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Case File 0002569

The swat team had approached the house, stealthily masked by the night and their training. They were prepared to storm the place on a confirmed tip that it was a meth lab facility, employing up to a dozen highly armed gang members. It was nested at the end of a long road, a few miles off the main. Within minutes, Murphy got a response from the first team in.

"Sir, we're clear, but we have a major problem here." his LT rang over the radio

"Any casualties, LT?"

"No sir, no shots fired. We've got the wrong house, sir. But that's not all...you'll have to get over here and see this for yourself"

Murphy strode out of his car and walked with a brisk pace toward the house. In less than a minute he made his way past a few of his men, nodding to them as he walked by. One of them pointed him in direction he needed to go in as he made his way past. He spotted the LT at the top of what looked like a basement entrance.

"Sir, thanks for coming so quick. Come with me downstairs."

They went down the steps with the LT in the lead. Down a hallway and into an open entrance Murphy noticed a cell area, with steel bars encircling an area of no more than 20 feet. In the center of it laid a bed with a man strapped down to it, his face covered with some kind of cloth. In the corner, a few of his men were holding onto a larger set lady in a bathrobe. She was yelling at them to leave her husband alone, to mind their own fucking business.

"Calm down!" Murphy said, raising his finger at the lady

"Now I'm awfully sorry about what went on here, there is an apparent mess up with the address we were provided and..."

"Fuck you!" the lady cut off murphy

"You have no right to barge in here like this!" She yelled

Murphy merely held up his hand and motioned over his LT.

"Go and free that man, her husband, and bring him over here for questioning" Murphy ordered

"Yes sir" and the LT walked over to the cell across the room

As he approached, the LT got a closer look at the man and felt his stomach start to turn. For starters, he had no toes. It had appeared as if they had been cut off and crudely cauterized. He also noted that there were scar marks all over his nude body, like he had been cruelly whipped over and over for a long period of time. Scars upon scars. His penis was encased in a tightly fitted, metal chastity cage and it looked like his balls were triple the normal size of a scrotum. From the top of the cock cage, he could spot pre-cum dripping all over the mans thighs.

He had a red, scarf like fabric draped over his face and could now see that he was wearing headphones over his ears. His two wrists had were tightly knotted down by his hips, with a large leather strap holding down his chest. The legs were chained up to a wench at the end of the metal bed. The door to the cell was open and he could finally tell the man was awake when he made a struggling motion in his bonds as he entered. The man appeared to be moaning softly. In the corner of the cell he noticed a sink and toilet, and beside it a small shower. He heard the lady shouting some more about leaving them alone...He slowly came over beside the bed and noticed a sharp, musky smell as he bent over to remove the fabric covering the mans face. He recognized it immediately. It was the smell of very soiled pussy is what it was. The LT nearly gagged as he went to grab the putrid fabric off the man. He then noticed the sound of what the headphones were blaring away in the mans ears. It was a female, loudly moaning in orgasm being played over and over.

When he grabbed the fabric, he felt the moisture of it and quickly let go as another waif of the aroma caught his nose. He grabbed some gloves from his pocket and then gently took the fabric off. The eyes of the man looking back at the LT first appeared very confused, then they changed to what looked like relief. He had a gag in his mouth and the man began screaming into it, incoherently. The LT took his time getting it off, making sure not to harm the man. Once he popped it off, the man immediately spit out a soiled pair of panties on his chest, then started thanking the LT.

"Thank you, oh my god, thank you so much" he blurted out in a gasp

"What is going on here?" the LT replied back softly

He took a second to stop shaking in his bonds, then replied

"My name...is Kevin Durabont. I was kidnapped by that lady over there a very long time ago...Please let me loose"

The LT stepped back in amazement. "Hold tight, sir."

He then walked back over to the lady and Murphy.

"Sir, he claims to have been kidnapped by her. His bonds have some type of key to remove them, so I couldn't get him over here"

"That's bullshit, he's my husband and this is all a load of shit!" The lady stammered, cracking a naked foot on the floor in disgust

"Hold on, here. What did you just say LT?" Murphy said, looking a bit perplexed

"He says that he was kidnapped a very long time ago. Gave his name as Kevin Durabont."

Murphy got on his radio right away, while holding his hand out to the LT and the lady with a gesture that indicated he wanted silence.

"Gloria, this is Murphy, I'm going to need you check on a name for me. In particular, search for this name in the database for missing persons. Kevin Durabont" and then repeated the letters of the in the phonetic alphabet.

"One minute, sir" a reply echoed back

Murphy stood there and looked at the lady, still wiggling around trying to get loose from his men. She was a big one, probably 250 pounds if he had to guess. Very heavy in the hips and thighs, boasting a large bosom by the looks of her curvature in the bathrobe she was wearing. Her hair was brunette and in a ponytail. Her face was pretty, but had a mean look to it as she scowled at him and his men.

"Sir, we've got a confirmation on that name. According to the database, missing since 2006"

"My god" Murphy said, looking over at the lady.

To be continued...

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pretty hot stuff. would love to read more!
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Yes, a very enticing beginning.
Pease continue.
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The woman was lean and looked very professional in a panted suit. She approached Murphy with
a smile.

"CPT Murphy, I'm special agent Sarah Brigsby, FBI" She said, extending a hand out to him.

"Good morning, agent Brigsby." Murphy replied, shaking her hand as he gestured his other
hand down the hall.

"We didnt expect you so quick. The alleged suspect and victim are in interview rooms down this way.
Who would you like to see first?"

"Let's talk to the victim first, please" The agent replied.

"Sure thing, right this way." Murphy said, leading them down the long hall.

Murphy let the woman into the room and then went back to his office. The case was no longer his
and he was busy with another task. She was being monitored now by the local staff.

Agent Brigsby sat down at the table in the middle of the interview room. The victim was dressed
in clothes that were oversized, an officer was kind enough to buy him some from the local store.
While he was only 31 years old, he appeared weathered and older at first glance. His hair was
longish and dark, clearly not even trimmed for some time, but his face was closely shaved. His eyes
looked at her with lust, she could tell.

"Good morning, Kevin. I'm agent Brigsby. Would you mind answering some questions for me?"

"Good morning. Do you have a time frame on when I can get this thing off of my dick?" He said,
pointing to his crotch.

"Unfortunately no. We have a tech with the FBI who should be here soon to take a look. From what
I've gathered several locksmiths already looked at it and couldnt figure it out." she replied
her expression that of sympathy.

"Figures. She said a German engineer made it for her, customized to make sure it was absolutely
impervious to unlock without a key. Do you know what it's like to go without an orgasm for years?"
Kevin asked, while undressing the agent with his eyes.

Agent Brigsby cleared her throat, not really knowing what to say, but trying to remain confident
despite the situation.

"I have no idea, and I'm so sorry for your plight. We're going to do everything we can to assist you
in this endeover. But what I need to do right now is ask you questions about what happened. Can
you start from the beginning please, when you were abducted? Did you know her?" Agent Brigsby asked
setting up a recorder to document the case.

"Okay, I understand. She was a stalker, long story short there. I had known her briefly through
classes at college. She was older and overweight and it was clear she was into me, but I told
her over and over that I wasnt interested. It didnt matter, though, I would get love letters all
the time and she would come on to me at parties. It got to the point where I started bullying
her when she was around, mocking her age and weight in front of my friends. For that, I feel
badly for her. It wasnt right."

"Anyway, it was awhile into my senior year of college and I really didnt realize that she wasnt
around anymore. Not until that night I wandered into her trap that is. I was riding my bike
along a trail I normally went on, when I suddenly caught a rope that was bound between the trees.
I could barely move when I saw her come out of the woodline with cuffs in her hands. First she
got my ankles, then turned me around and got my hands behind my back. It was unbelievable how fast
it seemed. I watched as she untied the rope and towed my bike into a waiting van curled up
behind the trees. I really couldnt believe what was happening here, and I was very groggy still
from the crash, but I swear she was laughing like a hyena the whole time."

"From there it was even more of a blur. When she haulded me in the van, she put a moist cloth over
my face and from there I eventually lost it. When I awoke, it was my new home. Enclosed in a cell
and chained to a bed. It was very clever how it was all arranged, I have to admit..."

He placed his hands over his face and started to hold back tears.

"Would you like something to drink?" The agent interupted.

"No thanks." He replied

"Okay, lets move along then. Tell me in detail how it developed, and if you need anything let me

To be continued...
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I can't wait to see what happen next!
reader of femdom stories
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Very unique story - please continue!
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Really enjoying this. Nice story and well told.
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