indeed trying or letting her boss win as a show of professional respect.

“You really are quite the fighter Allegra. I like that I will report to a women with superior fighting skills to me. That has never happened before. I can maybe learn a thing or two from you, will you be prepared to teach me?” Nadine asked again stroking her boss’s ego to ensure she made a good impression from a professional standpoint.

Allegra with a smug smile on her face replied, “Of course Nadine, what boss would I be if I refused such a humble request.”

This use of the word ‘humble’ grated Nadine slightly but she accepted the tease given Allegra’s authority though she now regretted not showing her a little of her true fighting capability. She then responded in an ironic tone, “Thank you Allegra. Next time I will try even harder.”

“I look forward to it.” Allegra said boldly as the women started to walk off the mat. Allegra then raised her hand and brushed Nadine’s cheek as a gesture of sisterly respect. Nadine responded without thinking by raising her own hand and touching Allegra’s bringing it closer to her cheek before realising what she had done and then blushed red. Allegra just smiled and withdrew her hand.

“Our turn again?’ Karine said before adding boldly, “Which one of you pussies wants to take me on then?”

Karine was slightly stronger and the more able fighter of the twins but Mireille was fully capable of taking her down on her day. Both the twins were superior fighters to Allegra and Nadine with maybe only Beth being capable of giving them a stern test. But Beth was more of an unknown quantity to these women as they had never really seen her fight with full intent.

Allegra smiled not wanting to bow to Karine’s intimidation. Nadine said she was too tired after fighting Allegra.

“Looks like it’s me then sis.” Mireille said striding confidently onto the mat.

Mireille was the slightly younger of the two and Karine always teased her about this. Perhaps that was the reason there was such a fierce rivalry between them. Despite the rivalry there was a deep sisterly love and unbreakable bond between them.

The women watched the twins throw full force kicks and punches at each other for close to ten minutes. They were demonstrating both their skills and endurance for the others to admire. In this particular session Mireille came out on top having landed a couple of high quality head kicks on her sister. When they had finished the two embraced and Karine said, “Ok bitch you took that one, but next time I am not going to give it to you so easy.”

Mireille replied, “Bring it on bitch.” They both smiled and walked to the edge of the mat where Allegra and Nadine were sat on top of Yuki, who though she had stopped crying was silent and fearful.

“Ok slut. I am read for my tongue bath now!” Karine said and sat on the mat next to Allegra and Nadine. Nadine stood up looking revolted and Allegra smacked Yuki hard on the arse, “Ok bitch you are on. Don’t let me down again or there will be hell to pay.”

Yuki cringed at the stinging in her arse and rolled over towards Karine as Allegra got up. Karine then removed her pads and fighting suit so she was sat in only her black sports bra and panties. Her strong muscular physique was coated in a thick layer of sweat. “You can start with my pits slave.” Karine said firmly.

Yuki’s face wrinkled up in disgust as she approached Karine.

Karine responded by saying, “And you can show a little enthusiasm bitch if you don’t want that ugly face punched in.”

Yuki amended her look immediately and placed her tongue on Karine’s armpit. The smell was terrible and the thick layer of sweat instantly coated the tip of her tongue with a salty wetness making her gag. “Don’t be such a wimp slut. Give me a good hard licking to get all that nasty stink and sweat off.”

Yuki gave a gentle lick and again gagged barely able to stay close to Karine’s armpit. “You fucking sissy bitch. I said get in there and clean me off!” Karine then grabbed Yuki’s hair and pulled her face deep into her armpit then clasped her arm around her neck compressing it to lightly strangle her.

“Perhaps you need a little gentle persuasion to get you going?” Karine added applying increased pressure on Yuki’s neck.

Yuki started licking furiously at Karine’s armpit keen to avoid being strangled. Karine closed her eyes and tipped her head back, “Ah this is the life. It’s so relaxing having a worthless runt humble herself for my pleasure. Especially when it’s this fucking nasty. Make sure you swallow it all bitch!”

Yuki continued to gag and retch as she lapped away at the salty sweat of Karine’s arm pit until she could feel her tongue scratching against the stubble of her hair. She then stopped and Karine released her head. “Other one now slut.” Karine said as she raised her other arm.

Yuki crawled around then began on the other pit. She needed less coercion this time having grown somewhat accustom to the awful taste. The smell however continued to make her gag though Karine was not in the slightest bit interested or sympathetic. When Yuki had finally finished she sat back on her knees with her head bowed the smell of Karine’s body odour all over her face.

“Right slut get to work on my feet now!” Mireille ordered waving her foot towards Yuki to beckon her over.

As Yuki bent down to place her tongue on Mireille’s feet she baulked and involuntarily threw her head away.

Mireille laughed and said, “I know they fucking stink don’t they. I hardly wash them nowadays just in case these opportunities come along. It’s so much more demeaning and nasty when they are rank.”

Allegra laughed and said, “I really love your philosophy Mireille. A woman after my own heart.” Mireille smiled, Karine rolled her eyes and Nadine continued to look disgusted.

As Yuki bowed down again to placed her tongue on Mireille’s feet she felt a strong downward pressure on the back of her head. Allegra was pushing Yuki’s face into Mireille’s feet with her own foot. “Come on bitch get in there and huff on those stanky toes. I want to watch you enjoy this.” Allegra said laughing.

Yuki’s face was now buried in Mireille’s toes as she wiggled them and wiped them down Yuki’s face to maximise their potency.

“Mmmm. Feel my stinky foot juice all over your face slut. You won’t have many friends after this I can tell you. Isn’t my perfume simply divine? Something akin to sweet garden flowers no?” Mireille said sarcastically.

Yuki was flailing as she was forced to lap up the malodourous stench assaulting her nostrils. Her face was turning red as she struggled to cope with the sheer revulsion of her task and the lack of clean air to breath.

“I can smell them all the way up here Mireille. You weren’t fucking wrong when you said they were bad.” Allegra said holding her nose.

“My sister is a perverted sadistic bitch.” Karine added.

“Thank you bitch. I will take that as a compliment or I will make you sniff them afterwards!” Mireille warned.

“You can fucking try bitch! I will break your ankles before I sniff that shit.” Karine returned the threat with interest.

Allegra then interjected to prevent any further escalation, “Come on slut really get in between those toes and dig out the filth and pungency.” She then pressed Yuki’s face deeper into Mireille’s feet.

Mireille was starting to get horny now watching Yuki’s suffering. Her face was going red and she was now rubbing her pussy. This didn’t escape the attention of Allegra who said, “Fuck Mireille you really are enjoying this aren’t you?”

“Too much.” She replied and laughed as she moaned. Nadine looked on curiously wondering what she was missing having opted out.

Yuki’s mouth was now wrapped around Mireille’s toes as she sucked and licked all the dirt and grime from them. Her stomach was pumping trying to push back making her feel very nauseous and she continually gagged.

“That’s right you fucking pathetic little foot whore. Suck up all that foot filth, savour the taste and submit your nose to that rank stench. You ain’t going anywhere trapped in there so you may as well embrace it.” Mireille ordered as her excitement started to grow to a crescendo.

Yuki was now desperate for breath and taking larger and larger snorts on Mireille toes. The smell was now overpowering her and she started to go limp, summoning all the energy she could, she continued thrusting her tongue in and out of Mireille’s toes.

“That’s it you worthless foot cunt. Realise how completely ridiculous and beaten you look right now. Four superior females laughing at your complete and total debasement. This humiliation will live eternally in your mind as will the debilitating scent of my feet. You are powerless to do anything other than submit.” Mireille’s legs then tensed as her orgasm started and she thrust her feet even harder into Yuki’s face and screamed. Yuki went into disarray and hysteria trying to breath. Allegra eventually released her allowing her body to drop down onto the mat. Her nose was bleeding and she was completely wasted.

“Well that was really something Mireille. I never expected such excitement when I arranged this little sparring session for us today.” Allegra said.

Mireille smiled still red in the face and said, “Mmmm perfect.”

Nadine was cross looking at this, “I can’t believe you got so much fucking pleasure out of making her sniff your feet. It doesn’t make sense.”

“Have you tried it?” Mireille asked.

“Well no, but..” Nadine answered.

“But nothing.” Mireille interrupted lying on her back to recover.

“Well perhaps I will try it sometime just to see.” Nadine said flustered.

Allegra then stepped forward, “Ok my turn, I think you will enjoy this slut, we’ve saved the best until last.” Allegra then took her pads and costume off to reveal her pink sports bra and pants. She then walked over to Yuki who was still laying on the floor barely keeping it together before plopping herself down on Yuki’s chest.

“Let’s start with a little warm up before the main course. My feet have picked up a lot of dirt from the gym. Suppose you just lick all that crap off for me slut.” Allegra then stretched out her legs and placed her heels on Yuki’s chest so her soles stretched out across her mouth.

Yuki just couldn’t face any more but then again she didn’t want more pain. She offered her tongue out and started lapping against Allegra’s soles extracting the dirt from the bottom of them. “Bet that tastes yummy right slut?” Allegra giggled. “Well it feels fucking awesome from where I am sitting.”

After around ten minutes of cleaning Allegra’s soles she withdrew her feet and sat up to face Yuki. “Now you know what gets super sweaty and itchy when I do a hard sparring workout slut?”

Yuki already looked disgusted before she even had the answer suspecting it would be something really bad. “No goddess.”

“My filthy arse crack.” Allegra said with a smile on her face.

“Oh my god. Enough. I can’t watch any more!” Nadine exclaimed as she left the gym. Karine and Mireille remained out of curiosity keen to watch what was going to unfold.

Yuki was horrified, she had been debased pretty much continuously all day since her meeting with Beth this morning and now she was going to have lick a relative strangers arse just after a heavy workout. She felt simply terrible and started weeping again.

“You know those tears are exactly what we need to help wash out any undesirable debris from my arse. I think I will jump straight on if you don’t mind. Just start working that tongue as soon as you STOP FEELING FUCKING SORRY FOR YOURSELF!” Allegra started calm and ended shouting at Yuki.

Allegra then took her pink panties off and sat down on Yuki’s upright face. Yuki tried to resist and push Allegra’s arse away but she was far too strong. Once on Yuki’s face Allegra started wigging around.

“That feels so good slut. It’s itching like crazy in there but your face is making for a great scratch pad. Oh what’s this coming?”

Allegra paused and looked around at Karine and Mireille then winked and smiled at them. She then lifted less than an inch off Yuki’s face before letting out an enormous fart right into her nose.

“That was a little unexpected slut, a real bonus for you that. Better get that tongue up my crack quick before another one gets loaded into the firing bay. You will want to be in and out of there quick if you don’t want an early lunch.” Allegra said.

Karine and Mireille didn’t quite know how to react. On one hand they were absolutely disgusted at what Yuki was going through but on the other it held a strange magnetism and they wanted to see more. Yuki hearing the threat of becoming Allegra’s waste disposal started licking her crack still sobbing.

“That feels fucking great slut. Make sure you apply lots of pressure with that tongue of yours my arse won’t clean itself.”

Yuki did the best she could but was utterly repulsed and gagging as much as she was licking. She started wiggling to see if she could squirm out. Allegra was getting annoyed.

“Stop fidgeting slut. Focus on the licking.” Allegra then leant back and pinched Yuki’s nipples hard through her suit making her scream before her tongue started applying a lot more pressure and focus. Yuki could feel Allegra’s legs tense up and feared what would come next. She braced herself as Allegra lifted herself again and pumped another large injection of gas into her face.

“Excuse me, wow I really have got bad wind today slut. I hope the smell isn’t too offensive for you? Why don’t you take a nice deep sniff and let me know.” Allegra said condescendingly.

As Yuki took a sniff her body convulsed and she started to throw up. It took all her focus to keep it down but didn’t escape Allegra’s attention.

“If you vomit into my arse slut, you will be eating out of it straight after and for the rest of the week. Speed up if you want out.” Allegra warned.

Yuki instantly sped up to full pace licking furiously at Allegra’s arse for all she was worth. After about 3 minutes Allegra got up.

“Ok slut go get yourself cleaned up ready for tonight then meet me back at my office. I want a word with you about embarrassing me before we leave. I need to go to the toilet, another few minutes and your job could have gotten much harder under there. Your timing couldn’t have been better for you.” Allegra said as she got up dressed and exited the gym.

Karine looked at Mireille and said, “What the fuck just happened?”

Mireille replied, “Pretty nasty eh?

Karine said, “Yeah but I kinda found it quite erotic. I wonder what its like to have someone’s tongue up your arse.”

Mireille laughed and said, “Fucking hell sis and you call me perverted!”


Yuki faced a particularly brutal whipping at the hands of Allegra for embarrassing her back in the office. Yuki was now only too aware how ruthless and vindictive Allegra could be. She was completely without remorse and seemed to revel in Yuki’s suffering to the point where the harder and nastier it was the more she enjoyed it. Yuki was having grave doubts about how long she could last under this regime and it was only day one. The thought of taking the ultimate way out was now crossing her mind more and more frequently.


Following Yuki’s encounter with Nadine at the after work party…

Yuki was screaming as Nadine dragged her towards the toilet she was utterly horrified with the threat of what was going to happen. Nadine was immensely strong and Yuki knew she had no hope of defending herself against this amazon.

“Get in there you fucking stupid slut.” Nadine screamed. She then turned and locked the door behind her.

Nadine then stormed over to Yuki grabbed her neck and threw her against the wall. “What the fuck do you think you are doing Yuki?”

Yuki stammered hearing her name used, the first time since this morning. “I am sorry goddess. What do you mean?”

“See that’s what I am talking about. You are fucking humbling yourself incessantly with all these bitches. No wonder they are all treating you like crap. I almost enjoyed pissing in your face out there with all those crazy women goading me on. You have got to sort yourself out woman and quickly.” Nadine shouted into her face.

“You mean you are not going to shit on me Nadine?” Yuki asked

“Of course I am not. Who the fuck would do something that revolting to another human being? Well apart from those women out there that is.” Nadine said.

Yuki started sobbing with relief, “Oh thank you Nadine. Thank you so much. I can’t tell you how relieved I am.”

Nadine dropped Yuki to the floor but still kept her pinned to the wall, “See that’s your problem Yuki. You are thankful for not being shat on where most people are thankful for promotions, the birth of a child or meeting the love of their life. You need to get the fuck out of here and quick.”

“But Beth has me pinned down with the whole Leading Edge Associates thing. I could go to jail for that.” Yuki said desperately.

“So fucking what. Serve your time bitch. You did wrong and you should pay. But no one should get the treatment you are getting here. Wake up!” Nadine shouted and backed off.

“I didn’t know what it would be like. If I had I would probably have run, now I feel trapped.” Yuki said

“Well that’s because you are. Look I don’t have time for all this and I am not going to be dragged into your shitty world so when we go back you need to look like you have eaten my shit or they will suspect something.” Nadine insisted.

She then dragged Yuki into the toilet and forced her to drink the water from the bottom and lick the inside of the bowl until she threw up several times. Nadine then looked at Yuki in the face and said, “Ok now you look fucking awful. That will do.”

Nadine then dragged Yuki back into the gym area where the others were gathered.


As Yuki sat alone in a pool of her own vomit locked in the backroom of the gym she broke down. Nadine was so right. What the fuck was she doing allowing these women to abuse her so badly. She needed to either get out or take her chances with a jail sentence. Anything was better than this.

She then threw up and lay down in it hoping for at least a few days sick leave while she hatched a plan.
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I loved the different perspectives from the same day. Beth is really giving Nicola a hard time. Thankfully, Nicola has Henrietta so she can let off some steam. Yuki's situation seems even worse, with Allegra and the twins. Perhaps Nadine can be an ally four her, and she can get away.
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Originally Posted by OneAuthor View Post
I loved the different perspectives from the same day. Beth is really giving Nicola a hard time. Thankfully, Nicola has Henrietta so she can let off some steam. Yuki's situation seems even worse, with Allegra and the twins. Perhaps Nadine can be an ally four her, and she can get away.
Hi OneAuthor,

Thanks for the comment - the alternative perspective (mainly Nicola) gives the story a different approach for most other stories and enables me to play with themes like seeing certain events from different perspectives. Yuki's view is more of a one-off and she will need all the help she can get under Allegre - let's hope Nadine can be her fairy godmother...
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Chapter 35 – A New Dawn

I awoke with a start the next morning as Aurelia entered my room and shouted, “Where the fuck is my breakfast slave?” I was almost out of bed with fright before I had even woken up. I fell down onto the floor and kissed her feet.

“I am so sorry goddess. I am going to get straight on with that right now.” I said hoping to calm her down.

Aurelia then whipped my back three times very hard and I screamed.

“Not fucking good enough slave. I told you there would be no more second chances now get down there and cook us the best breakfast we have ever had or I will administer another 10 for being a useless wanker. We will be waiting in our bed. Be fucking quick about it.”

What a way to wake up I thought. That wouldn’t be happening again. Fuck it stings. I quickly gathered up my clothes and dashed down to the kitchen. Knowing I needed to be quick I searched the refrigerator and prepared pancakes with maple syrup, poached eggs with toast, fresh coffee and fruit juice. I placed napkins, pots of milk and sugar on the side of the tray just in case and then returned to the master bedroom. As I started to enter Aurelia raised her crop and eyebrows at me.

I knelt down carefully so as not to spill the tray contents and started to shuffle forwards towards the bed. As I approached Grace pulled the duvet up exposing their feet at the end of the bed. Realising what was required, I gently kissed their feet before arriving by Aurelia’s side. She leaned over and examined the tray. She then nudged Grace who leaned across her and looked at the tray too. They both started laughing and kissed each other while I held the tray. This went on for about a minute.

I was thinking first I get whipped, then I get an assault course to deliver the breakfast and now I have got to watch them make out while it goes cold. Eventually, Aurelia looked back at me whilst Grace placed her head against Aurelia’s chest in a loving embrace.

“Where’s yours slave?” Aurelia asked.

“I er. Wasn’t sure I was allowed any goddess.” I replied hesitantly.

“Damn fucking right foot bitch. You can suck feet for breakfast and be thankful we are giving you that instead of the crop.” Aurelia sneered and Grace laughed.

She then took the tray and sat up with Grace to begin eating. I crawled to the base of the bed and started to delicately kiss their feet. They were making exaggerated eating noises to grate on my hunger pains and giggling at my disgruntled face. I was getting quite hungry at this point.

“If you keep that face-up foot bitch you are going to burn up what little stock you earned cooking this breakfast real fast. Then I will be pissed and you don’t want that right? As for the feet, I said suck not kiss. Don’t move the dirt around on our feet eat it for fuck sake. It is your breakfast after all.” Aurelia said in a threatening tone.

I returned my concentrations back to their feet and started licking and sucking on their toes while they finished breakfast. When they were done Aurelia said, “OK slave take this downstairs with the cups from last night and clean everything up. Then get yourself ready for work we leave in thirty minutes.”

“Goddess may I ask a question?” I replied.

Aurelia raised her eyebrows then said, “Be careful slave. What is it?”

“It’s just that I don’t have any fresh clothes and toiletries for work here.” I asked.

“Well, you will have to make do today. I will arrange to have them dropped off later. You won’t be going home that’s for sure. Now get to it.” Aurelia said.

“Of course goddess and thank you.” I said collecting the tray.


When we arrived in the office I was told to get back on my knees and follow Aurelia to her office. Grace kissed Aurelia passionately before she departed and Aurelia then sighed, as she knew she wouldn’t see her again for most of the day. This was a sensitive time for Aurelia so I needed to be extra careful not to upset her in any way. When we got close to her office door I sped up so I could open it for her.

She gave a little barely noticeable smile and entered. I then took my seat and started to run through her diary and important actions for the day. One thing she couldn’t level at me was my professional competence. I was way above her pay grade and experience so having me around should have been a massive boon to her if she could see it. After going through the appointments and administration I thought I would take a chance.

“Goddess may I ask another question?” I asked

“You really are walking the tightrope today aren’t you slave?” Aurelia said picking up her office crop and brushing it across her hand threateningly. “What is it?”

“Well, I was wondering if perhaps you see fit to order it from me, whether I could prepare some presentations and analysis on the new leads for your team. Of course, it would only be prep work as the final documents would need to be edited and signed off by you and therefore any role I play would be behind the scenes as it were.” I asked hopefully.

“Are you trying to insinuate that I am not capable of doing that work myself slave?” Aurelia asked going a little red and now tapping the crop on her hand.

“Absolutely not goddess. I was merely offering to support your role as team leader knowing how busy you will be with the team management and customer site visits. I know you could do it with your hands tied behind your back if you wanted.” I said.

“So let me summarise this as I hear it slave. You are desperate to remain on my good side, avoid punishment and other humiliations so you are pleading to do some work in order to win my favour and stay out of trouble. You think you are better than me so you are trying everything to avoid coming across as patronising and condescending but really you think I need your help if I am to succeed. Did I get everything?” Aurelia said with a smirk on her face.

I went bright red sensing I was in for a thrashing. I may be more experienced at work but she was by far the smarter person when it came to mind reading and psychology. I regretted trying to manipulate her.

“Yes I am fucking much smarter than you give me credit for and a lot fucking smarter than you foot bitch.” Aurelia said.

I had no idea how she could read me so easily. She must be some kind of witch. I was now clearly for it and braced myself by bowing my head to the floor. Aurelia started laughing.

“Get up slave you have work to do for me. I have decided you will prepare some presentations and analysis for the new leads we are looking at.” Aurelia said.

My heart fluttered and I looked up at her. She was smiling at me.

I then said, “Thank you goddess. I won’t let you down. I promise.”

Aurelia then gave me an almighty slap across the face, which sent me flying across the room. My head almost flew off my shoulders. Fuck that girl had hard slapping down to a fine art and my cheeks were throbbing. I gathered myself and looked back up at her.

“Don’t ever assume to try and play me again slave or the consequences will be much more severe, I will always be at least three steps ahead of you. Now get busy with the work, I am going to check in on the team. I expect some demonstrable progress when I return later.” Aurelia then laughed to herself and left the office.

I immediately sat back at my little desk and started working my arse off keen to make a good impression for when she returned. I thought it quite ironic that a few weeks back I was working to impress the board and now I was working twice as hard for a recent office junior. The leads were pretty good and I found some great angles to exploit in terms of their strategies and weaknesses where we could add value. I managed to put together two reasonable proposals and an outline of two others in the time it took Aurelia to return a little under two hours later. That was great for even the very best of them I thought to myself.

Aurelia could see I was busy working hard when she entered so she sat down at her desk and put her feet up and watched me for a few minutes. I sensed this but continued working through my final edits and preparations until she spoke.

“Ok foot bitch bring what you have and present it to me on your knees.” Aurelia ordered.

I crawled around and positioned myself in front of her just to the left of her outstretched shoes so I could gauge her face as she read. She snatched the papers from my hands and started to read. After a few moments, she looked up and saw me staring at her so moved her shoes so they were in front of my face blocking my view of her. During the first few minutes, I heard her made a few interested noises as I stared into her shoe soles. She was wearing her well-worn black pumps today, which I knew would make her feet sweat and smell especially as she was barefoot also. I then shook my head and reconnected with my work, waiting for feedback.

As I waited Aurelia popped her shoes off and started dangling them from her perfect toes. She had black nail polish on which was very typical for her. I caught a waft of the sweet aroma that drifted from them.

“You haven’t earned the right to sniff my toes just yet slave. Just stare at them and hope.” Aurelia said and wiggled her toes barely keeping the shoes on whilst she continued to read. I felt a tingle in my pants with the teasing.

After a few more pages turned Aurelia said, “You know these shoes always make my feet sweat. If I had thought about it I would have washed my feet this morning. Now they are really going to stink by the end of the day. Ho hum. What’s a girl to do?”

She then twirled her toes and dropped one of the shoes to the floor. I could now see her face and she was staring at me. I didn’t move. She smiled knowingly then glanced back down to the pages before saying dismissively, “Well pick the shoe up and place it gently back on my toes slave and don’t you dare even think about trying to sniff them secretly.”

I picked her shoe up and looked inside. It did indeed look damp and it felt warm to the touch. I so wanted to bury my nose in it but instead carefully placed it on her toes and retook my earlier position.

Aurelia then placed the first proposal down on the desk and started reading through the second. She gave no indication of what she thought of them. The suspense was killing me as I waited, hypnotically staring at her toes.

“I have very pretty toes don’t I slave? I think it’s a big part of the reason my feet drive that dick of yours so crazy. I mean I know I am absolutely stunning and beautiful too but your desires are more for what’s on the end of my legs right?” Aurelia asked.

I just smiled nervously

“Do you harbour any secret desires to fuck me, slave? You know like a normal person would.” Aurelia said moving her foot slightly to observe my reaction.

I smiled again, not knowing what to say.

Aurelia looked a little pissed. “Well? Answer me, slave.”

I was fucked answering this question. If I patronised her I was going to get a beating, if I lied I would get the same and if I said I loved Nicola I would be lucky to get out of the room alive. I had to think quickly.

“I am sure I am not to your taste goddess. I would never have a chance regardless of what I wanted.” I said.

Aurelia smiled acknowledging my escape from her trap, “Mmm. Well, you never know slave. Maybe I will just fuck you out of curiosity to see what you have. Maybe Grace will join us for a threesome.” Aurelia said laughing at me before shifting her attention back to the second proposal.

After reading through the second document for around ten minutes Aurelia allowed both shoes to fall to the floor and started rubbing her feet together in front of my face. This gave off a stronger scent that made me even hungrier to bury my face in them and I felt a stronger urge in my pants.

“Oops. There go my shoes. Never mind, leave them off for now. I need to air my sweaty stinky toes out a bit. I am sure you don’t mind the smell caressing those hungry nostrils of yours. Just imagine how sweet they must smell close up around the ball of my foot. In fact just imagine how fucking amazing they must smell between my toes.” Aurelia smirked continuing to read.

My cock started to throb as I imagined that smell. I started shuffling on my knees trying to calm myself down. I was starting to hope now that Aurelia would reward me with her toes for the work I had done. As she read on she started flexing her toes and spreading them apart to emphasise her earlier comment. I was now totally transfixed on her feet. I tried to resist but my urges were too strong.

After a few more minutes Aurelia said, “OK I have read through the two proposals. What are these?” She was waving the outlines at me.

“Oh, they are outlines for 2 other proposals which I would be happy to prepare for you if you would like.” I said looking lovingly at her feet.

“So do you think you have earned a reward for your work this morning then slave? I know you have been staring at my feet the entire time with a look of utter desperation.” Aurelia asked.

I went red and just smiled.

“Come closer to them slave.” Aurelia ordered and my cock went into an instant erection.

As I moved closer I could feel the smell potency increase and my senses started to engage. My arousal was getting very strong. As I got to within a few inches I closed my eyes ready to take a deep sniff then I felt a hard slap around my face, which knocked me off balance. I opened my eyes and could see Aurelia had slapped me with her foot and was laughing at me.

“Desperation doesn’t become you slave. The work you did this morning was ok I suppose though I could have done much better. After I have pulled them into shape they will be fine. Now I think to earn your reward you will need to finish off the other two proposals. You will of course work through your lunch break, there is no time to eat for you. I will go out for a nice long lunch and a walk so my sweet toes will be swimming in a pool of delicious sweat just in case you do manage to impress me with your work later. Let me down though slave and I will whip your arse for wasting my time.” Aurelia said.

My face dropped and my cock screamed with the frustration I was now feeling.

“Ok take one last loving look at my beautiful soles slave then put my shoes back on. Remember no sneaky sniffs or else!” Aurelia laughed.

I picked up her shoes and placed them gently back on her feet. Following which she stood up and walked out of the office saying, “It’s just so fucking great being me.”


With my cock aching for release and having been hypnotised by Aurelia’s feet for close to thirty minutes I was indeed desperate. What the fuck had she done to get me into this state I thought?

Well, whatever it was it worked. I set down to work even harder on the two outline proposals even adding in a third to ensure I exceeded all possible expectations Aurelia may have. I was now starving hungry as well, which was making the task all the more difficult.

It was another two hours before Aurelia returned and she did indeed look hot and bothered.

“You wouldn’t know it with the air conditioning in the office but it is stifling hot out there. My feet are soaked through in these shoes and are going to stink royally. I would be surprised if you can last more than twenty seconds with them in your face slave they are that ripe. Anyway we are getting ahead of ourselves, aren’t we? That reward has to be earned so how did you do with my two outline proposals?” Aurelia asked.

“Well, my goddess I finished them both and added a third to please you.” I answered with a proud smile on my face.

“Wow you really are keen to get that worthless nose all over my toes aren’t you foot bitch? Well, let’s see what you have.” Aurelia beckoned me back to the same place under her desk as before with her shoes in my face.

As she started reading the third proposal she spoke without looking up, “I know you would like me to balance my shoes on my toes again slave so you can stare and lust after them but I don’t want to let any of that lovely wetness dry out inside my shoes. My feet will be all the more potent fresh out of my shoes so you will just have to wait and hope.”

The third proposal went down onto the desk and Aurelia moved to the fourth, leafing through the first few pages. “Mmm quite impressive” she murmured, which raised my spirits. It was the first positive thing she had said all the time she had been reviewing the proposals. At last, she turned to the final proposal.

“You must be wondering by now what I think of your work slave. Is it enough to qualify for my delicious stinky toes? If it is how long will you get a few seconds or will I let you gorge on them until you find release? How strong will they smell? Will you be able to handle it? The excitement for you at this point must be almost too much to bear. Well, that’s the life of a slave I am afraid. Keep waiting.” Aurelia chuckled.

Eventually, after what seemed like hours Aurelia put the last of the five proposals down on the desk. She then smiled at me. “It seems you may have some potential albeit limited to support me with the development of proposals for the team. Though I want to be clear your only priority is what I want whether it be work, suffering for me, menial duties or prostituting you out to the team for abuse to maintain team morale. Are you clear how far your station is below me?”

What a fucking come down I thought. I nodded feeling pretty low.

“Ok good. Now before you remove my shoes which I know will be the highlight of your life so far, go and get me a coffee from the French Patisserie around the corner. You may buy yourself a sandwich as well but be quick.” Aurelia commanded.

I rushed out as much in hunger as my desire to return for my reward. I stuffed the sandwich down on my way back I was so famished and had returned within fifteen minutes.

When I arrived at Aurelia’s office I could see her inside talking to Sophia at the meeting table. I went in and crawled over on my knees to present her with her coffee. “Where is Sophia’s coffee slave?” Aurelia barked as Sophia laughed.

Feeling put out I rushed out again to get another coffee. There was a queue this time for mid-afternoon refueling so it was almost twenty minutes before I was back. As I crawled across the office to set the coffee down next to Sophia they both ignored me so I just knelt beneath them at the table.

They were discussing edits to some of the proposals, which Aurelia was presenting as her own work. I knew she would so wasn’t too put out though a little credit would have been nice. Sophia was taking notes on the changes being sure to get all the details correct. They were talking for close to twenty minutes before Aurelia addressed me.

“Well slave what the fuck do you want hovering around me like an irritating fly? Don’t you have work to do?”

I was crushed, after teasing me relentlessly all day while I worked my arse off for her, now when it came to my reward she had simply cast me aside like a piece of rubbish. My face dropped to the floor as I started to turn away.

“Oh that’s right I promised you a reward for your work this morning didn’t I slave?” Aurelia said.

I was half happy to hear this given she hadn’t forgot but the other half of me didn’t want to be having this conversation in front of Sophia, especially as I was almost certainly going to be highly aroused.

“Now remind me again what it was you wanted.” Aurelia said with an evil glint in her eye.

“Oh, nothing goddess. I just wanted to contribute to the team.” I said trying to change the subject.

“That’s not what I remember you saying, slave. If I recall correctly you were sat staring lovingly at my stinky sweaty feet desperately hoping I would allow you to sniff them up close and personal. In fact, you even worked through your lunch break and did a whole bunch of extra work just to increase the faint hope that I would feed your depraved desires.” Aurelia said.

Sophia started pointing at me and laughing, “You really are so pathetic, slave. I mean who would work their arse off all day and through lunch just to sniff rank sweaty feet?”

“Well him for one.” Aurelia said and they both laughed while I blushed with shame.

“Aw look at his poor little face. So ashamed but also so frustrated. I almost feel mean denying him after he worked so hard. What do you think I should do Sophia? Shall I let him remove my nasty shoes and submit himself to my vile peds?” Aurelia asked.

Sophia looked at me and my head was still hung down, “Look at me slave.” She ordered and I looked up at her.

“Hmmm. Let me have a little think. How bad did you say they smelled Aurelia?” Sophia asked

“They fucking reek Sophia. I am not joking when I say they are swimming in a pool of sweat at the moment and these shoes are pretty nasty anyway. On top of that, I forgot to wash my feet this morning.” Aurelia said glancing at me.

“Wow that sounds all kinds of nasty. I don’t think anyone sane would actually want to sniff those anyway right? I mean it would make you sick surely.” Sophia suggested.

“Indeed. Unless you are utterly pathetic and desperately addicted to evil smelling feet that is, in which case I am sure it is some kind of utopia.” Aurelia said.

“Well, we need to know which it is Aurelia. Is he a worthless foot whore or perhaps he still has his dignity and pride intact in which case he wouldn’t debase himself to such a low level right?” Sophia said.

“Well, there is only one way to find out.” Aurelia said.

“You know I am wondering if we need a second opinion, Aurelia.” Sophia added.

“You are right of course. Go get Laura and Julia.” Aurelia agreed. Moments later the two ladies had returned with Sophia and were sat down.

“Thank you for coming Laura and Julia. I was conferring with Sophia that my slave here had worked all day and through his break just to earn the reward of sniffing my disgusting rank feet.” Aurelia said.

“Ew. That sounds nasty.” Laura said.

“Indeed. In fact, Sophia was questioning what kind of sub-human could actually get off sniffing feet let alone work all day for the chance when it wasn’t even guaranteed. This raised my own doubts that maybe I had misunderstood my slave so we brought you guys here to observe and give us your own opinion.” Aurelia said before turning her attention back to me.

“So tell me slave did you do all that extra work including through your lunch break just to sniff my feet knowing that they were exceptionally smelly and nasty today?” Aurelia said with an evil smirk.

I went deep red with embarrassment but nevertheless tried to recover from the very awkward situation. “I am sorry goddess, perhaps there was some mistake. I just wanted to contribute to the team and play my part.”

Aurelia then eased off her shoe and placed her hot, wet, intoxicating rancid foot right under my nose and said, “So you are telling me you have no desire to sniff these putrid noxious feet?”

I held my breath for a while but eventually took in the exceptionally strong scent of Aurelia’s feet, which hit me like a thunderbolt. My cock was throbbing again and my face blushed, as I said hesitantly, “No not really.”

“Doesn’t sound very convincing to me slave. Perhaps he is lying. What do you think Sophia?” Aurelia suggested.

Sophia slipped her own navy blue pump off and placed her navy nylon foot on my crotch wiggling her toes. My already throbbing manhood was now even more aroused with her attention.

“He’s definitely a liar Aurelia.” Sophia said and I went an even deeper shade of red. I really wanted out of there as quick as I could feeling completely embarrassed beyond belief but Aurelia was far from done with me. She loved toying with me like this; there was something about psychological domination that she had a talent for way over and above the others.

Aurelia waved her foot around slightly in the air drawing me from left to right as I automatically followed it trying to stay in touch with her scent. It was only when she started exaggerating these moves I realised what I was doing and stopped.

Julia then blushed excitedly and said, “Look how he is following her foot trying to sniff it. You have him completely entranced Aurelia. It’s like you have hypnotised him or mind fucked him to do whatever you want.” Aurelia smiled back at her knowingly before pulling her foot away altogether and placing it back in her shoe.

I tried to remain calm and collected but simply couldn’t hide my disappointment. Aurelia giggled seeing the control she had.

“So then slave what to do with you. Do you now finally admit that you are totally in love with my stinky feet and you would do anything to worship them?” Aurelia said crossing her legs and swinging her shoe towards me.

“Er..no not really.” I said trying desperately to back out of the corner she had me in.

In my mind I had to admit I was smitten, looking back at what I had done today it was obvious to her but the shame of admitting it in front of all these young attractive women was just too much for me. I wondered how something so foul could be so compelling to me to the point where I craved it so much. Perhaps it was the fact it was taboo and frowned upon that made it so attractive or maybe Aurelia had actually managed to change me with her games. Did she really have that kind of power though?

“Not really! Not fucking really! What the fuck is that?” Aurelia screamed at me, gathering my attention instantly.

“Well if you don’t REALLY want my feet then I will ensure you are NEVER able to sniff or kiss them ever again. I will always choose other punishments for you. That would seem a suitable end to this argument wouldn’t it slave?” Aurelia said giving me the strongest of ultimatums.

I looked at each of the women who were staring at me intently waiting for my reaction. They were occasionally shifting their glances to Aurelia to see what she was doing. I then looked at Aurelia’s shoe as it swung back and forth towards me. I was cracking under the weight of my desires, I so wanted to imbibe that sweet smell and submit to it but she was threatening to take that away forever. Knowing I was enslaved to her for the foreseeable future that was a truly torturous thought. I also thought about the alternative punishments she was alluding to and was repulsed at everyone I could conjure up in my mind. Eventually, I spoke.

“Never goddess?” I asked almost pleadingly.

“That’s right slave. You will never even glimpse them let alone touch them, kiss them or sniff them.” Aurelia said smirking as she was doing her mind reading thing on me.

“Ok, then it’s true goddess.” I said so quietly it was barely audible.

“I am sorry slave did you say something?” Aurelia asked. Starting to reel me in like a helpless snared fish on the end of a line.

“It’s true goddess.” I said more audibly but still quiet.

“What the fuck is true slave?” Aurelia said getting irritated.

“That I love your feet goddess.” I said putting the final nail in my shame coffin in front of the women. Aurelia smiled as the others giggled.

“Not even near good enough slave. After having to drag this out of you kicking and screaming I think your audience deserves to hear every point spelled out in infinite detail. Now, lets start with the question – why do you love my feet slave?” Aurelia said as she raised her foot and waved it close to my face looking down at them herself with a satisfied smile.

Aurelia then turned to Sophia and said, “I want every second of this filmed please Sophia love.” Sophia immediately scrambled for her phone, as did Laura and Julia. Now all eyes and phone cameras were on me.

I took a deep breath and then sighed. I had known this moment was coming for a while now, I had to be truthful to what I was, what I am. In some ways Aurelia was offering me a cathartic release, a chance to let go of a wall of insecurities for which I was deeply ashamed. I just really didn’t want to do this so publically but then there was no other choice but Aurelia’s way.

I took one final deep breath and then spoke, “It is true that I love your feet Aurelia. I don’t exactly know what it is about them other than I find them both beautiful and alluring. I know deep down there is a magnetic bond between your perfect curvaceous soles and immaculate toes and my heart that I cannot deny. When you tease me with them I am compelled by an overwhelming desire that has me completely imprisoned. It is also a reflection of your magnificence and pulchritude as a woman. Your assuredness, confidence and assertiveness. Your intelligence, knowledge and understanding. You have an aura so complete and perfect that I have not felt in another and now I am totally smitten by you. But then I suspect you already know every word of what I just said anyway. You know me better than I know myself.”

As I finished I slumped forward feeling dejected and insecure. I have ripped my heart out and served it to her on a platter for all to see knowing only too well that she had no feelings for me whatsoever and would exploit my weakness for ever more in the weeks and months ahead finally casting me aside when my time as her toy ceased to be amusing.

The silence in the room was loud enough to deafen. It hung in the air like an axis point on which all history hinged. Sophia, Laura and Julia stared with their jaws agape. But it was Aurelia’s look that surprised me most.

She was bight red blushing, I had completely knocked the wind out of her sails. I think she was expecting a fumbling mess of embarrassed words and indecision when in fact she had received an almost near perfect compliment and adoration or not only her feet, but her as a woman. I could see she was desperately trying to regain her composure but she couldn’t summon the words to escape the warm, endearing feeling that my tribute had wrapped her in. I was always used to seeing her either angry or twisting my mind but now for the first time I could see what I thought was something else and it was frozen on her face.

Eventually she managed to break free and started to speak.

“What a load of fucking horseshit! I have never listened to such crap in all my life. You think you can fool me? You believe I am weak enough to fall for your beautifully crated verbal tributes slave? Well fucking think again, I am the queen of mind games and no slave is ever going to trap me.” Aurelia said.

“But that’s just it goddess. Every single solitary word I offered you is the single undeniable truth.” I said speaking more confidently and assuredly than I had done almost in my entire life.

Aurelia looked at the others who were now staring at her waiting for her response. “Turn those fucking things off now!” she shouted to which Sophia, Laura and Julia all quickly put their phones away like naughty children.

Aurelia was turning red with rage looking like she was fit to explode but in her face was the tiniest modicum of warmth. This could go either way I thought to myself. Either she would crack and finally let me see another side of her or she would lead me in a dance that would flirt with death.

“Look I haven’t got time for this shit anymore today, we have work to do. Sophia take those updates and make sure you share them with Laura and Julia. I want all five proposals complete and back on my desk by the end of the day. Go now!” Aurelia said still continuing to look flustered and incoherent.

Sophia gathered up her notes and led Laura and Julia out of the room. By the time they got to the door they couldn’t help but start gossiping. Moments later they were gone.

Aurelia then stared at me for close to 3 minutes. I could see her go through every emotion known to woman checking and validating against the feelings inside her.

“What the fuck was that slave?” She screamed at me.

“I am so sorry goddess but you pushed me so hard to answer.” I said.

Aurelia got up and grabbed her crop returning to her seat. She brought it down hard across my shoulder as I sat there looking up at her. Aurelia struck me again harder and I winced with the pain retaining my eyes on her. Then there was a third and fourth slightly less powerful lashes, before a fifth that barely grazed me. She had what looked like tears in her eyes and was confused at what to do with me.

“Get the fuck out of my office. I fucking hate you!” Aurelia screamed.

I had seen hate in her eyes many times and it was a fearful sight but at that moment it was not hate I could see.


Having left Aurelia’s office I made my way around to see Sophia to see if I could help with the edits. The three women were talking and gossiping furiously until Sophia see me approach when she then cleared her throat to signal the others to stop.

All eyes then shifted to me.

“I thought I would come and see if I can help.” I said.

“What are you offering to do? Sniff feet.” Sophia said teasing. I flushed red and Sophia laughed at me. “Well?”

“Well it was more help with the proposals. You see I put them together and wondered whether you could use some support with the edits.” I reaffirmed.

Sophia looked put out at my snub whilst Laura picked up the challenge. “So you didn’t get rejected by Aurelia then? Thinking where else can I get some delicious sweaty stinky feet.”

I felt like I had walked into a hornet’s nest. These women just didn’t want to hear that I was there just to help with the work.

“Well no it was really just about the work.” I said cautiously trying not to offend.

“So you are telling me if I wave my nice stinky foot in front of your face like this.” Laura then raised her grey nylon clad foot to my face. It had intermittent dark patches around the toes where the wetness had seeped through. “You don’t want to give it a huge sniff and start kissing it. They are perfectly sweaty from my gym session at lunchtime.”

The wall of emotion and attachment I had thrown at Aurelia just prior had built some kind of shell of protection around me. At this moment only her feet would do. I thought of her and wondered what she was feeling. I really wanted to go back in the office and gauge where I stood with her, but I knew such an action would lead to a brutal beating so soon after she had expelled me from her office.

“Your feet are very beautiful Laura and I am sure that if I did smell them I would find them very appealing but on this occasion I honestly just came to help with the work.” I said.

Laura rubbed her foot in my face leaving a lasting imprint of sweat and stink. She then kicked me away. “Well fuck you foot boy. You are not worthy of them anyway.” Laura said trying to protect her pride.

Though both her and Sophia had tried to adopt Aurelia’s hold over me neither could compete. Both were stunningly attractive and used to having men bend to their will at the drop of hat. This rejection only served to peak their interest in me more.

Sophia leaned forward, “Well you will learn to desire our feet in the same way you do Aurelia’s. I don’t care how much you try to resist, you will break because you are weak and we are perfect.”

She then kicked me hard in the balls as a signal she was done but wanted the final word.

“Ok you can work on these two. We will take the others.” Sophia said and threw the papers in my face.

“Thank you goddess.” I said and took my seat at the next table over on my own. The women continued to talk and plot against me, intermittently looking over before putting all their focus into the work.

It was almost five o’ clock by the time we were done. Sophia came over to me and said, “So are you done slave?”

“Yes my two are all done. Here they are.” I handed the papers to her.

“We are going to take them to Aurelia now. You should come.” Julia said.

Though I really wanted to go it would need to be alone and I wasn’t sure what I was going to face, “I am not sure that’s a good idea. I will just wait here if that’s ok with you goddess.” I suggested.

“Suit yourself. On your head be it.” Laura said and they strode off.

They were back within five minutes still with papers in hand looking angry and pissed off. Sophia threw the papers at me and said, “She wants you to take them to her, you fucking cunt. If you start getting in the way of my career I will personally beat you to a pulp myself. Now fuck off.”

I quickly gathered up the papers and started towards Aurelia’s office. When I arrived the door was ajar so I got on my knees and crawled in. Aurelia was at her desk working on her laptop, she shot me a glance as I entered but continued to look busy. She made me wait on my knees by her desk for over ten minutes. I could see she had been irritated even though she had retouched her make up to hide the evidence. I suspected she was making me wait as some kind of power play to reassert her dominance over me from our earlier exchange.

Finally she turned and faced me. I could see a glint of distress quickly cast across her face. I held out the papers and said, “They are all complete goddess, I hope they are to your satisfaction.”

She snatched the papers and slammed them down on the desk without looking at them.

“Today didn’t happen right slave?” Aurelia said with rage and hurt in her eyes

“I am sorry goddess I don’t understand.” I quivered sensing I was in for a hard brutalising even by Aurelia’s standards. She had shown just the slightest chink of humility and emotion to me today. It was eating her up and she hated me for it.

“If you ever breathe one word of what happened in this office today, especially to Grace, I will fucking kill you! Is that clear enough?” Aurelia snarled.

“Yes goddess it is perfectly clear. I will never speak of it. You have my solemn word.” I responded.

After a brief silence I then said, “May I ask you something now goddess?”

Aurelia flashed rage followed by apprehension. She was clearly still unsettled from earlier and full of conflict.

“What the fuck is it slave?” She said trying to come across as disinterested.

“I know you are angry with me, I opened up to you today with all my heart and now I fear you are going to really hurt me.” I pleaded.

Aurelia looked shocked and flustered like when I had offered my feelings to her earlier. She quickly got up and walked to the door so I couldn’t see her face. She then locked it and returned to sit down. She leaned over and collected her crop and looked back at me with a face that could kill on it’s own.

“You know what’s coming now don’t you slave?” Aurelia snarled.

“Yes goddess but today I feel I have earned your wrath. I am sorry if I let you down. Trust me when I say it is eating me up already.” I said and removed my shirt to bare my torso ready for her crop. Aurelia watched this with interest reading my thoughts and considering her options.

She then sat back in her chair and put her shoes up on the desk. She then placed the crop down and said, “I want you to remove my shoes slave. Do it in a way that shows me you are embracing something truly cherished.”

I caressed her shoes and slid my hands up and down them lovingly glancing the top of her foot and ankle. I then ever so tenderly clasped the heel of her shoe and eased it from her foot so slowly the movement was barely noticeable. I then removed the shoe with equal precision and care whilst I embraced her foot with my other hand. All the while I did this I looked into her eyes adoringly.

“Now the other slave.” Aurelia said.

I repeated the same process with the other shoe carefully placing it on the floor by the other. As I looked down at them I reached in gently with my finger to feel the sticky wetness on her insoles. They were everything I hoped they would be.

“Ok listen to me carefully slave. I want you to show me in every action, expression and thought a reflection of the words you spoke to me earlier. I need to see the adoration and love you spoke of. Be truthful in every moment and complete in your submission to your feelings. I will know if you are not.” Aurelia commanded with seriousness and intent I had not heard in her voice before.

“Now sniff my feet slave!” Aurelia said completely transfixed on me.

It felt like time froze again at that point. The day of teasing, together with my full admission and underlying feelings had all triangulated to bring me to this perfect moment. The moment before I would finally submit to Aurelia’s feet.

I was so absorbed with the emotions channelling through my mind and soul I felt myself well up as a tear dropped down my cheek. I looked at Aurelia as I slowly approached her foot and placed the most delicate of kisses on her toes. My tears continued to fall dropping onto her foot as I closed my eyes to take a first sniff.

As I inhaled something new happened. It was kind of an outer body experience, my body went into raptures of ecstasy convulsing into an instant orgasm with an intensity beyond my wildest dreams; my mind erupted into a sea of sounds and colours perfect in their harmony and aesthetic and my heart submitted itself to the moment completely. I collapsed onto the floor weeping uncontrollably.

My mind was all over the place. I felt I had betrayed Nicola. I thought Beth would likely kill me if she witnessed this but most of all I felt desire for Aurelia like I had never known.

My preoccupations were then interrupted by a crop on my shoulder.

“Get up.” I heard Aurelia say.

As I got up she added, “It is only because I know there was truth in your words today slave that I have not punished you to the point of agonising madness. But you should know that your suffering is paramount to me and nothing will get in it’s way. You are playing a very dangerous game submitting so completely to one so dark and forbidding. Think very carefully before you make that leap as the well goes deeper than you could ever imagine.”

Aurelia then brushed the streaming tears from my cheeks and looked into my eyes. She then leant forward and placed a subtle exquisite kiss on my cheek soaking more tears with her lips.

BANG! BANG! We were both startled out of the moment by a knocking at the door. Aurelia went into panic and shouted, “Who is it?”

“Grace. Why is your door locked?” Came the answer.

Aurelia scrambled around for her crop and lashed me ten times hard in quick succession. My body was stained with blood and marked badly as the lashes were uncontrolled and brutal. I didn’t move a muscle though my body was in agony I just continued to stare up at Aurelia.

She then slapped my face hard, I still didn’t move. Aurelia then slapped me harder than she had ever done. It must have hurt her hand as much as my face. Either way I was sent three foot across the floor into a heap. I placed my head on my hands and lay there silently.

I could hear the door unlock and Grace say, “What the hell has been going on Aurelia?”

“I lost it again Grace, he really fucked me off over a bunch of proposals I need to get to Beth by the end of the day. In the end I did them myself but made sure he paid a hard price for it.” Aurelia said flustered and sounding unsure.

Aurelia then went on, “Anyway Grace you look pretty upset yourself and what are those marks on your neck?”

Grace then responded, “Oh nothing and anyway why are you changing the subject?”

Grace looked sceptically at Aurelia and then to me for affirmation. Seeing me in a bloody mess on the floor crying she seemed content with the answer.

“Well I am sure he deserved it anyway. Fucking stupid cunt. Pity I wasn’t here to see it I am sure it would have got me all hot and in the mood.” Grace said.

Grace then touched Aurelia’s face lovingly before leaning in to kiss her. Aurelia quickly backed away saying, “Sorry just a second Grace. I need to get these proposals to Beth before we go. Is she still in her office?”

Grace looked hurt by the rejection and she clearly had other things on her mind but answered the question, “Yes she is still there.”

“Ok thanks won’t be long.” Aurelia said and then grabbed the proposals and left.

Grace then walked over to me to examine the marks on my back. “I hope your beating hasn’t worn you out slave. I haven’t had my turn with you yet and I plan to abuse you completely when we get home. My day has been fucking shitty thanks to that little whore of yours and you can take the brunt of that.” Grace seethed.

I wondered what the hell she was referring to but decided not to ask.

Aurelia then came back in looking much more composed but paused seeing Grace talking to me. Looking at unease again she then said, “Everything ok? Ready to go?”

“Oh yes I was just telling foot bitch here that I am looking forward to abusing him when we get home after the crap day I have had.” Grace said.

“Oh right.” Aurelia responded uncomfortably and put on a fake smile.

“Are you sure you are ok Aurelia?” Grace asked.

“Oh yes I have just had a shit day as well. Let’s go home now and open a bottle of wine my love.” Aurelia then kissed Grace tenderly before looking down at me.

“Come on then fuck face. I don’t care how much pain you are in, we are ready to leave which means you are.” Aurelia shouted and kicked me in the leg.

I slowly got to my feet now feeling the pain more than ever with Aurelia’s threat echoing round my mind. We then left together.


When we arrived back at Aurelia’s place Grace clasped the collar around my neck and instructed me into the living room. Aurelia had not spoken or looked at me once all the way home, she walked a few yards ahead holding hands with Grace discussing the day’s events.

As I crawled into the living room Grace and Aurelia were sat in separate chairs as per the previous night. Grace was staring at me as I approached intently. Aurelia was busy looking at her phone.

I knelt down in front of Grace who placed her feet in my lap and said to Aurelia, “Are you joining in tonight love?”

“I am actually starving hungry. I just want to get him in the kitchen and cooking Grace.” Aurelia said still looking at her phone. She was still clearly thinking about how she wanted to deal with me following what happened today.

“Oh right.” Grace said pausing. “Would you preferred I wait until after dinner then?” She was looking a little unsettled and thrown off by Aurelia.

“No you go right ahead.” Aurelia said. Glancing briefly at me.

Grace smiled and said, “Rub my fucking feet Slave. They are all hot and sweaty in these shoes and I am sure they are going to stink. Why don’t you take them off for me.”

As I started to remove Grace’s shoes, Aurelia got up and glanced at me again before walking towards the stairs. Grace called out to her, “You ok Aurelia love?”

“Yeah I just need the bathroom. Be down in a bit. Have fun!” Aurelia called back.

Grace then raised her rank black nylon feet up to my face and said, “How nasty is that smell then foot bitch?”

I baulked and my head involuntarily darted backwards. Grace’s feet were exceptionally potent even for her and her foot odour problem. I wasn’t sure if I could handle these so soon after being with Aurelia but then I felt a twinge in my crotch as she started wiggling her toes around my nose. My face slowly went from disgust to desire, which didn’t go unnoticed to Grace.

“There that’s better, I can see in your face that my sweet smelling feet are taking control of you slave. Give me a nice long hard sniff and show me I am right. My feet are so much more important to you than that stupid whore of yours.” Grace cooed.

Though I was upset at the insult I could not help but draw in a large sniff of Grace’s scent and closed my eyes to process the impact through my mind. It wasn’t anywhere near the same explosion on my senses I had with Aurelia but it was nevertheless still strong. Grace slid down the sofa and placed her hand onto her pussy like she always did in these situations. Within a few minutes she was purring and moaning as I was holding her feet to my nose and sniffing deeply.

“Lick the filth off the bottom of my feet slave. Give my nylons a thorough washing while they are still on my feet. I want hard tongue licks, deep rubbing with fingers and plenty to committed sniffing. Get to it and remember it’s this you love not that fucking whore of yours.” Grace then clicked her fingers and went back to attending to her own needs.

Grace was seething about Nicola for some reason but still I rubbed her feet sensuously and licked and sniffed them as ordered which was really sending Grace into waves of pleasure. For me the feeling was more muted, I was thinking about Aurelia at this point and what she was doing upstairs. I maintained enough attention to bring Grace to a stunning climax given how loud she screamed before she collapsed into the chair. I didn’t finish, though I had a super hard boner and probably would have done had I have stroked it.

“I see by your hard on slave that you didn’t finish.” Grace said teasingly. “That’s just tough shit on you because now I am fulfilled I couldn’t give a fuck!” She started laughing.

“We have more important things for you to do like making food for my sweetheart. Go upstairs and see if she is ok then ask what she wants to eat. Your pathetic needs can wait until you are alone in bed later. If you do a good job I might even lend you some of my particularly ripe gym socks. Now fuck off!” Grace said kicking me away as she eased back into the chair with her eyes closed.

I quickly got up and ran towards the stairs and leapt up them two at a time until I was in the hallway. I looked in the master bedroom but couldn’t see Aurelia but heard noises from the en-suite. As I approached I heard a splashing sound, so I stopped and listened at the door.

I then lightly tapped on the door and the noises immediately stopped. “Yes?” came the response.

“I am sorry to trouble you goddess. I just came to ask what you would like to eat.” I said.

“Are you alone?” Aurelia said

“Yes Grace is downstairs resting after her exertions.” I answered.

The door then flew open and Aurelia snarled, “So did you enjoy yourself foot bitch?”

“No I didn’t goddess because it wasn’t with you.” I answered. “I thought about you whole time.”

Aurelia looked down at me, smiled and slapped me hard across the face, “Some lamb chops and a simple side salad will do.” She then walked back into the en-suite and slammed the door in my face.


I had been busy preparing the lamb chops and salad for about twenty minutes when Grace walked in. “Something smells nice slave. What are we having?”

I could tell her mood had improved probably due to her recent pleasuring so responded confidently, “Lamb with a nice side salad goddess.”

“Great sounds delicious. How was Aurelia?” Grace enquired.

“Oh she’s fine. I think she will be down soon.” I replied as Aurelia entered the kitchen.

“What were you saying about me slave?” Aurelia demanded.

“I was just saying you were on your way down and here you are goddess. Are you ready to eat as I can dish up now or keep it hot for you for a few more minutes?” I asked.

“Serve it now. I am starving. Oh and prepare yourself a small portion you can sit under the table and eat whilst I use you as a foot rest slave.” Aurelia said nonchalantly and disappeared into the dining room with Grace in tow.

Soon after I appeared with their food and set it down in front of them. “Would you care for some wine goddesses?” I asked.

“Yes open a red bitch.” Aurelia ordered. I quickly exited and returned with the open wine and two glasses. I poured each of them a glass and then knelt by the side of Aurelia.

“Well go and get yours slave. My feet need a place to rest and you are it. Get a move on.” Aurelia commanded.

I was soon back in the dining room with my small bowl of food. I decided to eat from a bowl, as I didn’t want to make a mess under the table It would be me that would have to clean it up after all. As I crawled under the table I placed myself just in from of Aurelia’s legs and then bent down to kiss her feet gently to signify I was in place. Aurelia then brought one foot up onto my shoulder with the other resting on my lap with her toes resting on my cock. I immediately started to feel arousal just looking at her toes before me. I could hardly eat just staring at her feet, they were becoming all I could think about.

As Grace and Aurelia started talking about plans for a party above me Aurelia took her foot off my shoulder and started rubbing it across my chest. I watched every movement it made wondering what its plans were and what Aurelia was thinking. Was she concentrating on her foot movements or Grace’s questions about the party? Women are so good at multitasking it could easily have been both I laughed to myself. I still didn’t know how she would take my declarations and tribute. It could all unwind on me so easily though at the moment she had appeared to soften somewhat.

Within a few minutes Aurelia’s foot came up to my face and she rubbed her toes across my mouth. I stopped eating my salad and opened my mouth to receive her foot. As it slid in I closed my mouth around her toes and delicately sucked on them careful not to allow my teeth to get in the way. I then noticed Aurelia paused mid-sentence as if distracted and then jostled in her chair like she was uncomfortable. Looking across to her legs I could see her rubbing her thighs gently. She then continued speaking.

I carefully collapsed my fingers around her foot cradling her sole in my hands. I darted my tongue in and out of her toes applying enough pressure to illicit delectation and avoid tickling. Aurelia gave a low groan mid-sentence, which she then converted into a cough trying to avoid alerting Grace.

“Are you ok Aurelia, you look quite flush. Have you got a temperature?” Grace asked.

“Oh no, it’s just a little hot in here Grace. In fact can I ask you a favour?” Aurelia asked.

“Sure what is it love?” Grace enquired.

“Would you mind going upstairs and getting the thermometer from our en-suite just in case?” Aurelia asked hoping Grace would bite on the request.

“Well let’s get our foot bitch to get it. It’s what he is for after all.” Grace said.

“Oh yes of course that’s a better idea.” Aurelia said with reluctance in her voice.

Grace then called out to me, “Bitch, go get the thermometer from our bathroom now and be quick.”

As I gently took Aurelia’s foot from my mouth I gave her toes a lasting kiss before placing it in my lap. I could see her hand go into a firm clench on the skirt covering her thigh as a release of the frustration she was feeling. Moments later she slide her feet from my lap and back under her chair. I quickly scarpered off up the stairs to retrieve the thermometer.

On my return we quickly confirmed Aurelia was in good health as I already knew and the two women retired to the living room while I cleaned up the kitchen and finished my now cold food, which I had deferred in favour of Aurelia’s sweet toes. I made two cups of peppermint tea and took them back in the living room with me.

“Goddesses, I hope you don’t mind but I thought you might enjoy a nice cup of peppermint tea as a digestive to your dinner. May I bring them to you?” I asked

“Well, well. Our slave seems to be adapting well to his domestic servitude. I bet his whore bitch wishes she was getting this kind of treatment.” Grace said. Before adding, “Yes bring them here.”

I took the teas through and placed them on the coffee table next to the sofa. Aurelia and Grace were now sat together snuggled up at one end. I knelt down beneath them and waited in case they needed anything more. Aurelia stretched out her leg and placed it on my shoulder to verify my place as her footrest. She then looked deep into my eyes like she was trying to scrape out my every thought and feed her own actions on them. After a couple of minutes Aurelia said to Grace, “Kiss me Grace, show me how much you care for me.”

Grace embraced her and placed her lips on Aurelia’s. She then applied a gentle firmness to compliment her loose malleable jaw so the kiss rolled around their mouths. Grace’s tongue was frequently touching the edge of Aurelia’s lips and she raised her hands to hold Aurelia’s cheeks. Grace’s passion was increasing. What had started as a kiss was now evolving into intense lust.

I was really struggling to watch this given what I had said to Aurelia today and I was now frankly coursing with jealousy. I dropped my head so my eyes were set to the floor so I didn’t have to watch.

Aurelia caught a glimpse of me in between her passionate exchanges with Grace and broke away temporarily. She took her foot off my shoulder and placed her foot under my chin, then drew my face up to face her and Grace. “Keep your eyes on us at all times slave. If I catch for averting them for just one second I will serve you twenty lashes.”

She didn’t wait for an answer, she returned to her passionate kissing of Grace. Their heads were now rocking from side to side in unison tongues splashing across each other’s face with the twisted randomness of desire. Aurelia then lifted herself up and applied downward pressure on Grace to indicate she wanted her on her back on the sofa. Grace obliged and slid down so she was underneath Aurelia.

Aurelia then lowered herself slightly and started teasing Grace’s nipples with her lips through her blouse and bra. Grace raised her arms above her head and grabbed the sofa below her head as an act of total submission to Aurelia’s attentions. Grace was moaning as her nipples radiated frequent gestures of spasmodic pleasure. Aurelia then grabbed the insides of Grace’s blouse and ripped it open popping several buttons in the process. Grace shrieked briefly with the shock and then settled back into the arousal she was surrounded by.

Aurelia looked at me and licked her lips before she smiled teasingly and then threw her face and mouth around Grace’s breasts. Over the coming minutes Aurelia slowly descended across the plain of Grace’s stomach before lifting her skirt and placing her mouth wide around the fabric of Grace’s nylons and knickers. She gave several warm deep breaths into the fabric as a tease of pending delectations. Grace moaned loudly and said almost in a whisper, “You beautiful bitch you are destroying me.”

Aurelia then slowly slide Grace’s nylons and panties down her legs. Grace lifted her bottom off the sofa to allow them easy passage. As Aurelia slid them down she traced their journey with her tongue until she reached the knees. She then raised her head to stare into my eyes again as she pulled her knickers and nylons down their remaining expedition to Grace’s ankles.

As Aurelia stared at me, I felt her hand reach into my chest and clasp her fingers around my heart. She then squeezed hard with the weight of her look crushing my hopes and dreams to dust. A wry smile appeared on her face as she studied and dwelled on my desperation and despair. She continued watching me as she placed her tongue on Grace’s knee and began its ascent all the way up to her crotch. Aurelia then narrowed her eyes before averting them and focusing her attentions back onto Grace’s pussy. I could sense this was in part what she meant by how much I would suffer if I gave my love to her.

Aurelia made exaggerated noises as she sucked and lapped Grace’s now soaking wet pussy. Grace was moaning loudly as she gripped the sofa harder and harder her knuckles whitening. Aurelia moaned to create symmetry of emotion between them, she was now frenetically attacking Grace’s clitoris with lasting excursions from her tongue and lips. Grace’s pleasure was now in the inevitable throws of a massive climax. She screamed loudly sensing an orgasm was approaching and Aurelia increased her licking still more intently before suddenly stopping.

Grace’s body went into crisis sensing her body would fail to find release. She screamed out, “Please don’t stop. Aurelia please keep going. I can’t wait any longer.”

Aurelia laughed as she sat up looking at Grace teasing the inside of her thighs with her fingers but retaining distance enough to halt the advent of further pleasure.

“What are you doing Aurelia? You can’t leave me like this.” Grace pleaded.

Aurelia then looked at me and stared into my soul. I was empty having poured out my emotions and now seen them discarded like trash in front of my eyes.

“You finish her slave!” Aurelia screamed at me, then grabbed my hair.

Grace then intercepted, “Fuck yes. Make him submit to me. It will be the ultimate betrayal of his dirty worthless whore of a girlfriend. That fucking cunt deserves all she gets.”

Aurelia looked back at Grace and placed her finger across her lips and gestured a hush. Aurelia then pulled me towards the sofa by my hair and pushed my face into Grace’s wet pussy. As I leant across the sofa Aurelia mounted by back to hold me firmly in place then put her hands around my head pushing it toward Grace. I tried to resist not wanting to be a part of this betrayal but she only pushed me harder until my lips were on Grace.

By this point Grace was so committed to an orgasm she simply threw her head back and waited for my indulgence to start. I continued to resist.

Aurelia then leant down to my ear and whispered, “Imagine it’s me slave, you said you adored me right?” She then laughed.

Though I knew she was taunting me I couldn’t help myself. A surge of motivation burst through me as my body and soul became totally wedded to the pussy in front of my face. I thrust my tongue deep into Grace who’s body rocked and shivered. I grabbed her hips and pulled them hard towards me and started sucking hard on her clitoris whilst stabbing it repeatedly with the end of my tongue. Grace’s body started going into huge involuntary convulsions as the waves of elation entrenched her feelings. Her orgasm was now standing back on a precipice waiting for the slightest encouragement to tip her into an oblivion of ecstasy.

Aurelia whispered in my ear again, “I want to feel it too slave, show me how you would pleasure me if I ever gave you the chance.”

I shouted in angst before launching myself forward for one last all out assault. Grace gave a piercing scream befitting of any horror film damsel as I continued to lap the flowing juices of her orgasm. Her body shuddering and lurching until it finally relented into silence. I collapsed my head and face against Grace’s crotch waiting for Aurelia to free me.

As Grace lay there silently Aurelia bent down and licked my face from my chin to my upper cheek. “How much do you crave to do that to me slave?”

I sobbed at her teasing, I couldn’t bring myself to speak. She then leant down one final time and said, “Ok enough for now slave, I don’t want to snuff out all your love in one day.” Aurelia then got up and let me off the sofa. Aurelia then lay back down on Grace’s chest and cuddled her warmly.

Aurelia then said, “Go make some hot chocolate slave. My beautiful Grace needs something soothing.”

Grace put her arm across Aurelia and spoke to her softly as I walked out into the kitchen wiping the tears from my face, “I would love to have made his whore watch that Aurelia.”

“What is it with you and Nicola, Grace? You have been cursing her ever since we left the office.” Aurelia asked

“Oh nothing. I would just like to get off making that slut suffer big time.” Grace said with true venom in her face.

“I am sure I can arrange that my love.” Aurelia said and kissed her gently.


Aurelia was tossing and turning in bed unable to settle her mind. Her head was fracturing with an overflow of thoughts taking her on excursions to all possible eventualities. As one ended another one started in some kind of endless loop. Eventually she sat up on the edge of the bed. Grace had felt her movement and partially awoke. “Are you alright my love?”

“Yes Grace I just can’t sleep. My mind is full of shit. I think I will go sleep in the spare room so I can read without waking you up.” Aurelia said.

“You can read here if you want.” Grace murmured.

“That will just wake you up. One of us at least should have a good nights sleep.” Aurelia then leaned over and brushed Graces face with her hand and stroked her hair.

“Ok Aurelia love. Thanks.” Grace said turning over to enter a deep sleep again.

Aurelia got up and left the bedroom silently closing the door behind her. She then walked along the corridor until she encountered the door where I was sleeping. Aurelia stood in the doorway looking into the darkness trying to discern if I was sleeping or not. I was not.

I had been wracked with sorrow ever since I left them with their hot chocolates and was asked to leave and go to bed by Aurelia around two hours earlier. My face was scarred with the traces of dried tears and my eyes were bloodshot and swollen. When I saw Aurelia it only rekindled the rejection she had afforded me.

Aurelia came into my bedroom and took my hand, which was resting at my side. “Come with me.” She whispered.

Aurelia then led me into the spare bedroom, which was further down the hallway from the master bedroom where Grace was sleeping. When we entered she told me to kneel on the floor by the side of the bed while she got in and shuffled over to the same side to look at me.

Aurelia stared silently at me for what seemed like forever as I knelt before her. I had a million questions but knew I would not be allowed to ask her anything. She was going to lead this conversation and that was the way it was going to be.

“You know you can never have me don’t you slave?” Aurelia said confidently.

“Yes I know goddess, that is what pains me so.” I said despondently.

“I mean how can a magnificent goddess like me lower herself to commune with a pathetic desperate wretch like you?” Aurelia added.

“You wouldn’t goddess.” I replied.

“Look at you for fuck sake. You are a miserable submissive not even a real man. What could you offer a goddess like me? I deserve everything, I will have everything.” Aurelia declared.

“You are right of course goddess. I have little to offer but what I do have is everything to me.” I said

“And that is exactly what?” Aurelia said flippantly

“My unconditional love and complete submission to you as my goddess.” I said humbly.

Aurelia slapped me hard across the face. “You know what. Fuck you and all your poisonous words! I don’t trust one single one of them. I told you before if you truly start to love me it will lead you to a living hell that you could not possibly live with.”

“But goddess..” I tried to say.

“But nothing. Now fuck off and let me sleep.” Aurelia said firmly.

“Can I just stay here by your side a little while longer?” I pleaded.

“If you say one more word I will open your back up again with my crop until you pass out with the pain. Tomorrow the mercy you acquired with your tributes will be exhausted, expect to find me back in full bitch mode from the moment you see me. And if you choose to love me then on your fucking head be it.” Aurelia seethed, her eyes scathing but tinged with doubt.

I shed another tear or two before her then got up to leave her alone.

Neither of us slept a wink that night.
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sfcl31282 sfcl31282 is offline
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a little sad to see Nicola not been with him anymore, but the story is very great, Aurelia seem like a great character to follow. And i can't help but think, that he could be in very deep shit if Grace find out Aurelia got feeling for him.
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OneAuthor OneAuthor is offline
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A new dawn under the rule of Aurelia and Grace is definitely a difficult one for Chris. The teasing and humiliation Aurelia put him through at the office was simply exquisite, if not very trying for Chris. It seems Laura and Sophia are keen to have him submit to their feet as well...not too sure where Julia stands on this, however.

Aurelia seems to have been taken off balance by the devotion Chris showed to her in his words and actions, and she is now coming down harder on him. Can he survive this - as well as Grace's efforts to take out all of her frustrations on him? Here's hoping he has thicker and tougher skin than most!
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Originally Posted by sfcl31282 View Post
a little sad to see Nicola not been with him anymore, but the story is very great, Aurelia seem like a great character to follow. And i can't help but think, that he could be in very deep shit if Grace find out Aurelia got feeling for him.
Hi sfcl31282

No doubt it is a long way back for Chris and Nicola tone together again, and that situation is getting increasingly more difficult each day.

Aurelia is definitely one to watch - a true tour-de-force. You are very perceptive also to consider the implications with Grace, who based on past experience is not one to mess with. Let's hope she doesn't find out!
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Originally Posted by OneAuthor View Post
A new dawn under the rule of Aurelia and Grace is definitely a difficult one for Chris. The teasing and humiliation Aurelia put him through at the office was simply exquisite, if not very trying for Chris. It seems Laura and Sophia are keen to have him submit to their feet as well...not too sure where Julia stands on this, however.

Aurelia seems to have been taken off balance by the devotion Chris showed to her in his words and actions, and she is now coming down harder on him. Can he survive this - as well as Grace's efforts to take out all of her frustrations on him? Here's hoping he has thicker and tougher skin than most!
Hi OneAuthor

Thanks for your comments!

Aurelia is indeed starting to ramp things up with Chris - she was never the most patient of dominants after all. Laura and Sophia are also keen to impress and eager dominants in the making - the team dynamics couldn't really be any worse for poor Chris. Julia is more of an enigma and maybe one to watch?

As you then say Chris' affections, rather than calming Aurelia, are only serving to inflame her wrath further. Let's hope Chris can hang in there to find out more of why. As for Grace - best steer clear of that one!
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