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Smile Story idea/synopsis - Matriarchy of Eveleen

Forward notes: I'm posting this in the scat forum due to the presence of human toilets and scat in the story, despite not being the dedicated focus. This alone makes it unsuitable to the other forums, even though 'Tales from the Dark Side' is where it really belongs.

This story (which I imagine will be a long work in progress) will include more or less every kind of femdom that is legal to write about, from as tame as foot worship and whipping, to as extreme as unethical experiments and human toilets, alongside a hopefully traditional narrative. You could call this a blend of femdom horror, action and occasional BDSM erotica all blended into one. That is, if it works out of course. My desire is to create a fictional femdom universe that has a sense of realism about it, in terms of back story, and a possible ‘what if’ that could happen during a worldwide dystopia. It’s also intended to not just be a sexual story (though if you like extreme femdom, there should still be a lot of that) but more than that. Other themes like war, oppression, sadism, desperation and perhaps even occasional heroism will hopefully be included in an effective way. Misandrist sexism, obviously, will also play a very large, crucial role. There will be a complete absence of mention of anyone under the age of 18 for obvious reasons. As unrealistic as that may be, suspension of disbelief will be required.

Also, I’ll be straight up from the get-go – a completed work of this story may or may not ever be finalised. It’s essentially a plan, an idea, so to speak. As someone who is both an aspiring author and intensely interested in many manners of femdom, I have great desire to write a piece like this one day. But as with every ambitious project, there’s no telling what the future, or my personal life, will bring. With that in mind...

The Matriarchy of Eveleen

The year is 2063, three decades since the Third World War which devestated the economies of the great nations of Earth. Unlike the two great wars that came before, this was not faught between two opposing sides but three: the Allies, led by the United States of America and Germany. The Slavic Coalition, led by the Russian Federation. Finally, the Red Empire, led by the People’s Republic of China, comprised the third. The war lasted for 9 years, and while nuclear weapons were never used, as all involved knew the consequences of such, the world afterwards nevertheless became an economically busted dystopia of unrivalled proportions as the three powers battled each other to a broken standstill. Anarchist and criminal groups seized power in vast swathes. The governments of Earth still officially ruled their countries, and the laws were still officially in place, but with no economy, enforcement became impossible. Over the next few decades, these nations gave way to new communities formed and ruled by ruthless, savage people who adhered to no law save their own. They built their economies through barbarism not seen since ancient times. The Matriarchy of Eveleen was one such group, and the only to be female dominated.

In 2021, three years before the beginning of the war, an underground Australian feminist movement influenced by FEMEN began their protests. This group was called Eveleen, in honour of their founder: Evelyn Hind. The group quickly dropped all pretense of feminism and openly embraced female supremacy and misandry, which were dear to Evelyn’s heart. Eveleen was labeled a terrorist organisation in 2024, months before the outbreak of war, by the Australian, New Zealand and US governments after a series of grisly male-targeted murders were attributed to the organisation. Evelyn and her closest associates went underground, and continued their actions. With the declaration of war on October 19th, the hunt for Eveleen was quickly abandoned in favour of far more important events. This allowed the misandrist group almost free reign to continue their war of terror over the course of the next 9 years, and Evelyn perfected her ideology.

With the conclusion of war on February 2nd 2033, the great nations of Earth were powerless and economically crumbled. The north and east coasts of Australia had been decimated by consistent Red Empire bombing attacks, though no Chinese, Korean or Thai boots ever touched its soil as Australian and New Zealand forces once again held the Kokoda Pass against insurmountable odds. The Red Empire’s objective of securing Australia, so as to use New Zealand as a staging base for invasion forces to America, had failed. The ‘boys’ went on the offensive, and Indonesia suffered so terribly in the ensuing chaos that it was no longer recognised as an existing country by war’s end. The betrayal of China by the United Korean Republic in late 2032, spearhead by Supreme Leader Kim un-Fong, a descendant of the North Korean dictators of old and greedy with dreams of empire, shattered the Red Empire at its core and, hounded on its northern and western fronts by Russia, was the first to surrender.

The Slavic Coalition focused its attention solely on the allies, and a massive front line was drawn through Europe, from Scandinavia in the north, through Germany and Austria to Italy in the south. For the next several months the two waged an inhumanly brutal war of attrition with neither side gaining the upper hand. Eventually, in the wasteland of Berlin, President Jonathon Brigg of the US, representing the Allies, and President Aleksi Morozov of the Russian Federation, representing the Slavic Coalition, signed the peace treaty to end hostilities. Europe had become a backwaters wasteland following widespread destruction. Only Spain and Portugal, from their far western positions, and the independent countries of the British Isles were spared that fate, though their economies were just as ruinous as everyone else’s.

Anarchist and criminal groups and organisations came to the fore like rodents, with the governments unable to combat them, and began conducting their savage businesses in the open. The Geneva Convention indeed still existed, but was rarely adhered to anymore, with no one able to uphold it. Eveleen was one of these groups to conduct their affairs openly, using the sparsely populated countryside of Australia as their bases of operations with which to conduct male-targeted raids into the barely functioning cities. As rape, murder and other heinous acts started becoming rampant and unchecked, many women started flocking to Eveleen for safety, whether they supported the groups brutal beliefs or not. By 2035, it boasted numbers in the thousands. Late in the year, Evelyn decided to campaign north, through the ruins of the Northern Territory and into what was once Indonesia. Picking one of the many completely deserted islands as a base of which to settle, the Matriarchy of Eveleen was founded on September 17th, 2035.

The women of this new island community began conducting raids into adjacent areas, bringing back male slaves as well as any women who wanted to join them, as well as as much plunder as possible with which to fund their economy. By mid-2036, news of this female-led group traveled far and wide, and women from all across the globe flocked there in large numbers for safety. Several nearby islands were occupied and it quickly began being informally known as ‘The Femme Archipelago’. As of the current year, 2063, there are as many as 900,000 Evellians (only women could become “citizens”), as well as a forever changing and unknowable number of males, which were used chiefly for slave labour, target practice and entertainment. The raids into nearby lands was made redundant by 2039, when the first breeding facilities were constructed, ensuring a constant supply of male slaves and new citizens.

After Evelyn Hind’s death in 2046, Eveleen became an oligarchy ruled by a small group of elite, powerful and highly respected/feared women. Under their leadership, Evelyn’s ideology became openly embraced by even the women who had doubted, and the Women’s Army of Eveleen (WAE) was formed, which consisted of both land and naval units. In 2055, the Reborn Amazons (called simply ‘Amazons’ for short) was formed, a small, elite military unit – essentially the special forces of Eveleen. This unit was initially formed to combat the rise of the Men’s Liberation Front (MLF), a rebellion of escaped slaves fighting the Evellian government and military. They were also used for behind enemy lines operations in other countries, and to conduct secret raids. Furthermore, they were infamous and feared for their advanced interrogation and torture techniques.

The story follows two protagonists on either side of the conflict: Marcus Wildberry, a photographer, journalist and occasional scout of the MLF, and Maria Vaughn, markswoman and interrogator-in-training of the Reborn Amazons, as well as the close associates of both, including but not limited to: Kane Trion, radioman and communications expert of the MLF, and Mikayla Rae Farrows, a ranking member of staff at one of the many male disciplinary facilities and close friend to Maria, as well as famous in Eveleen for coming first place in the annual Evellian Foot Beauty Awards, in 2061.

This story will explore the society of Eveleen and its citizens, as well as the ongoing conflict between the WAE/Amazons and the MLF.

Any feedback on this idea would be nicely appreciated. I'm posting this really to see if there is even any interest in something like this. Cheers!
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Sounds very promising. Of course my preference is for lots of cruel forced foot worship while a male slave is abused by multiple women. Thanks.
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I like this idea a lot, and think it would make for a great story.
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Great beginning sadvarant, loved the build up, now I really can't wait to see what happens next! I've often fantasized about a dystopian world where women rule and take immense pleasure in abusing male slaves so it's great to see you've got the same sort of idea and have decided to write about it. I always enjoy reading stories that involve footworship and the whipping of prisoners/slaves by dominant women in positions of power however my one true love will always be human toilet slavery due to the complete humiliation and degradation involved so I'm extremely happy to see you've decided to include that in the story as well. So I really hope you continue with many more chapters and don't run out of steam which is what I'm guilty of doing with many of my stories.
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That was really just the backstory for the setting, not really the first chapter. At the moment it's an idea I'm working on, and it'll take me some time to flesh out the setting and characters. There will be more to the characters than just dominating men/being dominated. As I said, it's an ambitious project. My aspiration is to have this be a novella, if not a full book, rather than a compilation of small chapters. I was just wondering what sort of demand there would be for such a project, and if people enjoy the idea. As well as feedback and ideas, that I'd be open to listening to.

Running out of steam is something that could be an issue, as one of my older stories (called Serving Six Emo Teens for the Weekend) was abandoned halfway due to that very issue. Though I think that was more due to me being unhappy with the writing, which was very shoddy and hack, as opposed to the concept. I feel like my writing abilities have improved over the years (I also write dark fantasy/historical fiction) and so am more confident with it. Time will tell.

Thank you three so far for the interest.
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The setting looks promising, but I'm not a big fan of stories told from two points of view. The dominant's POV is barely exciting and breaks the immersion. Only the slave's POV does the trick for me.
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promises interesting and long story and I like that !!
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SadVarant - With the risk of being accused of pushing my own stories, Doesn't The Femina Island tales cover a lot of what your looking for?
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I, for one, hope you will be able to write this story. Your synopsis has my imagination running wild at the possibilities of what could occur. Best of luck in pursuing your writing career.
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i eagerly look forward to your story and can't wait for it to begin,i anticipate plenty of sadism with no regard for the slaves well being or life,for that matter--love to read about a cigar bar where the ashtrays and toilets are human,can you imagine the amount of expendable men that would consume???perhaps a femdom beauty salon with a cosmetics testing lab in back,slaves used as objects to test makeup and hair products,rows of slaves pumped full of mascara and hairspray!!anyway,i wish you best of luck with your project,hope to read it soon
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brutal, domination, extreme, femdom, scat

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