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the female democratic supremacy party part 16

Meanwhile back in the Cotswolds Natalie was revelling in her power over her step brother David.
Natalie called David over and got him to remove her expensive Wolford hold up stockings. He eased them down her legs and she had him massage her feet. Natalie was feeling wicked and wanted to make a few changes to Davidís life so as he concentrated on giving a good foot massage she took hold of one of her stockings and deliberately snagged them on her talon like finger nails.
Half an hour later when are her feet had been massaged to her liking she pretended to pick up the stocking and looked at it,
You clumsy idiot she shouted. You have snagged my stockings you are going to get a good slippering latter for that.
David knew he had been careful but also knew it would be no use arguing with his mean little step sister.
Natalie then said,
You are to go to house of fraser in Cheltenham and get me a new pair do I make myself clear, ?
David replied
Yes Miss Natalie at once ,
David got himself ready to go out and approached Natalie and said,
Miss Natalie I need the money for stockings,
Males were only given Money when they needed it and were not routinely allowed to carry money.
Natalie smiled to herself , He had fallen into her trap.
You donít think I am paying for stockings you ruined do you, Idiot. Go and ask Mummy for money from your account. And she slapped his face, a hard stinging blow to his left cheek.
Natalie enjoyed slapping him,
David was shocked as Natalie had not slapped him before and he jumped back shouting
Natalie , that hurt.
Shut up wimp she taunted, and thatís Miss Natalie to you, you really do want a good hard slippering later donít you. Thatís just cost you another dozen.
No please miss Natalie please I'm sorry wailed David as he showered kisses on to the tops of her bare feet, much to her enjoyment.
David was eventually dismissed and ran to his step mother Alexandra.
He explained what he had to do and Alexandra said,
Good get me some Falke lunette 8 denier ones as well whilst your there.
David was given the money from his savings account and as he walked to the house door he saw Natalie coming out of the main room
Natalie grinned at him and said,
I donít want you being lazy its only a couple of miles or so to the shop. Donít get the buss , Take the bicycle
In truth it was 17 miles to Cheltenham. So David was horrified to have to cycle all that way and back.
Just to make it worse Natalie said, with a sadistic smile on her face.
Donít take the mountain bike as I may use that myself , take Dads old bike.
David was even more annoyed now as the old bike was heavy with a steel frame and had no gears it would take him ages.
David set off and very soon found the going hard.
Natalie sat with her mother drinking coffee and told her she had made David use the bike and her mother giggled,
You really like bossing him donít you.
Natalie pouted,
We are women , we are superior we have to keep them in their place. Serving us waiting on their superiors.
I really think we have been too easy on him Mummy, I think we should implement a new tougher regime on him, its only fair to him as he needs to learn what the rest of his life will be like.
Alexandra loved to see the new found spirit in her daughter and said
what have you got in mind ,
Well mummy, we are all very tidy in this house. We tidy up as we go along, but you and I donít need to do that. When we use the bathroom we should leave the towels on the floor, we should leave our clothes on the floor its his job to pick them up, to clean up the bathroom. He should serve us tea and coffee, or snacks, whenever we want and should be kept busy all day.
Alexandra was nodding in agreement as Natalie continued.
I donít think David should be allowed to sit on the chairs in the lounge anymore. I want him to sit at our feet on the floor, its much more appropriate. I would also like you to give me full authority to punish him,
Alexandra was thoughtful for a moment then said,
I'm in agreement with everything except full punishment. Isnít being able to slap him and slippering enough.
Natalie pouted and said,
If you supervise it cant I cane him, I really want to cane him, please mummy.
Alexandria agreed.
Ok but you really are a tyrant to him Natalie,
Who replied,
I know, I love it .
Meanwhile after 2 hours David finally arrived at the store.
Men were carrying bags of shopping for women, helping women to try on shoes and generally running around their superiors.
David found his way to the stockings counter, where Debbie a really pretty sales assistant was talking to Emma a pretty blonde about the same age. They ignored David for 10 minutes as he stood waiting to buy the stockings. After all He was male, and inferior to us, and besides she liked keeping males waiting. Eventually Debbie asked him what he wanted.
David said
Walford hold ups and Falke lunettes please.
Debbie pouted at him and grinning said,
Walford hold ups and Falke lunettes please , WHAT.
David realised his mistake at once and said,
Sorry, Thatís Wolford hold ups and Falke lunettes please Miss.
Debbie was enjoying this and was going to take full advantage of his slip.
What sizes and colours,
David didnít know.
Debbie said she would phone his superiors and spoke to Alexandria , She got the information she needed. And Alexandria asked if he was being polite.
Debbie stated she had to remind him to call her Miss.
Alexandria was not happy and told Debbie,
Thatís not acceptable I suggest you have him grovel and apologise to you and you give him a kick or two.
Debbie was delighted.
That sounds great, can I give him a jab or two with my spike heels as well,?
And I know I'm asking a lot but I like trampling on hands. Can I give his a little trample.
Asked Debbie
Alexandria laughed and replied,
Of course you can. Have some fun, he is still getting used to women controlling him, Have him refresh your feet if you want as well. Its all good for him. And good training too.
Great thank you so much, my feet are a bit sweaty, I'm sure his tongue can help with that giggled Debbie,
Women sales assistants like Debbie were there to advise female customers and chat about fashion with the customers. They certainly didnít do any fetching and carrying , they had male sales slaves to do that.
Debbie turned to David and said,
I'm not at all happy with you, you idiot. First you arrive here without knowing the sizes , then you forget to call me miss. I think I shall send you home empty handed and you can explain why.
David's mind was in turmoil. What could he do he would be in so much trouble if he failed to obey his evil sister He did the only thing he could he begged , he got down on his knees to Debbie and begged.
Please Miss I'm so sorry. Miss forgive me miss.
Debbie loved to see a man on his knees to her.
Lick my shoes clean she ordered
Debbie was wearing Christian Louboutin new very Prive 4inch spike heel, black peep toe shoes in patent leather and Davidís tongue slid easily over the shiny surface.
Debbie was loving it seeing this male on his knees grovelling to her. David was on his hands and knees and as he licked her left shoe Debbie placed the toe part of her right shoe on his left hand and slowly in creased the pressure.
David tried to continue but stopped to moan out loud at the pain she was casually inflicting.
Donít you dare stop licking weakling she mocked.. Or I will only make it worse for you.
David continues to lick the shoe as she ground the other sole into his hand.
Have a smell of my toes boy she ordered and David put his nose to the peep toe sniffing in the slight sweaty aroma.
Debbie ground down on his fingers with her other foot and said,
Sniff harder, sniff like you mean it boy. Your laziness has just earned you a few kicks boy.
David immediately started to sniff as hard as he could , flaring his nostrils to try to please her.
During this time he heard giggling. And realised it was the other sales assistant Emma. Who was enjoying his predicament greatly.
Debbie asked Emma,
Do your shoes need doing Emma,
Emma looked down at her Michael Kors avre elaphi pumps with a 4 inch heel in cockatiel style black leather.
She replied,
Yes they do, I seem to have trodden in some mud on the way in to work.
Debbie laughed
David here will be happy to tongue clean them for you, wont you David, ?
And as she asked she transferred all her weight onto the foot with its sole on David's fingers.
Yes miss ahhhhhh he moaned
As Debbie deliberately kept the weight on his crushed fingers.
After a few seconds she relented and let him start to lick Emma's shoes.
After a few minutes Debbie kicked him hard to his side ordering.
Lick them, lick like you mean it, lick them properly and again drove her foot into his side.
David was so annoyed and disgusted as his tongue found the mud around Emma's sole and he was forced to lick it off. Emma was loving it and laughing at him.
A group of women shoppers had stopped to watch and were also laughing at him.
After he had done the soles of Emma's shoes Debbie jabbed his side with her spike heel saying
My stockings need refreshing take my right shoe off boy. David obeyed and Debbie flexed her tan nylon covered toes ordering.
Get that tongue working refresh them now.
David was horrified and could smell the scent of warm leather and female perspiration coming from the foot. He hated it but had no choice and laved his tongue along Debbie's sweaty sole.
The ladies all watching laughed again and enjoyed his predicament.
Emma meanwhile hovered her spike heel over his right hand and toyed with him saying,
Lick her foot with more reverence, work your tongue harder and enjoy the taste. Donít make me punish your hand.
David licked with more figure. His tongue working on the mesh of her stockings , long licks from heel to toes.
Emma let him continue for a few seconds before casually grinding her heel into the top of his right hand.
She hissed,
I said lick with more reverence.
Emma was enjoying inflicting pain on his hand. It was fun.
Eventually David finished cleaning her feet and Debbie kicked the male sales slave kneeling by the sales counter and ordered. Walford and Falke stockings giving him the size and colours and he crawled off as fast as he could to obey.
Debbie ordered David,
Whilst my boy is fetching your Mistresses stockings refresh Emma's feet, boy.
Emma delighted in slipping her shoes off and having David tongue her sweaty black nylon stockinet feet clean.
Emma had been partying the night before with friends and had nearly slept in for work, She had to put her stockings from the night before on and knew they would be sweaty from dancing.
Do my feet smell boy she enquired.
David knew better than to answer anything but
No mistress
Emma was amused and said,
Put your nose between my nylon toes and sniff hard, just to check.
Those evil bitches he thought, but he had no choice and sniffed her toes as hard as he could.
After a few seconds Emma commanded,
Get licking boy and Debbie jabbed his thigh with her spike heel.
Eventually the sales slave bought the stockings over and David was aloud to pay.
He knew he had been longer than he anticipated and got on his bike to ride all the way home.
He was so thirsty and the sun had come out. He still had the feint taste of mud in his mouth which was being over shadowed by the taste of Emma and Debbie's feet.
He was struggling to ride the bike as his hands hurt, His thigh was dead from Debbie's heel jabs, and he struggled up the incline out of Cheltenham .
As he got to the top he was red faced and wheezing . A black VW golf Gti like his step sisters drove past him and slowed down .
It was his step sister Natalie and she pushed the button on the electric window and when it was down she grinned at her stupid Step brother.
What's been the delay idiot she asked,
But before he could reply she said,
Laziness I expect we will deal with that later.
She was smiling and said, Put your head in through the window for a second or two and feel my air con. Its almost cold in here.
He saw she was wearing a very short Black skirt and neutral stockings on her fab legs.
The cool air of the car felt wonderful , but just as he thought it Natalie ordered.
Head out. I donít want you enjoying it. The air con is for women not males.
Natalie then taunted,
By the way Mummy wants a pair of Artistoc high shine 10 denier hold ups as well. Here's the money go back and get them .
David could not believe it. He was shattered and couldnít take much more.
Please , Please Natalie. Cant you go get them , it wont take five minutes in your car.
She laughed and replied,
Certainly not. I'm facing home and donít want to turn around. Now get on with it. And if your not back in an hour and a half I am going to personally cane you.
She giggled
And believe me Boy you donít want that. I will be a totally heartless bitch , You know I will.
At that she sped off laughing.
David reluctantly turned his bike around and set off back to the store
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Fantastic. Especially love the interaction between David and his step sister and step mother. Looking forward to the next update!
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Thanks neal. Its only going to get worse for David
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That was fantastic.
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Thank you OneAuthor. Your positive comments are really appreciated
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