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Lilith challenges Elizabeth to a best of 7 KOs match. Elizabeth is so confident she can beat the tiny wrestler, telling her that she’s the best puncher. Elizabeth adds that the loser of the entire match gets her neck snapped. Lilith agrees, adding that after each KO the winner can humiliate the loser in any way she pleases. The ladies square up and start circling each other. They both dodge a few swings, but soon it’s apparent that Lilith it too quick for Elizabeth and is able to evade all of her punches. Lilith soon counters with her own attack doubling over Elizabeth and knocking her to the ground. Elizabeth gets back up, but is even slower than she was before. Lilith easily knocks down Elizabeth again, this time standing over her and punching her in the face until she’s out. Lilith takes the first pin fall. She then takes Elizabeth’s top off then pinches and pulls on her nipples. Elizabeth pleads with her to stop, while at the same time swearing her revenge. Lilith goes on to dominate Elizabeth in all the following rounds, KOing her repeatedly and humiliating Elizabeth in different was each round, including face sitting, stripping her of her shorts, forcing Elizabeth to lick her feet, and more nipple play. After Lilith humiliates Elizabeth one last time, she carries out Elizabeth’s added stipulation, snapping her neck, making Lilith, unexpectedly, your flawless winner.

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Wow those are some amazing high definition pictures!
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Man do I love young cute blondes!! The pics are great!!!
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