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Dear @toiletman80 ,

first let me say, that the last few days were like a miracle to me. I had this fantasies and wishes inside of my a long time, but never were able to find stories of these plots. One of the only and first stories I ever encountered in this genre were stories by HungryGuy, though he has not many forced or ironic plots written the only real one by him in this type is ETERNAL TOILET SLAVE. So basically that was the only story I ever found, which was "compatible" wth my thoughts and dreams.

I have to say, I am not into "normal" or "ordinary" scat plots. Which basically means, the submissive wants to be fed, right. And the word submissive is actually already something not in harmonry of my desires.

I am totally just into forced scat, I want the "one to be fed" totally not be into scat, or even have not even heared about it before. I want him to suffer, not get an orgasm by it, like it's, sadly for me, in most stories.

And there comes my wish of someone literally be lurked into a trap, or does something stupid which triggeres a very unfortunate row of events. I love ironic and sarcastic plots more than anything, and basicall a writing style of "dark humor".

Your story, and then also the story SISTERS’ NEW TOILET by Astrall, which I found a day later after reading this story, are basically from the plot, the style, the irony, the mocking and taunting, they are all I ever dreamed to read. And in all those years, I have read hundreds of stories, mostly on nifty, asstr, understories, the Kristen Archive and bdsmlibrary... I never found stories, which were so close, in such harmony of my deepest desires and wishes, than yours and Astrall's story. I hope so much btw, that Astrall comes back. It would literally break my heart not to see how his story continues.

I had so many ideas build up myself over the years, which are basically really close to this and Astrall's story. One of the key concepts of my dreams is mostly always some aware person/people and the rest unaware. With that I mean the aware person knows about the fact, that the person, who becomes a permanent toilet, is innocent and was sentenced to become a toilet, or, they lied to the police about something he "did" and then he was sentenced to it.

I love the fact more than anything, how teenagers in late high school or college have immense power above adults or actually girls over boys in general. If two girls go to the police and tell them her friend was raped, the boy was "dead". He couldnt defend himself, because there was at least one "witness".

Your idea with the teacher, which was maybe a "bad person", but by the law a totally innocent person, is awesome.

But it's not just the plot of yours which is so great, I also love your style, especially the ironic conversations like:

“Well Mr Gefforys I guess the one bright side for you is that your gonna be able to see all our cute little asses as we sit down on the seat above you, but I guess the downside of that however is your also gonna be able to see exactly what's coming out of them to as it falls straight down on top of you”


“Well done Mr Gefforys it looks like your a natural, just think of all the time you wasted with teaching when you should have been down here eating all of our waste instead”

The 2nd greates part of your story to me is, how he build up the rage and nearly "exploded" inside of his mind, and he couldnt do anything about it, he couldnt even scream.

I love the fact so much, that he is rendered unable to speak and so would never be able to tell anyone about what really happened. It adds so much humiliation and power of when you let those girls stand "above" him and have some mocking ironic conversations, and the poor guy had to listen to them.

My favorite part was with the punk/emo girl. I have to say I am not into skirts or girly school uniforms. I love tight jeans and also like black outfits of emo girls a lot. I also like skinny girls and how you described her with her pale skin and the colored hair, I totally like the idea of her having pink colored hair, and then... how much she hated him as a teacher. The part of her blowing the cigarett fume down, and then throw it down, causing skin burns, and her having this mocking conversation with her friends, and she's all unaware about him being innocent. Best part... too bad his mouth was blocked at this point, I would love seeing her taking a wicked shit filling his mouth and causing him nearly choke on it.

One little critism I had was about the idea of all toilets beind "disabled" or out of service, also the idea of that like the "whole school" wanted to use him, was a bit out of proportions.

I am not gay myself, but I would love seeing some of his former boy students stealing themself into the girls toilet to take a shit on their former teacher too, which I totally would think would happen from time to time. Boys their age being literally mean bastard, especially when theyre in a group. This mostly would be against some people, so it's up to you if youd include something like this. I just love the fact about the humiliation aspect so much, if some teenager boys would take a shit on him, being male, that would literally downgrade his status even more, of becoming the lowest of the lowest.

But back to the plot. I totally imagined, when this part with the bubblegums happened, that one of it actually would cause a malfunction of the laser/sensor, being stuck in front of it. Which could lead to his mouth not shutting anymore when he was full, and actually no one would notice about this, until he was just literally "full" and it couldnt go down anymore. This could lad to a very dark ironic part of him nearly choking to death because of his throat being full, him not being able to breath anymore and his nose also got blocked.

I just love the nature of "unfair" so much in yours and both Astrall story. To be honest, I like Astrall's version even more, but still love yours of course too. I just find it so hot to think about, that this poor boy, who had a crush on this girl, totally blinded by his hormones agreed to something stupid like that, and was totally sure his crush would come to explain it to the authorities... oops.

Both yours and Astrall's story have this great feeling of "unfairness", those girls doing their last exams, they could do whatever they want, even go to parties with some hot boys, and then these two innocent guys rot in hell as a toilet, thanks to those damn girls.

I liked the Facebook idea a lot btw. But also the chapter from the point of view of the girls, having a shit chat in the cafeteria.

Oh the irony of how all those people told her how brave she was and totally added to her life becoming better and better, and this poor guy was, thanks to her and her friends, degenerated to just nothing, lower than a dog, lower than dog shit, lower than a bug.

Sorry this got a bit long, but I had to write this. You and @Astrall made me the happiest person over the last couple of days. And I wanted to thank you, you both. I really hope Astrall comes back one day, but also that you will continue on this story too.

Thank you for one of the best cums I ever had
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please continúe!!!!!!!!
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Hi miara9x thank you for your review of this story and the positive messages you and toiletforskirts have been leaving me on my personal profile.
It sounds like we definitely share the same type of fantasies when it comes to being a human toilet.
Like yourself I enjoy the forced aspect of toilet slavery where the man is not at all into scat but is forced against his will into a situation he has no control over, a situation where the girls have all the power over him instead and they can use that power to degrade and humiliate as much as they want.
When writing a story like that I also have to give the girls a good reason to want to torture him which is why I use sex offenders in a number of my stories because I think a majority of girls would actually enjoy using such punishment toilets if they knew there was a rapist underneath so they could take advantage of his helplessness instead.
I especially like it to if the convicted man is set up by a girl or a group of girls and is completely innocent of any crime however no one believes his story when he pleads his innocence and he gets sent to be a toilet where everyone believes he's guilty.
Also when it comes to the girls using him as a toilet I try to mix up how different girls would respond to such a situation, having some of them verbally mocking and teasing him while having others completely ignoring him as if he were just a normal toilet and not worthy enough for their attention.

When I first wrote my Human Toilet Storie years ago I thought it would be a good idea for the prisoner to be able to speak so the ladies could hear him begging for mercy but then I thought later that would also mean he would be able to verbally abuse them as well and I'm sure most ladies don't want to hear an angry man shouting at them from below the toilet while they're trying to do their business so in this story I designed a toilet in which he is unable to talk back to them, all he can do is lye there and have no choice but to listen as they verbally abuse him, all the while being unable to respond back.

While I'm not gay myself I do get your point of having a few males coming in from time to time to shit on him and degrade him even further.
However I think the only scenario I would want this to happen in is when some of the girls at the school invite their boyfriends to come inside the restroom to take a look at how pathetic their former teacher has become.
The boys then degrade and laugh at him as the girls then make the comment about how funny it would be to see their boyfriends use the toilet as well which would emasculate him even further.
However though guys shitting doesn't interest me personally so I would only have them inside the restroom verbally tormenting him and that would be it.

I liked your idea with the bubblegum, in fact that was pretty much how the story was going to be ended. The girls along with their boyfriends were going to sneak inside the school during their Saturday night party and tamper with the sensors so that they stopped closing his mouth when his daily waste limit had been met.
Then during the next school day he would be forced fed the girls piss and shit for the entire day until eventually his stomach became so big and full that it simply couldn't take any more and he basically explodes from all the waste.
During the day he frantically tries to thrash around while moaning and groaning, trying to get someone's attention to let them know that the sensors not working and his mouth wont close but unfortunately for him nobody cares about his suffering and he's ignored.

Sadly though as you said in your review there aren't many stories around that fit this exact formula.
I've also read a lot of stories on the sites you mentioned and with the exception of the odd small paragraph here and there I couldn't find anything that really fulfilled my fantasies apart from Toilet Prisoner by Electra and Astralls story.

So thank you for the review I really appreciate your feedback, however I'm afraid I just don't have the passion to write or finish off any more of my story's.
I've pretty much written down almost everything I wanted to write so I just don't have the enthusiasm left for writing any more.
Sadly I think the same may have happened to Astrall also, but I'll still hope and dream that one day his amazing story will be continued.
But I do think it would be great if you started writing one yourself with the same themes as what you mentioned in your review.
Since we are both into the same things when it comes to toilet slavery I would really enjoy reading some more of your ideas in a story form so please continue where I have left off and begin writing something similar because it sounds like you have some great ideas that could be written down but from me it's definitely over and out for good, so thanks again for the feedback and I'm glad I could help assist with one of your best cums ever! Even though I don't really want to imagine it LOL.
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Hey miara 9x it seems you have been into this for a long time and have similar interests to me. I also liked eternal toilet and sister's toilet very much. Could you recommend me some other places with similar stories? It is quite rare for me to find a member whose interests are nearly identical to me.
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@Shawn1987 I don't know any other stories than these two in this specific style, which makes it so worse actually to know both authors seem to be gone and have no interests anymore to write on. It literally broke my heart because I am/was looking for years to find stories which fulfill my closest fantasies in this very rare style, and now it seems I ran against a brick wall again. There is one other on this forum in this style I am too lazy to link it, then there is the story http://www.asstr.org/files/Authors/H...ilet_Slave.txt and the stories by

Thats it. I wish there were more out there.
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I also regret so hard to find so good story i like it !!
And I wish there were more parts !!
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I remember reading a story on here years ago which I really enjoyed as well. It involved a woman taking advantage of her ex-boyfriend who she found inside the bottom of a highway outhouse. Here's the link http://www.mistressdestiny.com/forum...tage+situation
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Originally Posted by toiletman80 View Post
I remember reading a story on here years ago which I really enjoyed as well. It involved a woman taking advantage of her ex-boyfriend who she found inside the bottom of a highway outhouse. Here's the link http://www.mistressdestiny.com/forum...tage+situation
Great story. Love the woman's POV.
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