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Young devious mind... what will will she be doing? Can't wait to find out!
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PART 108

I grovelled behind Mistress Charlotte into the nook at the back of the café and knelt before her as she sat down.

‘I want us to have some personal time, David’.

‘Yes Mistress Charlotte, what you say’. What the fuck was “personal time”? And how come I was “David” again all of a sudden?

‘You know I’ve been working at the café for a few years now, don’t you David?’

‘Yes Mistress Charlotte’.

‘I used to think you were a big man once. You’d come in after your walks on the beach, fit and tanned, well-dressed, obviously with plenty of money, polite and courteous with all the staff. Everyone liked you. I even fancied you a bit in a kinda old guy type of way. Now look at you’.

Where was this heading?

‘Caitie has told me how it all started. She simply said to you, “Why do you spend so much time looking at my feet?”, that’s all. You could have easily laughed it off and none of this would have happened, you’d still have control of your life instead of working like a navvy as an unpaid dish pig who will inevitably have his testicles removed one day by an Asian Dominatrix. As Maxine describes it, it’s her version of Asian persuasion haha’.

I hung my head in shame. When it was pointed out that graphically, one had to conclude that I’d made a big mistake not running out of the café that very first day.

‘Then Caitie intimidated you into massaging her feet at your apartment after work and, as she brushed the sole of her right foot against your lips, she said, “Would you like to be my slave loser?” You didn’t know how to react but when she then said, “Let me help you with your decision, lie on your back so I can use your face as my footrest”. And that was then you passed the point of no return, you had handed over control of your life to Caitie and she knew she could use the soles of her feet on you until you were fully broken. That’s why all the girls at The Confessional refer to you as the foot freak, you fucking loser’.

Mistress Charlotte threw her head back and laughed out loud. She was really enjoying the celebration of my demise. This was all grimly true. In the swirl of events, I hadn’t really come to terms with the desperation of my situation.

‘Anyway, it gives me hope. You’re totally drained of all your assets and it’s just a matter of castrating you and locking you in a chastity tube before you’re fully a slave to be used by all the Mistresses at The Confessional. There’s plenty more like you out there David and, as my training progresses, I’ll rape the soul of another beta male just like Caitie did to you, you weak, pathetic loser’.

‘Yes Mistress Charlotte’. One thing was very clear; I was a weak, pathetic loser! But as I knelt there humbly before her, I wondered if this all had a point?

Mistress Charlotte then raised her right foot and brushed the sole of her right foot against my lips. She smirked as she said, ‘How does that make you feel, David?’

God, it just felt so good and my submission flowed out as I confessed, ‘It’s heaven, Mistress Charlotte’.

She smiled, a knowing smile; it was obvious Mistress Charlotte was leading me down a path and was far from finished with me!!
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Those were two more tremendous additions. Mistress Charlotte is turning into a monster of a dominatrix. But I wonder what the point is of using a chastity tube on someone who is castrated, unless it's just symbolic.
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PART 109

Mistress Charlotte continued, after brushing the sole of her foot against my lips and seeing my submissive response;

‘Lie on your back so I can use your face as my footrest’. She was channelling Mistress Caitlin’s exact words from that very first day.

I complied in a heartbeat and those soft, warm soles descended onto my face and I was transported to that deep subspace fellow foot freaks will know only too well. I had been degraded and beaten to a pulp this afternoon but now, as had happened many times before, it all seemed worth it. I was in paradise under the soles of this beautiful young Vixen.

‘How do you feel, slave?’

‘Drained, in paradise, Mistress Charlotte’.

‘If only I’d known about all this it could have been me who drained all your money away too. It’s a shame, but at least I’m on the right path. OK, now I’ve never seen a guy orgasm just from having feet on his face so pull out your dick and have a wank, gimp. I want to see the effect my pretty 21 year-old feet have on a foot freak’.

Wow, that was exceptionally good news and totally unexpected. It wouldn’t even be an unauthorised wank for a change!!

Mistress Charlotte hadn’t put a time limit on me so I dragged it out, edged myself then came in a cataclysmic climax that was like the eruption of a volcano. It was all worth it, the destruction of my ego and balls just to have moments like that. I had even come to terms with being castrated if it pleased my Superiors.

‘Shit, I’ve never seen anything like that before, David. You really do love my feet, don’t you?’

I nodded furiously still enjoying the afterglow of such a massive orgasm.

‘Now, Sonya tells me she made you eat all your sperm at The Confessional and I‘ve never seen that either so get to it, faggot’.

Faggot!! Fuck, I hated that word. It made it all the more embarrassing having to consume my spunk cause it made me look like a fag, damn it. But, naturally, I suppressed my revulsion and did as I was instructed, much to the squealing delight of Mistress Charlotte.

‘That was amazing. And to think all these years I’ve been walking around on these feet not understanding the power I possess. Well, no more. I’m officially on the hunt for a foot freak, yay’.

I just grunted out, ‘Yes, Mistress Charlotte’, although I wasn’t really sure that she was talking to me or just thinking out loud.

‘You can have the privilege of being my pedicurist from now on too, gimp. Now slip on my shoes, David. I’ve had enough fun for the one day’.

I slipped the black flats onto Mistress Charlotte’s feet and she turned to leave.

‘Oh, one more thing, David. I forgot the reason I dragged you out here was for a ball kick for the unauthorised wank’.

Why did they have to carry on about that? I was manipulated by Mistress Max’ big toe and had absolutely no control over whether I orgasmed or not!

And it was all so inconsistent. Like, Mistress Charlotte had just permitted me to cum under her feet, but now I was about to be punished for a previous emission which had been milked out of me by the very insistent big toe of a stunning and irresistible Asian Castratrix. It was all so unfair!!

‘Gimp, Assume the Position’, she said with a huge grin on her face.

I resignedly complied and knelt before Mistress and looked at her beautiful young face.

‘You have my permission to fall, David. You know what that means? This one’s gonna hurt like a bitch’.

As I knelt there, I finally figured out why Mistress Charlotte was alternating between calling me David and gimp etc. It was to make me feel human, normal, when she used my real name, but then to prove she could just as easily de-humanise me by reverting to one of her abusive nick-names. I mean, she had just said, “How do you feel, slave?”, only moments ago. David, faggot, David, gimp, David, slave …

Anyway, I had to focus, there was one last testicle damaging kick to survive for the day. Hang on, why did she say this particular kick would “Hurt like a bitch”?! A shiver of fear ran through me. …
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Charlotte continues to be devious. Really like her character. I wonder whether we will see how she 'drains' her victim?
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Charlotte seems to relish in going from almost nice to viciously cruel. She's one to watch, for sure.
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PART 110

“Hurt like a bitch”?! Why did she say that? Fuck, why would this kick be any different?

‘Yes, I’m going to toe kick you like Maxine did, only this time I’ll make sure I connect with one of your balls. In fact, I’ll keep going till I drop you. Yay, this going to be fun, isn’t it, gimp?’

‘Yes Mistress Charlotte, I’m very privileged to have a beautiful young Woman like you punish my balls’.

‘Aww, that’s cute’, she said as she caressed the side of my face with her palm in an apparently affectionate manner. ‘You always did have a way with words, and a modesty and politeness about you, David’.

Did I sense a little mercy in her voice? No way, she was about to de-humanise me again!

‘Not that it will save you now, fuckwit, nothing will. Close your eyes and prepare to be demolished, loser’.

I had my answer!!

I shuddered in fear knowing that one of my testicles was about to be destroyed by the toe of Mistress Charlotte’s right shoe. I gritted my teeth and hoped for the best.

The first toe kick arrived in my sac soon after and it was vicious and delivered full force but, as with Mistress Max’s kick previously, it missed both balls.

‘Hmm, this is harder than it looks. Oh well, if at first you don’t succeed, try, try and try again’, she said before unleashing a devastating toe kick which, this time, caught my already tender left testis and crushed it between the toe of her shoe and my pelvis. The pain wracked my body as I involuntarily catapulted to the floor and curled up in a ball.

‘Very satisfying, just like I thought it would be’. Mistress Charlotte then placed her shoe against my face and said, ‘Lick the sole David. Good boy. Don’t forget, I’ll be checking your work later and one speck on the sole of my shoe now equals a sentence of 10 toe kicks, hehe’.

Now that, I would not survive!! So I lapped at that sole like a man who’d found an oasis in a desert to avoid any further punishment. It was an act of pure dominance on the part of Mistress Charlotte as she kept me there at her feet in my misery.

She pulled her shoe away from my face and said, ‘Good boy. So you don’t forget me, you’re not to drink anything until morning so you can savour the taste of the dirt on the soles of my shoes all night. Sweet dreams, shoelicker’, as she turned and walked out of the door. I felt sleep would be elusive tonight!

After she’d left, I looked at myself in the mirror to inspect the damage to my face from the bitch slapping. Fuck no, the thing that was most obvious was the GIMP tattoo which I’d somehow managed to forget I had “adorning” my forehead. I slumped on the bed and realised the hopelessness of my situation. Perhaps tomorrow would be a better day? I shut my eyes and then, miraculously, it was morning.

I knelt inside the back door at 5am as usual and Mistress Georgia and Mistress Charlotte arrived together. I prostrated myself and kissed and licked their shoes and feet awaiting instructions.

‘Gimp, get the scrubbing brush and scrub the floor in the kitchen before the chef gets here. Make it sparkle or I’ll go to work on your balls again’.

‘Yes Mistress Georgia’.

‘Good boy, get to it’.

So I spent the next 30 minutes on my knees scrubbing and polishing the kitchen tiles till they shone. A pair of shoes came into view under my face and I kissed them passionately, recognising them as Mistress Charlotte’s. She spoke,

‘Don’t forget, one speck equals ten balls disablers, you fucking loser, hehe haha. And who kicked you in the balls last, loser?’

‘That would you, Mistress’.

‘Damn right, you weak, pathetic kicking bag’.

Mistress Charlotte was in a particularly dominant mood today, obviously encouraged by my increasing submission to her.

‘Oh, by the way, donkey, you’re having a special visitor today. At exactly 8am, you will go and kneel in your cubicle and wait to be inspected. Do I make myself clear, scumbag?’

‘Yes Mistress Charlotte, you’re very clear’.

There was no doubt, she was significantly emboldened by my capitulation to her the previous day.

But, hang on, a special visitor? Could it be Mistress Caitlin again like last time? My heart soared at that prospect and I started to be anxious for 8am to roll around. Maybe this was going to be a better day!

But what were the words she used again? “Wait to be inspected”. What did that mean? Mistress Caitlin didn’t need to “Inspect” me. Why would anyone “inspect” me? Surely they weren’t planning to sell me off! I’d heard of Slave Auctions before and maybe I was to be paraded before potential new owners? My imagination was running riot and I needed to calm down.

I finished scrubbing the kitchen floor and looked up at the clock. 7. 58 am. It was time. Shit, oh dear!!
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Another great update as Charlotte gets super nasty with those toe kicks.

10 of them FFS. That's just crazy!

I am routing for a playful tease dom as the mystery guest. Anyone but Charlotte's boyfriend really.

I have also got to say David is quite the man forgetting he had that big GIMP tattoo on his head - to any normal guy that would be painful as hell
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He was destroyed by their feet, It makes me feel so happy
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Thanks for another update. Charlotte is very fearsome.
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PART 111

I scurried into my cubicle and knelt with my legs well apart awaiting my visitor, trying to curry favour with whomever might be coming to “inspect” me by giving them “full access”. Please, please, please let it be Mistress Caitlin. I adored that Woman, even in absentia.

My mind started to play tricks. Could it be someone I really didn’t want to see, like that cunt Adam, or Chad, who I hadn’t even met yet? Maybe I should close my legs, I didn’t want to be kicked in the balls by another male. And what if they were auctioning me off? I didn’t want to be sold to a Man.

No, wait, I’m being stupid, it won’t Adam or Chad. Why would it be? Then again, why wouldn’t it be? The Mistresses had milked me dry and my only value to anyone was as a service slut, and they would simply sell me to the highest bidder, male or female. One thing was certain … my feelings wouldn’t be taken into consideration! My anxiety was red-lining and the tension in the air was palpable.

I was kept waiting for the predictable 20 minutes before I heard high heels clicking on the concrete floor approaching my nook. I tried, in the seconds remaining, to identify that gait but it wasn’t possible. At least the noise meant my caller was Female! I was still shitting myself.

Then she appeared at the door … it was Madame Sonya!! Hooray, I was very glad to see her but it came as a considerable surprise because I thought she didn’t want anything further to do with me after she’d raped my bank accounts and confiscated my apartment. She had told me, repeatedly, that she found my submissiveness “nauseating”.

Anyway, it was still great to see her as I had lusted after her feet from our first meeting and she had that natural air of dominance and superiority, like her daughter had, which always evoked a humble response in a foot freak like me.

Madame Sonya clicked her fingers and pointed at her feet and I prostrated myself and showered her feet and shoes with kisses. She looked dazzling, even for a 50 year-old, short blonde hair, fitter than the last time I saw her, presumably from gym work, and dressed beautifully in a blouse, designer jeans, and peep-toed, backless high-heeled shoes.

She spoke, ‘Remove my shoes, maggot’.

Maggot!! I hadn’t been called that for a while.

‘Or should I call you GIMP. For fuck’s sake, that tatt is a trip. What sort of idiot allows themselves to be permanently scarred for life with such an insulting word in such an obvious place? You, that’s who, fuckwit. Geez, I thought I’d violated you by stealing all your money and your apartment by just using my feet on you, but Georgie has left quite a mark too. Oh well, too bad, so sad, it just goes to show what a weak, pathetic loser you are, maggot’.

Madame threw her head back and laughed that familiar triumphant laugh I had become so used to between her and Mistress Caitlin. I tried to think of a reply, something reasonable to say, but there were no words to adequately describe the predicament I’d been kicked into in by this group of dominant Women.

Madame continued, ‘I’ve been shopping and my feet are sweaty. I order you to lick all the filth from my soles and tongue clean all the toejam from between my toes. Get to it, gimp’.

Now that was music to my ears and I relished obeying that instruction from Madame Sonya. After 10 minutes or so of bliss Madame spoke, ‘Go under my feet, maggot’, and, as I lay on my back, I watched in awe as those beautiful, mature soles were lowered onto my face and I was rendered helpless, yet again, by this divine Female.

‘By the way, maggot, that GIMP tattoo makes you look like a complete and utter joke, just for the record. I know Caitie destroyed any semblance of masculinity, humanity even, in you, but that is the ultimate degradation. Nobody else, other than the Sisters, can see shrunken balls, but that tatt is an eternal reminder of your defeat under our soles, isn’t it fuckwit?’

I didn’t care how much she degraded me as long as I could stay under her feet so I just answered, meekly, ‘Yes Madame Sonya’.

‘You are genuinely pathetic but, anyway, I thought I’d pop in and let you know I’ve moved into my new apartment, turd. After all, it’s only across the road’.

HER new apartment!! Dammit, I didn’t really want to be reminded that I’d lost my home because of my uncontrollable lust for, and addiction to, the soles of Madame Sonya’s and Mistress Caitlin’s feet, but that was the stark reality of it. I squirmed as she continued;

‘Let me tell you about all the changes I’ve made, maggot’.
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Its great to see Madame Sonya back and she is on top form with her gloating and humiliation. I have the feeling the changes to David's former apartment are going to be quite difficult for him to listen to.

I wonder if there is a space for David there somehow?
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Another top-notch chapter, this time with the return of Madame Sonya. I am quite curious regarding the changes to David's former apartment.
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PART 112

I lay helplessly under the soles of Madame Sonya’s feet as she humiliated me by telling me about her new life;

‘I gathered up all the photos of you, and your family and friends, and tossed them in the dumpster, you’ll be pleased to know. I also threw away all those ridiculous golf and basketball trophies you had in your study. What right does scum like you have to be acting like a peacock with all that pomp, anyway, gimp?’

I was in paradise under Madame’s feet and I didn’t want to say anything to distract her so I just simply replied,

‘I have no rights when it comes to you, Madame Sonya.’

‘Damn right, fag. I kept some of your paintings and replaced others, and some of the furniture I changed too so the place is more feminine. Oh, and you had a nice collection of clothes. You have good taste and obviously had plenty of money before I expropriated it all, so the charity was very happy to receive the donation of all your clothing’.

All my clothing, and my photos, trophies, and paintings which had taken years and large amounts of money to accumulate!! Fuck her, these Women had gone too far this time!!

Whoops, what was I thinking, I was about to get myself a flogging if I didn’t clear my mind and formulate a sensible and submissive response?

‘I’m very pleased that you’re happy in your new home, Madame’.

‘Yeah, I bet, turd, but I don’t give a shit because I have what I want and that’s all that matters’.

Her feet were driving me insane, I was filled with lust for her soles, and her attitude was educing all my passivity and submissiveness and, it was at times like this, that I could come to terms with what they had done to me because to be in this position, under the feet of a beautiful, dominant Woman, was all I had really ever wanted in life. I also had developed an obvious erection!

‘Not again, maggot, don’t you realise it’s that dick of yours that’s got you into this mess. Anyway, don’t they have you locked up? I thought Lucy was going to fit you with a chastity tube. Oh, that’s right, your dicklet was too tiny even for the smallest tube she had. God, you really are a failure of a human being, aren’t you, gimp?’

‘Yes Your Majesty’.

‘Yeah right, “Your Majesty”; well, I’m not letting you get your rocks off so you can just live with the boner, dickweed, because I have more to tell you’.

More? Good, I could live my life under her soles so I didn’t care how long Madame kept me there chatting even allowing for the distraction of my erect member.

‘So, I always found your less-than-manly behaviour disgusting, nauseating, because I was brought up in an era when men were men, not lily-livered pansies like you, gimp’.

‘Yes Madame Sonya’. Please, please keep talking!

‘Anyway, after chatting with the girls and several visits to The Confessional, I’ve come to realise that the underclass of males such as yourself has always existed; around 10% are drones like you, apparently. Social media and the internet have been great too, to help me understand the BDSM world better. Interestingly, I’ve come to terms with myself at last; I’ve always been dominant and needed to control every relationship which is why I’m single to this day. Weak men are a turn-off for me, and I clash with alpha-males so that’s why I’m happy alone these days’.

Why was she telling me all this?

‘Yes Madame Sonya’.

‘Caitie has the same genes and she’s having trouble with Chad in Hong Kong, she tells me. Anyway, the reason I came to see you today is that I’m going to give you a shot at the title’.

A shot at what title??
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