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ch 37

- You got dirt on your face.

I had forgotten to wash my face before I returned home, thinking I would have time to do it before joining Anna in bad, I didnít expected her to be awake, she came closer to me and took a whiff.

- And you smell like stinky feet, care to explain.

- IÖ were in a party, with Linda, I have been used as a foot cleaner for the whole night.

I explained to her what I had done, and why, I told her everything, except for the fact, that I had licked the feet of at least, one of her teammates. She wasnít happy, she said that I was to not go see Linda anymore, she also, wanted to go see Linda, and kick her ass, but I convinced her not too, she was mad at me too, she kicked me out of my own place, not knowing where to go, I decided to go in my car, and drove to the station, I slept in the parking.

The next day, as it was Saturday, I werenít working, without an idea of what I were to do that day, I decided to still go at work, and try to focus on things I could do to kill times, at 10, I received a call from Anna, asking me why I wasnít back home, after I told her I thought she was still mad at me, she said she was ok now, I drove home, on my way there, I received a call from Melissa.

- Hey wimp, get your ass here, I need you to clean my feet.

- I canít Melissa, not nowÖ

- get your ass here right now.

She hung up, I decided to call Anna, and lie to her, saying that I needed to do something first, after she made me swear I wasnít going to see Linda, which were true, she accepted to wait for me.

I arrived at Melissaís home, went inside, and found her out in the kitchen, about to eat her breakfast. She just pointed at her feet under the table when she saw me, I obeyed and went near her feet as I laid flat on the ground, I started to lick her feet while she enjoyed her meal. At least, her feet werenít dirty, neither too smelly.

- Iíve been thinking, you should dump that girl, so we could really get together, imagine, been at my feet every day, thatíll be great.

Yeah right, what make her believe I would be doing something like this? At least, 30 minutes later, she let me go, saying she had something to do. I went home where I found Anna and Tracy waiting for me. As soon as I get in, Anna jumped in my arms and kissed me.

- You still stink; you should go wash your face.

I did, not just for her, but for me too, as I needed it bad, once clean, I returned to the living room, where both of them were waiting for me.

- So, Mike, how much do you still need to give back to Linda for you to be set free?

- I think 65000 or 70000.

- Babe, let us help you out, I donít like the idea of you going to see her, and sheís so cruel.

I wonder what she would have said, if I had told her that, Linda was way more nice, then Melissa, but, I donít think it would be wise to do this, so, I decided to not tell her about Melissa.

- Itís just that, that kind of money, you know, I donít want to put you in trouble, I donít want you to take a loan, just for me to pay mine.

- She wonít need to, I told you I was rich, I will pay for it.

- But why, I mean, I barely know you, why would you do such thing.

- Well, Anna loves you, and sheís my best friend, I donít like to see her sad, beside, it will give me right to use youÖ

- What?

- Well, you know, the foot thing you been doing, I told her in exchange of the money, you would do your thing on our feet from now on.

I was speechless, what was going on.

Tracy left moments later, which left Anna and I alone.

- What was the meaning of, from now on, do you expect me to lick your feet for the rest of my life?

- donít be silly, youíll do mine when we both would like to, Iíll never force you, as for Tracy, youíll do them once in a while, till she doesnít want it anymoreÖ

- so, if she never get bored at it, itíll be, for the rest of my lifeÖ tell me, why would I prefer to do Tracyís feet for the rest of my life, in exchange of 70K, instead of been at the feet of Linda, until I would have paid that 70K, if you look at it this way, my option is way better with Linda, at least, one day, it will be over.

- But, I thought you loved meÖ

For the second day in a row, Anna and I didnít went to bed together that night, but at least, she didnít throw me out of my place, instead, she took some clothes, and went to Tracyís place, the place felt so empty, she had been gone for 10 minutes, and I already missed her, I know she wanted to help me, they both did, and, if I were to really stop, and think about it, if I were to choose feet that I would worship for the rest of my life, Annaís ones were no doubt on the top chart, followed not too far, by the ones of Tracyís.

The next day, Anna and Tracy came at my place, where I apologies to them, saying that, it had been a very weird week, and I also asked them, if their offer were still on.

- Yes, Anna and I would just love to help you out.

- Then, I accept your help.

Anna was in tears, as she hugged me, telling me not to worry, that itíll be over soon.

Tracy left us, saying she would have the money at the game that night, Anna and I went for a ride in my car, while I drove, we talked about the foot thing, she said she had proposed Tracy that I could be doing the feet of the whole team after every practise, when I heard that, I almost crashed the car in a tree, but then, felt relieved, when she added that Tracy said that they shouldnít tell anyone else about my feet thing, and they should keep it for them.

- I donít know who I love more right now, haha
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Really loved this update. Anna and Tracey are making a move to own Mike but they seem to have the right intentions. Melissa is still being a bitch which is really great and adding to the dynamic of the story.

The argument with Anna was nicely done creating some nice emotions and showing how much Mike feels for her.

Looking forward to seeing how this unfolds.
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The twists and turns of the story - and especially the last three chapters - are amazing. Melissa being dominant toward Mike and ordering him to serve her feet whenever she wants is adding more complexity to an already crazy situation in which he continues to serve feet for Linda and then the whole thing with Anna and Tracy...wow.

You are certainly crafting a memorable story and I continue to be eager to see what happens next.
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ch 38

Two hours before the game were scheduled, while I were in the shower, the phone rang, Anna took it, minutes later, I heard her came in the bathroom.

- Mike, it’s your boss, she said they have found a body, and she gave me an address, she asked for you to go.

- Damn, sorry honey, I guess I won’t be able to go see you play.

I left Anna, and drove to the address that Anna had written, hoping it wouldn’t be one way for Melissa to get me there to lick her feet once more. But when I reached the place, I understood that it was serious, as several police cars were there. I parked my car, then as I step out, I saw Patricia walking toward me.

- I must warn you, it’s disgusting.

- We’re used to.

- No, nothing like that, I swear, I think the guy have been crushed under something very heavy.

I walked with her toward the body, where several cops were gathered, as soon as I reached the body, I recognized him, it was the boar, I looked at him, I couldn’t believe how much pressure he had suffered under that dance floor, I started to do my job, like it was a normal case. Someone was taking pics beside me.

- Damn, I wonder what ran over him; it almost looks like he had been crushed to death under something very heavy.

He then took pictures of the face, while I was still looking at the scene, I looked up, and saw Melissa walk toward me, she waited for the photograph to walk away from us.

- You know who did it, right? He was selling us some information on Linda, and where about to give us the information that would have put her in jail, and surprise, we find him dead, not just executed, but, probably crushed to death by her.

I was listening, but, was still working, then I spotted a tip of paper emerging from his front pocket, I knelt to take it out.

- What is this?

- I don’t know, that’s what I’m trying to figure.

I finally removed the paper from his pocket, unfolded it, the discovered it was a letter, Melissa took it from my hands and started to read it.

to the cops who will read this letter, if I’m dead, you have to look at Linda, she had found out that I were to sell her, I don’t know how she had done it, as if I had knew, I would still be alive. You will find the rest of what I were to give you at the bus terminal downtown, there is a set of lockers, look for the locker # 26, the combination of the lock is 12-23-04, that way, if my death is not enough to put her in jail, I hope what I have left will.

I couldn’t believe that we had found a letter like that, clearly the guy who had put the body there, wanted us to find that letter, I looked around, it was not a really secluded area, definitely not the common place to get rid of a body that you don’t want to be found. I excused myself, as my job was over here, I drove back to the station, I knew that Linda was toasted, they would probably going to arrest her in the next hour, I know I should be happy about this, but, I wasn’t in fact, I founded myself stopping in front of her mansion, instead of the station. I looked at her place, no sign of cops, I walked to her house, knocked on the door, after one of her men let me in, I walked to her office.

- Mike, what are…

- We don’t have time, are you alone, no one under your feet or in here with us?

- Why…

- are we alone?

- Yes, but why

- you need to go away, very far, somewhere, you will be safe, in a country where we don’t have an extradition treaty with them, we found earlier the body of the boar, with a note in his pocket, saying that you were the one who were responsible for his death, it’s a matter of time before the mansion would be surrounded by cops, I say you got less than an hour to get in a plane.

She looked at me, like if she had been hit by a truck, then, as I were to say something, I saw her took a phone.

- have everyone in my office in 5 minutes.

She hung the phone.

- Well, that’s it then, why are you helping me; you could have just waited for me to get arrested.

- I know, and I still don’t know why I’m doing it.

She hugged me, and kissed me.

- I’m sorry for what I had done to you, you’re really a great man, I don’t need to tell you, that you don’t need to give me the money.

I thanked her, and where about to leave, as I didn’t wanted to be found here, I saw that Linda were thinking, then, she handed me a small key.

- Thanks again for all you done, keep this key, until you’ll receive a letter from me.

I left Linda, wondering if I would see her again one day, then as I looked at my watch, I thought that the soccer game was probably over, I drove back home, where I waited for Anna’s return.

- You, why haven’t you come at the game.

- told you Tracy, he was called; apparently they had found a body.

- We lost because of this.

- Then I won’t need to do that foot thing, since it proved to you it was pure coincidence.

- Oh no, Anna and I still played great, but the team lost, because you weren’t at the game, by the way, here’s the money.

She handed me an envelope, I took it, then I decided to hand it back to her.

- I won’t need it.

I told that the body we had found, was one of Linda’s men, and that she was the one who were responsible for his death, and that she were about to get arrested, and therefore, I wouldn’t need to give her the money.

- Oh, but then, what about our deal.

- You mean, me worshipping your feet? Well, if I don’t take the money, it mean I don’t need to do it anymore, but, I will continue, as I love Anna, and since you’re her best friend, I will do yours too.

I went to the bathroom, washed my face, when I returned to the living room, the girl were giggling

- Ahhh here is our foot servant, what do you think we should do with him Tracy?

- He deserve punishment, we lost the game.

- But I…

- No talking servant, get naked, and crawl to us.

- Naked?

- I said no talking, Tracy’s right, you deserve a punishment, now, get naked, and crawl toward us.

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That was a great chapter. It seems Mike now wants to save Linda from arrest, and she of course has now forgiven the rest of his debt. And now he is being made to endure a punishment as the foot servant of Anna and Tracy. I am betting it won't be a bad thing for him, but I suppose we will find out soon. :-)
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Really love this story. It has lots of variation and exciting twists and turns.

I thought it was great that Mike helped Linda, that was a great surprise and now puts him on the wrong side of the law. I wonder if Melissa will find out?

Will we find out what was in the locker? Is it a trap to snare Mike?

Then Anna and Tracy start getting nasty with Mike - I really love that...can't wait to read about his punishment.

Thanks for keeping the updates coming!
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I keep wondering what will he find with the key Linda gave him 😊
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thanks guys. here's another chapter.

ch 39

Once naked, I crawled to both of them, I felt a little humiliated, as both of them were clothed, while I was there at their feet, completely naked, but at the same time, I was excited, my penis was hard once I reached the girls.

- Naughty boy, is that how you dare presenting yourself in front of I, while we have a guest?

- It’s not my fault Anna, you’re so pretty.

- Oh then, I guess I’m just the ugly lil ducky.

- Hell no, you’re very sexy.

- Sexier than me?

- No of course not, but you…

- stop talking; you just get yourself into more trouble.

They played with my head, I know they were probably just having fun with m, and they were not meaning a thing they had said, but I was glad Anna told me to stop talking, who know what a guy can say that he’ll regret for the rest of his life, so I waited for their orders, even if I knew what they were to do and ask.

- So what we start with Trace, should we punish him at first, or should we make him worship our feet first.

- Feet, I haven’t took my shoes off since we arrived; I bet they are super sweaty and just nasty.

Was it really good news for I, I watched Tracy extend her right shoe toward my face, her foot was covered by her shoe, and were about 20 inches away, and I was able to smell the scent.

- remove the shoe servant, then, place your nose under my toes.

I removed her shoe, and were surprised to find her foot was bare, she hadn’t put socks on, surely she couldn’t had played the game this way, beside, I was no expert, but, those shoes weren’t surely the one she used to play, she probably removed her soccer shoes, then the socks after the game, then put those shoes to come here with Anna. but the smell was very strong, if I wouldn’t have loved Anna so much, and if Tracy was not so hot, I doubt I would have been able to press my nose under her toes, it was bad, really bad, worst, they were giggling while I were sniffing Tracy foot.

- Harder servant, I can smell her foot from here, it shouldn’t be, sniff harder so you absorb all the smell.

I tried my best to please both of them, but it was no use, the foot were too smelly.

- mind if I go take a shower Anna, I can’t stand the smell myself, beside; I don’t want to make him suffer this much.

At least that was some good news, now was only Anna feet, which I supposed were as smelly as the one’s of Tracy.

- want to smell my feet Mike?

- Yes, I would love to.

She extended both shoes toward my face, and I took them off, surprised, I found out that her feet weren’t that smelly, they were not fresh from the shower, but, they were a mile apart from the one of Tracy, I closed my eyes while I were smelling her feet, she kept moving her feet on my face, it was good, then I felt her place a foot right on my nose, cupping it with her toes, and she moved her other one on my penis, which she started playing with.

- fuck its good, I love you Anna.

- I love you too Mike, let’s go to the bedroom, I got a surprise for you.

We moved to the bedroom, and watched her tap the bed, inviting me to take place, I lay in bed, and watched her caress my penis a bit, then, she reached for something near my head, which I weren’t able to see, then she quickly pushed my left arm up, and fastened my arm tightly, she was smiling at me, she kissed me on the lips, then reached for my right arm, and tied it up too, she moved to my legs, and tied them too, I was naked on the bed, tied up, I was very excited.

- I’m going in the shower with Tracy.

Tracy, I had forgotten about her, surely Anna was joking, she couldn’t do this.

- Anna no, please.

But she just left me there, I was very excited, but, I didn’t knew what they were to do, I finally herd the shower been turned off, I was hearing the girls giggling as they approached the bedroom. I couldn’t help but felt shy as I watched both girl, naked, walk in the room.

- Time for your punishment.

They both walked toward the bed, and climbed on, one on each side of me, I was looking at them, Anna pulled Tracy toward her and started to kiss her passionately, it didn’t take long for Tracy to start caressing Anna’s breast, Anna moved her fingers in Tracy's hair, moving down until she reached for her butt, grabbed it firmly, Tracy gave a soft moan, I was so hard, that it was hurting me, I then watched Tracy start to play with Anna’s wet pussy.

- Please girls, untie me, I can’t take anymore.

- No way, it’s a punishment, Tracy; sit on his face to mute him.

I couldn’t believe what I had heard, but couldn’t help, but been even more turned on, as I watch Tracy move toward my head, then she lowered her ass over my face, and stopped half inch over my face.

- lick it, come on, lick my ass.

I started to lick her ass, while I were hearing them moan, I was hoping for some relief very soon, as I was so turned on, and in some pain as well.

- Ah fuck, yeah babe, caress my breast, while he lick my ass, damn, I’m going to cream his face, hope you don’t mind.

- go for it babe, then we’ll switch place, and I’ll use his face too.

After couples more lick from me, I felt fluid running on my chin, and down my neck. After a while in this position, I felt her move from my face, only to be replaced by Anna, before I had time to beg for relief, she planted her pussy on my mouth, knowing what she wanted, I slowly swept my tongue through the length of her pussy, causing her to shudder, then i stopped to tease her.

- Continue, don’t stops or I’ll turn you into my full time slave.

The treat was not serious, and I was enjoying teasing her, but I figured that it was probably best for all of us, for me to start again. I took long, slow and firm licks with my tongue flat on her pussy, over and over, and over again, I was feeling her close to climax now, I moved the tip of my tongue on her clitoris, as soon as I touched it, I felt her tense and scream, she was having a powerful orgasm on my face, my face was soaked with her juices. She moved from me, Tracy and her moved out of the room.

- No, you can’t leave me like that, please no girls, have mercy on me.

I heard them giggles but still, they didn’t came back in the room, then I heard the shower again, my cock were aching badly now, I started to pull hard on my bonds, I couldn’t take it anymore, if the girls weren’t to help me, I would at least finish it with my hand. But the bonds were very tight, and no matter how hard I was trying, I didn’t manage to get free.

- Ah look like our servant is having a case of blue balls… need help?

- Yes, please Tracy, I can’t take it anymore.

- I don’t know, I mean, what will I get in return.

- I just licked your ass…

- I see, well, it was great, but, I think I need something more, that is, at least, if you want me to consider it.

- Please, you can’t leave me like this, I... I will do anything, please…

- what about Anna, I don’t think I should play with you, while she’s still in the bathroom, don’t you think, after all, she’s my best friend, and she’s with you.

- Yes, of course, please, ask her to come here, I can’t take it anymore, I’ll serve both of you, I’ll do anything you want.

I heard giggles from the hall, Anna walked in the room, she probably were there the whole time Tracy and I were talking., she wasn’t mad, she even seemed pleased.

- So, you need help?

- yes please.

- ok, Trace and I had a conversation in the bathroom, and we might have something for you, but, since you’re all hard, I don’t think you should right now sign it, or agree to it, you need to have a cleared head first, so, I will get some ice to help you cool down…

- No please, I agree, no matter what you want, please, I can’t take it anymore.

- ok, here’s what I will do, well, what we will do, Trace and I are going to put our socks that we used tonight at soccer, and we’ll join you in bed, you will smell our feet, while we will play with your cock, is that something that you’ll like?

- Yes please, anything, I’ll beg you both, please, make me smell your stinky socks while you play with my dick, please.

They both disappeared, and returned not too long after, only wearing their soccer socks, , they climbed in bed, placing their rancid socked feet near my face, and moving their faces toward my penis, Anna placed a foot on my nose, joined by one foot of Tracy, the smell was terrible, but as strange as it sounded, I was even harder, the girls started to caress my penis, I then felt some lips on it, the girls were playing with their toes on my nose, I came violently, in a mouth.

They untied me, Anna turned and kissed me, I discovered that it was not her mouth who received my cum.

- I love you babe, are you ready to discover what you agreed to?

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Wow - that was a hot and steamy chapter. I loved it. Tracey and Anna are little minx's and any man would go crazy with what they did to him. Let's hope he has signed up to become their full-time sex slave - I am sure everyone will benefit from that - us readers included!
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Wow, that was tremendous! Tracy and Anna really gave him a hard time (pun intended) before associating their foot stink with his pleasure. Now I definitely can't wait to see what he has agreed to! :-)
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you never run out of surprises.
i loved this chapter!
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