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Sheila and Cathy reunite

Sheila was a gorgeous 35 year old woman who could easily pass for 25. She was 5'4" tall and weighed 135 pounds with the extra weight in her butt and thighs. Her smooth, natural blonde hair flowed smoothly below her shoulders and contrasted beautifully with her deep tan. He had a smile that could melt any man's heart, a smile that shown beautiful, very white teeth against her lipstick which also blended well with her deep tan. She wore only enough make-up to enhance her natural beautiful complexion.

Sheila had been working for father's very successful company since graduating from college with a business degree and over the last 3 years had worked her way up the ladder of success to an executive position. She had a large private office complete with her own secretary, who was also very attractive and had become good friends with Sheila, her boss.

One day as Sheila was walking down the corridor on her way to have lunch, she met a cleaning lady emptying a small trash can from an office, into the cart she was pushing. As she walked on, something about the girl looked familiar to her, but supposed she was just one of those girls who looked like so many others. After enjoying a nice lunch with her father, Sheila headed back to her office and as she approached her secretary's desk, the same cleaning lady was emptying her trash can into her cart. This time she got a close look at the girl's face and did in fact recognize her as a girl she had gone to high school with! She stopped and in an astonished voice said, "Cathy! Is that really you?" Startled, Cathy looked up at her and flushed, being the quiet, shy girl she had always been. "Yes it is! How are you, Sheila?" "I'm good! How long have you been working here Cathy?" Sheila asked. "This is my second week." I'm just the cleaning lady, but it helps pay the bills." Cathy answered. Sheila's sharp mind was already reminiscing their days back in high school when she (Sheila) and two of her friends who were cheerleaders with her in high school used to pick on and make fun of Cathy because of her timidness. Sheila remembered the time when she and her two friends had humiliated Cathy in a terrible way when her two friends held Cathy's arms so she could spit repeatedly into Cathy's face. The three of them had walked of laughing as Cathy sobbed, wiping the spit out of her eyes and from her face. "Come into my office and let's talk for a few minutes, Cathy" Sheila told her with the voice of a boss. "Sure, okay," Cathy stuttered.

"How would you like to start working directly for me, right here in my office, Cathy?" Sheila asked after Cathy had followed her into her office. "Wow, that would be great, but I'm afraid I don't know much about the things you do." Answered Cathy. "Oh, don't worry about that because what I have in mind for you to do, doesn't require any real skills." "Okay, so exactly what would I be doing?" Asked Cathy. "All you have to do is lay your head in my chair face up so I can use your face for my entertainment. Oh and occasionally I'll want you to lick and suck my toes and that sort of thing. Nothing I'm sure you can't handle sufficiently." Sheila said with a smirk. "I'm sorry but I kind of like the job I have!" Cathy snapped and turned for the door. "If you do not accept my offer, I'm afraid you no longer have a job with this company, my dear." Sheila told her with an evil smile on her beautiful face.

This is part one. Please let me know what you think and if I should continue....
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very nice reminds me of similar story I read before hope you continue
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awesome! please continue
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continue plz
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I'm impressed. Please continue!
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I'd love to read more, please continue.
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I decided to add another chapter to this story. Hope you enjoy!

Cathy stopped at the door of Shelia's office when she heard her say she would no longer have a job if she refused her offer. Slowly she turned and walked back to Shelia's desk with her head hanging low. "I have to have a job, Ms. Shelia, so I'll have to do whatever you want me to do."

"Good!" Replied Shelia in a sassy tone. "I thought you would see it my way. You always were such a loser and all! Finish out today as our cleaning lady, and report to my secretary at 8:00 in the morning! And don't be late!" Shelia snapped.

"Yes mam." Cathy said as she turned and walked out the door, her head still hanging low.

Nicole, Shelia's secretary giggled as she watched Cathy push her cleaning cart down the hall. "That poor girl is in for a very rough time!" She said to herself, still giggling.
About then, Shelia stepped to her door and told Nicole, "You might want to wear a skirt with a loose hem tomorrow. Looks like we've got us a pretty face to sit on now!" She said as she winked at her secretary.

"I've got the perfect skirt and I'll be sure to wear it!" Nicole assured her, smiling.

The next morning, Cathy was standing at Nicole's desk, waiting on Shelia to arrive at her office. She and Nicole had been chatting briefly for a few minutes during the wait, as Shelia was already late, and Cathy thought Nicole was really nice, the way she talked respectfully to her. Too bad, she couldn't work for someone like Nicole instead of that bitch Shelia! She thought.

Suddenly they both heard heels clicking on the hard tile as Shelia stepped up to Nicole's desk. "I see you made it on time! Good for you! Now go into my office and get ready to go to work!" Shelia snapped at Cathy
Shelia was wearing a very short, white skirt with a wide hem, no stockings, no panties, and a pale yellow blouse and a pair of black wedges.

"Wow! She's looking extremely hot today! Poor Cathy!" Nicole said to herself smiling, as Shelia stepped into her office.

"Roll my chair out of the way and bring that hassock over here. It should be about the right height for my desk when I sit on your face!" Shelia instructed.

Cathy did as she was told. With the hassock in place behind Shelia's desk, she sat on the floor behind the hassock and lay her head back, onto it.

Shelia stepped in front of her and Cathy immediately noticed she wasn't wearing any panties, as she had suspected. Shelia shuffeled a few papers around on her desk, intentionally givng Cathy a few seconds to view her butt, and start really dreading her day as a cushion for her boss lady's butt.

Suddenly Cathy's view was filled with the flesh of Shelia's thighs and butt as she squatted over her to sit down. "Pull my butt cheeks apart so your face will slide into my butt deeply." Shelia instructed.

Hesitating, Cathy reached up and pulled her boss' buttocks apart as widely as she could, as Shelia sat down on her face. She bounced lightly and squirmed a time or two to settle herself on Cathy's face and then reached for her phone.

It had been almost a minute since Shelia had sat down on her face, and Cathy was quickly running out of air and beginning to squirm some not only from the desperation of the lack of air, but also the discomfort of Shelia's full weight on her face. Luckly Shelia had bathed good the night before and the smell wasn't bad, at least not yet. But she reallyi needed a breath of good fresh air, none the less.

Finally, Shelia raised up slightly, breaking the seal, and Cathy immediately inhaled two quick breaths of life saving air, before Shelia's butt engulfed her face again. She could hear Shelia talking on the phone to someone and she was laughing and talking and seemed to be totally oblivious to the woman whose face was buried deeply in her bubble butt.

Almost blacking out from the lack of oxygen again, Shelia raised up slightly, and as Cathy inhaled as many gulps of air as she could while the opportunit was available, Shelia suddenly farted strongly into her mouth and nose, then immediately sat on her face again. Cathy could hear her giggling as she continued to talk on the phone.
This went on for what seemed like 6 hours, but actually was on about 2 hours, Shelia keeping Cathy on the very verge of suffocation in her butt, as she either talked on the phone or worked on the computer.

Finally, Shelia stood up allowing Cathy's exhausted, red face to drop out of her butt. "I've got to go to a meeting for an hour or so. Nicole will be in here shortly to do some personal work for me, so you need to show her the same respect that you have been showing me!" She said as she left her office.

Cathy was glad for the break and especially glad that she could now breathe in good fresh air, and all she wanted of it. She had almost started breathing normally again when Nicole stepped into the office. Since Cathy had chatted so friendly with Nicole earlier that morning, she hoped Nicole would give her a break until Shelia got back.

To her disapppointment, Nicole stepped in front of the hassock, behind Shelia's desk, and without a word, sat down on Cathy's face. She raised up and pulled her buttocks apart, then sat back on it, causing her face to go deeply into her butt under all her weight. She wasn't wearing panties either, so Cathy knew then that Nicole and Shelia must have talked beforehand about the both of them using her face.

Nicole was just as brutal as Shelia, keeping her on the verge of passing out before raising up enough to give her a quick breath of air. She never knew time could pass so slowing inside someone's butt. Again, it seemed like 4 hours since Nicole had sat down on her face, but had only been a little over and hour.

Shelia stepped back in and invited Nicole for lunch. Nicole got up and without a word, left with Shelia. Cathy lay there drawing in the wonderful air for a long while. Finally she got up and stretched her tired muscles for being in that position for so long. Her neck hurt from the awkard position she was in while being a cushion, and her face felt raw and sore.

Cathy was back in position with her head on the hassock when Shelia stepped back into the office from lunch. "Well, I see you're all ready and waiting on me! I like that! It lets me know that you are enjoying your new job as my butt toy!" She said chuckling.
Shelia sat on Cathy's face once again, burying it deeply into her butt and went to work on the computer. Cathy could immedately tell that her butt wasn't nearly as fresh as it was this morning. She had obviosly been sweeting, probably farting, and quiet possibly had even had a bowel movement while she was gone for the meeting and then for lunch. The odor was almost overwhelming now.

About 4:00 in the afternoon, both Shelia and her secretary were pretty much caught up on their work. Shelia picked up the phone and buzzed Nicole and asked her to step into her office.

Nicole quickly stepped in and sat down in the chair in front of Shelia's desk and the two of them began casual conversation, both giggling like a couple of high school girls.

Cathy noticed that Shelia seemed to be getting somewhat aroused as she was continuously squirming now on her face, and slowly massaging the insides of her buttocks by sliding back and forth on her face. The insides of her butt cheeks were well lubricated now from sweat and she was making it most uncomfortable for Cathy.

This went on what seemed like forever and Shelia's squirming and sliding became more and more aggressive. Cathy could hear Nicole giggling and suddenly Shelia slid back so that her crotch was on Cathy's mouth and a huge fountain of hot, sticky cum gushed out all over her face, running into her nose, and seeping into her slightly parted mouth. At the high of her climax, Shelia began to bounce up and down on Cathy's face, literally pulvarizing it under her weight. This went on for almost 2 minutes. Finally Shelia relaxed, raised up and farted into Cathy's mouth again, adn then stood up.

"Go clean yourself up and you are free for the day, but be back here at 8:00 sharp in the morning! Shelia ordered.
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Very good.
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Love this!!! Keep going!
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Loving this story so far! Thanks!
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Sheila is too nice ! She should use Cathy as Her "butt-toy" ON TOP OF her duties as a cleaning lady, which she would perform, say, from 5.00 am to 8.00 am and then from 5/00pm to 8.00pm ... NO change in salary ....

I could apply for that job !!!

Thks for a very good start !
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Really liked this story. A bit different and well written. I hope it has other parts??
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Great theme. over the sweaty ass & bowel movement, stinky is good! Please continue.
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