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Mixed Wrestling Heaven


Home of the hottest mixed wrestling action

Everything from competitive to fantasy matches. Girls in gis, spandex and bikinis showing off their martial arts skills.

Hot, athletic girls wrestling their male opponents into submission.

Intergender wrestling at its best!

As always, suggestions, feedback, customs are very welcome


Scorpion xx
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MWH0017 Scorpion vs Hanz Van Der Kill - Competitive Match

Available now: http://www.clips4sale.com/101681/16949294

Hanz vs Scorpion - The First Meeting!
This was an intense, sweat-filled battle. Neither party wanted to give an inch!
How will Scorpion do against her larger opponent?

If you like very evenly matched, genuinely competitive matches then you will LOVE this!

Scorpion 5'7'' 155lbs
Hanz 6'1 180lbs
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MWH0018 Scorpion vs Stephon - Competitive wrestling and Bondage

Available now: http://www.clips4sale.com/101681/16949312

*Sorry - lots of bikini top slippage in this match*

Competitive bondage match between Scorpion (66kg) and Stephon (82kg). Scorpion’s back looks nice and muscular in this clip.

They begin with some points via submission before moving on to the rope.
As always Scorpion like to mess with her wrestling dummy Stephon, keeping him in holds after he has tapped, hand smothering him.

Stephon attempts a headscissor and gets punished for it. Scorpion asks ‘do you want to know what scissors should feel like?’ before crushing his head in a reverse headscissors then slapping his face ‘that’s how you do it’.

Submissions used before bondage: Triangle, Reverse Headscissors, Hand smother, Bondage time!

There is a long stalemate as neither competitor can secure a long-lasting tie or strong position but Poor Stephon finds himself stuck between Scorpion’s legs for a large portion of it.

Finally someone starts to get tired, and an elbow tie is secured. Hands are quickly bound too before the dreaded hogtie!

Stephon made the mistake of bringing his bag of kinky tricks with him and Scorpion spotted a ball gag in there before the match began. Hmmmm I wonder who ends up wearing that…..while the winner victory poses over them….

Scorpion wears black bikini top with black and white bikini bottoms.

Stephon wears black shorts.

*The lighting is bad in for this match so it has been discounted for that reason*
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MWH0019 Triangle Challenge + KO - Scorpion

Available now: http://www.clips4sale.com/101681/16949326

Scorpion has a victim trapped in a triangle choke, trapped between her muscular thighs. Watch him struggle and fail to get free.

Scorpion tosses him around the mat only using her legs, keeping him trapped in the triangle choke for the entire 5 minutes. Then she decides that it’s lights out time for him and puts the pressure on. Squeezing his neck until he goes out.

Scorpion wears sports bra and leggings / yoga pants.
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MWH0024 Tomoe nage throwdown - Scorpion

Available now: http://www.clips4sale.com/101681/17103638

In this custom match Scorpion performs many Tomoe Nage judo throws in her white gi. She easily throws her larger opponent over her head before submitting him in various ways (x-choke, reverse triangle, armbar, kimura, baseball bat choke, triangle choke, armbar with foot choke).

To show off her leg strength she leg presses him halfway through some of the throws before continuing and submitting him again and again. They bow and bump fists between each point.

Scorpion wears white gi with pink bikini top underneath, with bare feet and purple pedicure.
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MWH0025 Bondage Match - Scorpion vs Bruce

Available now: http://www.clips4sale.com/101681/17103658

Scorpion (66kg) takes on a much larger (and cocky!) opponent (108kg) in this submissions and bondage match. He is big and strong.

He has no skills BUT he is stubborn as hell once he gets caught in a submission so Scorpion has to torture him a little bit and really squeeze him hard to get that tap.

The match is finished with simple wrist, knee and ankle bindings before Scorpion victory poses over him

Submissions used: Reverse headscissors, anaconda choke, rear naked choke, front headscissors, wristlock (horrible Scorpion).
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MWH0026 Competitive Submissions Match Scorpion vs Stephon

Available now: http://www.clips4sale.com/101681/17103676

A fantastic, sweaty battle as Scorpion (66kg) takes on her old adversary Stephon (83kg) in this submissions only match. Stephon is absolutely dying to get a point against Scorpion. He has been training hard in the gym and learning some Jiu-Jitsu.

Stephon gets a poor attempt at a guillotine early in the match and asks 'do you submit'...Scorpion cheekily replies 'To what?'. He doesn't have the submission properly applied and she is going to teach him a lesson for thinking he had her so early on in the match.

She treats him to some beautiful triangle chokes, wrapping her big thighs around him. He tries to resist, you hear him choking and struggling to escape.

Scorpion is being extra mean today. Elbows are shoved into the side of his face, knees dug into his chest, forehead driven into the side of his face. She is taking no prisoners!!

Later in the match Stephon has small hints of a good positions, getting on top a couple of times, he is learning! But...he is also getting tired due to the high effort he is having to make. Scorpion sense this and ups her pace with chokes and headscissors coming in.

This is a great, sweaty battle. Scorpion's muscles are really pumped by the end of the match. show!!

Scorpion forces him to lie flat on the floor as she victory poses over him, foot on his throat.

Scorpion wears grey skin tight spandex leggings and grey + pink sports bra. Showing off her abs and muscular shoulders to perfection.

Previously released on Strong Girls Rule
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