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Originally Posted by georgejohnson View Post
I don't think the economics come into play as much as it's the director sticking to his formula and that is what he likes. You can find submissive women in the U.S. as well if you ever watch degrading blowjob clips, taking a lot of slaps from men. I don't know if you'll find a woman here that will go on with full acne and without makeup while the other woman is dolled up.

As for the dommes, a little coaching or natural proclivity is all they need, if you watch they really only smother the girls for about 15 seconds at a time, and as someone else said, their lines are pretty repeatable: "Abre boca", "suck", "lick", "Quieta".

They also used to have skinny guy subs that were just props, but it seems like they've switched to cool/rich guys, Americans in some cases. Dropoff there, but not with the F/F.
You could possibly find sub girls in the US to take that sort of punishment but I think it is more intense than you think. When you are really squirming and twisting hard to get a breath even 15 seconds can be a long time. The face fucking and grinding scenes are intense and pretty much full weight. The scenes with more than one domme are particularly intense where the second dommes is straddling the sub's stomach and chest and restraining their arms. The subs are generally much smaller than the dommes so I can imaging it would be exhausting for the sub to struggle against that for 30 to 40 minutes. If you look at the subs faces at the end of the scene they are often very puffy, red and swollen. It is often clear that they are really hating the scene and just trying to get through it. I think you would struggle to find dommes in the US who would be happy to do the same thing to small sub girls with the same level of aggression and complete lack of pity.
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