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Need help finding a story please

Hey guys i am searching everywhere for this story 'maid to serve sri lankans' by lebny and i can't seem to find it anywhere!!! can someone pls help or advise me??? i will really appreciate it a lot!!! thanks!!! p.s. i dun really know where to post this so forgive me if i put this in the wrong section
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Maid to Serve Sri Lankans

Maid to Serve Sri Lankans
by lebny

Part 1

What's this? asked Martin, picking up a grubby dollar bill from his pillow.

Damika fixed him with an angry stare and at once he changed his tone.

I'm sorry Madam Damika. May I ask why you have given me this money?
Damika sneered.

This your pay whore. You say you want to be whore, this your pay. You cheap
whore, do anything for one dollar. She looked at Martin's stunned expression
and laughed. What matter whore? One dollar too much for white slut? Maybe 50
cents better!

No Madam, it is the correct amount. I am your one dollar whoreboy, your cheap
white whore.

Not only whore, asslicker too. said Damika, sliding out of the bed. Madam
get up now. I need toilet. When I finish you clean with tongue, lick Madam's
ass good then give Madam shower. Then Madam need breakfast. Come, follow
Madam to bathroom pig.

Martin knelt on all fours and crawled behind Damika as the beautiful young
Sri Lankan girl walked slowly to the bathroom, gently swaying her lovely
brown ass. She did not bother to glance back at the white man who followed
her like a dog or as she preferred to say a pig.

As she sat on the toilet and began to relieve herself he bowed down before
her, his head pressed to the cold marble floor. A kick to his face from her
small but strong foot informed him she was ready to be cleaned. He raised his
head and found her bent over the toilet seat her ass thrust upward towards
him. He kissed each ass cheek reverently then gently pried them apart and
inserted his tongue inside her crack, licking and cleaning as he had been
instructed. As he did so tears ran silently down his cheek.
He gagged several times as he swallowed the foul slime his tongue collected.
Of all his new duties this was the one he hated most, disgusting and degrading
it reduced him to no more than Damika's living asswipe. Nothing could be lower.

Unobserved by her pig Damika looked back at his tears and smiled. She always
felt a rush of pleasure when she saw how far he was willing to degrade
himself to please her. It gave her a feeling of strength and power that never
lost its intoxicating effect. For a woman who had spent most of her young
life in service to others, who like so many Sri Lankans had left her native
country for this faraway land just to clean another's toilets, it was like a
drug. She had never dreamed that she would ever be anything more than a maid
but now she was like a Queen, a Goddess.

She had been the pig's maid once, slaving away all day to clean his home,
wash his clothes, cook his food, all for a pittance of a wage.
He had been a cruel master, never satisfied, complaining so loudly and bitterly
that it brought tears to her eyes and docking her wages for the slightest mistake.

He had had a white girlfriend when they first met, Susan was her name. She
had been an arrogant bitch, treating Damika like dirt and beating her
whenever she was in a bad mood which was often. Of course that was only when
Martin wasn't around. Whatever his faults he had never resorted to physical
violence and condemned it bitterly in other employers. Susan had another
habit she indulged in when Martin was at work, she liked to amuse herself
with Damika, fondling her ass, breasts and pussy while she worked, forcing
her to work naked or forcing her to pleasure her by licking her cunt as she
drank wine on the balcony. She always insulted Damika during these sessions
calling her her little darkie slut and laughing as the Sri Lankan girl
wept. Damika was always sick after these sessions and cried for hours in her
room. Martin found her thus one evening and saw the bruises on her body too.
He demanded an explanation and when, between sobs, she managed to give him
one he flew into an almighty rage. At first Damika thought he was angry with
her for complaining about Susan and cowered on her bed but it was to Susan's
room that Martin stormed and it was she who found herself out on the streets
that night.

Martin came to her room with various ointments and creams and applied them
gently to her battered body. His hands were soft and gentle, his touch loving
and he smiled warmly as he worked on her. It was then Damika realised that
this successful white executive might actually find her attractive and a plan
began to form in her mind, a plan to make herself more than a maid.

Her uniform grew gradually shorter and more revealing, her poses more
provocative, every bend designed to reveal a glimpse of her breasts or her
panties. She was a slim girl with dark skin, fine features, small, firm
breasts, a tight ass and flowing long black hair, a true exotic beauty and it
was not long before Martin, his bed empty now began to fall increasingly
under her spell, savouring every glimpse of her hidden form. He found himself
spying on her as she slept in her short nightdress, her sheets tossed off,
one bare leg dangling over the side of the bed as the nightie rode up over
her ass exposing her panties to him. He was even able on occasion to watch as
she showered, his hand on his crotch as he harden at the sight of her firm
young body in all its naked glory. Eventually he found himself sneaking into
her empty room to kiss and sniff her carelessly discarded panties. He never
once suspected that all his supposedly secret activities were being carefully
orchestrated by his maid.

Although it was obvious that Martin was becoming increasingly infatuated with
her, he could barely hide the erections that sprang up whenever she was near
him, Damika never feared that he might be tempted to assault her in any way.
She had done some spying of her own in her time in Martin's house and she
knew all about his relationship with Susan, knew how in the bedroom Susan
treated him the same way she had treated Damika, as her slut, her slave. Yes,
her bullying master enjoyed being a slave in the bedroom, enjoyed being
dominated by a woman. and soon he would be dominated by her. Strange Damika
was to reflect later that the woman she hated most in all the world was also
the one who had shown her the key to a new future.

Finally, one hot sultry evening when she had seen Martin stand at her doorway
masturbating as he gazed on her naked, sweating body before fleeing as he
sensed she was awake, she walked slowly, still naked to his bedroom where he
tossed and turned unable to sleep in the heat of the night and his desires.
His mouth opened wide but he was too surprised to speak as his maid, the
object of all his fantasies of submission in recent weeks stood beside his
bed, naked in all her perfect beauty, arms on hips as she stared down at him
with the cold contempt he had often imagined on her face.

You want Damika yes? she demanded, although it was more a statement than a

Martin nodded his head weakly. His raging erection, only inches from her, made
denial useless.

Damika let you please her but there is rules. You agree or Damika no let you
please her. You agree?

She looked questioningly down at Martin. Looking up at her face, so beautiful
and proud he felt he was in the presence of a Goddess just as in all the
femdom stories he had read.

What are the rules? he asked hoarsely

First this. Damika maid but in this room she boss you servant boy. I give
orders you obey understand? You do anything I say. Martin nodded. This really
was a fantasy come to life! He could barely control his desire to cum.

In bedroom my name Madam Damika. You no got name unless I give you. Anything
I call you you accept. Agree?
Yes Madam Damika, I agree. said Martin, bowing his head. I wan to be your
slave, your whore. I will be a good whore I promise.

You better be good whore or Madam punish you! snapped Damika Now out of
bed slave. Get down kiss Madam's feet. Show her you her slave now!

Hurriedly Martin scrambled from the bed and crouched at Damika's feet,
obediently kissing each of her feet in turn. Damika laughed. The sight of her
white boss grovelling at her feet both amused and thrilled her. For the
first of many times to come she felt the incredible pleasure that came from
power over men. She had never felt so hot, never felt such such electric
shocks of pleasure in her pussy. She was already moist as she gave her next
order, using language she had learned from observing Susan in action.

Pig hard but Madam no want cock tonight. Madam want to see white pig wank.
Wank for Madam pig boy!

Martin tried to stand but Damika's foot on his neck forced him down.

No stand. You pig, wank like pig!

And so Martin remained on all fours, head bowed supporting himself on one hand
as he masturbated with the other. Watching him Damika unconsciously began to
finger herself, masturbating in time with her slave.

So lost was he in his real-life fantasy that it was only a short time before
Martin shot his load, jets of white cum spurting all over the carpet. At once
Damika stopped masturbating and fixed him with an angry glare.

Pig cum no nice on floor. Madam take long time to clean. Now you clean like
pig. Lick cum. Lick now!

Martin hesitated, he had never gone as far as this with Susan, but Damika was
not to be trifled with. Seizing him roughly by the neck she savagely rubbed
his nose in the cum.

See how dirty you pig! Now lick or Madam get angry!

Martin opened his mouth and Damika slapped his face, hard.

No talk! Lick!

And Martin licked, hard and fast, partly because he knew this was the only
way hewould ever get to taste Damika's lovely body and partly because this
was what he had so often dreamed of, to be humiliated and degraded by a
beautiful woman. Watching him obediently at his work Damika knew
instinctively that there would be no goingback now. A man who would degrade
himself like this would do anything she wanted. He belonged to her now.

Once finished Martin looked up expectantly at his new Mistress. Inflamed by
her overwhelming passions Damika could wait no longer. She lay down on the
bed, her legs apart and snapped her fingers.

Come pig! Lick Madam's pussy!
Martin obeyed with alacrity and Damika soon learned that Susan had trained
him well as his tongue teased and tormented her pussy lips and cliterus
before he licked and sucked her to climax after climax, climaxes which were
stronger than any she had ever experienced. If only she had had the chance to
be a dominatrix earlier. When she had finally had enough and sank back, her
body exhausted by pleasure Damika allowed Martin to suckle on her big nipples
as a special treat until they both fell asleep.

In the morning Martin thanked his Mistress for the pleasure she had allowed
him the night before and kissed her tight ass cheeks in gratitude. Then
Damika rose and went to her room to dress before preparing her master's

For some time their relationship continued like this, Damika ruling the roost
in the bedroom while continuing to serve Martin as his maid the rest of the
time. Indeed his attitude as her employer did not change. her salary did not
increase one penny and he was still a criticising bully. At first Damika
contented herself by taking her revenge in the bedroom, spanking and slapping
Martin whenever he had annoyed or bullied her, giving him humiliating tasks
to perform or denying him sexual contact. She was always aware, however, that
however respectful Martin was in the bedroom he still regarded her most of
the time as his hireling. He kept the two aspects of their lives entirely
separate and neither her material position or her position in the household
had improved. This was not what Damika wanted and as she felt her sexual hold
over him grow to the extent that he had to have her in his room every single
night and would do anything she commanded just for a simple touch or taste of
her body, she set about attaining the station she desired so much.

It started in the bedroom as she ordered him to dress in her uniform, to
parade up and down in it, to masturbate in it, to make love to her in it, to
wear it night after night until he put it on without even a word from her
eagerly hoping for her approval. Then before the sex games began she would
give him chores to perform, fetching her food and drink and cleaning her room
or her shoes (with his tongue, naturally) or washing her clothes (tonguing
her worn panties was his particular favourite). As Damika's sexual favours
became increasingly difficult to obtain, entailing an ever increasing number
of what, for a rich man like Martin, were humiliating chores so his desire
for her grew ever stronger. He began to realise, as Damika had hoped he
would, that his greatest, if not only, pleasure in life came from serving her
whether as her bedwhore or as her maid.

And so it was that little by little Martin came to do everything in the house
while Damika became a lady of leisure content to e waited upon hand and foot
by her white pig maid who was now so in her thrall that he lived only to
serve his Mistress. The bullying Master of old was dead and buried replaced
by a compliant white maid who was bullied and nagged in his turn by an
arrogant Sri Lankan Goddess and who thanked her daily for the generosity she
shown in selecting him to be her slave and showered her with gifts and money.

As for Damika, she revelled in her power and the pleasure it gave her. From a
squalid room in a Colombo slum she had now rise to become Mistress of a large
house with a white man dressed as a maid at her beck and call. Her every
sexual whim and fantasy was indulged by this same white whore. She had money,
dressed in fine clothes, dined in expensive restaurants. She had reached the
summit of her former ambitions. Yet Damika was not content. The more her
power over Martin grew the more she needed to degrade him in order to
maintain the same level of intensity in her passions. For her the act of
dominance was infinitely more stimulating than sex itself, though that too
was fantastic Martin having been trained to satisfy all her urges to

It was this need for ever greater control that had led her to make him her
asswipe, to begin paying him for his services, to demonstrate that he was
nothing more than her hireling whore and that he could never aspire to be her
lover or equal. And she found that the more she degraded him the more
degradation Martin craved. Long submissive despite a swaggering professional
career Damika's domination of him had brought all his most repressed desires
to the fore. He was falling headlong into a bottomless pit of humiliation and
degradation and loving every minute of it. ********** Once he had cleaned
Damika's ass to her satisfaction Martin ran her shower and bathed her
adoringly, rubbing soap over her entire body and gently stimulating her
nipples and clit with his fingers. Only when she had cum was he allowed to
dry her, again stimulating her as he dried her. Then it was time to dress her
in sheer silk panties, a half-cut bra of the same translucent material, a
clinging sleeveless red dress that barely covered her ass and had a plunging
neckline. The ensemble was completed by a red chiffon scarf and knee high
black leather boots lovingly polished by Martin's tongue.

You like pig? asked Damika, admiring herself in the mirror.

Madam is even more beautiful than usual. replied Martin in all sincerity as
he knelt at her feet.

Damika looked down and smiled at his erection.

Thank you pig. Madam must look good for her lover. He come visit today. You
like him. Very handsome boy. He like white whores too much.

She smiled broadly, flashing her perfect white teeth as Martin trembled at
her feet. Damika had often teased him about taking a Sri Lankan lover( a
real man with a big brown cock) but he had never taken her seriously until
now. In a cold sweat he pondered how distant she had been lately, as if she
was hiding something yet strangely happy, how he had been forbidden to touch
her with his little white maggot for almost two weeks now. Was this the
reason why? Who was this man? hat would happen to him now? Would Madam still
want her slave? As these confused thoughts raced through his mind he failed
to notice Damika growing angry. Only a slap across his face woke him up.

Breakfast! snarled his Mistress

He served the food on the terrace, kneeling as always at her feet, begging
like a dog for scraps to fill the dog bowl Damika had bought him for
Christmas. This was the only way he ate now. Her meal finished Damika
motioned with her hand for him to clear away the dishes. Once he had washed
up he made to dress for work but Damika stopped him.

You no go office today. You say sick. This big day for Madam. Lover come. He
want see maid. You clean house good for Master then you start work. You whore
now. You make money for Madam Plenty customers come today.

For a moment Martin was paralysed. What the hell was happening? Was her lover
really coming? Were other guests really coming? No-one except he and Damika
knew what went on inside these walls. To the outside world he was still
Master and she Maid. Was she really going to expose him to public ridicule? A
faint voice inside him told him to resist but he knew he was too far gone
down the road of servitude to do anything but obey. Without a word he crept
to his room to put on his uniform. Damika meanwhile, smiled at his very
obvious confusion. Who knew what would happen today? Only one thing was
certain. It really was a big day for her.

Martin hurriedly pulled on a pair of Madam's old panties and slid into the
micro-skirted black dress that was his uniform. It was topped by a frilly
white apron and cap. He put on his black fishnet stockings, pulling them up
over his hairless legs, waxed like the rest of his body on his Mistress'
instructions, applied his garish red lipstick and rouge and stepped gingerly
into his heels.

Maid Martin cleaned and washed energetically for the next 2-3 hours while his
Mistress relaxed reading magazines and watching TV pausing occasionally to
fondle his ass and balls or clip him round the ear as she criticised him for
some mistake in his work Truth to tell, however, Martin was now a very
accomplished maid and his work was of a much higher standard than Damika's had
ever been.

Martin had just finished all his chores and was congratulating himself on a
job well done when the doorbell rang.

Answer pig. called Damika from the living room Maybe you lucky, got
customer already!

Story: Maid to Serve Sri Lankans 2/2

His hands shaking Martin nervously opened the door. Standing on the doorstep
was a plump middle-aged Sri Lankan lady he recognised at once as Patma, the
maid of two of his closest friends. Only the week before he had dined there
and Patma had waited on him, eyes downcast, respectfully addressing him as
Sir. There was no respect on her face now only contemptuous amusement as
she stared directly into the his eyes. Patma waved her hand and Martin
stepped aside to allow her to enter, bowing as she passed. She smiled at the

You very polite maid. she said, pinching his ass as he closed the door
Damika train her bitch good. Now we see if you good slut too. See Madam
Patma got money for slut. You do good Madam pay you.

Martin turned to see Patma waving a torn dollar bill in his face.

Madam Patma is very kind. he said, head lowered

Yes. grinned Patma Where Damika?

Martin led the way to the living room, the eager Patma fondling his ass the
whole length of the hallway, much to his embarrassment.

Madam Patma Madam. he announced on entering the room, bending so low that
the dress rode up over his ass allowing Patma's lecherous hands a clear

Fetch drinks for guest pig! ordered Damika

Relieved, Martin hurried to the kitchen to fix drinks for the two Sri
Lankans. When he returned to the living room he found them laughing and
chatting together in their native Sinhala.

They took the drinks and then Damika pointed to Patma's feet.

Madam Patma's sandals dirty. Clean with white pig tongue! Now!

Without hesitation Martin dropped to his knees and began licking the dirty
soles that Patma turned up to him. Patma looked on in amazement and

You teach him good Damika. she said in her broken English so Martin would
understand I never think white pig do like this.

White pigs ugly but useful. said Damika He even clean ass with tongue too.

Patma gasped.

Maybe he clean my ass?

You pay for whore he do anything you want. You got money?

Laughing, Patma handed over the dollar bill. Damika waved it under Martin's

See pig, Madam pimp now. Sell you to Madam Patma. Go to bedroom. She no happy
I punish bitch good.

Madam Patma stood and Martin led the older woman to the bedroom. Once inside

Patma hurriedly closed the door and turned the key. When she turned to face
Martin her face was full of lust.

Take off clothes. Patma like men not girls. Show Patma cock!

Martin did as he had been instructed and stripped. He still felt embarrassed
about being treated in this way by someone who worked for his friends but he
also found the humiliation extremely exciting as his erect cock showed.

Patma too was excited by the sight of his naked body. Her hands roamed freely
over his smooth, hairless frame before lingering on his cock and balls, her
gentle strokes causing him to shudder as he fought to control himself.

Damika no lie. White cock very pretty. Not big like brown cock but pretty.
This first time Patma see white cock. She like. Now strip Patma. When you
strip you please Patma.

Slowly, very slowly, Martin removed Patma's clothing piece by piece. He
started by gently massaging her shoulders as he stood behind her, his hands
also reaching upwards to stroke her long greying hair. Then he turned her
round and while kissing her long and lingeringly on the lips he unbuttoned
her white blouse and massaged her soft breasts through her bra.

The blouse removed he turned her again and pulled down the zip on the back of
her cheap black skirt. Nuzzling his mouth on her neck he inserted a hand
inside the skirt and fondled her plump ass, his finger running down her crack
and causing her to flinch. Then he unbuttoned the skirt and as it fell he
knelt and kissed each of her ass cheeks, which he fond surprisingly cool.

Patma stepped out of the skirt and Martin raised himself up and unhooked her
bra before placing his hands on her large, sagging breasts and strongly
massaging them. As they grew firmer in his hands he spun Patma once more and
placed his mouth on her breasts, licking and sucking on her nipples as his
hands stroked and fondled her ass. Then he dropped down, kissing her rounded
belly, his tongue lapping around her button. Then, on his knees, he kissed
the crotch of her panties causing her to gasp with pleasure. Martin pulled
down the panties, Patma stepped out of them and Martin pressed his mouth to
her hairy bush, licking and sucking as Patma clutched him to her and gasped
and moaned as she grew increasingly excited before finally coming in his

Good good slut! she breathed, her face flushed, as she released him and
stepped onto the bed. Patma pleased.

Martin made to join her but Patma shook her hand.

Not yet. First slut dance for Patma. Then slut fuck Patma.

She placed a cassette in the tape player, Eastern music and clapped her
hands. Upon her signal Martin began to dance lewdly, swaying his hips ad
thrusting his chest, ass and cock towards Patma's groping hands. At last
when he was hot and sweaty Patma consented to turn off the tape

You dance like slut. In old days sluts dance for King in palace before he
fuck them. Now slut dance for Patma and she fuck him!

She spread her legs wide and pointed to her pussy.

Lick bitch!

Once again Martin placed his tongue on her cunt as she locked her legs around
him and pressed his head down with her hands. Three times she came before she
pushed her slut onto his back and mounted his erect cock. She placed his
hands on her big breasts and began to fuck him. She was loud in her
lovemaking, moaning and groaning as she rode the white man's cock. She came
twice, noisily, before he was allowed to climax then she lay back on the bed,
a contented smile on her face and took Martin in her broad arms. She pressed
his face to her breasts and ordered him to suck which he did willingly.

You good fuck. she said stroking his hair. Patma happy. You worth one
dollar. she laughed Patma no fuck for long time. Husband send her out Sri
Lanka to work maid. She two years here now, no holidays, no go Sri Lanka. All
time alone. All time work work work. Slut's friends very bad. No pay good,
all time angry. Patma no like white people but like slut. Slut know how to
serve Sri Lankan people. Know how to please them. Patma wish she got slut
like you.

But you won't tell my friends will you? asked Martin in a sudden panic.

Patma smiled.

Patma no tell. You her secret but when you come you be nice to Patma, always
ask polite no give orders. Maybe you come see Patma in kitchen, let her play.

I promise to respect and obey you always Madam said Martin.

Patma rubbed his head as she would a favourite pet.

Good slut. And Patma promise come visit slut here many times. Fuck you many

She kissed his forehead.

Now get up. Dress Patma. Time to see Damika.

Martin rose and dressed Patma, again stimulating her with his mouth and hands
as he did so. Once finished he reached for his own clothes but Patma stopped

No clothes. Damika want slut naked for customers to see.

She opened the door and the returned to the living room. Damika sat there on
the sofa. Beside her sat a lean, sari-clad Sri Lankan in her late 20's or
early 30's. Her skin was darker than usual and her features were hard and
severe. She looked at Martin with bitterness in her eyes and sneered. As
Patma took her seat and excitedly related her experiences to Damika the dark
lady stood up and strode angrily over to Martin. She was tall, a good head
taller than him, and she looked down haughtily at him.

Spread your legs bitch! she snapped.

Martin complied and she grabbed his balls with a strong grasp causing him to
wince and his knees to buckle.

Call this a cock bitch? she sneered I've seen bigger on little boy's. Her
finger stabbed suddenly into his asshole causing him to cry out and look
pleadingly towards Damika and Patma. Neither looked up. Tight hole.
Surprising. I thought a whore like you would have spread for plenty of men.

The dark lady completed her examination of the white meat by checking his
teeth then turned to Damika.

50 cents for the bitch. He's worth only half that.

Damika nodded her agreement, the dark lady tossed her a coin and Martin was
dragged by the ear to the bedroom which was again locked.

The dark lady lost no time in removing her sari to reveal her lean frame with
her tightass, small, barely perceptible breasts, her pussy with the same
short, rough, wiry hair that topped her head and her muscular limbs. Martin
noticed also the bruises and scars that laced her body.

So bitch, do you find me attractive? Do you want me?

Yes Madam. Martin said eagerly Very much.

A faint smile played on the lady's thin lips then suddenly her fist smashed
into Martin's stomach. With a cry of pain he fell to the floor clutching his

You lying white bastard. snarled the lady, kicking him as he lay at her
feet. I know what you're thinking, that I'm an ugly black whore good enough
for a quick fuck if there are no white women around but whose proper place
is as your slave.

Madam I am the only whore here. Martin said hoarsely, choking back the tears
I want only to serve you.

The dark lady grabbed his hair and almost threw him onto the bed. All right
you fucking white bitch, let' s see if you can serve me!

She opened a drawer in a dresser and took out some scarves which she then used
to bind Martin to the bedframe, his arms and legs spreadeagled.

Now bitch you really do belong to me! she said menacingly as she sat herself
on his chest I feel like playing. How about a slapping game. I slap you cry!

With those words she slapped Martin hard across his right cheek. As his head
turned she slapped his left cheek equally hard, then slapped his right cheek
again. And so it continued until at last, his cheeks red and on fire, Martin
beg to cry and begged her to stop.
Don't like this game huh bitch? the lady asked with mock sympathy How about
the nipple game then?
She grasped each of his nipples in her strong fingers and twisted as hard as
she could.
Martin screamed in agony, his tears flooding down and the lady laughed
Poor little bitch, you need a treat. Here, lick my ass you piece of white
So saying, she sat ass first on his face, almost suffocating him. His tongue
darted up, entered her asshole and still with tears in his eyes he proceeded
to tongue clean his cruel Mistress.

She raise her ass briefly to allow him to swallow air then squatted on his
face again this time with her cunt, grinding mercilessly against him, her
wiry hair rubbing roughly against his face as he sought desperately to bring
her to climax with his tongue before he passed out. When she did cum his
reward was to be allowed a few moments of oxygen before the process started
again. After her second climax she stood up.

Enjoying yourself bitch? she asked, looking down at her captive.

Yes Madam. replied Martin and received a sharp kick to his side for his

Wrong answer bitch! I'm the only one allowed to enjoy myself here!

The dark lady walked down the length of the bed until she straddled his erect

Still got some milk in your little white maggot, huh? Well I'm going to allow
you the privilege of giving that milk to me. What do you say bitch?

Thank you kind Madam. whispered Martin by now thoroughly terrified of this
she- devil.

She laughed mockingly and mounted his cock. She rode it as roughly and
mercilessly as she had rode his face, slapping and squeezing his balls,
twisting his nipples, slapping his face, pulling his hair, finger fucking his
ass and scratching his body. Throughout his ordeal, his cock trapped in her
extremely strong vaginal muscles, Martin was forced to endure her taunts
about his lack of physical prowess and to thank her for the pain she
inflicted upon him.

After she had cum the dark lady lifted herself off him and then proceeded to
masturbate him with her fingers until he came on her hand. She then smeared
the cum on her breasts then forced Martin to lick both hand and breasts clean
and to swallow all his own cum.

After this final humiliation she again posed the question she had asked

Enjoying yourself bitch?

Yes Madam. the battered Martin replied truthfully.

The dark lady smiled. I'm so glad. Tell me bitch, what does it feel like to
be abused at will by maids, women who are your social inferiors?

Degrading and humiliating.

As it is for me every day of my life, an educated woman at the mercy of
uneducated trash who think that because they have more money and a white skin
that they can treat me like a slave and use me as their punchbag or whore
however the mood takes them. You have seen the scars and bruises o my body?
White scum like you gave them to me, my employers no less.

I am sorry. said Martin earning another angry slap on his face.

I don't want you to be sorry I want you to pay! I wish I could make every
white bastard pay, teach them all how to serve women like me. But for now I
guess you'll have to do.

She untied Martin and stood up.

I need to piss. Take me to the bathroom asslicker and remember to crawl!

She unlocked the door and Martin crawled out into the corridor leading her to
the bathroom. On the way he glanced into the living room and froze in horror.
Damika sat naked on the sofa, a naked man, a handsome young Sri Lankan,
beside her. They were laughing together, his arm draped over her shoulder as
he squeezed her left breast. She really had a lover! Physically beaten,
Martin now felt the depths of emotional pain as well.

The dark lady's foot connected with his balls causing him to cry out.

I said crawl bitch! she snarled. Martin saw Damika and her lover point at
him and laugh and the tears flowed one more as he crawled dejectedly to the

Into the bath and lie down on your back. ordered the dark lady.

Martin obeyed and the dark lady entered the bath, straddling over him.

Now bitch you will see what Madam Chandrika thinks of you and all your race.
she sneered looking down at him in triumph.

She squatted slightly an a stream of hot piss hit Martin square in the face.
He swallowed some and as he coughed and spluttered he felt more piss landing
over the length of his body.

Asslicker and Pissdrinker, a real piece of white trash. smiled Chandrika
stepping out of the bath. Wash yourself with it bitch, rub my superior Sri
Lankan piss all over your stinking white body. It can only make it smell

She laughed long and loud as her sobbing slut wiped himself all over in her
piss then without a word she leaned over him, spat him full in the face and
left the wretched white bitch alone in the bathroom.

He was not alone for long , however. Hearing the sound of stifled giggles he
looked up through tearfilled eyes and saw the grinning faces of Damika and her
lover looking down at him.

It seems your whore enjoys bathing in Sri Lankan piss. said her lover in
educated tones I suppose it is the superior variety.

Give him some your piss Dayan honey. suggested Damika Your piss really

Why not. smiled Dayan lifting up his large cock I've always believed whites
were made for us to be pissed on and I've already put that into practice.
Sometimes I make them drink it too.

You mean...

Dayan nodded before Damika could finish her question and released a fierce
stream of hot piss all over the cringing white slut in the bath tub. Once more
Martin rubbed piss all over his body. The sight of him weeping as he did so
excited Damika beyond measure.

Wait for me in living room. she whispered rubbing Dayan's cock and kissing
him gently on the cheek I come soon.

Once Dayan had gone she turned on the cold shower.

Wash now whore then come living room. Master want see how good whore you!

She left the broken Martin to wash and returned to the living room where
Dayan sat sprawled on the sofa, legs apart. His huge cock was rampant again
and Damika stared at it in undisguised lust. She knelt and kissed the bulbous
tip in adoration then clambered onto his lap where he repaid the compliment
by suckling on her delicious breasts before their tongues locked in a
passionate kiss.

They were still kissing when Martin crawled into the room. The sight of his
Mistress enjoying such pleasure with her lover caused him to sink yet deeper
into depression and tears welled again in his eyes.

Seeing him Damika stood up and sauntered over to him, deliberately swaying her
boy to drive both men to distraction. She reached Martin and sat down on his
back as if he were a horse so he could feel her but not see her.

Tell me whore what you think about Master? He handsome?

Martin looked at the arrogant youth sprawled before him, the first time he
had looked at him properly and he realised with a sinking heart that he had
never seen a more handsome man. His body was fit and muscular without a trace
of fat, his skin was a beautiful brown that shone all the more because it was
hairless, his features were fine and delicate and as for his cock! Only one
word could describe it - magnificent! It was so big, the biggest Martin had
ever seen Although he had never once experienced any homosexual stirrings in
his life he could not help staring at this mighty weapon in awe, a fact both
Damika and Dayan noticed.

You like Master's cock, huh? asked Damika You want suck, yes?

N..n..no! stammered Martin, his feelings confused.

Dayan laughed and tossed a dollar bill to Damika. She snatched it and showed
it to Martin.

See whore, Master buy you. He want whore suck cock now. Suck Master whore.
Suck Master good!

Martin tried to speak, to protest, to tell them he was not gay, that he had
never in his life sucked cock but his desire to serve Damika, his desire to
taste that huge cock was to strong. Damika urged her pony forward until his
lips rested against Dayan's cock. He kissed the tip and balls as if paying an
act of homage then licked the long brown shaft before taking it in his mouth
and beginning to suck. He sucked slowly at first, his mouth alternating
between cock and balls before Dayan's strong, masterful hands forced his head
to remain on his cock, forced him to take ever more of the shaft into his
mouth till he was almost choking, forced him to suck faster and faster,
harder and harder until he could taste the pre-cum in his mouth. Then Dayan
pushed him away and Damika sat atop his lap and impaled herself on the giant

As the two Sri Lankans made wild passionate love Martin looked on in awe. To
him it seemed like the coupling of a God and Goddess of remarkable beauty.
All feelings of jealousy towards Dayan were gone. Now he realised that it was
only right that a superior being like Damika should seek out a lover from her
own caste. How privileged he was to be able to serve them both.

Once the lovemaking session was over Damika and Dayan separated and she
gestured to Martin.

My pussy full Master's cum, his cock covered in my cum. Now you clean. Eat cum
from both!

Martin was overjoyed. He had been disappointed not to be allowed to swallow
Dayan's cum after sucking him earlier and now he was to swallow cum from them
both. What an honour!

He moved towards them but Dayan motioned him to pause.

Before you begin you should meet your fellow slut who'll be helping you
clean. She's a white whore like yourself whom I'm giving to Damika as a
present. I'm sure she has big plans for her.

He clapped his hands three times and a blonde white woman, naked save for the
collar round her neck and the large rings through her nipples crawled into the
room. With a start Martin recognised her. It was Susan!

Introduce yourself to your new owner and your fellow whore. ordered Dayan.

Susan did not look up. My name Slut Susie. I slut for all Sri Lankan people.
I be good slave, good slut for Madam. If I no good please punish.

Martin looked up in amazement at Damika who smiled broadly. This was the day
she had waited for for so long, the main reason she had pursued and seduced
Dayan so relentlessly. (His beautiul body and cock were another reason but no
matter how well-endowed he was he could not give her the level of pleasure
she experienced dominating Martin) Now both her former bosses were her
slavesluts. What a wonderful day this was!

Come whore! Come little white slut! Clean Madam!

Obediently both the white man and the white woman crawled to their brown
Mistress and began to lap up the mingled juices of her and Master Dayan from
her pussy. As they did so Dayan explained to Martin how Susan had long had a
gambling problem, how she had fallen deep into debt with local gangsters who
had threatened her life, how he the son of the Sri Lankan Ambassador had
bought the debt and with it her, how he had told her she must work off the
debt through sexual service to him, how she had become so enamoured of her
new life that she now wished for no other, how he and Damika had become
lovers and as a token of his desire for her he had made her a present of
Susan and her debt. Now she would work it off as Damika's whore.

Yes you good asslickers, pissdrinkers, cumeaters. concurred Damika,
stroking the heads of her two white bitches You going to please plenty Sri
Lankan people here. I got plenty friends want white whore. Like Chandrika.
Sure she going to be very special friend for Slut Susie! Maybe later I take
you Sri Lanka, put you in special house for whores. White whore make plenty
money for me! Yes we going to have plenty fun whities!

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This remind of a couple of Asian femdom stories I have in my hard drive. I might post them if they don't violate the rules (I have to check.)
reader of femdom stories
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holy shit, tekkar. u r a legend man, thanks a lot that was so fast. appreciate it a lot.
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Glad to help proloace..............I knew I had it, just had to search several zip disc's to find it.
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I've been looking for any lebny stories for a long time. I remember they were all on dejanews but they're not on google groups anymore.

Tekkar, thanks so much for posting this ( 2 years ago, I guess )

Do you have any others?
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baby dick----------I have others I just have to find them.........I keep all my femdom stories on Zip Disc's so there password proteted & I have a ton on those.........
I remember the old deja news, thats where I found so many stories back then.
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The Bonus

Here's another Lebny story called The Bonus.............He also wrote under the Name Joergen Karlsson I think.............
Not all his titles included Sri Lankin so if you can come with others it will help me seach.....

By Lebny

Sunita took her time walking up and down the cells, staring at the helpless male prisoners locked inside. She let them all beg for her attention, kissing her boots and her hands as they begged to be chosen. They were all wasting their time however, all except one. Sunita had known who she would choose as soon as she entered the jail. Her interest was apparent to all present and it was no surprise when she informed her Captain of her choice.
I'll take the white one she said matter of factily, her eyes betraying the excitement she felt despite her outward calm.
I thought so. smiled the Captain It's not every day a young officer gets a chance to own a white peon (servant) like him. I had half a mind to take him myself but your record of arrests has been outstanding this year. You deserve the bonus of your choice.
She turned her pretty head. Sergeant, bring out the white boy and try not to hurt him this time.
A large lady in a uniform at least two sizes too tight that showed off her ample ass and tits grinned and went over to the cell, a dog collar and a leash in her hand.
He was a bit of a troublemaker when he got here explained the Captain Thought he was something special, better than us Indians because of his white skin. he forgot he was just a common embezzler. Of course I kept him separate from the other prisoners. You know how much they love white bitches and I didn't want the goods damaged. That only increased his arrogance however. Still a few sessions with the sergeant taught him the reality of his position. He's terrified of her now. Look, he behaves just like a dog for her!
Sunita watched as the sergeant led the white prisoner towards her. The collar was fixed round his neck and he crawled, naked on all fours like a dog, his head bowed. Sunita giggled at the sight. The couple stopped in front of her and at a command from the sergeant the white dog began to eagerly lick Sunita's boots.
This is your new owner dog. said the Captain. She is an outstanding young officer and you are very luky she chose you as her bonus. You will accompany her to her home village there to serve out a life sentence as her personal peon. You will be her property to do with as she wishes. If you serve well you will be allowed to live. Fail to serve and you will be returned here and your execution will be caried out.
Understand? Nod your head and bark three times if you do!
Woof, woof, woof! barked the grovelling man as he nodded his head furiously.
Sunita laughed out loud.
You have done your work well sergeant. Congratulations.
He still has moments of defiance though, said the sergeant, still believes his skin makes him superior.
He'll learn. said Sunita menacingly You have the collar?
She watched as the dog collar was removed and a heavy brass collar was placed around the dogs neck. It was locked in place and the key given to her. A simple engraving on the collar said Peon - Police Property. If the peon ever attempted to escape the collar would ensure his swift recapture.
A white loincloth was tossed to the peon and he hurriedly put it on.
He's all yours Sunita. smiled the Captain Have fun!
Thank you ma'am said Sunita, saluting. Pick up my kit bag and follow me peon! At the double!
The female officers laughed as she strode from the jail, her hapless servant stumbling barefoot after her, the heavy kitbag on his shoulders, pressing down his neck.
As she walked towards the railway station, Sunita wondered idly if the peon found her attractive. She had a pretty face, her body was slim and her breasts small but very firm, accentuated by the tightness of her uniform. Her ass was a little heavy she felt, but all in all she was quite good looking. Of course the peon's feelings were of no importance but she was curious to know if he did regard her as desirable. She glanced back and found him regarding her ass, his cock already at half-mast. Obviously he did not find it too big she thought smiling.
Well she thought, it didn't matter, he would soon be getting a much closer look.

The sight of her near naked white porter caused much amusement at the station as the crowds gasped and muttered to themselves. Police peons were a common sight at this time of year but white ones were not. Some bolder youngsters crowded forward and several hands of unknown origin pawed and caressed the hapless dog's ass and cock before they entered their compartment.

Sunita sat down on the seat as the peon placed the kit bag on the luggage rack. Seconds later she was on her feet in anger. The white dog had dared to sit on the seat opposite her!
On the floor! she yelled, slapping his face angrily On the floor! Peons sit on the floor!
Pleading for forgiveness the terrified dog slipped to the floor and crouched at her feet.
Make yourself useful bitch. said Sunita, still angry but slowly regaining her composure. My boots are dusty from the walk. Clean them! Soles first.
The dog, eager to be forgiven, quickly applied his tongue to the sole of her black leather boots, licking until they glistened. He then turned to the upper part of the boot and was thus engaged when the door opened and another lady entered the compartment. She was very large, dressed in a traditional sari and puffing from the strain of carrying her heavy luggage.
On your feet peon. snapped Sunita, kicking her dog. Help this lady!
The peon scrambled to his feet and took the bags from the grateful lady who took the time to study his collar carefully. He was placing the last of the bags on the rack when he felt her massive hands on his ass. He knew better than to resist, he was public property now.
Nice tight buns. said the lady lasciviously Had him long?
Only picked him up this morning. said Sunita I haven't used him yet.
Oh, I'm sorry. said the lady, releasing the dogs ass, her handprints embedded upon it.
I should have introduced myself, my name is Madame Hassana.
She sat down and the dog sat cross legged at her feet.
As the train started to move Madame Hassana produced some food and offered it to Sunita. The latter had missed her breakfast that morning and eagerly accepted. The peon was ordered to lick up any crumbs that fell to the floor in order to keep the carriage clean.
I am a widow. explained Madame Hassana. My brute of a husband has just passed away and now I'm going back to my village to start a new life, one in which I'll be in charge. My husband was a tyrant who beat me and abused me in front of his girlfriends but he was quite rich and I am his sole heir. Now I'm going to buy a small estate and a peon to go with it. I'll choose a young lad I think, one with plenty of energy to pleasure me day and night whenever I need him. I've always wanted a man at my beck and call and now I have the means to buy one. I do wish it could be a white one though. Such peons are rare indeed.
She looked wistfully at the peon licking crumbs from her feet.
My dog can pleasure you now if you wish smiled Sunita. You can see how useful his tongue is.
Dog looked up at Sunita, his eyes pleading, but there was no mercy to be found in Sunita's face.
Looking to Sunita she said I'm afraid I'm quite sweaty down there. I've been traveling all day to get home and with this heat...
Not to worry said Sunita, my dog will clean you up as he pleasures you.
I plan on enjoying a long tongue bath when I reach home.

Madame Hassana slid forward in her seat, opening her massive thighs as wide as possible in the cramped space, trapping the dog between her meaty thighs as she lifted her sari enough to expose her pantied crotch to the slave.
The panties stretched tight between her massive pussy lips. They might of been white once but were badly stained a yellowish brown, her mass of kinky pussy hair pushed out both sides of the wedged fabric that disappeared into the bottom of her huge ass.
Her smell assulting his nostrils immediatly. Her cunt reeked of sweat and stale piss as he turned his face away and fought back the urge to gag.
Sucky sucky, licky licky dog, he heard Sunita order.
Madame Hassana placed her hand on the back of dogs head grabbing a handful of hair, forcing his head between her huge thighs, pressing his mouth to her crotch as she covered his head with her sari.
With his nose and mouth pressed tightly against her cunt he began licking, her sweaty acrid taste bringing tears to his eyes, his every breathe filled his lungs with her foul stench.
Still holding his head she began rubbing his face up and down forcing his nose into her cunt.
After what seemed to dog like a lifetime she pulled his head back sharply and slid herself to the edge of the seat and with her other hand she snaked a meaty finger into her crotch and moved aside the panties.
Sucky sucky dog, open mouth she ordered as she forced his mouth through the tangle of cunt hair onto her cunt.
Her fleshy cuntlips engulfed his as he began to suck her pussy, swallowing the cunt juice and sweat that leaked into his mouth.
Madame Hasanna's sighs of pleasure brought a smile to Sunita's face.
Madame please feel free to cum in the dogs mouth if you wish.
Moments later he felt her huge body stiffen and with a sigh she came into his mouth.
Thick and slimy her cum filled his mouth as he fought to swallow, her huge thighs now clamping tightly around his head.
Her thighs relaxed their grip from around his head and she loosened her grip on his hair, patting him like a dog.
The slave rested his cheek against her inner thigh expecting the worst was over.
He heard the two women talking, but could not understand them, they were speaking native.
He assumed the fat pig was thanking his Mistress. She had, but it was only a short reprive.
Madam Hassana grabbed his head again and he heard her yell down to him----MORE SUCKY SUCKY, LICKY LICKY DOG as she forced his mouth back to her hungry cunt.

Thus it was until they reached Madame Hassana's station, the dog was buried under her skirts, his head trapped between her big thighs as he licked her to orgasm after orgasm while Sunita looked on in amusement.
As the train approached Madame's station she asked Sunita what other duties dog would perform for his Mistress.
Sunita leaned in close and spoke just loudly enough for dog to hear.
The dog slave will be trained in all the ways to pleasure superior women as ourselves. His duties will mostly involve using his mouth and tongue to pleasure me and my close friends as well as cooking, cleaning and other domestic work.
It seems he is quite good as a pussy eater, as I think you'll agree Madame, and he will be very busy at it I can assure you, but I will demand more from him than just that.
He will be required to lick my feet clean, sucking my toes, licking my armpits clean.
He will be taught how to properly worship my pussy and ass and become quite familiar with their smells and tastes as his face is to become my personal chair, and eventually he will assist me with my toilet, licking me clean both front and back and finally a duty most befitting a white dog slave he will become my toilet, hungrily drinking my piss and eating my shit
directly from my body that he has learned to worship and adore.
Madame Hussana visibly excited by Sunita's verbal discription and know doubt by the dogs mouth and tongue laboring between her legs came again, filling dogs mouth again with her cunt cream.
Madame expressed to Sunita a wish to witness such a event which prompted Sunita to promise to invite Madame Hussana to dinner in the near future to not only watch the dog perform but also participate if she wished.
Phone numbers and hugs were exchanged as the train entered the station.

After he had helped a grateful Madame off the train with her bags the dog returned to his owners feet. She casually ignored him, reading a newspaper until the next stop when a young woman entered the compartment. Her long black hair was bunched up like Sunita's and her western clothes barely concealed the voluptuous outline of her body. She wore glasses and carried a number of textbooks. Obviously she was a student.
For some time, red-faced but fascinated, she sat in silence, staring at the white peon who sat cross-legged, head bowed. Sunita noted that her gaze most often fell on his clearly visible white cock and that she was red not so much from embarrassment as from excitement. She coughed politely. The girl started.
Oh, I'm sorry. she said Is it yours?
Sunita saw the dog wince at the use of 'it' and smiled.
Yes it is. I picked it up from the jail this morning. It's my summer bonus.
And it belongs to you now?
For the rest of its life, yes. Why, do you need some service from it?
The girl blushed. Let me introduce myself. My name is Juhi. I am a student at the State University. I'm studying history, the British Occupation to be precise. It just seems so strange to see a member of the previously dominant race now dominated by the race they oppressed. Is it British?
Yes. said Sunita its British and it still seems to believe that makes it superior.
Oh dear. said Juhi I do hope you're going to teach it the reality of the situation. How whites should be our servants!
I couldn't agree more said Sunita. Have you had experience in this field.
No said Juhi, shyly I've only read about how they treated us in the past and it makes my blood boil! We have some white professors at the university and they're just the same. I hate them! It's time we took our revenge!
She was getting quite angry now but still Sunita pressed on.
Is it just whites you'd like to dominate or men in particular?
Juhi laughed nervously Well, my experiences with men haven't been so good up till now. My father is very strict and wants me to be a virgin forever but I've always been active behind his back. Trouble is all the men I've met have been just as brutal as him. They take what they want then forget me till they're horny again. The only time I've been satisfied is with one of my father's peons. I caught him stealing then blackmailed him into servicing me for the whole afternoon. For the first and last time a man actually attended to my needs before his own. Then I gave him a sound whipping before dismissing him. I enjoyed that too. I just thought of him as one of my so-called lovers.
She paused, suddenly embarrassed. I..I'm sorry. I've never gone on like this before. You must think I'm some kind of dreadful slut.
Not at all. smiled Sunita You obviously needed to talk to someone about your feelings. Your desires are perfectly normal for a woman in our society. I'm not surprised you felt excited when you saw the embodiment of those desires, a white slave to dominate, use and punish sitting at your feet.
I guess you're right. said Juhi, wiping her steamed glasses. That is what I desire.
Well I'd like to help. said Sunita, taking her by the hand I'm quite willing to lend you my dog here whenever needed.
Do you mean it? asked Juhi breathlessly. Sunita nodded.
Then perhaps I can arrange it. said Juhi I have to do a project over the summer. I'll simply tell my father I'm doing it in your village. That way I can visit any time I want. Agreed?
Agreed. said Sunita and they shook hands on it, exchanging addresses and telephone numbers.
Now. said Sunita How do you think our dog should amuse us?
Let's see what doggy can do with his little cocky-wocky said Juhi. On you back white doggy. Make your cocky-wocky big for your owners. Let us see your pathetic cum.
The peon rolled onto his back and lifted his thin covering of cloth to expose his cock. As the two women passed humiliating comments about his size and kicked him repeatedly to urge him to speed up his efforts he stroked faster and faster on his cock till his cum spurted over the floor of the compartment.
Not bad but not good either. said Juhi Your performance must improve in future if you want to please us.
Clean up the floor you pathetic worm. ordered Sunita and hide that thing you call a cock. My little nephew is bigger than you but then he is from a superior race. Don't you agree dog?
Yes ma'am. Indians are superior. the dog said humbly as it lapped up its own cum.
Sunita smiled. She knew how much it hated having to say those words and it pleased her. It pleased her a lot. She was going to have a lot of fun with her slave dog , a lot of fun!
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Wow, you're awesome, I wouldn't have thought you'd have even seen my reply. Thanks for this new story.

I know he also wrote under Malcolm Jardine and the one title I remember I think was "Indian's Houseboy"
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You're Welcome............I'll see if I can find that story...............I'll post the others as I find them....
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Tekkar, was wondering if you have 'Dancing For the Maids'? Been looking for that for ages. It seems all the old stories have disappeared.
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Dancing for the maids


You must be joking! I laughed loudly Me dance for a bunch of maids? Why
the idea's ridiculous!
As indeed it was. After all, I was a successful Western executive, not some
local gigolo.
Ranjee pouted and looked genuinely upset.
Ranjee no joke Sir. I give party for my friend before wedding. She want
dancer like she see in American movie, white boy to dance for friends. You
only white man I know Sir. Please help me. You make Ranjee very happy. You
want me be happy, no Sir?
Ranjee, my Sri Lankan maid, had drawn closer to me as she spoke, looking up
at me with her big dark eyes, at once pleading and enticing. I looked down
past her eyes and her full lips to the tops of her lovely brown breasts,
clearly visible through the top of her carelessly unbuttoned housecoat and
felt my crotch swell. She was irresistible.
Yes Ranjee. I want you to be happy. I said hoarsely
Ranjee laughed gaily and clapped her hands, a broad smile on her face.
Please wait. I get clothes. she said excitedly and ran off downstairs to
the room she and her mother called home.
Ranjee had cleaned and washed for me since I had come to this Middle Eastern
country two years before. She and her mother were the resident housemaids of
the block of flats where I lived, visiting each in rotation.

Her visits were the highlight of my week. She was young, barely twenty,
slender but strong limbed with gorgeous brown skin, long lustrous black hair
and delicious looking breasts and ass. I fell in love with her instantly,
making any excuse to follow her round the flat in the hope of catching a
glimpse of her bare flesh, my cock ever hard. I fooled myself I was being
discreet but my permanent disarray and shy, nervous behaviour around her, as
well as my swollen crotch, had obviously betrayed my interest to her long
ago. It was an interest she had used to her advantage, requests for a raise
in her wages or a day off always being preceded by her wearing a more
revealing housedress, by innumerable excuses to bend over in my field of
vision so that I saw a flash of her panties or her breasts, my particular
favourites. Then when I was hot and ready she would state her request in a
winsome, pleading voice that I found it impossible to resist. She had me
wrapped around her little finger and she knew it. Why I was even about to
forget my social position and humiliate myself in front of a group of her
fellow maids for her sake.

But truth be told, the prospect excited me for it catered to my most basic
desire, the strong need I secretly felt to be humiliated and dominated by
women, especially those considered to be my social inferiors. It was my
dearest wish for Ranjee to be more assertive and commanding, to treat me as
her servant. If she did that I would truly obey her every command, denying
her nothing, but she was always the submissive housemaid, sometimes
embarrassingly respectful to me and I was afraid to tell her how I felt,
afraid she would consider me a pervert and I would lose her forever. And so I
kept silent, finding my satisfaction in pleasing her in whatever way I could,
like now.

When she returned some minutes later, Ranjee was carrying a small bundle of
clothes and a video cassette.
These clothes you wear. This video teach you how dance good. You copy man in
video you make ladies very happy, make Ranjee happy. she smiled warmly and
handed me the clothes and tape Please dress now. See if clothes fit.

With an embarrassed smile I stepped into my bedroom, closed my door and
changed into the clothes she had given me. It was no easy task as they were
very tight. The consisted of a diaphanous red blouse through which my chest
was clearly visible, a leopardskin thong and skin-tight leopardskin pants
that left nothing to the imagination. Looking at myself in the mirror,
dressed in my feminine apparel, I was reminded of a cheap streetwalker
desperately touting for business. For the first time I began to feel uneasy
about my planned performance.

My thoughts were interrupted by the unannounced entrance of Ranjee.
Sir look very nice. she smiled Clothes fit good like real dancer.
But Ranjee, I protested these are women's clothes. I can't wear these.
She looked hurt.

But I got no more good for dancing. These my clothes Sir but look good on
you. Make you sexy. All girls like you now Sir.

Her compliments and the thought of wearing her clothes, clothes I had dreamt
so long of removing brought a red flush of embarrassment to my face. They
also brought an erection which was impossible to hide under the tight pants.
Ranjee looked down at my crotch and smiled.

I think you like clothes Sir. Now come. We watch video.See how dance.
She placed the video in the machine and switched on the TV before sitting on
the sofa. Still embarrassed and erect I sat beside her, my discomfort growing
as I watched the film play. It was a Filipino film showing an erotic male
dancer performing in a nightclub full of excited middle-aged women. A
strikingly lithe, handsome young man, he danced lewdly with exagerrated
thrusts and grinds of his pelvis as he imitated a sex act before beginning to
strip, an act that drove the audience wild. I glanced over at Ranjee. Her
eyes were fixed on the TV, her face flushed, her hands restless. She had
never looked more radiant. She turned suddenly and smiled up at me and I
turned hurriedly away, suddenly finding it harder to breathe.

At the crucial moment the camera panned away and the women rushed the stage.
The scene then cut to a bedroom where the young man was gratefully receiving
payment for services rendered from a woman old enough to be his grandmother.

Ranjee got up and knelt down in front of the video player, raising up her
cute little ass towards me.
I rewind tape. she explained You watch dance again then you practice.
But Ranjee, I protested I can't, I can't strip. Dancing is one thing but
that is quite another. I am an important man and I have to think of my
reputation. I'm sorry but it's quite impossible!

At once she began to cry.
But Sir promise! And Ranjee promise friends. Now all hate Ranjee like Sir
hate Ranjee!
Seeing her sob and knowing I was the reason I was heartbroken. I reached out
and placed my hand on her cheek.
Please Ranjee, don't cry. I don't hate you. It's just that this is something
I can't do.
In distress, she pushed my hand away and buried her head in her hands,
sobbing even louder. It was more than I could bear.
All right Ranjee. I said softly. I'll do it. Please don't cry any more. I
want you to be happy!

After a few moments of more crying she brushed away her tears.
Thank you sir. she said rewinding and starting the tape again. She turned
on her heels and made to rise but stumbled and fell against me, her hand
grazing my cock which hardened at her touch. As I caught her by the arm she
looke up at me and smiled sexily.

Thank you Sir. she said in barely a whisper and I knew in that moment that
I would never be able to deny her anything ever again.

We watched the tape again and then it was my turn to perform in front of my
audience of one. And what a performance it was, clumsy and laughable in the
extreme as I, a slightly overweight executive in his mid-30's tried to
emulate the agile young stud in the movie.

Ranjee put up her hand to stop me before I began stripping.
No strip yet Sir. Learn dance first. You no good need lots of practice.
Her words stung me but also propelled me into action. I practiced with her
for the rest of the day and the rest of that week as she visited me after
work. The performance was scheduled for Sunday afternoon and by the Saturday
evening I could both dance and strip to my maid's satisfacton though I always
kept on the thong. I felt nothing wrong in exposing myself to her, only happy
that my efforts pleased her so much. Even my ever present erection was an
asset rather than a threat to her.

Very nice. she told me on the Saturday night You hard like this tomorrow
all ladies very happy.
You too Miss? I asked hopefully.

I had started calling her Miss soon after my lessons began. At first she had
felt uncomfortable but I had explained it was only proper for a student to
address his teacher so and she had gradually come to accept and enjoy her new
found status. When she cleaned I was still Sir but during our lessons I was
simply Boy, a status I too revelled in.

Ranjee smiled.
You work good Ranjee be happy. Maybe give Boy reward. Boy like that?
Very much Miss. I said in eager anticipation.
She laughed and hurried from the room and I did not see her till the
following afternoon when I went downstairs to her room. I chose a time when I
knew the neighbours would not be around. Sunday was maids' day off throughout
the country and the neighbours were used to loud parties in their quarters
but it would be scandalous if I was seen to participate.

I knocked on the door and Ranjee's mother Patma opened it. Some 45 years of
age she was as pretty as her daughter but more full-bodied with large breasts
and an equally ample ass that always drew my attention. She spoke no English
but as I entered I bowed and kissed her hand in both greeting and
supplication which she gracefully accepted.

The room was a large one with a bathroom attached, divided into three by
curtains. In one area was the living room with its simple furniture, some
wooden chairs, a low table and an old sofa together with a TV, video and
cassette player. Today the table was in the centre of the room, covered in a
bright red cloth and surrounded by the chairs. A curious looking lamp was
placed on the table and upon closer investigation I saw it to be a flashing
disco light. Behind another curtain was the kitchen composed of a cooker, a
fridge and a sink with some cupboards. The final area was the bedroom with
its wardrobe and double bed which both women shared.

I changed in the bedroom having first, on Ranjee's instructions, applied a
rather cheap scented oil to give my body a sheen. Once I had finished Ranjee
entered for a final inspection and declared herself satisfied.

You look good like real dancer. Ladies going to like see you dance.
Miss Ranjee, I said, may I ask you something. Why are you doing this? It
isn't traditional, is it?

She laughed.
Of course no. Sri Lankan lady no think about sex. Only men do that. she
said sarcastically But now we outside we can do anything. We get lonely we
find man, use cock, have fun. Tomorrow Chandrika go home, get marry. No more
fun. Only work, obey husband, have plenty children. But tonight white boy
dance for Chandrika like he slave girl. Tonight she like queen. Good memory
for her.

I was hot and erect at her words which she could not have failed to notice.
But why a white man, why not another Sri Lankan?
White boy more excite. smiled Ranjee We see brown cock any time. They just
like us but white boy different. Always he Sir, Master, make us work too
hard, too much like he king. But today white boy work for us, make us happy.
That make us feel good. she paused Make you feel good too, huh? You like
when Ranjee be boss that why you call her Miss. You want me be boss all time
no? You want work for Ranjee.

As she spoke she gently stroked my cock, driving me to distraction. Unable to
suppress my desires any longer I fell to my knees before her, grasping her
hand and smothering it in kisses.

Yes Miss Ranjee yes! I want to serve you, to please you, to worship you
I wept as I spoke, my emotions tumbling out.
Ranjee rubbed my head as she would a favourite pet.
Good boy! You make ladies happy today you stay with Ranjee and Patma long
time, be our special boy. Maybe we take you Sri Lanka later.

I looked up at her with tear-filled eyes, my expression one of gratitude.
Thank you Miss. I said hoarsely and she smiled again.
There was a knock at the door and she motioned me to rise.
Ladies come. Clean face and wait. When I give signal you come start dance on
She left through the curtain and I happily brushed away my tears. I heard the
sound of greetings, of excited chatter, of bottles opening and drinks being
poured and then all was quiet.

White boy! Come here! commanded Ranjee in a loud voice.
Nervously I drew myself up and pulled back the curtain, walking with
exagerrated swaying of my hips, just like a hooker, towards the table to the
accompaniment of jeers, whistles, applause and a loud thumping soundtrack.

Apart from Ranjee and her mother there were three other women in the room,
all drinking glasses of beer. All were scantily dressed in gaudy costumes, as
were Patma and Ranjee. Two were mature ladies in their forties, one very
large with massive breasts that seemed likely to explode from her tight
blouse at any moment, the other dark and thin, her face gaunt from years of
hard labour but still as beautiful as only Sri Lankans can be. The third was
much younger, perhaps nineteen, tall, fair and voluptuous. This was clearly
the bride to be and how I envied her fiance.

On a sudden whim I knelt before each of the guests in turn and kissed their
feet in abject submission, making it clear that they were Mistresses for the
evening. My action had the desired effect and when I turned to clamber onto
the table more than one pair of hands pushed me up by my ass and copped a
feel of my balls at the same time.

Once on the table, the disco lights were turned on, the main lights were
switched off and I began to dance as Ranjee had taught me. To ever growing
excitement on the part of my audience I swivelled and swayed my hips, thrust
my pelvis forward again and again at ever increasing speed then began
rotating and grinding my hips in mock sexual actions as I slowly stripped off
my blouse and tossed it to the watching maids. The whoops of excitement that
greeted this act were as nothing to those that greeted the removal of my

Dressed only in my thong, my cock erect at the excitement of this humiliating
event, I began to dance again before turning towards Chandrika and offering
her my hand. With mock shyness she resisted at first then clambered onto the
table beside me. I thrust my crotch forward, offering her my thong which she
tore from me, holding it aloft as she seized my erect cock and led me round
the table in triumph. Then, caught up in the sexual excitement, this normally
demure young girl so soon to be married, took me in her arms and kissed me
long and passionately, opening her blouse and letting me suck long and hard
on her teenage breasts.

At this the large woman could no longer contain herself. I was pulled from
the table and found my head buried in her massive mammaries as her hands
roamed all over my body. The thin woman too was on her feet, groping and
kissing me and at a nod from Ranjee I was borne away to the bedroom where my
tongue serviced each of their glorious bodies in turn. How happy I felt to
hear them moan with pleasure. Strangely, however, they did not make use of my
cock and Chandrika, who came to lie naked beside me later did not let my
cock inside her either. She was determined to wed as a virgin and would
only allow me to shower her body in kisses while suckling her and simulating
her breasts with my fingers. But it was enough for me merely to lie beside
such beauty.

At last she and the others left and I was alone in the bedroom, my cock still
unused, awaiting Ranjee. When she entered she had a broad smile on her lips.
Ladies very happy now. You dance good, got good tongue. First time they have
white boy but now they want more.
And Chandrika? I inquired.
She most happy. She like you kiss her feet, treat her like queen. She say
going to make husband like you. She very clever, very sexy. Maybe she
succeed. she laughed and I smiled.

Now Ranjee's turn she continued. White boy belong me no others. Now I
She removed her clothes and climbed onto the bed, her beautiful form revealed
to me for the first time in all its glory. I marvelled at her breasts, small
and firm with large dark nipples, at her firm ass, her tight hairy pussy, her
slim muscular body and limbs and wondered how such a beauty could have
selected me as worthy of her attentions.
Ranjee made her way to the top of the bed and straddled my face.
Use tongue. Lick pussy she ordered and lowered herself down. I obeyed
eagerly, kissing and licking at her temple till my tongue was inside her and
I was making oral love to her cliterus. As I licked and sucked she rode my
face, grinding herself ever harder against me as she moaned with pleasure.
Then, with a shudder of delight, she came and I drank of her juices.

Laughing, she turned and let me kiss and lick her ass.
I know you want to do that long time. she explained Now you real slave,
kiss my ass every day!
Thank you Miss I breathed, but she had already raised herself up and had
turned to face me again.
Now for cock. she grinned lowering herself onto my erection. All they want
but I tell them, White cock belong Ranjee only. You take mouth if you want
but cock for me!

She was riding me now, slowly at first, her strong vaginal muscles wrapped
around me, but as my upward thrusts grew in strength and pace so too did her
desire and soon we were fucking with wild abandon, our mouths and bodies
meeting in intermittent kisses on lips and breasts.

After the excitement of the evening I was not long in coming that first time
but it was also not long before the taste of Ranjee's nipples and lips,
together with the skilful attention of her fingers and mouth on my cock had
me hard and ready again.

We fucked longer and slower the second time though she still rode atop me.
Only when I had brought her twice to noisy orgasm did she ride me as hard as
she had done before and grant me sweet release.

As I lay back on the pillow, tired and breathing hard, she slid silently from
the bed and her place was taken by Patma, that larger older version of
herself. Even nestling between Patma's bountiful breasts I doubted whether I
could please her as well but she was an experienced lady and soon my cock was
deep inside her bringing her pleasure as I had pleasured her daughter.

I slept between both those lovely brown ladies that night, their arms around
me as I used their breasts for pillows. It was the sleep of the contented,
contented I had pleased them and knowing I would awake to a new and better
life, no longer Sir but Boy who only lived to serve their every need.
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Been ages and this story still gets to me everytime! Might you have more of Lebny stories to share Tekkar? Would love to read his collections!
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